Dear MAGA: Open Topic 20190114

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Well, by executive order, during the Trump Administration, Mondays will no longer suck.

At least, that’s what I posted in a Certain Other Treehouse the Monday before inauguration day.

So this special MONDAYS DON’T SUCK WHEN DONALD TRUMP IS IN THE WHITE HOUSE open topic thread is dedicated to your thoughts on this, a Monday which certainly looks like the opening to a week that the Opposition will rue. (And don’t we just love that!)

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As always, you can say what you want, comment on what other people said, enjoy the company of Adorable Deplorables (and if you ARE one of the Adorable Deplorables, maybe someone can post some Zinke on Horseback pictures for you–nothing’s too good for you ladies).

BUT: Keep it civil. Rules much like the Old Treehouse, except of course Q discussion is not only allowed but encouraged.

Also look here for other hazards:

And a couple of others, thanks to Wheatie (plus one I thought prudent to add):

  1. No food fights.
  2. No running with scissors.
  3. If you bring snacks, bring enough for everyone.
  4. No shooting at the nuclear warheads.

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OK, I’m going to write a short editorial. Maybe I should hold it until my first comment but I’m going to throw caution to the wind.

These last three days had some very significant developments.

We’ve had the most fun with Acosta making an utter fool of himself, making the President’s point for him, and seemingly oblivious to what he did. He’s even got people on his own side upset with him; it’s obvious to them what he did. He’s the Big L Loser for the past three days.

And of course the Dems are showing signs of cracking on the wall. Maybe not Nasty Piglosi, but many of the rank and file. Keep the pressure on. I’ve already called my RINO senator and asked him what party he’s in. Maybe Piglosi will be the Big L Loser soon.

But to me that pales in significance next to the President’s remarks on Jeanine Pirro’s show. “People are going to be exposed that nobody ever thought possible.”

[I don’t know, but we’ve been imagining a lot of people, high, high up in the Opposition getting exposed, and fitted for hemp neckties upon being duly tried and convicted. But leave that aside for now.]

This to me is the strongest indication I’ve seen from official sources (it don’t get much more official than this!) that Q is on the mark. That is not a “proof” by any means, but it’s strong evidence that PDJT and Q are on the same page.

And isn’t that more important than knowing who Q is, at this point? Q doesn’t have to be the President, or someone close to him, though he/she certainly could be. Q just has to be on the same page, in accord with the President, and that makes whatever he has to say important.

So yes, I have confidence. I said, again sometime before the inauguration, we’d have tough times that would test us coming up. I think we went over a hump these last six months or so; the Eeyores’ complaints were not without some justification. But whether it’s the worst hump we’ll see in these four–eight!–years is of course yet to be seen, but I think we’ll have reason to be in pretty good spirits for the next few months, at least. Even Marica might not be so morose.


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A 1945 Half Dollar.  This design was used from late 1916 through 1947.

480 thoughts on “Dear MAGA: Open Topic 20190114

  1. Are you sitting down? John Kasich officially left the Governor’s mansion today, and he has officially signed with a talent agency.
    For what?

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    1. He was a contributor on FOX after he left the House and he guest hosted for people. He was actually pretty good. Then. Believe me, in my home we have discussed many times WHAT HAPPENED? The guy used to be welcome in my home, he had decent views on things, seemed personable, etc. And he became a complete jerk. I bet he ends up with CNNMSNBC happily tearing down PDJT.

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    1. Yep, just saw this during lunch and gave it a good read. One thing in the article that jumped off the page to me was this very particular wording:

      “On an average day roughly 15 percent of the employees around me are exceptional patriots serving their country.”

      Does this sound like anyone we know? 🙂

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      1. Red–Qwel!!!! Final Couple of paragraphs made me grin from ear to ear. I initially thought this shutdown would be short and get the Dems to break–
        But this is about way more than that!! Woohoo!

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        1. Absolutely no idea.

          If you were to force me to SWAG, I’d say either LTG Flynn or one of his guys, or one of ADM Roger’s guys. Very close guys! From the very beginning.

          But, that’s just me!

