Dear MAGA: 20190119 Open Thread

Welcome! Come on inside and get comfy.

This special Cozy Q Tree Saturday open thread is VERY OPEN – a place for everybody to post whatever they feel they would like to tell the White Hats, and the rest of the MAGA world.

Say what you want, comment on what other people said, comment on people’s comments. Keep it civil. Treehouse rules, but expect lots of QAnon.

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May the Good Lord watch over our host, Wolfmoon, who is away from our tree and fighting the good fight…wherever he may be.



483 thoughts on “Dear MAGA: 20190119 Open Thread

    1. By “put politics aside, come together, and end this shutdown” he means, “Goddamit, Trump!!! Stop being an asshole and do what WE want or YOU are playing politics.”

      So no, not a surrender ritual, it’s a “get Trump to feel/look bad so he’ll surrender” ritual.

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      1. Yep.
        It’s not like he was doing this for a group of park service workers or window-washers.

        This was a lame-o, contrived photo op, done to take a swipe at PTrump.

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  1. A special MOAR SHUTDOWN post will drop at 2:30 for the White House’s announcement.

    Which, apparently, has been postponed to 4 PM ET.

    MOAR!!! MOAR!!! I’m still not SATISFIED!!!

    [page break right after I posted; I’m reposting to make sure people see it.]

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    1. Yeah, but most Americans don’t know enough about James Buchanan (who often is awarded the title by historians, for fiddling while America got closer and closer to the War Between The States) to be able to compare Obola to him intelligently.

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  2. “President Donald Trump is prepared to offer three-year worker permits for some illegal immigrants brought to the country as children, according to Axios reporter Jonathan Swan.

    Trump is expected to announce the compromise proposal Saturday afternoon — support of the BRIDGE act in exchange for $5.7 billion in funding for physical barriers on the Southern border.

    The BRIDGE act offers three-year worker permits for recipients of former President Barack Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals executive amnesty as well as other non-citizens with Temporary Protected Status.”

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    1. i’ve been trying to read different sources on this act, but none of them seems to answer my question about what happens to the dreamers after the second 3 yr permit expires–are they automatically deported? what if they have children so they can claim those kids are citizens and therefore they get to stay anyway? who enforces the permits? these people broke our law to get here–what makes ANYONE believe they will follow our laws after this??

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        1. thanks for trying. Unless there are ironclad details and guarantees, the Bridge Act is worthless. the illegals will continue to abuse our country and services and not be deported.

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    1. Good points above, Pat. I think PDJT is putting them into a position to refuse his offer, and paint themselves even worse. Remember in the last SOTU address, he offered the Dems an olive branch on this and they refused, exposing their hypocrisy on the subject!!!

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  3. About the Buzzfeed story. This may have been covered before but I haven’t seen it except to say it is totally a lie and is being used for cover and a distraction.

    IMO the reasoning behind the Buzzfeed story is:

    1. Mueller has nothing. (we already know this)
    2. Some Dems know this. Some Media know this.
    3. Solution for Dems is to claim >B< Mueller has been turned by the President.
    4. Some Dem politicians and voters are to stupid and to invested in their heads to figure it out for themselves.
    Others don’t care its all been a lie. They want the lie regardless of the damage it causes because they want the damage.
    5. Thus Impeachments by the House will continue as TDS soars to new heights.
    6. Meanwhile Popcorn companies continue to have another record breaking year and no one gets to go home yet, we get to stay here! 🙂 .

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  4. Pray for this child!

    Britain’s First Multi-Generational Transgender Family Reveal 5-Year-Old “Transitioning”
    January 16, 2019

    The 5-year-old stepson of a British woman who lives as a man, with the child’s mother, is now “transitioning” to a girl, the couple has revealed. …

    They’re adamant, however, that they’re not responsible for the child’s gender confusion and that the “transition” is what’s best:

    “Speaking to the Daily Record, Greg defended claims that the couple have been ‘encouraging’ Jayden in his transition to become a girl. …

    “Greg continued: “They say it’s cruel we let her wear a dress but is it not more cruel to do nothing when you’ve got a kid who’s so adamant she’s a girl she’s ripping her hair off and banging her head off the walls?”

