The Impact of Illegal Immigration on One Person, One Family, One Town – Mine.

Today, the Dems and their leaders stood on the Capitol Steps to demonstrate the personal impact of shutting down the government and the pain felt by Federal Employees who have missed a paycheck. Congressmen held up poster sized pics of people that…., well, they looked like me. So, I started thinking about the impact of illegal immigration and how it has affected my family, those around me, the town I love.

It hurts.

While none of us like to see Federal employees used as pawns, it’s time for someone to speak up for Americans, the millions of us who deal with the loopholes in our immigration policies and illegal immigration, day after day, week after week, decade after decade, only to hear another politician promise a solution. Well, we finally do have a politician willing to make a stand, President Trump. Isn’t it odd his desire to fulfill this promise to the people, to resolve our problem of illegal immigration, is met with such……. “resistance”?

Dems are worried about federal employees missing a paycheck.
Let’s look at how illegal immigration, and loose immigration policies have impacted my life, my family, my community.

Higher Education:
I have a son in college. He’s a senior in Mechanical Engineering.
60%+ of the class is Asian foreign nationals, who surprisingly, cheat on exams, so much so, that professors damn near strip search them before test taking.
You’re worried about missing a paycheck?

K-12 Schools:
My home is in an historic district, lovely neighborhood. I live next door to the school.
School has gone from Level 5 (best) to level 3.
Property taxes, up 528% in 20yrs.
Caught a Somali refugee beating my dog, OVER my fence.
Our town used to be so safe I left the back door open and the keys in the car.
You’re worried about a paycheck?

My in-laws started a small Catholic church in our town in ’71. The organ is dedicated to memory of my father-in-law.
Children’s program = 27 illegals + 1 American child.
The illegal families will not contribute to the church, because they don’t have bank accounts………., because they are illegally here.
My church is gone. Although you believe I have no compassion for those less fortunate, because only Dems care about anyone missing a paycheck.

I’m on the Board for our little hospital. For 20 yrs, we fought to keep it open.
We just closed our emergency room.
I’m a CPA. The cost of illegals is too much to bare.
Our closest emergency room is now 23 minutes away, instead of 4 minutes. Losing an emergency room will hurt all residents of the county, long term, and devalues the property value of every home in town.
Yet, you’re worried about missing a single paycheck?

I live in a town w/population of 8K, outside major metro, about 35 minutes away.
In 20 yrs, we lost two major manufacturing facilities.
One employed 1800, which went to Malaysia, another employed 467, went to Mexico. Because of bad trade policies, the people I care about, in the town I love, have missed paychecks for years. You’re worried about a single paycheck but have the gall to call me immoral?

Small Biz:
We did own a prosperous construction company.
We were a bonded company one of only 8 in the state, with a great reputation.
I personally know 150+ American born highly-skilled tradesmen, who are out of work, who consider themselves lucky if their wives have a job. They’ve been replaced by foreign workers, legal and illegal. Proud men, capable and talented men, who built the state. You want my empathy for a single paycheck?

After 4K dead Americans, 60K sexual assaults, 70K dead from drugs, 23% of our prison population, and hundreds of thousands of other crimes, our politicians refuse to protect the American people. Why do we have such incompetent Congressmen?
Yet, Dems complain about Federal employees missing a single paycheck.

Well….., at least they are not complaining from the beach in Puerto Rico.

The President gave Congress 6 months to work on immigration, back in October of 2017. The Republican base was aghast when President Trump offered a compromise of Border Wall/No Visa Lottery/Limit Chain Migration/Extreme Vetting in exchange for 1.8 million DACA adults.
Yet, that was the Schumer Shutdown, which was LAST JANUARY, how quickly the media forgets.
A year later, still, Congress has failed to do their job.

Meanwhile, thousands of illegals, well funded, well organized, are marching to our country with the intention of entering illegally. There’s no respect for our laws. It’s a planned incursion into our country.
Yet, we’re racist.
We’re immoral for wanting protection and a safe country for our children.
We’re foolish, stupid, Nazis.
We’re cruel, harsh, not sympathetic.
At least that’s what our Dem leaders say, from behind their own walls.

71 thoughts on “The Impact of Illegal Immigration on One Person, One Family, One Town – Mine.

      1. I did and published, way too big, deleted it. Need to put it on an editor and shrink it. I can, just not on the right computer to do it.
        Thank you for help, Wheatie. I’m going to need it.

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        1. Featured images always blow up to the same “wide” size – it will magnify small ones, or slice off tall ones. I’ve learned to select something that either IS wide, or looks good across its own center.

