Infanticide in New York State

America continues its march toward its own destruction.

On January 22, 2019, Democrat Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed into law the “Reproductive Health Act” – upon signing the bill, he stated:

“With the signing of this bill, we are sending a clear message that whatever happens in Washington, women in New York will always have the fundamental right to control their own body.”

No, Governor Cuomo, the only clear message you’re sending is that New York legislators, and you, are completely bankrupt of morality. You’ve now joined the infamous club of people who commit crimes against humanity.

Only a few days previous to the 46th Anniversary of Roe v Wade, I had written this article, “Silent Scream, Genocide of the Unborn” – not realizing how prophetic it was. Indeed, we’ve known this country has been moving forward in its zealousness to kill the unborn at will, without restraint, without examination of conscience, without a second thought – to cut up, suck out, or as now in New York State, to terminate by lethal injection. Logic and irony fail to make headway in rabid pro-abortionists’ thinking – New York state does not allow the death penalty, but have now set in motion the means for which babies up to and including the moment of birth can be killed under the guise of a “woman’s right to control their own body.”

Lethal injection is the injection of toxic, poisonous chemicals into the human body, with the intent to cause death, cessation of life. In capital punishment cases where lethal injection is used, the person is sedated, and basically put to sleep, and they don’t wake up. Perhaps a few minutes of struggle for breath, then they’re gone.

In the new law in New York State, they’re going to use a lethal injection poison that kills the baby over 24, even as long as 48 hours, and then the woman will deliver a dead baby. A baby who was tortured in a barbaric manner before it could even draw its first breath of life. It lasts longer than the partial-birth abortion or the born alive abortions.

How cruel and unusual a punishment is that? How barbaric, that an innocent life, who has never once had the opportunity for “life, liberty and pursuit of happiness” is tortured, all because it is inconvenient.

In 1983, on the Tenth Anniversary of Roe v Wade, President Ronald Reagan wrote an essay, “Abortion and the Conscience of the Nation.” Read it, it’s an extraordinary and profound statement about what 10 years of Roe v Wade had caused since that infamous ruling. Reagan makes several important points, including the most important one, not only about “when does life begin” but “what value does a human life” have.

At the time of Reagan’s essay, in the 10 year period since the Supreme Court allowed abortion, (by then it had been expanded into the 3rd trimester) the country had already killed 15 million of its babies. In the 46 years since Roe v Wade, America has killed 61 million of her unborn. President Reagan would be shocked that we had not undone Roe v Wade.

What drives modern man, who has advanced medical science at its fingertips to save lives, to cure diseases, to promote health, to develop medicines that improve billions of human beings’ lives, to turn around and deliberately murder the most vulnerable, the most innocent of all of God’s creatures, an unborn child?

What value is a human life?

The 20th century saw two world wars, numerous undeclared armed conflicts, and the death of millions ordered by dictators, communist and fascist. The very idea of deliberately killing the unwanted child or inconvenient child tracks into the same mindset that drove Nazi Germany to wantonly kill any undesirables in their society. By the time the Third Reich fell, 6 million Jews and 5 million “others” had been intentionally murdered in concentration camps, in ghettos, and in any ditch that would take a few more bodies. Wanton murder.

Adolph Hitler and his Nazi death machine deliberately killed 11 million souls – we’ve studied the stories of the horror and atrocities of WWII in school. Yet, the result of the Supreme Court’s ruling in Roe v Wade, America alone has killed 61 million human beings. Where is the outrage? Where is our humanity?

Gov. Cuomo and the rabid abortion supporters cheered when he signed the bill. He ordered the World Trade Center tower to be lit up pink. Pink for womens’ right to kill their unborn. How about red for the blood being shed by the innocent victims?

Ronald Reagan said the question of conscience for the Nation was what value was a human life? In his essay, he references a tragic story, one that probably few of our time know about. It was the starvation death of a Down’s Syndrome baby, the judge ruled that a reasonable life saving procedure, opening up the esophagus, was not to be allowed as the child’s life had no meaning. Indiana’s State Supreme Court agreed. People are likely horrified reading about this today, because no longer would that ever be allowed, but in the not that distant past, 1982, this country allowed a Down’s Syndrome Baby to starve to death – all because his life was not considered worthwhile.

