Dear MAGA: 20190202 Open Topic

Welcome! The door is open, come on inside.

This Comfy Q Tree Saturday open thread is VERY OPEN – a place for everybody to post whatever they feel they would like to tell the White Hats, and the rest of the MAGA world.

Remember – your greatest gift to President Trump is FIVE WORDS:


See the January 1st daily thread for the rules of the road, which are few but important.

Wheatie’s Rules:

  1. No food fights.
  2. No running with scissors.
  3. If you bring snacks, bring enough for everyone.


“The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits.”                           ~ Albert Einstein

“In politics stupidity is not a handicap.”
~ Napoleon Bonaparte

“Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.”
~ George Carlin


After a long period of silence, we got a couple of Q posts today. Welcome back, Q!

After a long period of staying at the White House to fight for our Border Security, our favorite President finally gets to go to Mar A Lago for the weekend.


Enjoy your weekend, Mr. President! Thank you for fighting for us. We love you!


500 thoughts on “Dear MAGA: 20190202 Open Topic

  1. This video was just sent to me by my brother! “Powerful”!!!

    #HighTreason #TREASON #BorderWall
    Stage Is Set [Future Proves Past] Military Is Already On It

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    1. POTUS is NOT going to allow hordes of people from C.A. countries to storm our southern borders.

      That’s called and INVASION. Our military will protect US…

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  2. Jane asked me to share some info I mentioned to her in a comment. I found the YouTube Videos and did a little more digging….

    Remember the Q Post about “The Illusion of Choice” showed us that
    6 Media Companies worldwide control 90% of what we read, watch, listen to.
    Operation Mockingbird also determined that:
    “Books are the most important weapon of a strategic long range propaganda plan”

    The information in the videos below is sourced from the 4/26/1976 Final Report of the Select Committee to Study Governmental Operations (Combined Church Committee Reports)
    Particularly, The Domestic Impact of Foreign Clandestine Operations: The CIA and academic institutions, the media and religious institutions.

    Further drilling down to look at the publishing industry, we find only 3 Book Publishers are responsible for the “Bombshell Books” published in the aftermath of the 2016 U. S. Presidential election. Generally, the CIA subsidizes many authors sometimes with the author’s knowledge and sometimes without as it happens on the back end with the publishing houses.

    Looking at all the connections caused my eyes to cross and my brain to freeze but it is a worthy project for later for me and would also be interesting for others to post their knowledge/findings….

    1. Simon & Schuster – Founded in NYC in 1924 – 35 Imprints
    CBS Subsidiary Since 2006
    What Happened – HRC
    Fear: Trump in the White House – Bob Woodward
    *Unhinged – Omarosa Manigault Newman
    *Under the imprint of Gallery Books

    2. Holtzbrinck Publishing – Founded in Germany in 1948
    Multiple Imprints Worldwide
    Fire & Fury – Michael Wolff
    (Under the imprint of Henry Holt & Company)

    3. Macmillan Publishers – Founded in UK in 1843 – Multiple Imprints Worldwide
    Holtzbrinck Publishing Group Subsidiary since 1999
    *A Higher Loyalty – James Comey
    *Under the imprint of Flatiron Books

    These 3 Publishers – Simon & Schuster – Holtzbrinck – Macmillan
    Also Publish History Books & School Books

    Exposing Operation Mockingbird: Part 1

    Exposing Operation Mockingbird: Part 2

    Exposing Operation Mockingbird: Part 3

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      1. Deplorable Patriot do you mind my asking what’s a good self publishing platform?

        And not only that look at the crap this big publishing companies publish. Garbage most of it.

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          1. Thanks D-Pat!

            I just gave you a “shout-out” in re publishing expertise in a post just a bit ago!

            I’ve written down those platform names you gave …

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          2. Thank you so much. 🙂 I have heard of Smashwords but will look into the other one as well. I still have to edit/think of a cover and what not so it would be a while. But maybe someday. Thank you.

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              1. Thank you for all the great tips!!! 🙂

                I hate to bug you for one more detail but any good tip on proofreading/grammar/punctuation?

                I am so happy to see that more and more people are doing this. Have you been doing this long?

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    1. I believe most public schools in the US use Pearson textbooks, which are even worse. From 2013:

      “Pearson is the largest corporation serving this testing market. Pearson is the world’s largest education company and book publisher, bringing in more than $9 billion annually.”

      “According to the “Financial Times” a publication owned by Pearson,The Sovereign fund of Libya initially took a 3.27 per cent stake in Pearson. 3.27% is a significant stake in what is the largest educational publishing company in the world. Pearson is a $9 Billion giant that dominates textbooks, testing, teacher evaluation, IT platforms for schools, and may have the largest investment in lobbying of any publishing company operating in the United States. Pearson is also a major supplier to states who have adopted the Common Core Standard. So why does it matter that Libya may have had or still has a stake in Pearson?

