Our President Is Looking To Bury the Democrat Party

The shutdown was concluded on Friday. The Democrats are celebrating the fact that they didn’t give PDJT a single penny for his Wall. They also are celebrating the so called hit he took to his approval rating. However, a poll was released today showing that Ms. Resistance took the biggest hit for her constant resistance.

From the article linked above:

A new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll shows that Speaker Nancy Pelosi – not President Donald Trump – plummeted most in popularity during the 35-day government shutdown.

The new poll shows the Speaker of the House experienced a 6-point drop in her approval rating. Only 28 percent of Americans rated Pelosi as favorable, while 47 percent rated her as unfavorable – a stunning 19 percent “upside down” unfavorable figure.

The Wall Street Journal reports that while voters in their poll did hold him responsible for the shutdown, Trump is down only 3 percent (43% approval) total since November, when the midterm elections were held. Hardly the roundhouse kick to the head that it could have been, given the bad mainstream press.

I think Old Nancy blinked today and decided she better allow our President to deliver his State Of The Union on Tuesday, February 5th.

For someone that “caved” according to the MSM, Leftists, Democrats etc., Americans are seeing it differently.

Nancy, the Democrats, MSM, CoC, Globalists, RINOs, Koch Brothers etc. have another serious problem on their hands. Americans expect them to live up to their end of the bargain when it comes to securing our border.

Especially in the states that will determine the 2020 Presidential Election.

The “New Democrats” in the House have some serious problems on their hands. Dan Bongino wrote about the poll Ronna McDaniel referenced in her tweet above.

From the article linked above:

A new poll focused on the seats of Nancy Pelosi’s most vulnerable allies — ten Democrat representatives of districts won by President Donald Trump in 2016 — paints a very different picture.

Regardless of how these districts voted in the midterm elections this past November, they support the President’s policies on border security, not Speaker Pelosi’s; and not by a slim margin. Sixty-one percent agree with the President, compared to 35 percent who are opposed.

That is on top of an economy that is absolutely allowing all types of Americans real opportunities.

This put tears in my eyes earlier today! God bless PDJT.

From the article linked above:

Disabled workers join job market at highest level in years amid low unemployment and stricter rules for claiming benefits

Like many adults with disabilities, Nathan Mort has often struggled to find and hold a job. A conservation group once declined his attempt to volunteer. The 37-year-old West Michigan native, who has a high-functioning form of autism, ended up living with his parents and dependent on government payments.


75 thoughts on “Our President Is Looking To Bury the Democrat Party

          1. I give up. You appear to simply want me to admit I’m wrong. If it pleases you, go right ahead. But when something I think is very important shows up, I share it. I don’t see the sin in that but apparently I don’t see very well. Sorry for tainting the thread.

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      1. That site went the way of the Drudge Report in my world of way more information than I can keep up with. I don’t have enough brain cells to always detect intentional disinformation generally so where I know it has taken up residence, I take notice and tend to spend time where I can generally trust information.

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      1. So you disagree that it has anything to do with DJT’s war on democrats? And I did post it on the open thread, as did someone else.


        1. I read the article based on your recommendation. The article made it seem as if our President has no clue that he is the target. I find that hard to believe. If our President is the target, they have some serious trouble on their hands with Barr taking over shortly from Whitaker who decided to drop a MOAB earlier today.

          You know it is bad for them when Page and Stzrok’s go to journalist decided to tweet the following today.

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          1. I certainly didn’t get that message. I got that he couldn’t be told the truth by the conspirators lest they lose their heads. That does not suggest to me that he didn’t know. I have operated on the assumption since the beginning that Admiral Rogers and Mike Flynn told him darn near everything. I was just amazed to see official people starting to open the gate to the truth. I thought others should see it too.

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      2. I agree – this SD post is important, but it’s definitely Open Thread stuff. I don’t like deleting stuff, so it stays, but we do need to respect the authors here by staying on topic MOSTLY.