The value of life. The slippery slope people feared would come the day the Supreme Court ruled a woman could kill her unborn child has indeed come to pass. A slope that went from “safe, legal, and rare” to abortion on demand, up to and including the day of delivery. In, “Silent Scream, the Genocide of the Unborn” – The movie, “Gosnell” is discussed. The full title of that movie: “Gosnell: The Trial of America’s Biggest Serial Killer” – but now with new York’s open-ended abortion law, Gosnell wouldn’t even be found guilty of the deaths he caused when he killed babies born alive.

The slippery slope from Roe v Wade’s ruling has taken us from aborting a “clump of cells” to dismembering a fully intact, alive human body. Dismembering or now injecting poisons which are toxic to the nervous system. Both methods causing horrific pain-filled deaths. Dr. Joseph Mengele would be applauding. Yes, the Nazi physician who carried out inhuman experiments on infants and children during WWII.

America, or at least parts of country, has come to accept full-blown infanticide. Killing perfectly viable children. We’ve actually entered the next phase where killing a child after birth is going to happen. It’s already talked about. In 2012, “ethicists” Alberto and Francesca Giubilini and Minerva introduced the idea of after-birth abortion. It’s real, there are people who advocate that a child should be killed if it has no value to society or if the parents do not want it. If you think this couldn’t happen, it is happening: a Democrat Delegate in Virginia, Kathy Tran introduced legislation that not only would repeal all abortion restrictions in that state, but allow a last minute abortion during delivery.

America is no longer at a precipice. It has fallen over the cliff. We are engaged in willful infanticide. Rabid abortionists hide behind fancy phrases like what Governor Cuomo used, …”having the right to control their own body.” “Pro-choice” sounds much more acceptable than Pro-abortion. Daughn24/7 wrote about the “War of Words. The denial of committing murder by the pro-abortionists is their taking command of the language regarding their dirty deeds. They talk about women’s health, not dead babies. That’s called massaging language and message. The majority of the public, who doesn’t pay that much attention, are fooled.

There are some statistics people should be aware of:

1% rape or incest
6% health issue for mom/baby
93% of all abortions occur for social reasons (unwanted/inconvenient)

Then there is this:

New York State has declared war on the unborn; New Mexico and Vermont are about to follow in New York’s footsteps.

For years, I have called abortion the genocide of the unborn, a Holocaust of the Innocents. A society that has open disregard for the sanctity of life, loses its humanity. A society which has no problem killing viable, innocent babies moves closer to demanding that it be allowed to kill other undesirables or other individuals who are perceived to not have value, or less value. The disabled and the elderly are two more vulnerable groups. It’s called euthanasia.

The gleeful abortion ghouls of New York state, who applauded and cheered upon taking the life of a child, demonstrates how easy it is to slide into a state of moral bankruptcy, a life without a moral compass. In this, we have lost our humanity, and our right to claim any kind of moral superiority. Pro-abortionists of the 21st century are not any different than the genocidal perpetrators found in the annals of history.

Perhaps this radical move by New York state will shock the conscience of this nation to reassess its values and move to protect Life.

The Supreme Court should revisit Roe v Wade. After all, we now have proof “safe, legal, and rare” was a misnomer. America has already murdered 61 million of its children, that’s evidence of a wrongly, and badly decided ruling. I’m certain that nowhere in the Constitution was infanticide written as a “right.”

Edit update: I wanted to include this:


January 28, 2019 at 20:59
For every child who lives in the womb:
that God might send an angel to guard and protect
the innocent and defenseless;
We pray to the Lord:

For the children who have died from abortion in our nation,
and for their mothers and fathers:
for mercy, peace and the loving embrace of Christ;
We pray to the Lord:

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  1. “… The three most common reasons—each cited by three-fourths of patients—were concern for or responsibility to other individuals; the inability to afford raising a child; and the belief that having a baby would interfere with work, school or the ability to care for dependents. Half said they did not want to be a single parent or were having problems with their husband or partner.”

