Dear MAGA: 20190123

This special Go Ahead, Leftists, Make My Day post is dedicated to your thoughts on this day, as the shutdown continues, the media continue to dive into the Covington Quagmire and the Democrats continue on the path to suicide.

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I think we’re in a dark tunnel right now, but that’s not Eeyorism, because I believe the light at the end is plainly visible.

The media’s credibility is in full auto-da-fé.  Even politically disengaged or middle-of-the-road people (who the Left usually can stampede) have caught on, this time.  And much legal action is on the way.  This could be IT–the effective end of the Yellow Stream Media.

The Dems are finding themselves on the short end with regard to the shutdown.  They’re going to have to come to terms with the fact that President Donald J. Trump will get his wall, “one way or another.”

But it will get worse before it gets better.  The Left is threatening violence.  We must stand firm.  More than that, we must fight back.

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551 thoughts on “Dear MAGA: 20190123

      1. No problem. Glad you like my posts and don’t feel I’m spamming. LOL Sotiri is pretty good. I started to follow him because he films/talks about the yellow vests in France. He has pretty good updates on that.

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      1. this is one of those “flash mob” type protests like the “protect mueller” ones that happened?

        i bet a bunch of people show up sponsored by the women’s march main donor, soros.

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      1. I think would be a nice change to the SOTU address. It spotlights POTUS’ efforts to be sure to get a Senate majority and then also, we as audience members don’t have to see Nancy Pelosi sit behind the President and glare at his back and us in front. Honestly I don’t want to see her sitting up there behind him as he gives the speech. She won’t clap or stand up for anything, at least with lying Ryan we saw a clapping happy dope instead of a witch sucking her teeth. Just sayin’.

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  1. Just in case you were wondering.

    I’m here in the OPEN early today because I have to be sleeping before tomorrow’s OPEN Topic will post. Our household has some very early events coming up for the next week or so. Will be missing out on some fun I’m sure.

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  2. Stu Cvrk, retired naval office (and great commentator on Twitter), posted this thread on Monday (click on any tweet below to see the whole thread:

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    1. i’ve been hearing rumors of that the last day or so and i would not doubt it at all!

      especially since there were several with them – which while not exactly mind blowing, just seemed like they must have all figured they should wear them – OR THEY WERE GIVEN THEM!

      sad part is they are not even official MAGA hats from the president’s website but the cheap knock offs 😉

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    2. It did look like they were upset when the chaperone told the students to get on the bus. Some of them looked like they were getting ready to pounce at moments notice.


  4. Two great comments from Wayne Dupree on SOTU:

    1/ I appreciate Wayne’s reminder that the House of Representatives is the ‘People’s House’. During the O years, I recalled I’d learned that in US History class many moons ago, but no one in the media or online mentioned it a decade ago — or now. But Wayne Dupree did.

    Worth bookmarking for ourselves — and our children and/or online readers (excerpted, emph. mine):

    ‘Nancy Pelosi Closes House Of Representatives To POTUS; Denies Him Place For SOTU

    The lower chamber of Congress is called “The People’s House” and does not belong to one party or the other.’

    The lower chamber of Congress is called “The People’s House” and does not belong to one party or the other. It especially does not belong to that gibbering, delusional old bat from CA who stumbles through the halls of Congress, clutching her gavel, and mumbling “my precious” like Gollum from Lord of the Rings.

    ‘Nancy just set a very bad precedent. She doesn’t want the President’s view to reaching millions of citizens without the filter of her fellow travelers in the media.’

    How true!

    2/ Wayne’s tweet on the subject:

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    1. CM!! Thanks for this!! Something about this Whole Queen Nancy “won’t allow” bugged me all day… Thank you for the REMINDER–IT IS the People’s House! We need some of the People’s Reps–Paging Jim Jordan or Devin Nunes or Louis Gohmert…To Follow Wayne’s Lead!!!

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  5. Bernie Sanders anecdote:

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    1. honestly, we should move our capitol to a city that actually wants it and would be proud of having it instead of the giant disaster the district of columbia is.

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  6. This man is correct. Nancy is trying to usurp PDJT.

    Let’s not believe the media hype. What they say is not what we learned at school:

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  7. The Covington Catholic-PDJT Venn diagram:

    From the Cincinnati local paper:

    ‘Who knew? Trump’s top White House attorney is Covington Catholic High School graduate’

    ‘The nationwide firestorm surrounding Covington Catholic has brought to light that one of the Greater Cincinnati high school’s most prominent graduates happens to be President Trump’s top White House attorney.

