Silent Scream, the Genocide of the Unborn

In 1962, Rachael Carson published a book, “Silent Spring,” – which was basically a treatise, where Ms Carson contended that the entire ecosystem was adversely affected by the indiscriminate use of pesticides, particularly, DDT. Using “Silent Spring” as a metaphor, her premise was that the adverse environmental effects were so catastrophic that conceivably, some day, spring, when new life begins, would be silent.

It’s likely that few people don’t know the volcanic impact that book had on the social-environmental movement of the 1960’s – but the result was explosive – leading to the banning of DDT, and restricted use of pesticides and chemicals in general. This post isn’t, of course, to debate DDT, but it is to speak of another Silent Spring.

The Silent Spring of the unborn. The cries of babies we’ll never hear.

On Jan. 22, 1973, eleven years, and four months after the world began to worry about Nature’s creatures, the Supreme Court (Jan 22, 1973) issued their decision in “favor” of Roe, from Jane Roe v Henry Wade (Dallas District Attorney). America was now allowed to kill its unborn children.

The Court ruled 7–2 that a right to privacy under the Due Process Clause of the 14th Amendment extended to a woman’s decision to have an abortion, but that this right must be balanced against the state’s interests in regulating abortions: protecting women’s health and protecting the potentiality of human life.[2] Arguing that these state interests became stronger over the course of a pregnancy, the Court resolved this balancing test by tying state regulation of abortion to the third trimester of pregnancy.

The original Roe v Wade ruling has since been expanded by subsequent court rulings which solidified women’s rights to privacy, and a woman’s “right” to abort – even through the third trimester.

It appears that the Supreme Court no longer has a vested interest in “protecting the potentiality of human life,” or even the needs of the State (survival of society).

We’ve watched for decades failed measure after measure, in the hallowed halls of Congress, defeat of any ability to restrain and pull back the so-called “Safe, legal and rare” mantra the Lefties shouted with glee that dark day in 1973. Safe, legal and rare has turned into 46 years of almost unfettered abortions. Worldwide, abortion was the leading cause of death in 2018, 42 million murdered infants.

In 2012, when I wrote this article: “King Herod, Obama and the Genocide of the Unborn” – the number of aborted American babies was 50 million. Today, 6 1/2 years later, the number stands at 61 million. Go to the counter, and watch it change in real time. It should shock you.

Every uptick of those counters represents an innocent life destroyed, a silent scream not heard.

Mother depressed, mother/father not ready, parents want a boy, not a girl, parents don’t want a Down’s syndrome baby – these are the people who demand, and the current law says they’re entitled, to get an abortion. Essentially, it is the mindset of those of the Left who believe in killing those who are unacceptable in their eyes, imperfect or inconvenient. Yet, the Left constantly tries to keep hidden the truth about the murders of the unborn, doing everything they can to keep the pictures and the stories out of the public’s view. If abortion was a good thing, a clean act and not a horrific one, then they wouldn’t have to hide the stories or prevent the pictures from being shown. They wouldn’t lie in court and say the videos were “doctored.” Only evil deeds have to be kept hidden and in darkness.

How evil is the practice of abortion? Well, evil enough that pro-abortionists fight against showing expectant mothers ultrasounds of their babies. It means they fear that a woman might understand that she holds a precious life within her, and an abortion will END that life. Right now, the state of Virginia has a Democrat, a woman, trying to end required ultrasounds before abortions. What are the pro-abortionists afraid of? That someone might see the image of their baby and decide to choose life? Why are the Democrats so intent on killing children?

Have you seen the movie, “Gosnell, The Trial of America’s Biggest Serial Killer”? He killed thousands of babies, and was ultimately convicted for killing several after they were born alive. He was also convicted on a manslaughter charge; a woman died after an abortion. Gosnell’s story is considered horrific, for those who know about it. But the media hid as much of it as they could. In fact, Gosnell was actually found out because he was being investigated for illicit drug trafficking.

What’s incredible to me, and should be to anyone who has an ounce of humanity in them, is how rabid the pro-abortionists are. That term, “pro-choice” – let’s not let them get away with fancy phrases – that’s a conscience soother, an absolution from the State for murder of an innocent. These rabid abortion supporters literally spew hate, and foam at the mouth when they see babies, or anyone trying to save the life of the unborn. Else why would they do this:

This past week, Democrats blocked a bill that would have defunded Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood’s name is a misnomer. Planning means preparing in advance, and making mature choices. It is not supposed to mean the local factory where you stop by and get an abortion because a baby might be a “mistake” as former President Barack Obama said.

