The Media’s Intentional “Rush to Judgement”

It’s been several days since the Covington Boys met Native American “elder” Nathan Phillips in a confrontation at the Lincoln Memorial. The incident has been reported in the media as an “attack” on an elderly man. A Native American, which apparently gives more status to an elderly person in this country, than regular elderly folks. The media’s descriptions of the boys’ conduct has ranged from taunting, smirking, sneering, and even physically assaulting, Mr. Phillips.

The headlines in the print media, internet, and social media went into hyper-drive in their desire to prove, once-in-for-all, how horrible, how racist, how hateful the Right is, and how anyone who supports traditional American values must be destroyed. The March for Life in DC was fertile ground to find these people. These individuals and groups are often aligned with President Trump and his MAGA agenda

In the media’s eyes, that’s the greater sin – the fact that these same people, who oppose abortion, also support President Trump. The mainstream media went right to it – destroy the young people, marginalize them, silence them and control the narrative. One Democrat Congressman, Rep. John Yarmouth, stated that #MAGA hats must be removed from children – what he is really saying is remove MAGA hats from society.

This “Rush to Judgement” – which now all the main media outlets are having to walk back, wasn’t a rush to judgement – this was their auto-pilot lynching of anyone/anything they can use to push their Leftist narrative. Everything the media does is with this goal in mind: to destroy traditional Americans, white or black. Add in the fact that these young people happen (for the most part) to be white and Catholic, now that’s a greater sin in the Lefties’ eyes, and the bigger target. People of faith, especially Judeo-Christians are easy targets.

The malignant media isn’t targeting those boys (yes, in the short-term they are) but in the long-term it’s about getting to the millions of Americans who want to restore and rejuvenate America as she was founded. This is the desire of the MAGA movement, and it is at absolute odds with the Leftist cause.

Any story, incident or event, remember Charlottesville, or individual they can use to promote their leftist worldview, and generate a sense of outrage, will be used. People like those young people, standing for the unborn, and others who simply support President Trump, are all that stands in the way of the final assault and success of their agenda. They’ve been moving this way for 50-60 years, though I have intellectual friends who note how it goes back at least 100 years, to Woodrow Wilson.

Years ago, I labeled the media as malignant. They are malignant. They pervert truth. The media got a blank check during Barack Obama’s administration. Every story was slanted or subverted to make traditional Americans look bad and unacceptable. Hillary Clinton called President Trump’s supporters “Deplorables” – that hasn’t gone away. The media’s inference is that we are “undesirable,” not to be tolerated. Nor are we to have a voice, or a presence in society. Compare the media coverage of the 100,000 who “Marched for Life” vs the coverage of the 10,000 in the “Women’s March.” This is how the MSM sets the narrative, suppresses information, and controls the content of news to the general public.

Whenever an opportunity arises the MSM is going to paint a false narrative. That’s exactly what happened with the “Incident at the Lincoln Memorial.” I’ve named it that, seems fitting, and reminds one of the “The Ox-Bow Incident” – a literary classic.

The malignant media pushes narratives, talking points, hyperbole, outrage, rage, etc. etc. (Check out social media for the filthy comments about what should happen to the Covington High School children.) Yes, that’s what’s been unleashed in our society. There’s a purpose to this. It’s to marginalize, isolate and condemn a segment of the population in the public’s consciousness. It’s the 21st Century’s version of the Third Reich.

The rest of the story, or the real story:

At this site, heavynews(dot)com which I won’t link, but just to let you know this is the brief DuckDuckGo summary showing before one goes to the site. The rest you can imagine. It starts: “Nathan Phillips, Five Fast Facts You Need to Know”

“The Native American man taunted and ridiculed by a mob of white Covington Catholic High School students in Washington D.C. is a Vietnam veteran, tribal elder, educator, and musician Nathan Phillips.”

When you click on the link it takes you to a surreal world of journalism. As in what universe did the activists expect to pull off such blatant lying about the entire encounter?

Excerpt from the misleading article, describes the Covington boys as a “mob” ”
1. Phillips & Others at the Indigenous People’s Day March Say the Trump-Supporting Students Had a ‘Mob Mentality’ Phillips then went on to say:

“This is our reality. 2019. a swarm of young, unattended Trump supporters gathered to cause a scene, disrespect our cultures, and put fear into us. i was pushed and laughed at by teenage boys who grew up to believe their lives are more important than ours,” the original post on Instagram read. The video has since been removed. “They shouted things like ‘Gone in 2020’ and mocked us. i am still in shock. i don’t know what to say other than that i’m sad and deeply shaken. this is our reality. 2019.”

In the Washington Post, Nathan Phillips is quoted:

“It was an aggressive display of physicality. They were rambunctious and trying to instigate a conflict,” Iron Eyes said. “We were wondering where their chaperones were. [I] was really trying to defuse the situation.”