    Right here you see the classic logical fallacy behind the modern approach to gender confusion. No one is suggesting no one do anything when a child is genuinely confused about their gender.

    What we’re suggesting is that pumping them full of harmful hormones when they are barely learning to tie their shoes may not be the best approach.

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    1. I believe that is Joe M’s video (see below)…

      well worth sharing with others imo

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  5. Y’all correct me if I’m wrong… but I don’t recall W or zero EVER meeting a fallen soldier
    I only recall rows and rows of flag-covered caskets… rows and rows

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      1. The Benghazi Four weren’t dead soldiers, It was the Ambassador and 3 civilian contractors for the Government. Obama and Hillary had to show up for the Benghazi Four – optics…

        Obama had hundreds (thousands) of them on his watch. So did Bush W.

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          1. Believe me, NF, I know so little. 🙂

            Mostly I get angry at how Obama and Hillary got away with the travesty of that visit to Dover, and the entire coverup of Benghazi. Including their lies to the families.

            That’s more than morally wrong, it ought to be criminal.

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  6. Callin’ all twitters…

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  7. Not sure which hack this was or when it happened but…..

    “In what is considered to be the largest cache of data that has been hacked, over 770 million emails, 21 million passwords, plus other leaks of FBI records and Social Security numbers were exposed, now putting millions of Americans at risk for Identity theft and fraud.

    Security expert Troy Hunt outlines what has been released:”

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    1. this is a story about a compendium of hacked information collected from a multitude of hacks occurring since 2008 on various targets.

      and all this data was shared freely online for anyone to download.

      these “best of” collections have been happening for years bit the sheer amount of stolen data hase exponentially increased – consider what you did on the internet in 2008 how much you or those you knew shared or bougnt or banked online. consider that same question for 2019…

      we are all hacked. do not decieve your brain into thinking you are not. action just has npt been taken on you yet that you know of.


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  9. Women’s march, yes it is happening today. Word from Gateway Pundit is that the number of participants this year was about 10,000. Compare that to the March for Life which is ALWAYS hundreds of thousands, and I’d say the fair weather women don’t really care enough to follow through. That doesn’t mean we are out of the woods, it just means that pro-lifers are willing to risk pneumonia for the cause.

    Oh, and Laura Loomer stormed the stage.

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      1. Gender fluid. Ha.

        I was thinking…hats. I crochet hats. Not those hideous hot pink things. I mean, that’s a color that should be made into pretty little girl flowers with spring green stems and maybe some side butterflies. No, I need to come up with a pro-life, MAGA, big American girl slouchy or something.


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            1. I simply fail to see any logical connection between women’s rights–even as THEY conceive them–and Islamic-based antisemitism.

              The connection arises in that both groups stand in opposition to mainstream American culture.

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              1. Good point Steve. It almost seems like last year was the groundwork. Sarsour and her I am strong muslim lady baloney with all the women clamoring to make themselves hijabs. So cool and supportive. As the year passed it felt like her message didn’t have a ting to do with being a woman.
                It had to do with a woman being in a position of power to bring the Palestinian anti Jewish ideals to the mainstream. To me it looks like the same ploy with Ilhan Omar and the othet one just elected. It would way less palpable message coming from a man of islam.
                Women are the advertising tool?

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              2. Granted, I’m not female and don’t understand the psychology, but it seems to me the Muslim culture could ONLY appeal to non-Muslim women who don’t think they are attractive and will lose out to those who are. Putting everyone in Burqas is like cutting everyone down to the same low level. Reference the Rush song “The Trees” for another look at that sort of “justice.”

                Putting on the burqa “liberates” them from the struggle to look beautiful.

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    1. Here in so cal they are all over. In cities that arent active ir kniwn for this. Also, articles in newspaper praising SDS for their devotion to the cause.


  10. uh huh… and that’s why she had a truckload of luggage, and her grandchildren
    Grounding her BEFORE she went didn’t cause any security risk…

    Nan, the booze is frying your brain darlin’… need to get someone to think for you –
    wait, you already have a script, right?