In previous Congresses, efforts were made to pass a fetal pain bill, recognizing that infants can certainly feel pain by 20 weeks, though we actually know they can feel pain much earlier – 10 weeks. Why didn’t it pass? The pro-abortionists in the Senate filibustered it. Republican Senator Lindsey Graham has reintroduced the bill this legislative session. President Trump addressed late-term abortions in his message to the Annual Right to Life Gathering. These were his words from 2018:

“For example, in the United States, it’s one of only seven countries to allow elective late-term abortions, along with China, North Korea, and others.”

This great country, founded upon the ideals of freedom and liberty, the right to life, the right to pursue a good and righteous life as our Founders intended… this great nation has the blood of millions upon its hands – the blood of the innocent, the blood of the unborn, the blood of future generations who will never have the chance for life – or experience the same gifts our Founding Fathers bequeathed to us, under the guidance of the Great Creator – that’s a stain tainting the soul of this Nation.

Per the National Review article, there is a quote:
‘You may choose to look the other way but you can never say again that you did not know.” These words were spoken by English politician William Wilberforce on the floor of the House of Commons in 1791, as he argued for the abolition of the slave trade.”

As regards the genocide of our unborn, some may choose to look away, but you can never say you did not know about the Holocaust of the Innocents. The screams of the unborn cry out to be heard.

Picture credit:
4-D Scan of a fetus yawning in the womb.

108 thoughts on “Silent Scream, the Genocide of the Unborn

    1. Thank you. It’s appalling. “Safe, legal, and rare” opened the floodgates. Killing babies because of a “mistake” as Barack Obama described the need for abortion – no, that’s depraved indifference to human life.

      The Left demanding abortion, will be (and already are) the same people who will demand restricted care for the disabled and the elderly. Euthanasia is already allowed in Oregon.

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        1. I understand the sentiment, but even Barack Obama miserable a person as he is, was once a baby and innocent of the world. He simply turned out to be an unfortunate man – unhappy with the things of life, because he can’t feel the goodness.

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      1. Øbama excelled at ‘depraved indifference to human life.’

        Legalized abortion has lowered our nation’s level of humanity and valuation of human life.

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  1. Social Media is part of the culture of death – censoring those who defend Life:

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      1. Tried to reply earlier and it didn’t show.

        I know older women who were encouraged not to continue pregnancies due to possible issues. Yeah, one of those kids was valedictorian in her HS class, played scholarship soccer in college and is now in medical school.

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        1. My daughter almost had triplets last fall, but one did not make it during the 1st Trimester. She cried for the loss, because it had tried so valiantly. We would have done all we could to have helped her regardless of the outcome. We were Blessed by God’s Grace for two healthy twins. All in good health.

          I cry when I hear the sad stories of women who desperately want children and can’t have them, weighing them against those who consider life so cheap they’d throw it away.

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          1. There’s a lot of us who would have loved to have a family, but finding a suitable mate these days is more unrealistic hope and promise than a sure thing.

            I know a woman who lost one twin in utero, and other whose twins were on the same placenta and all the nutrition went to one and the other died. My grandmother was supposed to be a twin, but wasn’t.

            The Lord moves in mysterious ways. Why these things happen we don’t know, but it was natural and the will of God not man. Take comfort in that.

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            1. “There’s a lot of us who would have loved to have a family, but finding a suitable mate these days is more unrealistic hope and promise than a sure thing.”

              Please don’t give up hope!

              Remind people that there are plenty of good men out there.

              You just have to accept their “toxic masculinity”!

              Sorry, had to stick that in there 😉

              Seriously, it took me a decade to find a woman to marry. And a lot of prayer.

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            2. DP, I lamented on that same thing years ago, finding a suitable mate. Even then it seemed hard. But I got lucky, and I feel so Blessed to have had my heart’s desire, a family.

              Never give up.


      1. Agree. Especially when we have at least one generations who’ve put off marriage and child-bearing into their thirties and beyond. OTOH, medical knowledge and technical support has also increased – vastly – so the outcomes are much better. Prenatal care is a big part of this.