Why did I post the ugly words? Because the entire malignant media complex ran with the same falsehoods. The same blatant distortions and outright lies. All the usual suspects, The Washington Post, USA Today CNN, etc. etc. all went running for their word processors, their iphones, typing out the scoop of the day. White teenage boys, Catholic, spread racism and attack an elderly Native American Indian. The media never misses an opportunity to attack Christianity, and Catholics happen to be a group that they can get to with a laser focus.

You get the picture. The worst of it went on for at least 2-3 days, until… until the videos got out there. Now the story changes, at least from the viewpoint of conservatives on our side, and yes, there were some doing that rush to judgement thing, and now they have to walk it back. The only reason why the malignant media is doing any walking back is because of those videos. (Thank you, Andrew Breitbart, & smart phones) The videos which show from every angle possible, the entire story – including the expression on Nick Sandmann’s face, the uneasy smile of an adolescent boy.

This is the video which everyone should see. It’s fact no one can deny, not even the lying eyes of the MSM.

Anyone can see how it went down, and those kids weren’t talking trash, they stayed quite calm and weren’t screeching and screaming as the Black Hebrew Israelites were using racial slurs against the kids.

Nathan Philips has a long history of ugly activism, and beating a drum in someone’s face/ears can be perceived as a potential physical threat. My only regret is that the kid(s) didn’t turn their backs, and walk away which would have changed the situation immediately, and defeated the narrative Phillips was going to run with.

Phillips and the Left didn’t win this battle – the media are walking their stories back, deleting tweets, and voicing false mea culpas. But why did this happen in the first place? It wasn’t a mistake, or a desire to scoop a news’ story, it was and is the shameful and egregious effort to use propaganda to complete their takeover of the country.

No one should lose sight of the underlying message in these incidents. Every word they write or speak is scripted. It’s intentional, and as we’ve seen, escalating daily. “Incident at the Lincoln Memorial” was simply another move on their part. The real mob mentality in this story? The malignant media – it’s how they intend to destroy those who don’t do Leftist group think. It’s a long-term plan, but they’ve moved closer to their goal than we ever could have imagined back in 2008.

President Trump, and We the People are all that stand in their way.

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  1. Anyone who just deletes but doesnt follow the 48 hr rule, should be sued. Hollywood, congress fritters, social media peeps, and msm. It will be in the millions…for EACH kid.

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            1. The Diocese has their own problems, having not supported the boys on first past. Angry parents don’t make for good donations to the Church. This is true in any church, Catholic or otherwise.

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    1. The Turtle 🐢 decided it was time to chime in! Better late than never.

      From the article linked above:

      “I need to say a few words about something that took place this past weekend. Last week, Kentuckians of all ages traveled to our nation’s capital to exercise our fundamental American rights – to peacefully assemble and petition the government. Unfortunately for the students of Covington Catholic High School, their participation has resulted in threats on their lives.

      “Far-left activists and members of the national and state media isolated a few seconds of video footage from any shred of context, and many decided it was time to attack and denigrate these young people. Because of what some highly partisan observers thought they saw in a few seconds of confusing video, these kids, their school, and their families were met with a deluge of partisan vitriol and hatred from people who never met them and had no idea what had taken place.

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      1. Well done, Mitch.

        This was the first response to his tweet:

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  2. Great post, LP!!! So true! Telling ya they are going to keep pushing and keep pushing until the dam gives way. Full frontal assault. What other choice do they have? Thank a God we still have weapons to defend ourselves—otherwise, they would pursue us without reserve!

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    1. Thanks, PJ. Spent a lot of time on it today. There’s so much to put in there, but keep it where folks would want to keep reading. The bigger story is the one behind the ganging up on the Covington boys. I hope Robert Barnes sues the heck out of some of the media, it’s only way to hold them accountable.

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          1. Cry me some tears. Uninstalled the twitter app? Talk about your first world problems.

            Retract the criticism and I’m sure Barnes Law will be happy to let it go.

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            1. Kirsten Powers is a sad case. I happen to know that she was a Christian, may still be – six degrees of separation is how I know. Anyway, she’s an example of someone who, IMO, says things that aren’t true, though she knows otherwise. She tweeted that she had “reviewed” all the videos and was sticking by the boys being the aggressors. Logic defies such a conclusion. Someone pointed out to her, James Woods(?) that criticism isn’t harassment.

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  3. 1) The black israelite says: “here comes our elder” when Phillips approaches. IOW, he was primed with the story beforehand. This was a coordinated event. “Elder” was one of the words the communist apparatus decided to use, and it IS a very effective propaganda word.

    2) A black isrealite says to the white boys: “don’t lay a hand on him” as Phillips just begins to approach. Who would say such a thing under the precise circumstances? Somebody who was trying to provoke the white boys to lay a hand on “him.”

    3) LP, great post.