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    1. hahaha I was just going to post this!
      Why then did all the articles Daily Beast, NYT (the 2 i can remember) give synopsis of a completely different trip? they made up the details all by themselves? Doubt that.

      I want the truth since she’s saying PTrump is lying. Was he misinformed? Was he even aware until the last minute and if so…who kept it hushhush?

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    Gillette and Proctor & Gamble Products < NO!

    Edgewell Personal Care
    Creators of Schick razors and Edge shaving gels < YES!
    As well as Hawaiian Tropic, Banana Boat, Playtex, Wet Ones, and more.

    New Research: Shave Away Gillette for This Better Alternative
    January 17, 2019

    When many of our subscribers saw Gillette advancing the “toxic masculinity” narrative, they asked for us to find an alternative. Having been unable to find any activism on Edgewell’s behalf, we’re now saying Schick and Edge products are “the best a 2ndVote man can get.”

    As background, Procter & Gamble at just 1.7 on our 5-point scale. They are neutral on the Second Amendment and mixed on education. But on the environment, marriage, religious liberty, immigration, and abortion, they are all about supporting one side of the political scale…

    Now 2ndVote men and women, given Edgewell’s line of feminine products, have a choice: instead of funding Gillette and their parent company Procter & Gamble, take your money to a competitor. Make a real difference while shopping your values by spending your dollars with Edgewell. They are absolutely neutral on all of 2ndVote’s core issues!

    This is the time to act. Gillette is making a blatant move to ingratiate itself with the Left. Will you let them? Or will you remind them that they should focus on customers first.

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      1. Johnnie Walker’s maker also makes Chivas, Ketel one, Tanquerey, Baileys and a slew of others. It’s like wandering in a SJW liquor store reading their twitter

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      2. What the heck?
        What are the companies with all the marketing contracts and the ages of those involved? Also country of origin?
        Honestly this seems like very few millenials in a liberal bubble who are controlling the advertising.

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        1. It does appear that way. This crop of SJW are being hired on at big corps and convincing them that it’sthe waaay to go. They’re nutz.
          They’re letting these fools destroy decades of branding for some stupid PC brownie points. Who really wants to buy whiskey from a company heaping praise on a poster of a vagina? Really?

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          1. The total opposite of sex sells. Just good stuff sells if they cut the crap. Diageo is too big. Lots of these companies are too big. Too much time spent on this baloney and zero spent on customer satisfaction, quality, and service.

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            1. They’re so stupid. They rocked along with products that sold themselves and now make the big mistake of thinking that customers want to be lectured via advertising on gender BS and values. GMAFB!

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    1. I’m pretty sure Gillette didn’t help their sale of Venus shavers, the women are the Left are the ones who don’t tend to shave their legs… So the conservative women who used to buy their products will move on.

      BTW, Gillette does charge more for women’s razors than the same type for men. They just give us prettier packaging. No more Gillette for me.

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    1. This must have been in the offing last year, because the Schick tweet (illustrated above) is from October 2018:

      Replies only started appearing on January 14.


      Maybe Gillette has leakers.

      This Schick advert for The Man I Am appeared on October 9, 2018:

      The first comment appeared on January 12.

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        1. Good for you!

          Shaving, whether done by men or women, should not be a political identity issue. It’s a fact of nature.

          It would have been better — and more truthful — to make an advert about Adam and Eve based on Original Sin: ‘Still shaving? Blame it on those two.’


  12. The Dems are going to fracture into pieces soon. Here’s their pet jihadi screaming Palestinian rhetoric today.

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  13. The article below runs through a list of Dim big donors who have all been hauled up for perverted sex crimes fairly recently including this one; a grand jury had voted to indict him BUT THE INDICTMENT WAS SECRET UNTIL ARRAIGNMENT. (Is this one of those sealed indictments we keep hearing about?)

    “January 19, 2019
    The party of perverts? Yet another bigfoot Democrat donor arrested
    By Monica Showalter

    Do Democrats have a #MeToo problem? Or more to the point, a pervert problem?

