I Knew This Would Be the Proposal & Warned Treepers To Prepare Themselves For It! You Have To Be Willing To Give In Order To Get…..

On January 3rd I wrote the following thread:

The proposal I referenced above is what our President will layout at 4:00 PM today.


From the article linked above:

The offer is expected to include Trump’s $5.7 billion demand for wall money in exchange for the BRIDGE Act — which would extend protections for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) — and also legislation to extend the legal status of Temporary Protected Status (TPS) holders, according to a source with direct knowledge.

McConnell told the president that it was his view that Pelosi was never going to move. She would and could not negotiate on border funding because of her caucus, and Trump needed to be the one to put something forward he would sign so that McConnell would have the presidential backing to bring it to the floor.

  • McConnell also encouraged Trump to make the offer tantalizing to Democrats; it couldn’t be something that only Trump would sign and Republicans would support, but something that could win over some Democrats.

People on our side will call this Amnesty! They are gaslighting you. The Bridge Act only allows Dreamers (700K) to get a three year work permit followed by a one time extension for three years if certain criteria are met. At the end of six years, they are back to their current situation.

The TPS folks will not get any citizenship. Their temporary status will be pushed back for a period of time.

We get the funding necessary to complete a majority of the rest of the Wall plus additional border security enhancements. The WALL is a permanent structure that will never come down. It will forever be a symbol of the Greatest President this country has ever had besides George Washington.

Mitch McConnell will push the vote in the Senate where he will get 60 Senators. Nancy Pelosi will be trapped in a corner if she decides not to take up the vote in the House.

CHECKMATE in my opinion! What is yours?

67 thoughts on “I Knew This Would Be the Proposal & Warned Treepers To Prepare Themselves For It! You Have To Be Willing To Give In Order To Get…..

  1. In both cases these temporary statuses will be extended beyond Trump’s term of office…when a successor could be badgered into providing the path to citizenship or otherwise making it permanent.

    A thread for the announcement itself is scheduled for 1:30 ET.

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    1. I understand what you are saying but there will never be a deal without this type of compromise. I can absolutely live with it because the WALL will deter illegal aliens from ever crossing into our country for centuries to come.

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      1. Yeah, it’s something I can grit my teeth and live with–as long as we get it with full immigration reform (they don’t have to be simultaneous).

        But it’s also possible PDJT could throw all of that on the table and STILL be turned down, which would be a good thing.

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      2. I could even support “amnesty” if it’s really amnesty.
        “Stop breaking our laws and we’ll forget about your past violations” is true amnesty. This would entail illegals to leave, post haste, and from that point forward follow the process (without prejudice) to re-enter. Obviously we’d be able to exclude violent criminals, but–being an amnesty–we wouldn’t exclude people solely because they were illegally here in the past. But the point is to require them to follow all the rules from now on.

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        1. That’s not the left’s amnesty.
          But that’s what candidate Trump ran on:
          “They can come back – legally – but they have to leave.”
          That’s my kind of amnesty.

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        2. No. Reagan did that. It only provided a bigger carrot because they all knew if there were enough of them here it would happen again and here we are.

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          1. No, not really. Reagan simply gave them legal status as a reward for being here already, illegally.

            My proposal requires them to leave and apply through the normal process to come back in, after they start behaving legally. They’re not simply given permanent status because they’re here breaking our laws now.

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              1. The Dems agreed to compromise on one thing that they opposed but he really wanted to do. So, they said, grant a one-off amnesty and we’ll follow through.

                They never did.

                And, characteristically of the Dems, the precedent was set for future amnesties and illegal immigration.

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      3. Remember Reagan? How much longer do we do this? We are losing our country. I am not an eyeore or whatever that is, but this crap has to stop. Watch and see what happens. I will just make that one comment and stop. I’m old and fed up with compromise.


  2. LOVE IT! Old Nancy is out of town (in more ways/levels than one).

    If the President and McConnell can do this with the Border Wall/Border Security – JUST IMAGINE WHAT ELSE THEY CAN RAM-ROD THROUGH THE SENATE!

    These are two shrewd men….and Mr. President Trump is by far the shrewdest POTUS in many a generation.

    Not sure even ruthless LBJ can match our VSG PDJT for shrewdness and political strategy.

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    1. I bet that as soon as she left town, President Trump said, “Let’s put something on the table.”
      Bad out-of-town optics for San Fran Nan.

