Preparing for the MK Reveal: Tavistock Basics

I am now convinced that Q is signaling upcoming revelation on what people commonly refer to as “MK Ultra”, but which is in reality an array of semi-secret technologies used for a seamless program of individual and mass psychological manipulation.

I had been hoping things would go in this direction for a variety of reasons – some personal, but mostly because I don’t believe in deceptive manipulation of humanity. It really is that simple.

The old “MK Ultra” revelation was a beautiful disinformation campaign. What it did was expose the outlines of old and possibly semi-mythical tech, and say it didn’t work very well. Even better, the MK Ultra release associated the technology with Nazis, when the deep work was actually done by the ENEMIES of the Nazis (Americans, British, Jewish exiles and communists – in large part fighting the Nazis).

See how that works? PSYCHOLOGY – exactly the weapon these people were – and ARE – so skilled at.

Now – a note about “MK Ultra”.

Sometimes I say “advanced psychological tools” or things like that – this sounds a lot less “tin foil” than “MK Ultra”, and implies that we could even be talking about BETTER STUFF. However, I find that the buzz provided by the acronym “MK” conveys exactly what I want to say – that we are talking about a REALITY that smacks of the intentionally discredited “MK Ultra” meme, yet it is REAL.

Recall the recent MK post by Q:

Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 82bacc No.4639875 
Jan 7 2019 00:24:44 (EST)
Program dev ongoing under offshore [not domestic] ‘tangent’ agency?
Covert funding?
Animals > Humans
Humans 1988
71% avg success rate.
Targeted (mental) ‘criteria’ designated as [ , ].
Mental institutions & therapists > ‘program-specialists’…..
Cocktail regimen 4x daily brain intercept [administered by ]
WIA military personnel targets of the program?
Clandestine Black OPs > zero affiliation (non_stick)
Something out of a movie?
The hole is deep.

Q Post 2663

To me, this was NOT a sufficient commitment to declassification – through Huber, the OIG, or any other mechanism – that I would say there was definitely going to be a reveal.

HOWEVER, because the Q operation is extremely smart and is STILL plausibly deniable to my super-skeptical Suspicious Cat mind, it can only be validated at this time by its EFFECTS, which no adversary would WANT – even for some disinformative or political tactical purpose.

In essence, I see Q mostly validated by EFFECTS, not by many other things people find convincing.

In the case of “MK Ultra”, loosely defined as both myth and reality, those effects are now classified (to my thinking) as CAT_OUT_OF_THE_BAG, thanks to THIS video, which was PROMPTED by Q.

This video tells me that the Q project is generating REAL awakening on MK. There is simply no stopping it now, in my opinion.

Don’t watch the video yet – come back to it after I prepare you for what it is and what it is NOT.

This video covers a Twitter thread by Ninja Warrior, about which he is competently interviewed. That thread it HERE:

This thread deals surprisingly little with what most regard as “MK Ultra“.

In fact, it really doesn’t even discuss what the various Tavistock entities (it’s a real spider web) are up to these days.

For our purposes, Tavistock has been, since the 1990’s (you know – the Clinton years – Beelzebubba’s friend Tony Blair and all that) mostly connected to GUN CONTROL, the LGBT AGENDA, and the TRANS NARRATIVE.

When Eric Holder was talking about “brainwashing against guns“, he was talking TAVISTOCK.

Tavistock was intensely rumored to be associated with the event in Tasmania that resulted in Australia’s massive gun ban – mass murder by a psycho named Martin Bryant.

Photo: The Daily Telegraph. Port Arthur massacre killer Martin Bryant.

Thus, reports of a sketchy Australian intimately connected to the Las Vegas shooter Paddock on the night of the Mandalay Bay massacre set off alarm bells for many, that this was more Tavistock work, possibly using Australian assets, including Paddock’s FBI-connected girlfriend, but using an American face.

More visibly, Tavistock is now associated with the social contagion of childhood-declared transgenderism, and the basic setting of the “medical” narrative surrounding it.

However, this video doesn’t talk about any actual specific agendas.

Instead, what this video does is to lay out a very broad historical outline of the founding, leadership, philosophy, and beliefs OF the Tavistock “movement”, if you will, during the early and middle 20th century.

At first glance, that should not MEAN anything. It’s not obvious that this would affect declassification of MK technologies, at the very least in some broad sense of admitting that they have been used and abused.

However, once you watch this, you will see what I mean.

One cannot watch this video and not walk away thinking something like:

“Holy shit – these people aren’t just ADMITTING that they think about the kinds of sneaky international subversions that Tavistock has been accused of – they are positively ECSTATIC about such actions. They truly BELIEVE in this garbage.”

Now – it’s even bigger for me. I have many deep questions about WHY certain things have happened – small details in a relatively unknown scandal I call “CA3”, and even more profoundly, DECADES of aftermath, including various attempts to cover up the loose ends of that scandal. Numerous odd angles, including various sketchy British people, made little or no sense. But they do now.

Almost ALL questions are answered if TAVISTOCK, or various Tavistock-influenced individuals, groups, organizations and agencies were involved.

But let me tell you, any revelations by me are going to be DWARFED by what is coming.

After watching the video, you will likely be thinking of certain EVENTS, and asking yourselves a very simple question:

How was TAVISTOCK connected to this?

I had earlier said that we could end almost all mass murders in America if we could excise all things TAVISTOCK from the world, and I stand by that idea.

Remember what I said earlier about real “MK”, as I call it. It is an array of public, secret, semi-secret, and obscure technologies used for a seamless program of individual and mass psychological manipulation.

The important part is this: “…a seamless program of individual and mass psychological manipulation.

One of the beauties of MK as a toolkit, ranging from individual to global in its effects, is that it precisely mirrors the asymmetric nature of actual “event psychology” – the way the psychology of a SINGLE individual can affect the entire planet. That is why I say SEAMLESS.

If that’s not clear, let’s try this one:

You see what I mean by asymmetric warfare?

However, this is not all that MK can be used for.

Go back to that image from earlier. Read the caption again. This is from the Daily Mail, in 2013, when Obama won re-election and began moving forward with his radical agenda, including the “trans narrative” in schools.

Now go BACK to see how cavalier TAVISTOCK was in regards to “civilizing” those savages in America to the British way.

Now – let’s think about the idea of “subversive therapy” – something which fits into Tavistock philosophy set forth by their own leaders.

Take a look HERE:

“A different therapist who appears to have visited the family at their home….”


We will talk more about MK. This video prepares you for that.

MK is not magic. There are things it can do, and things it cannot do.


Enjoy the show.


Don’t mind the occasional failure, unless it becomes a meme.

194 thoughts on “Preparing for the MK Reveal: Tavistock Basics

  1. Oh good heavens, Wolf. I hardly ever drink, but I have a few bottles in the cupboard. Some Maker’s Mark, some vodka, and I don’t know what else. This is about to drive me to take up the bottle. This is horrible.

    It is good in the sense that it connects a lot of dots, but every new thing I learn makes me feel so despairing at it EVER getting rooted out and cleaned up. It is such an enormous undertaking, and it seems like every where you look there are great big stinky messes: voter fraud, Common Core/Communist indoctrination in public education, the DOJ/FBI ongoing coup d’etat, rapid erosion of Free Speech and the Second Amendment, sheep gleefully joyously giving up their personal privacy and freedom in exchange for the convenience of a phone and Alexa who always watch and listen, the exfiltration of our technology to China, China’s infiltration into every nook and cranny of our lives and I’m just getting warmed up.

    I’m going to pray, first, but there’s booze in the house as a fall back.

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    1. Sylvia, when I read your comments, I could not decide whether to laugh or cry. It all feels so overwhelming, and I don’t know how it can all be taken down.

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      1. This creeping (and creepy) menace has been going on for a long, long time, and it won’t be rooted out overnight. However, it can be exposed, crippled, and eventually eliminated, along with the dark forces that propel it.

        Think of “Colonel” House, the advisor to President Woodrow Wilson. He was “one of them”, indeed an Anglophile par excellence. A quick perusal of “Philip Dru, Administrator” (available as a pdf from Project Guttengurg and other sources) is enough to show the bureaucratic morass they had in store for us…

        Gail Combs has posted extensively on the fact that England has never acceoted the independence of the USA, and have been trying to pull us back since 1776. I think she’s also written about Tavistock in her posts. and a few other Christian sites speak of it as well (I need to find the links again as the PC I had them on is suffering from some unintended downtime… 😦 ).

        All the same, I don’t believe that the globalists are winning; the doom and gloom spread by the YSM and various trollbots (and bull trolls OT and at BB, et. al.) are simply terrorism of another sort: black propaganda. And we should not submit to it, nor spread it, either by intent or mistake.

