It’s Not a World War, It’s a Word War for Control of the World.

cnn meme

Marica said something this morning and I had a mini-epiphany.

Here’s what Marica said about her husband:

“Mr. Marica? He is my favorite Dude!! but he is not even in the least bit interested in what we all talk about! (daughn’s hubby calling in is so stinking cool!) God brought me you guys so I am able to talk and share and joke and discuss stuff that Mr Marica rolls his eyes about…”And then, Marica said, “here’s the funny thing Steve– He is a Builder–Custom Homes- High end- he goes on FACEBOOK and drops Giant truth bombs — (asked me yesterday how to spell Pelosi -lol) then posts shit– and doesn’t respond… But He does NOT talk to me about any of it…”

Obviously, Mr. Marica is paying attention to the world around him. He does not engage often, because he’s busy. He’s building, working, doing the things which normal Americans do. Yet, every now and then, something happens in the public sphere that makes Mr.Marica mad, and he “$hit-posts”, which is a term of endearment for those on the Chans.

My husband does the same thing. Over July 4th weekend, 2017, President Trump retweeted a video, made by a 15yr old, which illustrated the President and a CNN-headed figure, in an obvious cartoon, portraying a WWE brawl, where the President ‘smacked down’ the CNN figure. CNN was furious and sought to out the maker of the video. Remember? My husband thought CNN pundits were whining. He didn’t know how to ‘meme’, so he drew the picture above on a cocktail napkin, took a pic of it, and sent it to me. I thought it was ‘old school memes’ and posted it to the /pol/ twitter feed. The kids LOVED it, “Go dad!” From there, Milo Yiannopoulos picked it up for thousands of shares on his Facebook page. Suddenly, my son and his friends, who are Chan regulars, had to “bow to the great $hit-poster Lord”, my old-guy husband, who rarely says anything controversial. It was hilarious…, a good moment for our little family……., but indicative of something far greater.

Yesterday, an old employee of mine went on a rant, which she posted on Facebook. She’s a small woman, normally timid. Her rant, against NBC over the Covington boys, was eloquent and worthy of a Wall Street Journal Editorial. She was furious. How is she different from Marica’s husband or my husband? She’s not. She was fed up and had the courage to speak up. Well done.

Here’s the mini-epiphany part: We’re thinking of social interaction in the way our moms taught us. Here’s the Mom/Dad rule: Grow up, learn your chosen profession, become a responsible adult, marry, have kids, pay your bills on time, and become benevolent to those in your community. Dems seek to blow up our social construct to obtain control….. and all they have to do is be a little bit rude. We resist being outwardly rude and vocal  because it goes against our instincts. Our mothers would frown, disapprovingly, because those who were rude would be shamed by the majority. Rudeness, however, is no longer frowned upon. Look at Hollywood. Those who are rude to our President and his supporters …….. are rewarded. Wake up!

Meanwhile, the Dems are stealing our lunch money, and our children’s future, because we’re too damn nice and avoid confrontation.

We’re polite when the Dems are rude and abrasive. We look to facts and figures and overarching policy, when the Dems argue on emotion and guilt. We seek peace and a gentile nature because we think it’s admirable. Think of Mr. Rogers and his cardigan sweater. Yet, Dems push people into a rage based on resentment of the successful, greed, envy, sloth = MOAR FREE STUFF. The Dems war on Repubs/conservatives is not a real war, it’s a culture war to change our system of leadership. It’s not World War III. It’s a War of Words – for control of the world. No one is mortally wounded and they get all of our money.

Again, it’s a WAR OF WORDS. The Dems will shut down a government to argue the semantics of whether it’s a Wall/Fence/Barrier/Concrete or Steel = Word War. Think of the times the media tried to claim our President is lying because of a subjective argument over semantics, when we know exactly what he means = Word War. Recall the the media meltdown because Candidate Trump claimed ‘thousands’ of Muslims were dancing on rooftops, when it was only ‘hundreds’? The media focused on the number rather than the outrageous betrayal of anyone celebrating the horror of 9/11, which was the real problem. Yes, Numbers War = Word War. Change the focus = more propaganda.

The Dems would never engage in a real war. Face the facts, when real bullets fly, it’s usually conservatives who serve in the military and police forces. Can you really imagine social justice ‘warriors’ in a real war? These are not men and women with honor. Dems prefer to send a majority of Republican sons to fight wars. Man buns with helmets? A participation trophy for wearing a uniform? Dems often lie about their service record for stolen valor. Yet, they suffer no shame nor dishonor. Look at Senator Blumenthal or the media’s new Native American who was ‘surrounded and attacked’ by high school boys wearing red hats.

Look how the Dems use words to label themselves and enemies. They are Social Justice ‘WARRIORS’ but not physically strong. The Women “March”, but they wear pink hats and silly outfits. They seek to label our President as “rude and brash, offensive, a bully, orange man bad”, when in fact, their entire goal is the Word War, and to be offensive. It’s classic projection propaganda. It’s working. How many ‘conservative’ pundits preface their praise of the President by saying, “Well, of course, I wish he would stop tweeting…., but his policies are terrific”. EVERY time we hear the ‘discount’ of praise, it means the propaganda of the left has won a small battle in the Word War. They smile, knowing they won, while we seek to focus on facts, numbers, and policy, but no one else is listening.

