You Have To Smoke Crack If You Are A Democrat….

After a day of running around, I finally had a chance to open up my laptop. I read Wolf’s incredible article not realizing I would witness it with my own eyes when I went on Twitter.

The Governor of Virginia is now claiming it wasn’t him in the photo in the yearbook. This comes after his apology the day prior.

I don’t smoke crack but this has to be what keeps Democrats believing in a world where up is down and down is up.

From the article linked above:

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam said Wednesday that while he has darkened his skin before to imitate a black man, he doesn’t think he is in the photo that appears on his 1984 medical school yearbook page showing someone in blackface and another person in a KKK costume.

Mr. Northam, speaking in Richmond, cast himself as a martyr of his times, saying he won’t resign because that would be the easy way out. Instead, he said, he will stay in office to punish himself and to force “a discussion about these difficult issues.”

He acknowledged his version of events over the photo was unlikely to be accepted, saying he realized it convoluted.

But he insisted he didn’t know of the photo’s existence, never bought the yearbook, and despite initially saying it was him, no longer believes that was so.


Trust your eyes.

Katrina Pierson and David A. Clarke, Jr. absolutely trust their eyes when commenting on the video above.

I will ask again what I asked in an article written yesterday. Will he or won’t he resign?

I have changed my opinion thanks to this tweet from Laura Ingraham. Money talks and bullshit walks.

70 thoughts on “You Have To Smoke Crack If You Are A Democrat….

  1. He went for the “It Wasn’t Me” defense, LOL. Can’t wait to watch the Democrats and Twitter checkmarks twist themselves into pretzels excusing this.

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  2. Huckabee’s tweet from the article, LOL!

    I couldn’t tell if Northam was saying that that literally wasn’t him, or that it’s not him because that’s not the person he is. Someone needs to get to the bottom of the great mystery of who put that photo on Northam’s page in the yearbook if it wasn’t him. Also, why Northam didn’t object at the time because someone put the wrong pic on his page. Also, why Northam doesn’t remember any of the above. I hope the anons can find out more because I don’t trust anyone else to really dig.

    The good thing about having Northam stay in office is that he is now weakened, and he can be relentlessly hammered with his baby-killer stance and his refusal to shake a black man’s hand. Nice going, Dems.

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  3. sorry– wrong one–

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  4. As I posted on Wolf’s thread, Northam said his pastor was there to support him and they had prayed about it, a Baptist pastor of which he is a member of the Baptist church. So here you have a guy, a white-hooded infanticidal pediatrician, claiming that someone inserted the wrong photo onto his yearbook page without his knowledge, because he didn’t even buy one of the yearbooks nor has he even seen the yearbook before yesterday!!! First observation — infanticide, lying, and prejudice — what version of the Bible are these people operating from? Certainly not the 66 books that I am revealed God’s truth from! In fact, I do not believe any true believer in Jesus Christ can possibly support the DNC platform without trashing the Word of God!

    Second observation — Northam remembers being in black-face (not much) in Texas at a performing competition where he impersonated Michael Jackson (didn’t need much black-face because Michael was trying to become white!). And he won the competition because he knew how to “moon-walk” like Mikey! And since he remembers this like it was yesterday (and all the details), but does not remember anything regarding the yearbook — then the yearbook thing didn’t happen and that is not him in the photographs (otherwise, he would remember). The first time he saw any of this was yesterday when a staff member brought it in and showed it to him! Golly, sounds pretty righteous to me — lets just move on!!!

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    1. To clarify, a true believer in Jesus Christ believes in the Bible as the Word of God (His truth to man) — and this being the case, cannot support infanticide, lying, or racial prejudice because these positions run contrary to God’s truth. It is a contradiction in values, and to argue otherwise is futile. Hypocrisy comes to mind, and if you want to know what the Lord thinks about that read Matthew 23!

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      1. Pro Tip:

        An often overlooked REASON about WHY Jesus came to Earth…..
        (Born of the Virgin Mary to fulfill PROPHESY among other things)…… IS:

        So that The INSPIRED writers of the Bible would have something to write ABOUT!