    Yet another prominent Democratic Party donor got arrested for sex with a 16-year-old. Oregon Public Broadcasting reports:

    A prominent Democratic Party donor and gay rights activist has been charged with sex crimes involving a child younger than 16.

    Real estate developer Terry Bean pleaded not guilty to two counts of sodomy and one count of sexual abuse Thursday in Lane County court. Prosecutors say the charges stem from an incident in September 2013. A grand jury voted to indict Bean earlier this month, but the indictment was secret until his arraignment….”

    Read the rest here:

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  14. The doxxing of these kids by the left has gotten way out of control… I want to say something but i am blocked from this woman’s twitter site! it is going viral and the kids are probably going to be expelled from school…

    This involves an American Indian, Catholic high school kids wearing MAGA hats and they were there for the pro-life march! I see nothing they did wrong in the videos except maybe being loud at the Lincoln Memorial!

    The left is going to get these kids hurt and the name calling is atrocious…

    Am I missing something?

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      1. Okay, within 24 hours, I had forgotten this detail of one of the student’s fathers chaperoning the group.

        I’m saying this because, at the bottom of the thread, I questioned whether there were chaperones.

        I normally reply from the little combox with the bell, so don’t refer back here so often.

        My apologies.

        That said, when I was in school (1970s), the chaperones took the heat, because they were the ones who were supposed to be guiding their charges, sons or sons’ classmates.

        Forty-some years on, I now understand why we had strict chaperones to protect us, and, with that fortitude in mind, dissuade others. Strict chaperones saved us from a lot of unwanted attention. We see the opposite here decades later.


    1. Sunnydaysall, I really do not understand enough about this story to comment either way, but I appreciate the news, especially as it took place on the day of the pro-life march.

      That said, I posted a tweet from one of the schoolboys below, even though I do not understand what was behind the confrontation here.

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            1. Here you can hear the Indians supporting the drummer telling the kids to f*cing get out and go back to Europe. The old man is an activist and runs with the occupy group and has made thousands of false reports on people and things that did not happen! He is a full-time activist and not a veteran that anyone can prove! Some are saying it was a setup… All I know is that the hate and vileness of the left against these kids is uncalled for.

              BuzzFeed brought the old guy in for an interview so I guess if they can’t get POTUS directly they are going to do it through his supporters. It is getting bad out there for conservatives and not only for adults but for kids as well!

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            2. I finally found the full video as to what happened and as usual, the media and Philips are lying about these boys! But I also found out that there is also more to this than meets the eye! This episode opens up the question of Catholics and the Supreme Court! POTUS Trump is looking to put a Cathiloc woman on the bench and these kids just may have been unwitting pawns in the hands of the liberal Judiciary on the hill! (2nd link)

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              1. Thank you, friend, because I reflected a lot over this ‘encounter’, shall we say, whilst preparing dinner.

                ‘This episode opens up the question of Catholics and the Supreme Court!’ That was one of my first thoughts. This morning, I thought that’s why everyone was so emotional — Amy Coney Barrett. I understood that early today as just one of the reasons these boys were intimidated.

                My next thought was, ‘Where on earth were the boys’ chaperones?’ Surely, one does not let loose a group of unsupervised minors in a tinderbox that is Washington DC.

                I watched the YouTube link, and, whilst watching it, remembered that when I was in high school back in the ‘dark ages’ of the 1970s, we did not go out on day trips without chaperones.

                Furthermore, the teachers and principal of my Catholic high school said that we had the school’s reputation — and our families’ — to uphold first and foremost. We had to be well behaved or put our graduation at risk. Surely, some of these boys must be Seniors. Therefore, do not get into risky situations. Don’t start what you cannot finish.

                Before any of these seniors are expelled, I do hope their chaperones are questioned. They hold the primary responsibility for their charges.

                If there were no chaperones, then, words fail me.

                I’m very sorry for these boys, but a) everyone knows that DC is a political tinderbox right now and b) they should never have been unchaperoned at any moment of their visit.

                The videos showed me no evidence of chaperones for these boys.