      According to a February 2012 study by Citizens for National Security about Muslim … textbooks in Florida, four are published by Pearson. Act for America conducted a 2011 study of Muslim-biased textbooks in America and concluded that Pearson published 13 titles where significant Muslim Bias was uncovered. At the time of the stake, Qaddafi was leader in Libya, and promoted his radical brand of Islam. The Arab world, and the Muslim Brotherhood have shown great interest in using education in the United States to indoctrinate American students about Islam. This publication reviewed Pearson’s 2013 World History, a high school level textbook, as an example of strident Islamic Bias. According to Stanley Kurtz in the National Review the Saudis have made strong gains in penetrating American schools:”

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    2. Thanks so much, Judy.

      A couple months ago, I’d asked D-Pat (who’s an author) for pro-tips on the publishing experience – the REALITY – and while I was very thankful for the advice, what she said (along with what you’ve said here) was disheartening to me. Not because of her, or you! But because of the stranglehold the cabal has, on publishing, on books.

      “6 Media Companies worldwide control 90% of what we read, watch, listen to.”

      “only 3 Book Publishers are responsible for the “Bombshell Books””

      ““Books are the most important weapon of a strategic long range propaganda plan””

      For the last quote, this means that books are ALSO the most important weapon to COUNTER propaganda.

      I am an “aspiring” author; I believe that the subject / content of my prospective book is a powerful “counter”, and so, the stranglehold would catch me (no publish / shelve; impossible “terms”; against the cabal’s agenda).

      I’ve been very reticent about hooking up with a comped publisher. And in they case they ALL are, even MOAR caution is warranted, IMO.

      I’m looking into other options, a few of them WAY off the beaten path. I suspect one of them will be the way I choose to go.

      Can’t have truth, when relying on the cabal! My book is about truth. I mustn’t use them, in any way at all.

      Thanks again for all the “sauce” in re publishing! I KNEW I should wait a bit, for better weather (or, for engineering “better weather” on my own!).

      Seems I gotta get my own “figurative” HAARP …


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      1. Emeraldstar, I know nothing about publishing but the way St8ble Genius laid it out was so interesting. She has way more available brain cells than me and when I started digging further, “enmeshment’ came to mind as i followed the intertwining of entities, subsidiaries, imprints (had never heard that term) and distribution channels. Some appeared circular so that you would not be able to even determine all who are involved besides the CIA funding through publishing houses so some authors have no knowledge of that back channel.

        Just know your words were given by God and the perfect path to publish will be provided by Him and you will know it when it comes to you! 😉

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        1. “I know nothing about publishing”

          You knew something I didn’t. That ain’t “nothing”, to me!

          “you will know it”

          I think I already do. Thanks!

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      2. If it’s any consolation, it’s not only in the United States.

        The French have been complaining about this for a decade.

        Last week, there was a conversation on RMC (talk radio), and the discussion centred around this: ‘If there are so many national newspapers and magazines, why do we only get one point of view? The Right says the same as the Left and vice versa. Something’s wrong with this picture.’

        The same goes with books and, last year, the French newsweekly magazine, Marianne, recommended self publishing or going with a reliable independent online publisher. They, too, complain that a handful of mega-millionaire publishers control the whole stable of printed publications.

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  3. Cllick on tweet for string of good comments (info)

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        1. Thanks, Phoenix.

          I agree with Jordan – “Fake Physics” (fake science, in general) is one of the worst.

          The “idea” is that science is about truth, and objectivity, and logic. It stings more acutely, in light of this “idea” of truth they tout (and believed even more so, for their corner on the market of “objectivity”!), that they’ve been almost wholly compromised.

          Yet, they promote this wacko “string” theory (never provable; by design, untethered to reality (see Lee Smolin book review in SciAm ~10 years ago); and MANY degree candidates, both undergrad and grad, pursue it … JUST FOR THE MONEY. They need jobs …

          It’s just like the drug companies, withholding cures, to maximize their BUCK – Keep ’em sick! Scientific endeavors withhold advances, for their GRAVY TRAIN – Keep ’em ignorant!

          I actually put the odds of “science” having FOUND the “Theory-of-Everything” at 50/50. The cabal LOVES to keep us in the dark …

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        1. Nowadays, at least for our high school…to have a personal page, you pay for it and can put whatever pictures or quotes that you want. ( I’m sure it’s monitored for red flag content but back then, maybe not ?)