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  5. I’m not sure if Demonicrats smoke crack (Good possibility though)
    Racist or not (Though many are). They MUST be SATANISTS to be OK with KILLING Babies and against CAPITAL PUNISHMENT for MURDERERS and Major CRIMINALS,

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  6. I think we are looking at politics all wrong…….
    We have been conditioned to think left vs right…. (Horizontal scale)
    As if we are all EQUAL….. (On a Vertical scale)
    Maybe we should look at it more vertically (Up vs Down)
    Up – being more CORRECT (Towards Heaven)
    Down – being more WRONG (Towards Hell)

    This assumes that people have a CONSCIENCE…..
    And a sense of right/wrong.

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    1. Love the up and down idea, Rayzor!!

      The problem is your last point — we are dealing with basically amoral people; and therefore, having no absolutes as far as right/wrong. Their secular humanism teaches them the survival of the fittest without regard to any moral considerations — and their championing of “situation ethics” removes any absolutes, and the situation dictates the morally acceptable response. Thus, a perpetrator becomes the victim because of the environment they were reared in even though their true victim was brutally raped! Or lying is ethical (righteous) if the situation dictates you must be dishonest to save your ass. So the situation decides right/wrong, not any moral principles that should be adhered to, such as the Ten Commandments. Satan has done an outstanding job of deceiving multitudes of people throughout all generations, but it is getting exceedingly strong and pervasive during our time on earth!

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      1. Pete– “Satan has done an outstanding job of deceiving multitudes of people throughout all generations”-Very absolutely true!
        You may find my response simplistic and Naive– But that is why God Gave us PRESIDENT DONALD J.TRUMP!

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      1. Well they HAVE to flip. If they don’t force him to resign, how will they be able to conjure false accusations against future GOPs (a la Kavanaugh) and have them stick?

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    1. Gosh, you’d almost think they are trying to kill the infanticide outrage by killing his career ‘cuz of his racist behavior. I bet it’s killing him.

      Sorry … I need to take verbal revenge on these monsters who doom our innocent unborns.

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      1. Was Alyssa Milano relevant before Kavanaugh hearings? A serious question because I do not keep up w/actors/actresses political stances unless it is unavoidable.

        Remember Feinstein invited her to the hearings that she attended and I remember reading that she is either related to Christine Blasey Ford’s husband or her family is close friends of the Ford family. The Ford family stepped up as the public family support of CBF as the Blasey CIA ties would not have helped the media narrative.

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    1. Four years after that article and the CongressCritters are still voting to fund such evil. Every single one of them that voted for CR voted to harvest babies’ organs.

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  7. Hot Sauce Hillary takes time off from robbing Puerto Rico blind to chime in. How will she know if Northam resigns…don’t all Democrat Governors look alike, according to Hillary? If he doesn’t resign it must be because he’s one of those super-predators.

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    1. Ya… Well James….
      Our COUNTRY deserves better than YOU ever being ANYWHERE “Law enforcement”.
      YOU, Crapper, Brennan, Hell there are TOO MANY to name YOU ALL!
      Hope you enjoy GITMO you effing Bastard.

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      1. “Hey Andy, you think I should call for his resignation too?”

        “Yes Jim, do it… anything that will distract them… throw in some virtue signalling while you’re at it, that might help us.”

        “Sounds good. I’ll make an appeal to ‘Commonwealth’, should play well with the Deplorables.”

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  8. Decided to check in before I went to bed.
    There’s not enough popcorn in the world for the Dems, this week.
    Tomorrow is SuperBowl, which means people will be together, talking.
    The timing is perfect, politically, for our side. All major media outlets and some personal pundits have received notification of lawsuits for Covington fiasco.
    SOTU on Tuesday.
    It’s going to be amazing.

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    1. Mommy Pants Hussein doesn’t carry any weight, literally or figuratively.

      He’s a non-factor whose entire presidency is steadily being erased, and then he’s going to prison for the crimes he committed.

      History is replete with examples where people tried to erase the existence of former leaders, even defacing works of art to accomplish the task.

      From ancient cultures to Stalin to CNN.

      Hussein belongs in the same category of people whose legacy is having been so awful that he was erased.

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  9. When the dust settles from this mess and we begin to find out the real truth about what’s behind the calls for Northam’s resignation, it’s going to be ugly.