                When some of us were younger, we might have said, ‘Aww, Mr So-and-So is ruining all our fun.’ Now we realise that Mr So-and-So from our school, possibly on the faculty, was, in fact, saving our individual doggone futures.

                This never should have taken place. Had a Mr So-and-So been present, it wouldn’t have occurred.

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    1. Is it?

      Keeping Eeyorism under control, maybe, but altogether?

      So, you’re saying that no one on here can ever post a doubtful, down-in-the-dumps-moment comment about the trials and tribulations of PDJT and the administration?

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              1. i am with you churchmouse.

                there is a huge difference from being a stick in the mud and questioning things or being anxious at times or chomping at the bit in frustration all in the name of progress.

                otherwise, i and several of us would be eyores i suppose! and we know we are not.

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            1. I don’t believe my articles did that but now they are considered Eeyore-ism… I was giving a heads up reference the doxxing of children by the liberal media and in dangerous levels… I am curious as to how far Eeyore-ism actually goes? I wish wolfmoon were here because I am very confused…

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              1. i think things are ok. and everyone is able to clarify and defend their position for sure – wolfmoon1776 is a believer in that unless i am mistaken!

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          1. Mostly I’m just having a little fun 🙂

            But yes, we’re dealing with dark truths – we don’t need a wet blanket who can be counted on to find the darkest of clouds even on the brightest of days… enough psyops already going on out there!


  15. Kevin mccarthy.
    Hes paul ryan 2.0.
    Retaliating against freedom caucus members and trying to control the California gop. Hes nancys controlled opposition buddy. The house members need to nip this now.

    Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) isn’t the only House leader seeking revenge against colleagues who step out of line. GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy (Calif.) is now retaliating against a fellow Republican for voting against him in the Speaker vote earlier this month.

    Multiple GOP sources told The Hill that McCarthy and his allies on the Republican Steering Committee have booted conservative Rep. Jody Hice (R-Ga.) off of the Armed Services Committee, making good on a vow to retaliate after the Freedom Caucus member voted for Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) for Speaker.

    “Removing any member from a committee solely because they voted according to their constituents wishes is viewed very poorly by the general public and is the kind of punishment politics that American people hate,” Freedom Caucus Chairman Mark Meadows (R-N.C.) told The Hill after he was told about Hice losing his committee seat.

    Hice was one of six Republicans either in the Freedom Caucus or aligned with it who did not vote for McCarthy on the House floor during the Speaker’s vote on Jan. 3: Rep. Justin Amash (R-Mich.) backed Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Ky.), while Massie, Hice and Reps. Andy Biggs (R-Ariz.), Paul Gosar (R-Ariz.) and Scott Perry (R-Pa.) all voted for Jordan for Speaker.

    It’s unclear if any of those members also faced retaliation.

    But the fact that Hice was singled out by the Steering Committee during a closed-door meeting on Wednesday is significant: He’s expressed interest in running to be the next chairman of the Freedom Caucus, the group that helped oust Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) in 2015 and blocked McCarthy from succeeding Boehner as Speaker. Members are close allies of President Trump but frequently give their own leadership team fits.

    Hice is also a Freedom Caucus board member. The affable, conservative lawmaker joined the Armed Services Committee last year, so he is a relatively new member.

    Two less-senior Republicans were added to the Armed Services panel for this Congress: Two-term Rep. Jack Bergman (R-Mich.) and freshman Rep. Michael Waltz (R-Fla.).

    Sources close to McCarthy called the account provided to The Hill flat-out “wrong,” pointing out that it was in fact McCarthy who pushed for Hice, just elected to his third House term, to remain on Armed Services.

    “McCarthy nominated him; no one seconded” the nomination, said a GOP source. “Jody Hice got Jody Hice booted from [Armed Services], and the members of the Steering Committee would attest to that.”

    McCarthy’s office in a statement did not directly take on the Hice issue.

    “Being the minority brings tough decisions and limited opportunities compared to previous Congresses,” a McCarthy spokesman said. “From day one Leader McCarthy has stressed the importance of getting the right people in the right seats on the bus. The Steering Committee’s recommendations reflect how we will best work together as one conference to achieve our goals.”

