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Remember – this is a free speech zone. The greatest weapon you have here is that banning is controlled by a guy who can’t stand to ban people, and who doesn’t give a shit what people say, except for the VERY FEW THINGS that can be used by the HOLDER DOJ (because he’s basically still running it) to shut this place down.

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The current plan for Dear MAGA threads is to switch to a format where people have ONE NIGHT A WEEK that they take care of the thread. For example, Wheatie will put up the SATURDAY thread on FRIDAY NIGHT.

  • Monday – Wolf
  • Tuesday – Wolf
  • Wednesday – Wolf
  • Thursday – Wolf
  • Friday – Wolf
  • Saturday – Wheatie
  • Sunday – ThinkThinkThink

If anybody else would be interested in being a Dear MAGA author one night a week, feel free to let me know.

The theme of tonight’s post is simple. The LEFT is getting very weird and desperate. They are throwing EVERYTHING at us.

  • infanticide abortion
  • House of Commies LYING about Nielsen at DHS
  • social justice hoaxing
  • Khlamydia Harris for President (automatic civil war when she grabs the guns – false flags everywhere – gonna be exciting for sure)
  • Krassenstein psycho twins screaming impeachment as any hope of it vanishes
  • Mueller making desperation indictments in the Three Stooges (Jones, Corsi and Stone)
  • Maduro shipping his GOLD to MOSCOW and preparing to FLEE
  • caravans moving for the border
  • Mafia Nan and Cryin’ Chuck still refusing to budge on the border
  • FBI mystery players, possibly Ohrs and Fusion GPS, catching HEAT

Hey – it’s just getting WEIRD.


And then the stock market (D-J) goes over 25K.


These are the TRUMP TIMES, BABY.



510 thoughts on “Dear MAGA: 20190131 Open Topic

  1. This is a perfect example of ‘lawmakers’ signing bills that lobbyists most likely write. We didn’t elect lobbyists..supposedly we elect people who are invested enough to write their own bills.Tran probably didn’t read it either.

    In a newsletter, Del. Dawn Adams, D-Richmond, said she “did not exercise due diligence” before co-sponsoring the abortion legislation with Del. Kathy Tran, D-Fairfax. Tran became the focus of a social media firestorm this week after Republicans circulated video of her saying the bill would allow abortions up until the moment of birth if one doctor certified that the mother’s physical or mental health was at risk.

    “I made a mistake, and all I know to do is to admit it, tell the truth, and let the chips fall where they may,” said Adams, a first-term delegate who won a close upset victory in 2017 in her suburban district and could face a competitive re-election campaign this year.

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  2. Very interesting (in a lot of ways, including “optics”) interview with Roger Stone.

    I have zero doubt about what happened when fascists raided his home.

    Law enforcement ego has a LOT to do with what happened IMO. Never discussed in these matters is how thoroughly a motivating factor is getting on TV.

    And to ride my hobby horse, the leftist infiltration of law enforcement, to the cheers of average Americans who have been bamboozled about the cost/benefit factor, encourages a flamboyant execution of even small stuff.

    I realize there is much more to it than that, but preening (especially with the FBI) is a significant factor.

    “I got my picture on the news, I’m important”

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    1. “I realize there is much more to it than that”

      The anons have picked up on a seeming pattern, which I tend to agree with.

      Q had asked the question of exactly HOW, lawfully, to get important evidence into the public sphere, without tripping natsec laws.

      So, since the evidence cannot be introduced DIRECTLY, it must be presented INDIRECTLY. Meaning, from a different legal case.

      Perhaps the indictment of Stone accomplishes this, vis-a-vis the DNC server / HRC emails / et al.

      Perhaps also, he is the “keystone”, the last piece to connect all the other evidence already indirectly introduced. And, I read elsewhere that Mulehead is “slow-walking” the Stone proceedings, maybe to better coordinate the timing of all the pieces coming together in one glorious MOAB.

      I like this theory! Not just because it’s viable, but also because it provides HOPE.

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      1. “And, I read elsewhere that Mulehead is “slow-walking” the Stone proceedings, maybe to better coordinate the timing of all the pieces coming together in one glorious MOAB.”

        My dream scenario…..Oh the global “WTF just happened” would be beyond priceless.