        Finally, we should PRAY, and reflect on the fact that GOD is in control. Always has been, always will be. And HE will not let HIS word come back void; nor will HE allow HIS purposes to be thwarted. I think there will be quite a few “Hamans” (as in the book of Esther) in the next few months and years being lifted on the yardarms for their dirty deeds, either literally or figuratively, and they, like a recalcitrant pet, will end up getting their “noses rubbed in it”.

        Ephseians 6:10-18 is important, putting on the armour of GOD. The following two verses are also proof that with Jesus, we have the Victory and Salvation:

        I John 4:4

        Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is He that is in you, than he that is in the world.

        And John 16:33

        These things I have spoken unto you, that in Me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.

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        1. Great stuff! The spiritual focus is essential!

          Believe it or not, I have been and remain something of an anglophile – I simply demand that things be on the up-and-up. One of the reasons I favor Brexit is not for America’s benefit, but for the world’s benefit. Europe was cramping Britain’s style and influence. Europe was headed on a course of diminishing Britain. The world NEEDS Britain’s post-imperial sensibilities – WHEN THEY ARE BEING SENSIBLE! 😉 LOL

          To me the diminishment of Britain was a sign that the current global approach and the EU in particular was all wrong. A proper Europe should magnify the excellent qualities of its members, not diminish them. Something was just WRONG with the EU, and that wrongness appeared to be rooted in the “secret agenda” parts. Globalism doesn’t REALLY believe in “diversity”, much less seeking the question of how to enshrine it at the optimal level for the benefit of humanity and beyond.

          Despising what Tavistock has done, for me, is not saying “Britain did this”. America has its own problems with rogue agencies, sneaky socialists, conniving elites, daffy “royals”, and all that jazz. Glass houses there! LOL. Forgiveness is a virtue. But so is standing on principle. Damn, I think it was some Brit who I learned that from. No need for Tavistock to make ME come to Britain’s defense in time of need. So WHY the heck is it there, causing trouble? Hmmmmmm.

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              1. I abhor war. My comment was more about Tavistock propaganda and some patriots that have been exposing them recently. For more info try hitting the site and read more about Tavistock.

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        2. Thank you, Cuppa. Most helpful as usual. I need to be reminded of these things from time to time. Looking into such evil is just very hard. Thank you. Also thank you to others like Razorback (miss those churches, too), Scott, Pete and others.

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      2. Ladies,

        I understand exactly what you mean. I feel the same sense of being overwhelmed sometimes, especially with the delay of DECLAS, and of perp walks for leading conspirators.

        But this video, otoh, made me feel good! How could my reaction be so different from yours?

        Because I’ve known since I was young that Western civilization was suffering from a profound crisis, and that the West in general, and the US in particular, were being targeted by enemies. My parents warned me about it, and warned me about Communism, and about America declining like the Roman Republic, and eventually, if trends were not reversed, becoming a dictatorship, maybe even in my lifetime.

        And because I have read widely about society for decades, and knew that there were many nodes of falsehood active in spreading wrong ideas and social decay. Indeed, in reading outside my own fields of expertise, I had already encountered some of the names mentioned in the video, some of them so long ago that I only dimly remember them.

        But seeing that these two guys who are younger than me have done such hardcore research, and connected so many dots, and wrapped it up in a video, and Wolf Moon is publicizing it..,

        Wow! Taken together, these things are great!

        Exposing and countering the Tavistock network, or even convincing the American people that they are being manipulated by forces hostile to their freedom, will not, by themselves, cure what is ailing the West. But it will red-pill a lot of people, and make a lot of people more sympathetic to us and our positions.

        And that would be a super kickoff to get going the rest of the way.


    2. Yes, there is always MaKer’s MarK! 😉

      Understand that your subconscious association of Maker’s Mark with the acronym MK isn’t just YOU – it’s #MeToo, and THAT common and REAL psychological story is a precise representation of EVERYTHING I was saying! Individuals, groups, subconscious, unconscious, mass media, secrecy, asymmetric, everything.

      Yes, it does seem overwhelming. But it is very important to realize that the ANSWERS are actually spiritual, and they are SOLID. The reason these human things have become problematic is that those who wanted to HARM us knew that removal of the SPIRITUAL would make us vulnerable.

      Ironically, it all ties together in the region of MK, and THAT is one of the reasons we have to FACE IT – to not look away – if we want to SOLVE IT.

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  2. Thanks Wolf! As time passes and the number of events and connections and similarities multiply, there has to be a tipping point where people put it all together. Where more people know than don’t. Right?

    Perhaps the Unmasking will also be the American people ripping off their media-tied blindfolds. My heart hurts for those trans kids. They will never be at peace with themselves.

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    1. It is perhaps better to let a lot of things pass in daily conversation, picking your battles and all that.

      But the trans children and the man/woman inversion Narratives, I will NEVER allow to pass without comment.

      The depressing fact is that people who agree 100% and enthusiastically feel they are doing something wrong in expressing their certain knowledge, so propagandized have they become.

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      1. Yes, Tona, I agree – it is extremely important that we – those of us who believe in the basics of human hardware/software compatibility – in the idea of going with the design – articulate that idea FEARLESSLY. Part of that is stating that children are not qualified to do many things because they are incomplete – that PARENTS looking out for their interests is part of the design – and that this design is SOUND. Whether one supports that design because they are a Jew, a Christian, politically conservative, or merely because one SEES that design where others don’t, WE have a right to ASSERT that the idea of children declaring themselves emancipated from parents is a “fake right” imposed on us by those who want to CONTROL our children for their own purposes of controlling humanity – of STEERING us away from the design through DECEPTION, not LOGIC and HONESTY.

        OLD spiritual values have fresh relevance. ASK WHY.

        Social engineering is human experimentation. Demand that it STOP.

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        1. I really hate that term…”social engineering”.

          It’s another one of those deceptive Orwellian-esque terms that is designed to make something Bad seem like something that is good.

          It is actually Programming! …’Social Programming’!

          But the deceivers knew that calling it what it *really is* would reveal what they are doing to us.

          Calling it ‘engineering’ makes it sound like a legitimate endeavor.
          Calling it ‘engineering’ camouflages the sinister nature of it…because the word ‘engineering’ is usually something that has benefit.

          We should start calling it “social programming” every chance we get.
          It would catch on.

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          1. I agree.

            But there is the further irony that Leftists, Globalists,etc., just try to jam other people into whatever schemes seems to benefit the “engineers”.

            They don’t even try to use the actual lessons of form following function, of using what is available according to its nature, and the other valid principles developed by actual engineers.

            The people who came the closest to using real engineering in trying to organize society were the Founding Fathers.

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        2. It is malignant human experimentation. One can see how evil rationalizes itself into child sacrifice.

          “Trans” children do not send the message of freedom and liberation, they send the message of “nothing is sacred,” not even children, maybe even especially not children.

          All of this screams manipulation of the highest degree. The manipulation is plain as day, and yet people do not see that, they think it is some well-intentioned but whacky idea from narcissists only.

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      2. Romans 1:16-32:has a lot to say about what’s happening today:

        16 For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek.
        17 For therein is the righteousness of God revealed from faith to faith: as it is written, The just shall live by faith.
        18 For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who hold the truth in unrighteousness;
        19 Because that which may be known of God is manifest in them; for God hath shewed it unto them.
        20 For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse:
        21 Because that, when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened.
        22 Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools,
        23 And changed the glory of the uncorruptible God into an image made like to corruptible man, and to birds, and fourfooted beasts, and creeping things.
        24 Wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts, to dishonour their own bodies between themselves:
        25 Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen.
        26 For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature:
        27 And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet.
        28 And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient;
        29 Being filled with all unrighteousness, fornication, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness; full of envy, murder, debate, deceit, malignity; whisperers,
        30 Backbiters, haters of God, despiteful, proud, boasters, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents,
        31 Without understanding, covenantbreakers, without natural affection, implacable, unmerciful:
        32 Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them.

        And II Timothy 3:1-7:

        3:1 This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.
        2 For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy,
        3 Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good,
        4 Traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God;
        5 Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.
        6 For of this sort are they which creep into houses, and lead captive silly women laden with sins, led away with divers lusts,
        7 Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.

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        1. Wonderful, appropriate Scriptures for this age! Thank you for posting them. I was struck this time by Romans 1:30 mentioning “inventors of evil things.” That could cover both the tangible and intangible, including philosophies that go against the created order. Transgenderism, for example, is certainly an evil invention.

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        1. Yep. Speaking of hardware (and the left’s virtual unreality), consider this joke from the 1960s(!):

          Transister: A girl who used to be your brother.

          Talk about Shockley. That was more than 50 years ago…

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    1. Wash them down with liberal tears (and a jigger or two of MM)…

      The reckoning is coming; don’t despair..