          PS: Who’s carrying the football again? Askin’ for a friend …

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    2. Great article! Loved this part:

      “But President Trump can end this abuse. Senior officials can reprioritize during an extended shutdown, focus on valuable results and weed out the saboteurs. We do not want most employees to return, because we are working better without them … President Trump has created more jobs in the private sector than the furloughed federal workforce. Now that we are shut down, not only are we identifying and eliminating much of the sabotage and waste, but we are finally working on the president’s agenda.”

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    3. “The message to federal supervisors is clear. Maintain the status quo, or face allegations. Many federal employees truly believe that doing tasks more efficiently and cutting out waste, by closing troubled programs instead of expanding them, “is morally wrong,” as one cried to me.”

      Or face having your specific line item eliminated the next time the budget is reviewed by new eyes who don’t know what’s going on.


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    4. “But we have to keep the uniformed officers paid, which is an emergency. Ideally continue a resolution to pay the essential employees only, if they are truly working on national security. Furloughed employees should find other work, never return and not be paid.”

      I think it depends on the furloughed employee, and their function. Food inspectors have been furloughed. Part of their compensation is paid by fees and dues paid to the FDA by food producers. I don’t know about y’all, but that sounds like a conflict of interest to me. This is one place, specifically seafood coming in from non US waters, that needs oversight. Contaminated seafood and the food poisoning that results from it is no joke.

      I have a source in poultry that served in a reverse capacity for a while working to keep OSHA and the feds out of the building through clean practices. That threat of being shutdown by a governing authority has to be there to keep food production clean, and to keep the big boys from cutting corners that will make people sick. Food is not like the amusement park industry that self regulates with safety features to keep from being regulated by the government (it’s not fun if people die). “Rider error” is not applicable to food consumption.

      Some judicious carving on the federal workforce is better than just let them all go. Some things do need attention from neutral inspections where conflict of interest is not in play.

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    5. Marica, I had a thought over the weekend that the longer the shutdown last the looser the lips will get and people we don’t even know are a problem will out themselves….

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      1. Never thought of that…Judy—Like a few have said–Our Stable Genius knows how to milk every action for the BEST outcome!! I don’t see the govt shutdown ending without a bunch of winnamins for us!!!

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  2. Wow, what a read!
    Daily Caller publishes an op-ed by a Senior Trump Admin Official. They know the identity of this person but it is published anonymously.
    He/she is advocating for a LONG shutdown and a reorganization of the bureaucracy.
    Non-essential are non-essential.
    They get more done with less people because the extra weight is a drag.
    Fascinating take on the state of affairs.

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    1. In the middle of reading this and saying to myself, yep, just like XYZ non-profit when so and so had a medical emergency and was out of the office for weeks right before the big mass market fundraiser. It all ran so much more smoothly.

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    2. The extras do their socialist plotting, watch pornn, shop with department credit cards, go on vacations errr conferences, and collect a paycheck. Get the lops out!

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    1. I get the idea they are trying to entice some of the lower level names you know now. The people with direct links to the handlers.

      Patience is not a great American virtue, but for the sake of ousting and defeating this century’s slave masters, please, try to have some.

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      1. Of course it is NOT RIGHT …
        It’s an explanation of their evil preferences…

        no money for the WALL,
        but 80 Bn for foreign aid for abortions

        many of the ‘Republican’ uniparty were purged…
        they chose to exit rather than face consequences of their crimes

        Many uniparty members remain, labeled ‘DIMs’…
        and they will push the Cabal/DS’s agenda…

        We must expose them… share info w/ friends and family

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      1. There was an alternative to Amazon called ‘’…and then Walmart bought the company.

        Walmart is now a viable alternative to Amazon.
        They are actually working very hard to take a bite out of Amazon.

        There are smaller alternatives, of course, especially for the specialty items that Walmart may not carry.
        But for a lot of products…Walmart can accommodate you.

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        1. Walmart’s shipping costs are awful unless you are willing to keep adding things to equal enough costs to get the free shipping. Even without amazon prime, the shipping is less, no minimum. They need to quit being so greedy and fix that. They also, at least the last time I looked, don’t have free returns for those who can’t return the items to the store themselves. I am no fan of Walmart, but if they are going to compete and get my business they are going to have to improve.