    ‘Pat Cipollone, CovCath class of 1984, recently took over as White House general counsel. He had previously served as an informal adviser to the president on the special counsel investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 elections …’

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    1. Daughn…really. Who else can we trust to stop frail old men who have no idea what orders are being barked at him about taking his shoes off or culling out my 5yr old grandson from our group to give him the once over ???

      Priorites dear. Apparently there are so many potential homegrown terrorists…dOH!

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      1. flew to Texas a couple of months ago to see first gr granddaughter…

        Learned: persons over 65 no longer have to remove their shoes

        If you fly frequently and want to avoid TSA, you can pay $85 for a 5 yr period of no hassle… you go thru Pre-TSA, leave on your shoes (no matter your age, no holding up your arms and moving thru a screener (that malfunctions frequently)… etc. in other words… if you want to pay the bucks, no hassle – so my question is of course…

        where is the protection against TERROR !!!! ??????

        Never mind, rhetorical question…

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        1. Well, this works, doncha know, because terrorists are from third world countries and can’t afford to pay that $85 for a 5-year pass. Our safety is secure! /s

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    1. Now I’m really suspicious. Nancy and the dems are leaving town without even trying to make it look like she’s doing something? Something is going on, and I don’t like it one bit. She’s up to something, and I doubt it’s good.

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      1. And there’s more. If POTUS does the SOTU at an alternate location and Nancy doesn’t let any of the dems go, then all the repubs will be in one location at the same time. Does that sound like the perfect opportunity for a false flag that takes everyone out at once?

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      2. Nasty Nan is not going to try to do anything… she believes I am sure that Senate bill will fail. I think POTUS’ bill will pass the Senate. She hasn’t a clue… DIMS in the House are upset with her and Hoyer is breathing down her neck to get her replaced.

        Just saw this… Hoyer said it yesterday, but I didn’t hear about it yesterday…

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    1. ’68 was a busy year and events over-shadowed their capture and 11 month captivity. They are forgotten so each year I try to get them a little attention.

      From wiki: The seizure of the U.S. Navy ship and her 83 crew members, one of whom was killed in the attack, came less than a week after President Lyndon B. Johnson’s State of the Union address to the United States Congress, a week before the start of the Tet Offensive in South Vietnam during the Vietnam War, and three days after 31 men of North Korea’s KPA Unit 124 had crossed the Korean Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) and killed 26 South Koreans in an attempt to attack the South Korean Blue House (executive mansion) in the capital Seoul. The taking of Pueblo and the abuse and torture of her crew during the subsequent 11-month prisoner drama became a major Cold War incident, raising tensions between the western powers, and the Soviet Union and China.

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  9. NYT 1/22/1973
    Double whammy eventful day!
    Birth of legal abortion.
    Death of Great Society President.

    I was a senior in HS.
    (And yes, I was too young to be in the USMC in Viet Nam before they left in 1971.)

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    1. Curry– Remembered This–13– But KNEW it was a VERY Notorious Day. My momma cried.. I didnt REALLY understand the implications… however, God sent us a sign –The Super Blood Wolf Moon–This slaughter of our Children ends NOW or NEVER..IT ENDS NOW!
      Keep powder dry!! We FIGHT! I feel extremely strongly about this.

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  10. heard on the way home that a group of FBI agents have released a report and today made announcement that the shutdown is hindering their ability to keep investigation going in child trafficking, drug smuggling, and cybersecurity to name a few. they claim they have lost informants in cases where the informants were embedded in terror cells around the countey and now those cells are probably aware. we are making ourselves look disorganized they say and forekgn countries will be taking his chance to make intelligence compromises against us… bottom line the president has put our national security at grave risk.


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    1. lol…sorry, can’t help myself. Is this the same FBI that has spent the last couple of years trying to topple the POTUS? The same agency that basically said..nah, not worried about a terrorist living in the desert prepping the kids to do a school shooting. Hmm okie dokie

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      1. yes! sovyou know of the agency then? good people. very loyal, especially those honest rank and file, and we cannot risk losing their talents and experience to the private sector if they cannot put food on the table for their babies.

        you know they will only go lower in their depth of depravity before things escalate!