      If you’ve read the Foundation Trilogy, think of what “The Mule” was able to do with his Visi-Sonar, in terms of affecting peoples’ moods and motivation. That’s what all the doom and gloom fomented by the left (especially via Satan Soros) is intended to do.

      But it is every bit as false and evanescent as the “tunes” spewed out by the Mule (or Mule-ler).
      Don’t let it get you down!

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  3. Truly a vision from Hell.

    But at the same time, hopeful in a sense.

    A well executed presentation of certain specifics connected to certain persons could literally change everything over night, exactly as Q has suggested or implied.

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    1. EXACTLY.

      It is my belief that the number of those “certain persons” is significantly LARGER than we think. Indeed, it is my advice to the white hats to always look for TWO or more MK participants in key interactions, because this technique can guarantee outcomes, and I believe has been in use for a LONG time.

      Consider all the “anglo-fears” and “sources and methods” bogeymen and “we need to redact” instances that has been involved in things of late. As you say, a SINGLE CASE clearly revealed would change things overnight. I am betting that there are HINTS here and there in recent cases, and that the “cat out of the bag” potential has startled people.

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  4. Well we’re down the rabbit hole now!

    Thanks for the report, Wolf…and the video.
    This has been going on for a long time, and yeah, they’ve done the same thing with the term “MK Ultra”, that they did with UFO’s.

    If you even mention MK Ultra…people role their eyes and view you as a tinfoil-hatter.
    They are good at this.
    They did it with the term “birther” too.

    These people are monsters.
    They have no reverence for human life.
    They view people as pawns, to be used and abused for their own evil purposes.

    Just be careful, Wolfie…I worry about you.

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    1. Not sure if you saw my earlier post about measuring “unbelievability” in “Kanye units” – a metric of how many people think something is crazy / wrong / false versus how many people think something it real / right / true – that RATIO being the Kanye value. A 50:50 value would be 1.0. One can go logarithmic or negative logarithmic if needed, particularly for highly believable things. Thus a pKu value for basic mathematical facts or “earth is round” would be a very high value. Most unbelievable things fall into Kanye values of 1 to 100 – you can usually find at least one “extreme believer” in a group of 101 people.

      The point of all THAT is to set up THIS idea. The “Q method” is an extremely powerful way of breaking down IMPOSED DISBELIEF of things in that Ku = 1 to 100 region.

      Thus, MORE PEOPLE need to start EMULATING Q on the use of “questions” as a form of transmitting both information and the proper way to FRAME that information.

      No need to worry about me. And yes – I *am* careful! I appreciate the concern, however! 😀

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  5. Wolf this reminded me of something I was looking into ages ago, don’t even have that computer anymore, these old links are all I could dredge up. You may have heard of these people If my faulty memory is correct the woman who started this common purpose org. is American.

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    1. Thank you – this is EXTREMELY USEFUL. Why? Because I have suspected that certain “future leaders” programs here in America were being used for indoctrination. However, I did NOT think that maybe they were ALSO being used for secret MK access. THAT makes a lot of sense.

      AND LOGIC.

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  6. Wolfmoon, You might find these helpful. I would recommend reading the article on Avoiding Cognitive Dissonance first and then reading the 34 page unclassified document. It might provide a little extra armor as you go into the arena.

    This document was unclassified.

    Click to access Resisting_Social_Influence.pdf

    If one really wants to have a fuller comprehension of just how deep the level of distortion within social influence is, this 1979 essay on “Resisting Social Influence” from Stanford University is well worth the read. It not only dives into social influence, but covers ways to combat the control and confusion by using critical thinking. It was unclassified for the Office of Naval Research – Organization Effectiveness Research Programs. Here is a very brief intro to what it discusses:

    “Resisting social influence becomes important when such influences can be appropriately thought of as “mind control.” When information is systematically hidden, withheld or distorted it is impossible to make unbiased decisions. Under these circumstances, people may be subtly led to believe they are “freely” choosing to act. The thesis of this essay is that “mind control” exists not in exotic gimmicks, but rather in the most mundane aspects of experience. Because it does, it is possible to reduce our susceptibility to unwanted coercive control by increasing our vigilance and learning to utilize certain basic strategies of analysis.”

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    1. Excellent! However, I want to talk back to one problem:

      “The thesis of this essay is that “mind control” exists not in exotic gimmicks, but rather in the most mundane aspects of experience. Because it does, it is possible to reduce our susceptibility to unwanted coercive control by increasing our vigilance and learning to utilize certain basic strategies of analysis.”

      This is true overall, but not completely. THAT is key. People need to accept BOTH, not EITHER or NEITHER.

      Use AND LOGIC to solve. It’s not XOR. It’s not one or the other – it’s BOTH.

      Defaulting us to XOR logic is one of the most fundamental MIND-FRACKS that have been used on us. It protects all the others. The vastness of this psychological operation on humanity is truly extraordinary, and yet it speaks to the POWER of psychology over us – the ASYMMETRY.

      This is why I emphasize seamlessness across scales. Individuals may be predictably modified by larger constructs affecting groups, including particularly mass media and peer pressure, but for a variety of reasons, including needs for timeframes to advance on schedule, individual measures CAN be taken to accelerate outcomes for key individuals.

      It is the ability to SEE both the larger constructs and how influence can be PINPOINTED to individuals to eliminate SNAGS that allows one to see mass social change and how it can be made to proceed unimpeded.

      We cannot advance toward elimination of deception without eliminating SOCIAL SELF-DECEPTION which relies on deception of individuals.

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      1. The Media are Masters of our MANIPULATION through LIES of OMISSION…….
        And LIES of COMMISSION….
        Tell just enough TRUTH to be believable…..(But NOT the WHOLE truth)
        The LIES just fill in the story (Sources said)

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          1. We need to know HISTORY…..
            And some Psychology, Math, Literature, Logic……
            Pretty much well rounded curricula…
            like they USED to teach.

            Armed with the TRUTH will help decern the DeceptiCONs

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      2. Wolf, what’s your take on ‘s articles on (and flavor of) MK Ultra, in particular on media and the entertainment industry (also the “Butterflies” like Marilyn Monroe, etc.)…

        Lots of really creepy and manipulative childrens’ TV “programming” researched and exposed there…

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        1. Yes – great site, because it helps people to ask the right questions. I see enough variety in what is there to know that they are hitting close to home on a lot of things.

          The media is multi-purposed. It is ALL about influence. One of the great things about turning off ALL of the media is that when you turn it back on, even the most “normal” retro programming shows that nearly everything in an intelligence-based society (what we have) is basically “mind control”.

          I can see the mind control aspects of OAN just as much as I can see them everywhere else. Liz Wheeler is just as much a smooth socket for people to plug into and “accept standardization” as Fox News as MSNBC as whatever. Glib smiling woman with an interesting widow’s peak that you can’t stop looking at and fascinating inflection of voice is MIND CONTROL. I take precautions listening even to OAN, but they are one of the absolute best sources for news, and certain anchors are conscious of how to minimize MK aspects of what they are doing in a healthy way. Overall, I recommend OAN, but one CANNOT remove MK aspects from American society, which is based on ALLOWING MK freely between individuals.

          What Elizabeth was saying earlier about MK happening mostly through mundane public means, or mundane sketchy but legal means just under the surface, is critical. I would reckon that 90% of Marilyn Monroe’s programming was accomplished through straightforward stuff, coming into the Hollywood matrix and making sure she had the right people around her. Rewards here, penalties there – just like anything else. But for key people, who may not be important in a larger sense, but who ARE important for plans to work, things can be done to make things happen. Drug abusers and natural mental patients make excellent MK “special sauce” targets, but these things can be arranged.

          Messing with people’s minds by any kind of covert means leads to breakdown, just like drugs, “wrongsex” during development, etc. On the other hand, broken minds can be extremely useful.

          Jailbreaking iPhones is an excellent analogy.

          Civilization and rules create automatic conflict. People have innate desires to do things that are asocial and anti-social, but they LEARN to restrain themselves from these things, and that is good, in a larger design sense.

          “These people” are trying to change the design without permission. By any means necessary.

          Interesting times, but I have a feeling there never really was anything else. 😉

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          1. Remember, it all started in the Garden of Eden, “but GOD didn’t say”…

            And therein is the source of all lies; the father of lies…

            I forgot to say that Marilyn Monroe was set up as a Beta Kitten to JFK… seems the CIA was all over that…
            and one wonders why Joe Jr. died… (or, for that matter, JFK Jr.)…

            I’m starting to develop Applephobia… we’re starting to get more iThings in the house, due to my son’s need for a smartphone to control his Hearing Aids; Apple has a lot of things baked into iOS that the others (OK, OTHER, read: Gargle/fandroid) don’t. But the way the fruit company (to quote Forrest on the tree) does things is always just enough different to wreak havoc. And almost but not completely unlike (to paraphrase Douglas Adams) the Micro$oft way of doing things. No easy way to transfer pics of boards and diagrams, etc., from Uni courses (b/c he can’t hear everything) from the iPhone to a PC. Hence the Mac.

