Absolutely Nothing Will Slow Down the Economic Train! MAGANOMICS Baby….

The Economic Train continues to gain speed and passengers as she crisscrosses our country. Our President reversed 30+ years of complete stagnation. The Economic Train sat in mothballs collecting dust. It watched GHB create and Bill Clinton sign NAFTA destroying a good chunk of our country and our ability to manufacture.

It saw GWB allow China to join the WTO so that their master plan of destroying our economy while allowing China the ability down the road to overtake us be implemented. BHO tried everything humanly possible to destroy our country. The final nail in the coffin would have been the election of HRC.

However, our country and the Economic Train was provided a miracle on Tuesday, November 8, 2016. Donald J. Trump won the election and would become our 45th President.

From that day forward, our economy has taken off. They have thrown everything in their power at the Economic Train to either slow it down or derail it. Yet she continues to ride knowing that she is in good hands.

From the article linked above:

* Boeing gains after upbeat earnings, 2019 deliveries forecast

* U.S. private sector jobs additions more-than-expected in Jan

Boeing shares jumped 5.8 percent after the planemaker topped earnings estimates, as a boom in air travel underpinned a projection for full-year deliveries of around 900 commercial airplanes.

The ADP national employment report showed private-sector jobs increased by 213,000 in January, above the estimated 178,000 rise. The data comes ahead of the more comprehensive non-farm payrolls report on Friday.

Charles Payne said it best in the tweet below. China can go scratch their ass in Macy’s window.

From the article linked above:

  • Companies added 213,000 jobs this month, the ADP and Moody’s Analytics data show. Economists polled by Refinitiv expected payrolls to grow by 178,000.
  • The strong jobs growth comes even after the longest U.S. government shutdown in history.
  • The job market weathered the government shutdown well. Despite the severe disruptions, businesses continued to add aggressively to their payrolls,” says Mark Zandi of Moody’s Analytics.

We owe it to God our Father in Heaven and to you Mr. President!

47 thoughts on “Absolutely Nothing Will Slow Down the Economic Train! MAGANOMICS Baby….

  1. flep, You are not supporting the approved narrative. Did you get your 4:00am instructions? Orange man bad. USA loses everything all the time. Communism is superior form of government because it can take all the money from the producers to support the Cabal.

    Oh well, on a scale of 1-10, you are a 10 IMO!

    Wolfmoon writes Q posts now and you can write the economic news!!

    Good job!!!

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    1. Flep is flawless.
      Flep is fabulous.
      The rapid fire, third party confirmations in the posts leave those who object weary, frustrated, and numb.
      I love the style. Bottom line.

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    1. I can testify to this: In my workplace, a factory producing products for the construction industry, (really, in the USA!) in most years past (I’ve been there for 16 years) at this time of year we were having a series of layoffs. Last year- no layoff. This year- no layoff, in fact some departments are working overtime. This is quite simply unheard of. I thank God that President Obama’s economic policies have finally kicked in. I just hope Trump does not screw it up. /s!

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      1. Obola is a master of timing. He arranged to have the economy start to turn around the day after election day! I think it was done this way to confuse his enemies!

        (/s, I hope I don’t have to say.)

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        1. Wow those people are so deluded. Every company was holding their breath for those 8 years trying hard to just survive. They knew that once the Reps – virtually any Rep – got in office they would be able to invest again. No one wanted to dare push the limits while the vindictive wealth destroyers were in power.

          Of course, Trump went beyond everyone’s expectations 😉

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          1. In all seriousness–yes!

            I have become convinced that the fastest way to kill an economy is to create an uncertain, chaotic regulatory environment. For a couple of years there, it was impossible for a company to know what the true cost of a new employee would be, because the Obolacare regs had not yet been written! No one is likely to hire, or plan to expand, under such circumstances. Certainly not any small business!

            A high but known tax rate, they could maybe adapt to, but not knowing at all what was going to hit them in the face…not so much.

            Put in someone who is going to deregulate, and you know that whatever the future environment is, it will be BETTER than this one. You can at least proceed with expansions and hires under those circumstances!

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  2. I remember talking to clients after the Romney/Obama election.
    We were down and out. It made no sense that Romney did not win.
    When Obama was elected and coming out of 2008, we hunkered down to survive. We watched a lot of our friends lose their generational businesses and farms.
    We made it through the 4yrs of Obama, and we thought God was playing a cruel joke for us to have to endure another 4yrs.
    We would not have made it through Hillary.
    No way in he$$.

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  3. It’s exciting to think how POTUS knew for decades what was wrong and what to do, while GHWBush, and those that followed, were perfectly willing to let America’s economy be destroyed. I despised Obama for turning us into a service economy, when we once had had some of the greatest, reasonably priced, quality goods made in America.

    Then the cheap Chinese imports hit our stores, and they stole our money again. Cheap goods mean increased consumption for worn out and broken products.

    I look forward to POTUS exposing the political criminals as well.

