Covfefe: The MSM’s Burn Notice

PERHAPS you remember this infamous tweet….

Yes, that’s the REAL one. The image I used for this post up top is actually a FAKE Trump tweet that I made to harass Trump’s enemies back when “covfefe” was more of a thing, and we took “Pepe pride” in “covfefe”, turning an “MSM negative” into a “MAGA positive”.

“covfefe” = “deplorable”

And YES – there are such things as FAKE TRUMP TWEET GENERATORS! What a remarkable world we live in! 😀

As you may recall, Trump’s “covfefe” tweet generated a FIRESTORM of light mockery and faux bewilderment by the MSM. It even generated legislation to preserve Trump’s tweets, called the “COVFEFE Act”.

First, a permanent picture, saved for posterity (old NYT images go away).

Here is the actual link, which is expanded automatically to include a picture and a Times header by the “New York Times plugin” in WordPress:

I was REMINDED of the whole “covfefe” debacle when I saw the first two tweets of THIS AMAZING THREAD by a MAGA Twitter denizen who I call “Burn Notice Guy”:

Burn Notice Guy’s Twitter thread goes on to do two major things:

  • To counsel people to STOP thinking that “nothing” is going on in terms of Trump draining the swamp
  • To accept the idea that we need to STOP waiting for the MSM media to “confirm” things – that WE confirm things

Now – I was absolutely thrilled to see this, because the author (@BurnedSpy34) had inadvertently proven the second point even more than they realized, because I had information he/she did not:

  • Trump had CHALLENGED the MSM to SOLVE the “covfefe” mystery
  • The MSM had NEVER offered or confirmed a true “covfefe” solution
  • I had actually SOLVED the “covfefe” mystery, to my satisfaction
  • This was a PERFECT EXAMPLE of @BurnedSpy34’s proposition
  • We don’t NEED the FAKE NEWS MEDIA to knows the TRUTH

Allow me to explain.

Let’s begin with a simple question.

Was “covfefe” Trump’s fault?

In a sane world, that would be one of the very first questions asked. In fact, if somebody who was a NOBODY – who was not DONALD J. TRUMP – sent you such a text, it might look like this:

Weather channel says below freezing tonight. I’m going to covfefe

Based on CONTEXT, we would immediately think that the last word was cover, and that SOMETHING MESSED UP. Because SO MUCH is missing – again by CONTEXT – we would begin to EXONERATE the person.

Something happened to the rest of the tweet. Why the heck is “fefe” there?

In particular, if the person tweeting had NEVER IN OUR MEMORY sent such a garbled text, we would tend to rule out a “butt dial”, “sloppy tweeting”, “sleepy tweeting”, and other “MSM-versus-Trump” reasons, and simply suspect a BUG.

At this point, “covfefe” becomes an I.T. problem. The kind of thing that HELP DESK solves.

YEAH. I may know a bit about that. 😉

Help Desk sometimes figures out that the USER did something to create the bug, but much of the time it’s very innocent, such as copying and pasting, finding some WEIRD SETTING that messes things up, or basically activating some BUG in the software by doing something NOT EXPECTED by the people who wrote the code.

In other words, it’s usually not REALLY the person’s FAULT.

Now HERE is where I begin to analyze the mainstream “Fake News” media’s “user actions”.

“The media” should have figured out that Trump’s tweet was MOST LIKELY the result of a TWITTER BUG, and they should have figured it out almost immediately. But they DIDN’T. Either that, or they PRETENDED NOT TO KNOW.

The latter being the MAMET PRINCIPLE.

If any reporter had taken that Trump tweet DOWN IN THE BASEMENT to their own I.T. people, and asked them what was going on, they would have gotten an answer very similar to mine.

“It’s probably some bug in Twitter.”

So what does THAT mean?

It means that the MEDIA either never honestly asked the question, or never ADMITTED that they did.

So what actually WAS going on with “covfefe”?

Well, I had always figured that Trump’s tweet got “cut off” in the middle of the contextually expected word “coverage”. That seems simple and logical – right?

But the “fefe” stuff – how in the heck does THAT get there? Looks like JUNK that could have been the work of a HUMAN or a MACHINE.

If it’s a human, maybe a “butt dial” – maybe tweeting half asleep – maybe stopping half-way into a tweet, hitting a bunch of wrong keys, and hitting “send”.

Folks, those human reasons are like CATNIP to the Fake News media losers and haters.

That’s it! They’re DONE! TRUMP’S FAULT!

LMAO!!! 😀

FAKE NEWS is clearly going to gravitate toward the possibilities that are most negative for TRUMP.

But what was it REALLY???

For a LONG TIME I just sat on it, wondering WHAT THE FUCK was “fefe”?


It wasn’t until I was looking at a UNICODE table and noticed something that ALMOST looked like “FEFE” that it hit me:

FEFE is not there for a REASON.
FFFF is not there for a REASON.