            GRRRRRRRR. Wormy Apple, indeed. Can see that Jobs’ influence is fading. I suspect he had designs going out 5, possibly 10 years, but 2018 is stretching it. And Ivey and Tim Cook just don’t have it, in my book.

            The Windoze phone was great (thanks to Nokia), well thought-out, good menu structure, etc., etc., but Satan Nutella bailed too soon on it, just like he appears to do on most everything.

            Impatience will get you nowhere…


            Why have jailbreajing when you can have failbreaking 🙂

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      3. “People need to accept BOTH, not EITHER or NEITHER.”
        Yes. People need to be able to see nuance and accept its role and importance. We can’t bulldoze through theories and make everything black or white (“MK Ultra is never used in exotic ways,” for example). We have to be able to imagine the improbable or unthinkable during the process of evaluation.

        The same holds true for Q. The Q critics put Q into a “bad” box, asserting it is bad for conservatives or it is hurting the movement or that Q said one thing that doesn’t appear true, so therefore it is all not only bad, but wrong in its assumptions. Yet there are so many other possibilities about what could be going on, and those people miss them entirely. It is puzzling why so many dismiss the idea of Q, MK etc., with anger and disdain. They seem disproportionately threatened.

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    1. No, but a lot of the naming of places, things, and people in that movie were a dead give away that it was more than it seemed on screen.

      Oh, and the vocal sections of the score were downright terrifying. We were all afraid we were going to miss the cues. Fortunately, the conductor for that live to projection effort was fantastic, and brought us in.

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      1. DP, not meaning to argue, but not sure how you can know what the Matrixx was meant to do? I think Tonawanda asks a good question, even if it did not do that in your case.

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        1. Have you seen the movie? Only real humans were born in a place called “Zion.” And the ship was the Nebuchadnezzor, and Neo is the hero. He saves Morpheus with help from Trinity. And then there was the Oracle who was arguably the best character in the whole thing.

          The first time I watched it, my ears perked up, and this was long before the anon. I’d been following conspiracies for so long it all jumped out.

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          1. I haven’t seen it, but coming out of Hollywood I’m automatically suspicious of the motivation, but I could be wrong, and I’m glad it helped you to find the truth.

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            1. And you are blessed that you were suspicious about the meaning of the Matrix trilogy.

              The two guys (brothers) who created and produced the movies both got their willywhackers removed and got boobs installed.

              I enjoyed the movies and still think they were darn good work. However, I should point out that the brothers/sisters have not had any movies released since then (that I know about); certainly none that achieved the commercial success of the Matrix movies.

              My best guess is that the Matrix theme is a brief glimpse into the tortured and desperate minds of a couple of homosexuals who couldn’t and still cannot see the road back to sanity. It’s sad.

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            2. And you are blessed that you were suspicious about the meaning/motivation of the Matrix trilogy.

              The two guys (brothers) who created and produced the movies both got their willywhackers removed and got boobs installed.

              I enjoyed the movies and still think they were darn good work. However, I should point out that the brothers/sisters have not had any movies released since then (that I know about); certainly none that achieved the commercial success of the Matrix movies.

              My best guess is that the Matrix theme is a brief glimpse into the tortured and desperate minds of a couple of homosexuals who couldn’t and still cannot see the road back to sanity. It’s sad.

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              1. Fascinating!


                I am betting their “conversion” was 50% general Hollywood social contagion, 30% external “bubbling” (insert influencers into their lives), and 20% “active individual measures”. These guys were WORTH IT.

                Just read this and notice in particular the virtue signaling FOR desired things and AGAINST desired things. Very standard desired output. Compare to Lena Dunham. The whole thing looks to me like multi-vector MK on key influencers.

                The SELF-REINFORCING aspects of MK (i.e, the idea of MKing an influencer to get mass MK, and MKing actors to get MK on influencers to get MK on the masses) shows the POWER of MK.

                Hilarious! Once you see how this works, you CANNOT unsee it.

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    2. Not an original thought, but a profound one. I have thought the same question about the same movie – and many more.

      The questions of the future ARE fought out in “entertainment”, which is both the posing of questions AND propaganda, often to deprecate things into a protective status of fiction.

      I refer to what you are talking about as “fictionalization” – the positing of emerging realities as fiction, so they can remain hidden for a USEFUL TIME by those who understand their reality. However, sometimes digging PAST what would be fictionalization for MOST people, can lead to these same works being REVELATORY.

      I tend to believe that The Matrix may have been subtle red-pilling DISGUISED as fictionalization and filled with the proper “virtue memes and virtue themes” to get past Hollywood censors in a variety of ways.

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        1. I would say yes.

          Q said that there ARE other life forms.

          But science says that neither they can come here, nor we can go there.

          By the time that we “sense” them, or they “sense” us, the spatial / temporal distance between us proves un-bridgeable.

          They are there; we are here. No communication, except on galactic distances / time-periods.

          A “something”, in that we aren’t “alone” … but a “nothing”, in that we ARE, effectively, alone.

          It would take eons to bridge the gap. We needn’t worry at all.

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          1. Unless the planet is a “rehab” project and other beings were building stuff and living here before us. Not saying I believe that to be true, but some very old stuff is pretty sophisticated and current explanations aren’t very satisfying. Could the sophistication of this old stuff be proof of the Nephalim that received at least a portion of their judgment in the flood? I love the way Wendy Alec handles this subject in her War Boys fiction series. There is so much we truly don’t know.

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            1. I keep an open mind on disclosures if any to come. The borders between the physical and spiritual worlds are much more porous than we realize, IMO. Given that the hard separation of such things has now been shown to have been primarily forced upon us by people who cannot be trusted, I tend to distrust the idea that there is not a considerable interplay of the spiritual and the physical. Q has taught me to stay loose on things until understanding makes itself clear.

              Sometimes we say roughly the same things in different languages, but it becomes hard to see certain aspects in one language – easy in the other. For example, certain types of information flow are most easily seen from American Indian religious reasoning – not so much from “less Western” Western thought.

              Human science and religion are both very useful in regions of the unknown.

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          2. Regarding FTL travel, logically no one can prove a negative, not even Einstein.

            Quantum entanglement experiments now suggest that information can travel faster than light – a crucial observation not available in Einstein’s day, though some speculated about it even then.

            Inability to find signs of intelligent extraterrestrial life in the universe I would chalk up to the arguments presented in the book Rare Earth by the geologist/paleontologist Peter Ward and the astronomer Donald Brownlee, as much as to lack of proper communications or transportation technology.

            In their book published in 2000, Ward and Brownlee claim that there are reasons to believe that bacterial life is common throughout the universe and, indeed, that the bacterial life on Earth originated in another solar system (and then traveled here naturally – not in an alien spaceship.)

            But they provide a host of reasons to believe that the estimates leading to Fermi’s Question are way off for all the questions considering life above the level of bacteria.

            They claim, as the title suggests, that our Earth is a very special place, and that conditions for technological civilizations to originate elsewhere are probably very seldom encountered.

            This book red-pilled me from the belief I had formed in my youth, that intelligence would be common, gained from reading Carl Sagan and other scientists, and from the science fiction writers of the time.


          1. Every read The Final Quest by Rick Joyner?

            At one point he’s in this vivid vision in a room full of various jewels inside the mountain. Each stone he touches transports him into a vision within the vision. The red stone takes him to Calvary. He stays with it as long as he can possibly endure and feels like he’s abandoning his Lord when he has to break away. The angels attending to him agree he couldn’t endure any more.

            To restore his soul he moves back to a green stone that he already had tried. It was God’s healing revelation in nature. The green pill.

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  7. The Bible tells us to guard our hearts/minds with ALL diligence and gives us many other admonitions to keep our minds on Christ, aligned with Scripture and focused upon GOD.

    This alone will help us to escape and overcome the truth vertigo caused by gaslighting, lies and deceptions of both earthly and spiritual origin.

    The Bible warns that people who disobey become drunk on lies.

    In a world, country, city or family with many deceptions and secrets, it can feel like being in a house of mirrors with strobe lights and crooked walls and floors.

    GOD is Truth, Love and Life. We must hold fast to that as we ride the roller coaster of life and time.

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    1. God is KEY to getting out of this.

      For those who can’t take the scary parts, the fear will be eliminated, and PEACE restored.

      For those who CAN take the scary parts, their courage to combat deception will be ENHANCED.

