Um…., Where Did All Our Problems Go?

grrandpaFlep’s post on President Trump’s Border Wall strategy was outstanding! Thank you, Flep. After reading Flep’s post, I was eating dinner, looking around the world, and I started to make a list of things which have changed since we elected President Trump. “Things” which were big problems for most of my adult life. “Things” I thought would remain problems for my grandchildren. Suddenly, our big problems have evaporated. They’re gone, or they’re almost gone. Big things, like ISIS and the Caliphate, have practically disappeared.

Look around, and take note of what you see. Oh, and pretty please (!), chime in and add to the list in the comment section below!

Think about the great problems of the world or in America, since we were kids. “Things” that dominated headlines. “Things”, about which, our parents complained. All those big problems we’ve faced in our lifetimes….
…..they’re all being fixed.
It’s simply astounding.
*** OPEC, dependence on middle east for oil = Done, overwith. Now, our President threatens them. Do you remember standing in line for gas during the OPEC embargo? I was a teenager. Why did it take so long to resolve the problem of energy independence?
*** Illegal Immigration = Avoided for 35 yrs+, and I swear, President Trump has them cornered and will not let Congress out of the room until they fix it…… or, by God, he will.
*** NAFTA = It cleaned out middle America and cost our country trillions. Wow, we were told those jobs were never coming back. We should, “learn to code”. Yet, we have a President who made a deal for USMCA.
*** China = We could write a book on that one, but President Trump has the big Panda locked in the Lincoln Bedroom, and their economy is on life support. It might be time to make a deal. Can we think of anyone better to work on our behalf than Mnuchin, Wilbur Ross, Lighthizer, Navarro, Kudlow, and President Trump?
*** NATO = How long were we supposed to pay for the defense of Europe? 70 years? About damn time they were called to account. What a bunch of freeloaders! The press says, “President Trump offended our allies”. By asking them to pay their overdue bills? Yeah, I had a friend like that…. once.
*** Iran = Almost all of us remember the 454 days of hostages AND the day they were returned under Reagan. Yet, Iran has been a problem ever since. President Trump doesn’t like the Mullahs of Iran. Have you noticed?
*** Radical wealthy Saudis paying for terror = Wow, didn’t see that being fixed in my lifetime, and yet, here we are. It’s all in the sword dance, folks.
*** Tax reform and repatriation of money overseas = It’s a big deal and needed to be done. First time in a generation.
*** The Communists running around Central and South America = We don’t pay much attention to Cuba, Venezuela, and all the pissant dictators, but President Trump is sweeping out the cobwebs in our backyard. No foothold. We want good neighbors for the USA.
*** The EU = The European socialist unicorn is almost dead. The former eastern bloc countries want nothing to do with Merkel and the UK is running away as well. Has anyone seen Macron lately? Wow, in less than 24 months. What a spectacular turnaround.
*** DPRK = Did you EVER think we would see the 38th parallel restored to normal? South Korea and North Korea has a chance to merge? Maybe? President Trump has made huge strides towards peace.
Japan, Vietnam, The Philippines, Singapore’s 94 yr old President told Chairman Xi to take his 20 billion dollar loan for an airport/infrastructure and “Go to hell”, Taiwan, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, 54 Muslim Nations of the GCC = best buddies and new alliances.

We’ve never seen anything like this before. I’ll say it out loud. We ASSUMED these problems were permanent. Yet, President Trump has shown us, there’s a better way…., there’s a better deal to be had, for America. I can hear President Trump’s voice, whirling in my head, as he spoke to us from the campaign trail. He TOLD US this would happen and sure enough, it’s happening!