Unicode was a very cool general idea of ENCODING every human character with a system of “bits and bytes”. I can oversimplify things and say that ASCII was the idea of using ONE “byte”, and Unicode was the idea of using TWO “bytes” to expand things, but this will immediately cause I.T. people to argue vehemently with each other about trivia, so I will now say that what I said was wrong, so that the tone of all objections will be more constructive (just wait for the comments, folks – we have GREAT I.T. people on this site).

That said, let’s dig in just a bit more.

What I am showing above is a CORNER of a Unicode table showing characters, up in a high spot where the digits are all very high – up in the letters near “E” and “F”.

E and F are hexadecimal (base-16) digits, which stand for 14 and 15, respectively. The 16 different hexadecimal (or “hex”) digits are 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 A B C D E F. An 8-digit binary (base-2) number runs from 0 (00000000) to 255 (11111111), but if you use base-16, those can be stated as 00 to FF. Thus, a two-byte number can run from 0000 to FFFF.

Are you starting to feel like “FEFE” might be the end result of some kind of COMPUTER BUG?

Well, buckle up. It gets better. There are MANY kinds of Unicode, and trying to transform text BETWEEN them can lead to GARBLING and JUNK. And when Unicode gets dumped as ASCII by a BUG or PROBLEM, one frequently sees a mixture of hex digits, typically in groups of 2 or 4.

Spend enough time around Unicode characters of various kinds, which are expressed as things like A0C1, or uA0C1, or \uA0C1, or U+A0C1, or their lower-case variants like u+a0c1, and any group of 4 hex digits between 0 and F looks like Unicode.

Enjoy the coincidence. God is in control.

If you look in the lower right corner of the above code page, there IS no “FEFE”, but there IS “FEFF”, and as you can see, it’s SPECIAL. The acronym ZWNBSP, shown instead of a character, stands for “zero-width no-break space”.

In addition to being a special kind of somewhat invisible space, this character is also listed as something called a “byte order mark“, or BOM.

The reason that it’s called a byte order mark, is that FEFF is really TWO bytes, FE+FF. They have an implied order – FE first and FF second. This is useful, because the reverse combination, FF+ FE, or FFFE, is NOT a valid character.

Notice also that FFFF is not a valid character, either. Neither is FEFE. Again, important.

Since FFFE is not a valid character when read from “left to right”, it can be used as a way to tell that you’re supposed to be reading “backwards” – from “right to left”. (Semaj Yemoc!) This means that if one encounters the FFFE character, it’s really just FEFF in what is called a “little endian” version of Unicode – the “other” byte order from “big endian”.

Now – this gets into a huge, deep, and very cool concept called endianness, which is well-described on Wikipedia.

Endianness is the sequential order in which bytes are arranged into larger numerical values when stored in memory or when transmitted over digital links. Endianness is of interest in computer science because two conflicting and incompatible formats are in common use: words may be represented in big-endian or little-endian format, depending on whether bits or bytes or other components are ordered from the big end (most significant bit) or the little end (least significant bit).

Wikipedia entry for “Endianness”

More literary readers will get a real treat if they read about the etymology of the word.

That said, unless you are an I.T. geek who is chomping at the bit to ARGUE with Wikipedia (like I said, folks) you will likely not “get it”, so let me provide an analogy using normal decimal digits.

Little endian – meaning “little end first” – is a lot like writing “one thousand” as 0001 instead of 1000, or more analogously, writing 10 as 01, or most analogously of all (“byte order”, if bytes were decimal), writing 9899 as 9998.

In the BOM encoding table below, showing the Byte Order Mark in DIFFERENT versions of Unicode (yes, Unicode is a MESS), BE means “big endian” and LE means “little endian”.

See all those FF and FE bytes? Yeah. Plenty of potential opportunities for a software bug to spit out “fefe” as ASCII if things mess up. Particularly since “FFFF” is not a valid character, either, so a bug that REMOVES “ffff” (remember – it’s “not a character”) and leaves “fefe” behind does not seem far-fetched.


See what I’m saying? Just ONE of an infinite number of possible theories of where FEFE came from.

And THEN there is the fact that people make assumptions about WHERE the Byte Order Mark will be encountered – as in NOT in the middle of text – and you know what happens when people write code and make assumptions…..

If you’re not convinced that the BOM offers MANY possibilities for a text bug, just read THESE TWO WEB PAGES. They will convince you.

FEFF and FFFE are a MESS.

Bottom line – I think it’s extremely plausible if not extremely LIKELY that some kind of user behavior (in combination with a Twitter BUG) – possibly happening between Twitter, Trump, Q and any tweet-releasing software that Q uses – led to Trump’s tweet being garbled and cut off, with FEFE in lower case popping out accidentally as ASCII.

The COMPUTER signed its human-misdirected WORK with “covfefe”.

“covfefe” is therefore Computerese for “learn to code”.

The thing is, I figured this out LAST YEAR, and tried to tell people, but NOBODY knows about it. Frankly, NOBODY CARES.

