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This Cozy Q Tree Monday open thread is VERY OPEN – a place for everybody to post whatever they feel they would like to tell the White Hats, and the rest of the MAGA world.

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Welcome back Wolfmoon! We rejoice in your safe return. I am happy to report that everyone was on their best behavior during your absence! Haaa.



794 thoughts on “Dear MAGA: 20190128 Open Topic

  1. Well Well Well

    Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker said Monday that special counsel Robert Mueller is nearing the end of his investigation.

    “The investigation is, I think, close to being completed, and I hope that we can get the report from Director Mueller as soon as possible,” Whitaker said at a press conference to announce an indictment against Huawei, a Chinese telecom company.

    Whitaker said that he had been “fully briefed on the investigation” being led by Mueller, a former FBI director.

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    1. iirc, a spokesperson for RBG stated she was taking an entire month leave from the bench (that took care of Jan)

      Now we learn that Court will not actually sit again until February 19th….

      Well, that really allows RBG to remain hidden from public view ’til after the CR date of Feb 15th

      No wonder Narco Nan is ok with SOTUA on Feb 5th… she’s not ok with it, she prefers it sooner than later

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  2. Just a quick FB vs Trump supporters update: the URL of the online publication for which I write has been banned by the platform. We aren’t the only ones.

    It looks like the moto is now if you can’t beat ’em, ban ’em.

    Please, please, click on the ads of the alternative pubs you do frequent. It will help keep them going even if you purchase nothing.

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      1. My mother was pregnant with me in me in 1944 and she did not need a third child. It was war in Germany and she tried desperately to abort me. This time the abortion attemp failed and I was born.
        I refused to nurse from my mother’s breast and a woman was found who nursed me.

        Every time my mother hugged me I turned blue because I could not breath. I knew all my life I was not wanted and my mother told me all the time that it was my fault the abortion failed.

        I grew up mostly on the street meadows and woods from age 4 my mother put me out early in the morning and took me in at night.
        I was raised by a village and had much love from people I called ant and grandma and there were the nuns who showerd me with love.
        I spend time in monastery pre school and kindergarten and when it was cold in the Catholic Cathedral.
        I grew up and never felt hate for my mother I forgave her a long time ago.
        I would not want to change exsperience growing up because I was rich not showered with love even though I was very poor of material things. I never had a toy or books as kid but was very creative.
        I only share this because there is hope one does not need to abort because all life Is a gift from God. We are all God’s Beloved.
        I came allone with nothing at age 19 to America to visit my pen perl whom I married after 2 week engagement.
        We are still married and the Grace from God continues.
        I pray for women who see no way out that they feel to end God’s gift .

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        1. Your story is one I’ll not soon forget. The will to live and thrive was in you at birth and the life you’ve led is truly inspiring. Makes me want to hug the little girl that you were and the woman that you became.

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          1. Thank you for the kind words.
            Let us shed tears for the babies and mothers who feel that have no choice but to end life by violating their own bodies. I see it as violation of Creation. I pray that all women find God’s Mercy and Peace.
            Psalm 139: 16
            You saw me before I was born.
            Every day of my life was recorded in your book.
            Every moment was laid out
            before a single day had passed.

            Let me leave you with a poem I wrote many years ago.
            Yes, I cant spell but write poetry..:)

            Reality of Promise

            When sorrow strikes the weary soul
And tears not able to flow

            The body aches a hundred deaths

            Weariness holds its grip

            The heart weeps
Shedding many tears
Carrying sorrow and pain

            He who guards the narrow path

            Points the way

            Opens the gate 

            Hands of the universe

            Hold and cradle
            wind flows though the soul
Repairs the broken wing
And lifts the human spirit high

            That she once more can fly


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  3. I could not agree more.
    Same line of thinking is why I choose to provide beauty and scripture here.

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      1. I love his handwriting.

