Our President is a MASTER When It Comes To Trolling

Our President understands what Howard Schultz’s would mean if he decides to run as an Independent in the 2020 Presidential Election.

From the article linked above:

Former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz’s open consideration of an independent, third-party bid for the White House has numerous Democratic political operatives and candidates sounding the alarm.

“I have a concern that if he did run, that essentially, it would provide Donald Trump with his best hope of getting re-elected,” Julian Castro — a former Housing and Urban Development secretary under the Obama administration and a 2020 Democratic presidential candidate himself — said Sunday when asked by CNN about Schultz’s possible run. “I would suggest to Mr. Schultz to truly think about the negative impact that that might make.”

“.@HowardSchultz running for POTUS as an independent would put the froth on @realDonaldTrump’s Cinnamon Dolce Latte, splitting the opposition and making Trump’s low ceiling potentially high enough,” David Axelrod, former President Barack Obama’s campaign manager, tweeted on Jan. 21.

The problem for the Democrats is magnified in Schultz’s decision. A large number of Democrats believe in Socialism (nearly 40%). They want someone that would push the Socialism agenda forward (i.e. Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren etc.).

However, the poll below shows the reality for “Sane” Democrats and why our President will be reelected whether Schultz runs or not.

The problem for these “Sane” Democrats is that the crazies on the far Left want Socialism and all that comes with it. Any Moderate Democrat will not stand a chance given the fact that the crazies will not support them financially or in primaries especially since California moved their primary up to the first Super Tuesday in March.

The Kamala Harris’, Bernie Sanders’, Elizabeth Warren’s of the world will benefit tremendously by the primary schedule and small and large donors.

Howard Schultz sees the tweet above and thinks he can pluck enough of those voters from the right and left and become the next President of the USA.

Just a half hour ago he put the following tweet out.

The Left has implored their people to go after Schultz telling him he can’t win.

Our President understands that his policies and his agenda have captured those Americans in the middle. Schultz will be able to pull some of those Democrats to him. Our President realizes those “Sane” Democrats wouldn’t be voting for him no matter what. They would vote for one of the crazies listed above. If Schultz takes 2% to 3% of the votes away from the Democrat Candidate, our President will not only win every state he won in 2016 but you can include New Hampshire, Minnesota, Nevada and possibly New Mexico into his total electoral count.

He knows that by trolling Schultz, the more likely he will be to go through with his run as an Independent.


35 thoughts on “Our President is a MASTER When It Comes To Trolling

      1. If you watch that video, Schultz is all heart. There should be floating hearts all over that video for his love fest.

        He won’t survive the primary season.

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    1. Heh, heh, heh. Says the candidate (Bloomberg) who was a Republican in Name Only, then became an Independent, and then with a huge drum roll changed his registration to Democrat…just so he could run as one!

      And now here comes this Schultz fellow trying to steal his sunshine. Ah, think I’ll go brew a cup of Dunkin’ Donuts coffee and savor this as I drink it.

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  1. What I enjoy about this Shultz independent run is it demonstrates how nervous the big dem money people might be getting with the left sliding too far left. They have to be worried they will end up in the cross hairs if they can’t get out ahead of the leftist base. They are the ones that want their fiefdoms and they are taking a huge gamble by courting the left if they can’t control them.

    Marx describes one of the last, not the very last, phases of communism as having to go through a phase of complete tyranny and it is in that phase people like the Clintons and many of these big money dems wish to rule from having no intent to go further, with them playing the part of the nobility once again. IMO its why they don’t mind Islam so much as it provides the same thing for them.

    I also believe the nobility that did escape Paris during the French Revolution besides running away to other kingdoms and principalities, ended up in places like Brussels and have been planning this comeback for quite some long time. People of their ilk are the ones that populate places like Hamptons.

    Anyway, a bit generalized and simple but I’m thinking the Bourgeois prefer serfs to communists yet hate freedom loving peoples who stripped them from there hereditary titles. 2020 will be most interesting.

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    1. Strange, they NEVER seem to get out of the tyranny phase… for whatever reason people never seem to take to the communist programming and usher in utopia!