    4) What happened here was EXACTLY the strategy being employed by the communists nationally for decades, but incredibly intensely since BO became president. The strategy is to put white people into an impossible situation: a) be falsely accused, malignantly insulted, constantly harassed, violently attacked, and generally unfairly treated like trash, AND JUST TAKE IT, LET IT GO, ASSENT TO IT WITH YOUR SILENCE; or, b) react angrily and give us the beautiful images we are seeking to destroy America through division and hatred.

    5) There are probably more black Americans who perfectly understand what is going on than white Americans. They get the con.

    6) Nicholas Sandmann is a hero. He was the perfect example of the right approach. Look at Phillips’ face as he tried to get Sandmann to hit him. He becomes frustrated at his failure, not that his failure deterred him in lying about what happened. It was simply less than the Indians and the black israelites had hoped they could provoke, but with the wealthy communist media, it didn’t matter, and the provocateurs knew that.

    7) No one has focused on the other communist Indians who were playing their role in a highly coordinated fashion. Look at what they are doing and how they are doing it. There was zero spontaneity in what they did, everything was very deliberate.

    8) Many, many people sense there is something very wrong going on, but they have been propagandized too thoroughly. I am NOT talking about speaking up, I am talking about allowing themselves to even CONSIDER what is happening. Their thoughts are so thoroughly self censored from fear of being called false names, it is irrelevant how false those names are.

    9) I do not know what the answer is, but something other than admirable restraint will be used sometime to deal with clever provocateurs, including Fake News, who are the chief provocateurs. .

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      1. Yes! This was a 100% intentional, premeditated strategy. The Covington boys were just handy target. Trying everything they could to provoke another “Charlottesville” fight where the “right” could be blamed for “starting” it.

        That boy was the wrong target. He wouldn’t swat at a fly. He wasn’t going to hit a man in the face.

        He doesn’t operate by the left’s rules.

        Why? Because the left’s rules have NEVER been a part of his life. This boy was naive in the best sense: simple. A young man free from pretension or calculation.

        No doubt this saved his bacon. If he had allowed himself to be provoked, he would’ve been smack in the middle of a riot and, if he was lucky, laid up in the hospital.

        God was working in this protecting that young man.

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    1. I watched several videos, and read a number of the initial stories. Actually sickening. This video was one of the best. And it’s clear the young kids first thought those people had come up to them in friendship, and then – not so much. Young, decent teenagers are used to being confronted by UGLY adults. And that’s what happened here.

      It was indeed a setup – and they did not succeed. Better yet, the media looks pretty bad in this, but this includes the right side as well. All too willing to pile on – don’t you know they want those cocktail party invites.

      The bigger picture is the one playing out behind the daily assaults by the Leftist media, and that’s what I tried to tie in. One of the links, They pervert truth, goes to an early article of mine (2011), “The Malignant Media and the Perversion of Truth.” It’s when I first coined the phrase, the “Malignant Media” as I realized what we knew to be true was being shaded, distorted and blatantly lied about by the MSM to the public. One example: they always identify if it’s a GOP in trouble, but not the party affiliation of the Democrats when it’s their guy.

      The President is right, the media is the enemy of the people, and IMO, more so than the Democrats. Without the Leftist media, the public would know the truth.

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      1. This is the KEY….
        The Lying, Distorting Media is the MAJOR cause that Most Americans are IDIOTS….
        If the “Media” told the TRUTH…… More would wake up.
        Something has to be done about this.
        No more: “according to a source”, “One source said”, Someone close…..
        If you can’t name the “source”……. You can’t run the “story”

        BTW….. Wanna see Lefties heads EXPLODE?
        Blexit Heros Candice Owens and Charlie Kirk need a National TV show…….

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      2. The media are also Democrats.

        We’ve been ‘told’ (figuratively) that the media are impartial.

        C’mon, they’re all Dems and have been out in the open since at least 1990.

        We started being fed lines like, ‘Pregnant women shouldn’t drink’ and ‘Smoking kills’, communitarianism (the ‘individual’ is bad) and all sorts of non-political rubbish.

        I was really glad that Howie Carr today bemoaned the smoking ban. He focussed on flights and on unfiltered Pall Malls (nostalgic, my father smoked them).

        This film struck a real chord with me in the late 1970s. I couldn’t decide whose side I was on at the time, Faye Dunaway’s or Peter Finch’s:

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    2. AIM (American Indian Movement) have been Marxist, Anti-American troublemakers for a long time, since the days of “Bury The Truth At Wounded Knee”…

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    3. Absolutely correct ladypenguin/Tonawanda tag team!
      I caught that “elder” reference and “don’t touch him”, which seems help confirm my theory that this entire incident was planned a year in advance.
      One of the chaperones was interviewed and said they meet at that same spot on the Lincoln Memoriial steps every year.
      Assuming “Chief Bird Dog” (Phillips) attends the Indigenous March every year he knew all about that group.
      He had probably watched them do the spirited cheers and knew that that would be the best time to make his grand entrance.
      Were the “Congressional Black Israelites” (h/t Rush for that name) planted there as a warm up act to get the boys in a confrontational frame of mind? (Were they not there last year?)
      I agree this was a set up and the commie planners (Creamer?) Were hoping to get a violent reaction from one of more of the boys. Even just a push away on the drum stick.
      All they got was a violent “smirk”.
      The perfectly framed media narrative based on that lyin’ [bird] dog even had me believing it for about an hour and a half that night – until I did a little research.
      I found this different POV video when it only had 100 views.