        I told this story on the OT last time but I like you all better. 😉 I purchased his book ‘art of the deal’ and I got a used one that to my great joy had his autograph in it. 🙂

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        1. That’s incredible! I read a long time ago that the wealthy are instructed to have an illegible signature for their protection — maybe to avoid forgeries? I don’t know if that’s true, but I noticed that Melania’s signature looks similar to his. I doubt that’s how she really writes.

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        2. “I love his handwriting.”


          I’ve been trying to decipher what language it’s in.

          Doesn’t appear to be any of the European or Latin-derived languages.

          Are those letters, or hieroglyphs… or something else altogether? 😁

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  4. I like Amazing Polly. She covers a lot of the nooks and crannies that often get overlooked in some of the current news items. Here she scratches the surface of ‘who’s fact checking the fact checkers’…and the fact checkers incestuous relationship with the MSM…

    btw, Polly subscribers are growing by leaps and bounds…

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  5. Q projected the 2-5-19 date in these posts

    ▶Anonymous 01/28/19 (Mon) 18:05:476f11c4 (11) No.4943555>>4943634 >>4943646 >>4943665 >>4943813 >>4943500 >>4943463
    So doesn’t this look like PROOF that
    Pelosi is controlled? POTUS has
    arranged for the SOTU to be given
    on a date that aligns with Q crumbs
    exactly 1 year prior. On a date that
    nobody expected.
    Is Pelosi controlled now?
    Is her job to bring down the Dem party
    by making everything they do look
    extreme, stupid, and obstructing?
    I deem that a possibility although not a certainty

    This was where they were all looking at their cell phones during last years SOTU.
    The plot thickens.
    More Popcorn.

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            1. you know you’re old when…

              I had just read about the MAGA Leadership Summit,
              when I posted “date night” …..
              how soon the synapses corrode !

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              1. you’re not old–We just have so much we can retain — Like a computer– after so many years–we need to add storage space–or offload on a cloud or something–LOL!

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      1. Maybe he has a daate with Melania …

        The man has not been out of the WH since Dec 21 except for 2 occasions…

        One: To fly to Iraq and visit mil for Christmas and
        Two: To ride in a motorcade to the Pentagon

        Meanwhile Narco Nan and her ilk went to Hawaii, then to PR (or is that reverse?) and the witch tried to go on a junket (on the taxpayers, of course…

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  6. You may want to go to the OT and read this it’s quite stunning. Not in a good way.
    “The Stunning Importance of What Devin Nunes Said Yesterday – Rosenstein Made President Trump Mueller’s Target”

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    1. I read it. Don’t think it makes any more sense than anything else being said. Nunes would surely have known this long before now.

      Neither do I believe that all these hires of POTUS, including Rosenstein, were snakes. Rosenstein could have been got rid of a long time ago.

      Frankly, most of it didn’t make sense to me, other than SD is stating that PJDT couldn’t do anything (releasing info) because he was the target of the investigation. Mostly it’s like a pretzel, maybe someone can explain it to me. POTUS could have simply exposed that an illegal investigation of him was going on, and that he had snakes in his DOJ/FBI doing it.

      What am I missing?

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      1. Hi Lady P! I didn’t read it–But from ALL HIS OTHER POSTS…It only makes sense if you believe POTUS is an idiot or at least just an Average person who makes bad cabinet picks…I simply cannot follow OT anymore…

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        1. Exactly, Marica, and my Unified Theory of PDJT blows up that premise. Everything we know about POTUS indicates he’s been in battles all his life, and knows how to win. He may have had a few disappointments in his Cabinet picks, but the idea that he wouldn’t have learned about rotten apples and ACTED on such knowledge, that’s selling rain in the desert.

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          1. Lady P– Not sure where I read this..Here twitter–somebody will catch this–It’s Not that SD is wrong about his tying 2+2 together…It’s that his conclusions are WRONG! Even that post said “Mueller will go on until TRUMP is out of office”– THe conclusions are where we All Diverge…

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            1. Right, I don’t have a problem with what appears to be the facts, but the conclusions are the problem, and frankly, the post was confusing. IMO, POTUS hasn’t lived one day since (and before) attaining the presidency where he didn’t believe he is being watched, spied on, investigated.