    1. In my experience, Amazon has good customer service and pricing. It makes shopping so much easier in certain cases. If we are to stop buying from there, it would be nice if someone opened a viable alternative.

      Amazon offers so many services (none of which I subscribe to) and seems to be everywhere. During a recent shopping trip, I was asked at the checkout counter if I had Amazon Prime. There would have been a discount on some items if I had had it.

      I could be wrong, but I doubt that enough people would stop using Amazon to make a difference in their bottom line unless there were a comparable alternative.

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      1. I got along rather well in ye olden days before Amazon, and I manage to muddle through without it now.

        For a few brief golden years it was a nice online bookstore resource when I couldn’t find an obscure book at the bookstore. But of course now there aren’t bookstores. Now there aren’t books. There are online downloadable “books.”

        Online shopping has its conveniences, and its downsides. I hate the hassle of shopping at WalMart so I tend to use their online shopping. I love Chewy so buy a lot from them.

        But I don’t miss Amazon at all. It even gives me pleasure to know I am denying Jeff Bozo my small slice of the pie.

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  4. POTUS speaking at the Farm Bureau paraphrasing …
    So I’m riding in the world’s most expensive car trying to look out the window…SLOW DOWN!! I gotta see…
    Secret Service, “It’s $1.75, Sir”
    That’s great, that’s great!
    Can you imagine Hillary doing that??

    He’s such a hoot!! Love our President! 💕

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      1. He knows that the gas price is something that will suck up a lot of peoples’ entire disposable income if it goes up, not to mention the ripple effect it has on shipping costs, etc.

        And he does care about those effects, because they affect MAGA. (Where the first A stands for both “America” and “Americans”)

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            1. Diabetic and he’s 11. And that was the most serious of the issues at this annual. There’s several other things, two are chronic, one is curable. Ours are a large toy breed (misnomer as they behave like any other sort of dog), and this guy is big even for the breed. After five days on insulin, he’s much more like himself.

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              1. i can sympathize with him on the insulin–unfortunately it can make humans gain weight–it did to me–even though i was watching my diet and exercising daily. so doc let me try a newer med—I shed 30 pounds in a year without altering my diet or exercise routine…I feel better…hope your dog does too!

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              2. Thanks. Glad you were able to lose weight. He’s doing okay. The biggest thing is his tear production is non-existent which is not out of the ordinary for canines period, and his eyes got infected, so his vision is not what it was. We’re waiting for that to recover which it seems to be. Poor guy. He came to live here because of separation anxiety as it was. Now this. I’m just hoping this gets straightened out before the rest of the household returns from warmer climes in the spring.

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          1. Yes.

            My car requires 86 octane…which at this altitude means I have to burn midgrade. It was hovering around three dollars a gallon for a long time, but yesterday it was 2.29.

            This is the lowest gasoline has been for a long time, but it was lower right after Obola got elected (the depth of the “great recession”), dropping down to something like $1.69.

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              1. Back in the day, when I was MUCH younger, the ‘rents had a station wagon with an 8-cylander. Anyway, the thing leaked transmission fluid constantly. My mother always blamed it on a bleeding victim somewhere until the seals were changed. That car had 136K on it, I think, when it was traded in, and the entire exhaust system fell off of it when Dad pulled into the dealer to trade it in. There’s a LOOOOONNNNNNNGGGGG story behind that that involves rust, a Campbell’s soup can and a 500 mile run from north of Boston to south of Washington on I-95 pulling a trailer one August Sunday.

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    1. Well, it might not be the robust, public, staunch support I’d like to see from the Senate Majority Leader, but it is a good statement. Awfully late to the party, Mitch. Let’s see you step up your game.

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    1. Thank you, Pat, for the news.

      How horrible.

      Prayers for Pawel Admowicz and his family.