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    1. Those aren’t real reasons. There are far too many families who would love to adopt a child but can’t find one to adopt. They would pay the mother’s medical bills, drive her to her doctor’s appointments, and do everything they could to help her.

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    2. From my article:

      1% rape or incest
      6% health issue for mom/baby
      93% of all abortions occur for social reasons (unwanted/inconvenient)

      There are also 2-3 million parents desperate to adopt a child. So the idea that children are “unwanted” in our society is a lie. The Nazi monsters want to control the population and who lives and dies. They set up shop in the poor neighborhoods. Minorities abort 3 times greater than whites. New York state aborted more babies in 3 years than were born in one year.

      Abortion and euthanasia are their goals.

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  2. Lady, I thank you for your passion in this matter and for presenting FACTS. As I mentioned in an earlier reply, this hits too close to home. If one has buried small white boxes in the ground, after having held one’s tiny offspring, there is no question here. As many will attest, there might be a wee bit of almost bitterness at having lost little ones at 21 weeks who some few years later would have been able to be brought to viability.

    And please, let us NOT forget the scourge of controlling our fertility and denying God’s gift…that is part of this horror, although far too many have deemed it a “Catholic” thing…it, too, is part of the slippery slope.

    First “birth (really conception) control,” then abortion at one month, two months, etc., then euthanasia (Hello, the ravished Netherlands).

    St. John Paul II, pray for us.

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    1. Roberta, I’m sorry for your loss, and the sorrow is always there.

      My children are “miracle babies” in that the OB doc saved their lives and mine. I value children and family.

      You are so right about the track we’re on. That’s the underlying message in the articles I’ve been trying to convey. It’s all about controlling who lives and who dies – and who determines that. Instead of end of life decisions by the patient, family and doctor, the STATE is desperate to take over. Obamacare just about did it. “Medicare (which would really be substandard Medicaid) for all” is the same track.

      Yes, the Netherlands have open euthanasia, including where they’ll let a 8 year old girl choose death.

      St. John Paul II – I miss him.

      Jesus wept. Mary wept for her children.

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  4. My favorite Niece –Bridget– IS Downs Syndrome.. She gives us more stories and life and love than anyone ELSE! Downs Syndrome People are GOD’s voice to the world! THEY ARE LOVE ! Unconditional…

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    1. So true Marica…

      my cousin has a daughter, grown now… she is the same. Joyful, Don’t know what our family would be without her.

      and I love John Stephens and what he has done to raise the consciousness of others as to what he and others bring to the world.

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      1. there’s a youtube I posted at the bottom of the other page…
        A OB-GYN in FL speaks about NY’s new law…

        He is powerful… and has so much new information to offer on what can be done to fix problems en utero

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      2. phoenix— My sweet niece acted out FROZEN Song–I cried!! She is EVERYONE’S FAVORITE! and 80% of Downs Syndrome babies–extra chromosome–are MURDERED in the womb. God Cries….

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        1. Some of you may have read my post about the gal who is developmentally disabled who loves to sing at Karaoke, and cleaned at the museum – Callie? She has Downs Syndrome. One of my closet friends growing up, the oldest of 12 in a good Catholic family, had a sister who had Downs. I have never, ever seen or known a person with Downs who was anything but sweet, friendly, and giving. The fact that such a child was simply allowed to starve to death in 1982, and what will happen to them with this travesty (now in VA too) is just too horrible to even consider.

          I posted this on FB: “This is simply unconscionable!!! If the American people do NOT rise up against this obscenity, then they DESERVE to lose their country and they deserve an eternity in Hell!!!! There is NO shame worse than this!!!!” (I apologize if this article has already been posted – haven’t had time to read all the comments yet)

          “Dr. Jane Orient, executive director of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS), told Breitbart News such legislation is “undeniably infanticide.”

          “It is much safer for the mother to deliver an intact baby than to be instrumented to tear the baby apart or otherwise kill it,” Orient explained, adding:

          As for mental health, what case can be made, either by logic or long-term follow-up studies, that a mother that has condemned her helpless son or daughter to gruesome death is happier than one who gave a child a chance to live? Has anyone checked with old people dying alone who might have had a son or daughter or grandchildren to love them?