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  2. The Democrat Party is like Victor Frankenstein except that instead of creating one monster they’ve created many, many monsters throughout the years. Each monster, they thought, was necessary to further their socialist/communist agenda so on they went continuing to rob graves at a furious pace. Now they’re stuck with all of these hideous creatures of their own making, creatures who deep down despise them, want to destroy them…uncontrollable monsters who eventually will burn it all down…but who still travel in mobs.

    This is just Igor trying to take over the labratory…the Victor Frankenstein’s of the world will never allow this…they learned too much from Bernie from the Black Lagoon and they won’t be making that mistake again…imo.

    He may be allowed to throw his abnormal head in the ring in the primaries but they’ll toss him in the raging fire before he’s able to draw a bolt of lightning.

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    1. Remember…… Burny was a setup all along…….
      The Dims “thought” they had it all under control (RIGGED)
      Then VSG (and I think….. MI) came along and pissed in their Post Toasties 🙂


  3. ” Howard Schultz doesn’t have the “guts” to run for President! ”
    Think that PDJT is goading him into doing just that, might we see some more twets along similar lines.

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  4. I think the left will anonymously destroy Schultz before they allow him to run. I don’t think they’re gonna let Hi-liar-y run either. They will do whatever it takes to install their “preferred” candidate to run against our VSG.

    And it won’t make a damn bit of difference in the outcome. Can you say “Trump 2020?!”

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      1. Howard Schultz is an ALL HEART liberal.

        He is widely admired in the business world. One of his major principles early on is that he set the vision for Starbuck’s that their purpose as a business wasn’t going to be “to sell coffee” but to “serve people”. He has some genuine keen insights that other business leaders miss, which has ramped him up from just another CEO to an admired visionary and household name. Not as well known as “Steve Jobs” but pretty close to the same league in the business set.

        This is also his weakness. He is a genuinely loving person, an idealist who wants to do the right thing by people. But his thinking is primarily with his heart, which is to say his EMOTION. He has a brain and is capable of using it, but at the end of the day it’s his loving emotional good-intended EMOTION that is control, not REASON. Common sense flies out the window. His idea of “service” really is just selling “coffee” – you can call is a cup of “happiness” but I still call it burned bean juice.

        We joke about him thinking he’s a “moderate” b/c he’s out of touch. It’s true – but keep in mind that by cloistered Seattle standards, he really is a moderate. He’s out of touch with middle America but he tries to keep in touch with everyone near him, so he’s well connected with the Seattle vibe at the ground level. Unfortunately Seattle doesn’t play well in Peoria. That’s a polite way of saying that middle America rejects his saccharine sweeteners and will vomit if he tries to force-feed them on us.

        Remember that Starbuck’s racial-bias sensitivity training last April? That was his brain-child at the end of the day. He is a True Believer in that claptrap – that if we (meaning “whites”) were just more sensitive to the people around us, and if we would JUST LISTEN to people more, and learn to EMPATHIZE (there’s that EMOTIONAL thinking again) that the world could truly be a better place where we could all live in peace, harmony, and love. He’s a genuine True Believer that he thinks EVERYONE needs to hear this message and be evangelized to it.

        To the rest of us? He comes across as the 100% hypocritical sanctimonious pompous jerk that he is – a toxic mixture of arrogance, condescension, and patronizing moralizing and virtue signaling. He’s so caught up in the EMOTION of his beliefs that he’s completely blind to his own hypocrisy, and can’t even recognize how much of a jerk he truly is. It is utterly patronizing for a CEO of a company to deem to lecture middle America – who he is clearly out of touch with and clearly DOES NOT want to listen to – about how they, those poor, pitiful unwashed masses that need left-coast liberal enlightenment (and a grande mocha latte), really need to be more sensitive, more loving, and listen more. You know, the kinds of lessons that most of us learned in the 3rd grade and in our early Sunday School classes. Instead of listening to middle America, he projects he own faults and weaknesses on America, and imagines himself as our Savior who can heal all of our wounds and bring us all back together in love to sing Kum Bay Ya.

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