Is time for all of us to unmask ourselves and engage in the Word War? Are we facing “America’s Cold Civil War”, as written by Charles R Keslar? Keslar’s theory is differing political parties always agreed on our Constitution and economic system, we merely altered the party in charge. This time, it’s different. This time, the opposition is arguing for a Socialist system and a complete change in our governance. Make no mistake, the Word War is as much a danger to our freedom as the Kaiser or Hitler ever were.

Why are the words so important and such a great weapon to change public perception? Again, remember mom, “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.” Maybe words do hurt. Does it hurt to be called a racist or a Nazi? OR, does it hurt more to be silenced? Suddenly, our responses on social media change completely.

“Racist” – is no longer a valid insult because the term has been used with such impunity, the misuse of the word has become offensive to those who actually suffered under legitimate racism. Yeah, the left has appropriated ACTUAL racism. Go figure.

“Hitler/Nazi” – no longer valid, because if the right were actual Nazis, the right would be wearing masks, breaking windows, burning cars. The left would be silenced into submission and the President would get better press.

Sexist/Mysogonist/MeToo – Doesn’t work because some women will continue to compromise their ethics for a promotion, access to power, more money, fame, which is their choice. Yet, these women don’t use their cause to defend actual victims of domestic abuse, whether they be men or women.

We’re engaged in a Word War. We ALL know the Left would lose a real war. The gig is up. Insults are meaningless. Hyper-emotional opinion means nothing. The age of leftist insults, as part of a conversation, has ended. If a Republican says, “I propose XYZ policy and here is why….” but the Dem says, “You’re an A$$hole, I resist!” The Dem no longer has anything to contribute.

Our President is engaged. He’s definitely NOT politically correct. He pushes back, hard. Why aren’t we following his lead? This is not a call to arms, which the Dems would lose. It’s a siren call to the Word War.

No, we’re not black-mask-wearing-bike-lock-swinging-anarchists. We didn’t go out of our way to offend people because IT IS RUDE. Clearly, it’s become more of a hazard to allow the rudeness to stand and NOT be countered. In our old social construct, the rudeness was shamed and condemned, but that doesn’t happen anymore. We need to adjust. We’re civilized, and with a nod to our dearest darling, Wolfie, ……we weren’t raised by wolves – yet we need to learn to fight, intelligently, and circle our prey, like a pack of wolves who work together.

The great misperception is that we don’t know how to fight, or that we’re not willing to get into the proverbial gutter and sling mud. The left thinks we’re not willing to play dirty, when it comes to politics. Are they kidding? Many of us have seen what real war looks like. MANY of us came from communist/socialist regimes, and we know a Word War is child’s play compared to dead and wounded. We merely need to shift tactics, but we do understand…

…. this is a WAR.

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  1. This!!!

    “Does it hurt to be called a racist or a Nazi? OR, does it hurt more to be silenced? Suddenly, our responses on social media change completely.”

    “does it hurt more to be silenced?” Exactly. It’s how the Left used political correctness for better than 3 decades to move their agenda forward, while we cowered in fear.

    POTUS has freed us and we’re no longer cowering. We’re up on the horses as a activist friend of mine says, and you know what else this retired lawyer friend says? “Kick them when they’re down.” 🙂

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      1. Wonderfully stoy and I love the drawing.
        My husband for the longest time was not interested where I was floating around on the Internet and politics never mind.
        One day out of the blue he commented on something SD had written and I told him tell me more 😄

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    1. Actually both hurt, but having two accounts totally suspended on Tweeter has made me truly realize that left is following to closely to the German mess of WWII. Mostly I print articles and yes a few funny memes…However it seems the truth is racist hate…Who would have known.

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          1. This is something I have never experienced – I post political stuff all the time and have never been banned on FB. I guess my posts just don’t get that much attention – IDK.

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            1. I posted some facts during election using another name to avoid a mess with my own kids…
              It was only articles from media sources & next thing I knew I could not post except on my fb page. There were even a couple of memes that were not allowed. Yes strange.
              My main FB site is kept just family military and God.

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    2. Great post daughn. Sorry ,I can’t seem to comment unless it’s a reply.maybe you all Americans need to adopt an Aussie potty mouth and thick skin for the duration. Because if anyone deserves being called nasty names it’s these arseholes.

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      1. Google and Yahoo are useless search engines…DuckDuckGo better but seems to be getting bad.
        Youtube is a huge laugh with many conservative videos gone before one can even post the site. What i find strange for YouTube is that when you do a search on anything Obama you get an Encyclopedia article on him, yet not on other presidents.

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        1. Wolfmoon, I am so glad you are back and having fun. But seriously, it has been 16 days since the last Q post. That makes one due tomorrow. It is time for you to get back to work.

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    Every day for the last 3 years I think “I am so tired of the constant divisiveness in our interactions.” then I remind myself we are a war unlike any we have ever seen – Daughn finally named it – our civilian army is entrenched in a Word War.

    Words that hurt and divide; words that are inexplicably censored by social media dictators; words that are purposely altered in meaning to obfuscate devious goals. Yelling the loudest is now rewarded instead of being frowned upon.