  2. Thank you LP for this post. Recently I was part of the last days of a close relative’s life here on earth. So much effort and emotion went into perpetuating my relative’s life, taking care of him in his final days and honoring him after.

    So much effort and emotion for the dying, yet the living are so easily snuffed out. It’s an imbalance that needs to be corrected. Apologize for the “clumsiness” of this post. Feelings into words is something that doesn’t come easy anymore.

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    1. Holly, nothing “clumsy” about your words. Writing from the heart is the most powerful. I understand about the end of life, and thankful that your family cared so much. The danger of a society, and it is already happening is when we have no problem killing our unborn, it moves to killing the disabled and elderly. I’ve written about that too, when abortion moves to infanticide…

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      1. YES! It’s about life no matter unborn, young, old, healthy, unhealthy. I wish I could articulate better, but thankfully there are so many thoughtful, smart people on this site that can.

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    2. Life is life from conception to natural death. It’s a core conviction of mine. It should be celebrated so long as there is a heartbeat, brain waves and breath. I’ve been in special care nursery to hold a premature nephew, and have held the hands of the dying on a death watch. In this house we’ve done stroke, gall bladder and appendix removal, cataracts, GERD, silent reflux, kidney issues, etc. And then there were my grandparents and siblings – congestive heart failure, valve replacement, septoplasty, fibroid adenomas and one person had three cancers. My one nephew is a non-textbook child. Actually two of them are, and they require extra everything.

      Life is life, but it is messy. And the death of a loved one can be a great and humbling learning experience.

      One of my purposes in life is to be a funeral singer. It’s one of those things I do. The one thing about talking about the newly deceased is that we all get to reflect on how those people were part of us and always will be. I was the soloist at the funeral for a woman who worked on the Creighton Model of natural family planning. She touched so many people all over the world even through her own struggle with ovarian cancer. Her life was an inspiration in many ways, and I didn’t know her when she was alive.

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      1. I’m overwhelmed by all of you folks commenting, telling your stories, your experiences. What wonderful work Q Treepers are doing. My words are little in comparison, but it is so wonderful to know that there are people like you DP, who understand about the value of life.

        Accepting life, frail and fragile as it is, is what makes us human and supposedly civilized. We give up all pretense to that concept when we wantonly kill our young, which leads to, and it’s already happening, killing our old.

        God Bless.

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  3. isn’t it terrifying–the woman claims she made a mistake–yet the innocent is forced to suffer for it.
    I still do not understand the thinking behind allowing abortions. LIFE is an inalienable right –written clearly in the Declaration of Independence…more so than anyone’s right to privacy (which the internet has certainly trampled without consequence…)
    The DNA of the baby does not match the DNA of the mother–thereby destroying the whole my body/ my choice argument. If a woman decided to lop off her arm (her body/ her choice) she would be institutionalized or at least declared incompetent.
    But she can murder a baby–a family member–and get away with it. Simply because she has to care for the family member–so where does that logic stop? If a woman has to care for an elderly mother–and it becomes too burdensome, can she simply murder the mother too?

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    1. Legal beagles say that the Constitution doesn’t guarantee life for the unborn in that phrase, but I don’t see how it doesn’t. If the SC could twist itself into pretzels and decided we have 25 genders who can marry, why can’t they decide that the unborn have a right to life?

      Yes, to your last question. Elderly, disabled inconvenient? Euthanasia already an option in Oregon.

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      1. LadyPenquin, you covered this topic really beautifully. Thank You.

        The only thing I would add is that some of the most ardent pro- lifers are those souls who caved to pressures to abort or had been dragged kicking and screaming into the actual abortuary and have been healed by God.

        It’s my experience that the toughest nuts to crack are the parents who aborted a child by the advice of a doctor who told them the child would have “defects.” Rationalization of one’s actions is an extremely powerful tool. They would have to admit they were selfish, and that’s a no-go-zone without acquiescence to grace.

        Please pray for conversion and healing of heart for all who have been touched by abortion and for all in the abortion industry.

        For healing after abortion, there are many fine programs available. The one I’m very familiar with is:

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        1. Yes, the grief and sadness of those who regret their decisions can be overwhelming, but as you said His Grace overcomes that guilt. Consider even the abortion providers who have had a change of heart after performing or participating in abortions – they too see healing. God cares for them too.

