The TRUTH Shall Set You Free! The Heat Is Being Turned Up To a Thousand Degrees & Many of Them In the Pot Are About to Get BURNED…..

I normally don’t write about “Muh Russia” and the Coup against the President of the USA. However, with the Atomic Bomb that was dropped this evening by John Solomon in The Hill, I felt compelled.

This is an ABSOLUTELY must read article!

From the article linked above:

When the annals of mistakes and abuses in the FBI’s Russia investigation are finally written, Bruce Ohr almost certainly will be the No. 1 witness, according to my sources.

The then-No. 4 Department of Justice (DOJ) official briefed both senior FBI and DOJ officials in summer 2016 about Christopher Steele’s Russia dossier, explicitly cautioning that the British intelligence operative’s work was opposition research connected to Hillary Clinton‘s campaign and might be biased.

Ohr’s briefings, in July and August 2016, included the deputy director of the FBI, a top lawyer for then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch and a Justice official who later would become the top deputy to special counsel Robert Mueller.

The FBI claimed it was “unaware of any derogatory information” about Steele, that Steele was “never advised … as to the motivation behind the research” but that the FBI  “speculates” that those who hired Steele were “likely looking for information to discredit” Trump’s campaign.

Yet, in testimony last summer to congressional investigators, Ohr revealed the FBI and Justice lawyers had no need to speculate: He explicitly warned them in a series of contacts, beginning July 31, 2016, that Steele expressed biased against Trump and was working on a project connected to the Clinton campaign.

I provided information to the FBI when I thought Christopher Steele was, as I said, desperate that Trump not be elected,” he added. “So, yes, of course I provided that to the FBI.”

Comey claims he didn’t know about Ohr’s contacts with Steele, even though his top deputy, McCabe, got the first contact.

But none of that absolves his FBI, or the DOJ for that matter, from failing to divulge essential and exculpatory information from Ohr to the FISA court.

This past week or so, the White Hats in Congress shared multiple testimonies with the folks at The Epoch Times.

You can find them below in chronological order from the first to most recent.

In life you can run but you can’t hide. That gun sitting on the nightstand has a BIG smile on its face because it has been waiting patiently for one of them to pick it up. That day is a lot closer than any of us could imagine!

148 thoughts on “The TRUTH Shall Set You Free! The Heat Is Being Turned Up To a Thousand Degrees & Many of Them In the Pot Are About to Get BURNED…..

          1. As SD seemed, at lease to me, to be backing off of his month’s long stance of support for the “big ugly” I was not only confused, I was very disappointed – mostly in SD. So I sold my treasured Zippo at a yard sale. Did go buy a box of matches as a back up.

            Flep, this report has inspired me to go buy a new Zippo.

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        1. That Zippo truly is a site for sore eyes!!! Thanks for putting this altogether!! Oh Yeah–TIck Tock Boom team, the Trust the Plan Club and whatever else the naysayers call us…We Know it will ALL come out.

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  1. Trust the Plan!

    A quote from CTH and the natives are getting restless……flip-flop!!!!

    Jane Smith says:
    January 16, 2019 at 9:35 pm

    Yes we know…Sundance is the Deep State…
    It’s like Q…
    They throw this shit out there to give Dumb-Asses something to hang on to…

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    1. I started skimming the article over there and gave up. Seems SD thinks that the Epoch TImes is trying to protect Mueller and Rosenstein, who he of course believes are Deep State, and put all the blame of Andy McCabe.

      The first time I knew about the Epoch Times was when I attended a Trump rally this fall and was handed a flyer telling me it was a good media source.

      I don’t think the Epoch Times is on the Deep State’s side.

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      1. I think SD doesn’t like Epoch Times because Brian Cates, a.k.a. Stealth Jeff has articles published there, and there is some kind of thing between SD and Stealth Jeff.

        Seems like whenever SD went off about Q or ‘trust the plan’ he would find a way to include a shot at Stealth Jeff.

        So for SD, ET is tainted by the presence of SJ.

        That’s at least part of it.

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        1. Thanks for the explanation.

          SD has a real thing about feeling one-upped, it seems, as if he has to be No. 1 all the time.

          In reality, a lot of people are contributing with words and images to MAGA. You’d think he would want to celebrate that and seek like minds. Guess not.