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        1. perhaps a GoFundMe will be set up to pay these vital informants that on all the big disasters never seemed to help…the universal statement..the perps were “known” to the FBI..blahblahblah

          poor things, Pelosi was pictured at a food bank for govt ppl..maybe they weren’t notified…if only there was a dept that had wicked intelligence and intel to let them know!

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    PRESIDENT TRUMP responds to petty Pelosi!

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    1. So no sotu. Hmmm. Something else planned or what? She gets what she wants, sort of. Maybe her own people are feeling the pressure finally. He isnt giving up but I want a sotu. Dang.

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      1. Trump is rubbing her nose in it, so to speak. She will have to own her pettiness – just like the last SOTU when she organized the Democrats to sit on their hands and not clap or stand.

        She’s a 4+ A$$

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    2. HOWEVER – President Trump will not allow them to reopen the government without
      1. Voting on his compromise
      2. Funding the wall.

      President Trump is ready to wait years to ‘reopen’ the government.

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      1. Ding, Ding…

        we have a winner…

        AND, Nasty Nan will go down in history as having been a child and forced the cancelation of SOTUA at the traditional time and place… Some role model for women, huh ??????????????

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    1. I am actually glad that he’s agreeing to postpone it.

      I was having trouble seeing how it would be good optics to do a SOTU address during the shutdown.
      And I am all In Favor of the shutdown!

      I’m with Steve on that…Moar Shutdown!!
      Bring on the RIFs!

      The enemedia would’ve spun it negatively, though.
      I’m sure they already have their hit-pieces written, claiming that PDJT was being ‘insensitive to the suffering of the poor govt employees’.

      But this way, it’s not Pres Trump who is postponing it…it is Nasty Nan doing it.

      The SOTU address is being postponed because of Pelosi’s Pettiness, not because our President didn’t want to do it.

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      1. Doesn’t POTUS meet with Kim next month?

        That meeting is a HUGE success… along with the economy and so many other things

        Wheatie I’m hoping there will be RIFs in February also…

        Agree with your comments…

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      2. Wheatie!! All we have to do is look back to the last week– POTUS writes “dear Diary”, has 11 minute speech that brings out the Memes of Schmuck and Nasty, Grounds Nasty and her team of deserters, and keeps us all in stitches!!! He has a PLAN! We gonna be laughing our heads off shortly as our POTUS RoadRunner does another Wiley Coyote on these idiots!!!

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    2. He said very near future. What is plain is that Nancy is not going to budge no matter what. I’m thinking maybe he might be teeing up to do the National Security Crisis Declaration for the Southern border and thus put govt back to work. Makes sense?

      Also the vote in the Senate for the President’s position on the wall, did that happen yet. If the senate gets a full 51 votes (doesn’t win the vote but) that might of been the test he was waiting for. Has it happened yet? Mitchell may of already counted the the repub votes if it hasn’t.

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      1. In reverse order: No, apparently some votes happen tomorrow, both on the Trump plan and an alternative democrat one. I don’t know if they’re votes on the actual proposals or just procedural things.

        And yes, I’ve pretty much been convinced since last Saturday’s little talk that his plan is to give the Democrats every last chance to cooperate (expecting them not to), then, more than likely, say something like “I gave them every chance, they wouldn’t do this entirely reasonable thing for whatever reason, they’ve even refused to let government employees be paid, so now I have NO choice…”

        He’s waiting for the moment that will do the most damage to the opposition.

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    1. Looks like you already answered the question about the vote. If Mitch has had a head count done early then maybe everything is locked and cocked for the Emergency Declaration. IMO

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  12. I saw a headline elsewhere that Ann Coulter has a new piece out that is “brutal” to Pres. Trump. I don’t know if clicking on the link will take me to her site, and I’m not going to give her any clicks. At a time when Pres. Trump needs our support more than ever, and when conservatives need to stand together, she is undermining his efforts — if the headline I saw is correct.

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  13. Important! A recent Kaiser Family Foundation poll found 56% percent of people support “Medicare for ALL” type of a plan.
    71% Support if it guarantees health insurance as a right.
    67% if it eliminates all deductibles and premiums
    When we look deeper, the support for such a plan collapses.
    37% when people learn it would eliminate their private health care plan
    32% when they learn it would weaken existing Medicare plans
    26% when they learn it would lead to delays for tests or treatment to accommodate everyone….
    …. by this point, a whopping 70% are opposed to the idea of “Medicare for All”.

    Yes, when it’s advertised as “free” people love it. When they learn the about real costs, inconvenience, and lackluster healthcare, Americans oppose it.

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