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              1. Joe scheidler of pro life Action in Chicago had some videos at one time with interview of those who Quit. I just loved Joe.

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    2. Pat, It was sold under the guise of compassion for the mother.

      “I still do not understand the thinking behind allowing abortions.”

      But those who sold it did it for $$$ and a gift to evil. Nothing, nothing, incapacitates a person more spiritually and emotionally than the blood sacrifice of abortion.

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    1. Excellent phrase. These women hate motherhood and babies with a red-hot passion. Not only do they believe in killing their own babies, but they want to kill other women’s babies. Nazi Germany alive and sick in the 21st century.

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      1. Also, if and when they admit abortion is evil, they have to face that what they did is evil. People go to great lengths to protect themselves from acknowledging and facing their sin.

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    Stop the human sacrifices to Molech (Lucifer)!!!

    “And they built the high places of Baal which are in the Valley of the Son of Hinnom, to cause their sons and daughters to pass through the fire to Molech, which I did not command them, nor did it come into My mind that they should do this abomination, to cause Judah to sin.” (Jer. 32:35–NKJV).

    Modern man has just refined the process and cut out a step—sacrificing the children straight out of the womb in the name of “women’s rights”. An abomination in the highest order!!!

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    1. I know, Pete. It makes one sick. And then to see the feminazis screaming at a legislator in a hall of government because she has babies – that’s insane.
      Thank you.

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    2. As advanced as mankind is, scientifically and technologically, we refuse to define the simple—when human life begins. Not many doubt it’s at “conception”—well then define as such!!! And the indiscriminate taking of that life in the name of “convenience” must be condemned!

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  5. Very well-written Lady Penquin. It is a constant sorrow to know we live in a society condoning murder of innocents. I am grateful to all who shine light, change minds and save lives.

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    1. There are incredible human beings who work every day to change someone’s heart and mind about abortion. It’s what the Left fears the most – that their fascist worldview will be destroyed if we can stop their power over life and death.

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  6. We were sold an evil plan. Legalizing abortion beget the elimination of individual responsibility and a complete family breakdown.
    It’s wrong.
    I admit, I had no idea how bad the problem was.
    In 2013, I saw the statistic about abortion in New York, where more black babies are aborted than born, annually.
    More than HALF.
    At some point, as a society, we need to change.

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    1. Western Europe has already lost, their birthrate has declined so badly they no longer are replacing themselves. It’s a big reason why they’ve opened their borders to migrants. But these migrants have no intention of assimilating into the Western European’s cultures. So good bye Western Europe. America hasn’t yet reached that point, and I’m heartened by the young people who appear more conservative about life and family values than the last couple of generations, but we’re close to aborting ourselves out of existence.

      Margaret Sanger had a reason for birth control, and the Left continues her work – they think destroying “undesirables” will leave them in power and to rule over an underclass. That may last for a little while, but in the long run, the Left will also be consumed.

      People don’t understand, but actually Darwin’s Law did not conflict with God’s law. Morality is the way for a society to survive. Without we are nothing.

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      1. You’re spot on, Lady P, getting rid of the undesirables.
        The national topic for my debate team was “Abortion” in 1980.
        One of the stats that scared the heck out of me, Russian women, at the time, were having 6-8 abortions in their lifetime.
        Many had become so scarred, by the time they were ready to have children, they could not conceive.
        Abortion was used as birth control. THAT was 1980. Look what happened to Russia’s birth rate.

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        1. We have scientific data that backs up the fact that abortions actually cause increased breast cancer rates. The risk goes up with each successive abortion. Having children, if one is able to, actually does have biological protections. They don’t yet know that actual connection between the abortion and the increased cancer occurrence, but I expect it has to do with the dramatic shift in hormones and the body’s response.

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      2. Yes, a wise old priest once said that the ten commandments were given to us so all may have a good life on this earth, and to free us up to honor, love and serve God.

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  7. Recently, I saw the stats on ‘back alley’ abortions, which was the pretense for ‘rare and legal’. In the 1950’s there were about 300 deaths of women who sought out a back alley abortion. With the invention of plastics, by 1961, the number had fallen below half. We can only imagine the invention of the IUD and the PILL would have made the number negligible and there would have been no ‘need’ for abortion to even be considered – as a form of birth control, as it is now.