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            1. We should all be united.

              That’s one page out of the Dems’ copybook we could borrow.

              SD has been wrong. He could have admitted it, changed tack subtly — whatever. But he did not.

              Yet, he continues to post the Lord’s Prayer every day as a lead to the Open Thread.

              I’ll leave you to draw your own conclusions.

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          1. “SD has a real thing about feeling one-upped, it seems, as if he has to be No. 1 all the time.”


            Seems like a better strategy, at least for those who are on the same side (MAGA), is to congratulate your friendly competition when they do well, and encourage one another.

            Save the animosity for the enemy.

            Q is always saying that the black hats want us divided, and getting involved in spats with other MAGA people plays right into that.

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    2. Ashen and Conflicted – Senator Schumer Discusses Private Meeting With AG Nominee William Barr…

      “There is a slight parallel here to the position of those who are selling the honorable Rosenstein and Mueller origination angle. This is where the “trust the plan” folks, align with the Epoch Times community of narrative engineers. …

      “The parallel here is that William Barr’s current position, perspective and intent with the Mueller report; if you follow the ‘trust-the-plan’ crew; is similar to the position, perspective and intent held by DAG Rod Rosenstein when he cut McCabe off at the knees. [McCabe, Baker, Kortan and Strzok obviously fired; and Page quit.]”

      Umm – I must be missing something. Whom precisely is the “‘trust-the-plan’ crew” to which SD refers?

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      1. Argghh! There he goes again! Accusing Q people of being the ones to say the Mueller and Rosenstein are white hats. That has NEVER been the case. The person pushing Mueller/Rosenstein was Stealth Jeff on Twitter, who SD was always arguing with. This is why I got kicked out of the other place – because I set him straight the last time he made that ridiculous claim. This SD imposter needs to get a clue.

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        1. Frankly, I don’t know about Mueller and Rosie.
          It’s possible that they are WHs.
          I can’t get past that meeting between POTUS, Rosie and Mueller the day before he is appointed SC.
          But yes, SD seems confused on this Jeff Carlson debate.

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        2. “This SD imposter…..”
          Seriously Linda, I’m ready to jump in the conga line of folks dancing to the tune of “they disappeared my Sundance” – and replaced him with an imposter who has done a 180 on the website, followed by a flow a negative naysayer posters to support him.

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            1. Remember when howie was on? He was an original cth poster. Yes, eccentric but smart. I think he knew something that made him quit cth too. Just a hunch I have.

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              1. Yes! Howie’s eccentric humor was something to look forward to! Especially his gifs. He got tried, I think, of the arguments about this negative view of Sessions.

                BUT…I now have to wonder if he was among the banned. In fact, I wonder if many of those early Treepers who stopped posting did so, not because of their own decision, but because they were banned.

                SteveinCO, I realized somewhere along the way that you no longer posted there. I missed you because I always looked forward to your posts during the campaign – and felt bad for you dealing with your band width problems (think that was it :-). Anyway, NEVER thought about you being banned. Didn’t even think such a thing happened at CTH. Especially because, as time went on, there were so many flat out tag team trolls who were allowed to run rampant through our branches.

                Anyway, was so surprised, and pleased, to discover you here when I followed a trail to this tree.

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            2. First there was Charles Johnson and Little Green Footballs.

              Then there was Ace of Spades.

              Now there’s sundance and CTH.

              It’s not like there’s no precedent.

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          1. Did all of you just leave SD’s site or did you get banned? I just left because the change was such a turn off. But I’m sure I got banned on twitter when I told him his site reads like MSM and he’s not POTUS… 😀

            I started to notice a lot of the regulars no longer posting and a LOT of trolls pop up I would say around midterms is when the big change happened. The negativity, the gloom and doom talk. And well the dems won its over.

            Impeachment talk where Gunny ever told SD to chill.

            So much writing can cause burn out but this feels different. I did find it odd that Ad Rem was gone for well over a month.

            The ‘mood swings’ made my Mom think SD was female.

            For me I knew something big was off when POTUS did a round table talk a day or so before Jan 3rd and SD posted the 30 min video and not the fully 1 hour 30 + video. And he never went back to change it. How odd.