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  8. My naive brain is asking why dont these financial institutes and freemason/glibalist/cultist groyps that have all these tools at their disposal do a mass extinction event? Why piddle around changing people when they could wipe out who they want?

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    1. They, the puppeteers, apparently view as a game, watching all the little rodents (us) scurry about and reacting to their schemes. Control, Power, and Amusement! Kabuki theater!

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    2. Gil, The way I understand it is that Satan wants to be greater than God.

      The objective is for Satan’s side to turn as many people against God before they die as possible. If they kill us outright, many will die as Christians. They can only kill our bodies. Our souls belong to Jesus.

      By lies, fear and deceit, they do everything they can to convince us to join them and worship Satan.

      As a Christian, I have everything here, now and forever. I am growing up in Christ. I am being trained to trust and obey God. I am to watch and pray.

      Hebrews 11:6
      But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.

      Satan comes along and tries to convince me that there is more to be had if I will just follow him. If I do follow him, I lose everything I already have and lose my soul.

      Satan has nothing to offer. He has never had anything to offer. Yet people literally sell their soul to Satan for an illusion. When Satan tempted Jesus, everything Satan offered already belonged to Jesus.

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        1. I’ll discuss anytime, Rayzor!!! Seriously! As if the Lord doesn’t know beginning to end and every moment in between!!! Or whether or not the Lord foreknew who would accept or reject His love and offer of saving grace! Just how little of a god do people want???

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            1. Further, if you are remotely curious as to how I handle and interpret Scripture, go to the very end of the thread on Ocasio-Cortez of 1/09/19. A 5 part response to Scott467. Its always beneficial to know what type of fools you are dealing with! 😳

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          1. And Scripturally speaking, “predestination” is only used in relation to those who are in Christ. The term is not used in conjunction with those who eventually experience “ the second death”. Important distinction from Scripture!!!


    3. Gil, I don’t think that God would allow it. They can only do as much as He allows, and no more. They won’t be allowed all-out destruction until the tribulation, and even then it won’t be total.

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    4. Gil…the reason ‘they’ don’t do a mass extinction event, is because they need manufacturing capabilities.

      For manufacturing, they need people to do it for them.

      That is…until they have machines and robots who can do it for them.
      Which is why so much money is being poured into Robotics these days.

      Once they can replace us with robots, they won’t need large populations of people to do their manufacturing for them.

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  9. I certainly hope folks here are not just now waking up to the Tavistock Institute. Funding was likely initiated through the Rhodes Roundtable group (UK elites) in the 20s. Rockefeller Foundation has been involved. MKUltra program an American sub-branch of Tavistock research. Stanford University involved (hello Chrissy Ford and CIA)!

    Tavistock’s influence on the 60s movement—drugs, music, sex, wars, rebellion—is evident. Caused a generational divide pitting children against parents! All this type of shit just doesn’t come about by happenstance!!!

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    1. A lot of things were happening in early 20th. Like they needed to advance quickly. Central banks, fabianism, occult mainstream, sexual “liberty”, drugs, war. Then a little break and the 60s….

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      1. And in the late 1800s, a lot of dodgy cults disguised as religions or sects popped up. People reinterpreting the Bible to suit there needs or justify their whims/predilections (cafeteria Christianity)…

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    2. Sorry Pete….. But MOST people are too busy with their everyday lives to do “Deep Dives” into ANY “conspiracy Theories”. They BELIEVE that the “news” is still the Truth (Though I doubt it ever was).
      “Seek, and ye shall find. Knock (ask), and it will be opened to you”. Most do neither.

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      1. Lol, Rayzor, so right!

        My search started a good ways back when I asked the Lord—just who is controlling this ball game, the Kabuki theater we are put through day in and day out? Who are the earthly emissaries of Lucifer carrying out the game plan? Who are the wizards behind the curtain directing the puppets we all see on stage??!!

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        1. We should also look back to see ‘who’ it was that named Satan…”Lucifer”.

          The name ‘Lucifer’ means “light bringer”, which is exactly what Satan IS NOT.

          So whose idea was it, to use the name ‘Lucifer’ for Satan?
          Why on earth would they want to do that?

          I don’t know who it was that did it…but it’s not hard to figure out Why they did it:
          To whitewash the concept of Satan.

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      1. Glad I informed you, then! EVERY single gun-grab event, think TAVISTOCK. Every PHONY racism event, think TAVISTOCK. Every time cry-bully tactics for poor this or poor that are used to overturn better judgment, think TAVISTOCK.

        The evil of this group is massive.

        Tavistock is the Khmer Rouge of psychology. They would kill millions to achieve their objectives.

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        1. Wolfie, I haven’t even watched the video yet. Your article was profoundly disturbing to me. It smells like truth. I’ll be looking into Tavistock.

          I’ve been thinking about something else that might be related. Tucker Carlson has segments on Big Tech pretty often. He’s profoundly suspicious of what Silicon Valley has been up to and has been openly challenging their censorship and other First Amendment restrictions and airing his suspicions that large Silicon Valley lobbying money and donations have kept Congress from looking into Big Tech.

          But what’s worse is he has had a guy or two who have written books about the effects of our new reliance on devices on our brains and how it is causing our brains to rewire themselves and reducing our ability to focus or concentrate among other things.

          Either Tucker or one of his guests asserted that much like the cigarette manufacturers years ago, Big Tech is fully aware of the affect the device usage has on our brains, especially our kids developing brains.

          The Big Tech peeps send their kids to private schools where they don’t use screens and instead use paper and pens and make them learn the old fashioned way.

          Meanwhile, they have donated all this hardware and software to schools and many schools are extremely reliant on it. Google, for example, has generously given Google products to a lot of elementary schools and the kids have to do their homework and are provided their grades and communicate with teachers all via Google.

          Google is happily accumulating our children’s data and selling it….or something. They say they can use that data to expertly predict patterns of behavior.

          I feel there is a connection, here, to the overarching topic. And I don’t like it.

          And then add in the rush to legalize weed everywhere despite growing evidence that the effects of weed particularly on young brains (under 26 I believe because brains don’t mature until then) is devastating and increases risks for psychosis, schizophrenia, deviant behavior.

          Throw it all together and it is quite a toxic stew, potentially.

          This was a really hard article to process and think about. It makes me so sad.


  10. Tavistock. Never heard of the place until today.

    I went looking for the Tavistock connection to the institute at McGill University that I previously posted about. And there it was. Once again, all roads lead to a certain locale, and it’s not Rome; although this institution has a program there.

    Co-founder of Tavistock: Eric Landsdown Trist:

    “Eric Lansdown Trist (September 11, 1909 – June 4,1993) was a British scientist and leading figure in the field
    of organizational development (OD). He was one of the founders of the Tavistock Institute for Social Research in

    …”Trist has said he was very interested in articles by Kurt Lewin. When Kurt Lewin (who was Jewish)
    left Germany as Adolf Hitler came to power, he travelled to Palestine via the USA, stopping off in Eng-
    land, where Trist briefly met him and showed him around Cambridge.®
    Trist graduated in Psychology in 1933, with a distinction, and went to Yale University in the USA and again
    met Lewin, who was at Cornell University and then Iowa.”…

    …”Trist was heavily influenced by Kurt Lewin, whom he met first 1933 in Cambridge, England.® Kurt Lewin
    had moved from studying behavior to engineering its change, particularly in relation to racial and religious con-
    flicts, inventing sensitivity training, a technique for making people more aware of the effect they have on others,
    which some claim as the beginning of political correctness.

    This would later influence the direction of much of work at the Tavistock Institute, in the direction of management
    and, some would say, manipulation, rather than fundamental research into human behaviour and the psyche. It
    was a partnership between Trist’s group at the Tavistock, and Lewin’s at MIT that launched the Journal ‘Human Re
    lations’ just before Lewin’s death in 1947.