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    1. Actually, artificial and hormonal forms of birth control saw the number of abortions rise as they failed.

      And, actually, there’s a lot that is suppressed about those methods, namely that in the development of them, women died by the thousands of heart attack, stroke, and blood clots due to the elevated hormonal levels. That’s why the trials were moved to Puerto Rico and the like. The death rate was being noticed here. The pill is the most re-formulated prescription available. And now, the systems don’t prevent ovulation so much as force menstruation whether there has been an implant or not.

      And still the warnings on artificial birth control are no joke. Neither are the class action lawsuits.

      Not trying to preach, just food for thought.

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      1. DP, you’re so right, that’s another dirty secret, birth control pills are changing women’s bodies, not for the better. The risks are higher with them, and long-term they have proven to be a health problem. Not for all, but certainly messing with the body’s own hormonal balance does have a ripple effect.

        I never trusted BC, simply because drugs are something to be wary of. I’m glad I didn’t. There are medical reasons for some use, but to simply want to be free to have sex, especially outside marriage, that’s an outcome which has been detrimental for society.

        I’m with you about not trying to preach, but that’s where the past 50 years have taken us, to the degradation and detriment of society.

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      2. The slippery slope to abortion started in full swing when, I think in the 40s, mainstream Protestant religions approved of birth control.

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  8. Good Morning Lady! Another Beautiful Post. One that is so near and dear to my heart. My family has been fighting this battle from the beginning. I was 12 when killing babies became “acceptable”–the law of the land–spit.
    I Remember my mother volunteering to help the “unwed mothers”–which was a BIG DEAL back in the 60’s and 70’s.–Now it’s a badge of honor…SMH I remember being less than a teenager when she hosted a luncheon at our home–10-12 pregnant young ladies at our house…My mom taught us all compassion for both the baby and the mother. Also was a great reminder/enforcer to WAIT UNTIL MARRIAGE to have SEX!

    Fast Forward to my married life and raising 3 children…I had 2 in Catholic school and a 4 year old by my side. My 1st “great Awakening” came in the form of realizing I was not really contributing to making my society–my country better…”Did you find nothing on earth worth fighting for?” Kept ringing in my ears…

    SO began my fight for LIFE. Banding together with other like minded moms (1st March for Life in 90’s)–Then on to the local battle with our Arch Diocese to bring Abortion to the forefront of numb minded and dumbed down sheeples. Our idea was to make 3200 crosses (for the 3200 Abortions daily )and plant them in the churchyard with a simple sign of Pray for the unborn. The fight the so-called Pro Life Catholics gave us was unbelievable!! NO! they said–You will hurt the feelings of those who have had abortions–alienating (probably too many) parishioners and DONORS and making the Catholic Church church look “Fringe” (my words). However, We were young and undaunted and we truly didn’t give up…We did it!! And those 3200 crosses made their way all over this great state of Kentucky and beyond.

    I’ve answered hotlines, Protested outside clinics, Prayer groups and rallies…Not currently active–except for prayers, but after so many years of seemingly No Real Movement of the pro-life needle..I am seeing encouraging progress.
    The sonogram laws passing in states throughout the country and the eminent demise of RBG brings much hope that OUR SPECIAL POTUS will finally END THIS Killing spree–THis Scourge on our beautiful land…

    Once Again!! Thank you for this most beautiful Article and addressing this most heinous sin!

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    1. My mother used to wear a metal cuff bracelet with an Alpha and Omega like this:

      The whole “we can’t offend people” thing never surfaced in this Archdiocese on this issue. I’m sorry that happened, but sometimes the laity needs to take the bull by the horns and make things happen. This era is not the first time the hierarchy cowered and the people in the pews made a difference.

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      1. It’s amazing how much the people in the pulpits no longer preach about morality, sin, and right and wrong. Instead, they’re up there telling us about social justice.

        I sit there and think, “Where is the justice for the lives being horrifically destroyed just down the street from my church.: Why aren’t hundreds of people not pounding on the doors of Congress critters who pretend they’re against abortion, but going with the law of the land. Slavery was the law of the land, and it was wrong… Killing the unborn? that’s murder.

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        1. Somehow we got stuck on pieces and parts of the Corporal Works of Mercy and forget that we’re supposed to espouse it all not just pick and choose.