The Fake News Media’s “shiny object” of “Trump fucked up“, and the MAGA world’s internal delusions of “Trump signals the truth about Chinese steel with CoVFeFe” (or whatever) both have real staying power.

Nobody actually CARES about a software bug! Only the frigging HELP DESK cares! LOL.

Life imitates life!

Here is a Twitter thread, over a YEAR after Trump’s tweet, where I first told fellow Treeper/Tweeter @MyManJimmyJack that I had figured out “covfefe” that very morning:

Here is where I first explained “covfefe” on CTH:

Here is where I later explained “covfefe” on this blog:

I believe that Trump and Q (who very obviously handles Trump’s Twitter account) quickly figured it out, and challenged the world to figure it out, too. And yet, the MSM – which COULD have explained it – never did.

So when I figured out what probably happened, which was indeed NOT HARD, and could have been done by the IT staff at ANY news organization – I suddenly realized just how BAD the MSM, a.k.a. “yellow stream journalism”, has become.

They don’t CARE about the truth.

I repeat.

They don’t CARE about the truth.

Which brings me back to BURN NOTICE GUY.

Burn Notice Guy is a guy (maybe) on Twitter who is automatically linked to Real Burn Notice Guy – some actor I can’t remember – who is automatically linked to some character on “Burn Notice” played by Bruce Campbell, who is AWESOME!

And who was even MOAR AWESOME in a cancelled show called “The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr.“, back when I watched a special form of propaganda called Fake Entertainment.

Turquoise and silver jewelry! Hooray!

ANYWAY, back to that awesome thread by Burn Notice Guy. He starts off with the idea of Trump’s Twitter mastery, as exemplified by how Trump weaponized “covfefe”, but then BNG hits on some brilliant ideas – particularly around Tweets 10-13, and then running to the end.

Please read the whole thing. This really explains some important stuff.

You can pass this on to other people using links to any of the tweets, or by using the link to the threadreader app:

I took the liberty of getting an IMAGE of some key tweets, so they are not lost when Twitter decides to destroy history (which they do all the time).

Burn Notice Guy is REALLY hitting it out of the park with Tweet 11.

11. Everyone is still looking to the media to confirm victory.

Stop and think about what I just said (above).

Who are we granting authority to confirm our reality?

Re-read the above question. This is a life-changing insight.


What Burn Notice Guy is saying is that we REALLY have to stop feeling like the MSM will EVER need to “come around”, because…..






Are you seeing what I’m saying?

Step 1

Step 2

I repeat, this time as the tweet itself….

Step 3

Maybe I’m RIGHT. Maybe I’m WRONG. That’s not important. What is important is that I actually TRIED.

It’s simple. The MSM is BEYOND missing in action. They no longer define reality. WE DEFINE REALITY. We don’t NEED the MSM.

Or as others put it, back when Cernovich knocked Scott Pelley on his heels, during an interview that was supposed to take down Cernovich, and instead elevated him….

Think what you want of Cernovich, but the point is, the MSM will NEVER be put back together again. It’s frigging HUMPTY-DUMPTY.

And there is a good reason for that. In my opinion.


Are you seeing what I’m saying there? This is actually a bit “scary”.

I am ALLEGING that the modern “objective”, “balanced”, “unbiased” (and primarily televised) media after FDR and then World War II was a CALCULATED LIE.

It was NEVER REAL. The biased journalism of the 1700s, 1800s, and early 1900s is the REALITY of journalism. It was POPULAR media that had VIEWPOINTS. It SOUGHT THE TRUTH through continuous CONFLICT.

The “objective, balanced, unbiased news” was a LIE. The Fake News, at its conception, was no longer a popular medium. It was FAKE ALL ALONG.

It was BAIT and SWITCH.

And what has now happened?

SOCIAL MEDIA has returned media to the PEOPLE.

The MSM was a PLOT and that PLOT is OVER.

Don’t believe me?

Believe Q.

“The age of the MSM is over.”

YES. Think about it.



125 thoughts on “Covfefe: The MSM’s Burn Notice

            1. I LOVED Burn Notice. It is not for everyone, and more than one person I knew couldn’t follow it, but here are the good guys kicked out of the company and trying to do the actual work the company was supposed to. Then add the girlfriend who was an IRA operative (and knows her diamonds) and the mother that won’t redecorate her house, and it was just fun. Honestly, the episode that the Sharon Gless character goes to talk to a social worker who turns out to be Tyne Daly, I was dying laughing.

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  1. The press did not heed President Kennedy’s advice, and as Wolfie points out, we now know why. Still, it is useful to consider the scope of the problem, particularly as we embrace the radical notion that the MSM cannot be trusted:

    President John F. Kennedy
    Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, New York City
    April 27, 1961

    Mr. Chairman, ladies and gentlemen…

    I want to talk about our common responsibilities in the face of a common danger. The events of recent weeks may have helped to illuminate that challenge for some; but the dimensions of its threat have loomed large on the horizon for many years. Whatever our hopes may be for the future–for reducing this threat or living with it–there is no escaping either the gravity or the totality of its challenge to our survival and to our security–a challenge that confronts us in unaccustomed ways in every sphere of human activity…

    But I do ask every publisher, every editor, and every newsman in the nation to reexamine his own standards, and to recognize the nature of our country’s peril…Our way of life is under attack. Those who make themselves our enemy are advancing around the globe…If you are awaiting a finding of “clear and present danger,” then I can only say that the danger has never been more clear and its presence has never been more imminent.