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  10. “But he insisted he didn’t know of the photo’s existence, never bought the yearbook, and despite initially saying it was him, no longer believes that was so.”


    Doesn’t pass the laugh test — or any other test.

    If someone accused me of dressing up in blackface or wearing a KKK outfit, I would know for SURE whether I ever did anything like that, in jest or otherwise.

    That’s not the kind of thing you forget, unless you’re suffering from long term substance abuse (maybe).

    So which is it, Governor?

    Were you lying to us yesterday, or are you lying to us today?

    Or are you long term a crack addict, and that’s why you can’t remember?

    It’s gotta be one of those three… so pick one.

    Are ya feelin’ lucky?

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    1. NOBODY in politics admits to doing something they didn’t do under the best of circumstances… and certainly not if it was something that would damage their political career.

      N O B O D Y.

      Not ever.

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  11. “But he insisted he didn’t know of the photo’s existence, never bought the yearbook, and despite initially saying it was him, no longer believes that was so.”


    Notice how this snake-weasel avoids the actual issue?

    Must be his lawyers’ involvement. It’s linguistic gymnastics.

    He didn’t know of the photo’s existence… BUT nobody is accusing him of knowing about the photo’s existence… the existence of the photo isn’t the problem, you jackwagon. The problem is whether you DID it or not.

    The photo is just evidence of the act.

    Next comes the smokescreen, that he never bought the yearbook.

    Who cares? It’s not relevant, it’s non-responsive.

    What does buying (or not buying) a yearbook have to do with the price of vibrating motel beds in Sri Lanka?


    And whether you bought a yearbook has nothing to do with whether you dressed up like a Klansman or in blackface, either.

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    1. Yes and yes. Also, the guy is a governor, a pediatric neurologist, and he kept having to defer to his wife or reference colleagues bc he couldnt remember or recall anything about this. He has a hell of a lot to recall as a physician so his playing ignorant routine says he was a lousy practicioner or its the lawyers.

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  12. Thanks for gathering up this overview of the craziness, Fle.

    I don’t see how Governor Coonman survives this.
    He has totally beclowned himself and if there are any sane people in the Democrat party, they have to be embarrassed about this whole thing.

    In light of what Laura Ingraham said in the tweet you featured…it will be interesting to see how this progresses.
    If they force Northam out, then his successor will kill jobs.

    I’ve gotten tired of popcorn and am now turning to the hard stuff — Chocolate!
    Hah. 😆

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    1. “He has totally beclowned himself and if there are any sane people in the Democrat party, they have to be embarrassed about this whole thing.”


      Beclowned is an excellent word 😁

      To the second part, ‘if there are any sane people in the Democrat party’, it’s like an oxymoron. If they were sane, they would no longer be democrats.

      Democrats are the party of crime. Career criminals aren’t embarrassed about anything.

      The only thing that forces the devilrats to force Gov. Coonman to resign is if the pain (to devilrats) of Coonman staying in office is greater than the pain of losing a key player in their crime machine.

      That is the only political calculus being considered.

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  13. I don’t want Ralph Northam to resign – the Lt. Governor takes over, Justin Fairfax, would be WORSE.

    He’s an advocate of abortion all the way to 40 weeks. Previous high level employee of Planned Parenthood.
    He’s black and the Dems would play the race card to keep him protected.

    Northam is weakened, which is helpful for us here in Virginia. We have elections coming up November.

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    1. LP, that is interesting about the Lt Gov’s abortion stance which is likely as strong a reason as Dominion Power that Northam will not resign. It really seems to me the core of this is that racism is the only thing that could shift the media focus off these abortion laws while they continue to get them passed in multiple states as everyone is screaming about racism in VA. Northam probably volunteered for the “martyr” position.

      A Daily Caller article shows 2 opponents in the abortion battle finding common ground in currently “hotter topic of racism” as The National Association for the Repeal of Abortion Laws (NARAL) and Planned Parenthood both called on Northam to resign.

      Issues of abortion, racism, money and power are clearly being exposed as Good vs Evil and we know who wins but not the details of how which many of us could not handle anyway! All we need to know is that POTUS knows and that’s enough for me.