    Leftists pretend, and ignorants believe, President Trump started this Word nastiness. Nope. He correctly identified the battleground and led us into the field. We fight our Word War with humor, facts, common sense and spirit, and by bucking each other up when someone goes wobbly.

    Not wavering in our verbal, public support of President Trump is vital (hear that, SD?). The visual memes are another very potent weapon. Let’s keep identifying our weapons and our successes. We can improve our chances if we help each other fight as Daughn suggests.

    Great post, Daughn.

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    1. I have a great story about two guys who threw a bunch of Burger King garbage out of a window, littering, on MY HIGHWAY.
      It set me off, I followed them to their exit, erupted on the them, for littering.
      Husband later chastised me, for causing a ruckus, “I could have been harmed.”
      “BS.”, they were scrawny, I could have taken both of them.

      Same thing with the greedy kids in grocery stores. Why don’t we speak up?
      When did that all stop?

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        1. Smeared wrap-up 🙂

          Good that Daughn told them to cheese-(burger) it…

          Those trash-tossing kids are, unbeknownst to them, pattys of the deep (fried) state…

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  3. Daughn! It is truly an honor to be part of you “Epiphany”! And you are Exactly RIGHT!! on the money! Your hubby’s cocktail napkin MEME!! Hilarious!!!! And to add a bit–Not only is President Trump teaching us to fight through his hard hitting tweets–Q has taught us to research!!
    OK–Now let’s go Free Venzuela!! 😘

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    1. I was thinking, what causes your husband to become so angry, he takes to the keyboard to $$hitpost.
      My husband has never drawn ANYTHING, ever (like you couldn’t guess).
      What makes them do that?

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      1. I think they are basically Control Freaks (at least mine is) And seeing the World/ our Govt. completely out of control makes them lash out!-He had ZERO interest until Zero became POTUS and the Health Care bill caused us to go from $400 per month to $1200 for just 2 people!

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  4. To your point, Daughn…

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  5. Outstanding post, Daughn! Superbly written! (…and I’ll bet you don’t even have a gender studies degree from an Ivy League).

    And the reason that those on ‘the right’ always lost the Word War since I can remember (other than the fact that most were pathetic and weak) was because the MSM would always, ALWAYS, side with the Commie Left…either by cheerleading, or omission, or plain old lying. There were a few, like Reagan, who knew how to fight, but those were very few and far between. Too many politicians and pundits (supposedly on our side) still suffer from this ‘fear’ of being bullied by the MSM. They need to get over this NOW!

    Things are different now…with traditional media dying a slow miserable death…and the rise of independent, alternative media being wielded like a mighty battle axe by those on the right…your post couldn’t be more timely and relevant.

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    1. Those on “our” side that suffer from this ‘fear’ of being bullied by the MSM…..
      I do NOT believe it is “fear”….. but more likely they are COMPLICIT with the other side.

      “We” will not win this war of words without doing something about the MEDIA.
      “Sources said”… “someone familiar with the matter” etc has to STOP!

      If you can’t/won’t NAME your “source(s)”….. Don’t run with the story.
      There has to be a way to VERIFY the “story”.

      There has to be some severe PUNISHMENT for those spreading LIES.

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  6. This post brings up this event. I just absolutely believe this is a hoax the way I read the article. I just cant buy it. It does tell me the depths of deceit that will be taken to serve “their” purpose.

    “Empire star Jussie Smollett has been hospitalized after a “possible racially charged” attack by two men at a Subway store, the Chicago Police Department has confirmed.

    According to TMZ, Jussie Smollett returned to Chicago from New York at around 2am, at which point he went to eat at his local subway. As he left the store, two men reportedly shouted at him: “Aren’t you that faggot ‘Empire’ n*****?”

    “The 2 men — both white and wearing ski masks — viciously attacked Jussie as he fought back, but they beat him badly and fractured a rib,” the outlet alleged. “They put a rope around his neck, poured bleach on him and as they left they yelled, ‘This is MAGA country.’”

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      1. Well hes an actor. Hollywood. Self interest. Fame. Cash. Tds. All of it.
        Kiddo has been watching POTUS for 3 years and is starting to ask the more complicated questions on political differences. I dont try to be delicate just explain in simpler terms. Maybe I wont articulate perfectly but I have to try.

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      1. Have to say, the ones who typically use caustic liquids, e.g. bleach or battery acid, are the Moslems. Who would definitely have a problem with gender-benders…

        2AM at a Subway? Didn’t know there were 24-hour Subways (other than the ones with trains running through them). Oh wait – Chicago…hmmm.

        (part of me is thinking serves them right for not getting a deep-dish pizza instead)….

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    1. This thing is right out of the DNC dark ops playbook.

      It has Bob Creamer/Scott Foval written all over it.

      They picked an actor so that it would get maximum coverage…then used theatrical props to enhance the attack, and threw in the MAGA remark to throw blame at their real target:
      Trump and Trump Supporters.

      The fact that it happened in Chicago, of all places, is another clue I think.
      Yeah, this thing stinks.

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      1. Irritating thing is, it’s already all over the dailies over here…

        Then again, all the YSM over here does is translate (sometimes poorly) the YSM from over there…
        Washed Poo, the Old Gay Lady, LA Slimes, Sodom-By-The-Bay Chronicle, The SJ Merde-cury….