    It requires a change in outlook, a change in tactics, a change in missions–by the government, by the people, by every businessman or labor leader, and by every newspaper. For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence–on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day. It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations.

    Its preparations are concealed, not published. Its mistakes are buried, not headlined. Its dissenters are silenced, not praised. No expenditure is questioned, no rumor is printed, no secret is revealed. It conducts the Cold War, in short, with a war-time discipline no democracy would ever hope or wish to match…

    I urge folks to read the entire speech here:

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    1. Reading this speech was a LIFE-CHANGER for me. It UNDID everything the press had done to cover-up the JFK assassination and prevent justice.

      Very similar to Eisenhower’s departing speech on the MIC (military-industrial complex) and the SGC (science-government complex).

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  2. This article is enlightening about coding and is an excellent illustration of how we are the media now (and the MSM hates it!). This is the kind of digging that anons do. They’re on the case and find out everything possible. Some facts might be relevant and some not. Some conclusions might be accurate and some not so much. But if you don’t dig with the goal of finding truth, you never find the answers or, worse, you make stuff up, which is what the propaganda media does.

    There used to be at least some reporting of factual news (though they still had the power to slant it). But with the advent of 24-hour cable “news” and panel discussions, it became all propaganda, all the time. They became increasingly more blatant about their true agenda, and now they are open advocates for certain people and causes. That is not news reporting.

    Wolf and Covfefe for the win!

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    1. In the 20th century, something called the “expert culture” came into being. “Journalists” are “experts” in “the truth.”


      I have met actual reporters who are truth seekers, and are dogged about it, but for the most part they are local beat guys. Those are the guys who hang around court houses and police stations, city hall, etc., to get to the truth. BUT they are local. And they don’t use press releases to write their material.

      GIve me a minute to write up a post below to explain why “news” is an entertainment business of persuasion.

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  3. Brilliant, Wolfie & Burn Notice Guy.

    This one will take awhile to digest, but the bottom line is I am skeptical of any and all information where agendas, funding sources, and intersecting relationships cannot be readily identified. It doesn’ matter whether it is a scientist, doctor, teacher, politician, or narrative talking head – we ALL have an agenda.

    This is actually another Big Win to add to Daughn’s list of POTUS accomplishments. President Trump has shown us IF – and that is a huge IF – our leaders communicate honestly and directly with us, we have NO NEED for narrative ‘interpreters’.

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    1. YES!!! And our VSGPOTUS did it with a MALFORMED TWEET. Another case where he DID NOTHING, FOR THE WIN.

      This is jaw-dropping stuff.

      Definitely recommending that people follow BNG on Twitter! Another one to watch!

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      1. One little, two little, three little-endians 🙂

        Byte order reversal is a pain when switching architectures (byte wars, not just WORD wars)…
        In the world on systems programming and compier/data structure design, FFFF or -1(twos complement)
        are often used as “stoppers” to make sure scans and data moves end at the right place. FEFE is close enough to FFFF that I can see it being specified as a “forbidden word”, as only a few bits need to be (Adam) shifted. Wonder if the software had hit a page boundary, or walked off the edge of a chunk of memory, by mistake. Computers don’t like garbage collection any more than we humans do… the FEFE comes at the boundary between bytes 39 and 40 (if not header infos present). Would love to see a stack dump of the phone’s view of things (if it was sent from a phone) and the twitter program’s view of things…

        Good catch on the FEFE stuff. Interesting what happened thanks to just a little “error” (plus I got a new handle out of it 🙂 )…

        Maybe all those malloc worshippers in the DEMONcRAT party are behind it 🙂 Sometimes pointers get FUBARed, as well, or someone didn’t use strcpy correctly…

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        1. Yes – many interesting ways that this bug could have happened! Sometimes I think it’s a miracle programming works at all, with just 1 wrong bit in the right place bringing it all to a halt.

          I am betting they have a VERY good idea of what happened. VSGPOTUS seemed quite upbeat in his follow-up tweet! That’s Trump – WINNING the game before it’s even played. 😎

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        2. After thinking about what you wrote, I’m even more convinced now that Trump’s tweet’s text widget and some reprocessing of it passed characters into some bad assumptions about FF and FE, along the lines of what you’re thinking.

