20190122 Prayers For Protection

This special PRAYERS FOR PROTECTION topic is a place to share
prayers for the safety of All those working to Bring Good to the World.


Our Lion President Donald J. Trump with all of his administration,
our much appreciated blog host Wolfmoon,
the White Hats in Law Enforcement, the QAnon Team,
all Unborn and Born children of the world and those fighting to protect them,
our Spouses, Families and Local Communities,
and the Members of our Q Tree.


Lorica of Saint Patrick†

I arise today
Through a mighty strength, the invocation of the Trinity,
Through a belief in the Threeness,
Through confession of the Oneness
Of the Creator of creation.

I arise today
Through the strength of Christ’s birth and His baptism,
Through the strength of His crucifixion and His burial,
Through the strength of His resurrection and His ascension,
Through the strength of His descent for the judgment of doom.

I arise today
Through the strength of the love of cherubim,
In obedience of angels,
In service of archangels,
In the hope of resurrection to meet with reward,
In the prayers of patriarchs,
In preachings of the apostles,
In faiths of confessors,
In innocence of virgins,
In deeds of righteous men.

I arise today
Through the strength of heaven;
Light of the sun,
Splendor of fire,
Speed of lightning,
Swiftness of the wind,
Depth of the sea,
Stability of the earth,
Firmness of the rock.

I arise today
Through God’s strength to pilot me;
God’s might to uphold me,
God’s wisdom to guide me,
God’s eye to look before me,
God’s ear to hear me,
God’s word to speak for me,
God’s hand to guard me,
God’s way to lie before me,
God’s shield to protect me,
God’s hosts to save me
From snares of the devil,
From temptations of vices,
From every one who desires me ill,
Afar and anear,
Alone or in a mulitude.

I summon today all these powers between me and evil,
Against every cruel merciless power that opposes my body and soul,
Against incantations of false prophets,
Against black laws of pagandom,
Against false laws of heretics,
Against craft of idolatry,
Against spells of women and smiths and wizards,
Against every knowledge that corrupts man’s body and soul.
Christ shield me today
Against poison, against burning,
Against drowning, against wounding,
So that reward may come to me in abundance.

Christ with me, Christ before me, Christ behind me,
Christ in me, Christ beneath me, Christ above me,
Christ on my right, Christ on my left,
Christ when I lie down, Christ when I sit down,
Christ in the heart of every man who thinks of me,
Christ in the mouth of every man who speaks of me,
Christ in the eye that sees me,
Christ in the ear that hears me.

I arise today
Through a mighty strength, the invocation of the Trinity,
Through a belief in the Threeness,
Through a confession of the Oneness
Of the Creator of creation

† Also known as the Breastplate of Saint Patrick, this prayer is attributed to St. Patrick in 433 A.D.. however many scholars believe the author to be anonymous.

101 thoughts on “20190122 Prayers For Protection

  1. How wonderful, TTT. Just what I needed in my moment of sadness this evening. Posted about it in the Open Thread. Found out that SD not only unfollowed me, but blocked me on twitter. It hurt my feelings.

    But then there is this post, in this moment, and indeed it calls for a mantle of protection around all those who love and serve the Lord.

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      1. Absolutely, unprovoked. I’m very unassuming in whatever I say. Often retweet him too, and as you know try to make positive comments at CTH. No, I think he knows I’m here…

        That’s okay. Now I know where all the good folks are that I was missing. 🙂

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      1. Sundance is a man suffering under a great deal of spiritual warfare. He is in desperate need of our prayers.

        Sadly he has taken to blocking people on Twitter and banning on CTH anyone associated with WQTH.

        Sundance, I know you are reading here. We are still praying for you.

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    1. lLady–
      I actually blocked SD two days ago. He never followed me–I just didn’t want to give him the satisfaction of blocking ME! So SO sorry for your sadness. Such a beautiful Lady with such a great heart…He will be sad one day that he doesn’t have a Lady Penguin in his life…
      Tona is right…He does need our prayers….

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      1. Thank you, Marica. I was surprised. Figured he’d unfollow me, but the block. No reason except that he must know I’m here. That’s okay. If he doesn’t see the usefulness of having positive, reasoned comments in his threads, so be it.