*** The Media = Sure, they’ve been a pain in our side for our entire adult lives, but unmasked, as they are now? With their glaring bias? President Trump did it all by himself with a Twitter feed.
*** The Intel Community = After the fiasco of testifying to the House Intel Committee, and a new attempted media narrative of “Trump doesn’t listen to his IC”, President Trump called them all into his office today, for a lecture from Daddy. I found President Trump’s defiance of the media and IC strangely comforting. He’s not the kind of guy who would be taken in, blindly, with a claim of “weapons of mass destruction”.
*** The FED = President Trump kicked the crap out of the Fed before Christmas. He took a lot of grief, but it worked. Fed has been grounded. Yes, the FED was wrong and President Trump was correct, AGAIN. Wall Street should send him a Valentine.
*** Federal Workers = He sent them home for 35 days. That kind of move hasn’t been done since Reagan and the air traffic controllers.
*** The FBI/DOJ = Let’s see how it all plays out, but a whole lotta rats no longer have a job on the inside. Ouch, and they’re losing their security clearances when they leave.
*** ANWR = 40 years of effort, done, delivered.

*** Appropriation of government land = President Trump, under Zincke, was returning it to the people or states. Let’s see what the new Sec does.
*** Deadwood in California forests = Exposed and a new agreement, loose, but in the works. Greeny/hug-a-tree types were exposed. 40yrs of bad policy in California and the Pacific northwest. Remember the Spotted Owl which killed our lumber industry and handed it over to Canada? Well, mills are popping up again in Maine and the northwest. How many jobs and families were ruined in that boondoggle?
*** Manufacturing = Did you know, the Bureau of Labor Statistics projected (Oct 2017) that the USA would lose another million manufacturing jobs from 2016-2026? Well, we lost 19K in 2016, under Obama. We’ve gained 500K under President Trump in 2 years. Total reversal. A generational reversal.
*** Regulations = Cut them. So much easier to do business in the current environment. It’s better now than when I started my company, 24yrs ago.
*** Pricing for Defense Items, Pharmaceuticals, Air Force One, or the Jerusalem Embassy = Did you ever think we would see the President of the USA pick up the phone and call a CEO? To negotiate a price? Amazing.

We love this guy.


Let’s not forget the judiciary turnaround = SCOTUS saved for a generation, the pipelines approved…, the War on Coal = ended, unemployment levels so low that the disabled are at their highest level of employment – ever, and so are felons, who are getting a second chance with the passage of the Crime Legislation Bill.

Yes, Reagan ended the Cold War and led us to economic prosperity by ending Carter’s policies, but other Presidents, in between Reagan and Trump, have dawdled. We hire a chief executive to address the big problems. President Trump has no fear and walks into the fray, whereas others made excuses. President Trump is solving the problems of my lifetime, our lifetimes…., for the benefit of our children. I can’t wait until he addresses education, full force. By the way, healthcare associations, have you priced them, yet? You should.

Glad we hired President Trump! We knew he would be good for America, but the past two years have been truly great. We never expected such spectacular results!

Take a moment. Look around the world or around the corner in your neighborhood.

Smell the sweet roses of success!


106 thoughts on “Um…., Where Did All Our Problems Go?

  1. Wow, Daughn, this made me weep with relief. And pride. And extreme gratitude to President Trump.

    This is Big Picture, and it is nigh impossible to believe what he has achieved by instituting policy based on economic strength rather than greed and lining pockets.

    Transparency – how many “Emporers” has he stripped naked – Comey, Brennan, Congress, the EU, the media. We could go on and on about who he has exposed.

    The only thing I can think of to add to your list is one of my decades-long despairs that minorities so blindly pledged allegiance to Democrats who NEVER intended to move those groups out of poverty and a mentality if victimhood. POTUS has pulled back the curtain on that whole charade.

    We HAVE to get this post to President Trump. Perhaps you can print it and mail it to him. And to Brad Parscale.

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  2. I would just say “you’re right”, but that’s not enough.


    Seriously – there is a LOT of winning.

    Just look at MY life.

    **** My retirement SAVED. The hemorrhaging of my life savings, which went from a good retirement to a precarious one, STOPPED at precarious when Trump came into office. He basically SAVED my retirement.