    A second GOP source familiar with the Steering meeting said Hice was denied his slot on the Armed Services Committee because he was not a team player.

    “The votes just weren’t there,” the second source said. “Someone who votes against leadership and their own chairman is just going to have a hard time getting back on [Armed Services].

    “It’s a pattern and he wasn’t a team player.”

    In a hallway interview Thursday afternoon, Hice would not directly comment about the retaliation but said he was “disappointed but not surprised” that he would not be returning to Armed Services.

    “I’m going to continue fighting for the principles the people of the 10th district of Georgia sent me here to fight for, regardless of what committee I’m on and will continue working with leadership on the things that we’re in agreement on,” Hice told The Hill. “There is more than we agree on than that we don’t agree on, and I’m going to continue doing what I can to move the ball forward.”

    Sources close to Hice say that hours after the Speaker’s vote, McCarthy stopped Hice on the House floor, questioned him about his vote for Speaker and threatened to remove him from the Armed Services Committee.

    That moment can be seen in a C-SPAN video at the 2:09 mark, though the audio cannot be heard. Hice allies say McCarthy’s message was clear on the floor: The minority leader would not be supporting his return to the Armed Services panel.

    The Steering Committee’s action against Hice comes the same week the Pelosi-aligned Democratic Steering Committee denied a request from a vocal Pelosi foe, Rep. Kathleen Rice (D-N.Y.), to serve on the powerful Judiciary Committee. Rice was one of 15 Democrats who tried, unsuccessfully, to block Pelosi from returning to the Speaker’s office.

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    1. republicans are bad people guys.

      our government is corrupt to the core. there aee outlying groups like the freedom caucus and probanly some moderate dems (i am probably wrong, just as example) and right now it is all against the president and the american taxpaying citizen.

      we need a real cleansing movement that is so far from the status quo it would shake the foumdations of every sector of our society. and thats just the part to clean ojt the bad eggs. you canmot take a rotten apple out and leave a few half to three quarter rotten ones in the bag because they continue to spoi. and poison those around them.

      we need a coming to reality moment for sure.


  16. Wray is touring FBI offices all over the world (from OT, Bruce Ohr testimony thread ):

    Mark L. says:
    January 18, 2019 at 1:30 pm

    Wray recently completed a task of visiting every Field office in the Nation. Curious as to what was accomplished by that.


    RLTW says:
    January 18, 2019 at 4:28 pm

    Oh not only the Field Offices. Wray is also visiting all of the FBI LEGATs in foreign countries. He is globetrotting on the FBI G5 luxury jet, wining and dining himself in 5 star hotels. Rockstars only dream of living so well.

    Wray is only in the office 3-5 days a month. Bowdich and Abbate are running the FBI. They are both disgusted. Bowdich will be retiring ASAP. Got himself a FAT retirement gig as head of security for one of the Las Vegas hotel/casino chains. Good on him.


    Subsequent comments are divided as to whether Wray is working or not.


  17. Dispatches from BlackKnightRides!

    POTUS PENDING LEVERAGE … completely missed … so far:

    The Deferral of 25% Tariffs on $200 Billion of Imports from China EXPIRES on … March 1st.
    … with China owning many $ BILLIONS of U.S. Treasury obligations.

    The Debt Ceiling EXPIRES on … March 1st.
    … with NO BUDGET for the 25% of Government Shut Down.

    No way in hell that POTUS raises the Debt Ceiling
    … without MASSIVE and CONTINUING reductions in the Deficit.

    POTUS options to operate below the Debt Ceiling in the meantime:

    • As the debt approaches the ceiling, Treasury can stop issuing notes and borrow from its retirement funds, which exclude Social Security and Medicare, by drawing down the $800 billion it keeps at the Federal Reserve bank. [Fed reaction: 😳 … Quantitative Tightening ENDS.]

    • Beginning March 1st, the Debt Ceiling is FROZEN at that level, and Treasury CANNOT auction new notes. It must rely on incoming revenue to pay ongoing federal government expenses.

    • Treasury then decides which bills to pay and which to delay. Foreign owners would get concerned that they may not get paid. The U.S. debt to China is the largest, followed by that of Japan.