        The media will probably be the first biz under Satan Inc. (or Satan Ink…).

        Just think of GNN (Global News Network) in “Left Behind”…

        Sometimes I get the feeling we’re living in the left-behind world, just waiting (and praying) for the Rapture.
        My son and I keep trying to figure out which role Soros has. Stonegal???

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    2. I don’t know this actor but if he really is queer, then I would say he tried to pick up on one or both and they refused to switch to his team. And made sure he understood not to ask ever again.

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  7. Excellent, you nailed it Daughn. We need to burn our parents Handbook of Social Correctness. If we put our energy and intelligence into beating the socialists/communists at their own con game, we can win this fight for our republic without ever firing a shot. Your hubby figured it out on that cocktail napkin (cool story!)……our VSGPT is a genius $hitposter who uses tweets (words) to destroy (war) their narrative. Like SteveCo said in today’s open thread “The best way to shut that down is for him to show us how vile and criminal the opposition is” and he does that with tweets. We have to join our President in the Word War. It will take all of us united, standing behind Trump, to beat them.

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    1. Weak, weak, wimpy, weak.
      Same with CEO’s who cave to the mob.
      Stand up, hold on tight, and don’t cave to 10K Share Blue Twitter Bots.
      No one has a right to NOT be offended.

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      1. This is EXACTLY the response they expect and it has lethal consequences. There is a reason that our VSGPT got the nickname Teflon Don. You’d think these idiot weak cavers would’ve figured it out by now. Betcha $ that they still send out Christmas cards that say Happy Holidays.

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      2. To me I can’t see why one would want to move to another country when they don’t give a crap about their laws & principles. On top of that why are we supposed to even tolerate their law breaking.

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      1. Bingo, What do they think will happen if they DON’t apologize?
        Does Brokaw or a CEO really think the Twitter mob will tweet them, every day, for the rest of their lives? No, they move onto something else.
        They’re like locusts.

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  8. John 1 Authorized (King James) Version (AKJV)
    1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. 2 The same was in the beginning with God. 3 All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made. 4 In him was life; and the life was the light of men. 5 And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.

    Matthew 4 Authorized (King James) Version (AKJV)
    4 Then was Jesus led up of the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted of the devil. 2 And when he had fasted forty days and forty nights, he was afterward an hungered. 3 And when the tempter came to him, he said, If thou be the Son of God, command that these stones be made bread. 4 But he answered and said, It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.

    Satan’s side tries to make us believe that as Christians we are never allowed to say “mean” things. They consider the truth mean. Jesus never shrank back from telling the truth in very harsh words when appropriate.

    President Trump has been giving us our voice back. He is not “mean”, he is just being truthful about what is happening.

    Satan knows God’s Word and quotes it selectively, and then says “God didn’t really say that did he?” Our silence becomes consent to Satan.

    Jesus is the Word and if we are ashamed to express the truth, we will die quietly in the belief that we were serving God, when in fact we were just wimps.

    We have been in a War of Words since the Beginning. Jesus taught us how to use them.

    We all need to learn to stand up boldly and speak the truth without fear or apology. There is amazing power in God’s Word.

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    1. Amen. I love that verse, John 1:1. Also the passages in Job, where GOD questions and corrects Job and his friends, asking “Where were you when I…” .

      They had no way to counter, for GOD speaks the TRUTH (indeed HE IS TRUTH).
      Similarly, the DEMONcRATs have no way to counter the truth. And like their father, the Devil, they search the laws, and the scriptures, looking for a way out, an excuse, a loophole, “open for interpretation”, anything to justify their sin.

      But they cannot…

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  9. Most excellent article, Daughn!
    Very well said…and spot on!

    Yes, it’s a War of Words.
    But the Left is not above using violence to intimidate us from speaking out.

    We are swimming in a sea of Leftist Hypocrisy.

    They preach “tolerance and inclusiveness”…while being completely intolerant of any opposing viewpoints and actively seek to exclude any views other than their own!

    They cloak themselves in the 1st Amendment…while engaging in censorship of any truths that prove them wrong.

    I could go on, the list is long.
    The Left is hypocritical about nearly everything.
    It’s the Left’s Hypocri-sea.

    It became clear during the 2016 campaign…that the Organized Left wanted to provoke Trump Supporters into fighting back when they were attacked by leftist operatives.
    This goal still exists.

    Yes, it’s a War of Words.
    But the Left will continue to try to use violence to provoke us and intimidate us.

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  10. It’s not just a war of words.

    However, the left is taking people’s jobs, protesting at and vandalizing their homes and businesses, threatening to rape them and their kids, filing multiple lawsuits and they are funded to a fair thee well by the likes of sicko $0r0$.

    Oh how I wish it was just a WORD WAR.

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  11. The creation and expansion of so-called “protected classes”, and the addition of the term “hate crimes”, allegedly for anti-discrimination purposes, has instead created greater division, and has enabled leftists and useful idiots of those “protected classes” to subvert these extra “protections” for the purpose of reverse discrimination.

    THAT should be criminally or civilly actionable.

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  12. great article, but I have to admit, I am intimidated by the threat of violence. years ago, I would have engaged a liberal in a civil argument about their stupid ideologies, but today that can’t happen–they escalate to violence because their theories/policies are indefensible.