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            1. Kea, I woke up for a bit and had to check for Q drops so here I am again briefly. If you are sufficiently curious, you can read posts from Veterans’ Day weekend here at the Q Tree and you will see what happened in real time.

              Some here had been banned some time before. Some left because of the negativity creeping in. Many of us were either locked out/banned over Veterans’ Day or chose to leave.

              Veterans’ Day weekend was when CTH had some weird stuff. Sundance had this post where every other sentence he would stop and say, “Do you promise? Do you understand?” Something about not saying anything ever about something, I think suggesting that PDJT was aware of Q or something. It was super odd.

              Next, SD posted an article slamming Q and posting false info about Q. He got the most basic stuff wrong, wildly wrong. People tried to correct the record, but he didn’t want to hear any of that. He said he didn’t want Q discussed. Okay, fine. But then (unforgiveable sin in my book) the trolls shrieked and howled and flung feces at people who were interested in Q. It was offensive even if you weren’t a committed Q person. It was just so mean, nasty, and unrestrained. It is like there was no moderation at all, just site administration standing back and watching with pleasure while the trolls ripped people apart.

              So a lot of us left frankly dazed and shaken and wondering what in the heck had happened. And found ourselves here where we discovered others with similar experiences.

              I personally wasn’t banned until I came here and posted. Then I was no longer able to like or make comments over there. Most of us have a similar tale.

              But none of us can explain what happened.

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              1. Sylvia first off I hope you feel better. But wow I am shocked. I don’t know what to think. But thank you for taking the time to explain it.

                I recall the Q post and was wondering why SD was so upset about people following/talking about Q.

                I really don’t understand the full Q thing I must admit (I think I get the basic idea)

                But the trolls were really massive in the end and it made me wonder why no one was blocking/cleaning threads up.

                I will be looking that thread up tomorrow when I’m not so sleepy. 🙂

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              2. Hi Sylvia!

                This is where CTH got truly weird for me. It was on November 9. The link underneath the mouse picture outs Matthew Whitaker as his year-long undercover information source. He also claims he may be handing off the story to another “more prominent voice”:


                Then there was this, about two tweets sent out by President Trump, asking us to archive info:


                Then there was this one, about the “Q narrative, and Matthew Whitaker, November 10:


                Then this one:


                I think this one below is what you refer with the “do you understand” every paragraph (weird, I agree). It was posted November 11:


                And then this one, insisting Matthew Whitaker was the source of all the leaks of critical information over the past year:


                Going over all of this again, I think I may have had a REVELATION!

                Sundance posts his story exposing Whitaker as his source on November 9. The next day he posts the “dangers of Q.” Then on November 11, he posts the weird “do you understand” thing.

                At the time, I thought the whole Whitaker outing was as upsetting and strange as being banned. WHY would Sundance out Whitaker? It made NO SENSE to me then, or now. UNLESS…

                Re-visiting this makes me wonder if Sundance inadvertently brushed up too close to Q. Did Qanon influence the happenings over at CTH, all in the name of retaining cover? What if Sundance was fed the information and “encouraged” (forced) to make it appear his source was Whitaker, when he wasn’t? If so, did Sundance retaliate by kicking us all off the site?

                I hope one day I know what REALLY happened.

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            2. i got banned cuz a lot of CTH posters were wondering where all the original posters went–someone said wolfman started another site–so I volunteered to go and ask if they were ever coming back. I got here, found out they were banned and reported such. Then i found myself banned…I still read some of SD’s stuff–but not with the wide eyed awe I used to. He puts a spin on what he writes as well–but now I see it.

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              1. Darn too bad I didn’t see your post sooner. Well at least I found this site. I did notice a lot of people missing over the last month I must say.


              1. I posted a theory in the other thread that I think either someone caught up with SD and he flipped like drudge report OR the CTH was bought and someone else took over and tried to turn a rising conservative blog into the MSM. And banning people who could post/spot the difference was the first step…


            3. Banned
              Reason (I think) — Q mentions.

              Oh, and BTW, I too liked Howie. Yea he got waaayy out there on Sessions, but I’ll never forget “Howie’s Rules” of pollters percentages: “Add 10% to whatever they report, at a minimum.” 😉

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            4. Forgive my poetry (but it’s sincere),

              Howdy, Kea, it’s really good to see ya… 🙂

              Glad you found your way over here. The branches, roots,twigs, leaves, everything (especially the residents and host) of this tree are quite healthy.