    POTUS then drops the HAMMER on DEFICITS:

    • Spending stops on all non-essential services, projects and programs [Democrat Pork].

    • The Federal Reduction in Force kicks in to eliminate Federal Workers [Obstructionists and Non-Producers] and Senior Executive Service [Deep State] members that were proven UNNECESSARY during the 10-weeks and continuing Shut Down.

    • POTUS triggers the 5%-plus Departmental Cost Reductions identified under the 2018 EO.

    • POTUS implements the Federal Government Restructuring Plan developed by OMB Director Mick Mulvaney per 2018 EO.

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  18. A comment on Nate Cain, the whistleblower (also from Bruce Ohr testimony thread). Nancy grew up in Baltimore and Delaware is Biden’s turf:

    ‘Sherri Young says:
    January 18, 2019 at 12:29 pm

    ‘Whitaker was appointed on November 7th. The raid at the Cain home happened in the early hours of November 19th.

    ‘Since Nate Cain was a whistleblower, the clearance probably should have gone up to Whitaker, but maybe not. The warrant was issued by a judge in Maryland who was working there at the same time as Rosenstein. Besides that, the Special Agent in Charge at the Baltimore Field Office is a counterintel guy who was working in at the Baltimore office while Rosenstein was there. He was there during Uranium One.

    ‘BTW, it looks like Nate Cain was locked out of his FB page on Jan 10th but got in back on Jan 14th after supporters complained enough.

    ‘IMO, the swamp extends to Baltimore. That FBI field office covers Maryland and Delaware, Joe Biden’s stomping ground. Something is not right there.’

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      1. I thought that was a pretty powerful statement. Very well done. Nice to see men of color fighting back against the feminazi SJW soy boy mentality.

        You know, if we get flooded, or get stranded, or I get a flat tire – the first person I look for is a Man!

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  19. A doctor hypothesises on Nancy Pelosi’s health. The first half is about possible Alzheimers (e.g. calling PDJT ‘Bush’), but the second half is interesting, discussing the side effects of Botox.

    Unfortunately, he did not address why she chews on the inside of her mouth, which must be painful.

    Anyway, for what it’s worth, here’s the vid:

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    1. picture on one of the threads here the other day of her and her possee going through an airport headed to CA i think and i npticex at least three others in her group also chewimg the inside of their cheeks. i had never heard anything about that, i just noticed it in the pic and thought it was strange…

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    2. I don’t have a link to hand, but Botox Nancy’s cheek-chewing was discussed in detail OT, and some medical-types zeroed in on what can cause that. She apparently shares some issues with Hill-the-BEAST, not the least of which is rampant alcoholism…

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      1. I’m always suspicious of Americans mentioning alcoholism. With respect to all here, most Americans are tee-teetotallers because, by necessity, they have to drive everywhere to go out to dinner.

        Even when a mall is within walking distance, one has to drive to it. There are few sidewalks in suburbia. Consequently, one has to drive to go out to a pizzeria. It’s flaming stupid.

        Unfortunately, I missed the discussion about Nancy’s cheek chewing OT. It is a curious affectation of hers about which I would like to know more. I will wait to find out more someday.


  20. From 2008 — Pelosi and family have access to AF flights, but family reimbursed the government (hmm):

    ‘Pelosi spokesman Brendan Daly told that the speaker does have access to military air travel. When she flies to her home district, she uses whatever Air Force craft is available. Daly told us that “they try to do a nonstop flight.” But the plane Pelosi uses most often is the C-20B, and she has occasionally used even smaller planes. According to Daly, Pelosi once used the C-32 when no other planes were available, but she also has had to stop for refueling on at least one trip on a smaller aircraft. Pelosi’s family has traveled with her a few times, but they had to reimburse the government for the cost of their tickets, as stipulated in the Pentagon’s letter. Congress members who are traveling to California sometimes do the same. Pelosi only uses the jet to travel between Washington, D.C., and San Francisco on official business. For any other trip, she and her family use commercial airlines.’