    **** My neighborhood SAFE again. Having been a very safe area for a very long time, things started to get a bit sketchy at the end of 8 years of Obama. Trump fixed it FAST.

    **** Homes are being bought and sold. Apartments being built like crazy.

    **** Participation is UP at local churches and synagogues, based on parking lots (and parking PROBLEMS).

    **** I’m finally getting ANSWERS to old questions. And Q is helping!

    **** Fewer stinkbugs and mosquitoes. Just sayin’. 😉

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      1. Not really—they are still influencing a large portion of our society that repels a “reasonable debate with facts” and “common sense.” The MSM encourages action from false premises, and paints the reality of things in false hues!

        To those of us here, yes they may be an annoying gnat—but it is a gnat that must be disassembled to the core and rebuilt—and due to globalists ownership, it is doubtful that will happen!!

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          1. From MK Ultra to MQ MAGA

            They are destroying themselves.

            When the MSM says something nasty, a few Q Memes and Tips clean up the nasty mess and away go troubles down the drain.

            MQ = MOAR Q pointing out the lies. MAGA

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        1. Agree here…… The “Media” is our biggest problem because:
          1) they are an arm of the C_A
          2) Reach Millions daily with fabricated Bullshit
          3) “report” FALSE polling numbers
          4) “report FALSE (FAKE) “news”
          5) Cover up (Omit) LOTS of GOOD news
          I’m sure there are MOAR reasons…..

          Trump has them on the run.
          Notice the latest “Leak” detection?
          Phone calls relating to Don Jr?

          Trump is EXPOSING Media Hypocrisy and waking people up to their Crap.
          Their CREDIBILITY will soon be down their with CONgress

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  3. When the military and the rank n file police know that the POTUS has their back and shows them at every opportunity, they GET SHIT DONE with a pep in their step. Pardon my french, but the clintoons and obamas hated both. President Trump really is a man of the people.

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      1. That was one of the first things President Trump did. I loved watching him do it. He is so genuine.

        People who hate us think they know who we are but they don’t have the slightest idea what motivates us.

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        1. Exactly. Most people would instantly ‘avoid’ or not know what to do. President Trump reached in, immediately. You just can’t teach that kind of instinctive compassion. And it immediately reveals the true nature of a person.

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          1. My thought first time I saw the photo…

            Very very few highly intelligent people are people people… POTUS is…

            Thank you Daughn for point out his instantaneous gesture, his innate compassion…

            we are truly blessed…

            so sad that the Left doesn’t see that…

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      1. This is a favorite of mine also. The other one I just love is the handicapped boy that President Trump hugged when he was signing a bill.

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    1. Oh, Lady P, every time I see this pic I tear up. No awkwardness at all. President Trump reaches in to touch him. A simple touch. You can’t teach people how to be that effective. Either have it or you don’t.

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    2. I saw this live and was ecstatic when the pic showed up. It made me know that my first thought (of the escalator) was the right thought – this man is our next president.

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  4. What an awesome piece, daughn! And it is so true. We assumed so many of these things would be hanging over us forever. It is a necessary and important reminder to do a quick count our blessings check when we are being beset on ever side by really horrible new problems or things we didn’t even know about that are problems.

    I keep thinking the frantic new assaults on freedom and Western Civilization see every day are as much as anything the thrashing and flailing death throes of the Left in this country. PDJT has been a wonderful warrior for us and we have so much to be grateful for!

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    1. I know, right?
      The BIG problems are fading away. All of a sudden, the daily gnashing of teeth from the media, doesn’t seem so important anymore.

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      1. Not trying to be argumentative with you DW. Yes, MSM is revealed and naked before “the woke”—however, they still have influence over half the voting electorate spewing their lies and falsehoods! That’s a lot of damn people in the dark, citizens of this country—your next door neighbor perhaps!

        The chasm between these two groups has never been greater or so extreme—requiring only a single spark to set the whole thing ablaze! And the MSM aids and abets keeping that schism volatile!