          “There are health reasons for early delivery, but there are NO health reasons to deliver the baby dead rather than alive,” she said. “Late-term abortions involve dilating the cervix and inducing labor. Once a viable baby emerges, it can immediately be placed in the arms of adoptive parents, who may have been waiting for years.”

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          1. Great comment, NF. Somewhere in the threads I noted that studies have proved women who’ve had abortions are more likely to suffer PTSD than those who’ve had miscarriages, and stillbirths. Let me repeat this from the post: This doc has been on FOX & Friends. Probably one of the greatest, succinct messages regarding stopping abortions.

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    2. Democrats are America’s 21st century Nazis, and that hyperbole to say it. Apparently Rush has been making that comparison for years, but he’s right. when one studies the Third Reich, the similarities between the Nazi “character” and our Leftists are significant.

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  5. The thought just occurred to me…

    Since they have made it legal to inject an unborn baby with a lethal poison…isn’t this an Admission that they are Taking A Life?

    Seems to me like an ‘acknowledgement’ that there is a Life there.

    We should be asking:

    “Why are you using a Poison?”

    What would be their answer to that…hmm?

    Using a poison is a *conscious act* to make something die, something that is Alive.
    Using a poison is not a medical procedure in any practice of obstetrics…at least not any that I have heard of.

    Using a poison is something that is done to Cause a Death.
    So…why have they made it legal to use a poison on the unborn?

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    1. Wheatie– So exactly TRUE!
      Using a poison is something that is done to Cause a Death.
      So…why have they made it legal to use a poison on the unborn?

      You have shined a HUGE light on this subject!! We need to keep the Word War going.. Poisoning-Infanticide-Murder-Killing

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        1. I will be asking this for sure, now! Wheatietoo, you may have just set a trap for these evil bas*ards, and opened a door for the unborn with that question!

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    2. Exactly wheatie…

      and if the poor being does not die from the injection

      they put it on the counter (wrapped comfortably in a blanket of course)

      while they discuss if they should give another injection.

      If Agatha Christie were alive, she would say the mother and the physician conspired to kill a human being.

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    3. I’d like to know what drug company is going to supply the poison/lethal drugs. Then maybe we’ll shut them down like they’ve done for capital punishment – drug companies don’t want to provide the drugs, because the activists get after them.

      We should do the same for the abortion lethal injection.

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  6. THis makes me MOROSE…

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    1. Yes, capital punishment, as I noted in the post, the person is sedated, and is gone within a few minutes, “put to sleep” – in abortion they literally causing pain and torture for 24-48 hrs.

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    1. Thank you, Volgarian. Good to see you.

      Yes, it was difficult. Researching and seeing things I can’t unsee. Tears. Sadness. There were links I would not put in, too disturbing. But I tried to convey the atrocities that are occurring right in the midst of our lives in this country which is supposed to represent the best in the world.

      We’re in a infamous group of 7 countries that allow late-term abortions. This includes China and North Korea. What a travesty!

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  7. Some years ago when the LIFE tape movement began on the steps of the Supreme Court, a young couple were given what they felt was a call from God to create an adoption agency that supported both the birth mother and the adopting family without creating a huge financial burden, with dignity for all involved. Today that agency is a reality. Run as a non-profit, they are doing the work of the Kingdom with both grace and love. Zoe’s House.

    Life is beautiful

    We provide confidential and personlized support as you make an informed and loving choice to give your child the gift of life.

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  8. Thank you, ladypenquin, for another powerful pro-life post.

    Thanks to all the commenters for their equally powerful contributions to this thread.

    Re Virginia, I find the following hard to believe. This woman must have known what this proposed legislation was about:

    I also find it rather rich that Ms Tran is the mother of four. Good for her, but does she hope to deny other women that same joy and fulfilment? It would seem so.

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    1. Thank you! Churchmouse and everyone else. I was hesitant to write it since I had just done one for the anniversary of Roe V Wade. But I think God wouldn’t let me NOT write it. Do you know what I mean? It was heavy on my heart.