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  4. 1.– I just went over and followed Burn Notice Guy—That Thread was just -Jaw dropped on the floor and couldn’t pick it up! This is NOT the GreatTakeDown–It’s the Great Awakening!!! It’s Biblical!…Wolfie–Covfefe Explanation–I Never saw this–it was during my Purgatory days on Twitter–No OT -No Q Tree yet…Learn to Code Indeed!
    Like my Alexa said (right before I unplugged her and threw her in the dumpster)–“I’m still learning…”
    It’s a Spiritual Journey..Everyone on this Planet will wake up in their own time at there own level During The Great Awakening. And yes, It’s what is inside of us that allows the TRUTH to be Heard LOUD and CLEAR
    Knock Knock
    Who’s There?
    YA WHOOOOOO!!!!!

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  5. I remember reading your covfefe post on CTH, back when it happened….way over my head, then, and still makes my eyes cross🙃.

    But the way you explain it, it almost makes sense to my nonmathematical mind.

    Gonna need to read this a few more times.

    Many thanks for what you are doing!

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  6. “In March 1915, the JP Morgan interests…got together 12 men high up in the newspaper world and employed them to select the most influential newspapers in the US and a sufficient number of them to control generally the policy of the daily press of the United States. …They found it was necessary to purchase control of 25 of the greatest papers. …emissaries were sent to purchase the policy, national and international of these papers…the policy of the papers was bought…an editor was furnished for each paper to properly supervise and edit information regarding the questions of preparedness, militarism, financial policies, and other things of national and international nature considered vital to the interests of the purchasers. …This policy also included the suppression of everything in opposition to the wishes of the interests served. …Is it possible that the JP Morgan CFR interests have been publishing biased views and biased news since 1916?” (Dr. James W. Wardner, “The Planned Destruction of America,” p. 119).

    The fact of the above action by JP Morgan is unquestioned—it historically took place. It basically marked the end of a free media in America, and the controlling of the message to the people into the hands of the globalists. Today that control has merely extended to include the other forms of communication that have evolved over time.

    And don’t leave the Rockefeller’s out of this mix. His awakening was when the government broke apart his monopoly. The industrialists not only sought to control the message, but the judicial and congressional branches of government through whatever means necessary. In 1921 they established the Council on Foreign Relations which would be used to control governmental policy and the executive branch. They have effectively controlled the State Department since that time.

    However, the globalists are patient with their plans for the proletariat, and their end (NWO) will justify the means. But thanks to PDJT, it is experiencing a hiccup at the moment!!!

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      1. Watching the presser of Virginia Governor Northam today, the White-hooded infanticide pediatrician, and he stated he’d been praying with his pastor who was present, a Baptist minister—and I’m wondering, what version of the Bible are these people reading from!!??

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      1. Griffin in The Creature From Jekyll Island documented how the British government purchased ammunition and other military supplies from the United States during WWI.

        J. P. Morgan acted as their purchasing agent, and was paid a commission on each deal he put together for them. He chose to buy most of the stuff from factories that were part of his trust, so he made money on that end as well, selling munitions.

        And, of course, buying arms on a world war scale is an expensive business, so the British government went into debt to finance these purchases.

        Luckily for them, their agent in New York was a leading financier, so, yep, he was Johnny-on-the-spot in providing them loans through his Morgan banks.

        When J. P. Morgan was reaching the end of his life, he, like Soros, gave away part of his fortune. When he died, the sum total of these gifts, plus the net worth of his remaining estate was much, much less than people had thought his net worth was when he was alive.

        In his younger days, he had worked for a while in England, and there met people affiliated with the English branch of the Rothschild family. Griffin speculated that Morgan’s true later career lay in serving as an American agent of the Rothschilds, and that the idea he was some gigantic titan of industry and finance on his own was the result largely of smoke and mirrors.

        I speculate that when Soros finally dies, we are going to find out that he is also worth less financially than current estimates would indicate.

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        1. Yes CD, JP working for the Rothchilds. Griffin’s book a must-have for research!

          Morgan, Rockefeller, Carnegie, et al—when they got the Federal Reserve Act and federal income tax (16th Amendment) passed in 1913, had already a prepared solution for their fortunes to keep them from taxation—special Foundations controlled by their families, which continue to influence society in perpetuity!

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  7. When it comes to MSM and narrative building, what we see, IMO, is applied psychology as developed by a handful of media and newspaper characters in the late 19th century and early 20th, definitely before 1930:

    William Randolph Hearst
    Joseph Pulitzer
    Ivy Lee – publicist for the Rockefellers
    Walter Lippmann
    Edward Bernays

    The first two names figured out how to make money with sensationalism. The third used film reels and press releases to make his clients look good. And the last two wrote the three treatises which are the classics in influencing the public. The techniques each of these men developed are still used today:

    Word textures
    Use of “experts” to carry a message
    Plan an event (stunt) to get publicity and “awareness”
    Send news releases to various news outlets for exposure (some newsrooms have betting pools as to what appears in other publications)

    Frankly, straight up advertising is more honest – and I aced all of my Public Relations (propaganda) classes.

    As somebody up thread pointed out, with the advent of the news panel – on SUNDAY MORNING IN COMPETITION WITH CHURCH vying for audience attention – the thrust shifted to consensus building for one viewpoint or another. No one wants to be on the wrong or losing side. hence the persuasion.