    Who knew all this was even going on? (I will now have to check out the UK situation with MPs to see if they use RAF flights. Hmm. From the news footage I have seen, they take to the railways, first class.)

    It’s a revelation, even though this particular article is 11 years old.


  21. Wisdom from Bards of War….

    Liked by 2 people

        1. I went OT yesterday or today, I forget and looked at a half dozen comments. I saw dekester who I haven’t seen comment in forever. It seemed he was standing up, somewhat defiantly, for PDJT. I tried to like his comment and was able to. So who knows, I may be back in good graces.

          But I no longer care. I do miss some of the folks.

          Liked by 3 people

            1. Heh, well, I went back today and read through maybe a dozen comments looking for dekester (and didn’t find him) but I tried to like a comment and can’t. So every time I sneak in under the fence, I get discovered and booted out.

              But I have to say again: I no longer care. What is SD gonna do? Take away my birthday? Pffft.

              Liked by 2 people

              1. Exactly.

                My second ban is a lesser concern than the first. I was happy to be allowed back on for a month to like his readers’ comments and comment on a few others.

                Sylvia, you never criticised our former host here and you were always above board there and here — as you continue to be. There was no reason for him or his mods to ban you.

                It would be nice to have two WP blogs on which to comment, but, things are what they are.

                I think you were commenting earlier today, asking how you could start a WP blog of your own.

                Just establish an ID and a gravatar (icon, i.e. your flowers) on WP with your email and you’re in like Flynn, to borrow an old expression.

                Then, you have to choose a ‘theme’ — blog format — for your site. Look through them all carefully. If you are going to post text rather than photos, you’ll want a more text-oriented format. You’ll know which ones you’ll want when you see them.

                A lot of the formats come with a default background. Choose one you like and go for it. You can always change the background later.

                Once you’ve chosen a theme (blog format), it’s open sesame.

                There are Y/N questions to answer: allow comments, request an email for first comment, etc.

                WP will even give you an initial post you can use as your introduction. Mine was, by default, entitled something like, ‘Hello, world’. You can change the title or keep it and briefly introduce your first post.

                The ‘About’ page is to describe who you are — if you wish. You can leave it blank.

                Let us know what your WP home page link is, and, whilst I hesitate to speak for everyone here, I’m sure we’ll all be checking in. 🙂

                It’s not brain surgery to start a WP blog (don’t worry, I was equally intimidated nearly a decade ago), so if you have any questions, please ask me on my own site, in case I miss them here. 🙂

                Liked by 2 people

    1. Gil, I finally did as Wolfie asked and signed up for a Gab account. @SylviaAvery

      Anyway, I have no idea what I am doing with it, but I stumbled across her account on Gab and hit the follow button. I looked at her account and it doesn’t look like she has ever used it. So, I was happy because I found her but sad because she hasn’t been using it so I don’t know of any other way to contact her.

      It had been some time since I had seen her OT. The negativity might have been too much.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. She just liked a post from today so i know she and seceral others are lurking but not commenting. They could be hoping to see us but them we couldnt communicate bc itd go into moderation. Adrem commented she is getting rid of eeyores and trolls left and right. I perused the last few statement post pages and people are bonkers. Sane people must find an additional branch…hint hint.

        Liked by 3 people

            1. I’ve been looking at this the past few days, also. Making decisions – committing to one option – seems to be my Achilles heel. Any Qtreepers here have topical blogs? (i.e. not political?) Any recommendations?

              Liked by 1 person

              1. churchmouse has a WordPress blog that covers religious topics and variety of other things as well as occasional politics.

                I just want to set the darned thing up so I have it, in case. Whether I ever do anything with it or not I have no idea. I don’t have any plans yet. Could be part of my problem, LOL!

                Liked by 1 person

            2. I just looked at your gab. You found a lot of people already.
              I have to admit i am terrified of social media. Terrified. I have to find a way to square it with communicating. There are no q treepers in ca yet. I think fluffy dig is drving distance from me, and ad rem and others, but no one here. Youd think someone my age wouldnt be so suspicious but i think its my nature and what i read.
              Ill figure it out i spose.

              Liked by 3 people

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