      Steve talks about using the correct terminology – and he’s right. But there is a difference between a legal term, and words in our everyday language. Informal and formal language. The vernacular language counts too. We can take control of the WORDS, as daughn247 noted, and make the Left own the words. That’s how they’ve been doing it.

      By the way, I’ve used the phrase, “genocide of the unborn”
      ( for a long, long time.

      There is born, and unborn, so when someone on twitter argued with me about my using genocide, simply giving them the definition of genocide helped them understand – a targeted group. Rabid pro-abortionists have created a genocide.

      Perhaps New York’s and other states moves on abortion will be the breaking point for people to get their legislators to act or the courts. It’s a message we should keep sending to POTUS, and even Don Jr. yesterday called out Virginia’s governor. Someone, somewhere must hear the cries of the children.

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      1. It looks like genocide to me, milady.

        I would be very happy to read more of your posts on abortion and infanticide. There are many angles to explore here.

        Something’s up besides Rowe v Wade and RBG’s possible demise.

        It makes NO sense at all for a woman to carry a baby to term then decide to kill it with medical assistance. I cannot wrap my head around that. Logically, it’s a non-starter.

        One could be mistaken for thinking that this is a way to eradicate the American people.

        Meanwhile, decent people are correct in fighting such perverse legislation and continuing to bring it to the public’s attention.

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        1. I’m glad that we’re using the right vocabulary to tell the truth. The Left has successfully hidden what they’ve been doing – technology and alternative news’ sources are now letting us get information out there that most people never would have heard previously. The Virginia Governor’s comments yesterday went vival within a couple of hours. James Woods even tweeted about it. The Delegate who had been caught talking about the legislation (the day before) had to delete her twitter account. But this is only the beginning of the fight.

          The SC needs to wake up!

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          1. ‘The SC needs to wake up!’ Absolutely.

            Meanwhile, as this legislation is being mooted, and, in the case of New York state, passed, we must press on with opposition.

            Thanks to you and the commenters here, I have ample material to write more posts on my site.

            As for the Left, yes, let’s criticise their misuse of the English language when discussing murder before we start criticising ourselves.

            People need to know the truth behind ‘reproductive rights’, ‘a lump of cells’ and ‘a medical procedure’, phrases I once swallowed hook, line and sinker.

            I borrowed from your first essay for one of my own posts and am likely to borrow from this one for a future post, again, with full credit to you.

            For now, it is unclear what the actual end game is here. I don’t mean a reaction against Roe v Wade, I mean in terms of the futures of American families who have lived in the US for generations.

            Something is afoot, and the more we dig into these machinations, the more likely we are to find out what it is.

            May God continue to bless you in defending the unborn.

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            1. Chruchmouse, please share the link to your site. I’ll bookmark it. I’m not on FB though. Just twitter. There is an endgame. Similar to the Third Reich, control of who lives, who dies. Special group, who rule over serfs, slaves, whatever, it will be two classes. Do away with the middle-class, which is one of freedom.

              Evil never sleeps means that what happened in the 20th century is present in the 21 st.

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              1. I’m not on FB, either. 🙂

                A few days before I wrote this post, I left a comment on your ‘silent scream’ thread asking if it was okay if I borrowed some of your content with credit to you.

                I never got a reply, but hope this was all right. I should correct the spelling of your pen name, which is one word instead of two?


                You can get to my site anytime by just clicking on ‘churchmouse’ on my comments. The link there will take you to the home page (and latest post) of my WordPress site.

                I think your analysis about the endgame is correct, sadly.

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        2. The thread is running out. Here are two other links to posts I’ve written regarding infanticide/euthanasia – children killed by the NHS in England.

          At the UP site, my pen name is, Lady Penguin. When I post on a wordpress blog, here and CTH, it shows as LadyPenquin with a “q” – When I signed up for Twitter, kind of late compared to many, Lady Penguin was taken (though never used) and I had to be creative, so used the same when signing up for WP. Have no idea how to change that. LOL.

          Lady Penguin is fine. The links will work correctly from the URLs.

          I’ll catch up on your posts as soon as I can. Thanks for sharing.