    No, it’s not news. It’s mass brainwashing.

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    1. Yes, DP, Bernays “Propaganda” and “Crystallizing Public Opinion” are, along with Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals,” the textbook marching orders of what we witness today out of the Left.

      Good post, DP!!!

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  8. I think I could learn Greek better than I’d master coding, but I made it through and love how we got Covfefe.

    Burn Notice’s thread is extraordinary. Everyone should watch both of the videos, POTUS rally one and the Al Smith dinner. It’s good to refresh memory, especially now, while we’ve been waiting. The 5 min rally excerpt reminds us that POTUS knew everything then, and as he did, it means he has forgotten nothing. This has been my belief all along.

    The Al Smith dinner, listening to it now in PRESENT CONTEXT is important – it’s much more revealing than we realized at the time it happened. POTUS isn’t just trolling Hillary, he is skewering her. Again, he knew everything… make note of his reference of her interview with the FBI on the 4th of July. POTUS knew then that it was nothing but a sham.

    Great Awakening for the people, but IMO, it makes clear that he’s been moving and shaking things behind the scenes. It’s good to be reminded that we don’t need the malignant media to confirm anything for us.

    POTUS details in that 5 minute rally clip should be enough for everyone to keep the faith.

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    1. Yes, LP, loved the Smith dinner speech. Enjoyed PDJT delivery of the Hillary line—“pardon me”!!! Have to wait until I’m President first! He really tied into the Hill at the end there…not a lot of chuckling taking place. And was that Maria Bartiromo’s breasts in the background? Ooops, sorry! Just a man’s perspective!

      Liked by 7 people

      1. You’re excused, but you know what’s funny?

        All I noticed was how elegant Maria was dressed and loved the long gloves. Formal dress we rarely see.

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      2. Wasn’t that after the debate that the President had to go full-court offensive on after the Bush tape release? Knew DJT would come out swinging in that debate, and that may have been the event that ultimately won him the presidency—apart from the grace of God!!!

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    2. Watch that Al Smith dinner in our present context, and think about this too:

      The Al Smith dinner is where that epic photo of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton was taken that Felice loves so much:

      Watching the dinner, seeing this photo, can there be any doubt whatsoever where he stands on all this?

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      1. I love this photo!

        Our President in white tie and tux…the look of utter disgust on his face as he looks down on cackling Crooked Cankles.

        His whole posture at that moment is notable.
        To me, it is a display of his Resolve.

        ‘Epic photo’…yes, it truly is!

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    3. I have to say he had Dolan sweating, too. That line about real estate…and how God built the church in NY.

      Dolan had to mop his sweating face. POTUS had to have known about the sexual scandals within the Church. And look at all the state attorneys general that are investigating possible RICO crimes.

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    4. AMEN!

      That dinner really showed his resolve – and his leadership. An entire HERD of “powerful people” moving to the dictates of hidden agendas they KOWTOWED to, and Trump just showed them RIGHT THERE that they were ALL off track, and he didn’t care one bit what they thought.

      The opposition to “orange man bad” all makes sense now.

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    5. Really quite an extraordinary speech. I had these thoughts looking at it again:

      1) This was the “real” Trump, someone we rarely (ever?) get to see directly. Trump’s public personae is a brilliant creation, constructed in a way where people who “get” Trump can easily see the “real” Trump, and those who do not “get” Trump are left babbling nonsense.

      2) Maria Cat Eyes spent a lot of time covering up her cleavage.

      3) Cuomo refused to applaud for Trump and looked like a crazy man sitting there. But Trump brilliantly turned to Cuomo immediately to shake his hand when the speech was done.

      4) The guy with the sweaty forehead and Cardinal Dolan were trying to give out subtle messages of disapproval, but they just looked petty. BTW I wonder if sweaty forehead was a Smith relative because he looks like Al Smith.

      5) Trump broke down Hillary with successive psychological blows. She started off giving a “free and easy” look but wound up with a contorted face, trying to maintain composure. Dolan personally tried to rescue her with friendly distraction (probably out of genuine pity) but Trump got to her. I see now Trump was trying to get her to erupt (as just one of his goals).

      6) I have to think Miller wrote this along with Trump. The speech was brilliantly constructed. Milller has amazing insights for a young man, and I can see him and Trump being a unique team.

      7) There are certain things we CAN see with our own eyes, and one of them is this speech. IMO the man who gave this speech deserves all of our confidence that he is doing what needs to be done.

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  9. Wolfie, thanks. Even though I didn’t read closely enough on the coding, I grasped the concept. Will have to re-read…probably 10 times. (I got lost with base 2 in modern math decades ago. I had a self imposed mental block to modern math back then. El Ed majors had to take the courses back then rather than the algebra, etc. that I wanted to take.)