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  3. While I realize we’ll have to give them something, I don’t want to give them too much. Not good to have to give Dems their entire wishlist just for a few bucks. The above is temporary, so not completely offensive to me, but I don’t think it will be enough for the greedy Dems. It’s is good to see POTUS continuing to make offers, as it demonstrates he is the only reasonable adult in the room.
    AND, I’d like to get ALL the money we need at once, so we don’t have to go through this ridiculousness again!!

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  4. as it demonstrates he is the only reasonable adult in the room.

    It’s easy to be the only reasonable adult in the room when the other side has absconded to California (having failed to get to Brussels).

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  5. I can deal with it. There’s no “immigration reform” more vital than a border wall, that for once and all, puts an end to the insanity.
    However, I’ve had visions of a future where these diabolical Democrats actually contemplate tearing the wall down.

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  6. The Official SteveInCO Amnesty Proposal.

    Let’s begin by recalling what an amnesty is. It’s a willingness to forget past crimes, provided the individual remains in compliance in the future

    So here’s my amnesty proposal, phrased in the second person, as if I was talking to an illegal alien.

    Thirty days from now, your crime of illegally being in the United States will be forgotten. Provided you commit no more crimes, you will be treated like any other applicant for permission to enter the United States.

    However, please note that if you are IN the United States thirty days from now, you will be committing the crime of being here illegally AFTER the amnesty date, and the amnesty will NOT apply to you. You will be arrested and summarily deported. (Not “held” but deported.)

    So you need to leave, post haste. If you’re outside the US thirty days from now, and you then apply to enter legally, your past being here illegally won’t be held against you.

    However, if you have committed some other criminal act while here, the amnesty doesn’t cover that and we WILL consider it. Also, you will go through the same screening process anyone else does; if you’re a violent criminal with a record where you came from, you won’t be allowed in.

    What do you think, is that something people here can live with?

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    1. I could live with it, but I don’t think that’s where PDJT’s going. I *think* he’s going to do some type of “full” DACA … I’ll have to live with that; BUT, one thing I really, Really, REALLY want is enforcement of companies and company OWNERS hiring Illegals – send them (the company owners) to jail and much of this will go away.

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        1. And more to your point, this is the type of thinking going on [OT]:

          “Boots On The Ground says:
          January 19, 2019 at 7:02 pm
          Yah!!!!! I’m so glad the dreamers are happy!!!! Yah!!!!
          That’s why I voted for Trump!
          Yah!!!!! Christmas for Criminals!!!!! Yah!!!!
          Maybe at one point Trump will stop stabbing his original backers – immigration hawks – in the back. I guess I’ll vote Democrat next time then maybe I’ll get something from him.
          And the most ludicrous part of this is that these people will NEVER vote for him. NEVER.”

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          1. The last paragraph is true, but the sentence before that could be heralding something bad for CTH:

            ‘I guess I’ll vote Democrat next time then maybe I’ll get something from him.’

            Very sad, indeed.

            Thanks, redlegleader — much appreciated.

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            1. Churchmouse, I wasn’t going to post it. But, the more I thought about it, I just thought we all need to know where things [OT] really stand. Frankly, I’m so sad about it as that’s where we all met one another. But, times change – WolfMoom opens this wonderful place, and — Here We Are!!
              God Bless, my friend.

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              1. Thank you very much.

                And may God continue to bless you, my friend.

                I’m interested as to where the trajectory will end OT, especially with 2020 coming up.

                I guess we cannot be THAT upset over SD. I’m saying this to be fair: we all met up thanks to him.

                Which one of us ever imagined even six months ago that Wolfmoon would be hosting us today on his own site?


                As my late grandmother and late mother — mother-in-law and daughter-in-law used to say — ‘Things happen for a reason’.

                How true.

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    2. The majority of illegals won’t qualify for asylum anyway so I don’t see what’s in it for them to comply. Especially the ones who’ve been here awhile, they’ll just keep doing what they’ve been doing and hope not to get caught. Pick up and leave for 5+yrs (claim processing) knowing you’ll be turned down, WHY?? Catch, Release, Evade works well for Most.

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      1. True.

        I said I could live with this. Not that they could.

        But more seriously, we’d be on record as having given them a chance, and lowered the boom (or BOOM) on them when they didn’t take it.

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        1. Lowered what boom? They are already illegal. They deserve ZERO chance. I’m going to leave this thread. I see this far different from most here. I did say earlier I would only comment once and now have a few times. My bad.