          As for preaching, I think it depends on where one is and who is in the pulpit. I’ve heard some great homilies on sin from sincere bishops and priests alike. And really, if all clergy were like a few that I know, there wouldn’t be a problem.

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  9. Thank you for this article. My wife and I have 8 kids here and 6 in heaven from miscarriage, from 5 weeks through 12 weeks. I can’t wait to meet my children in heaven who pray for us here on earth.
    Abortion is so revolting that it defies any rational thought. The child is innocent no matter the circumstances of their conception. And children born with disabilities are the most precious gifts given to us on earth. We always learn more from them then they do from us. Even if they are only here for a few hours, there are lessons to learn from them. I pray that God enlightens tje hearts of mothers who are tempted to kill their own child in the womb. It is NEVER the child’s fault.

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    1. “Abortion is so revolting that it defies any rational thought. ”
      Luke, that statement is so true. Even “intellectuals” can’t support, at least honestly, the idea that a species would willingly commit suicide to the point of ending their existence. Really, most of the abortion advocates are people who want power and control. It boils down to fascism as a state of mind in people who choose Evil.

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    2. So beautiful Luke. You are blessed for having kept trying for more of His children to be brought to earth.

      Your post struck me for a lot of reasons, One of our 4 grandbabies that God took back to Himself is named Luke.

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  10. Wonderful post, LadyP!
    Thank you.

    The Left has no problem with considering bacteria on Mars to be Life.
    But then…the heartbeat of a human fetus is ‘not Life’.

    It is such a nightmare to think of how many babies are killed every year.

    What is encouraging, though…is how many young people are Pro-Life now.
    And the number of people of all ages who are Pro-Life seems to be growing.
    So at least we’re making progress in the right direction!

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    1. That real time counter clock is a sobering thing. The mind cannot shut off the ticks…

      Yes, the young people are huge numbers in those Marches for Life. May God keep their number growing.

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  11. No, thank you, Marica. Your words say so much. Your work (and your mother’s) on behalf of the unborn is incredible. IMO, there is no such thing as a “pro-choice Catholic” – the Church teaches morality, Protestants sects do too – it’s right there in the Bible, no matter what version one has, it is a sin against God and Nature to willfully take a human life, innocent human lives.

    The link in the post, where it shows in real time abortions happening every second around the world, and in America is beyond comprehension.

    I equate the rabid abortion supporters to the same as the depraved and indifferent Nazis that killed over 11 million people during the Holocaust, six million Jews, and 5 million undesirables. As I noted, in 6 1/2 years during Barack Obama’s openness to genocide, we’ve lost another 11 million Americans to abortion.

    No other animal in nature does what man does.

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  12. An absolutely epic post Ladypenguin! I shared the following the other day:

    From the article linked above:

    A new poll released on the eve of the annual March for Life protest finds that millennials, the largest group of American voters, are not in lock step with Democrats on abortion and their support for the landmark Roe vs. Wade case legalizing abortion.

    What’s more, 41 percent said they want the 1971 case overturned and 7-in-10 said they support limits, such as parental notification, blocking abortions at five months of pregnancy, and ending government funding.

    Other key findings from the survey conducted by the Polling Company:

    7 percent shared the position of the Democratic Party platform – abortion without any exceptions and funded by tax dollars.

    65 percent support the right to vote on abortion-related policy and want a voice on abortion policy.

    56 percent oppose selling chemical abortion drugs on-line or dropping the requirement for a physical exam because of the risks to women.

    By about a 3-to-1 margin (48 percent to 17 percent), millennials said they preferred that their tax monies went to federally qualified health centers rather than Planned Parenthood.

    51 percent oppose Roe when told it allows for abortion through all of pregnancy.

    I was absolutely shocked and also very happy to see this when it comes to Millennials.

    This tweet reaffirmed the poll for me.

    Slowly but surely this abomination in our country will no longer exist in all 50 states.

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    1. Pray that it be so. President Donald J Trump is the most pro-life President since Ronald Reagan. How fortunate we are that God sent him to us.

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    2. Life is WINNING!

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  13. In the animal kingdom mothers cherish their babies from womb to birth, and thereafter! To protect their survival at all cost! Humans? Clearly evil, an abomination, a sickening foul odor unto God!