    …”The Tavistock Institute was formed, with Trist as deputy chairman, and Tommy Wilson as chairman, with a grant
    from the Rockefeller Foundation in February 1946, and a new Tavistock Clinic became part of the newly formed
    National Health Service.”…

    Lewin was at Cornell University in 1933, and at MIT in 1946. (W.W. Rostow was at MIT from 1950-1961)

    Here’s what Dr. Lewin was doing in 1934:

    Cornell Alumni News, Feb. 8, 1934, pg. 186:

    …”One of the outstanding events of the week will be the dedication of Martha Van Rensselaer Hall, the new home of the College of Home Economics. (Despite the new edifice, the Home Economics college is still referred to on the campus as Domecon.—Ed.) “…

    …”The Homemakers’ Program will include talks and exhibits on food, clothing, and family finance. Child guidance will be treated by means of motion pictures, presented by Dr. Kurt Lewin, child psychologist formerly at the University of Berlin, Germany. Dr. Lewin has been working at Cornell during the past year, at the Cornell Nursery School. The pictures will present the “whys” of child psychology.”…

    The twenty-fourth practice baby of the New York State College of Home Economics has caused a furor in the halls of the new edifice on the slope of the Agricultural campus. Although he is only about a month old, and began his college teaching (he’s an instructor in household management) at the age of twenty days, he has brought to a head a question which has been lying dormant, but always present, since the College moved into its new quarters in Martha Van Rennselaer Hall. In the past the babies of Home Economics have been known over the entire campus as the “Domecon babies.” True, their actual names were not Domecon, but were Georgie Lodge, or Susie Mitchell, depending on which of the practice houses was the baby’s residence. Since the College has moved into its new building, the baby lives under the same roof with the rest of the College, in one of the modern apartments which the building contains for practice housekeeping. The question now arises: Is the name Domecon a suitable appellation for a College in such a nice new building, especially since the building is no longer known as the Home Economics Building? And, therefore, should the baby’s name be Tommy Domecon, or Tommy Homec, or should he be just Master Tommy? At any rate, the baby’s arrival in the college has made the question one of “policy,” and a very important question it is! But, just between us alumni, the College of Home Economics will always be Domecon to the students, and to the alumni!”…

    I think they settled on the name Donny Domecon, IIR.

    Tweet no. 18 of the linked video regarding radio is hitting a nerve. This tweet in addition to the info above, confirms that my research is, and has always been, about understanding my own history.

    Tweet no. 20 confirms something that I suspected since reading a cryptic reference about “what was learned” from the War of the Worlds Broadcast in a declassified section of the Project East River Report.

    An interesting snip from the War of the Worlds broadcast wiki:
    …”As the Mercury’s second theatre season began in 1938, Welles and John Houseman were unable to write the Mercury Theatre on the Air broadcasts on their own. For “Hell on Ice” (October 8, 1938), the 14th episode of the series, they hired Howard E. Koch, whose experience in having a play performed by the Federal Theatre Project in Chicago led him to leave his law practice and move to New York to become a writer.[6] The Mercury Theatre on the Air was a sustaining show underwritten by CBS, so in lieu of a more substantial salary Houseman gave Koch the rights to any script he worked on — including, to his literal good fortune, “The War of the Worlds”.”…
    (Red October)

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      1. Has it ever occurred to you that this understanding of which you speak is exactly where they wanted you to go? Scary thought but people deprived of all possible choices are people who do not truly make a free will choice. IOW they aren’t fully informed and therefore their consent is not obtained.

        Today in contract law we call this meeting of the minds. Any material fact not told to all prevents a valid contract from being formed. Christ has said that no one will be condemned who has not chosen to be condemned. That means to me that there will be one last opportunity for each person to acknowledge His sovereignty before judgment is executed on the person.

        We may be surprised at who sits at the Lord’s table with us in that Glorious Day, when Christ Himself serves the meal.

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    1. Interesting.

      It should be noted that Cornell University is one of the prestigious American research universities whose 1st president was a Yale alumnus and member of Skull and Bones (a.k.a. chapter 322 of a German academic secret society operating on the Yale campus.)

      Cornell’s 2nd president was a Yale alumnus and member of Scroll and Key (a 2nd secret club at Yale, suspected by Antony Sutton of being none other than chapter 323.)

      Iirc, Johns Hopkins, UC Berkeley, the University of Chicago, and other landmark institutions of American higher education follow this exact pattern. 1st president from Skull and Bones. 2nd president from Scroll and Key.


    1. Religion…..
      Probably why the Baptist church that I grew up in is nowhere to be found….
      REVERENCE has been tossed out in favor of touchy feely Rock shows……
      Appears to be more of a religious social club now instead of a “Church”.
      It’s all about the “members” (and their MONEY) anymore…..
      and NOT about GOD.

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      1. The apostasy of institutional Christianity which Paul alludes to in 2Thes. 2:1–7. The “falling away” of the church. One of the signs preceding the coming of Jesus Christ in power and great glory! Seems the Baptist are no better of than the Catholics, Episcopalians, on down the line. Social clubs to meet and greet!

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        1. Agree….. “falling away of the church”
          meaning the TRUE “Church” (us) won’t go to their “Whitewashed Sepulchers” anymore?

          (I know…. WS are bodies) but many think it means “churches”)

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          1. The body of Christ (the true church) is always just a remnant within each generation. Of course, institutional Christianity took the same road as institutional Judaism! The Lord’s rebuke of the Jewish religious leaders in Matt. 23 could pretty much apply to today’s church environment!

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              1. You’re most welcome! I can tell you that based on other knowledge I have, the long-term plan of Tavistock and “Tavistock addicts” is very likely to push discussion of both politics and religion OUT OF the public square. THAT is how they would have ultimate control of both.

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  11. The World Economic Forum in Davos is still looking out for the world. No wonder President Trump does not want to attend. In this presentation, the argument is that the politicians should use this technology against us.

    Mind control using sound waves? We ask a scientist how it works
    Oxford University’s Antoine Jerusalem explains the art of ultrasound neuromodulation.


    How dystopian could it get?

    I can see the day coming where a scientist will be able to control what a person sees in their mind’s eye, by sending the right waves to the right place in their brain. My guess is that most objections will be similar to those we hear today about subliminal messages in advertisements, only much more vehement.
    This technology is not without its risks of misuse. It could be a revolutionary healthcare technology for the sick, or a perfect controlling tool with which the ruthless control the weak. This time though, the control would be literal.

    What can we do to safeguard its potential?
    I am not going to argue that scientists are all wise and knowledgeable when it comes to what should and should not be done. Some of us will go as far as we can get away with. But that’s human nature, and not unique to scientists.
    Either way, our job is to find something that is beneficial to humanity. And if you find a way to make somebody better, then you most likely also know how to do the contrary. The goal is to make sure that regulation prevents the latter, without impeding the former. I believe that this is the role of regulators. And I think that the European Union, where I work, is quite good at this.
    Another role of politicians should be to provide a communication platform to explain the long vision of any given area of research. And it can be too early, or not a good idea, and the final decision might very well be to stop it. But in the long term, the public should have the potential benefits of a new technology explained to them in plain words, which is something that scientists are not necessarily good at.
    Politicians should remember that if we don’t do it, then somebody somewhere will do it anyway…potentially unregulated.


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    1. Fascinating! I believe that such “advanced” techniques have become (to some extent) necessitated by greater and greater ambitions of various IC MK programs, as well as the fact that their unbelievability provides cover for “real” (practical) MK techniques, but in my opinion the technology working decades ago remains effective and well-hidden, relying only on age-old spycraft and modern pharmaceutical science.

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      1. The coming Technocracy of the globalists, controlling all your needs through technology! Actually, giving you only what they want you to have and no more! Gotta preserve the precious natural resources of planet Earth from the useless eaters!!!

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        1. The global technocracy has exploded in the last few years.
          Almost every adult has a cell phone on their person or within hearing distance 24/7
          78% of teens have cell phone
          Child Guide mag cites that 6yr old is average age that children are receiving cell phones now.
          We saw that even the ‘dirt poor refugees,supposedly starving’…..all had cell phones.

          Smart appliances, Alexa, google home, etc etc etc

          It’s an addiction for many. No outing can be taken without a phone. Fear and paranoia sets in if challenged
          to leave the phone behind.
          “They” have entire populations ready to receive messages or subjected to sound waves..who knows what is possible but whatever..they have virtually the world in a position to be exploited.

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          1. “Almost every adult has a cell phone on their person or within hearing distance 24/7
            78% of teens have cell phone”


            I don’t have one.

            When I was younger, I couldn’t really afford one, but even then, I never really understood why anyone would want one. My whole life experience, before cell phones became human appendages, was like everyone else’s. If I was home, you could reach me there. If I was out, you can’t reach me. If it’s important, leave a message (once answering machines were available), or call back later.

            That system worked fine. People may not BELIEVE that system worked fine, but it’s true.

            I have a phone at home. If I’m working out of a commercial office space, they have phones there.

            If I am driving between home and work, and someone needs to reach me, they’re just going to have to wait a FEW MINUTES. The world won’t come spinning to a halt.

            And if I’m out doing something besides work, and someone needs to reach me, well, that’s just too bad. It’ll wait. People don’t believe me, but I know this is true — because I still live that way. And the world is still spinning.

            If I really NEED to call someone and I’m not at home or at work, I used to be able to use a PAY PHONE, which used to be available just about anywhere I would normally be.

            In my lifetime, back when Pay Phones were still available, I probably NEEDED to talk with someone so urgently that I actually used a pay phone maybe 20 times, in my whole life. Almost certainly less though… probably 10 times or less.

            I guess it might be good to have a cell phone in your car in case of an emergency, but at $30+ per month (guessing), that adds up.