      The cheer they were doing when the big boy takes his shirt off is called “Sumo”.
      They’ve been doing it for years.
      It’s just a lot of fun.
      They invent new themed cheers every year.

      Sumo @:45

      [Check out the leader on “Clap, Clap, Clap”!]

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      1. Curry, I loved the Colonel Crazies Compilation vid! We are a Catholic school family and our kids always have similar “spirit themes” for school sporting events.

        The Colonel Crazies’ Braveheart march gave me a good laugh. You know that for the Braveheart march, those boys borrowed Catholic school uniform skirts from their sisters. I recognize those skirts LOL!

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    4. Y’all need to get over your fear of being called racist, Nazi, homophobe, anti-Semite, etc. They’re just words. The more of us that shrug and say “so?” the less of an effect they can have. I was first called racist and Nazi 2 years ago. At first I was horrified. Now I’m amused. It means I’m hitting a nerve or coming closer to the truth than they want to admit.

      The second thing everyone on the right needs to do is QUIT being so willing to throw fellow travelers under the bus for thought crimes. These kids’ own elders, their own diocese admins, immediately threw them under the bus for the sake of PC. That needs to stop YESTERDAY. Leftists close ranks regardless of what they personally think. We need to be doing the same instead of dividing up into ever smaller groups of what leftist define for us is right think.

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      1. The fact that our own side, and as you noted, the kids own school/church administrators did the same, shows how desperate they are to be PC. But some of them are actually of the Left in their beliefs so this was not a surprise.

        The response from our side proves that we have 1) weak-kneed players, who don’t want to give up their cocktail party invites, and 2) Lefties in our midst.

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  4. Thanks for the great blog, ladypenquin! You are so spot on! And speaking of gaining the narrative, I do not believe Phillips or the media ever had it in this instance. It was God’s narrative all the way and he gave it to “Sandmann” who was truly praying for it!

    (GWP): Speaking to the Cincinnati Enquirer about the controversial incident in Washington, D.C., last Friday involving Phillips and several fellow Native American activists and a large group of Covington Catholic High School boys, Phillips whined that the boy he engaged in a staring contest with, Nicholas Sandmann, “stole my narrative” about being in prayer during the confrontation.

    “He (Sandmann) stole my narrative,” Phillips said. “From the time I hit that first beat of the drum until I hit the last beat, I was in prayer. Now all of a sudden, he’s the prayer guy and the passive one.”

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    1. Yes, he was praying that Sandmann would give him a lovely image for the communists to use.

      The American Indian Movement is a very sophisticated communist organization. They know exactly what to say, and how to say it.

      They are in total service to nihilism, as every single communist is.

      Even the stupidest jack ass (like Phillips) can knock down a barn and feel the satisfaction of accomplishment. And that is the “idealistic” goal they have. The details of Utopia to be announced later.

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      1. You sound like my Uncle Joe, Tonwanda! He was full blooded Blackfoot Indian and he talked the same way about his own people. He was always talking about the rich ones at the top who ran the casinos and distributed money to those at the bottom… Never much and always grudgingly! With all the money they were making on the reservations with the casinos, their people still lived in great poverty while those at the top lived the “high life”…

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        1. I am an “Undocumented” Cherokee……..
          My Great Grandfather was Full Blood Cherokee….
          But never gave out his “role number” as it was shameful to TAKE money from the Government back then.

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  5. You say it LP the Brave! This really makes my blood boil. Some are saying the Right is more fired up than even the Judge Kavanaugh disgrace.
    I hope the shamed press gets their asses sued off.
    on a good note the ‘Z’ generation is getting a good look at the lying left and the enemy(media) of We the People

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      1. Right, in almost all my studying and thinking, it comes back to 1930’s Germany. People ought to study what happened then, then they’d understand what’s happening now. Fascists have to destroy Judaic-Christians – but first that have to remove as much about God as they can from the Public Square, then brainwash and propagandize the populace. Next thing you know, large group of people are marginalized, and set up as outcasts.

        Just look at the lack of conservative professors in the academic institutions. Hardly one to be found, and if they’re there, they’re drummed out. Or out of the Tech giants like that guy, Brendan Eich out within 10 days because of his donation to anti-homosexual marriage. If you’re not of the Left – they’ll take your jobs, your schools, and whatever else they can. This is their goal.

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        1. Over the past few years, whilst I have been thinking of 1930s Germany, I have also been thinking of the Russian Revolution, possibly moreso WRT their tactics. The centenary was in 1917, but, as we know, it started organising before then.

          I do not understand why more Trumpian journalists (main online websites) have not mentioned this. Perhaps it is too close to home.