              As opposed to that other tree which is experiencing arboreal distress due to troll branches being grafted in…. Something’s changed over there. I haven’t looked in a few months, so I didn’t know Howie had exited. There are a lot of folks it would be nice to see make there way here (including JW in Germany – need more DE expats here 🙂 or even DE de’s ).

              Also wonder about Ad Rem then… quite a while back someone posted a list of all the mods on that site. I stupidly didn’t save it, but there were a few that surprised me (e.g.Zurich Mike), but I had no idea of the setup. Could there be some sort of Hydra thing going on there? Or like the Loriot sketch (cartoon) has, “Zwei Erpresso, bitte”…

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              1. Wonderful poetry thank you.

                The last time I was there was Jan 2nd and I just gave up. Let just say a tree needed trimming big time.

                Would not mind sunnydaze over here either. They always brought over the walkaway stuff (unless they are already here?)

                Hydra is a good way to put it.


            5. I was banned twice ! The first as my current moniker here, the second as Cumbaya. I was not an avid ‘Q’ poster, but questioned why people would criticize anyone who was a PDJT supporter. I guess that was just a tad too much to bear…or is it bare; you get my point.

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          2. On SD – husband’s first reaction = He’s going through a horrible divorce and the bitter ex-wife has a hold of his blog.
            It doesn’t make sense.

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            1. As a former paralegal who worked on too many divorce/custody cases, I can say that your reason makes more sense than wolfmoon’s letter subpoena theory (but his makes sense too).

              My comment to many clients I interviewed was “it’s hard to believe you two managed to have any kids”. Yes, vicious is the name of the game for many divorce shysters.

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      2. I posted this link over on the Open Thread, but I stopped at the point in the article where you picked it up.

        The reason? I thought, “who is he talking about? Is he talking about moi and others like me?” and I finally gave up. Bad enough to be called a Deplorable by the hag, I don’t need insults from CTH.

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          1. “comes up with the Mueller and RR are white hat storyline”

            It’s an intentional misrepresentation, a smear. Like the clowns do.

            The “storylines” have always been hypotheses, the result of collective brainstorming to try to make sense of all the conflicting info. As far as I’ve seen, NO ONE has ever presented these potential explanations as demonstrative fact.

            By pretending that we, or the anons, or any others ARE putting our musings out as fact, [ ] tries to Alinsky all of us. All the “arguments” he presents against us are fallacious – straw-men. Just sophistry.

            He’s a “decepticon” now, with an agenda. FAKE VIEWS.

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            1. Exactly right ES! Musings–definitely–Q has kept both RR and RM questionable at best.. If I remember right, IF RR bad (dont remember word ) RM bad–If RR good–RM good… We still Don’t know what we dont know…

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              1. “Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: cc526f No.4093335 📁
                Nov 30 2018 22:21:58 (EST)”


                “Mueller will face charges re: U1
                He’s working to save himself.

                Although this Q-post can be taken either way, I prefer to believe that VSGPDJT *owns* his a**. That 3-4 hour meeting before he got appointed SC is the one event which would explain it, IMO.

                A month or two ago, it seemed that M would be wrapping up by the holidays. Then, POTUS spoke of extending the investigation a little longer. M hasn’t wrapped up yet …

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              2. ES! Thank you for this reminder…I absolutely believe “VSGPDJT owns his a**” That meeting!! If you remember–My MUSINGS about that OT got the ONE response from SD I ever got–IN ALL CAPS!! lol

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        1. I agree I read the article and I am like , how did he get the tie into “Trust The Plan people” 🤷🏼‍♂️
          I just check in OT and it’s like a total 180 of what it used to be.

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      3. “Umm – I must be missing something. Whom precisely is the “‘trust-the-plan’ crew” to which SD refers?”


        I don’t think he even knows or understands, that’s the impression I have always had, that SD conflates multiple ‘groups’ and ignores that within those groups there are differences of opinion regarding Mueller, Rosey, ‘trust the plan’, etc.