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  9. I am a longtime reader formerly of CTH and now exclusively of this Q Tree House. The subject of abortion is more than just a passion of mine. It became very personal to me 2 years ago on February 2nd, 2017. This is the day my precious grandson was born to my daughter. She is not married and does not have a relationship with his father. For 9 months, she had no idea that she was pregnant. This morning I realized that God hid this pregnancy from her by placing the placenta in such a way that she felt no movement. She did not look pregnant. The family saw her at Christmas and no one suspected, as she did not look any bigger than normal. Had she known there is a good possibility due to fear that she would have made a visit to Planned Parenthood and my grandson and her son would have been aborted, or as I like to say, killed. I fell on my knees this morning and thanked my Father God that he hid this pregnancy from her. Ryan has saved my daughter’s life and has been an unbelievable blessing to my aged parents and the rest of my family. Ryan has mended my relationship with my daughter. They live with me and my empty nest (that I was enjoying by the way), is wild and loud and full of laughter and tears and play and cuddles. I would not change one thing that has happened. My daughter’s biggest fear was that we would judge her as we are a Christian family. She was especially worried about what my parents would think of her and of her son. There was not one ounce of judgment from any of us. The last 2 years have taught me the following: Abortion takes away the opportunity for families to do the right thing and love. Abortion takes away the opportunity for a child to become a part of an adoptive family. And this verse now just screams to me and brings tears to my eyes: “I call heaven and earth to witness against you today, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and curse. Therefore choose life, that you and your offspring may live.” Deuteronomy 30:19.

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    1. God bless you, what faith and joy. So happy you shared it.

      My daughter, in NYC, who just had twins, shared with me that a single mother is living in a shelter with her 4 mo. old twins. She comes to their church group. I asked her for the sizes of those twins.. why? I go thrifting all the time for baby clothes for my grandbabies, and send care packages to daughter.

      I’m delighted to know that I can do a little extra shopping for another woman’s precious little ones.

      God Bless you and your family.

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  11. THREAD


  12. Don’t worry…they’ve thought this through…as is clearly evidenced in this well-reasoned response to a simple question…

    …and the morons on the left think that a smiling teen-aged boy has a punch-worthy face? Seriously? Take a look at this smug demon from Hell…

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  13. Abortion is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. “I can’t go to college” “My life is over” My family will judge me” ” I don’t know the father as this was a one night stand” ” I can’t afford to take care of a baby” “I am not ready for a baby, not now” “My lover is paying for me to do this” “My boyfriend does not want the baby” “How can I raise a baby when I still feel like a kid myself” “I was raped” “My family will be shunned by the Church and/or the community because of what I have done” Maybe you can add to the list, but all these reasons to visit Planned Parenthood and get rid of your problem, the Baby, can be solved by adoption and and by giving your family a chance to show real love. Feeling judged by people in your town, the church, your family will pass. All feelings are temporary. The love of a child is permanent and priceless. I know all of this personally, as my grandson will be 2 years old tomorrow. And had my daughter known she was pregnant before she went into labor, he may not have been a part of our family. He has changed all of our lives in ways we could never have imagined. He saved my daughter’s life. He has brought unbelievable joy to me and my fiance. And for my parents who are in their 80’s, he has given them new life. All of my family have been blessed by his birth and life. Life is always, always, the best choice. I hope I live to see the choice of abortion made to be a difficult one or not at all,without having to travel to another state. “I call heaven and earth to witness against you today, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and curse. Therefore choose life, that you and your offspring may live” Deuteronomy 30:19.

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    1. You’re right about all the social excuses for why women/men want/get an abortion.

      1% rape or incest
      6% health issue for mom/baby
      93% of all abortions occur for social reasons (unwanted/inconvenient)

      IMO, our society has gotten so affluent – it’s the reason why we’ve lost the value of what really matters. Our “poor” aren’t really like the poverty-stricken of so many places in the world. In fact, our “poor” – due to significant government benefits have higher income than many of our working class “poor.”

      That said, it appears that as America (and Western Civilization) gained an easier life, and affluent lifestyle, they’ve become poorer in spirit, poorer in what it means to be a human being; they’ve lost their sense of humanity, and too many have moved away from morality – which is actually the framework which holds a society together.