          Here is an example of how it cuts off “Fearless Girl” and centers the title and banner icon:

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      1. Yeah, this sounds like my neck of flyover, too.

        First China took the jobs. THEN they sent the fentanyl.

        And then (thanks, Molly!) I read this WAPO article (*spit*) today, quoting this friggin’ Stanford medical professor, from his lofty bullshit ivory tower, saying we need to be “nice to China” on trade so that they won’t send more fentanyl into America.

        I don’t think this joker remembers exactly how this worked. First they ROBBED Lady Liberty, then they hooked her on DRUGS. The only leverage she needs now is a GUN, BUDDY. Pointed right in the criminal’s FACE.

        First another guy states the problem:

        “I think people aren’t willing to take the tough actions needed to deal with the immediacy of the synthetics. . . . The emergency is stopping the synthetics,” Synan said. He lamented the role of politics in drug policy, which he said has limited progress regardless of which party has been in power.

        Ask WHY no progress under OBOLA. Because it’s ALL ONE WAR TO CHINA. Doesn’t MATTER who is President, except that Trump puts up a FIGHT.

        Then the JOKER:

        Keith Humphreys, a professor of psychiatry and a drug policy expert at the Stanford University School of Medicine, said the United States is poorly positioned to have an impact in China’s illicit supply of fentanyl because of the ongoing feud over tariffs between the Trump administration and Beijing.

        “They could help us, but they’re not going to,” said Humphreys, who spent a year in the Obama administration’s Office of National Drug Control Policy. The way to enlist the Chinese is “carefully, respectfully, and not on the front page or on Twitter.”

        Yeah, so the E-FUCKING-LEET (‘scuse my 1337) can haz their foreign investments go back up and buy a new extra home next year, while we get MORE FENTANYL.

        Yeah, RIIIIIIIIGHT.

        I said put him in a CELL next to STEFAN HALPER – another fine product of Stanford.


        I don’t think this Obama “adviser” understands how Obama actually worked. OBOLA ASKED PEOPLE ABOUT THINGS SO THAT HE AND AMERICA’S ENEMIES COULD USE THAT INFORMATION AGAINST US.

        Eventually I got WISE in shallow state, that they ASKED US STUFF and did nothing with it. It was very weird. But then I figured it out.

        The good stuff was going somewhere ELSE. TAKE ONE GUESS WHERE.

        Obama HELPED our enemies. THAT was THEIR PLAN.

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            1. Would like to see some “Rods from God” visit some large-scale Fentanyl factories… or put a large crimp in the “Silk Road” that sends it here…

              The “bend down and be nice” comment by the prof shows quite clearly who has him in his pocket…

              Looking back at the Silicon Valley of my youth (late 1950s) through the lens of the years gone by, I can see that today’s problems are nothing new; indeed they were DEMONICALLY hatched in the early 1900s.
              Folks wanting to see this fixed overnight are going to be a tad disappointed, but fixed it will be. Good work takes time (Gründlichkeit, in German…).


  1. Very well said, Daughn!

    Where is the compassion for hard-working taxpayers who are hit so hard by what our govt does to us?
    Govt workers don’t seem to care.

    So pardon me while I don’t shed a tear for them right now, while they are getting a small taste of what those of us out in the real world have been going through.

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    1. Govt workers don’t seem to care.

      “Civil Servant” is semantically equivalent to “Civil Master” and they act like it, too. Who cares what happens to the proles? We should just shut up and pay our taxes.

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    2. Oh, wheatie! This hits my hot button. I’ve been ranting and raving to the point where Mr TW has taken his hearing aids out. Even dug out my sponge brick to throw at the local TV “reporters” who are fawning all over the poor government workers and those have been financially impacted by the shutdown.

      They even had the nerve to feature a report on a non-profit who gets funding from the government. Get this. They have already been funded for at least the next 8 months. But “don’t know what they’ll do” if the government isn’t opened by then.

      But, back to my point. One of my SiLs worked in construction. When the world started folding up in 2008 he lost his business – mostly because of actions by our wonderful government. In 2009 they lost their home to foreclosure. Along with so many others in this country.

      No one. I repeat NO ONE was there to cry for them, to bend over backwards to provide all sorts of extra services for them. Kraft Foods did nothing to help feed them. Their bank was not giving them interest free loans to carry them through until they received a paycheck, Yada, yada.