  7. We will have to compromise, that’s a given.
    I LIKE the idea that the President is negotiating with the public, in effect, because Nancy keeps running away.

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  8. It is possible that our VSG POTUS will take a bunch of this lax immigration stuff – INCLUDING BIRTHRIGHT ‘CITIZENSHIP’ to the SCOTUS after RBG resigns/retires and a new SCOTUS Justice is installed.

    DACA, Birthright Citizenship, chain migration, lottery migration, etc. can and will all be handled quite well by a conservative majority.

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    1. “DACA, Birthright Citizenship, chain migration, lottery migration, etc. can and will all be handled quite well by a conservative majority.” …not to mention the ridiculous, ludicrous rulings of the 9th Circus!!!

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        1. You bring up a good point. I always wonder how fast/$ he can get a wall up. Not to mention you have people willingly give up land to build it. Plus the wallgofund me page… who knows.

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      1. YEARS 1-2:
        AG is a “sleeper” AG
        Clean up the worst of the weaponized corruption in DOJ/FBI
        Re-balance the Supreme Court: Fill Vacancy, encourage Retirement
        Re-balance the lower courts as quickly as possible.

        Years 3-4:
        Replace the “sleeper” AG with a law and order means business AG
        Begin aggressively prosecuting law and order cases
        Continue to re-balance Supreme Court: Fill New Vacancy
        Continue to re-balance lower courts

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  9. Gaetz: “…5B for a physical barrier, enhance other elements of border security…”
    5B for wall only? Or wall plus “border enhancements”?
    Pelosi will agree if the language is murky enough to sell to the TDS left that she is only giving up a small amount for a physical wall.

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  10. Flep, my questions are these:
    that number on DACA (~700k) is that confirmable?
    what happens to them after the 2nd 3 yr work permit period? are they deported? what if they simply hide? what guarantees they will leave? will they be able to receive federal welfare benefits? how do we guarantee they don’t vote?

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      1. thank you!! i have been scouring articles on the Bridge Act but none have many details!
        do you know–are there penalties for employers who don’t fire them?

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  11. I would like for President Trump to include sanctions against Sanctuary states, counties and cities. They act as a draw for the illegals to come here. Their funding should be cut off until they conform to the rule of law. They are not a law unto themselves no matter what they think.

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  12. Flep,

    The government shutdown is a brilliant move.

    An aspect that hasn’t been explored enough is that by staging the narrative even BEFORE the D’s took the house…

    …TRUMP has COMPLETELY controlled the narrative!!!

    The D’s plan was to sweep in the House and start beating the drums for the PEACHES!

    Before they even got a chance, Trump had tee’d up the WALL.

    The strategy is multi-faceted brilliance:
    – The WALL is something the D’s are intransigent on, but wins with America
    – They are forced to choose between WALL or SHUTDOWN!
    – The RIF strategy is now fully at play!
    – The win-win of Congress or declare National Emergency is undeniable!
    – OVERLOOKED: Trump has single-handed sucked almost ALL the wind (HOT AIR) out of the D’s PEACH narrative!
    – No one is talking about PEACH! They’re only talking about SHUTDOWN! Even CNN has a SHUTDOWN CLOCK on their screen – but not a PEACH countdown!!!

    – If I’m reading it right the polls are showing that people are “blaming” the shutdown on POTUS!
    – He said he would own it!
    – The polling questions are skewed – it doesn’t say whether they are “blaming” him or whether the people are supporting him!
    – Trump has FAR MORE SUPPORT for the shutdown than the polls can admit! So they have to frame it as “blame”!

    – On top of this, TRUMP EPICALLY smacked down Nancy on SOTU in a huge, hilarious embarrassment!
    – While simultaneously EXPOSING her traitorous actions to the American public!
    – And her duplicity on legislative priorities!
    – And the Queen of the House was forced to fly COMMERCIAL from DCA! Oh the humanity

    Having flown from DCA many times, I can assure you that this was torment for Nancy! Even if she had a police escort to get through the traffic jam. DCA has at least 2 more years of road construction in the works before the traffic problems are alleviated!

    The amount of epic WINNING here is so great that I can’t stand it!!!



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    1. You have hit on an important point here.

      I Blame Trump for the Shutdown.

      I also Blame Ronald Reagan for the end of the Cold War.

      I Blame my niece for the fantastic dinner she cooked the other day.

      Etc. Etc.

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  13. To me, this is just like the Omnibus spending bill our POTUS signed.