        Most of the names I don’t recognize there anymore, so won’t bother with it. I’ll miss Ristvan’s comments.

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        1. There’s a few OT that I miss–But this place has become such a safe and wonderful place..I stopped even looking. And you are a voice of reason! And speaking of reason–Who would ever ban Daughn?!! Or Wheatie of the cool tree pics? and FLEP?!! are you kidding–except I think he self-banned–but still! I can kinda “get” guys getting banned-the macho thing… But Why ban lovely reasonable women of which I would argue EVERY woman here is Extremely reasonable…SMH

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    2. Takes a while to get over the hurt of being banned.

      The lovingkindness of Wolfie, Flep, Steve, Wheatie, Sylvia, and EVERYONE here have made The Q Tree a place of refuge and healing and a place to speak, seek, learn without constantly feeling anxious and afraid of offending and being censured and vanquished.

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        1. Hi, lp, So sorry you got banned.

          I felt really bad about it for a while. It felt like high school all over again. But people here are really great.

          We are like a remake of The Breakfast Club. I’m the basket case. SD is mean old Mr. Vernon.

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          1. “SD is mean old Mr. Vernon.”


            Dean Wormer!

            I didn’t know who mean old Mr. Vernon was, but when I read your comment, Dean Wormer is the first thing I thought of, from ‘Animal House’.

            When I checked to make sure I spelled ‘Wormer’ right, that’s when I realized that John Vernon was the actor who played Dean Wormer 😁

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          2. 🙂 I should clarify, that so far I’m not banned on CTH, but his blocking of me on Twitter is a direct attack on whatever he thinks I/we represent. It’s really more that he feels threatened, but other than just having held him in high esteem, even when I disagreed with his take, it’s simply now a disappointment.

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        2. Tell Hubby Hi from us!! And tell him thanks for supporting you and your time here!! We do get a shot in the arm of Winnamins when you post!! Keeps us from getting MOROSE..Well–at least me ..😍

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    3. LP, just a thought I’ve thrown out before and may be helpful for you to ponder….do any of us know that someone other than SD is not acting on his public behalf? Hope that helps because it is not about you, it is about a person who unfollowed and blocked you which may or may not be SD. You are so appreciated here!

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        1. LP, I don’t know anyone anywhere who would disagree with you. Sometime ago I put CTH and @TheLastRefuge2 in my Archive Stack of places I formerly trusted for useful information along with The Drudge Report which was my first to break from. We have lots of options. People change and their motives change but I am only responsible for where I spend my time and it tires me out to filter disinformation.

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        2. I see much the same writing style as before over there, as well as common words and phrases like “writ large,” “geopolitical,” and others I can’t remember at the moment, as well as the way he structures his sentences.

          Many of us have been quite critical of him here. I wouldn’t be surprised if he bans and blocks people just for associating here. And it is not clear to me who is responble for banning people. Do they all work in tandem? Do they consult about such decisions?

          It’s a shame that nothing has been learned over there. I asked politely three times if I was banned but got no response. If we had been able to have a short dialogue, something might have been learned on both sides. But that doesn’t happen. When someone won’t listen, all you can do is move on. I know it’s hard when you’ve respected someone. It’s different with me; I saw a lot of things from the beginning and wasn’t surprised about any of this.

          In my opinion, he’s been treated with kid gloves — if not outright respect — by so many that have been treated unfairly over there. (And I say that a little hesitantly because I always maintain that the site owner can do whatever he pleases. But reasonable, intelligent posters, whose comments drew others to the site, have not been treated well.) My point is that I never saw anyone bad-mouth him or the site after they were forced out. I never did that, either, and I had plenty of opportunities to say something on other sites. I didn’t say anything until I came here and found like-minded people. He’s been given many chances, which is not how he has treated many of us.

          I understand your disappointment, and that it’s difficult.

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          1. I was just a wandering big #MAGA supporter and was delighted in 2016 to find CTH. The commenters gave me hope, especially Flep – ever optimistic. but I loved all the very smart people with their insight and sharing of their knowledge.