      So I, too, shed no tears for the gov folks at this time. Rarely have they had the “opportunity” to share this experience with the private sector families. And so often – as daughn so eloquently expresses – these sufferings are a result of our government’s actions – carried out by those who are now having buckets of tears shed for them.

      How about the coal miners who lost so much – even their communities – because of globalist influence in our government? Remember good ol’ Hellary cheerfully declaring about the coal mines -“this is an industry that is gone.” (paraphrase). Well, I would not mind hearing someone say: “These are government jobs that are gone.”

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        1. Daughn – GREAT ARTICLE!

          And I’m sure that those who lost jobs in your community/company(ies?) were ESSENTIAL, not non-essential.

          Having survived MANY layoffs (14) at one of the shards of the once-great Hewlett-Packard (department of 1400+ pared down to 7 (YES, SEVEN)), most of those who got the chop WERE essential, but not as essential as the dosh that could be made by moving their jobs to Malaysia, India, and even Costa Rica…

          Unfortunately, for most of the “killing fields” years, those of us left behind got to do our jobs, and their jobs, too (along with cleaning up the damage they did). So basically we were all doing three times the work we should have been doing…

          Many, MANY companies are losing “institutional intelligence/knowledge” because the “older workers” (how I HATE that term: workers gack) are supposedly too expensive. And yet, who are the ones that can spot trouble before it’s too late? Who are the ones who know and understand why a particular tactic or process was put into place? Who are the ones who can quickly and CORRECTLY migrate or modify a process or manufacturing line to enable new products or testing to begin without startup problems, loss of sales, lead-time lags, etc.?

          The locusts have not only thrown out the baby with the bathwater, they’ve thrown out the rest of the family as well.

          I hope you send your article to President Trump, and, maybe, the Smuck and Botox crew. I’m sure that VSGPDJT will read it (he probably also is cognizant of the issues); Schmuck and muck – not so sure.

          I hope and pray that GOD steps in and changes the hearts and minds of the DEMONcRATs and the deep state. As well as their SJW snowflake sycophants and the YSM…

          And congratulations on what you and your family have achieved. A tribute indeed to America and the American Way. GOD Bless!

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          1. I have sent it up the chain. Thank you for your beautiful comment. You at HP, all of us, we do what we can.


            1. Having done the musical 1776, it was mentioned therein that Benjamin Franklin suggested the Turkey as the national bird, as it was a noble creature (?!)…

              Have to say, it’s great at Thanksgiving and Christmas (even if they’re tiny over here in BDD (Beautiful Downtown Deutschland)), but I like to have Eagles fighting for me…

              Then again, I’ve heard “Wild Turkey” can be useful at times… 🙂

              [@ Rayzor – please, no Trafalgar Square or Picadilly Circus here…ta ]

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        1. Wish we could alert others to our tree of fresh breeze. I got banned from the other tree when I posted a link to the pedo take down that wolfie had up here.

          I’m apparently un-banned, but everything I tried to post there went into moderation and I can’t seem to even “like” over there. So happy here. Now I’m glad I got banned.

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          1. What’s that song by Paul McCartney and Wings… “Banned on The Run”… 🙂

            Maybe there could be some sort of QR code (Q Refuge) that would link here without being, erm, obvious enough to earn the reader a ban hammer…

            (Not sure if they’re called that in the USA – QR codes are the square labyrinth-looking replacement/enhancement to bar codes… and you need a cellphone 20 years newer than mine to read them 🙂 )…

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  2. We don’t usually think our government, far away in DC, has an effect on our lives.
    The Obama admin, especially, decimated our region.
    0% interest rates kills defined benefit pension plans (I used to sell them).
    If a teacher/fireman/cop/administrator needs $50K in pension, it used to be that a muni bond fund of $500K allotment at 10% could spin off the 50K. At 2%, which is where we are now, it takes 2.5 million.
    Multiply the problem by every teacher, clerk, police/fire, state worker, and you can see why property taxes are up 528% – most of it in the last 10yrs.
    I could have two Mercedes in the driveway instead of property taxes.
    It’s why we hear the term “unfunded liabilities”.

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    1. And you know how we in CA are protected by limits on property taxes? It is the holy grail to dimms to remove those restrictions. I know its nothing, but we do still have fios. My taxes every month are 18.00. Just to be able to watch and use the internet. 2 taxes for city, 3 for county, 2 for state, and a few other “fees.” Dont get me started on utilities…

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      1. Do you have PG&E 🙂

        (OK, sorry. We had them back when I was in Kalifornistan, and they were “protected” by the state utilities commission [can’t remember the acronym, sorry])…

        More futilities than utilities. And don’t get me started on San Bruno… (still sad/angry over that)…


        1. In the southern US, we have Entergy for seven states. Utilities are regulated for, I think, 10% profit. Thus, when Trump dropped tax rates, my bill lowered.