          That said, many people do not know about the Russian Revolution anymore.

          Remember that Stalin was the Allies’ ‘ally’ in the Second World War. Stalin played a blinder there, for decades to come.

          That was no accident. He knew what he was doing at the time.

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          1. You want to be really shocked? I’m reading “Killing the SS” by Bill O’Reilly. Only book of his I’ve ever read. It’s interesting, not too in depth, but the shocking part – the Americans were very weak post WWll about doing anything regarding the Nazi atrocities or catching and keeping the Nazi war criminals. Yes, there were the Nuremberg Trials, but they were limited, and once they all got through them, it was like everyone wanted to forget and move on. Thousands of Nazis/SS were AIDED to escape to the South American countries.

            Now I know how death by indifference can occur. I say that the people would be appalled if they knew the truth about abortion – but they turn a blind eye – and pretend it isn’t so.

            Evil is ever present, and that’s why Good must never waver or give up.

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            1. Sounds like a good book.

              ‘Thousands of Nazis/SS were AIDED to escape to the South American countries.’ That I knew.

              ‘ … once they all got through them, it was like everyone wanted to forget and move on.’ Somehow, that doesn’t surprise me.

              ‘Death by indifference’ is an excellent turn of phrase. Please remind us of it again from time to time.

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            2. Lady Penquin,

              Thank you. Everything you say here is so true.

              I haven’t read any of O’Reilly’s books, but I have read many books on Hitler’s goons and the Holocaust, on National Socialism, International Socialism, the end of the war, Operation Paperclip, Operation Keelhaul, espionage and influence operations, military history, technology transfers, international financing of dictators, etc.

              Please, please read two books, American Betrayal by Diana West, and The Secret War Against the Jews by John Loftus and Mark Aaron.

              The first shows how deeply and thoroughly Communists were embedded in the White House and in high levels of the Washington bureaucracy during the 30s and 40s under Roosevelt and Truman, and how that affected our prosecution of the war.

              The second goes into detail about how Hitler’s intelligence establishment was also riddled with Communist moles working for Stalin, and how in selecting which ones to send to the West to “help” fight the Cold War, somehow the OSS/CIA always seemed to pick to ones who were secretly Communists, and/or the worst war criminals, to join our side.

              You can’t even guess how many different ways bringing these Communists over to America and other Western allies as “anti-Communists” was exploited by Moscow. Even today, in the 21st century, we haven’t begun digging ourselves out of the sewer we dug and dropped ourselves into back then.

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              1. Thanks for the two titles. I’ll look for them. We’re voracious readers in this house, and WWll/Germany are of particular interest. My side of the family lost Polish Catholics to Hitler.

                You sound very knowledgeable about the Communist infiltration in this country. You could write posts! Bet you’re aware of “Witness” by Whitaker Chambers. Read that shortly after Obama won the presidency, and after watching events unfold, and the loss of the rule of law, have since realized that the federal departments and agencies were never cleaned out.

                That’s what we’re against today.


        2. I am convinced that we’re facing a spiritual war like Germany in AD 1933.

          – A massive revival of paganism in Germany
          – Paganism was re-robed as the new and exciting thing, and burst out with tremendous energy
          – Christianity was marked by complacency and irrelevance. Widespread Christian apostasy and acquiescence to the pagan political religion
          – The mustard seed remnant of Christians were very much on a defensive/resistance mission (see Bonhoeffer) rather than offense
          – Martyrdom (for example Brandsma) was handled in such a manner as to eliminate people so as to not draw attention to the message. This was largely successful until the defeat of Germany.

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          1. “Christianity was marked by complacency and irrelevance.” Yes, and I fear that in this country. That’s why the Left has made such inroads. OTOH, when faith is truly threatened it is strengthened. America has a different ‘genetic” background than Europe in that it’s actually made up of people who fled tyranny and it’s been bred into our genes. This may give us an edge.

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  6. “musician:…. Nathan Phillips……WTF?
    This Ahole wouldn’t qualify as a drummer for SeeRap (Crap) “music”….
    My 6 yr old grandson is a better drummer…..
    Bet he can’t play a REAL instrument…… just beats on pots and pans…..
    (Not that good of “time” either)
    Wonder if he can sing through his tooth?

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  7. This propaganda by the Left has supposedly been encouraged by BO’s Executive Order 13707: “USING BEHAVIORAL SCIENCE INSIGHTS TO BETTER SERVE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE” which also includes the wording “Independent agencies are strongly encouraged to comply with the requirements of this order.”. On reading this it does seem to open the door to allow/encourage media to use propaganda to push a narrative, why hasn’t this been rescinded (or has it?).

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  8. I don’t know, but it’s been going on a long time. Way back when Walter Cronkite announced one night that the war was “lost” – it wasn’t, but that started the downward slide. The politicians in cahoots with the journalists, until now, almost every journalist is “of the Left.”