            When ‘pagers’ were a ‘thing’, back in the late 80s and early 90s (I think…), I was amazed at how many doctors there (suddenly) were… many of them my own age or younger, not old enough to have completed medical school, that’s for sure.

            So apparently all these people with ‘pagers’ weren’t actually doctors… they were paying for a ‘pager’ and the monthly ‘pager’ service, they were ‘on call’ 24/7, but they weren’t doctors, and they weren’t getting PAID a doctor’s income to BE on call 24/7, so I could never figure out why people would do it.

            Being ‘available’, i.e., “on call” 24/7/365 is a HUGE inconvenience… it’s an invasion of privacy… you are CONSTANTLY interrupted, you’re basically surrendering your privacy and personal time to something ‘other’. Why would anyone DO that, unless they were being compensated — and WELL compensated, at that?

            Why would anybody WANT to be “on call”, available at a moment’s notice, 24/7/365, unless you were getting PAID good money to provide that kind of availability — like, for example, a doctor?

            I never heard a good answer to that question.

            And nobody was offering me enough money to make it worth my while to surrender my privacy and be ‘on call’, at a moment’s notice, 24/7/365.

            So when cell phones became the NEXT ‘thing’, I asked the same question. Why do I need to be ‘on call’ 24/7/365, unless I have some job that REQUIRES me to be ‘on call’ 24/7/365 — and COMPENSATES me accordingly?

            I never heard a good answer to that question either.

            So I never ‘signed up’ for a ‘cell phone’.

            Because I’m still waiting for a good answer to that question.

            And that doesn’t even take into account the potential health issues related to constant exposure to cell phone radiation, or your physical ‘person’ being ‘tracked’ via your cell phone everywhere you go, or all the data collected about your daily habits which is monetized and sold to countless corporations or simply ‘taken’ by government agencies (NSA) to be used against you in ways we cannot even imagine.

            I see all the downsides.

            If all (or even most) of the downsides were offset by upsides, then I might get a cell phone.

            But I don’t see even a single upside… just another monthly utility expense for the privilege of all those downsides.

            It does make me wonder occasionally though, about how my perception of the world may differ from the ‘norm’ — i.e., the vast majority who have cell phones.

            And if I am less influenced — or at all — by whatever ‘control’ mechanisms the PTB are utilizing against us, via the cell phone, compared to the general population.

            Same thing I wonder about all the ‘vaccines’ most people take every year. When I was a kid, there were only a few — polio, measles, whooping cough and a tetanus shot, IIRC.

            Today, kids are pumped full of all kinds of garbage, with a flu shot on top of that, every year. I don’t know if the vaccines are a big conspiracy, or if it’s just common corporate greed making everyone think they need all these vaccines, or whether they actually help, or whether they do more harm than good. I know there are lots of arguments on both sides, and the anti-vaccine people seem to have the better arguments.

            I haven’t had a flu shot since I was a kid, either.

            And I don’t catch ‘the flu’ any more often than anyone else does.

            So I tend to be skeptical… but I tend to be skeptical about most things, because… because most everything I’ve ever been told or taught in this world has (eventually) turned out to be not true — or worse, turned out to be an intentional lie.


            1. Scott, all these observations are so true—every one of them. I don’t have a cell phone, either. Don’t use them often, but I am sorry for the disappearance of not only the pay phone, but also the corner postal box. Also love what you wrote about influence.


    2. They’re meeting again in Davos next week. It’s expected to snow intensely then, just as it seems to do every January when the globalists are in town.

      Their website is a rather interesting preview of what the elite have in mind for the proles. The various UN sites are also quite revealing (especially agendas 21 and 2030), once you’ve managed to navigate through the swamp of turgid prose…

      Liked by 6 people

  12. The over-arching theme here, is that lies have been institutionalized.

    We needn’t figure out their ways and means; all we need do is recognize that they are LIARS.

    And sociopaths: AGAINST humanity.

    MK Ultra, Orion, Tavistock, what have you. It matters not.

    We know it’s EVIL – destructive. This is what matters.

    I’d rather focus on understanding the creative, the positive, the Word.

    I’ll not follow THEM!

    Another Tolkien quote:

    [Galadriel]: “I say to you, Frodo, that even as I speak to you, I perceive the Dark Lord and know his mind, or all of his mind that concerns the Elves. And he gropes ever to see me and my thought. But still the door is closed!”

    All we need to know is what they (Sauron’s minions) have in mind for us (Elves; humanity). We needn’t go any further.

    Liked by 7 people

    1. “The over-arching theme here, is that lies have been institutionalized.

      We needn’t figure out their ways and means; all we need do is recognize that they are LIARS.”


      But if we don’t figure out their ways and means, how will we be able to recognize what they are doing in order to defend ourselves against it/them?

      For an example on a much smaller scale, every time I visit my Mom, she has Fox News on. I can barely stand it, just the sound of their lying ‘controlled opposition’ voices makes me want to throw a brick through the TV. I can’t stand those people. Smug decepticon Bret Baier. Little miss “I’m so nice and dizzy”, yuk, yuk.. Martha MacCallum… UNTIL she is interviewing a member of the Trump administration, at which point she morphs into Mike Wallace from the 1980s. Makes me want to beat her senseless.

      I can’t even listen to her voice after that, because I know that she is no less our enemy than Rachel Madcow. She just has a prettier face.

      But underneath, she’s this:

      But my Mom laps it up like a pig at a trough, hook line and sinker. Even though I have pointed out what they are doing, what agenda they are promoting at any given time, how they are owned by globalist Murdoch and run my Murdoch’s Leftist sons, etc., etc., etc. She knows, and she understands, but five minutes later she’s buying it again, like it was the latest toaster/garage opener/fishing rod all-in-one on the Home Shopping Network, and she’s just GOTTA have it.

      That kind of control is what they want over ALL of us. Just a couple years ago I didn’t understand what a fraud Fox News was either. Now I do.

      If we don’t figure out their ways and means, and who they are, how do we learn to recognize their work (e.g., they I see Fox News now) to avoid being taken in by it (the way my Mom is every day)?


      Ultimately, once they are fully exposed (what they have done, and who they are), they will (and must) not only be shut down, but prosecuted for crimes against humanity.

      If these people are responsible for starting wars all over the world, for manipulating public opinion to subvert entire nations, resulting in societal destruction on a scale not even quantifiable, these people are MONSTERS — they ALL get prosecuted and hang.

      Liked by 8 people

      1. edit / correction: “If we don’t figure out their ways and means, and who they are, how do we learn to recognize their work (e.g., the WAY I see Fox News now)”

        Liked by 1 person

      2. extended remarks: “Ultimately, once they are fully exposed (what they have done, and who they are), they will (and must) not only be shut down, but prosecuted for crimes against humanity.”


        Not referring to Fox News there (although they might be included, depending on their level of involvement), but to Tavistock, and any organization like them.

        Liked by 3 people

        1. I get it, Scott.

          When we seek to beat them at THEIR OWN GAME, we may win for a day, but we’ll lose in the end.

          The FIRST thing to do is to NOT play their game. We must play OURS.


          After that, ok, see how we can use their lies against them.

          It’s an order thing.

          Our Trump card is the TRUTH. We play their suits when we get bogged down in their lies.

          See? We must use our STRENGTH, first. After that, we can beat them at their own game … but only AFTER.

          I refuse to cede to them priority. WE are the priority. WE come first.

          Lies are but a diversion.

          Again – it’s an order thing.


          Liked by 4 people

          1. Very much agreed on priority, just saying we need to understand the nature and tactics of the enemy in order to avoid falling into his snares.

            As with the Devil.

            And the enemy Wolfmoon is describing is nearly as crafty and ‘invisible’ to the public eye, and no doubt in allegiance with the Devil as well.

            Certainly a tool of the Devil.

            Liked by 4 people

    2. Agreed up to a point. I think we also need to recognize exactly what they are doing to reach their goal to fight it. Because much of what they say sounds so benign and beneficial until you understand what they are doing and what the end goal is.

      Liked by 5 people

      1. Yes – fighting it is important. But we have to have an alternative – an HONEST alternative, that is focus of our thinking. Keeping a FOCUS on what is NOT THEM is critical, or else we remain psychologically centered on THEIR world.

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  13. Facebook and Tavistock – British Unholy Alliance Out to Destroy Humanity

    Michael McKibben and his researchers at Americans for Innovation expose the dangerous alliance of the Tavistock Institute and Facebook and what this means for THE FUTURE OF THE PLANET. Click here to read more about Richard Allan and his partner Ana Padilla Jargstorf and their evil plan

    Liked by 5 people

    1. Excellent link – thanks for this! Will investigate at my leisure!

      I was dragged in, very intentionally, to Facebook for a GUN CONTROL SEGMENTATION EXPERIMENT. This was done *before* Sandy Hook, so that I would BE THERE during the event. Thanks to Facebook’s wonky software and face-palm techniques, as well as my own experience deducing user and developer behaviors by years of work with graphical user software, the sketchy experimental nature of things was obvious AT THE TIME that the experiment was running. I realized that I was under observation. However, I did not realize they were testing segmentation until this video, which made it all very clear. (I was not familiar with the concept of segmentation at that time.)

