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The current plan for Dear MAGA threads is to switch to a format where people have ONE NIGHT A WEEK that they take care of the thread. For example, Wheatie will put up the SATURDAY thread on FRIDAY NIGHT.

  • Monday – Wolf
  • Tuesday – Wolf
  • Wednesday – Wolf
  • Thursday – Wolf
  • Friday – Wolf
  • Saturday – Wheatie
  • Sunday – ThinkThinkThink

If anybody else would be interested in being a Dear MAGA author one night a week, feel free to let me know.

The theme of tonight’s post is MOON PIES.

Moon Pies are a bit of hillbilly cuisine that some folks gain a certain love for, despite the fact that – if you really think about them – they are an absolute culinary FAIL.

  • taste like cardboard, shaving cream, unsweetened chocolate syrup that was barely dried on the stove, and 20-year-old ginger snaps that survived a flood and never dried out right
  • oddly dry yet not crisp
  • bad mouth-feel as you bite down, like inedible things balanced badly on polyurethane foam
  • they literally make one’s teeth cringe like nails on a blackboard
  • not enough chocolate
  • chocolate not sweet enough
  • chocolate too tacky and melty, gets on fingers easily, smears around
  • spices in breading are too weak
  • not enough bad cream
  • bad cream has creepy sponginess
  • non-optimal mix of bad components
  • crumbly in a bad way

And YET some of us gain an odd affection for them.

Yeah. You know you want one. 😉


Moon Pies encoded in DNA. Super-awesome, but not everybody believes you.

514 thoughts on “Dear MAGA: 20190201 Open Topic

  1. Days before President Donald J. Trump was inaugurated. zero signed 7 EO’s

    From election in November 2016 until end of December 2016, zero signed 11 EOs.

    You can find all of zeros EO’s here, with title… many have to do with National Emergency

    The National Defense Resources Preparedness executive order (Executive Order 13603) is an order of the President of the United States, signed by President Barack Obama on March 16, 2012.[1] The purpose of this executive order is to delegate authority and address national defense resource policies and programs under the Defense Production Act of 1950.[2] Executive Order 13603 provides the framework and authority for the allocation or appropriation of resources, materials, and services to promote national defense.[3]

    A number of viral emails claimed that the executive order “creates martial law.”[4] Similar claims were repeated by Texas congresswoman Kay Granger of Texas in a constituent newsletter; she later retracted her statements.[4] In reality, the order updated long-existing directives that have been issued ever since the Truman administration

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      1. When it first came out, I thought it was bogus. Too perfect to be real. Yet, Northam issued a statement on it. Now, we want to know which one he was, the black-face guy or the guy in the hood?
        Then, WaPost picked it up.
        Then the NAACP is calling for his resignation.
        Kamala is tweeting about him.
        What a mess.
        How in the heck did Ed Gillespie miss this photo?

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        1. I despise Northam just because of his stance on infanticide, especially given the fact that he is a pediatric neurologist. I also hate when people do this – go back and judge people’s behavior based on current norms rather than the norms of the time of the behavior. Good grief! A TON of people used to dress up, especially at Halloween, in blackface! Give me a break already! Fair is fair – whether I despise the guy or not, this is not right.

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          1. I agree. Historical rejudgment is absolute commie BS. I don’t like this guy, but I almost wish he would go nuclear and challenge all these other people (especially HOLLYWOOD) on their old behaviors. THEN resign, after he scorches the Earth.

            Kamala Harris said plenty of hateful stuff about white folks back in the day – count on it. Bring it on!

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          2. I disagree but I’m in a southern state. I was at parties every weekend and never saw anyone do this in jest. It just wasn’t done. I would have been poor taste in 1984.

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            1. OK – story upcoming:

              It is difficult for people to understand this – I grew up in a town with exactly 0 blacks. OK – there was one – an old lady who lived in a big house near the HS with a huge fence around the yard. I never saw her, nor did I ever talk to anyone else who ever saw her. We had literally no blacks in Norfolk until I was in jr. high, after the junior college opened in town. We had a few black students then and there was a big brouhaha in town when it was discovered the school superintendent’s daughter was dating one of those black students. My parents were, no doubt, racist but it was just something that simply did not come up and was not discussed.

              My first real experience with blacks was in ’73 when I went to work on the Thoroughbred racing circuit in NE. Even then, there were few blacks and many more So. Americans and they were simply accepted as part of the crowd. I finally really met black people when I got to basic training – now THAT was an education, let me tell you. I had never formed an opinion of blacks one way or the other – again, it simply was NOT on my radar – so I just treated everyone the same – always have.