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      1. Don’t forget that Zero signed a bill into law back in 2014 (?) that allows the media to propagandize the public. I’m hoping that’s something POTUS will work on repealing. It’s open season now. They don’t have to tell the truth.

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      1. The MSM has abandoned all pretense of supporting America, but how to take them down, that’s an answer as yet unknown.


    1. Oh, goodness! No, the appreciation is mine. So nice to be among good, solid folks who aren’t doom and gloom. We recognize the battle and we forth. 🙂

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    1. LOL. Rush was saying something the other day about Ocasio going to be stepping on her own party’s toes, not that she cares. It’s going to be fun to see their new Left of Left critters take on the old guard. They all want power. Rush did say the old guard can tell the media when to take out Ocasio, so I guess there is that.

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        1. Some days, he drives me crazy telling me what the Left thinks of us – he’s doing their dirty work, but other times he does do some good messaging.

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        2. Trump went out of his way to get Rush on board, reaching out to him multiple times. Rush has something that Ben Shapiro and Bill Kristol don’t.

          An audience.


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    2. There are hundreds of ‘dumb girl’ memes about 0-C are floating around the internet. Some are pretty hilarious…she keeps fueling the fire with her words and cluelessness.

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      1. Yep. What’s not to like? Blondes everywhere must be overjoyed 🙂 The memes actually have their own website (I posted this in another thread [I think – senior moment(s) notwithstanding] ):

        There’s a ton of great Occasional Cortex memes at this site:
        Sad to say, she’s terribly dangerous to us (and the USA) all, nonetheless…

        She’s toast:

        Equal credit (cards) for all:

        AOC supports veterans:

        And she has a firm grip on history:

        But not clue about High-End Audio:

        Math- and biology-challenged:

        But equally impatient with the media:

        Sort of like the meme gift that keeps on giving. But “Gift” also means poison in German, and Occasional Cortex is poison as well…

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        1. Agree. It’s what she represents that makes her dangerous. Dems are allowing her to be their face/spokesman, which means that’s how radical they are.


  9. Excellent article, ladypenguin!

    If anyone has heard of any retractions by those who could be sued, please post the info. The only one I could find was a writer for GQ who expressed his regret two days ago. That was before the threat of a lawsuit. So I’m wondering if any potential defendants have issued retractions today.

    I would like to see some leadership by those who jumped the gun. I’d like them to admonish their followers to seek truth. I’m not holding my breath on this, though. What I’ve seen so far are excuses like “We’re just so frustrated” (by Trump, I guess).

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  10. Lady P! Thank you for this thoughtful and well documented post. I could be wrong, But The Incident at the Lincoln Memorial might well be the turning Point to the ACTUAL END of Mind Control Media–MCM…Regular people–Normies Are just DONE with Media! Everywhere you look or listen -people are suggesting 24-48 hour rule–Researching on our own–checking and rechecking before drawing conclusions. It is Exactly What Q has been teaching us for 14 months! The Lincoln Memorial!!! Perfect place to Spring Board the end of Operation Mockingbird! TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD!!

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      1. Here we go!

        JoeDan says:

        I’m proud to announce that Intellectual Froglegs is no longer reliant on liberal video platforms like VIMEO & YouTube.

        Screw them—I will not bow.

        I will no longer allow the whims of an overpaid socialist dumbass to impact my product.

        Instead— Intellectual Froglegs is now PROUD to be hosted by the patriots at— [Utah Gun Exchange] .

        I hope you enjoy the new show.

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  11. “It’s a long-term plan, but they’ve moved closer to their goal than we ever could have imagined back in 2008.
    President Trump, and We the People are all that stand in their way.”


    Your words send shivers up my spine, LP! If Hillary had won, we would be DONE! I think few understand (present company excepted) that we came within a hair’s breadth of losing our country. Our Very Stable Genius is our last chance.

    Liked by 5 people

    1. They’re killing themselves. No one wants to read their junk – just how are you going to stay in business?

      BTW, did you hear about the layoffs at the Weekly Standard? LOL

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  12. Well done, LP. When I first saw the photo of the young man, I knew that expression was not a smirk. It was a teen-ager uncertain of what he was facing, and feeling ‘stuck’ about what to do. My own grandson would have been wearing that same look in a similar unfamiliar, somewhat confusing interaction with a stranger.

    The smedia (smear media) reminds me of those nasty fire ants – always buzzing in swarms and biting/stinging anything that comes into range. Then quickly swarming onto their next target.

    Liked by 5 people

    1. Fairly soon, this story is going to go away in the MSM – they’ve lost control of the narrative – those videos exonerate the boys, and the entire situation. Nathan Phillips, and the Black Israelite activists, are clearly the aggressors.

      I’m hoping the legal fallout is BIG against the MSM, and others.

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  13. Thank you, LadyP, for this great post!
    So very well said!

    I love it that you point out that the media’s rush to judgement was ‘Intentional‘.
    Because it was!