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  14. What I never understood of the ruling of Roe vs Wade is the logical connection between a woman’s ‘Right to Privacy’ and the right to an abortion. It in fact may only be peripheral.

    One would think that the decision would have some reference to the ‘Right to Life’, which is the most unalienable right any person, given by his or her creator, can have. Without life there is no other right possible. Thus this is the most fundamental right ever.

    Instead of mention the most logical connected right to abortion, they completely ignore it. Instead talk about right to privacy and even more remote State Rights.

    They needed to make sure that any connection to the ‘Right to Life’ could not be made, otherwise people would make the connection that abortion is in fact MURDER.

    Therein lies the slight of hand, which that corrupt court actually has performed.

    Roe vs Wade must not only be overturned, it needs to be completely expunged from any lawful precedents, except maybe that this slight of hand should never ever be allowed for any lawful decision. It is not enough to over-turn the ruling and then resurface as a so-called State Right, as some ‘Conservatives’ advocate.

    (By the way: Rights are not given by the constitution or the government, they are given by the Creator and the Constitution and government are only there to protect those rights. If this was not so, a change in government, eg. into a dictatorship, could logically take those away.)

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    1. There is no logic in the ruling. Even then, they knew that life began at conception, they also, even then knew that babies as young as 23-24 weeks were able to be saved. Ultrasounds of the past 40+ years shows that is a human life, not a non-being. They twisted themselves into pretzels to condone murder, not condemn.
      At worst, they could have returned the right to the states, and many states would have not allowed it… but the SC decided they should be the arbitrators of life and death. Now we have a country acting as if life has no meaning – Abortion is the the 21st Century’s contribution to the genocide of millions – supposedly the horror of all those wars and communist regimes – but we do it in unassuming buildings and hide behind those walls.

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  15. On the other side of the equation, is the silencing of the voices of the many who have had abortions, who suffer the guilt and despair “in their hearts,” knowing they have taken the life of their child!!! These voices are rarely heard!

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    1. They live with that regret forever, but hopefully they find solace in support from others who can help them at least forgive themselves.

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  16. ladypenquin,
    Thank you for the insightful article.

    The Soviet Union was the first country to legalize abortion…free of charge.

    In the Communist Manifesto, Marx several times wrote openly of the “abolition of the family” and of communism abolishing “eternal truths” and “all religion, and all morality.”

    The Bolsheviks advocated abortion. It was one of the first things they legalized.

    By the early 1920s, Bolshevik Russia had the most liberal abortion policies in the world. And what happened? Just like divorce, abortion exploded. In fact, the proliferation in abortions was so bad that it shocked even Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger during a trip to Russia in 1934.

    After the Second World War the number of abortions surpassed the number of born children many times over. On average every Soviet woman had several abortions, which was a much higher average than in non-communist nations By the 1970s, when America was just getting around to legalizing abortion, the Soviet Union was averaging over 7 million abortions per year.

    In China, abortions are legal and are encouraged after a couples child is born. This because of China’s former one-child-only rule. Since 2013 Chinese parents are allowed to have two children. But still female babies are often aborted, because male children are preferred in China.

    In Cuba, over 60% of all pregnancies end in abortion, giving the island the highest abortion rate in the Western hemisphere.

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    1. ChI-AZ,
      “In the Communist Manifesto, Marx several times wrote openly of the “abolition of the family” and of communism abolishing “eternal truths” and “all religion, and all morality.”

      That’s the Fascist Left present and acting in America today. By abolishing the Church, the family, the marital relationship… the STATE becomes the substitute of all these traditional support systems. The very foundations of a healthy society are being destroyed.

      One can only be heartened as they read through the comments in this post. Not only are we aware, but we realize that we are doing right in fighting back against the Left.,

      We are standing for Good over Evil.

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  17. Thank you for posting this!

    Silent Spring to Silent Scream – that really does tell the truth about it, doesn’t it? People don’t connect the rite of abortion to nature worship, but they are intertwined in this twisted evil.

    Not enough is said about their relationship.

    The cult of Molech is being exposed. I know their end is soon.

    A death cult cannot last more than a generation before it withers away. They can only grow through proselytization.

    When people see it for what it is, they want NOTHING to do with it.

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    1. Thank you for catching that particular point about “Silent Spring” – it was something that came to me – the idea that people are passionate about Nature, to the point of radicalism, but to not care at all about the human voices being silenced by cold-blooded murder.