            This move by SD simply was because of my association here – IMO, it means he doesn’t care that much about the community and knowledge shared at his blog.

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      1. Thanks, PJ. It was certainly a surprise. He’s messaging on his part, but it doesn’t change who we are on our side. Tends to reveal issues for him.

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        1. He’s either another person or persons, or he/she has major problems. Wow! Either way, those actions have spawned the growth of a greater good, namely, wqth.
          Sad there are hurt people in the wake.

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          1. These things happen for a reason. I’m sure the “big” conservative voices on the ‘net have noticed some shift in the tone of CTH. There are many analysts out there – it’s better if one is open to other ideas than to shut them out.

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            1. God always makes lemonade out of lemons for His faithful. Sometimes I think he allows the unfaithful of marinate in the acid to bring them to their knees.

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              1. Yes, that’s true. And someone mentioned praying for SD, and that is also a good thing. I’m sorry for someone who feels so threatened he has to let go of people who would have been glad to call him friend.

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              2. True. Tone and tenor shifted quite a bit. Everyone has a writing style and speaking style. One can almost tell who wrote something if they’re familiar with their writings. Something sure seems off.

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    4. Thank you, TTT. Your prayers comfort, sustain and uplift all of us.

      LadyPenquin, I don’t understand why SD would make that decision. Through the personal hurt and confusion, may our support lift you to higher ground. 💖💖 #WWG1WGA

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      1. It’s within SD. It’s unfortunate that he has such anger, but he’s imply sending a message that he won’t tolerate not being the only access to information, ideas or thoughts.

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      1. You’re sweet. Took me a couple of years before finally joining. I do like it for getting a lot of information conservatives never would see otherwise, and now with POTUS directly communicating really expanded that information flow to people I had no idea about. And then those same good folks are now congregated in a place like Q-Tree!

        PS If POTUS ever leaves Twitter – it will collapse.

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        1. Exactly right regarding POTUS ever leaving Twitter…
          Did you see the tweets from the left, referring to the Trump Internet? LOL! Apparently it’s a thing!!! AND it actually gives me greater HOPE than ever. Trump supporters have found a way to get our voices heard by diving into the social media dumpster fires and taking on the hatred spewing commies!

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  2. I believe in God,
    the Father Almighty,
    Creator of heaven and earth,
    and in Jesus Christ, His only Son, our Lord,
    who was conceived by the Holy Spirit,
    born of the Virgin Mary,
    suffered under Pontius Pilate,
    was crucified, died and was buried;
    He descended into hell;
    on the third day He rose again from the dead;
    He ascended into heaven,
    and is seated at the right hand of God the Father Almighty;
    from there He will come to judge the living and the dead.
    I believe in the Holy Spirit,
    the Holy Catholic Church,
    the communion of Saints,
    the forgiveness of sins,
    the resurrection of the body,
    and life everlasting.

    Catholic = universal

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              1. I Pray to NOBODY but Jesus the Christ our Lord and Saviour. Nobody but him can hear (or see) us…..
                For in Heaven….. There is NO sorrow or pain etc……
                Those who have died are either in Heaven or Hell…. (No “Purgatory” – It is NOT in the Bible)
                WE can NOT pray someone into Heaven just as we can NOT buy them into Heaven.
                God is in complete CONTROL…. “we” are not…..
                And our “prayers” do NOT change God’s plans….. (God does NOT change)
                HIS “plan” is perfect and was done BEFORE the Creation of the World.


            1. Hey Rayzor, I’m non denominational. I believe the Bible. If I’m reading it right, I think Tona is saying to substitute Catholic for Universal Church, or whatever denomination you may prefer?? This is what’s known as the Apostle’s Creed. The group Third Day sings the Creed and it’s really good.
              The Church is the Bride of Christ, He’s coming back for us. We’ll all attend the marriage supper of the Lamb. God Bless.