    The enemedia operatives watched the same videos that we have.
    Yet they intentionally chose to pick out portions of those videos, to support their False Narrative.

    But calling it a ‘False Narrative’ seems too polite in this case.
    What they did was Lie about what happened!
    They out-and-out Lied!

    And now…rather than admit that they Lied…some of these media assassins are blaming the MAGA hats!

    Oh yeah.
    ‘It was the MAGA hats that caused this.’ <— This is the new excuse.

    This is their replacement Lie…it was the MAGA hats.
    The enemedia nozzles are claiming that the MAGA hats are sooo triggering, that anyone who wears one is deserving of abuse. (!!)

    In other words…they are blaming the victims.
    These people are evil.

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    1. One of the links in there, which I’ve gone back in and edited to actually say Charlottesville, is a post about the Leftist MSM setting and controlling the narrative. It’s how they’ve brainwashed so many in this country. You know that saying a “lie gets half-way around the world, before truth gets started.” It’s how they do their dirty work.

      Liked by 1 person

  14. Thanks for this post LadyP…very informative!
    I do disagree with you on one thing though. I don’t think those boys should have walked away. I think they had the right to stand there where they were. Sandmann knew he wasn’t doing anything wrong so why should he run? I believe they wanted the boys to run–they wanted to cause fear–those boys had none of it. We have just as many rights as the left–we cannot keep backing away and giving in. Every time we give an inch the left takes a mile…

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Good point. It makes it all the more positive that they were able to stand their ground. In an interview, Nick Sandmann said he “had every right to be there.” I do think security should have been around those kids and moving in to intercede. Nathan Phillips is a vile person, and he was essentially “assaulting” that kid.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. what I don’t get, is with all the admonishments about not allowing bullying anymore–that is exactly what happened: Phillips was trying to bully Nick and Nick was standing up to a bully. If the roles were reversed, the media would have no problem calling out the bullying behavior. But when the bullying is done by a minority it is allowable…smh

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  15. Trump’s Secret Message to Nancy

    Okay my friends, with the training you have now received, you already know Covington was a smoke screen designed by the Deep State to distract us right?


    In my January 19th 2019 morning post, I told you about the assassination attempt on POTUS, its connection to JC, sleeper cells in the US, ANTIFA, Taheb and the related shenanigans with Nancy and her puppet Chucky.

    I also told you about Lincoln’s assassination, the mysterious moving 4 and how it was related to Taheb’s arrest in Georgia. Peruvian coffee for those who caught that, the same day, the Maestro tweeted about Abraham Lincoln and moved his scheduled live speech from 3PM to 4PM. Img1PNG Coincidence? You know what’s going on right? Double Peruvian coffee for those who noticed the theme of the day for the Maestro’s tweets was the number 4! And a very special mention for those who solved this one using the SECRET OF NINE and what ONE NINE represents. Difficulty level? High. As confirmed by the Maestro in the tweet: ‘Not easy!’ Happy hunting!

    Now that we have all these confirmations from the Maestro himself, we know it was vital for the Deep State to remove our attention from what was really going on. Let’s look at the Maestro’s tweet on Jan 21 at 21:46. Img2PNG Do you see how he misspelled Sandmann? Where is the missing N? Since N=14, let’s subtract it and also add it to the timestamp 21:46, we get respectively 21:32 and 22:00. Now let’s go to Q2132 and Q2200. They are both about WRAP UP SMEAR. Q2132 is for Kavanaugh, Q2200 for Trump. Coincidence? Who is the Wrap up smear expert? Yes, Nancy as revealed in Q2360. Now you know the missing N stands for Nancy and why the word ‘smeared’ appeared in the tweet. This Covington story had Nancy’s hands all over it and it was about removing her from the news cycle. Why? To avoid the risk of more people making the connection between Taheb’s arrest and her canceled trip…

    The Maestro also told us who executed this communication operation for her. Look at the tweet capital letters. Making sure you group them as hinted by the dash between ‘false’ and ‘smeared’, you get: NNNATC=66=PLANNED and LNSCC=51=ANTIFA. This Covington incident was planned by the Dems and executed by ANTIFA, in the disguise of the so called Black Hebrew Israelites who were present only to create problems. You remove them from the picture, Covington would have never happened, as well explained hereYouTube.

    Don’t be fooled. The Fake News Mockingbird media knew the truth about Covington all along. Their apologies are fake. Their initial coverage was a mass decoy.

    After grounding Nancy’s plane, the Maestro knew the Dems would use their usual deflection play by creating violence, artificial disorder and division throughout the country. Hence the following tweet inviting Americans to stay home because of the ‘cold’: Tweet. You all caught ‘cold’ meant cold relations or division, ‘Global Warming’ meant warm relations or unity and when he says ‘Amazing how big this system is’, he is talking about the sleeper cells and all the networks the Dems use to create false flags and Fake News content. Take a close look at the capital letters of the tweet: B L C A W GW=71, same value as GAS MASK. That’s exactly what you need when the Dems are GASLIGHTING you with their smoke screen…

    That’s the appetizer. Let’s now go through all the Maestro’s tweets posted on Jan 20 2019. Let’s connect the timestamps to their corresponding Q drops. For example the timestamp 7:40AM will be connected to Q740, 1:16PM to Q1316 and so on. This will provide the additional context required to decode the tweets using their respective capital letters. You get the following individually decoded messages. Read very carefully and try to follow how they were gathered. Notice subtleties like the way DEFENCE is spelled in the Five Eyes or how LIGHT SWITCH is connected to Q2672.