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    1. Love this. Especially after the Antarctic temps we’ve had here this week and the desert void of hope we’ve experienced over the past several decades.

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  5. Such an uplifting article to start our weekend Daughn. Our great President Donald J. Trump has returned to us the most important of all …HOPE. The “stolen hope” we thought we had lost forever. Our VSGPDJT has also brought our country back to prayer and God which is the foundation of our great country! Bless him and his family!

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  6. Thank you for this great article, Daughn!

    Pres Trump is truly amazing, isn’t he.
    I am so grateful to him for taking on this enormous job and for fighting for us every day.

    Best President Ever!

    Think of all the other people who were running in 2016…can you imagine any of them doing what PDJT has done?
    There is not a one of them who could have gotten even half of this done.

    Every time I see Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio, I try to imagine them doing battle with Chairman Xi…or dealing with other leaders on the world stage.
    They would have embarrassed us so badly, I shudder to think about it!

    We are so very fortunate that Donald J. Trump sacrificed so much to take on this job.

    Thank You, Mr. President!
    We love you!

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    1. Wheatie!
      That was marvelous!
      I read your post when I woke up, and I had to sit back and think about it. You’re right.
      Let your mind wander through all the 16 opponents, or the new Democrats, and think about it any of them facing the same obstacles as our President.
      It’s laughable. The others can’t hold a candle to President Trump.
      Remember when President Trump breezed into Davos?
      OMG – other billionaires had their cellphones out like he was a rock star. And President Trump, with the entourage, OUR team, looked like rock stars. Now, in your mind, put Jeb in the same place…..

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  7. Absolutely amazing article! It is so important for us to have these articles written every so often because it is so easy to get lost in the weeds of the day to day minutiae. It is absolutely amazing 😉 that everything you listed has occurred or is in the process of occurring in a little over 2 years with PDJT at the helm.

    This article reinforces for me why they will never be able to slow down the Economic Train. She, just like us, never ever envisioned a PDJT. Now that we have him working for us, our children and grandchildren, we will fight until our last breath to make sure he gets to KAG. Either you get on the train or you will be run over because she will not slow down for anyone.

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    1. YES!
      I was reading your article last night, which was wonderful by the way. I started think about the BIG things that have happened. Really big things, and I started ticking them off on my fingers, and then I ran out of toes. Normally, if a president could accomplish one or two things on the list, we would consider him a success.
      Yet, President Trump and the econ train of MAGA/KAG is a whole different level.

      And WOWOOWWWW look at that jobs report today!!
      304K new jobs
      Labor participation up to 63.2%
      And ohhhh, lookie here. Germany is down, much of Europe is on the verge of recession.
      AND——- the USA and Japan are unusually robust.
      Today, I’m feelin’ BUSTY!
      Can’t contain that jobs report!

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      1. The amazing thing about this is that as great as this post is – you really only just scratched the surface! I think of all the many many many accomplishments I could list out off the top of my head, so many of them, and you had many I hadn’t even considered.

        During the last administration everything was in such a huge mess, every week there was news of some new thing being busted beyond all repair. Things that we were NEVER going to be able to get rolled back, things that might take more than a generation to reverse.

        Just one example, the massive federal land grabs, taking western lands away from the states and people either explicitly via ownership or annexation or implicitly by regulation. Lands were stolen away and people were in despair that we’d never be able to claw them back from the government’s hands. Abuse of the monument power being a major one.

        Then Donald Trump comes along. Not only does he get killers in place who know how to work and solve the problems. They break up all the rules, bureaucracy and regulations that were in place to lock the state of affairs in place to keep the U.S. in a stasis where the federal control could only get greater and the people could only be smaller and more marginalized. They reversed it and the power began flowing back out of the government and back the people.