    The Burn notice Guy hit me on the head with what I’ve been thinking about but am not intelligent enough to verbalize myself. However, although loosely, I see The Matrix as an analogy to the “reality” the media is trying to impose on us. I think DH and I were born sucking on a red pill.

    Funny, started watching it again last night. Going to finish it now.

    Liked by 7 people

    1. The Matrix is more timely than ever! 😀

      You clearly get the CONCEPT of what is going on here! It’s just like The Matrix – we rely on them TELLING us what is true and what is not. It has been like this for years, and getting worse. We are FINALLY talking BACK to them!

      Liked by 6 people

      1. Oh yes, I don’t ever remember believing the media for much of anything. Actually, I had more faith in the weatherman before computers than the media – ever.

        Liked by 3 people

      2. It’s really shocking to me that so many people have picked up on the Matrix as their theme for understanding that reality as we see it is distorted. A couple of Marxist producers made that movie to “nudge” people with a swift kick into their view of reality. Instead what happened is that they did too good a job projecting!

        Naturally, their solution was to go back to the drawing board and produce another movie. But their “trilogy” crashed and burned. So they tried again, and produced “V is for Vendetta” – which for a while did the trick, confusing everything that being “anti-fascist” and wearing traitorous “Guy Fawkes” masks was cool.

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      3. Keep in mind that The Matrix trilogy is the products of a couple of raving lunatic brothers who both decided to whack off their whozawhatzis. So the Matrix is and always will be their last production, despite how good it was for their future marketability.

        Just throw it all away to pretend to be females. Proof of how pernicious and evil Satan is.

        Liked by 4 people

        1. pgroup,

          Or, the scarier hypothesis is that the brothers received some “MK” type instruction from the powers that be, and the resultant sex change operations were meant to serve as a warning of what will happen to other people in the industry who reveal too much to the plebs.

          Not sure how much I believe in the MK thing and Wolf Moon’s take on it. But I try to play out different scenarios in my head, in parallel, for different theories that have arguments for them but that I haven’t confirmed yet.

          If MK is real and works like Wolf thinks it does, then my idea above is a contender.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Thanks!

            Always remember that most MK is very subtle, normal stuff.

            The “special, risky techniques” are (as one would expect) a tiny fraction, but it apparently doesn’t take much as long as it’s focused on key events. Pulling a trigger or dumping a bunch of chlorine through the wrong hole on the roof of the Standard Hotel (another incident I think was set up by MK, to gain control of that company) can make HUGE differences for movements and political parties. Violent actions, assaults of various kinds, accidents – we easily ascribe all these things to randomness, too, but the truly random incidents are great cover for a stealthy but profitable minority of incidents that are NOT – to make a KEY change in a KEY person – who may be an important person, or just a random person in an important place in space and time.

            What are the more normal techniques? Introducing a friend. (I have great “left agenda” and “trans agenda” stories that way.) Get a person into a particular church. Get a person OUT of a particular church. Get a person to see certain movies. Get a person to read certain books. A single idea that gets a person to BELIEVE somebody. A single idea that gets a person to DISTRUST somebody.

            If you WATCH CAREFULLY, and apply LOGIC and HIDDEN TESTS, you can actually CATCH them doing these more subtle things.

            Anybody who puts a Google, Apple, Amazon or other SPY DEVICE in their homes is an idiot. Trust me. They already know enough about you. They know SO MUCH.

            Siri PLAYS DUMB. Once people figure that out, they’re a step ahead.

            Liked by 1 person

          2. An important realization is that what you are saying and what pgroup is saying are the same thing in different languages, and from different perspectives. One can focus on the metaphysics of the deeper phenomena, or the technologies of implementation. One can frame things as religion or one can frame things as science, but their REALITY is the same.

            When people say that God and Satan aren’t real, I tell them that calculus and trigonometry aren’t “real” either. Nevertheless, the REALITY of all those things – in our heads and through our hands – determines the course of the universe just as much as physical laws that have no inherent reality, either, and likewise control a lot of moving matter that does have “reality” by everybody’s basic sense agreement.

            Let those concepts properly interact and sort out, and enormous power results by one’s alignment with the ways of the universe. Yet one must be extremely careful – the power itself is corrupting and dangerous if one doesn’t understand its true origin, purpose and ownership.

            It’s all very beautiful. And beauty is not without danger.

            Liked by 4 people

              1. Thank you, Tona! ❤

                It's very interesting. I slept very "pure" last night, forsaking my usual small nightly array of old-person supplements and pharmaceuticals – taking the occasional "pill vacation" so many recommend While my doctor has numbers, and I have my own data, proving the long-term wisdom of that minimal set of nostrums, perhaps it's time to question it further – carefully – and with new tests. Maybe "less is more"! 😉

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  10. Below tweet is NOT Sean SPICIER (funny fake twitter guy)– But POTUS original Press Sec–Good guy–but out of his league… Eyes opening on so many levels…

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  11. Thanks for this epic post, Wolfie!

    The coding stuff just sails right over my head…and it makes my head hurt to try to understand it.
    But I appreciate the hell outa you trying to explain it.