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    2. Isn’t he guilty until proven innocent?? I thought the Left had changed the law and amended the Constitution? But if the qualifier is—“I believe her, she must be believed”—but he’s a man (and a white one at that!), then as per Kavanaugh he is guilty until proven innocent! Thus, “Coonman” is screwed according to Democratic law and will resign!!! Maybe the FBI should investigate? That’s the ticket—somebody photocropped the page back in 1984!

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      1. “Judge not lest ye be so judged” is advice the Dims sorely need to heed.

        The “Me too” saga netted mainly Dims.

        Want to make an issue about racism – don’t be surprised then if actual racists get caught …

        Which side is likely over-represented by racists???

        Careful what you wish for ….

        Me thinks petards are not done blowing up, hoisting the Dim(witted) hither and thither

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    3. You know, now I really REALLY want to know why the VA-Dems want him gone SO BADLY…

      Things like this don’t happen for no reason.

      I think I’m going to avoid getting on the “resign” bandwagon and watch this from the sidelines with a huge bucket of popcorn 🙂

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      1. The majority of abortions are done to black babies. Margaret Sanger wanted to stop the production of what she termed undesirables – poor ghetto welfare babies.

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  4. This just pisses me off to no end!!!! I am betting this couple was 100% innocent!!!! We need to de-militarize our police! Better yet? Stop the insane war on drugs that will NEVER work!

    “Married couples, who own their own home, have no criminal record, one of whom is an honorable discharged disabled veteran, and who are best friends with their neighbors, do not fit the typical profile of heroin dealers.

    While it is entirely possible that this couple was dealing heroin, there is an equally likely alternative scenario that could’ve unfolded like this: police acted on bad information from an unreliable informant—which happens all the time—and then raided the home.

    When the couple saw four plainclothes officers in their home—who immediately came in and shot their dog—they likely went into fight or flight mode. Tuttle opened fire, likely thinking he was the subject of a home invasion and Nicholas may have tried to disarm one of the intruders who she thought was trying to kill her.”

    “In this couple’s case, the “investigation” of their deaths is now being conducted by the very people who killed them. There is likely no chance of police flipping the narrative and revealing they were in the wrong.

    What’s more, because these undercover cops were in plainclothes, there is no body camera footage to tell what actually happened. And, since both of the suspects are now dead, they cannot refute the official story.

    The four cops getting shot during this raid is tragic. However, if this couple was innocent and was merely defending their home from armed invaders, this is a tragedy of epic proportions.”

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    1. Seeing this has to agree. Very possible a tragedy of epic proportions. Sad. At least their side of the story that casts doubt on what may of actually happened has been brought to light.

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    2. Right away the neighbors all commented that the couple lived quietly, no traffic at their home…. wish that I could say I was shocked that it might’ve been a mistake ..but I’m not

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    3. I also think there’s something not right about the case. I have read that police say they had made two undercover drug buys at that home before the raid. So if that’s true, they must have had pretty good evidence. Also the fact that neighbors had been complaining about the activity there — which conflicts with reports that they lived quietly and had few visitors. It doesn’t all add up.

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      1. Another thing that does not add up is a drug dealer who would come out shooting when they didn’t have any stash at the house. No black tar heroin found.

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    4. Thank you for the link, NF!

      If this couple were dealing drugs, it’s unlikely their neighbours would mourn their loss. In reality, their neighbours really valued the couple as friends. I wonder how much of that made local news?

      From the article:

      ‘Robert Antu, who lived across the street from the couple—for the last 30 years—considered the couple dear friends. He told Click2Houston that Tuttle would have never fired on a police officer.

      ‘“If he would have known it was police, he would have never shot,” Antu said. “No way. He obeyed the law. I tell you, he was a straight-up guy.”

      ‘Another neighbor, Esmerelda Becerra—who battled cancer alongside Nicholas—backs up Antu’s statements and said this loving couple would have never hurt anyone.

      ‘“Do you know how I felt?” said Becerra, crying. “There’s no more tears in me. I went over there to go leave flowers. I almost fainted.”

      ‘“I still can’t stop crying!!! And yes they where (sic) GOOD PEOPLE!!!” wrote one woman who knew them on Facebook.

      ‘According to Tuttle’s sister, Tuttle was also a disabled veteran.’

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  5. One time I wish I had a Tweeter account.

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  6. wheatietoo posted this vid last night… I’m reposting as I believe it is important for people to see that POTUS has this…. that there are military drills being done… that he means business

    h/t to wheatietoo

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      1. Maybe they should instead show info (no name(s)) about the six-year-old girl who was found left-for-dead with (how to put this delicately) the DNA of 37 men erm, with her… that was a while back, around the time of the last wave of “caravans”, as the article was in a comment “OT”…

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    1. Trust me—they have a wager going on per side. Doubt each one (Jack or a Tiger) is giving the President too many strokes per side. Donald is a low single digit (3-4) handicap golfer as am I. My game for the match would be (only there to create focus, not about the money!)—Jack and Donald (best ball of the two) versus Tiger straight up. Tiger from the tips—Jack and the President from the senior tees. Ties carryover—$5 per hole or loser buys lunch!