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  14. “I don’t want Ralph Northam to resign – the Lt. Governor takes over, Justin Fairfax, would be WORSE. He’s an advocate of abortion all the way to 40 weeks. Previous high level employee of Planned Parenthood.”


    Umm… it was my understanding that there would be no math… but I seem to recollect that the gestational period for a human being is 9 months… and I think there are four weeks in each one of those months… and I’m pretty sure 9 x 4 = 36.

    And I’m pretty confident that 36 is four less than 40.

    And if I have all of of those complicated equations correct, then Justin Fairfax advocates birth up to the end of the first four weeks of a child’s life.

    Which is murder according to the laws on the books of every state, county and burg in the union.

    And then I looked up “gestational period for a human being” and learned that the period is 40 weeks, not 36.

    Which would normally be 10 months using regular math, but this must be some other kind of math… this is why I was hoping there would be no math.

    So in the words of Emily Litella…

    Never mind…. 😁

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    1. edit / correction: “then Justin Fairfax advocates ABORTION up to the end of the first four weeks of a child’s life.”

      Apparently it was my understanding that there would be no logical composition, either 😁


    2. Scott…perhaps I can shed some light on those 4 ‘extra’ weeks:

      A ‘week’ is comprised of 7 days.
      This does not vary.

      A ‘month’ on the other hand, has a variable number of days.

      For a month to be “4 weeks” it would have to be a month in which there were only 28 days.

      Most of our months have 30 or 31 days…except for February which has only 28.

      So there are ‘leftover days’ in most months, after the 4 week/28 day period has been reached.

      The human gestational period is roughly equivalent to ‘9 months’, for lack of a better measurement.
      This measurement takes into account those ‘leftover days’.

      But to translate that ‘9 months’ into weeks…you have to account for those ‘leftover days’.

      If you add up all those leftover days, it is a period roughly equivalent to 4 weeks.

      This is how they arrive at the 40-week number.
      Hope this helps.

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  15. Associated Press: “The Latest: Both of Virginia’s U.S. senators say they have called the stat’s governor, Ralph Northam, to tell him he must resign after a racist photo was discovered on Norhtam’s page in 1984 medical yearbook.”


    Now the PHOTO is rayciss?

    What did the photo ever do to anybody?

    It wasn’t a racist photo… I served with that photo, I knew that photo, and that photo is no racist.

    It’s a PHOTO!

    It’s a photo of a PERSON, named Ralph Northam, who was allegedly doing something racist when the photo was taken — though nobody in public actually has the courage to TALK about what was ‘racist’ in the photo, everybody is just very careful to make sure they’re on record opposing the “racist” content of the photo in question, without ever acknowledging what that content is and why it is racist.

    It’s hilarious watching these goofs tap-dance and tip-toe around reality without ever actually talking about it directly.

    And it’s incredible how these people blame-shift instinctively — blaming the photo instead of the people in it.

    It’s almost as incredible as thinking that nobody notices what they’re doing when they do it.

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    1. That photo was basically just showing Democrats…being Democrats.

      Historically speaking, that is…since it was Democrats who were KKK and before that, fought to keep slavery from being outlawed.

      This is what they’re tip-toeing around.
      This is what they don’t want people to realize.

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      1. “Historically speaking, that is…since it was Democrats who were KKK and before that, fought to keep slavery from being outlawed.

        This is what they’re tip-toeing around.
        This is what they don’t want people to realize.”


        I think that cat has been out of the bag so long that it lived a full life, died, and was buried in Stephen King’s Pet Sematary…

        Apparently the only people who don’t know the racist history of the democrat Party are the democrats. And even they know… they’re just pretending not to know certain things, which is just one part of the inherent cognitive dissonance of being a lunatic democrat.

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  16. I especially like the part of the press conference when the reporter asked him if he would ‘moon walk’ for them, and for a moment he looked like he was thinking about actually doing it… oh, it would have been glorious… but then his WIFE muttered “inappropriate circumstances” and bailed him out of another catastrophe.

    She RUINED our good fun.

    But at least she had the sense to know that it wouldn’t be ‘appropriate’ for Gov. Coonman to do his ‘moon walk’.

    Maybe she should be governor…


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