              Ironically, the biggest problem I had was a white gal, with whom I was best friends the first few weeks. But she had a BIG crush on one of the DS’s (DS Corona – Hispanic guy) and our DS’s rotated the Platoon Leader position every week. Well, she was simply convinced that her interest was returned and she would be the next one selected. I didn’t give a crap one way or the other – I just wanted to get through it as well as I could and didn’t really want the responsibility. Bear in mind, the majority of the 30 women were right out of high school, whereas I was 23 years old, a mother, had been married and out on my own since I was 17 – they were, for the most part, a bunch of fruitcakes. Anywho, TSHF when, lo and behold, DS Johnson picked me! Well, hello WWIII! SHE MADE ME MISERABLE!!!!

              She spread rumors that I was reporting people for contraband and sneaking out of the barracks, when I never reported anyone. She all of a sudden became a (pardon the term) “wigger,” and rounded up a bunch of the mostly-black women to stage a revolt.

              I’ll just end it by saying—–it was NOT pretty! I made it through and got accelerated promotion so I was good!

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    1. I was truly surprised to learn only about 200 tunnels have been found from 1990-2019.
      The way they talk about the problem of tunnels, I assumed there were thousands and thousands of tunnels.
      Apparently, tunnels are most common in urban areas, and the neighbors report the unusually high traffic, so the tunnels are discovered quickly, therefore not cost efficient.
      Again, Word War, perception versus reality.

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      1. When the publicly talk about tunnels here in ca, they always are found from mexico running into commercial buildings. They usually do fill them with concrete. Another reason for your canal.

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  2. Finally, The Hill is catching on to the idea that a bloodless coup has been taking place (article by Francey Hakes, former assistant US attorney, excerpted):

    ‘Inside DOJ and FBI: Anatomy of a bloodless coup?

    ‘First, efforts were made to prevent Trump from winning the White House (high-level leaking of information ensured the Russia collusion investigation became public before the election). Second, surveillance and leaks continued until after the president’s inauguration — leading to talk that he should not be inaugurated, or should resign shortly thereafter.

    ‘All of these facts appear to show the “collusion” investigation was begun by those with apparent political motives and complete disregard for protocols. This suggests that, indeed, a small political faction inside the U.S. government attempted to sway a presidential election — and used our country’s counterintelligence assets to do it.’

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        1. He’s 12 years old correct?

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  4. Liked by 4 people

        1. Most of the capital letters in one example are simply first words of sentences. Of the 3 others, “Country” is something Trump always capitalizes (and I picked that practice up from him, when I remember it – POTUS explained it in a tweet), and “Global Warming” looked capitalized for effect, which I do quite a bit myself, too.

          But then to take the numeric TOTAL of those letters, and match the total to an arbitrary one of ALL possible matches – it’s just ridiculous.

          I can accept the idea that there are Trump games with missing letters to SOME extent, but as you say, some explanations get so convoluted that I’m not buying them at all. Waiting for better explanations, personally.

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          1. Yep. There’s a reason why GOD forbade numerology…

            Reminds me of the contorted calculations and compostions made in the late middle ages when they weren’t arguing about the number of angels that could fit on the head of a pin. Composers would make very complex forms of fugues (feuds 🙂 ) and other forms that would have hidden meanings in either the intervals, the notes themselves, or the harmonies (such as they were back then).

            They also would have “trick” forms, where, for instance, two (or more) vocal parts would combine to form an often ribald lyric that would not be apparent by looking at the score. The English called this form “catch”, which is what you didn’t want to have happen to you if you composed one…

            Peter Schickele (P.D.Q. Bach) spoofed these various complex compositional forms in his work “The Art of The Ground Round” (ground and round both being compositional forms). He is probably one of the funniest and talented musicologists I’ve heard (or played)…


  5. You made me want a moon pie. Haven’t had one for years. Haven’t wanted one. I think they must not have a sell-by date, must be indestructible, impermeable, and that white stuff could possibly stand in for super-glue. Well, maybe not, but it’s very strange. And your description is perfect.

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      1. Kea, if I had any, I’d share with you. I once long ago bought a huge box of them at Sam’s Club. I did it on a lark. I had never had one. It was a “singular” experience.

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    1. Reminds me of those cheddar-cheese cracker “sandwiches” with peanut butter in the middle. Someone said they were made “pre-stale” so that they would not get (or taste) worse over time… state date of infinity, I guess.