    Decode 1/5PNG – Decode 2/5PNG – Decode 3/5PNG – Decode 4/5PNG – Decode 5/5PNG

    You got it?

    Now let’s watch Nancy as she is commenting on the cancelation of the SOTU videoYouTube. Did you notice she wrote to Trump on the 23rd? Img8PNG Those who are familiar with my writings know the number 23 symbolizes the Trump/Q dynamics as hinted in the password revealed in Q1415. Is it a coincidence? January 23rd 2019 was the 33rd day of the shutdown and we all know the number 33 symbolizes Freemasonry. Coincidence? How about the colors of the scarf she wears the day she is openly defying Trump? Exactly the same colors as the Chinese flag. Probably a coincidence…

    From these individual decoded messages, we can now extract the summarized secret message the Maestro sent to Nancy:Img9PNG

    “Nancy, our economy is doing very well because I have put an end to the treasonous policies that were depriving the American People from its wealth and exporting it to China in priority. I have restored our Military might and have also built a big fat wall around their comms and mine. Being taken advantage of economically and militarily is over. Spying on America using the FVEY loopholes and tech companies is over. I have decimated the Deep State’s positions in the private sector and in the Government. There have been many resignations and many politicians are not seeking reelection. As promised, I am draining the swamp.

    I am fully aware the Russian hoax was created by the Dems to cover their tracks and to distract me and the American People from the real threat our Nation is facing:


    I am focused and know the real target. Very soon, the real numbers will speak and China will come to the negotiation table. I saw the colors of your scarf on January 23 2019, the 33rd day of the shutdown. The American People is now trained to understand symbolism and deduce your undisclosed allegiances. That’s your choice, but be careful: this is now out of the realm of politics. This is about conspiring with foreign forces to undermine the President’s agenda and security. This is about activating sleeper cells or organizations like ANTIFA or MS13 to jeopardize the security of millions of Americans. This is TREASON.

    My job is to keep America safe and TREASON will neither be tolerated nor unpunished. I have expanded GITMO and am currently building new prisons. Do you remember Kavanaugh’s hearing? Military Tribunals are doing their job. Should you chose to persist in undermining our National Security, you may end up the way No Name did.

    It is now clear the wall’s ultimate purpose is to protect America from a planned invasion and is therefore more a matter of national security than about immigration. The American People is starting to see why you are not willing to negotiate. I am aware you are actually the minority in your party and that my recent proposal about border security caught the interest of many Democrats. Perhaps they will soon see through and chose America over the shady and uncertain path you are engaged in. In the meantime, know Q is everywhere. We have it all. All the tweets, the fake names, the burner phones, the emails, the servers, everything, we have it all. We know who did what, how and when.

    Your choice. GJ coming. It’s right here:

    Q2672 GJ testimony underway in several states. Attempts to BLOCK/PROTECT themselves will FAIL. Far beyond political corruption/sedition.

    Once the light is switched on, there will be no coming back and the tidal wave will reach the House:

    Q2672 Law governing removal of a sitting Congress(m/w)/Senator? Lights on. Q

    So? Trying to eliminate me and hoping to take over? And when it failed, manufacturing Covington to distract people? Don’t you get it? I know the entirety of your playbook and, with God supporting the Patriots who are standing up and praying to save America, you will fail at everything you try. I have been preparing for this for decades. This is the very reason I am walking on earth. I am the Commander in Chief of the most skilled and powerful Military Forces in the world. One signature with a random pen on my desk and your plane was grounded.

    Think about it”.

    Q1690 You are witnessing/watching the systematic destruction of the OLD GUARD. POWER WILL RETURN TO THE PEOPLE. Q

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Very interesting. I have/do believe that POTUS knows everything he needs to know to do what needs to be done. Pelosi, and her masters, do not understand that the President isn’t a pansy nor a patsy as previous GOP leaders have been. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  16. I agree LP. Gemantria is not a language I am or even have a desire to be fluent in but it is not a stretch IMHO to think POTUS has multiple ways of communicating with multiple entities and They get ALL messages intended for Them. We’re just in the bleachers watching the greatest shift of power this earth has ever experienced! Good vs Evil and as Flep said recently, Good wins every single time! 😉

    Liked by 2 people

    1. The words accompanying my twitter avatar, “When good stands up to Evil, Evil blinks. We’ve been desperate for a few good men and women to stand up to Evil.

      Liked by 1 person

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