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              1. Though I do not know what the “apostles creed” actually says….
                my understanding is that it refers to the “catholic” church.
                The Bible does NOT specify any denomination…. but to the “church”
                Gods body of believes chosen (Elected) (Given to the Son by the Father in Heaven) before Creation.
                I reject the “Pope” as I can go to God (Jesus) myself and have NO need for an “Earthly” intermediary. (Many examples that the “Pope” is NOT infallible)

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              2. The whole paragraph that Tona wrote from beginning to end is called the Apostle’s Creed. I associate Apostles not with Catholicism, but with Jesus’ 12. And yes, no Pope necessary. Jesus tore the veil, He fulfilled the law, now we can talk directly to God as we are in Him(Jesus) and He in us. Direct pipeline😃

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      1. Thank you for your kind words.

        I sure didn’t mean to have so much go on about me, but it did hurt my heart, considering I’m harmless. but what’s happening at CTH is bigger than me, and maybe that’s why this happened. It sure doesn’t seem like it’s the same SD we once knew.

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          1. Thinking on this overnight, this move by SD revealed a great deal, and in a way, epitomizes what we’ve found is almost a fatal flaw in the “conservative” movement. By conservative, even if it’s simply to retain our traditional American values, we’re impeded by those who cannot share.

            Will take more thinking for me to figure out what it is they can’t share…

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    1. Thank you, TTT…for the lovely thread and the beautiful prayers.
      What a wonderful thought!

      And I love the Celtic Cross.

      Not sure if it’s because I have some Celtic ancestors, or what…but the first time I ever saw a Celtic Cross, it pinged something in the back of my head.
      Somehow it looked familiar to me, when there is no way that it could have.

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      1. From a “scientific” point of view, I tend towards cellular memory. Like the first time I had proper soaked oats prepared the old Scottish way. It was like my body said, “this! is home.” And the Scots in me is some generations back.

        If you like to explore other theories, Rupert Sheldrake’s morphic resonance theory can be fun to look over.

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  3. Flep….. With YOU being our local Economic Genius…..
    I would love to see an article (deep dive) into:
    Our economic future pertaining to:
    Q: Gold will bring down the FED…..
    How will things work out “IF” they Abolish the FED?
    What currency will we use?
    Gold and Silver? (Not enough worldwide to use as money)
    Bitcoin or other electronic currency?
    There is a bill waiting to Audit the FED…..
    Another to Abolish the IRS……
    Payrolls still need to be made….
    Businesses need “credit” to operate…..
    We need a way to pay debt and Buy necessities (Food etc)
    What would happen to our bank accounts?
    Retirement funds?
    Investments? etc.
    Worldwide Debt Jubilee? (Forgiveness of debt)
    I know it is a lot to ask…. but YOU might be able to help us prepare for?
    Thanks in advance.


  4. Dear Holy Father,

    Please – Send Your angels to defeat the powers of darkness, deception and evil and death.
    Please – Cover and protect, guide and give wisdom to our President Donald Trump and his family and staff, cabinet.
    Please – Bless and guide, comfort and protect all who sincerely seek to do Your good will.
    Please – Protect and arm Your servants with the Breastplate of Righteousness, Helmet of Salvation, Belt of Truth and the Sword of Your Word.
    Please – Grant us all mercy and peace, keep our eyes focused on You and Your Truth, Love and Life.

    We praise You that Your power is greater than any other spiritual or physical entity and nothing can defeat Your Holy Eternal Kingdom.
    We praise You that You are good, true and holy, always worthy of our worship, trust, love and service.
    We trust You Lord for all things needed for here and now, for all time and everywhere throughout the universe!

    Thank You for Your Shalom Peace that passes all understanding with all Your true blessings.

    In the Name of Jesus, our Lord and Savior, King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Forever and Ever,


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  5. Offering prayers of Thanks Giving for all our Q Treepers that are creating a bastion of #MAGA here in our branches. Especially thankful for MichaelH adding powerful prayers each day in our Open Topic. And for Marica who shouts victory on every side in her every post, including the joy of a Wolf Like siting a short while ago. 🙂


  6. Praying for clarity, focus energy and strength for WM and all who are in the trenches guiding the power shift that will benefit the innocent and all of humanity. ❤

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      1. You are THE BEST! It is adds so much substance to this lovely space and the first one seemed to be wholly inspired and much appreciated. Your suggestion to go back to it was brilliant.

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