      10,000 years from now, archaeologists will dig down and discover the remains of a Twinky factory from today. One of the braver ones with open a package, take a bite, and say, “Wow, tastes the same as they do now!” 🙂

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          1. Yep, all the way over here. Thought it was thunder 🙂

            I’m glad that Twinky (HoHo, DingDongs, Zingers, and the rest of the Dolly Madison “desserts”) survived…
            I kind of miss the fried pies, too, that used to be a nickel, or cheaper they were on sale…sigh…

            Of course they’ve also got a lot of HoHos and Ding Dongs in Congress now, waiting on the eventual Zingers from VSGPDJT 🙂


            1. Cuppa, ha ha about ehe congress. Hope I didn’t damage your eardrums. Lol. To be honest, most of that junk food I will no longer eat, but I’m a bit inconsistent as in those crackers. Lol.


  6. This was at the border at the Tijuana area.

    Breathless reporter calls it “intimidating scene”…yeah, dude, that’s the idea!

    He interviews an ‘immigration attorney’ who is not happy about it.
    Yeah…eff her.

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    1. He’s not a reporter… he’s an activist…

      Of course the public should see it… hopefully it will encourage some of these Central Americans to turn around.

      POTUS is NOT kidding. these people are not going to storm our border, invade our country. There are procedures for coming in… they don’t follow them, they deserve to be forced back.

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  7. Typhus in l.a. city attorney. office.. Fleas all over lapd stations also… disgusting.

    ‘It felt like somebody was driving railroad stakes through my eyes’: LA City Hall official is the latest struck by TYPHUS epidemic ravaging the county – and she blames fleas in her office

    Deputy City Attorney Liz Greenwood revealed she was diagnosed in NovemberShe is blaming the fleas in her office at LA’s City HallShe won’t go back to work until the building is fumigated.

    Liz Greenwood does not want to return to City Hall until it has been fumigated of typhus-carrying rats and fleas

    Typhus – an infectious disease spread by fleas – is sweeping LA County, infected a city hall prosecutor and more than 100 others. 

    Officials recorded 124 cases of the disease in the county last year, and there is no sign of the spread letting up.

    The outbreak has largely been seen as exclusively affecting homeless people. 

    But today, Deputy City Attorney Liz Greenwood revealed she was diagnosed in November – blaming the fleas in her office at LA’s City Hall. 

    And the symptoms Greenwood described sounded excruciating. 

    ‘It felt like somebody was driving railroad stakes through my eyes and out the back of my neck,’ Greenwood told NBC Los Angeles. 

    ‘Who gets typhus? It’s a medieval disease that’s caused by trash.’ 

    She believes the rats that nestle in the building’s trash were carrying fleas that transmitted the disease.

    ‘There are rats in City Hall and City Hall East,’ Greenwood told NBC. ‘There are enormous rats and their tails are as long as their bodies.’ 

    She has yet to go back to work, and is calling on the city to fumigate the building before she does ‘because I thought I was going to die’.

    ‘This is a terrible illness and I wouldn’t wish this on anybody,’ she said, adding: ‘It’s not just homeless folks getting it.’

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  8. UPDATE at 6:10 p.m. on February 1, 2019: Democrats have cancelled their town hall meeting scheduled for February 2. Pro-lifers are still holding a rally, but the location has changed to 8390 Laurel Crest Drive, Lorton, VA 22079. The Susan B. Anthony List says attendees should walk to the corner of Laurel Crest Dr. and Silverbrook Rd.

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  9. He’ll be all over twitter over the weekend…

    SOTUA Tuesday night will put full-term abortion back.. they can try changing the narrative…

    DIMs are done… stick a fork in them…

    Wall is being built… military will greet the invading C.A.s at the border…

    POTUS will be able to tell American people what he has done in last 2 years Tuesday night…

    Voters now know Pelosi and the Dims care nothing about Americans… only illegals…

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  10. Black pundits on Fox are calling for Northam to resign.
    They’re not accepting that his apology is enough.

    Jehmu Green, or whatever her name is…bigtime Dem…just said on Shannon Bream’s show that the apology was nice, but he has to go!

    I’m thinking Northam is toast.

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  11. Okay, how sick is this.

    They’re using aborted baby cells in beauty creams!

    So now we’re getting the Big Picture:

    Baby’s blood is used by the evil elites to look and feel younger.
    Baby’s cells are used in beauty creams to rejuvenate their old complexions!

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    1. OMG! Are we going to have to research every single product we use? How sick that they do this without saying so. And I would bet that the ingredient list on products doesn’t even tell us they are using them. Are they trying to make us complicit in their crimes against children?

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    2. Wheatie, I had heard these things were getting in to cosmetics, but I also wonder about our food. I do not know and do not want to spread wild rumors. It is truly sickening and quite evil what is being done to babies.

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