Dear MAGA: 20190122 Open Thread

Welcome! The door is open, come on inside.

This special Cozy Q Tree Tuesday open thread is VERY OPEN – a place for everybody to post whatever they feel they would like to tell the White Hats, and the rest of the MAGA world.

Say what you want, comment on what other people said, comment on people’s comments. Keep it civil. Treehouse rules, but expect lots of QAnon.

Remember – your greatest gift to President Trump is FIVE WORDS:


See the January 1st daily thread for the rules of the road, which are few but important.

Wheatie’s Rules:

  1. No food fights.
  2. No running with scissors.
  3. If you bring snacks, bring enough for everyone.


May the Good Lord watch over our host, Wolfmoon, who is away from our tree and fighting the good fight…wherever he may be.



605 thoughts on “Dear MAGA: 20190122 Open Thread

      1. Me too.

        Remember that “Stand Your Ground” is also a trigger because “stand your ground” was (incorrectly) considered a factor in the Trayvon Martin “murder” (really a valid case of self defense).

        It should trigger the liars, in other words, due to other associations

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        1. I like it too because it’s a regular joe.. somebody who didn’t back down and didn’t stoop to the level the Left said he did .
          I’d really really like to see if that would trigger them as bad a MAGA hat

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      Great find kea…

      Kids that long to become actors… play ‘Let’s Pretend’ all their lives… drop out of school because they don’t think they need an education to act.

      Kids that want to learn a ‘craft’ (which acting is) not only stay in high school, graduate, but either go to college, take singing and dancing lessons, fencing lessons, do theatre work, etc…

      If you think you can skip school and wait tables in LA and hang around studios sweeping and taking out the trash ’til you are discovered… well dream on.

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    2. It’d be interesting to see an actual statistical analysis.

      While it’s spooky to see all those leftists who didn’t finish high school, I am sure there are plenty who did and even went on to college.

      In other words, I’d want to guard against someone being selective with his data before going out there and using this, or WE will be burned by a leftist who did some homework.

      On the lighter side, I’m not so worried that they left out uneducated conservatives because I’m pretty sure this is an exhaustive list of conservatives in Hollywood/Entertainment. 😀 A conservative actor (Tom Selleck? I’m not sure) once joked that he was encouraged by the fact that one out of every three conservatives in Hollywood go on to be POTUS.

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  1. Hoyer used to be my congress critter before I moved. He doesn’t do anything for the majority of his district and seems only interested in leadership stuff. He stays in through name recognition and the gravitas of having your critter in leadership.

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  2. Stalemate!

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      1. As POTUS is the only adult to negotiate and Pelosi is seen as the roadblock, Dems are feeling the pressure and coming out against her. How long before we hear “Impeach the Speaker”?

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        1. Actually, what would happen would be a motion to “vacate the chair.” Which won’t happen until someone is pretty sure to succeed.

          If the chair is vacated, then (presumably) they’d elect a new Speaker.

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  3. Chad Pergram is a reporter for Fox who covers Congress. (He’s very biased in my opinion, toward DIMS)

    He IS NOT a constitutional lawyer, nor has he passed the bar… He is not an authority on the SOTUA…

    YET he has been pontificating all day on twitter wrt what POTUS can and cannot do.

    THIS is the problem with the media… Not only are they controlled (op Mockingbird), they speak as an authority on things they know NOTHING about.

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      1. Something open to authors is the media uploads here.

        Of course, for those who have WP accounts but don’t have author accounts here, you can upload to your page’s media area and link to it, too. I was just too pressed for time to get that image into the media area.


  4. Frankly, I don’t care nor do I track which of the DIMS are “running for President”

    But this is too interesting to ignore:

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            1. Haa…yep, I thought about adding that Beto is also a dreaded white male.

              The Dems seem intent on alienating a huge number of their white male base, don’t they.

              And thanks, Molly…glad you like the tree!