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  13. 1) Your husband’s meme was absolutely wonderful.

    2) The older I get, the more I admire builders, electricians, plumbers, construction workers, architects, engineers, farmers, laborers, landscapers, restaurant owners and workers, truck drivers, people who work for Home Depot and Lowes, auto mechanics, and other similar people who are full of knowledge and intelligence.

    3) I am going to (VERY VERY) respectfully disagree with you on a couple things.

    4) Yes, “we” are civilized and try not to give offense because we were taught to be charitable and peaceful.

    5) IMO the Demokkkrats are very willing to go to war. They are willing to shoot bullets, and to engage in physical fights. In a sense, the employment of violence is in fact their ultimate aspiration.

    6) The Demokkkrats have many sources to enlist fighters, and have been importing them for years IMO.

    7) A little imagination suggests how leftists could win an asymmetrical war. Right now, IMO, law enforcement has been thoroughly infiltrated in many bastions of the left. And even Trump supporters keep cheering on the continued infiltration, failing to understand that the law has been corrupted to permit infiltration and control.

    8) Do you really think there is an opioid “crisis”? Of course you do, every right thinking person does.

    9) Or what about the animal abuse “crisis”? Just today on local TV I saw a very solemn expert declare how animal abuse has become a frightening part of American society. We can’t let those fluffy creatures get abused!
    10) But what “we” do not understand (IMO) is how the scam and con job of the nihilists is not about words (although they are a big part of it) but about the existence of truth and objective reality.

    11) Not that “we” or anyone has a complete understanding of truth and objective reality, but whether truth and objective reality even exist. We think it does. They think it does not. To them, everything is made up.

    12) IMO it is not that we are too polite or civilized, it is that we cannot even fathom people for whom truth and objective reality do not exist. And we are all too ready to accept the Fake Reality which they present to us.

    13) “We” believe that driving while intoxicated is of utmost importance as a concern of American society. Just look at the pretty girl who was skateboarding home from work at night and got killed by the prominent doctor who had been out drinking at his country club! Oh my! Tut and tut! Let’s destroy the lives of many, many Americans to get back at the doctor.

    14) We do not know how to fight, IMO. The left is completely correct, if that is their premise.

    15) We do not know how to fight because we do not even know what we are fighting. To the contrary, we cheer on the left, and accept their bland “expert” reality about what is important and what is not.

    16) I could be wrong, but I do not see a basis for shifting tactics, not now anyway. Shifting tactics would require a complete shift in pov, and the left has got “us” very, very bamboozled, and not just on the surface like Fake News, which a lot of people “get,” but deeper, where the public service (communist propaganda) announcements pull at the heart strings and generate copious virtue signaling.

    17) IMO VSG gets all this, and he is Horatius at the bridge.

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    1. 10) But what “we” do not understand (IMO) is how the scam and con job of the nihilists is not about words (although they are a big part of it) but about the existence of truth and objective reality.

      11) Not that “we” or anyone has a complete understanding of truth and objective reality, but whether truth and objective reality even exist. We think it does. They think it does not. To them, everything is made up.

      Oh, yes, precisely!!!

      Point #11 is VERY IMPORTANT. It may even be fundamental. We can argue amongst ourselves about what reality is, and, e.g., scientists constantly refine their understanding of it as more evidence comes to light, but we all agree that there IS a reality. The Left doesn’t, they think it’s an arbitrary social construct they can magically alter by re-educating us…because they think it’s all in our heads. Once you understand that they actually believe this…you may be able to figure them out.

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      1. I have endured a number of meetings where Carly Fiorina dribbled on and on, and vomited out her Hegelian fantasy “Perception Is Reality”.

        Enabling “the Third Way” for Dumkys…

        They deal with feelings “how do you feel about 2+2=4?”…

        My response, leaving them in the arithmetical weeds is, “I can only say, if 2+2 no longer were 4, I’d be greatly troubled”…

        Be it words, finance,fake religions ($cienotology, anyone?), climastrology, etc., the libtards need to create crises in order to use
        OUR MONEY
        OUR CHILDREN and
        OUR FUTURE
        to solve them.

        Drain the normies, neuter the normies, bankrupt the normies, take all the cash,property, cars, independence, will to live, etc. from the normies; an all will be well in the libturd world.


        To the FULL EXTENT that is legal. Day in, and day out. Shout it to and from the mountaintops.

        And above all PRAY WITHOUT CEASING.

        For we are in a war with the Devil himself, via his various proxies: the DEMONcRATs, the globalists, Soros, Øbozo, the Klintoons, Dorkey, Zuckerberg and Zucker, Gargle, and all the rest.


        NEITHER SHOULD WE!!!!!

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        1. Cuppa is right.
          We used to pound a whole lotta Vodka debating whether or not we should trade the market on how people FEEL or the actual fundamentals of particular company’s financial position.
          HUGE debate but the money was real.

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    2. #11 is important. First Amendment philosophy is based in the premise that there is an objective truth. Journalism schools today, teach that everything is subjective and made up.
      Bizarre but explains the divergence.
      Does 2+2=4, or does the equation value whatever I want it to be…. if I am Jim Acosta.

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    1. Hilarious!

      No way that I can fix it, though – people just have to click the link. The WordPress image plugin only posts images that end in an image extension. Apple has been careful to hide the image behind a script.