        SD just throws it all together and makes a dumpster fire out of it, because… because that’s fun 😁

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  2. I’ve been following the Epoch Times releases of Lisa Page, Bruce Ohr, and today, Papadop.
    After Lisa Page, the MSM was in meltdown – they had been scooped. Hmmmm, does that mean a lane for leaking has opened up on our side? Who could it be? Why now?
    I wasn’t familiar with Epoch Times and decided to check it out.
    Started in 2000 by John Tang and a group of Chinese nationals, working out of New York.

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        1. And as impatiently as I have been waiting, I think it has been good to wait to leak because now they are locked into their stories, their stories have mostly been told. Our side has the fresh news, new info, and it will be a lot harder for them to try to deny what has happened.

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          1. Syl – many, many times Q has posted about the time it will take for the info to become fully injected into “the public’s” bloodstream. Maybe, some time ago, Q+ believed that would happen sooner than planned; but, happen it will. Also, never forget the “disinfo” side of things Q has mentioned to keep [them] off balance.

            It’s a movie – enjoy the show!

            Hey Alice – what time is it?? 😉

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            1. “Q+ believed that would happen sooner than planned”

              I agree, redleg.

              Even now, with so much info available for people to find the truth, well-informed posters here are just BEGINNING to make headway with persons close to them.

              It’s extraordinarily difficult to overcome the brainwashing – it cannot be forced, only induced. Also, the LSM has been in manic overdrive for a long time – but the recent extremes are likely driving the point home that they LIE THROUGH THEIR TEETH. It isn’t mere “bias”.

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      1. I’m of the opinion that SD is more than one person and that they often don’t agree with each other…making SD appear very schizophrenic at times. It’s rather sad to see someone repeatedly insult people, talk down to people, censor people, and block people for holding the very same views that he/they held only several months ago. The people that still comment at that site will say that he processed new information and evolved…which is fine, I guess…but all of us are processing new information everyday…it doesn’t mean you should turn into condescending (bleepity bleep).

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              1. I’ve entertained this thought as well, Curry, but it would only explain a tiny bit of what has gone on over there. Trying to sway opinion (for good or bad) is one thing but the method one goes about it is another. Straight up banning of long time posters/members, in my opinion, tells me something else is going on.


        1. I had considered that SD was more than one person. Does the writing style support that theory?

          My Mom, as I said above, thought SD was a female with mood swings.

          “The people that still comment at that site will say that he processed new information and evolved”—— As someone who just jumped over here I have to say this was a turn off for me. And a few people had even pointed out that he was flip flopping around to much.

          Its also like click bait… he was so excited and was leading up to something big. Asked everyone to take a screencap and then it was whitaker maybe being the leak. And then that chuck schumer had all the impeachment votes… for someone who won awards this was not balanced writing at all.

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          1. I’m glad you “jumped” over here, Kea, it’s a more welcoming experience.

            I wonder if the ‘few people’ who pointed out that SD was flip flopping around are still able to post there. It seems to have become a ‘banning offense’ to have differing opinions on that site…or, even more recently on the CTH twitter platform…although this has probably been going on all along (I don’t do twitter).

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        2. I agree Harry. From a technology standpoint alone, I never thought it was possible for one person to crank out that many posts day after day. Posts that are so heavy with graphics, links, photos, documents, references, etc. And that’s after the research and writing.

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      2. There was a time (Dec 2017) when SD was praising leaked information in defense of the President.
        If I recall it was a counter to something offered by the opposition.
        Why now is this information a bad thing?
        My read is that it’s now or never because the Dem controlled House intends to bury the truth.

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          1. “selective leaking by our team”

            Which means, of course, that it isn’t “leaking”, because it’s authorized.

            And blanket positions like “Muh, leaking BAD” remind me of NPC thinking, so oversimplified as to mimic automatons.

            I agree with kea (welcome, btw!), that the emotionalism is over the top. Even in the rare case I actually read [ ]’s words – when someone posts them here – I only pay attention to the psychology behind them, rather than what the “logical” point is.

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            1. Ha, that’s kind of how I view it at this point…a university psychology experiment that has gone over budget and off the rails.


    1. You know, out of the blue, an epich5 times was sent to me to subscribe. Then another. I wonder if they bought a marketing list for conservatives but its a really good paper. I have to make mr gil cancel a paper he bought that i hate and get the epoch times.