        Now the Leftists are the ones who are in despair! Everything they had worked for a generation to build to control people’s lives and put the government in the driver’s seat is being permanently reversed and broken! Now they are the ones fretting that the reforms of Trump are breaking things so much that they can’t be reversed!

        Those massive federal lands are being returned to their rightful owners. The federal government was never supposed to be a major landowner in the United States. Reversing the ridiculous controlling regulations, cancelling the abuse of monument annexation, putting a halt to continued land grabs, and intentionally unwinding the books returning the land to the states and the people, transferring or selling it when appropriate…

        …you know those leftists heads are going splodey just thinking about it! “No you can’t give them that land! Those people might actually develop it!” And there’s nothing they can do about it! Because once that land is off the federal register and back in the hands of the people, they’ve lost their opportunity to have power over people and control them! They know they’re NEVER going to be able to get their land grab pieced back together, and it might take a generation or more to seize control… they won’t be able to put Humpy Dumpty back together…

        It just brings such joy to my heart!

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        1. You’re absolutely right, Michael. And to think, we were used to being abused. We were the beaten wife who stayed in the relationship.
          Nonononoooooooo, we’re walking away, now.
          The sun is out, the birds are singing.
          We’re moving on!

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          1. I got out of that “relationship” after 9-11-01….
            Have been wandering in the desert since then….
            Then, along came “The Donald”…..
            He is watering the desert and making it flourish again….
            I’m glad to be back to HELP him where I can.

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      2. Daughn!! We will Now refer to you as Mrs. Positive— Mrs.+–(since Pat refers to Flep as Mr.+)😉😍
        Thank you for a Great Big Good Morning America!!! Post!!! I think I need to print this and Fleps posts along with T3’s prayers to read EVERY Morning for a great big reminder that we are extremely blessed to be ALIVE! And we are only in year 2.–6 Blessed years to go!!! Once again Thank YOU, Wolfie for this site and for Everyone here!!

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        1. Play on the word, ROBUST.
          Yeah, I’m feeling BUSTY, after that jobs report.
          Breaking out. Nothing in the way.
          Here ya’ go!!
          I can see clearly now, the rain is gone.

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  8. Daughn,

    G R E A T article!

    Fantastic compilation of President Trump’s success for us.

    Hope you don’t mind, plan to share your article.

    Thank you!

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  9. We will soon be able to add this to your list.

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  10. Best January for the stock market in 30 years!
    Complete capitulation and admission the FED was the source of any hiccup in the 4th quarter.
    WE ALL KNEW the FED was overreacting but the pundits blamed the President. Well, the President wiped the floor with the FED and the President was right.

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  11. Fabulous summary of President Trump’s many accomplishments. I am saving it and sharing with friends and family who suffer depression from their connection to the negativity of #FakeNews (and they only watch Fox!). Who would’ve thought that the travesties inflicted on America by it’s former leaders (er, traitors) and globalist cohorts could be reversed in just two years. I’m gonna keep taking my deplorable winnamins ’cause he’s a long way from done. MOAR popcorn for 2020!

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  12. Every now and then, we need to sit back and remember how truly blessed we are.
    Nothing like this has ever happened before.
    Be grateful and take joy in the day!

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  13. Thank you Daugnh, for that great list! Very uplifting!

    I would only add one thing; the trafficking. He’s taking on the damned peddlers of human beings, and he will win.

    If only for that, I forgive Jeff Sessions for his recusal. He helped so many people out of bondage.

    And the WALL will only do more in this regard. MAGA!

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      1. Great point Aubergine! And along with the human trafficking goes the selling of human organs. No telling how many of the missing were killed for their vital organs!!!

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    1. Aubergine!!
      This might be the one of the biggest wins yet! 2 years ago it was a whispered little ugly secret. Now–Thanks to POTUS and Jeff Sessions–That $hit is being exposed and Justice IS being served!

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    2. Jeff sessions built the framework to take apart the trafficking. For recusal see draw and strike/ Brian cates esp “the silent professionals”.