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  14. This article is soooo spot on, daughn! My hubby came alive 4 months into the 2016 presidential election! He doesn’t say much but when he does he wants me to blog it! lol!

    And speaking about the “Word War”, I just had it today over at the Gateway Pundit because they have a poll that says if Trump doesn’t build the wall by 2020 he will lose 43% of his base… I came unglued. Not because I know they are wrong but because they had the gall to believe that they spoke for all Trump supporters! They don’t know who they are polling and believe you me, there are far more Trump supporters than there are libs in the country!

    By using their Words, libs want us to believe that they are a majority when they are actually about 24% of the population! By saying that 51% of the population are women, and women want abortions, Trump loses! Well not all women are liberals and over 65% of women are against abortion! A full majority of women will vote for Trump! The left loves to twist and redirect words and polls, and I have believed this for some time! Thanks for putting it in writing, daughn!

    I never believe polls, I am just sick and tired of the whining that takes place on the right whenever they think Trump falters in any way! This is what i wrote and yes, I was pissed… Warning, I was not gentle with the “words”!!

    Mis Magnolia
    5 hrs ·
    Gateway Pundit

    I am so sick and tired of all the people who claim to be his base saying they will not vote for him in 2020! Are you crazy? The man has fought not only the media but the dems, his own party, and the deep state!! While the libs are out by the millions protesting, where are you? Why are you not showing your support for our side? No, your just gonna piss and moan and let a frigging communist take the election in 2020. But that will be your fault and not Trumps, and not mine because I support this President with my whole being! This is our last stand folks and if we lose it, then you deserve it! Because never in the history of this country, since it’s founding and the founding fathers, have we had a president who loves his country and its people as much as POTUS45! You want a wall? Then get out there and help him get it you bunch of sorry whining ass-hats!!

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    1. Good for you, Sunny!
      Well said!

      Our President has been working his butt off for us, 24/7/365…fighting battles in all directions at the same time!

      If the wall doesn’t get finished by 2020, it will not be for his lack of trying.
      Anyone who has been paying attention knows this!

      All these fair-weather supporters are so tiresome.

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  15. “Meanwhile, the Dems are stealing our lunch money, and our children’s future, because we’re too damn nice and avoid confrontation.”



    Yes, yes, yes.

    Yes times a million billion trillion.



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  16. “Again, it’s a WAR OF WORDS.”



    It is a short leap from ‘words as tools’ to ‘words as weapons’.

    Everything the Left says is weaponized language of one kind or another; it’s second nature, because they do it all the time, the way many of us cracked jokes on our friends relentlessly when we were younger (or still, if we’re lucky).

    They are attacking constantly, because they benefit from it. It amounts to 24/7/365 bullying with words, and they do it because (almost) no one ever challenges them or calls their bluff by embarrassing them in front of their friends.

    Instead, ‘we’ just bottle it up, call it ‘cold anger’, and go away. And so they win again, they are emboldened again, they get positive reinforcement to keep doing it.

    So much so that they have abandoned any and all semblance of civility, being abusive to those with whom they disagree has become fun, effective and addictive. Like a rat with a joy buzzer that shoots him a cocaine pellet every time he pushes it. Pretty soon he pushes that joy buzzer button constantly because he is addicted to the reward.

    So it is a war, one which ‘we’ won’t even engage, because ‘we’ don’t know how to operate from a forward outpost of incivility.

    Two easy examples.

    Example #1: a few weeks ago, when the French Resistance was in the news again, I posted something in response to the observation that like most parts of the world, the French People have been disarmed. So I mentioned that fire is cheap, low tech, and highly effective. Molotov cocktails were cheap and easy. Most things burn, including government buildings.

    Disjointed thoughts, observations, any one of which taken by itself would not even be disputed. But taken together, ‘connecting the dots’ and ‘interpreting’, several people were upset at what I had written.

    I did not suggest or encourage anyone to DO anything. I violated no laws or even forum rules. But based on an interpretation, putting it all together and coming up with a likely meaning, several people were notably displeased and took the time to tell me so.

    Which is fine, I don’t mind, I can take it… you have no idea… 😁

    The POINT is, we don’t hesitate to shoot our own, but we won’t engage the real enemy.

    The enemy is at the gates constantly, always attacking us — but never attacking each other.

    When we attack, it’s usually to attack one of our own — especially if one of our own has the poor taste to even hint at actually DOING something about the barbarians at the gates.

    By contrast, the enemy isn’t shushing or wagging their fingers at each other, and the enemy isn’t being oblique in their references, either. The enemy is calling for real violence — all the time — and posting violent images all the time, literally trying to provoke others to engage in real violence against specific individuals, because like the bullies they are, they are rewarded for it, and we do nothing.

    In fairness, the DOJ is responsible for stopping these unlawful threats. If white males had made a single threat of this kind during the Hussein administration, Attorney General Holder or Lynch would have descended on the town with the entire Civil Rights Division to make an example.

    But we don’t have a functioning DOJ, certainly not a lawful one — and nobody is coming to our rescue. The LAW will NOT be enforced against our enemies to protect us. We keep hoping it will, like an abused spouse keeps hoping that maybe he won’t hit her this time, but he always does. It’s exactly like that. It’s a cycle of abuse and we’re TRAPPED in it, because we won’t DO anything about it.