              I just take that as a given. Now whether all the guys he has chosen in those agencies are bad guys, well that’s a lot to believe. It requires one to suspend belief about his ability to chose good people, or his power to get rid of anyone who is seeking to do him harm.

              I think he has shown he can get rid of people.

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        1. Good, you’re here. I went OT. BTW, SD is very active in the comment thread tonight. His words are shocking though. He clearly believes that Rosenstein could and did lie (allowed to for counterespionage purposes according to SD) to POTUS about him being under investigation. And then there is this from him SD:

          “Robert Mueller is investigating President Trump for Treason. Not vice-versa.

          This is why Nancy Pelosi feels empowered….”

          SD said this. He has comments scattered throughout that post. I read through it because I think it is important to know what’s being said… have to say it takes me by surprise where SD went with this.

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        2. Exactly Daughn!! HE can tie stuff together .. It’s his conclusions/assumptions–That rae the BIG PROBLEM! I LOVE this place– Q tree can be wrong— but we allow for differing opinions! WOLFIE ROCKS as a Host!!! #blessedtobehere !

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          1. That’s a helpful way to look at things, Marica. I noticed even other analysts SD is squabbling with – they still read his posts, comes through my twitter feed. Getting all information, plus other points of view – if one is in the business, makes sense.

            The Nunes post tonight had a lot of data, confusing, and IMO, the wrong conclusions, because I’m on POTUS’ side regarding his strengths and abilities, and expected outcomes, but knowing what’s being said is important. Especially if we know people who hear these things and believe them.

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      2. I am with you, Lady. I skimmed the intro and as soon as I read “speculated,” I was finished. Many have opinions, legions want to speculate, few have facts, and that may include Mr. Nunes at this point. OR he may be playing a carefully designed role.

        Either way, I don’t have time for this sensationalist faux journalism that has become SD’s trademark.

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        1. Good point, about Nunes. I don’t think there was anything new… and as I’ve said elsewhere in the thread POTUS has likely lived his life assuming they’re doing exactly whatever it is they’ve been doing. I’m not sure why the article was so dramatic.

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      3. Your not missing anything you just need someone to remind you of all the
        reasons SD gives for no Delcas:

        + Save it for Leverage. (this is where I was kicked out during a lesser purge. 🙂 )
        + Horse Trading instead.
        + Muh Institutions Need to Be Preserved.
        + Nothing will come of it (prosecution wise) because there are no real investigations or investigations have been choked.
        + Law Warfare will see to it there are no prosecutions.
        + Nobody is paying attention and only a few are wise to what has happened.
        + Fixes can not occur with in institutions without external pressure.
        + It will be considered obstruction of justice.

        I may of missed some new ones as I only go OT when someone here mentions something that sounds interesting.

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        1. Yes, that site is functioning as one where “nothing will happen, and POTUS is losing” – now that’s their base they go forth from. We’re totally different, but, as in regards to this particular article, I think it was worth knowing, the content and the comments. Some of that will be making the rounds on the internet today.

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    2. Maybe true…maybe not. What is obvious is that OT is now 100% committed to “trust the (other) plan”…no hard evidence, just speculation gathered from watching talk shows and guessing motivations…exactly what they accuse everyone else of doing. But don’t you dare disagree…or OUT you go!!!

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    3. Read it. Color me confused. Perhaps my reading comprehension is fading.
      Anyway what it boiled down to for me:
      The President is actually the target of the investigation.
      The President isn’t declassifing anything because he can’t because he is the target of the investigation.
      The President doesn’t know he’s the target of the investigation.
      ???????? 🤔

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      1. Thank you, Tatonka, because I felt just as confused after reading it, and didn’t want to appear stupid. 🙂 IF POTUS has his own DOJ/FBI investigating him, even if he can’t fire them, they can be moved to counting paper clip jobs. He doesn’t have to tolerate subversion in his own agencies – and there isn’t any way he wouldn’t have known that this was happening.