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      1. sounding more and more like it everyday. at least she’s got first dibs on some very important players.

        i suppose she’s getting access to the databases too i would assume 🙂

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      2. She looks like a younger, darker (in many ways) Piglosi…

        It’s been so long since anything good came out of Kalifornia… we’d have to roll the clock back to the early 1900s, at least…

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    1. Pelosi remembers how stupid she and her Democrats looked last SOTU when they sat there pouting throughout, refusing to applaud lowest black unemployment and refused to stand and applaud victims of illegal alien criminals.

      She is afraid to let Trump speak – just like the other leftists who shut down conservative speakers on college campuses.

      She knows she looks bad and has no winning policies or anything else to offer the American people.

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  5. It’s like Dan Bongino said on Monday podcast — the MSM spouting that Pelosi is on a co-equal level with the President, when in truth, the whole of Congress (that’s Senate and House) is a co-equal branch of government along with the Executive and Judicial branches! Nancy is the majority leader of 1/2 of the House — not the whole House, and certainly not the Senate. However, she is third in line to the Presidency should she decide to take out both President Trump and VP Pence. Unnamed, anonymous and unverified sources say she has not taken that latter option off the table!!! She does have delusions of grandeur!

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    1. Nancy is the majority leader of 1/2 of the House

      Nope, technically, she’s the Speaker of the House–the leader of that body, and not just the slightly-more-than half that’s Democrat. Arguing otherwise is like arguing that Trump isn’t your president because you didn’t vote for him. (There is a separate position called House Majority Leader, who leads ONLY the Dems, but that’s not Pelosi, it’s Hoyer.)

      It still means she only heads half of the Legislative branch, though.

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  6. I didnt get to see Tucker yet–Gonna try to catch the late nite version–But my brother called–yup same one that was arguing the shutdown garbage with me…Well this whole #CovingtonCatholicBoys has him as riled up as Kavenaugh more so because of the kids! (and he’s a Catholic kid too) Anyway–said our Gov. Bevin was on and was amazing!! looking forward to watching…

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    1. This fiasco has been like a beacon to show the feral Left, the corrupt media and the true motives of these race hustling activists.
      Sorry for the Covington kids being the conduit but their restraint and poise has really helped some see, glad your bro is one of them!

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    1. John Solomon on Hannity: It was the Clinton “Saturation Strategy”. Get the same info to the FBI from multiple sources so they think all that smoke must be fire. What POTUS is still dealing with, That Damn Witch!!! 🤬🤬

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      1. I remember campus security going to a guy and saying, as justification for them writing him up, “where there’s smoke, there’s fire.” A lot of people were ganging up on him making specious complaints–I knew of my own knowledge they were bullshit.

        So Saturation Strategy is old, and it often works.

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  7. Old Indian and his 20 member gang tried to bust in with their drums and chants to disrupt Mass in DC on Saturday night!

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  8. I detest these people.

    Uploaded by The Conservative Treehouse
    The House Judiciary Committee is the lead committee on the constitutional process to evoke articles of impeachment. Speaker Pelosi has created specific rules of the house in a well planned c…Full description
    Copyright: © All Rights Reserved
    Download as or read online from Scribd
    Flag For Inappropriate Content

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  9. Outright lies, debunked bullshit by this &^$#@(*&^ piece of shit.

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  10. Per Shannon Bream, New previously undisclosed info, NBC has $400Million relationship with Buzzfeed, started right after 2016 Election. Ewww, those dirty B’s….AH tape, Dossier, Cohen

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    1. It’s clear that manufacturing False Narratives is the primary mission for these leftist-controlled ‘news’ outlets.

      In other words…creating Propaganda.

      The networks even load their non-news shows with their leftist propaganda.

      ABC’s parent company, Disney, has become a major purveyor of leftist propaganda.
      And what’s worse…is that it is aimed at children.

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      1. Ole Waltis probably rolling over, and over, and over. Even though the Christians are making some inroads, The Prince of the Power of the Air has historically dominated the Entertainment Industry. More than typical propaganda, NBC has specifically targeted POTUS. Someone there is guilty/trying to hide something and/or there’s big money at stake. Remember that was the home of The Apprentice, I bet POTUS has BIG dirt on NBC.

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