    Remember the saying “First things first!”? [sic – s/b “thing”]

    The caterwauling and hand-wringing in response was severe, even here.

    Funding our depleted military was FIRST, and other considerations (pork etc.) didn’t matter, in comparison. Here, it’s the same situation – funding / building the wall is FIRST.

    Stanch the flow of illegal aliens, and whatever related problems are left – no matter how large – can be dealt with. Turn the spigot OFF – and THEN do the bailing of water.

    Once one deals with the FIRST thing, then guess what? Something ELSE becomes first. So, there really ISN’T any “second thing”. (Dr. Seuss lesson: “Thing One!” lol)

    I’m not a fan of “multi-tasking”. Instead, I like to focus on doing ONE thing, especially when doing so has a “multi-purposing” effect. How many birds can I “kill” with a SINGLE stone?

    So it is, I believe, with the WALL. It’s simply GOTTA happen. It isn’t primarily about the illegals – it’s about cutting off the MONEY for the cabalists, and so, improving the SECURITY of our Republic.

    I trust VSGPDJT’s judgment – whether for the Omnibus, or for the Wall.

    In both cases, the “Git ‘er done!” mantra was/is paramount.

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    1. I like your view on this. Trying to factor in AND rectify all of the other issues at the same time makes it almost impossible be successful with any of it..
      At some point this TPS status is going to need to be clarified. Right now it appears anyone who comes from anywhere in Central America is using it. There is no civil war there. ? Even though there is a group still waiting in Tijuana there are thousands coming through ports of entry with little fanfare.

      The link below gives some numbers which are not counting the Caravans.

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    2. I trust VSGPDJT’s judgment – whether for the Omnibus, or for the Wall.—- This right there. If anyone else was POTUS I would be worried. I know our VSG has the USA at the #1 priority.

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      1. “This right there.”


        It’s all we’ve got. We don’t know what we don’t know.

        What we DO know, though, is that VSGPDJT has integrity. Bigly.

        He’s true blue. We ARE trusting him with our lives, and our country … and that’s a bet I’ll TAKE.

        All the way, baby!

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    3. Well, considering that none of us were “here” at that point in time……? “The caterwauling and hand-wringing in response was severe, even here.”


  14. I agree with everyone who already commented. I don’t like having to give anything to those who have broken our laws, but Obama and the Uniparty were complicit in bringing the “nightmares” (AKA Dreamers) to the US, and it is hard to unring that bell.

    I want the wall. Any kind of amnesty sucks, and future politicians will sell us out again, but a physical barrier will help make that more difficult, at least in the near future. Equally important, our asylum processes must be changed, and E-verify put into place.

    Pelosi will not come out if this looking good. I think she will continue to obstruct, and her minions will stick with her, giving them all terrible optics, or they will ‘revolt’ and make a deal, leaving her in the dust.

    Flep, I appreciate you coming out ahead if today’s speech and discussing this in a practical, realistic way. There is not a perfect solution, but there is a deal to be made, and I trust President Trump to get a fairer deal than any sold out politician.

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  15. I agree with those who trust Pres. Trump.

    I can’t imagine the Dems taking a deal that gives Pres. Trump the amount he’s asking for in exchange for a few DACA concessions that don’t lead to citizenship — because it’s so far from what they REALLY want. They need open borders and a path to citizenship for more voters (both legal and ilegal ones), for money to be made through drug trades and trafficking, for cheap labor for the Chamber of Commerce, to change the culture of America for globalist goals, etc. They know that a wall will be a major barrier (literally and figuratively) to their goals. It will be interesting to see their response. Pelosi has said there will be no funding for a wall. (But she also said Trump would never be president, LOL.)

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  16. I was reading the BB article and most of the comments are of course are against this. BUT I think its a BIG carrot and a lot of the Dems will want this and I still see Nancy saying no on this. Which shows people who she cares about.

    Its a give and take.

    Someone talked about how close we are coming up on 30 days…

    I would like a declaration of emergency instead… but again who knows.

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  17. if you’re right Fle, and there’s no reason to believe you’re wrong, this will be a case of not getting what we want, but getting what we need…

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  18. I accept POTUS45’s offer but will the liberals? Many Dems will settle but I cannot see Pelosi accepting it… I do believe that this is how Trump will get rid of Pelosi! She will be voted out as SOTH for not negotiating and destroying the democrat party with the shutdown! Be careful what you ask for, Dems. Oh, and I do see the “State Of Emergency” enacted if Pelosi refuses to negotiate.

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