      Many of the most rabid pro-abortionists are also the radical environmentalists. Logic does not exist in their thinking. They care more for trees than a human life. I contend we can care for all of Nature, especially the most vulnerable – the unborn.

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      1. Lady P., great article, thank you for posting it. One of my friends was forced to have her baby aborted against her will. Her father forced her mother to take her to have it done. Hard for me even to write that. My friend had to seek God’s forgiveness, as did her mother. I notice the left likes to think they care about groups of people they don’t really know but are incapable of truly caring for individual people in a meaningful personal way.

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      2. It’s not logical. It’s pantheism. (Or panentheism, or transcendentalism, or henotheism, or polytheism, or monism, or whatever-ism. Same ideas regardless.)

        When one deifies nature to the level of god, that necessarily subordinates man underneath nature.

        The result is a twisted dualism: Nature (good, divine) over man (evil, a demiurge)

        Man is only evil, a despoiler of creation, a virus that must be eliminated (extreme) or bought into balance with nature. “Balance” is never defined, but invariably it means less people and less technology than we have now. Anything that reduces “over-population” (the grand myth, the “big lie” of environmentalism) is perceived to be good, even to the point of defending Genghis Khan as the greatest environmentalist of all time. Good is made to be evil, evil is made to be good.

        I use Technology in a broad sense: Any adaptation that man makes to the environment for his survival. Man does not have the capacity within himself to survive without adapting the environment.

        This contrasts radically against the Biblical view: That mankind was created good, and put in creation to make the earth flourish to its maximum fruitfulness, and to make the planet teem with life and plenty, and make scarcity disappear.

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  18. These godless Communist men and the feminists were sexualizing our children using the entertainment media. As they encouraged “free sex” they also began to encourage abortion. Their message was that human life was of no value. The young women were almost forced to get abortions. It hardened them. They lost a sense of their own worth. They felt unvalued themselves because their own parents held their own children and their children’s children to be of little or no value.

    I was sitting opposite a middle aged woman who was an “educator”. She was ecstatically describing to about 6 other women how she was making her students carry around a 10 pound sack of flour everywhere for weeks and teaching them about what a horrible burden a child is in order to discourage teen pregnancy. When she finally stopped, I looked her in the eye and asked her if she also told them that when their child puts its hand on your face, gazes in your eyes and says, “I love you Mommy.” that all of the inconveniences just melt away. The whole table went quiet and the subject was changed. It was a good, introspective kind of quiet though.

    No wonder so many of our youth ended up on drugs and many committed suicide. Love became an empty promise to so many of them. They started dating at early ages, abandoned each other and never learned to have loving relationships even with their own parents who had taught them they were inconvenient.

    This was not a natural thing that happened to us. This was deliberately planned by our dElites using mind control on us. We were victims. The price was very high. We are finally beginning to take our country back and holding the perpetrators accountable instead of blaming ourselves for what we did not do and thinking we must somehow deserve the evil things they did to us. We are finally getting to delete the dElites.

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    1. So well put, EC. The value of human life itself was depreciated, at the same time God as Creator was replaced with the godless evolution of man. Only the higher reason of man would save man. All part of the Humanist Manifesto I of the 1930s which not only was interjected into society but more importantly, the education system!

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    2. Yes, EC, it appear that it was all planned. Instead of growing up with the idea of self-worth, reinforced by family and community, we have generations wandering lost people. Once human life gets devalued, all else is meaningless.

      Liked by 5 people

          1. Thank you for this excellent article.

            I’m going to be doing a post on my own site about this year’s March for Life. Would you mind if I excerpted — with credit to you — parts of this essay? Please advise either way. Many thanks.

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  19. Humbled by all posting here that have worked and fought for the unborn.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. TTT, Every time I think of abortion, I think of the Third Reich and the Holocaust. Horrific in their atrocities – it’s the MINDSET of this kind of person – the Nazis (and the German people who pretended not to know) who we now see active in our own country, and in the modern world today.

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  20. Reblogged this on Special Connections and commented:
    “As regards the genocide of our unborn, some may choose to look away, but you can never say you did not know about the Holocaust of the Innocents. The screams of the unborn cry out to be heard.”

    Abortion is an abomination & a stain on our nation’s very soul.


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