    We won’t FORCE someone to be held accountable.

    I have never understood this, but it’s the world I have always lived in. Apparently this dysfunction seems normal to most people, but it sure never has to me. I see it clearly, instantly, everywhere, all the time, like reading ‘code’ in The Matrix. That’s why I easily articulate it.


    Example #2: At CTH I once said that some rat-snake Leftist deserved to be shot in the face. I wasn’t advocating violence, I didn’t say anyone SHOULD shoot him in the face, I wasn’t even wishing or hoping that anyone WOULD shoot him in the face. I said he deserved.

    Words have meaning. They don’t mean whatever we want them to mean, they mean what they are defined to mean.

    Sundance chose that as one of his many times to attempt to hector me, to act as if I just threatened someone — or worse, said something that was beneath the dignity of our high brow treehouse branches — because it didn’t sit well with his Marquess of Queensberry behavioral compass.

    I explained that in a written forum, words are like weapons, and in an ocean of writing, the sharpest weapons are the ones that stand out and get noticed. SD was proving my point, by the way he singled me out from all of the other posters on CTH, for special attention that day.

    Because I chose a sharp word that made a point — and it got noticed.

    The problem is that he was once again engaging in friendly fire, trying to knock the legs out from under those who are fighting on the front lines, because the tactic didn’t suit the luxury digs 50 miles behind, back at HQ.

    The fact of the matter is that you have to fight the battle where the battle is taking place. If the enemy attacks your ship, you don’t have a choice but to defend it — or sink.

    If the enemy attacks your right flank, you don’t get to choose to fight on your left flank, you have to fight where the attack is coming from.

    The attack is being waged through WORDS.

    It’s rude. It’s inconsiderate. It’s often vulgar. Because it is whatever they think will piss us off or get under our skin the most, or cause us to turn away in disgust.

    THAT is where they are attacking.

    We can either sit it out, and allow them to advance in perpetuity, OR we can FIGHT THEM where they are attacking, and knock the ever-loving daylights out of them.

    I’m partial to the second option. 😁

    The truth is, they’re not even GOOD at it. They SUCK at it.

    But because they experience practically ZERO push-back, they THINK they’re GREAT at it.

    Which only emboldens them and encourages them to do it more.

    We can do it right back to them, and do it better.

    Much better.

    Humiliate them in front of their own.

    We can absolutely embarrass these morons into silence, forcing them to withdraw from the ‘debate’, from the ‘war’ of ‘words’.

    Our side always says “don’t feed the trolls!”

    I agree.

    Don’t feed them.

    But don’t IGNORE them either.

    DESTROY them.

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  17. “Dems often lie about their service record for stolen valor. Yet, they suffer no shame nor dishonor. Look at Senator Blumenthal or the media’s new Native American who was ‘surrounded and attacked’ by high school boys wearing red hats.”



    Our side is always trying to shame the shameless, but all it ever amounts to is virtue-signalling to our own side — i.e., we all agree that they should be ashamed, but they aren’t, so it has no effect on the shameless at all.

    But humiliation does.

    That always gets their attention, and REAL fast.

    And these snowflakes and intellectual weaklings are particularly susceptible to humiliation.

    Facts won’t shut them up, they don’t care about facts. Logic won’t shut them up — they don’t even understand logic. So the better the argument (from our perspective), the less effective it is — because we’re fighting with idiots.

    Idiots whose identity is part of a collective. A mob. Where they can do horrible things and avoid accountability, because everybody else on their side is doing it too.

    What they fear is being isolated from their mob, because they can’t function on their own. They certainly can’t defend themselves on their own.

    And the thing they fear most is being humiliated in front of their own mob… for someone to say something that causes even their own mob to laugh at them.

    So if you grew up with friends who were quick with the cutting insults to each other, and always giving it right back to whoever dished it out, always ‘breaking each other’s balls’, then you already know the drill. You just have to shake out the cobwebs. It’ll come back to you quick, like riding a bike 😉

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  18. +/- 18 hours after this post went up, the War of Words wages on and the battles continue.

    Yesterday, the Deep State rose up and attacked the President. In testimony before Congress, by Wray (FBI), Coats (DNI) and Haspel (CIA), we heard it again: “17 Intelligence Agencies agree” . . . . in this case that the President is “wrong” on three most vital aspects of foreign policy. According to them: 1. The Iran deal is “working” 2. NoKo will never give up its weapons 3. There isn’t a “crisis” at the border.

    If there ever was a trio that read “doubt, deceit and dissembling” on the credibility meter it is these three – even the anointed Haspel, but especially the Snake Coats. (Wray just looks like a shoe salesman perplexed that the size 9 shoe doesn’t fit a size 12 foot). Remember it is verified that Haspel was in England when the dossier duplicity was going down. She was cheered as a returning conqueror by the embedded CIA lifers when she was appointed. Yesterday, any shred of doubt evaporated.

    As for Coats, he is the bridge to the Obama JCPOA corruption. He is a former Senator and, more importantly, former German ambassador and a long-time lobbyist for Deep State interests. According to filings, his personal lobbying income, mostly at nefarious King and Spaulding, exceeded $5M during his tenure. The dude succeeded Clapper at DNI – would love to learn about THAT transition briefing – and yesterday he oozed smarmy sanctimony.