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        1. Ok, tacking on after reading Wolf’s take – he didn’t have to fire the bad guys, just let it play out?

          FTR, I never doubted that POTUS would have made the ASSUMPTION that he was under investigation, and that everything he did from the day (likely even before he declared his candidacy) he would have assumed that there were binders 🙂 full of data about him, and it would be ongoing. POTUS would never let up his guard no matter what.

          IMO, investigating the dossier, is the same as investigating POTUS. Is there a distinction?

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          1. Exactly.

            Really, the only new twist is the idea that the Comey-Rosey-Mueller AXIS was lying when they said Trump wasn’t under investigation.

            Trump basically called their bluff by FIRING Comey (after making sure everybody heard Comey’s LIE – awesome chess there) – who deserved to be fired – and those malicious, treasonous TWATS then fired up the special counsel in response to keep the investigation going.under Cabal management.

            Comey and Trump…..

            “You’re not under investigation.”



            “He said I’m not under investigation. So if I FIRE him, I’m not obstructing, so YOU’RE FIRED!!!”

            “You can’t fire me! That’s obstructing a NON-INVESTIGATION!!!”

            “Yeah, sure, Comey. Don’t let your return flight hit you in the ass on your way back to Washington.”

            This is standard Cabal bullshit – just like the way they ARE (or at least WERE a few weeks back) investigating me, and as far as I could tell, with no reason to be using the specific methods they were using other than to set me up for a shoot-out.

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    4. What this really means is that all the pieces we know are there are still there – they just need to be jiggled a bit. AND my reading is that POTUS suspected this the whole time, as did Nunes and the others. THAT is why the White Hats all BEE-LINED to the BOGUS DOSSIER.

      The bogus dossier is KEY to Mueller.


      Comey LIED when he said Trump was NOT under investigation.

      Rosey LIED when he said Trump was NOT under investigation.

      Trump’s making a POINT of “so-and-so said I’m not under investigation” was BRILLIANT strategy to make his foes double down on LIES to support a BOGUS investigation based on a BOGUS dossier.

      When Trump “found gold in the walls”, they likely found EAVESDROPPING which in fact meant that POTUS WAS in fact under surveillance.

      Etc., etc.

      This is actually GOOD, IMO. This makes the entire thing MORE SCANDALOUS for the Democrats. Should Trump do MASSIVE DECLAS, it will DESTROY THEM. It will be a rough two weeks as they scream impeachment, but we simply hold the line while analysis proceeds, and VOILA – Trump is exonerated and the DEMS GO DOWN, because it will be clear that they were going AFTER TRUMP.

      No reason to be nervous here. This means that THEY over-committed to LIES.

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        1. To me the thing about it, is that right form the beginning we’ve had that unmistakable amygdala tickle, that gut feeling, that these creeps were lying the whole time.

          Trust your instincts.

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          1. POTUS is a brilliant man, and he would never have let down his guard, Mysteries are my favorite reads, and it tickles me to think how much POTUS knows about all the players.

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        1. Don’t the pieces just fit together BETTER now? I totally get why SD is sold on this – it has that signature of “everything fits better”.

          – Explains why the Fake News had to be so OTT with the “Muh Russia” lies – to keep dossier narrative

          – Explains why that Schiffless Communist had to be so OTT with the “Muh Russia” lies – same thing

          – Explains why Twitter and Facebook had to support the “Muh Russia” lies about “Russian bots”

          – Explains why Fake News had the Rosenstein-vs.-McCabe FAKE FIGHT – to make Rosey look like he was more on Trump’s side – so they dug up stuff to help make Rosey look white hat TO TRUMP

          – Explains why these legalistic blowhards who SEEMED to be lying (thus out of character) really WERE lying – because they are automatically EXCUSED by virtue of Trump being under investigation

          – Trump very likely SENSED that these people were LYING and could not be trusted!!!

