The Stars Are Beginning to Align! Globalism Is Dying a Slow and Painful Death….

The past week has seen more and more evidence that Globalism is hanging on by a thread. No matter where you look, there are more and more signs that it won’t be long before it dies.

North Korea can smell their freedom from China. Look who is coming back on Thursday and Friday to meet with Secretary Pompeo.

The European Union and PM May took another big smack across their face today with the vote in the U.K. on the deal they negotiated for Brexit.

You know that Brussels is VERY scared of a Hard Brexit!

From the article linked above:

The president of the eurozone finance ministers’ group has hinted at the possibility of changing the terms of the UK’s Brexit deal – despite the European Union’s insistence it can’t be renegotiated.

Centeno, who is Portugal’s finance minister, says, “Just about anything is better than a no-deal Brexit.”

Eastern European countries are getting more and more excited that they have a Western European country that is buying more and more into Nationalism and their agenda. They are also ecstatic at the fact that Italy is home to multiple bases that house US military personnel.

From the article linked above:

Italy and Poland discuss UNITING to form an anti-EU alliance and lead a ‘European spring’ to replace the ‘French-German axis’

  • Italy and Poland’s nationalist leaders seek to overthrow the Brussels elite in May
  • Italian Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini met Polish officials on Wednesday
  • Salvini called for the overthrow of the ‘French-German axis’ in a populist spring 
  • He told his allies in Poland they would lead ‘a European Spring’ – a new energy

Old George Soros is realizing his Utopian dreams are crumbling right in front of his eyes.

I wrote this yesterday about China and Germany.

Germany just dodged the recession classification. However, they WILL NOT be able to escape what is about to happen to their economy in 2019.

From the article linked above:

  • Germany’s economy witnessed lackluster growth in 2018, according to flash data released Tuesday, in line with expectations.
  • German gross domestic product (GDP) grew 1.5 percent in 2018, compared with 2.2 percent in 2017.
  • It’s the weakest rate of growth in five years.

What matters most is the fact that the slowdown of the German economy in the summer has been lasting longer than anticipated and seems to be more than only a temporary blip.” While cars played a factor in the slowing growth picture, Brzeski said Sino-U.S. trade tensions and Brexit had also weighed on the economy.”

There had been indications that the economy had slowed in the second half of 2018. GDP data released in November showed that the economy shrank in the third quarter, by 0.2 percent, marking the first time Germany’s economy had contracted since the first quarter of 2015.

Growth took a hit then due to a decline in exports and what Destatis said were “mixed signals” in terms of domestic demand. Data released last week also showed that German industrial production declined 1.9 percent month-on-month in November, coming in way below a consensus for growth of 0.3 percent.



71 thoughts on “The Stars Are Beginning to Align! Globalism Is Dying a Slow and Painful Death….

  1. Terrific article Felice…

    I agree that Cabal/Globalism is taking quite a few hits…

    Our VSG President Trump is influencing and making friends all over the globe.

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    1. and then of course… there are enemies… a little ol’ fashioned karma coming down for Ms May?

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      1. Farage: “A catastrophic failure of leadership by @Theresa_May. If she has any sense of honour then she will resign.”


        What a silly thing to say.

        There is no ‘honor’ among these people… IF they even actually are ‘people’.

        What Nigel is really saying is that if she had any sense of SHAME she would resign.

        Once again, we habitually appeal to the enemy’s sense of ‘shame’, which they categorically DO NOT POSSESS.

        Appealing to the enemy’s sense of ‘shame’ has no more effect than shouting at the sun. It may look brave (or lunatic) to your friends, but the sun certainly doesn’t care either way.

        And neither do the globalists.

        Nigel has a sense of shame, as all normal people have a sense of shame, but the enemy — manifestly — does NOT have any sense of shame.

        In the exact same way that a serial killer — a psychopath, a sociopath — has no sense of shame. It is ABSENT from their ‘being’.

        So appealing to their sense of shame is a mental defect on OUR part at this point. It is a vain and fruitless attempt to PROJECT our OWN humanity onto a psychopath — or whatever they are.

        It’s like giving a Kleenex to a worm so it can blow its nose… except a worm doesn’t HAVE a freakin’ nose.

        The WORM knows that… why can’t WE figure it out?

        Why does our side continue to ‘appeal’ to something (shame) for which the enemy has no capacity?

        Is it just to hear ourselves talk?

        Because we’re the only ones who HEAR it.

        Theresa May certainly isn’t holding her head in her hands, wallowing in shame.

        She may be laughing.