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    1. Likewise, totally despise Obama. Nicest thing I can say about that @…

      That said, I also loath Clinton’s and Bush’s for all the destruction they have wrought on America…destruction of values, economy, …

      Incredibly blessed President Trump is leading America. Restoring America. Sunrise side of the mountain!

      These thoughts are shared with children (adults) and Grand kids (young boys and toddlers). They all need to know the truth, backed with critical thinking…facts.

      Reinforce the adult kids. They were raised with American values. Ensuring they see through the onslaught of BS and total deceit Bush’s Clinton’s and Obama wrought on America. With a complicit Congress, MSM, Hollywood…

      More specifically, the youngsters. Gotta ensure the system (education, media…) doesn’t succeed in minimizing and destroying American values, the beauty of The Constitution…

      Have enjoyed a blessed life. Further blessed, these are surely the greatest years of my 60+…

      Thanks for listening.

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  4. This is definitely the good news I wanted to read today!

    Also, as the private sector continues to thrive, don’t be surprised if you start to see the opposite occur in the government sector (if it hasn’t already).

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  5. Ohhhh, and did I fail to mention…….
    President Trump and our stud, Sec of Treasury Mnuchin, have skillfully laid out a win in Venezuela.
    Yeah, the Chinese, Russians, and the Cubans only THOUGHT they were going to take over Venezuelan oil fields and frankly, if Hillary had won, they probably would have.
    Hehe, but we have President Trump!

    The cost to China is about 60-75 BILLION in BAD debt if Maduro is gone. ZING – Aww, did that hurt a little bit, China?

    Ohhh, and don’t forget that “scrawny Asian chic” (Die Harder – Bruce Willis), CFO of Huawei, cooling her heels in Canada. Did you notice the DOJ presser yesterday? Yeah, Huawei really is an arm of the Chinese government and they really ARE stealing our stuff.
    Did the US government just label China as a thief?
    Did we just embarrass China on a world stage and call them out?
    Yeah, baby!

    Ohhhhh, and don’t forget, the Chinese trade reps are in DC to cut a deal with the USA…. 30 days left before President Trump raises tariffs.
    President Trump sat down to play poker with the Chinese. And he just took away two of their five cards.
    Don’t ever play poker with President Trump.

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    1. Kicking ass and taking names! WINNING!

      From the article linked above:

      Ford Motor Co.’s main partner in China is feeling the pain caused by the slowdown in the world’s biggest car market.

      Chongqing Changan Automobile Co. said in a filing late Tuesday its profit for 2018 may have tumbled as much as 93 percent. Sales at its joint venture with the American maker slumped 54 percent to 377,739 units last year, a level not seen since 2012.

      China’s government on Tuesday announced some measures to spur car demand, but the move fell short of expectations and details, sending shares of carmakers down.

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  6. Daughnworks nailed it up above.

    I can read a lot of (sorry) dull numbers but Felice, you do it with such a fast and punchy style that I find it easy to take in and absorb before my eyes start to glaze over. And this economic data really deserves to be appreciated and savored!

    I also really like how you put your supporting data links in there so I can quickly scan what it is and if I want to click and dive deeper I can, or if I don’t have time I still get a sense of who and what you are citing as evidence.

    Love you, flep, keep up the great work! You are providing a terrific service for all of us here and those we in turn are able to inform thanks to you.

    God bless.

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  7. These bought and paid for deep state propaganda puppets can stick their heads you know where for all I care…

    …because the American people are not blind (most of them anyway)…and can see very clearly what Maganomics is doing for this country. No matter how hard the losers on television, in print, or on the screen try…they just can’t hide the Trump Train!

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    1. Playing field a bit tilted, much?

      Trump is WINNING and they’re having to work crazy hard to find any bad economic news to pin on him!

      Oh those poor suffering Wall Street tycoons!

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        1. LOL Maybe I should’ve looked at that graph more closely 😉

          After reading “How to Lie With Statistics” I tend to ignore any “charts” the leftist cartoonists draw.

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  8. Great post flep. “China can go scratch their ass in Macy’s window”. Priceless!
    I retired in April 2016. Man if I would have had a crystal ball seeing my man Trump doing this MAGA economy I’d still be working

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    1. Now that is what I call a clear, concise presentation of some deep research. Which leads me to say, if the ones intending to keep the world enslaved are enlisting dark powers to rebel against the Kingdom of God’s purposes and design, our greatest strength is our connection with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

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  9. Picture President Trump as Donny John (D.J. in the South), your local mechanic, who is a genius fixing cars, loves to rework old engines and makes ’em run like new.

    Our Donny John went to work on our old, but classic economic engine, that had worn out, rusted parts (empty and struggling factories), gunk and sludge (too many regulations, too high taxes on businesses and middle class), a few missing parts and parts that had to be replaced (lost jobs).

    He starts to work, takes the engine apart, cleans, replaces, puts the engine back together, checks all the fine stuff, gasses it up, hits the ignition, revs the engine, AND IT ROARS, runs like smooth as silk!

    That’s our VSG POTUS!!!

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