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    1. If true — and I have doubts — was she in a coma while the SCOTUS was in session and she was supposedly working from home and reading briefs and testimony? Is there a conspiracy to make it look as if she’s working when she’s not? Or, worse, is someone else doing her work for her? I can’t imagine all the serious implications of that.

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      1. DP– I don’t think anyone is trusting this… Just a reminder that RBG IS MIA…Something nefarious IS going on–Do Not know what…But she is the Lynch pen (pun intended) –especially as New York –and other states to follow are killing our American babies up and until the are BORN…

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        1. I believe RBG is in her last days. If she had passed, POTUS would know. due to, IMO, national security is involved when it comes to matters that might have to go before the Supreme Court. For now, I think the SC isn’t meeting, so she can be absent without question.

          Also, while usually, the Justices attend the SOTU, some have at times, some haven’t.

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      1. I remember that video of her berating Mike Rogers. If you ever have any questions about her, just watch that video, and you’ll learn everything you ever need to know about her. What she does under the table tells us nothing new.

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    1. pgroup–follow Brian Cates–the below thread refutes this…

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    2. pgroup: Some of us don’t want to go over there and read that. You can tell me to “read it yourself,” 😃 but if you would give a short summary, that would help. I’m guessing it’s something supposedly bad for Pres. Trump.

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    3. Nope. Appreciate your perspective, but I had already noticed, skimmed intro, and as soon as I saw the word “speculate” I knew it was not worth my time and energy. I will continue to pay attention to DJT tweets, PM news reports, Paul Serran, Q Tree, JoeM, Lisa Marie.

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  7. The only way to know for sure would be to see what’s in the second lot of instructions RR gave to mueller. If they are investigating PDJT himself rather than just non existant Russian collusion it makes it difficult to do anything to end mueller, that would really look like obstruction. It would explain the DOJ’s unhelpfulness also regarding declasifying.
    Nunes is sound I don’t think he would come up with crazy ideas.


    1. From the Epoch Times article above:

      “In a Jan. 26 Fox News interview, Barnes specifically mentioned Reza Aslan, Iranian-American writer and commentator; Matthew Dowd, ABC News political analyst and former chief strategist for the George W. Bush campaign; actor Michael Rapaport; and The New York Daily News.”

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  8. ME TOO!!

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    1. For every child who lives in the womb:
      that God might send an angel to guard and protect
      the innocent and defenseless;
      We pray to the Lord:

      For the children who have died from abortion in our nation,
      and for their mothers and fathers:
      for mercy, peace and the loving embrace of Christ;
      We pray to the Lord:


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    1. Remember the scripture I posted on the 27th Dear MAGA Open?

      5 God thunders forth marvels with his voice;
      he does great things beyond our knowing.
      6 He says to the snow, “Fall to the earth”;
      likewise to his heavy, drenching rain.
      7 He shuts up all humankind indoors,
      so that all people may know his work.

      8 The wild beasts take to cover
      and remain quiet in their dens.
      9 Out of its chamber the tempest comes forth;
      from the north winds, the cold.
      10 With his breath God brings the frost,
      and the broad waters congeal.
      11 The clouds too are laden with moisture,
      the storm-cloud scatters its light.
      12 He it is who changes their rounds, according to his plans,
      to do all that he commands them
      across the inhabited world.
      13 Whether for punishment or mercy,
      he makes it happen.

      Job 37:5-13

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        1. won’t try to speak for Gil…

          shutdown probably hampered any action … Here we are at the end of January.

          House/Senate Conf Committee meets on Wednesday at 1:30 pm to attempt compromise on CR…
          That ties up some of the Senators (ya know, they don’t work many hours a day or days a week)…
          deadline would be the one POTUS has given… Feb 15th…

          Hopefully, the GOP Senators have already worked the changes out…
          If the DIMS can change the rules of the House shortly after being sworn in,
          I don’t see why the GOP Senators can’t just bit the bullet and do the same in the Senate.