        …and one of the only ways to avoid some of the cival distress we all believed will happen when the worm does turn

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  3. Time to prep, folks. You need PLENTY of popcorn for the 2/14 false flags and the 2/15 state of emergency.

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    1. HusseinO signed a series of EO’s that greatly increased the President’s powers during a National Emergency.

      This was largely ignored when he did it.
      But it basically gives the President control over…everything.

      Yes, everything. (!!)

      All media, the internet, all modes of transportation, railways, waterways…you name it.
      Also…energy, banking, healthcare & prescription drugs.

      Those EO’s also gave the President the power to conscript people and put them to work under govt supervision.
      Also…to ‘relocate populations’ to wherever the Pres wants to.

      So unless Pres Trump has rescinded all those EO’s that HusseinO put in place…they are still in force.

      The Dems *know* about these executive powers.
      They were counting on using them at some point!

      This could be Why they are freaking out so much about the ‘idea’ of Pres Trump declaring a National Emergency.

      Here is an article from June 2012, which lists and explains those EO’s that BHO put in place:

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      1. Oh My Goodness Wheatie!!! It’s Karma in SPADES! (not a racist pun by the way😉) I firmly believe National Guard Are prepping for the Mayhem…I’m actually Just gonna stock the house with popcorn and bourbon–should be fun!

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        1. Yeah, Marica…if those EO’s are still in place, then it’s no wonder the Dems are freaking out.

          The President could seize control of all the media…and broadcast whatever he wanted to.

          Not that Pres Trump would do that.
          But he could if he wanted to.

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  4. I posted this in the other thread but I think I’ll post it here as well.

    Don’t worry…they’ve thought this through…as is clearly evidenced in this well-reasoned response to a simple question…

    …and the morons on the left think that a smiling teen-aged boy has a punch-worthy face? Seriously? Take a look at this smug demon from Hell…

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    1. It’s amazing how quickly a pretty face can turn down-right ugly as soon as it’s liberal jaws start moving. This woman needs to be made famous…and I don’t mean in the good way.

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      1. Control women’s Bodies”, “back Alley Abortions with Coat Hangars” “Kavanaugh and Trump are Sexual Predators” The tired cliches of lefty woman…..Why I can’t watch TV news anymore…Even Tucker–Who I love… But Thanks for posting Harry!! The Dems are LOSING this BATTLE! and it’s not even a fair fight…

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        1. You know, as big a deal as they made about Sandra Fluck’s birth control pills, you would think these lefties would get some. Rather than scream about back alley abortions. Or better yet, just be responsible about your actions. Don’t kill a baby because you made a bad decision.

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  5. This exchange was just on Fox, and tagged as “notable” by the anons:

    (I’ve checked Fox, the clip isn’t up yet. But this time, it ISN’T a joke!)

    “Brad parscale on fox just now… summarized

    Brad: “Trump is one of the most wonderful people i’ve ever known and i know him better than almost anybody. He was already rich and powerful and didn’t need to do this. He is doing this for the american people. He is truly selfless”

    Martha: “why does the other side fight him so hard.”

    Brad: “because he ran on draining the swamp and HE”S DOING IT. when your the shark in the swamp the swamp wants to kill you.”

    Martha: “you think they want to kill him”

    Brad: “YES. They want him gone!”

    This dude is going to be running Trump 2020 campaign. He’s a ballsy mofo and is our guy!”

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    1. WOW!! ES! Excellent exchange!! Brad Is the most underappreciated SuperHero In the Trump Admin–However–He’s beginning to break out to the publiic in a BIG “ballsy mofo” way!!!

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      1. There have already been MANY [187] attempts, like Parscale evoked, on our guy.

        Missile out of Peuget (Hawaii “false” alarm); the “phone-shooter” at the WH gate; the gun found in the volunteer-chauffered motorcade; the Pelosi WH rocket special (hence the “excursion” [cancelled]; and a few others I can’t now recall, PLUS other others we’ve never heard about, but which I assume were tried.

        It’s coming fast and furious, now, with the SOTU (RBG?) this coming Tuesday, and the 3-week deadline coming 10 days after that.

        Like Wolf said – git yer preppin’ done!

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  6. I just LOVE this tweet!! POTUS is Robin Hood (lol) and King Arthur all wrapped up in one!! Legendary!!

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