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  14. Heads Up

    A well-known researcher has done an extensive dig on abortion… You may be aware of her from other projects.

    One prominent feature of her digs into abortion is the name CLINTON

    Her recent article is LIT with Clinton fingerprints…

    Please, save and archive this article off-line… I’m sure it will be scrubbed soon. Here are a few excerpts.

    Their Plan Began in 1993
    Clinton Foundation: Clinton Health Access Initiative, Clinton Global Initiative, and Clinton Climate Initiative
    Planned Parenthood
    Partners In Health
    Ivy League Schools

    There are lawsuits pending in at least nine states, challenging who can perform abortions, so as to expand it to nurses and midwives. Planned Parenthood has a suit going in Idaho, Maine, Missouri, and Wisconsin.

    In 1993, Planned Parenthood launched the Clinical Training and Research Initiative to expand the number of clinicians trained to provide abortions. They did this in partnership with family medicine and obstetrics/gynecology resident training programs in New York City. They train nurses, certified nurse-midwives, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and physicians through Planned Parenthood affiliates and contracted residency programs. For over two decades, they have been staffing up nurses and midwives, for this very day. Think about that.

    This training does not stop at New York City. Their reach is global, and they have been working with international alliances for 45 years, providing clinical training to increase access to abortion services in other countries. Guess where else they have been focusing their efforts, more recently? The Caribbean region. The Clinton Climate Initiative and Branson’s Carbon War Room have been working on a Ten Island Challenge in the Caribbean since 2012, which has long since increased beyond just ten islands. There is extensive information on it in this 3-part article. Coincidentally, 10 of the islands the Clintons and Branson are setting up solar farms on, Planned Parenthood has setup the Caribbean Family Planning Affiliation (CFPA) on those islands as well.

    Clintons, Branson, and gang are operating on these islands below (boxed in red), as well as Comoros, Seychelles, Mauritius, Puerto Rico, and likely more at this juncture in time:

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    1. In fact, that same year in 2012, the Clinton Global Initiative announced that Planned Parenthood Federation of America was committing to combat the vulnerability of youth to unintended pregnancy, unsafe abortion, HIV/AIDS and other STDs, as well as cultural taboos around age and sexuality. They planned on training youth leaders in the U.S., Africa, and Latin America.

      The same year they launched their training initiative in 1993, Planned Parenthood touted this on their website: “President Bill Clinton worked to make abortion “safe, legal and rare.” He ended the “Gag Rule,” instituted by the Bush Administration, which prevented women using federally funded health centers — primarily poor women — from getting the information they needed to make informed choices about unintended or health-threatening pregnancies. President Clinton reversed the “Gag Rule” in his first week in office.”

      In 2017, President Trump signed an executive order bringing back the “Gag Rule.” This rule prevents federal funding to clinics that provide abortions or refer patients to places that do, as well as cuts foreign aid from going to groups that provide abortion services. This is a direct hit to Planned Parenthood and their affiliates.

      Just how much does Planned Parenthood align with Hillary Clinton’s agendas? For the first time in its 100-year existence, Planned Parenthood endorsed a presidential primary – Hillary Rodham Clinton.

      more at link

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  15. If one browses through the Clinton Health Access Initiative website, they will see the many nursing and midwifery programs they have been working on in multiple locations, from Zambia as far back as 2007, Malawi, Haiti, to scaling up midwifery in Mexico and Central America back in 2007, and even Pakistan in 2009. They paint their website with words of care and concern for the mothers, beefed up with numbers that are difficult to validate from afar, and portray themselves to be saviors – all while operating illegally.

    It is also important to note that Chelsea Clinton is on the board of Partners in Health, and Dr. Paul Farmer of Partners in Health, is on the board of Clinton Health Access Initiative.