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  14. But it gets better still.
    Think about our friend, Churchmouse, from France. He’s watching the yellow vests and the French want to be free as well.
    Think about Cuppa in Germany – Dear Lord, they need to get rid of Merkel. She’s been laid bare now, globalism is dead.
    Think about ShebytheSea and Ozzy in Australia. They know what’s happening. They can feel it coming.
    It’s like our dear friends in the UK, stood up for Brexit, and made a stand. The USA picked it up and dropped a BIG damn boulder in the ocean. Ripples are still moving. It’s changing everything. Italy and the eastern bloc countries are already WOKE and miracle of miracles – Bolsonaro is elected in Brazil. South America is following.
    Can’t kill the human spirit.
    We need to turn our attention to South Africa and save them!!!!!
    Put it on the list!

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    1. Great post DNW. To also think that he wants the Chinese people, the NK people, the Iranian people, etc. to win freedom, while dismantling their oppressors – wow, Hopefully God will do it through our VSGPDJT, maybe in our lifetime.

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    2. We little countries without the economic clout of the us were at the mercy of chinas predatory behaviour. You think it’s just you that President Trump is saving? He’s parting the red China sea for all of us inc noko- the archetypal slave state. Iran also is seeing the door to freedom,peace and prosperity being forced open.

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      1. This is why I’m here (well, as much as I can between the wet season rain events) because I’m excited and need to know as much as I can in order to educate others. Like the US most here have their heads buried n the sand talking about Gogglebox (a reality show watching people watch TV!) , My Kitchen Rules and getting spoon fed from the MSM. Even in casual conversation I try to drop a few bits of info of what PT is doing and always they are surprised…didn’t realise.
        This is an awakening for all and I feel so blessed to be here, watching, learning.

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  15. Sound Money!

    Let me first give a big shout out to daughnworks for this outstanding list. Sometimes I get a little impatient with the pace of things, particularly with the desire to see justice brought to the cabal that tried to prevent PDJT’s election and then treasonously tried to prevent his exercise of the power we the people granted to him. Then I read something like this and it is just so refreshing.

    While the subject of money as a medium of exchange is massively complex, I think quietly and behind the scenes PDJT is moving us back to the Gold Standard and eliminating the ability of banks and governments to create money that is not tied to increases in real economic value. I believe he is breaking the hold the “money changers” have had over our economic health for my entire life and more, and he is doing this without spooking the markets or jeopardizing our savings and investments. I honestly believe I will be able to within my lifetime use the phrase “sound as a dollar” again.

    There is so much that flows from this because it means that the possibility of future inflation plays less of a role in our decisions. When you try to convince young people that it is far better to work than to accept charity, sound money makes their efforts more worthwhile. When you speak of savings, sound money means savings actually hold their value. And when you are promised social security in your later years, it will actually be worth something if the currency is not degraded. Longer term investments in infrastructure and productive businesses make far more sense if your currency will hold up. On and on and on it goes.

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    1. What to do?

      I’ve been trying to decide about the stock market.
      I KNOW that the “markets” are manipulated.
      It should be screaming upwards with all of this positive economic news.
      Yet I see and hear much gloom and doom about the “market crash” sure to come?
      Q: Gold will destroy the FED?
      Silver going to overtake gold?

      Liked by 2 people

      1. 1 John 1:27 “… but you have the Holy Spirit …”

        If you have seen the motto from the Boogleheads, it makes sense to “Buy the haystack, don’t look for the needle.” Vanguard is recommending that their employees use the US Total Stock Market (haystack)* in their 401K investments.

        My gut tells me the market is going to keep going up. As far as timing goes, it is possible we’ve already seen the worst dip (Christmas Eve), but one could wait for another one before shifting funds.


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  16. wow! great post! and I almost missed it…I keep forgetting there are many awesome thread writers–besides Wolf our host! So much more to read and absorb than just the open thread…thanks for the uplifting attitude!

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