    For me, however, the combined testimony was structured and. phrased as a tactical nuclear “word-strike” at Trump’s credibility on foreign policy (granted the border is a hybrid foreign/domestic issue). Addressing The Wall first, by refusing to call the Border a “crisis”, these Media Poseurs, whose agencies leak more than the pan gasket in my 2006 Ford and especially to CNN, NYT and WaPoop – were simply providing headlines for the propaganda arms of the Deep State pile-driver. And a quick search this morning of the Google Media Support System pulls up, yep, NYT, WaPoop and CNN stories, which, of course, then lead in to the Google, MSN, Yahoo news feeds.

    The categorical, blinded position of “no crisis” is exactly what “17 Intelligence Agencies” should not take. Whatever your politics you cannot conclude FAIRLY that nothing big is happening. So I can only conclude that everything they said was politicized and jaded. THAT is a frightening statement.

    Take NoKo. What they are really saying is that PDJT is on a fool’s errand and is a gullible dunderhead being blustered by a fat post-pubescent putz in a Mao suit. Really? they conclude NoKo “will never” dismantle its nuclear arsenal. Clairvoyance reaches the Deep State. Categorical conclusions about future conduct apparently are gifted on these blowhards. On its face, stripped of the lights and congressional aura, the statement is patently pompous and nonsensical. In context, it is sensible only as a political spear, knowingly duplicitous, thrown at the Outsider. THAT is a frightening conclusion. The Deep State wants a perpetual state of international crisis and regional war. If Trump westernizes and capitalizes a de-nuclear North Korea, whatever will they do with their meaningless lives!!

    But it’s Iran where the testimony is most terrifying, most evil and most dangerous. On the border issues and in NoKo, the testimony is more policy-oriented and friable. As to Iran, we are confronting an active evil with reactors and missiles in the most volatile Petri dish of conflict in the world. And here their words are most hollow and observably false. In the course of two years, Trump has realigned and positively reconfigured the dynamics in the Middle East by a calculated series of moves. Every one is premised on the truth that the JCPOA is a failure.

    Do you think he went to a sword dance as his first public event for grins and giggles? the US Embassy was a horseshoe toss? troop realignment a post-two-scoops impulse brought on by indigestion? As Colonel Potter always said “Horse hockey.” The Trivial Trio’s testimony is laid bare as demonstrably false just based on publicly known actions by PDJT and the reactions of the actors in the Middle East.

    The other evidence is more subtle, e.g. Khashoggi, (much more is surely classified) but also telling.Still, I think my point is clear. Daughn has clearly defined a “War of Words” wherein we, The Deplorables, are besieged by the Legion of Offendotrons , the members of the Society of the Perpetually Aggrieved, who worship at the Basilica of Constant Complaint. She is spot on; but perhaps she could go further.

    The “War of Words” is also a frightening, dangerous Game of Risk where words are missiles that strike at our president and whose shrapnel wounds us. Those words also create foreign wars where our children fight and die. They give comfort to the Left and give money to the vested interests Coats has served and still serves. These words are couched in technical terms and stated as if buttressed by “17 Intelligence Agencies” (like the Coast Guard – hah). They are actually more widely harmful than the illiterate invective of the howling harpies we fight every day.

    In conclusion, I say this “War of Words, Hearts and Minds” – and it is a war as important as we have ever fought – has now reached the decisive battle stage due to an pandemic of TDS. The TDS condition is defined by the following syllogism: 1. Cats have tails. 2 Dogs have tails. 3. All cats are dogs. 4. All dogs are cats. 5. Because Trump.

    From this all else follows.

    DISCLAIMER: My WordPress identity is “yzest5121”. I have no idea where that came from but I answer to it here. I have the honor and unique daily adventure of being Daughn’s husband. I am her foil – NOT editor- when it comes to her sterling work and her practical, common-sense worldview enriches me every day. She is my editor and her common sense reigns in my flights of word-fancy and alliteration — mostly. She also brings reason and light when I throw bricks and bullfeathers (hat-tip to Colonel Potter again).

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  19. IMO, PDJT gave us permission, and the courage, to speak out by speaking out himself – he stripped the fake veneer of the so-called “civilized” to expose the rot beneath. WE, The People, talk like he does amongst ourselves. We, the great unwashed, ill-educated Deplorables don’t use the high-falutin’, intellectual language of the talking heads – it is fake as fake can be!

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  20. Some words from William Browder to an EU committee yesterday.

    He advocates for consolidating bank information sharing with law enforcement, requiring evidence that EVERY bank transaction is legitimate, confiscation of property without due process, and for the reversal of the presumption of innocence.

    He even accuses a French member of the panel of being FSB paid when he asks Browder a question that he doesn’t like.

    In his intro, he discusses his red family history.

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  21. Daughn, I was hoping to read all the comments before I posted but i just can’t.

    But I wanted to say thanks for writing this, it is great! We are truly, accurately, in a war. A real war. And as Orwell tried to teach us years ago words matter.

    And finally, please PLEASE give your DH a big hug. I adore his napkin drawing. It was hilarious, and true. Funniest thing I have seen in a long time.

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