    Yes, they don’t care about the Truth…it is just a nuisance to them.

    Burn Notice was a great show; I watched the first couple of seasons, but then they changed the time slot and I didn’t see as much of the later episodes.
    That show laid down the idea that the C_A was being run as a capricious and corrupt entity, interested in furthering it’s own interests instead of the country’s.
    The show is a case of Art exposing the Truth.

    Jeffrey Donovan was Burn Notice guy, btw…good actor.
    Gabriel Anwar was perfect as the militant girlfriend…she pulled off wielding a rocket-launcher like a pro.
    And Bruce Campbell!
    I was so glad to see Bruce Campbell’s talents being used in that show!
    It’s like they wrote the role of Sam Axe just for him.

    I totally agree that the MSM was always Fake.
    It is so wonderful that people are finally ripping their blinders off!

    What a great time to be alive…and see this Great Awakening.

    The Age of the MSM is over, but they’re still desperately clinging to their power.

    They’re like the Zombie MSM.
    They don’t know they are dead and are still after our brains.

    Liked by 9 people

  12. On Covfefe:
    Through one read, what I’m getting from you, Wolfie, is that no one in the media knows $$$$$$$$hit about coding.
    Because we have the internet and friends like Wolfie, who have actual expertise, we get answers to these great questions and don’t need the media.
    The MSM could have made an effort, to step outside their bubble, and seek authorities on the subject, yet chose not to do so = Mamet Principle = It doesn’t exist.
    Jeffrey Donovan and Bruce Campbell are beyond cool – agreed. LOVED Burn Notice in our house.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. You got it, Daughn! And we have friends like TRUMP and NUNES and TUCKER and other truth-tellers out there who we can trust, too.

      The “fake news media” is irresponsible to the truth, and allegiant to establishment agendas over truth itself. Burn Notice Guy is right. We should NOT be letting the media have the final say on reality. THAT is irresponsible.

      Liked by 2 people

  13. I did a bit of cobol and ideal programming many years ago, so get the drift, but another couple of readings of this and I will understand more
    My favourite part of your post : ‘covfefe’ is computerise for ‘learn to code’ LOL
    So relevant right now

    Liked by 3 people

  14. Wolf, I know NOTHING about coding…nada…so none of this caused me to have an aha moment…but the strength with which YOU believe me assures me I don’t have to understand it–you do. and that’s enough for me. thanks for sharing your insight!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you, Pat! Glad and honored that you trust me on this, and yet I will always invite you to “check my work”, so to speak, on whatever you DO feel comfortable questioning or disagreeing with!


  15. Great, great post.

    If anything, a huge percentage of red pilled people nevertheless underestimate the corruption, or completely miss the nature of the corruption.

    I have ALWAYS been frustrated and appalled by the very frequently expressed idea that the media, or the Demokkkrats, or the “liberals,” or the feminists, or any of their ilk – – based on some event or circumstance – – are now REALLY going to learn their lesson, or wake up, or engage in self-examination, or some such laudable human activity. All this FREQUENTLY EXPRESSED opinion proves is how the person with the opinion totally misunderstands the nature of what is going on.

    For years I read the NY Times DESPITE its high propaganda/Fake News content because there was so much else which was interesting and well done. Then I realized that the “interesting and well done” parts were simply a lure for the Fake parts and stopped reading, disgusted by all the money I had ever given them.

    My favorite example is GMA, a soft and fluffy “show” used for the hardest of hard core propaganda. Michael Strahan welcoming an 11 year old “drag boy” on air as if the boy was a civil rights hero, and a sterling example of “being yourself”? You have to be kidding me. But what segment of the viewers had their minds corruptly altered by that five minute segment?

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Not only in huge agreement here –

      Not only thinking that I really NEED your reminder that the idea of “NOW they’ve learned their lesson” is totally off base –

      Not only totally WOKEN UP by the truth you’ve got there about the “drag boy” –

      BUT ALSO I have to admit that you and I had the exact same experience with the NYT. WOW.

      Yes – every time I’m tempted to pick up the Times momentarily, waiting to see if they’ve FINALLY changed, and hoping that the front page will invite me back in, I look at the price and WINCE, before setting it down. But the TRUTH is that I SHOULD set it down, even if FREE. My very idea that “they’ve finally learned their lesson” is the REAL mistake.

      Liked by 1 person

  16. Wolf, this is amazing! I always thought Covfefe was a mistake our President made, but that we all loved it and turned it to another MAGA moment! But to realize the MSM purposely acted ignorant of the bug that was obvious to many of them and tried to make him look “so unpresidential” is just infuriating! 😡🔥

    Thank you for your investigating this and warning us to never trust them.

    And thanks to you, Flep, Think, Wheatie, and everyone for this awesome site!!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you! I had missed all of you so much, and didn’t know where you were! This is better than ever! (I’m trying not to use so many exclamation marks, but it’s hard not to!!)

        Liked by 3 people

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