        I don’t want to rule out off-topic notifications of BIG NEWS. I think we all appreciate notice of huge breaking news (e.g., when the MUELLER REPORT comes out). Even fresh Q posts are always BREAKING NEWS here, and I appreciate being notified in any thread, so I can get a thread up A.S.A.P.

        Note that people CAN repeat things in the open thread – same day or different days – to make sure people see them.

        I will go to the open thread to comment further.

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    1. pgroup, I like you.
      Don’t worry, I think we’re good.

      And yet, please understand that your wording made me feel like you are telling me what to do. And what you think I should do is something I do not want to and am not willing to do.

      So the first time I see you tell me what to do I am irritated, but I shrug and scroll on. Then I move over to Flep’s new post only to find an exact repeat of your post. At that point I am irritated enough to fuss at you. Twice.

      I’m over it now, but that’s what was going on from my perspective.

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    2. I really don’t understand the hair-on-fire attitude surrounding this. Seriously? PDJT didn’t KNOW he was a target? Yeah, right…..pffftttt….

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  1. Disabled doesnt mean incapable. Having a job makes people feel human, connected, and useful. It gives them the independence they need and hopefulky leads to happier lives. Thats a great stat.

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    1. Without meaningful and engaging work, the human spirit languishes. Traditional work, gig work, volunteer work, nourishing a family, creative work, even the work of prayer. All feed our need for purpose and sense of value in the world.

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    2. Used to live with a man who is legally blind. COBOL programmer, great gig with a major bank, fiercely independent, didn’t want people pitying him. He made really good money too – way better than I did at the time.

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      1. michaelh, Your post reminded me of friends whose youngest daughter of five has a developmental disability and their concern for her quality of life after they are able to provide a home and support for her led them to an amazing project that has been a true labor of love to provide for that particular population where people who are capable of independent living with limited supervision can live in a safe, supportive, community-centered environment.

        Their vision took shape in 2007 to construct unique apartment buildings with eight individual apartments in each building with an additional apartment for a live-in house manager. Each apartment opens into a common area to promote community and social interaction. This arrangement ensures independent living, with assistance when needed, and allows the development of a permanent extended family and prevents isolation.

        Here’s a link to their story: https://www.springboardlandings.org/ourstory

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        1. That’s a life-living model that we all need, disabled or otherwise. We have a society living independently – but lonely.

          Read an article the other day – due to costs for apartments, they’re building buildings where one rents a room and has communal access to kitchen, living area. etc. I think that’s great.

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        2. We have a number of those kinds of assisted living centers throughout Nebraska, as well as centers for those with alzheimers and the developmentally disabled for day or overnight respite. My daughter and son-in-law worked as home health care providers for 2 disabled women.

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    3. Everyone should have the opportunity to feel the PLEASURE that comes from ACCOMPLISHMENT.
      “Freebies” do NOT give you that “feeling”.
      Hard Work….. Perseverance….. and a little KNOW HOW (maybe some “Luck”)…..
      These are the things of ACCOMPLISHMENT.

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      1. This is why Gen Y has no get-up-and-go; they have been told they are perfect and deserve everything handed to them on a silver platter, thereby never knowing that sense of satisfaction and fulfillment, the thrill of a job well done. IMO, that has a lot to do with life and being successful in whatever form you choose.

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      1. If it happens, I will put up a special thread for everybody here to give you major attaboys for this prediction! 😀

        Seriously – I do NOT put it past the Dems to keep her on life support until the night before the SOTU, or whatever date would be most effective to generate a delay.

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  2. Buck Sexton on Tucker – Border situation is getting worse, system is overwhelmed. Increased # of Migrants surrendering to BP for medical services. BP has setup pre-screening facilities to examine all the migrants for serious illness and communicable diseases. Uncle Sam pays for all treatment plus toting each one to hospital with a 2 agent escort. Basically BP is now Red Cross.
    Just like lying to Congress, lying to BP, ICE is also illegal, and fraud. US Attorneys only prosecuted under 100 of these cases last year, lack of resources to enforce law. Backlog in courts made worse by Shutdown.