      From the article, the suspect is already known to the authorities:

      ‘The 27-year-old suspect, who was arrested, is a Gdansk resident with convictions for bank robbery and had spent time in prison. Gdansk city press officer Dariusz Wołodźko said the suspect came onstage shouting, and blamed the mayor and his party for his conviction and imprisonment.’

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    1. Well good.

      I DON’T object to a country putting their flag there; that’s a sign of sympathy, a “we stand with you.”

      I object to the “Religion of Peace” putting its main profession of faith there, the Shahadah–which is a way of marking “their” territory. And that’s what Saudi Arabia put on their flag.

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      1. Can’t the Islamists do what my male dog does to mark territory and just urinate on it…. Oh, wait. They have nothing to do with dogs.

        It’s time for a Crusade, a true Pilgrimage to rid whatever Holy Sites the Islamists are squatting on of the creatures. That’s what it took for the first Crusade, which was the only one that was really a success.

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  6. If your interested…

    The Epoch Times is serializing a translation from the Chinese of a new book, How the Specter of Communism Is Ruling Our World, by the editorial team of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party.

    “Communism and its various mutations are now found around the world. While China and Cuba publicly proclaim themselves to be led by communist regimes, even the United States—the leader of the free world—has fallen prey to attacks by the evil specter, not to mention Europe, which embraces socialism, and Africa and Latin America, which are enveloped in communist influence. This is the startling reality humankind now faces: The evil specter’s conspiracy to destroy humankind has almost succeeded.”

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  7. from OT

    patrickhenrycensored says:
    January 14, 2019 at 2:58 pm

    Illegal aliens under a canopy with #LauraLoomer in Pelosi’s yard.—
    Michelle Malkin (@michellemalkin) January 14, 2019

    this sounds impossible…what’s the catch?


    1. Liked by 5 people

      1. Well, we’ve compared/contrasted no border wall with walls around peoples’ private property a lot lately. Looks like Laura has found a way to highlight it by action.

        Though she’s courting a trespassing charge.

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        1. I think that is the point…
          If one cannot be charged with trespassing when entering the US illegally,
          how can one be charged when entering a SPECIFIC property?

          She’s testing their interpretation of boundary laws…
          She’s making them look foolish.

          We have joked about Nan and cryin’ Chuck opening their homes to illegals, to those seeking asylum.
          California promotes sanctuary.

          These politicians need to put their ‘property’ where their mouths are…

          Good on Laura…maybe she should increase the number of illegals under the ‘tent’ she is pitching…

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  8. Anybody got a pulse on this guy? Not sure he’s legit–This THread might go down as “too good to check”…

    Sorry if he has been discussed before…

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        1. Personally, I don’t recall ever hearing of the guy…but it’s possible I’ve seen his stuff over on the old tree a hundred times; so much stuff gets retweeted nowadays and it blurs together.

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    1. As far as his report, he claims ‘sources’ –
      his profile cites ‘classified’

      As for his veracity? One is free to believe what one chooses to believe.

      Dubya established that military tribunals may be closed to the public…

      here’s link to just one article:

      Frankly, anyone can say what he has said… I don’t know why though. If it IS true, why would he blab it online?

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    2. My two cents: Rubini’s claims are a guess, but not even an “educated guess,” as he says. His tweet was posted today at Citizen Free Press as evidence of Q followers being crazy and Q being detrimental to conservativism. Rubini has no evidence and gives ammunition to those who want to criticize Q followers. All this does is raise false hope in the gullible and make anyone who even casually reads Q look bad.

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    1. you can take this any waty you want – but gofundme is a giant and complete scam. i would never trust anyone or any campaign on there. and this guy seemed sketchy from the beginning for one, but i cannot vouch for my feelings. but i do know gofundme is a place where all the sketchy shit goes down.

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    1. What is interesting about the Vatican is that it is a country. So that means that the wall around Vatican City is a border wall.

      (I believe the city is actually more land than what is within the wall but originally the wall was its border)


  9. I just have a general question about the shutdown. Do you think it was part of our president’s plan? That is, for the purposes of eliminating unnecessary government spending….

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    1. I have no idea, to be honest.