      Consequently, nobody can tell me that there wasn’t a SHITLOAD of crap on Sandy Hook. The only reason I don’t name the CIA assets who dragged me in there is – well – if they are agents and not assets, it’s illegal. On the other hand, killing a bunch of kids using a zombie (who I know how they did it) is also somewhat illegal.

      During the experiment (which I obviously was not supposed to realize I was in), various things were tested. The thing was, my naturally suspicious nature was cataloging all the bullshit the entire time.

      Sad. NEW YORK. Like I say, I *know* that the Sandy Hook operation was run out of NEW YORK.

      Liked by 7 people

      1. Michael T. McKibben knows what he is talking about. MarK Sunkingborge didn’t write shoot.

        “We invested over $10 million dollars and 145,000 man-hours into this creative work. Numerous “angel” investors financed us. These were risky investments and my investors have been cheated by unscrupulous actors.

        That is why we are so determined not to allow Facebook and the Obama administration to simply confiscate our invention. If we do not correct this injustice, the message to American inventors will be not to bother inventing and filing for patents and copyrights since your ideas will just be stolen by your government inside the Patent Office, by the courts, and by the banks.”

        Liked by 5 people

          1. Obama making this go away had enough leverage on Facebook to do whatever they wanted.

            GUN GRAB. Soviet fucking Obama got what he needed to use Facebook to see if they had enough social grab to grab the guns. EVIL child-murdering FUCKERS.

            Rain on these bastards. FIRE AND FURY.

            Liked by 2 people

      2. I know very little about SH–Kids in college at 3 different schools so pulled everywhere–However–My very first reaction–after my initial horror–These parents are NOT sobbing! Their reaction did NOT seem normal!–AND then…I couldnt NOT see it –same for Parklands and so many more FF…NOW–I KNOW!
        Thanks Q Tree team!! Truly EARTH shattering! THIS Article and many comments needs to be downloaded and saved offline!

        Liked by 2 people

  14. “HOWEVER, because the Q operation is extremely smart and is STILL plausibly deniable to my super-skeptical Suspicious Cat mind, it can only be validated at this time by its EFFECTS, which no adversary would WANT – even for some disinformative or political tactical purpose.”


    If I understand you correctly, that is one of my ‘validations’ as well.

    If Q was a black-hat psy-op, why would they ‘reveal’ any (much less so many) things which are harmful to their own cause.

    Why bring any attention, much less such a massive volume of information, exposing their own evil deeds to the public.

    It would be like Al Capone exposing his entire crime organization, who his top people are, how the money is laundered, who is being bribed and how, who is being blackmailed and how, what corrupt institutions are facilitating various aspects of the crime syndicate, etc., etc., etc.

    The ‘effects’ of all that disclosure can only be negative for the Capone syndicate, and likewise, the effects of all the Q exposures can only be negative for the targets of that exposure.

    If there is any potential upside that would be to the benefit of the black hats — as the result of Q — what would that be?

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Yes – you are thinking along the exact same lines I am.

      The one thing that makes sense if it were NOT a white hat operation, would be if it was being used to BUY TIME toward an almost assured event whereby the black hats can take control. Basically drop almost all their ammo as bread-crumbs to lead us down the road into some trap they need time to construct. However, we’ve picked up almost too much ammo, that any conceivable event we are now prepared to weather out and win. So I almost assuredly eliminate that possibility.

      This is one case where Occam’s Razor just tells me that there is “too much winning” for it to be anything but the simple explanation – it’s white hat! 😉

      Liked by 7 people

    1. Great stuff! Note that the movie “Pretty Woman” reinforces this. Just sayin’.

      Again, a reminder that as much mind control as can be done by “easy, simple, normal means – public first, private if need be” – is desirable for control. “Special” means are usually the result of TIME and ACCESS constraints, IMO, or for key individuals.

      Liked by 5 people

        1. It’s OK to let the story be – just better to understand it – why we don’t enter it – yet sometimes we do – we have that freedom. All very fascinating. A great movie, still.

          The idea appeals to our most basic desires for both civilization and savagery, if not the very nature of MK going back to earliest forms of life, which use parallel representation of DNA to scam in favor of DNA. Beauty and the Beast might as well be named Protein and the Nucleic Acid.

          Mind control was not allowed without reason. Some of the hardest things to understand about the universe center on the wisdom of error – WHY God allows such things.

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  15. I don’t have time to see if anyone has mentioned it yet, but /pol/ discovered years ago that Tavistock was the entity behind the GATE program in elementary schools. To summarize a very long investigation, /pol/ discovered that participants in the program share a creepy amount of physical and mental traits and life experiences. The theory is that GATE was being used by Tavistock to screen children for these traits, then determine who was a potential “threat” to the cabal and who was a potential puppet.

    I’m going to dump the links to the /pol/ investigation. It’s /pol/, so expect NSFW images and language.

    Summary Thread:

    Thread I:
    Thread II:
    Thread III:
    Thread IV:
    Thread V:

    Liked by 2 people

    1. “A few similarities about us became apparent as the threads naturally evolved;
      – Blue eyes (ok it’s a given on /pol/)
      – Occipital Bun (aka math bump on the back of skull)
      – Birth Complications (like weeks early or not breathing)
      – Near Death Experiences (particularly drowning)
      – lack of memory of GATE – (we all did many many hours there, and it’s very vague)
      – windows were covered
      – tendency to being followed (abductions and general tracking too)

      Other similarities, less common but still a few exGATErs agree on these too;
      – Interest in /x/ phenomena
      – Heavy early twenties drug period
      – Forehead scares
      – Early speech therapy
      – First born sons
      – Migraines
      – Israeli art student girlfriends (not even joking)
      – Meme Magic
      – Premonitions/prophetic dreams
      – Above average intuition”

      Liked by 2 people

        1. I suspect it very much ties into the cabal’s current obsession with DNA testing the masses. Obviously they are searching for people with specific genetic traits, either to “neutralize” or recruit for their own purposes. GATE was probably their low-tech way of doing it before the internet and mass DNA testing were feasible.

          As for “Why?” and the “unifier,” well, I suspect the answer falls into the “bigger than Anons can imagine!” over 40K feet territory. Have you ever read the theories regarding Rh negative blood? I believe the truth is somewhere in there. I admittedly have zero proof of that, only personal experiences.

          Reading through those GATE threads for the first time gave me a damn near existential crisis. Really, how did so many of us with so many unusual similarities (many of them physical) end up in the same school program, on the same outcast image board, and with largely the same political leanings? Were our entire lives part of some sort of sick cabal experiment? Are we even completely human? (I’m completely serious in asking this). Nothing about this world or my entire life has felt “normal” for a single second of my life.

          Obviously I don’t have answers for any these questions. But as Q says, this whole thing goes far beyond “merely” removing a cancerous traitors in the government, and I fully believe that.

          Liked by 1 person

        1. GATE is the acronym for the “Gifted And Talented Education” program that was in many American public schools. I don’t know if it still exists, but it was at least around from the 70s-90s.

          As for the “forehead scar,” at least in my case and someone else I know in real life, it’s unusual physical features on the forehead that we’ve had since birth. I’ve always considered it more of a weird birthmark than a “scar.”


          1. My brother was in a gifted class during the sixties. Not aware he had some of those physical features. The children learned the “new math” I think, and my brother was bored. He was extremely bright. I suppose some of the children had various of the traits, right?

            Liked by 1 person

            1. Any more, I never assume that anything the left or the Deep State does is for its stated purpose. Screening kids for “giftedness” could be used to screen for “conditionable minds” – exactly who they would want to advance.

              China is surely doing that now with their social credit system.


              1. This creeps me out. Along with all the Google goodies that kids must use to do homework, talk to teachers, get grades their data all goes to the great Google cloud in the sky so they can monitor everyone from day one of school. They can really step up their monitoring/intrusion into these “gifted” kids with that.

                And China’s social credit system is another nightmare. Is it too late to get off the grid? Because it feels like it is all about to come undone.

                Liked by 1 person

      1. It seems like it could be plausible that with as much emissions of radiowaves, microwaves that some people are adversely affected whether or not they can recognize it. I question it a lot…what is all of it doing to us?

        And SADIE SLAYS…add one more to your list of GATE students. My son was also in GATE classes and had several of the listed markers. Strange

        Liked by 2 people

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