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  7. Contnue to tweet wrt Bill he endorsed… that the DIMs are pushing everywhere…
    continue to talk the crime of abortion up to 40 weeks and beyond up…

    take back the narrative

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    1. Not agreeing with Tracy here. Dems loose too much in this. Brings focus on the baby killings. Other states are still moving forward not backing off. Could of been handled much differently with out all this negative fall out.

      I’m going with some one who disagreed, likely attended the same school. Saw this as a violation of the Hippocratic Oath and took action.

      No matter what, God had a hand in setting this in motion and the baby killers should take heed.

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  8. Ralph Northram’s having a bad day…
    He tried to button his shirt this morning and a button fell off.
    He tried picking up his briefcase and the handle fell off.
    He tried opening his front door and the doorknob fell off…
    Now Ralph’s afraid to pee…

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    1. wait…he was carrying his sandwich AND his phone (cuz the manager heard it all) and he never dropped either one in this brutal attack? man that’s concentration!

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  9. This northam guy went to great lengths to lie. Its not me, I didnt do it. Give me a break. Its his yearbook. He absolutely knows who is in that photo on that page.

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    1. Lets let him stay. A visible reminder of the hypocrisy of the left. He will be a total lame duck and the left wont get the lt governor to whitewash this northam era. Hes cucked.

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  10. Interesting… what if it were found most of these children had been sold in sex trafficking?

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    1. They should be in schools. Cross reference all schools. Also health insurance and medicaid enrollment. Welfare, etc. It sure as hell can be done. Why is that person stalling?

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  11. Newt does know a thing or two about elections.

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      1. I think the difference is going to be more than words… of truth…

        And, as POTUS himself said in reply to a question… listen to the SOTU and then

        watch what happens afterwards

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      1. You are most welcome. I got quite excited when I realized they were singing the words in various languages. Only thing missing for me was a flag with Q on it. 🙂

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      1. We went to my fav Mexican restaurant after Mass this evening. I don’t know if the kitchen guys are “dreamers” or what. They are always very happy, singing and laughing back there. The waiters that know us from the past 3 years of eating there are real friendly and happy. Tonight, I suggested to the one I think is the owner that they need to expand because the past 6 or so months they are so busy. I said it was the economy. Huge agreement from him.

        Anyway, all I could think of was won’t it be nice when that song is sung all through Mexico and South America because the people will rise up and be totallyred pilled. (Did I say more than once I was a Pollyanna.) 🙂

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        1. Pollyanna!! Ha __ME TOO Jane!! (Marica of the many Exclamation points 😁) Seriously-I LOVED this Video you posted with the all the WORLD singing–DO YOU HEAR THE PEOPLE SING!!! Thanks again for this Great find!!! Like Wheatie’s Tree and T3’s prayers–So very comforting!!!

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  13. Trouble For Trump Impeachment Crowd – Luke Rosiak’s new book Obstruction of Justice Splays Open Pelosi’s Hypocritical Cover-up Of Awan Scandal

    Excerpts from Luke Rosiak’s new book Obsteuction of Justice – Whistleblower Sean Moran is shouted down by Speaker Paul Ryan’s Staff in Reporting the Awan Scandal.

    Lots more in Luke’s book and at Geo Webb’s TL

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    1. I realize that some don’t like Webb…

      This is a periscope wherein he asks the question: Did Trump prolong the Shutdown to get black ops info?
      After 30days (Shutdown) contractors (many of them unvetted black ops intelligent agents) lose their security clearances… which are expensive (and Trump Admin would be able to track)…

      He then speculates on the number of employees/journalists various Media outlets laid off/fired… suggesting there may be some tie-in

      Recommend you watch:

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  14. Okay, something very odd is going on in the universe, Just saw a television ad for visiting Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. I mean, I’ve seen my fair share of travel commercials over the years, but having a rocking good time in the Holy Land without it being a Pilgrimage?

    even the men on the first Crusade made it a Pilgrimage.

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    1. That is odd? Its a Pilgrimage. Don’t see myself having a rocking good time. Is this to offset this?

      Soros-Funded NGO Uses Disputed Claims to Demand TripAdvisor, Boycott Israeli Settlements

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  15. Trump in glasses!!!

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    1. TKW is a hoot!

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  16. THREAD

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  17. It’s just a short clip…but it’s good to see this.

    They are conducting these drills in Full View of the people on the other side of the border.

    They WANT this to be seen…to send a message:
    “Do Not Try To Cross Our Border.”

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