    2. Oh goodness, Daughn, we’ve had zero (and even NEGATIVE!!!) interest rates here in Europe [thanks to Drughi, erm, Draghi) the last five years or so. He was formerly the finance minister of Italy, fomenting their failed finances, and foisting zero and sub-zero interest rates on the entire EU when he was made head of the European Central Bank (EZB). I suspect that he did that to bail out Italy, as zero percent interest on enormous outstanding obligations is pretty good.

      For the debtor…

      Unfortunately for the rest of us, we got a “haircut” on both our pensions, annuities, bank accounts, and the cascading followon effect bubbled downwards through just about every monetary transaction or vehicle that exists. And many of us, to continue the metaphor, didn’t have that much “hair” to begin with.

      Many people over here have lost almost their entire life savings and pensions because of this. My bank account pays ZERO interest, and charges me €2,90 per month for the privilege of THEM using MY money.
      Sometimes I think my grandfather had the right idea keeping his silver dollars (possibly gold coins too) in cans buried in his back yard.

      If only my cousins and I knew where they were… 🙂

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      1. Impact is still rippling. We lost a fortune. Whereas the EU pensions had their haircut, our bureaucracy did not.


        1. Yep. Sometimes I think of Les Deplorables, the Gilets Jaunes, the folks on the “barricades”, haircuts, and, erm, maybe they should adjust the blade a little lower for the bureaucrats 🙂 The other thing is, our “guests” (refauxgees) are *cough* absorbing a disproportinate share of the “benefits”… Probably sounds familiar. And Somalis (and Afghanis) are often a source of “adventure” here…

          We pay €18,00 per month for the national broadcast media (ARD, ZDF, etc.), which supposedly was charged to avoid commercials, yet we have as many commercials as the US. And the quality (and the libtardism) of the media is even worse. And, get this, if you don’t pay that fee, you can go to jail, with fines and time approaching that of violent criminals…

          Seems like the “AgitProp” (Agitation and Propaganda) policies of Merde-kel are the most important thing out there…

          Would love to “cut the cable” but we get billed the same either way. Nonetheless, we have LOTs of DVDs of the old classic TV series, e.g. Macgyver, Perry Mason, Veggie Tales, Matlock, Mission Impossible, etc., etc. and plenty of Christian videos (my son always wants them for Christmas, Birthday, Easter, etc.). We don’t need any liberal trash here!

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  3. Great article, daugnworks! And this is going on all over America in thousands of other communities, large and small. My property taxes have skyrocketed also, which makes things very difficult when you’re retired.

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    1. And when the community is unable to provide much in the way of services anymore in exchange for those property taxes (such as my town’s parks are all overtaken by “campers” our silly new word for the homeless) the resentment grows.

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  4. WOW! Daughn! Extremely well stated!! I truly will print this off and share!! I love your use of repetition in asking the same question at the end of each section! I know there’s a literary term for this–put quite powerful! You are so very talented and accomplished in so many areas! Renaissance Woman!! Congrats on the Article! I will keep you and your community in my prayers.. Slowly but surely MAGA will come to your community I pray!

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    1. Marica, we don’t know each other but I feel like we do. Sometimes, don’t you think, we could take a dozen of our friends and straighten the whole thing out in an afternoon?

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  5. Daughn – very, very well articulated. There is so much that resonates across our country as we watch those in DC and state legislatures do their best to destroy what makes our country so successful.

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  6. Im glad you reposted this as an article. Sad, angry, frustrated, and all the emojis to go with them…(Minnie loves those, where is she?) Federal workers will get back pay but what will my now deceased father who lost his job dt clintoon and nafta receive? What will I, who had been pushed out of my former job for being the wrong skin color and the wrong political persuasion receive?
    Stuff is great(I will take that wall ty) but honor, integrity, and an honest functioning trim government benefit everyone even the unborn!

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  7. Daughn, I think you have discussed some of these occurrences before – I distinctly remember the sad circumstance of your church – I love that you covered so many different facets that touch pretty much everyone’s lives in some form or another. Great write-up!

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    1. Yes, the church is very sad.
      Funny side story:
      I’m actually a Presbyterian, but my ex husband and current husband are active Catholics, thus, our family has two churches. People in town tease me, “You must really be trying to get into heaven.”
      My in-laws started the church when my father-in-law came to town to move a large factory here (it was the second largest – my grandfather brought the largest factory here).