          Waiting for the right time is futile… that’s not going to happen. Majority of these nominations have been waiting for confirmation for over 18 months now. GOP has majority in the Senate… Mitch needs to get the job done even if it means changing the rules. Just my two cents.

          P.S. If, as some believe, things will happen after Feb 15th, POTUS will need judicial nominations on the bench… it’s imperative that the Senate take care of this.

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  10. Rarely comment but Sundance’s twitter war with epoch times was proven wrong today. Sundance said Rosenstein was in control of Muehler probe. Today that was proven wrong during press conference.

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    1. Txproud and Phoenix, I’m with you. Read the whole SD article and too many things don’t line up. Glad to hear from Txproud for further validation.

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    1. They’re afraid to run it ‘live’…for fear that some terrible Truth might be revealed.

      They probably tape it and run their picks of the ‘highlights’ of the press briefing.
      Carefully edited highlights, of course.

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  11. Devin Nunes on Roger Stone’s arrest on Friday:

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  12. Wolf, would you consider inviting Martin Geddes from greater London to the Q Tree, please?

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  13. Gosh, today, President Trump has trolled Swartz of Starbucks, Blumenthal, and now, the global warming snake pit.

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    1. Repost of a portion of the quote from the 27th Dear MAGA Open…

      God thunders forth marvels with his voice;
      he does great things beyond our knowing.
      He says to the snow, “Fall to the earth”;
      likewise to his heavy, drenching rain.

      He shuts up all humankind indoors,
      so that all people may know his work.
      The wild beasts take to cover
      and remain quiet in their dens.

      Out of its chamber the tempest comes forth;
      from the north winds, the cold.
      With his breath God brings the frost,
      and the broad waters congeal.
      The clouds too are laden with moisture,
      the storm-cloud scatters its light.

      Job 37:5-11

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  14. Something to ponder:

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    1. Do you guys remember when the Boston Marathon bombing happened and the Boston police decided to drag out all their new toys? It looked like the Russians landed in burbs of Watertown, MA.
      And it was the first time for the “shelter in place” rule, which is commonplace today.
      Similar thing?

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    1. Woah…the picture in this tweet has changed.

      It’s different now from what it was when you posted it, PhoenixR.

      It now has Praying Medic’s hand over the lens…when before, he was just sitting there and his hands were not in the picture.

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  15. Wolfie,

    I’m noticing some tension here having to do with articles, postings from OT.

    Some, myself included, are done with and don’t give a hoot what goes on over there.

    Others are still interested in the overall climate OT, as well as speculating on Sd.

    It would be silly to think that Sd does not sometimes lurk here… which is one reason I dislike reading comments wrt him, especially those critical or given to analysis of his interactions of others.

    iirc, early on, in November after the election, you wrote about OT wrt bringing posts and/or articles directly over here.

    Please don’t interpret my comments/questions as an effort in anyway to dictate policy. I simply think that what may be needed by some (I included myself here) is some clarity on what your ideas/policy are in this regard.

    I am comfortable with whatever you decide, as I’m sure others are. Clarity would, I believe, dissipate the tension.

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    1. My 2cents. I agree about avoiding OT, and it’s good to avoid commenting on SD… For the most part, having just recently left, there are still some commenters I was looking for. but most of the names I don’t know.

      That said, the articles themselves are or could be of interest, if for no other reason to know what is being said, even if we don’t believe or say it ourselves. I’m torn about not knowing.

      SD used the term “treason” tonight, “Mueller is investigating President Trump for treason” – that was something that shocked me, and I shared that here. Because when words like that are out there…

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      1. Random thoughts about something I haven’t read (!):
        Was there a source for the assertion that Pres. Trump is being investigated for treason? That’s the first I’ve heard of that.