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      1. Just last week I received a copy too. I glanced at it and was pleasantly surprised. Cancelled all other papers awhile back but just might subscribe to this.


      2. Hmmm. Considering that it appears to be a publication from Chinese ex-pats, I wonder what A2 (and his/her alter egos (different handles)) think of it? A2 seemed to have a lot of good info on Asia, even if sometimes it, erm, was not as balanced as it could have been.

        Globalism is a worldwide malaise, and it’s good to get info from “feet on the street”, so to speak… And I think a lot of the “Muh Russia” drivel could be to cover up what China is doing, or has on tap… (and I’m not talking Tsing-Tao beer here 🙂 )…..


  3. Felice, thanks for stepping outside your comfort zone and doing this piece on The Big Ugly. I think that this latest information, combined with a new AG, could produce some really good outcomes!

    If they haven’t already been fighting over the best attorneys in town, they should be now.

    It is nice to be able to talk about this with other interested people.

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    1. Spiritual warfare drives people to shoot their own wounded.

      I see it time and time again. Just yesterday had a call from a Christian brother, lots of drama from people who were invited to speak, turning on each other because “I won’t do a conference with him unless they denounce so-and-so!” Very sad – fruitful friendships and alliances ended up destroyed, bridges burned, and friendships lost NEEDLESSLY.

      When people fall spiritually we shouldn’t attack them but lift them up, pray with them, find a way to help them.

      But sometimes in the heat of battle with the cloud of confusion you end up taking friendly fire.

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  4. I watched Hannity tonight He had John Solomon, Sara Carter, and Greg Jarrett. He got the band back together to discuss this info.

    Jarrett said he spent the day tracking down sources/confirming Ohr’s statements before Congress. I think he got about half way through and so far all confirmed. He said there is lots there for the DOJ to take up if they chose to look into FISA abuse/fraud. Lots.

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    1. Barr said he’s at a point in life where he doesn’t care about his career advancement.
      I think he doesn’t care about his corrupt buddies, either.


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    2. We could have gotten more NEW (and useful) info from JS, SC and GJ if SEAN would STFU!
      I’ve heard him and HIS talking Points so much I have to turn him off more and more often.
      I get way more info here than from Sean. Thanks fellow Q Treepers.

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    3. Thanks, Sylvia. You mentioned “He got the band back together”, along with all the “BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM”s going on 🙂 ……. now I have to watch the Blues Brothers (if i can find it…)

      It’s great to see more and more information popping up. Come out, it will…

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  5. Ref Greg Rubini postings. Someone posted about this guys tweet a few posts back and it seemed that we came to the conclusion that nothing is there, guys just smart and he’s just stirring the pot with made up stories. Something that I contributed too btw (concurred but added he’s just smart and gets the Russian collusion picture)

    However given this newest Bruce Ohr revelation maybe he’s worth taking a second look at. The thread is at least worth the read because if there is something there, then this John Solomon report is barely scratching the surface and he’s about four days ahead of the JS story.

    This is Greg Rubini reporting four days ago about Ohr spilling his guts back in the early part of last year:

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    1. Something else struck me a few days ago I haven’t mentioned. It seems like the House Repubs (the ones we like anyway) are starting to unload in a similar manner in the way that the obama administration did when they left power. Not a bad thing IMO. Tit for tat sort of thing, necessary and justifiable sort of thing.

      Of course it could be just my imagination 🙂

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      1. Agreed. Also interesting to me: if you read the thread on the twitter link, you’ll see mention of the “leaks” being live posted. If this is true (why not?) then you can bet your last bottom dollar that the boys and girls in McLean, VA HAVE EVERYTHING stored in several different places, not to mention archived by Q+ off line. Just sayin’ … 😉

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  6. para– The beauty of this site is that we can discuss this stuff and don’t get needled and trolled and made fun of for putting it out there–If Q has taught us anything–it’s to dig and question and not accept ANYTHING until something is finally proven FACT. And I have not found that there is any ONE source that is FACT! so keep questioning and keep digging til it ALL COMES OUT!
    COME OUT, IT WILL. (Thanks Curry for that reminder).. Yoda Pic now.. lol

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    1. That’s great….

      Wonder when (if) the SJWs and BLMs will figure out that “Weissmann” means “White Man” (in German), and say “rayyyycisss” or something… Weiss Privilege…

      Oh, wati.