      But I think Trump is an opportunist. He doesn’t have a grand plan so much as a grand goal. This is a good thing because other people have a way of monkeywrenching detailed plans.

      But he can spot an opportunity to make lemonade out of lemons; and perhaps he’s thinking this is a good chance to get rid of some deadwood.

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    2. if memory serves me (and it does less frequently these days 😉 ),
      POTUS tasked Mick Mulvaney with reorganization… looking at elimination of some agencies, merging of others; this was about a year ago, when Mick wore another hat

      POTUS said when he signed the Omnibus bill that it was the last one he would sign, that he wanted a “Budget”

      He is refusing to sign any CR that does not cover border security and disaster funding…


      who is to say…

      I’ll not clever enough to see his future actions… I’m content to watch them in present time.

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      1. NB: For what little it’s worth, supposedly the polls are turning against PDJT on this. Which is fine unless too many people in DC take it seriously and his support in Congress ends up buckling to the point where his veto gets overridden.


          1. I meant his stand on this particular issue, not him overall, and it’s supposedly a recent change.

            Of course, it’s probably phony anyway, which is why I said for what its worth and supposedly.

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      2. boomercat

        But That is as clear as mud!😁

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    3. I for one hope so. When I lived in Old Town Alexandria years ago I always heard D.C. was recession proof due to the abundance of jobs. I found this online quote from 2008 and wonder how they feel now.

      “The DC region has the federal government. We don’t have to worry about mega-billion corporations going belly up in a recession. We don’t have to worry about the federal government moving out of town for cheaper labor in China and India. We don’t have to worry about housing prices crashing like 40-50 percent in some places such as California, Nevada and Florida.

      Compared to Chicago, New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Denver, Seattle, and Cleveland…the job market in DC is incredibly resilient.

      The federal government will continue to be the MAIN engine of growth in the region. Whether you are a federal worker collecting a paycheck, a contractor looking for federal $$$$$ in defense or homeland security, or a lobbyist searching for subsidies on behalf of a corporate client; the economy hums along nicely.”

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        1. It was an online group forum back in 2008 and someone had posed the question of DC being recession proof. The quote was another person replying with their own personal opinion. Members were not identified per se but listed their own “sobriquets”. Such as I do here. 😉

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      1. Some of the federal agencies may be moved from the D.C. area… after all, there is NO reason for many of them to be in D.C. not with communication being what it is today.

        Mick Mulvaney and POTUS has touched on this.

        FBI in particular, does not need a centralized location in D.C. It could be relocated in America’s heartland instead.

        Moving a lot of these agencies OUT of DC area and scattering them would eliminate a good bit of the concentrated lobbying…

        Frankly, I look for this to happen.

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    1. Just because my childhood was abnormal…..

      Look folks, soybeans and horseradish SMELL when in the field and in storage. That doesn’t mean either is bad or wrong. (been there, done that both with grain storage and grinding) You have to live through it as one of my parents and a lot of relatives will say.

      American farmers need the support. When y’all see “support local” in the stores, please help out. NOthing is better than local, fresh produce, dairy and the like.

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  10. Gunner was home for the day, helping husband with a slate project, and told me about his new roommate.
    He’s an eco-vegan-fascist-nazi, who is homophobic and anti-semitic. He has a Discord chat being monitored by Homeland Security. Gunner said, he’s about two shades away from being a full blown domestic terrorist. In other words, he believes in killing ‘you’ to save a plant or animal.
    Coincidentally, he was kicked out of ROTC, in ONE WEEK.
    Good thing, eh?
    Gunner says he is about 5’10”, 130lbs dripping wet, pimply-faced loser, who is a basement dweller and smokes weed. He has a 2.5GPA but insists he ‘knows it all’.

    This is a kid who has lovely successful parents in Florida. He does not come from a broken home. He just spent a year in Japan, learning the language.
    He’s so radical, he’s so confused, he’s adopted the furthest wing ideology of BOTH parties.
    Who does that?
    He insists he is a libertarian because he wants the government to leave him alone. He wants to live in northern Finland in the “stillness of the forest”.