        She may be fearful of what her puppet-masters will do as a result of her failure.

        She may hungry and wondering what to have for dinner.

        But the one thing she is NOT doing — not tonight or any other night — is experiencing a thing peculiar to HUMANS called ‘shame’.

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  2. Thanks flep for keeping us updated.

    From what I see, President Trump cut off the allowance of the rest of the world and they are hurting. They can’t seem to figure out that if they would treat their own people decently and give them a living wage, they could create demand at home. Instead they take all of their own citizens money and make them support illegal immigrants who literally get away with murder which is humiliating and demoralizing to their own citizens.

    President Trump is picking us up, brushing us off, setting us on our feet again and insisting that we won’t play with people who treat us unfairly.

    I keep seeing these articles about how China or whoever is going to destroy us, but they make no sense to me. I come back and look at your charts and it is very clear that unless we subsidize the rest of the world, they are going to have to finally realize that they will have to figure out how to help their own people to thrive and how to play fairly with the rest of the world or lose everything.

    I am so glad you are posting here. Please keep up the good work.

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    1. I agree, I think PDJT with his America First policy is actually forcing other countries to either step up to the plate and start taking care of their own, or get trampled over. Sadly, a lot of these leaders seem like they are still in denial and they keep doing what they’ve always done because it has always worked. Till now.

      It is interesting to see who is nimble enough, or desperate enough, or smart enough to see the writing on the wall and get with the plan.

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      1. I agree however in all fairness the dupes had the puppet zero whispering in their ears post election that PTrump would be brought down..ya know the cabal plan that half of these countries participated in in some form or fashion. By now they have to be in deeeep denial and hoping their peasants don’t find their yellow vests too.

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        1. Oh yes, very true! I had actually, blissfully, temporarily forgotten the evil BO running around after PDJT from foreign nation to foreign nation, or else sending that horrible John Kerry out there to tell the heads of states to ignore Trump, he’s an aberration, we’ve got this–he’ll be bounced out soon, so business as usual.

          Oh yeah. There are lots of people who need to be held accountable.

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    2. Elizabeth! ” President Trump is picking us up, brushing us off, setting us on our feet again and insisting that we won’t play with people who treat us unfairly” Such a perfect analogy!!! Thank you !

      Flep! Thanks again for another Great Positive Post I can pass along to my brother!! You Will bring him over for me!! “The Stars are Beginning to Align” and the Moon–The SUPER WOLF BLOOD MOON is 1/21/19–6 days from now… GOD is in control!


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    3. “Cutting off their allowances” is pretty much the right phrase. I still believe that there is a lot going on behind the scenes that we will not know or understand until it is all over, mainly having to do with the central banks and how they are going to be dealt with. But, the lines of slush fund cash have definitely been cut. Evidence is circumstantial, but there.

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    4. Just as you teach a child how to work, PDJT is cutting off their handouts, while at the same time making trade deals that allow them to work for their money. This not only builds their economies, it moves the money from the political leaders who do what they wish with foreign aide to workers and business people who work and spend and reinvest. In the long run, it teaches them to become self sufficient.

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  3. update on Ms May (you know, the PM involved in coup to remove POTUS)

    The sun’ll come out
    So ya gotta hang on
    ’til tomorrow
    Come what (Ms) May

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    1. AMEN!

      Bolsonaro knows that this weird human neutering project called LGBT and TRANS is BAD NEWS.

      Satanic? Alien? Communist? Nazi? All of the above?

      James Woods wins with this description of George Soros! “grizzled old Nazi prick”

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      1. I’d like to amend that comment: the truth that is being skewered is obvious to even those who know only the rudiments of biology. Previous attempts to get civilized people to quit reproducing involved campaigns that left out key facts. Now, they’re just encouraging behavior that would have gotten people thrown into asylums in previous eras.

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      1. I agree. I understand that we need to fight one battle a a time; however, I would love nothing more than to see the complete destruction of this particular evil agenda.

        It’s man and woman, not man, woman, and confused soul.

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    2. Amen! children have enough to concern themselves with!
      I remember my 10th grade general psychology class—Mr. Hammer (great name, I thought). One area we talked about was tom boys and penis envy–and this was in the late 70’s. It was normal for some girls to go through this–I was one of them–but gees I grew out of that stage and most girls do. But these days some parents would have me taking hormones and gender reassignment therapy sessions.
      Knowing it was just a stage (and yes by that time I had already grown out it and grown into my body) made me feel better about it and I was able to counsel my step daughter when she had these feelings.

