They Took the Bait Hook, Line & Sinker! PDJT Played the Democrat Party & RINOs Wonderfully When It Comes to the Wall….

I wrote the article below on January 25th.

From the article linked above:

The Wall will be built one of two ways. If it is done through legislation, it will be a Big agreement. Jared Kushner is currently working with both sides of the aisle on it. $20 to $25 billion in funding for the Wall and other items our President requested on Saturday in return for 1.8 million Dreamers getting a green card with the chance of becoming citizens after 10 years if certain conditions are met. Plus protection for the TPS population.

Anybody thinking the deals that were on the table will do it is absolutely kidding themselves. It only got 50 votes in the Senate yesterday with only 1 Democrat voting yes (Joe Manchin, WV).

If what I described above doesn’t happen, our President will declare the National Emergency on Friday, February 15th. The government will not be closed down again.  Option # 2 will be far worse for the Democrats in the long run. Yes they will find a Federal Judge that will place an Injunction. However, similar to the Travel Ban, the Supreme Court will decide rather quickly whether to lift the Injunction until the case is heard by them.

Our President decided to bring out the big guns this morning in his tweets.

This tweet tells me everything I need to know about what our President’s ultimate decision will be on February 15th.

He is going to select Option # 2 referenced above. Not sure how many of you are aware about the exchange that took place the other day between Rep. Mo Brooks and a Dept. of Defense Official pertaining to the military building the Wall.

From the article linked above:

The Undersecretary of Defense for Policy at the Department of Defense said on Jan. 29 that President Donald Trump has the authority to use the military to construct a barrier without calling a national emergency, as he has said he might do if he can’t get funding for a border wall through Congress.

Testifying at the House Armed Services Committee, Undersecretary John Rood was asked by Rep. Mo Brooks (R- Ala.) if the president had the authority to use 10 U.S. Code § 284 to deploy the military to the southern border to “build fences and a lot of other things.”

The law says the secretary of defense may provide assistance to Customs and Border Protection (CBP) “for purposes of increasing ongoing efforts to secure the southern land border of the United States,” which includes the “construction of roads and fences, and the installation of lighting to block drug smuggling corridors across international boundaries of the United States.”

Our President set this babbling MORON up to make this wonderful statement below.

He also is exposing the LYING RINOs that call themselves Republicans. He doesn’t need any of them to get the WALL done.

From the article linked above:

THE DAILY CALLER: Well, the people who elected you are very interested in the immigration decision and what’s going on with this negotiation. Republicans in charge of Congress for two years didn’t get to your wall promise in Congress. How big of a roadblock to wall funding was Paul Ryan, now that he’s gone?

PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: Well, I was going to veto the omnibus bill and Paul told me in the strongest of language, ‘Please don’t do that, we’ll get you the wall.’ And I said, ‘I hope you mean that, because I don’t like this bill,’ although I love the bill for what it did for the military. And therefore, if it weren’t for the military, I would have vetoed it.

THE DAILY CALLER: Did he lie to you? Did he play you?

TRUMP: I don’t want to say he lied. I think he probably meant it at the time, I guess. I hope. So I don’t call that lying. But when he went lame duck, meaning, he said he’s not running again — and it was very unusual because usually they’ll do that sometime after an election and he didn’t want to do that because it’s somewhat misrepresenting and I understand that too. But maybe you don’t run, okay? Maybe you just don’t run. And he had an excellent person taking his place in Congress, he ran a really great campaign, did a really good job.

DACA, TPS and everything else are being flushed right down the toilet. The price will be HUMONGOUS once the Supreme Court rules it unconstitutional. Our President made multiple offers that Democrats laughed at. They will have to watch their backs when the Dreamers decide to burn down their homes.


74 thoughts on “They Took the Bait Hook, Line & Sinker! PDJT Played the Democrat Party & RINOs Wonderfully When It Comes to the Wall….

  1. WOW!! Buckets of Winning!! I Love the way you put all the information together in such logical and orderly ways — that brings the reader to the OBVIOUS Conclusion!! It’s definitely your Genius!! Hugs Flep!!

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    1. AMEN. Flep is really terrific at explaining the VSGPOTUS poker hands!

      Trump really knows how to play long game. That interview question where he talks about Paul Ryan and the WALL shows that he knows exactly how the BOTTOM LINE plays out. MILITARY!!! COVER THE DOWNSIDE and then HARVEST all the upside wins that come on the way there! And along the way, when the other side plays into your hand with matching low cards (caravans), USE IT BACK AGAINST THEM!

      House of Commies is the biggest Trump ad for 2020 ever. And Speaker d’Alesandro has NO CLUE.

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      1. You know, it just really is brilliant isn’t it? Even kind of knowing what is going on and paying attention and believing in PDJT, it is still kind of shocking to me to see how genius this is. I do love watching a plan come together!

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  4. I understand DJT being an enigma to most people in the beginning. But how long do the media and the pundits/politicians need to learn his ways? By the time they figure out how he operates, he’ll be a year out of office and they’ll be pre-occupied with figuring out President Palin’s ways.

    Liked by 12 people

            1. Not a Pence fan here either but, then, I am not a Palin for President fan at all. Congress, yes, but not President, possibly VP. JMO – something about her just grates on me but I have never really been able to pin down what it is.

              Liked by 2 people

            1. I guess we will have to agree to disagree….
              Sara is a MAJOR PATRIOT…..
              Along with VSG…..
              I don’t think that “WE” can be stopped….
              Pence?…. Not so much.
              Besides…… Sara would be a HUGE Insurance policy against removing VSG.


              1. She is a patriot – but past her exp. date on politics, IMO. I watched her with dismay re: her behavior and speech during the 2016 campaign. There are so many problems in her family, she doesn’t have the experience in business and politics. She did a good job as a governor, but that was 10-15 years ago now. She doesn’t need to be in line for the head of state position. No way.

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        1. Phoenix, I used to think the same thing about Pence, but Pence scares the CRAP out of the Dems. HARD right. He’s almost a perfect foil for President Trump.

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    1. NO Thanks on Palin! She’s too loose, unpredictable and flustered. She can’t hold her own with the media like Pence can.

      Pence has done a fantastic job! Totally loyal – totally reliable – totally rock steady – doesn’t give an inch to the media. He fills in and does whatever Trump wants him to do.

      TRUMP/PENCE is the winning team!

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    2. I completely agree about people not figuring out at least some of Pres. Trump’s ways. It’s as if they have been blinded (and maybe they have).

      For president, I would prefer Devin Nunes or Nick Mulvaney.


  5. Our favorite Congressman is weighing in!

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    1. I’m drawing a blank on the acronym, but I think it’s something designating those who come here with a temporary protected status (maybe that’s the acronym!). They are refugees who supposedly go back when whatever the life-threatening situation that sent them here is ended.

      Altho I think we have TPS folks from Nicaragua, etc. who have been here 20-30 years!!

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    1. The brain freezes, the slurred speech, the obstinance, the lying. Pres. Trump says he will get the wall up without Congress, and she makes it sound as if he doesn’t want to work with them, when all he’s been doing is negotiating. He sat in the White House over Christmas, waiting for them to come to the table. It is the president’s prerogative and duty to protect the country. If he has the power to bypass Congress to do that, he will (proving that he has more power than the Speaker of the House).

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