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    1. System being overwhelmed, medical system probably going to be overwhelmed too…

      CLASSIC Cloward-Piven…

      And Satan Soros knows it, and funds it… and not just in the USA…

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  3. So, I’m thinking, if the “President is looking to bury the Dems”, then Sylvia’s shovel needs to have babies… cuz we want to help dig. AmIRight?

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  4. Don’t forget that Q said this in drop #2635:

    The [D] party will cease to exist once it’s all exposed.
    FAKE NEWS can no longer control [dampen] public awareness of the TRUTH.

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    1. The [D] party will cease to exist once it’s all exposed.

      Now that would be some trick. After all losing the civil war wasn’t enough to kill the Dems.

      And honestly, it doesn’t matter whether it dies or not–the leftists will find a place to go if the Dems aren’t there.

      Eternal vigilance…

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      1. I’m thinking their human trafficking would be enough to kill them if it was really revealed big time. There are plenty of people more in the center who reflexively vote D. I don’t think they would with that kind of revelation.

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        1. What frustrates me is these non-profits that supposedly are anti-human trafficking, but are founded by Dems, seem almost entirely focused on public awareness and general education, which seems oriented toward fundraising.

          Years ago I attended one of these fundraising events, and I wasn’t the only one who felt this way. After a bunch of stories (aka, emotional manipulation) during the Q&A one of the audience members asked what can we do to make a difference. No joke, their only solution was to give them money. Supposedly they had all the tools, techniques and people, supposedly the investigative and legal work was so highly specialized, what they really needed was the money to finance their operation.

          And, if you didn’t have money, what you could do is raise awareness and do other fundraising activities. IOW, free marketing.

          I was very unimpressed.


          1. This is why you have to do your homework regarding non-profits. Locally, a group of doctors started a non-profit that finances their trips to a hospital in Haiti where they volunteer for two weeks and deal with issues that we would consider simple to fix, and happens here regularly. Their presentation was full of stories of how this person or that had simple plastic surgery to fix a lip, cleft palate, etc. They had pictures of before and after.

            That’s the sort of group that does make a difference.


      2. “Now that would be some trick. After all losing the civil war wasn’t enough to kill the Dems.”

        True story.

        OTOH, after Wilberforce’s Clapham circle performed a shrewd legal maneuver which deprived slave traders of their funding, the British slave trade was finally outlawed within a couple of years.

        Funny what going broke will do to opposition.

        Hard to pay professional protesters without greenbacks.


  5. Newt said it…. It’s the Democrats time to choose.

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  6. Right now, the Democrats are burying themselves – digging deeper and deeper and losing votes/poll numbers/credibility – along with their sycophant obedient media mouthing their prescribed talking points.

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  7. the statements about the disabled finding jobs makes my heart smile!
    When i was a teenager, I would work during the summers at a local rehabilitation center that worked with disabled people teaching them skills. The workers would perform tasks like filling small bags with nuts/bolts and placing them in a bin–which I would then seal with a machine, or get records ready to be microfilmed, or other seemingly small tasks. But it wasn’t small to them. some were recovering from strokes, some were physically handicapped but everyone was proud of doing A job. I learned and loved so much those summers…

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    1. I worked for a couple of years at the museum in Norfolk and the young gal who came in and cleaned once a week was developmentally disabled. I also have a friend who does karaoke for one of the agencies in Norfolk for their Xmas party every year and the same gal is always the star of the show – Callie. My goodness, does she ever love to sing! Another guy brings his guitar. They have so much fun, it is truly uplifting to experience it with them. I was certified with two different Norfolk agencies as a respite provider for my daughter’s clients as well.

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  8. Just trying to catch up on my reading here, Felice. Another great piece. If you hadn’t have posted this I wouldn’t have known about San Fran Nan’s poll numbers. Love your info and analysis. You are always worth reading.


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