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      1. Perpetual tomboy here. I like guns, fast cars, football and other things manly. Plus, I gave my husband four sons. He’s happy, as am I, thirty-three years and counting.

        But I get your point on the Gender Reassignment crap. Keep counseling. Your stepdaughter is a lucky girl. #MAGA

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      2. What the globalist mentality is eventually shooting for is “transhumanism”, with technology married into the human organism to induce “immortality”!!! They call the final product “posthuman”! Lucifer, their god and the father of lies, has promised them a road to immortality. He should be promising them fire retardant suits!

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  4. Globalism is dying?

    Be still my heart!
    Oh yes, please…globalism deserves to die.

    The signs are good, aren’t they.

    It wasn’t that long ago that it was considered blasphemous to speak out against globalism.
    But now…thanks to our VSG President…people are finally unafraid to talk about how disastrous globalism has been for us ‘little people’.

    Thanks for the great report, Fle!

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        1. Wow, love it.

          I could be way off base, but I have it in my head that even though Putin is a huge pr*<k, he isn’t too fond of the globalists. Hmm wonder what PT and he did speak about in those “secret” talks that the left are so anxious to know.

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            1. Both pose a huge threat to the globalists. Now seeing what is happening in France and other countries, and Q being an item in France, it sure seems that many, many hands around the world are of concurring minds. I think P is one of them.

              Even if he would have nefarious plans of conquest, globalists need to go way before he could even try to implement them.

              Personally I think he is trying to maintain his hold and power but he still wants to do what he thinks is best for his country.

              Again, not saying he’s a good guy, saying he tries to do for Russia the way he knows to do it.

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              1. I get the idea that the enemy of my enemy is my friend applies here. Putin, Trump, and a number of other entities can work toward the common goal of ridding the world of globalism without stepping on each others toes, IMO.

                And…it is amazing, isn’t it, how the conversation at Helsinki is sticking in so many craws? It’s like the two of them were never supposed to actually talk because if they did, and took some sort of action together or in concert, it would destroy a carefully fabricated narrative that has been pushed for at least three years.

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      1. “no set structure, no clear leadership, and no political or institutional affiliation, has taken everyone by surprise”…. sounds like the Tea Party to me……..we’ll see how it works out….. Does France have RINO’s to stab them in the back?

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        1. The one problem we had with the Tea Party, IMO, is that it took an extra six years to get a recognizable leader who could be effective. The swamp was so well established, that there was no real way to penetrate it without that leader. Now, we have him.

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      2. With no set structure, no clear leadership, no political or institutional affiliation, there is NOTHING for the State to target.

        They are being ‘attacked’ from all sides, but they can’t fire everywhere at once — and they have no coordinates for their Alinsky Trebuchet, lol!

        Rule #13: “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.”

        They can’t do that, so long as la résistance remains amorphous 😁

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    1. “Oh yes, please…globalism deserves to die.”


      It deserves to be put on trial first… or, at the very least, WE deserve to have globalism put on trial first.

      Then, after the horrific evil they have committed, and the incalculable suffering they have caused, is exposed to the entire world, THEN globalism deserves to be tortured, extensively.

      The stigma which Germany and Japan carry for WWII should be NOTHING compared to the stigma branded with a hot iron onto ‘globalism’ and the Communism and (ultimately) Satanism that is at its core.

      And after it is tortured and branded and exposed and the entire world is made to SEE IT — like Germans forced to tour the concentration camps after WWII — THEN globalism deserves to be executed.

      And after that, we can think about what type of monument we could possibly build, commensurate with the scale of the evil still being revealed, which would remind future generations of the horrific disaster — to the world and to humanity itself — which was only narrowly averted.

      But first comes the exposure and the trial.

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  5. When my Italian dad and my Polish mother joined forces, I was created by God and them.

    I sure hope the Poles & Italians join forces to defeat globalism.

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  6. So, my question: did May’s deal get voted down because they (Parliment collectively) want to stop Brexit entirely…or because they still support Brexit but thought this was a terrible deal to get it done?

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  7. Flep, you have been providing deep, thourough, and optimistic analysis on the pertinent and important issues since at least during the campaign. However do you find the time and energy while holding done a full time job and being so far away from wife and family – Including little piggy?

    Very grateful that you have taken on this role here.

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  8. Flep, I look forward to your posts very much!

    I am not an “economics” girl, so I wouldn’t go find all this on my own. I really appreciate the information.

    But for me, the best thing about your posts is the optimism. I like my glasses half-full. Or overflowing, which they generally are since we got over here to Wolf’s den.

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