        Those who believe Q believe that Pres. Trump knows all the dirt and has known from well before he ran for office. Those who don’t believe Q are open to theories that Pres. Trump can be duped, doesn’t make good decisions, etc. (And of course, no one is perfect.) Those who want to separate from the pack of reporters coming out with big stories will try to present a unique perspective, and we have to carefully examine everything.

        I’ve seen conclusions I didn’t agree with or think were sound over the past year, over there. One was about something Dan Bongino said in his viral speech in the last few months. I didn’t hear in the speech what was alleged to have been said, and I listened twice.

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        1. Exactly. I’m with you about believing that POTUS knew/knows what he needs to, has acted based on that knowledge, and adjusted where required,

          I’d actually caught that article before it was mentioned here, sent to me by a friend, a non-CTH person. I do tend to read posts regarding the Congress critters involved in the activities of the past two years.

          Upthread someone noted that the information may be correct, but the wrong conclusions were drawn. I believe it’s helpful to know things that are being said, even when it’s at odds w/ what I believe. People here are good at analyzing and then that helps us to refute what’s turns out to be misinformation/disinformation.

          That particular article was unusual – SD responded throughout the post, and that “treason” word was openly said by him. That was a “whoa” moment for me, and important enough or at least it concerned me enough to share here for help figuring it out.

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    2. “Some […] don’t give a hoot what goes on over there.”

      I said good-bye to OT.

      I find it a distraction, and counter-productive to boot, to be reminded of that depressing site.

      IMO, of course.

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    3. I know what you’re saying, PhoenixR…and I go back and forth about it.

      Some are still feeling raw about how they were treated, and it’s good that this is a place for them to vent about it.

      Telling people to Not Post anything from over there would be censorship.
      And that is what we fled from…isn’t it?

      I wouldn’t want the stifling air of censorship to dampen our sense of freedom here.

      So I fear that doing what you’re asking for…would end up doing more harm than leaving things Open.

      Liked by 3 people

      1. I interpreted Phoenix as asking for clarity on what the policy was, observing that different people seemed to have different takes on it.

        I agree with that; some clarity (or, should Wolf deem that it’s clear enough as is) a restatement would be good.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Thank you Steve,

          That is what I was asking for…

          I apologize wheatie if I wasn’t clear… it is not my intent to suggest censorship. You are exactly correct, that is what we fled.

          And I understand the need to vent…

          Steve’s comment is succinct and to the point…

          Something I strive for, but seem to seldom achieve 😉

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    4. Speak now in the ears of the people, and let every man borrow of his neighbour, and every woman of her neighbour, jewels of silver, and jewels of gold.
      And the LORD gave the people favour in the sight of the Egyptians.
      – Exodus 11:2-3a KJV

      Liked by 2 people

    5. I to grow wary of the OT be brought up as often as it is.

      Maybe have a semi permanent “OT in Abstentia” thread to discuss all things OT. Those of us who don’t care to partake can just avoid it.


  16. Btw, THIS is a magnified picture of the center cell-phone, referenced by Q and mentioned upthread by Elizabeth:

    (Anons are digging on it; there seems to be a “missing roll” of film from the Getty Images site. from last year’s SOTU. The implication is that Getty scrubbed it, before anyone – almost – could read it … like we’re reading below.)

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    Tlaib is a member of the Facebook group “Palestinian American Congress,” where members often demonize Jews. The group’s founder, Palestinian activist Maher Abdel-qader, was a key fundraiser for Tlaib and organized campaign events for her around the country.
    The video, which described Jews as “satanic,” also questioned whether 6 million Jews actually died in the Holocaust.
    In March 2018, Tlaib presented Abdel-qader with a medal showing her appreciation for his help with the campaign, according to Voices of New York, a project of the City University of New York (CUNY). She posted multiple pictures of herself with Abdel-qader on Facebook during the campaign and emphasized how important his support was to her
    A lot more at the link. How in hell can someone with the documented ties she has per this article get elected ? She’s bad news, very bad.

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