      Well, the little Catholic church was built and the first priest was due to arrive.
      Building the church was the crowning glory for my mother-in-law. She worked hard.
      The priest landed at the airport a little bit early, over the weekend, rented a car, and drove south to meet his new congregation. It was a beautiful spring day in 1971, a few weeks before Easter.
      The drive between us and the airport is quite scenic. We can imagine the priest had the windows down, fresh air blowing, happy with his new assignment, excited about his future.
      He stopped at a little roadside store beside a beautiful lake, bought a sandwich, chips and a beer which was only sold by six-pack in 1971.

      The priest ate his sandwich at a picnic table beside the country store overlooking the lake. He fed a few ducks the crumbs of his sandwich, got back in his car, and continued on.
      He traveled the long bridge across the lake into our county and was promptly arrested…..
      …for the beer in his car.

      Back in our town, all the ladies planned a welcome reception and had been cooking for days. Now, dressed in their finest, with pillbox hats, white gloves, silver polished trays, starched white linen, they were ready for the arrival of the new priest. The reception was held at the home of my in-laws, next door to where I live now.
      Well, my father-in-law got a phone call from the sheriff in the next county.
      The Sheriff put the priest on the phone, it was his ONE PHONE CALL.
      My father-in-law was incredibly gracious under pressure and never ruffled, probably why he earned that Bronze Star at Omaha Beach. He didn’t want the ladies to get upset, didn’t want to let on there was a problem, and he always kept a drawer of cash for “bail money” for employees who got into trouble.
      Father-in-law handed his son a wad of cash and told him to go and get the priest – and “Tell your mother you’re going to get more ice”.

      The guy, who would become my husband, made his way to the Sheriff’s office to pay the fine and retrieve the priest. The Sheriff apologized but still wanted his fine money. The priest came out, from the ‘lock up’, laughed and said, “Well, this is a great story but no one’s ever going to hear about it, right?” Everyone nodded. The reception went off without a hitch and no one ever knew what happened that day. My husband and that priest always had a special relationship, kind of like attorney/client privilege.

      The little country store is still there. The lake is still beautiful. Heck, there are still picnic tables there. And yes, the sheriff of the county still catches people at the bottom of the bridge. Life goes on.

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      1. Oh, my – what a funny situation! Made me chuckle, for sure. When you started talking about the beer……it reminded me of when Pastor Free (WELS minister in Hadar, NE), used to come and visit my Grandma (who used to be the principal at the parochial school) and they would split one beer, poured into wine glasses. On NY’s eve, she would allow me to have a small juice glass of beer to see in the New Year! What can I say – they were German!

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Just wondering – they weren’t Swabisch (southwest Germany) were they?

          (The story goes, a Schwob had a pfennig, and was rubbing it back and forth in his hands, saying, “what can I do with this, what can I do with this”…

          After a while, the pfennig had melted between his hands, and in the process, the Schwob had invented electrical wire 🙂 )

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  8. Great post! I truly believe this is how the majority of Americans think.
    We’re not racist we’re realistic to what’s going on with our country.

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    1. Good point. Interesting how every other group can look out for their own, yet they’re never called racist.

      Yet, if we even APPEAR to be looking out for OUR own, we’re called racist, no matter what.

      Time for that to stop.

      As Larry Ellison said, “equal talent always has equal opportunity”…

      To be truly “color blind”, one must only look at the qualifications, etc., and not put ANYONE foward for any reason other than that.

      I want an OS or database internals specialist. And I don’t care if they come from Mars, and are green with purple stripes and yellow dots. I just want the best one out there. Point.

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  9. Excellent, Daughn!

    First-hand accounts are always the most powerful – no abstractions or generalizations, just a real single-sourced view.

    There are SO many lies being thrown at us, that every single golden-nugget of truth helps.

    5 MILLION jobs left our country under the disastrous NAFTA scheme. Your experience, and that of your town, speaks volumes to the actual, real-life damage incurred by these self-serving politicians and their lobbyist handlers. And our “lawmakers” don’t even write the laws – the lobbyists do! Using inscrutable language, no less!

    Great first authored post! Keep ’em comin’!

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  10. Daughnworks247, I’m so sorry only seeing this post now, and I was the one who requested Wolfie to post it for us to send out! Must have happened late that night, and yesterday I couldn’t be on until later part of the day. Anyway, will do what I can to send it out. You said it better than any political speech writer – MAGA speaks from the heart.

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