    Gunner laughs. We have the only Menorah in 30 miles, a treasured gift from Auschwitz survivors, which we light every year…. as Presbyterians. Gunner’s guardian, executor of our wills, my lifelong closest friend, is gay. Gunner is the Mech engineer, with a 3.45GPA, ROTC, 6’2″, 195lbs, who does not drink or smoke (anything) as his choice, not mine.
    Gunner is conservative but not oppressive about his views.
    And Gunner LOVES to debate……. for sport, like a cat toying with a mouse before the kill.

    Things are not going well. Gunner has tried to get the kid out of the house, coffee and a bagel, to look at people who are smiling on the street. Gunner says, “It’s a great time to be alive”, whereas the other kid is ready for Armageddon or willing to cause Armageddon.

    What causes this? Is it social media syndrome? Do we have a name for this disease? What’s the cure?

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    1. Some people are so broken they need to start with plants and work up to petting dogs at the local animal shelter before they will be ready to join the human race. I am dead serious. Their right orbital prefrontal cortex doesn’t have the right programming for relationships.

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    2. I don’t want to be an alarmist, but any chance of Gunner getting a new roomate?

      I’ve just come from reading Wolfie’s article on MK, and even before that someone like you’re describing would raise some red flags for me.

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    3. Cure? Other than an Outward Bound program in the national parks where this person learns to survive in the wild….


      Sometimes too much in the way of parents giving everything is just as much a detriment as giving nothing. This person needs a survival challenge. Just , MHO.

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            1. My brand new Daughter-in -law is gluten free.. She is good about not wanting us do Special for her–I still do–However, I have found that Gluten free pasta is a no brainer–but gluten free bread sucks…

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              1. Ancient wheat has made a come-back. Einkorn. I’ve made some incredible buttermilk pancakes with it and pie crusts. Lower gluten means learnng to work with it make take a little study. But there is a Jovial youtube channel with lots of great tips. Modern hybridized wheat can be a problem for those with autoimmune conditions as the lectins can trigger a generalized immune reaction.

                Liked by 1 person

              2. T*3 Thank you!! “Modern hybridized wheat can be a problem for those with autoimmune conditions as the lectins can trigger a generalized immune reaction.”
                If I can memorize this sentence–even tho I do not actually understand it 😉 I could make HUGE/YUGE stides in my Momma/daughter relationship!! Hugs


    4. This is parents likely allowing the kid to do ejatever he eants as long as he doesnt make trouble for them. He probably looked for attention 5 ways to Sunday and never got what he needed from them. So he has adopted every crazy radical idea as his bc it makes him feel secure, it’s who he has become without guidance. It may be too late.
      Or he could be just your ordinary nutjob waiting for the early 20s schizophrenia to fully kick in.
      Gunner could get out if he wants. The guy is unstable atm, using drugs, and if hes anti x y or z and making threats, he cant be forced to stay in the rental.

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      1. Not really sure Gunner wants to leave. I might be saying this the wrong way but I believe Gunner thinks he can help the kid.
        He views many of his generation as confused politically and lacking in humility.
        One of you guys had a good idea, a dog might be helpful.


  11. THREAD


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    1. I totally love this ALL AMERICAN reception!!! IT not only highlights The shutdown! But shows POTUS generosity and HUMOR!!
      THIS GVT SHUTDOWN has so many facets….Our VSG is using to his/OUR advantage!!! LOVE HIM!!

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    1. Recap from OT (related thread):

      ‘Troublemaker10 says:
      January 14, 2019 at 2:15 pm

      ‘Speech in progress and it is getting great reception. Talking a lot about illegal immigration, the wall, drug problem, need for reform, etc.
      Huge applause when he said we need immigrants, but they need to come here legally. He also said he wants to improve process where farm migrants can cone legally for seasonal work on farms.’

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  12. Brian Cates has a great thread…

    sorry for lack of thread unroll–but its a great read!!

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  13. Liked by 4 people

    1. So, now we know the partial Shutdown will continue until SOTU address…

      DIMs probably think this will harm POTUS… well, they’re wrong. It will show Americans how little Dims care.

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