    Key statistics for Planned Parenthood:

    Why are the Clintons, Paul Farmer, Jim Yong Kim, Ivy League schools, Planned Parenthood, and countless others, so interested in “women’s rights?” Are they after the money, the babies, or both? Why are they infiltrating numerous countries to teach them midwifery? They state they are training them to deliver babies safely, while at the same time expanding their availability to have abortions. It’s a bit of an oxymoron, isn’t it? Millions of taxpayer dollars are being pumped out to ALL of these organizations. What is their fascination with the islands along the Caribbean, which coincidentally run along the largest drug and child trafficking transits?

    Don’t be fooled by their labels, “women’s rights”, “reproductive health”, “reduce deaths”, “live long productive lives,” “fill gaps in family planning.” How do any of these sayings fit into expanding abortion access, or fighting for full-term abortions that would allow a baby to suffer and die outside the womb, if the abortion procedure failed? They don’t.

    Virginia Pushing for Abortions While Mother is in Labor

    Virginia Governor Ralph Northam, who endorsed the Repeal Act, received $1.996 million in campaign contributions, over the course of five years, from Planned Parenthood.

    On January 29, 2019, Virginia Delegate Kathy Tran (D-Springfield) testified in support of her bill, the Repeal Act (HB2491), to make late-term abortions legal in Virginia. Video of her testimony made its way into social media, and it brought a whole new level of shock and awe to the already disturbing news. So much so, that Tran removed her twitter account.

    Under the added “mental health” condition, even if the baby is viable, a physician WITHOUT training in mental health, can certify an abortion if he/she deems the woman’s mental health is somehow at risk, though they do not specify any reasons in the bill itself. When the chairman asked specific questions about what conditions might constitute the health of the mother being in danger, no one could answer these questions, and stated that the physicians couldn’t be there today. In other words, they drafted this bill, are behind this bill, and don’t comprehend the specifics of this bill? No, they are fully aware, which is why Tran didn’t want to answer the questions.

    LISTEN to the repeals in this 6-minute video. Their late-term abortion runs through the end of the third trimester, up to 40 weeks, and while a woman is dilated and in labor, she can request an abortion.

    The current status of this bill, as of January 28, 2019:
    House: Subcommittee recommends laying on the table (5-Y 3-N)

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  16. Still more from Corey’s Digs’ article

    Clinics to Offer ‘Young Blood’ Transfusions

    Five Ambrosia clinics have recently popped up, offering “young blood” transfusions for older people, for purposes of increasing their focus, sleep, and maintaining a more youthful appearance. The blood used in the initial clinical trials came from donors age 16 to 25, but it doesn’t state where the blood will be coming from in these operational clinics. Those paying for this fountain of youth, will be charged $8,000 for one liter of blood to fill their veins, and the procedure can be paid for via Paypal.

    Their hope was to setup shop in New York City first, but one can currently get the procedure done in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Tampa, FL, Omaha, NE, and Houston, TX. Despite the fact that the results of their trials have not been made public, and there is no scientific evidence to suggest these treatments will help anyone, since the Food and Drug Administration approve blood transfusions, Ambrosia is operating as an off-label treatment.

    The question is, where are these blood banks? Who are the donors, and what age are they? Is any agency overseeing this?

    All of this raises more questions around adrenochrome, which is the chemical compound produced by the oxidation of adrenaline. There is a known, common theory, based on a lot of what might be considered as “circumstantial evidence,” that points to elites utilizing adrenochrome to maintain energy and youth, due to their adrenals, endocrine system, and organs being compromised. In order to achieve this, they must draw the blood from an infant or child, when it is in a state of fear, so that the adrenaline is coursing through at the time of the transfusion. Now this may sound far-fetched, yet based on what they have done with baby body parts, organ harvesting, and now youth blood clinics, it would almost seem, they are attempting to normalize something that parallels what they may have been consuming for quite some time.

    The movie Clockwork Orange refers to adrenochrome as “drencrom”, in the new Netflix show ‘Santa Clarita Diet,’ the mom has to eat human beings in order to survive, and in ‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas’, he spoke of ingesting massive booze, fatback, and forty cc’s of adrenochrome.

    You think this is all for entertainment? Think again. Narratives, secrets, and disclosures have been filtering out of Hollywood since its inception. Technology is a perfect example of this.

    more at link

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  17. Joe M has a THREAD

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  18. Warning: VERY graphic Thread…

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