      He’s a DEMONcRAT…..

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  8. love this post Fle! So happy to see the Zippo return too and I can’t wait to dive into the stories you linked!

    I haven’t had coffee yet–so bear with me–but what if Sundance is the target of psyops? what if he attracted all kinds of attention with the Treyvon Martin event…then a “source” attached himself to SD and fed him info into the campaign and all white hats/ black hats…SD’s following grows–he’s being mentioned nationwide and being retweeted. His following grows even more. And then they trigger him with bad news (some sort of “we’ve been betrayed nonsense”)–hoping to poison as many conservative followers as possible…
    maybe I just need coffee and raisin bran…

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  9. Good post, fleporeblog. Funny (peculiar) to see these bits of info regards Ohr testimony trickle out at this time. I’m too old to hitch my horse to any one wagon, but still… My confidence for the time being lies with Jeff Carlson and Brian Cates at Epoch Times. So far, they are solid sources who use only open source material. Also, the posters here engage in rational discourse, unlike sd of late.

    I will speculate on Jeff Sessions firing – coming as it did the day after mid-terms. Like Al Pacino telling Rober duVal in ‘Godfather,’ “Tom, you’re not a wartime consigliere.” Perhaps the same might be said of Sessions. After all, we are at war with the Democrats, among other parties.

    In the meantime, we shall see.

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        1. Not sure when it happened…because I left the place after the big anti-Q post.

          Sometime after that, I followed a link that someone posted here and found that I was unable to ‘Like’ anything there.

          So yeah, looks like I was banned too.


  10. I continue to believe that there is an even bigger bombshell here. Steele was not merely accumulating information from Russian sources. Much of the information he presented was intelligence from UK and US sources.

    If you overlay the activities of Adm Rodgers surrounding the searches of NSA databases concerning US persons — how he shut down contractor access in April, 2016 and initiated an audit, then shut down all US person searches, then reported to the FISA court about the results of his audit — it is reasonable to assume that this spike in US person searches was related to the shock of having Trump win the nomination. There would be huge opposition research files on conventional candidates developed over years and years, but no such file existed on Trump. In response to this panic, I think the spike in searches related to US persons was related to attempts to find dirt on then-candidate Trump. And I believe Nellie Ohr was one of the contractors accessing NSA data (recall Nellie had been a CIA contractor prior to (and perhaps concurrent with) her work with Fusion GPS) who raised Rodgers’ suspicions. From this, I then conclude that the FISAs were initiated as a mechanism to continue to enable access to NSA data after Rodgers shut it down and more importantly to retroactively legalize the searches of NSA databases that already had been conducted. Carter Page was merely a conduit used to inject the FISAs into the campaign.

    Campaign opposition research firms, even those connected to Her Hillaryness, don’t have the juice to engage all of these assets to help. This has to go higher.

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    1. Absolutely correct regarding 702 queries AF. Some also, before Rogers shut it down, likely dealt with all the candidates on the R side, like Carson. Nellie (CIA) certainly involved while at Fusion. This is how they got the wrong Cohen in Prague (ooops!), but they were so confident of a Hillary landslide, they weren’t too damned concerned about hiding tracks!! Just think what the day after the election was like for all these corrupt assholes!


      1. “Nellie (CIA)”


        I agree with you that Whoa Nellie is or was a CIA asset.

        But let’s not forget that Diana West’s research shows that Nells was also a pro-Soviet Communist, who had special permission from the CPSU to work in the closed archives when she was living in Russia.

        Otoh, with Soebarkah in the White House, and Brennan as his pick to head up the Clowns, maybe being a Russian asset and a CIA asset at the same time was par for the course.


    2. all of this has to come out or we are in my estimation not any closer to making things right in this nation.

      if pertinent and factual details are known they MUST be revealed. now, if there are some other “sketchy” items that we “know” of like gross sexual misconduct with a minor are revealed as simply “gross sexual misconduct with a minor” and yet the details of such are sealed, i am fine with that. but we must know that the crime was committed, by whom (since they are not a minor) and the rest can be sealed up to protect the innocent.

      otherwise it’s still he said, they said. and nobody is going to be swayed one way or the other.

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