How Low Can CNN Go?

Apparently there is no low too low for CNN. Ana Navarro’s latest antics give final proof to their classlessness and lack of moral compass in their hires. We all know Jim Acosta, he of the, “What can I do to demonstrate my hatred towards President Trump today?” While Acosta has always been upfront about which side of the aisle he supports, Ana Navarro slithers around like a snake, grabbing whatever opportunity she can to trash President Trump and his policies. But the hidden darts she throws prove she has nothing in common with decent people, let alone people who voted for President Trump.

At this point in the game, if a Republican is a Never Trumper, I contend they were never a Republican to start with. They’re just Democrats wearing the cloak of Republicanism, and the more they’re on stage, the easier it is to see that they were Democrats all along.

Wiki explains Ana Navarro this way:

“Nicaraguan-born American Republican strategist and political commentator for CNN, and other media outlets.”

Ms Navarro may call herself a “Republican strategist,” and the media trots her out there as a commentator, pundit… but there isn’t anything Republican or conservative about this woman. She’s a hate-filled elitist snob who is simply being paid enough money to have sold her soul.

We already know her as a #NeverTrumper, she told the world that she voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016. Ms. Navarro used the excuse that she found Donald Trump unacceptable because of the Trump-Bush (locker room tapes) which surfaced in 2016. Ms. Navarro continues to hate on President Trump despite the fact his policies are compatible with Republican policies. Of course, there are other so-called Republicans who are Never Trumpers who don’t agree with POTUS’ policies either, but it’s simply a matter of recognizing that our party has been infiltrated and controlled by Democrats in Republican clothing. Some, like Mitt Romney got in by hiding in the Republican Trojan Horse. BTW, we knew this about Romney in the 2012 presidential primary, and he hasn’t proven us wrong.

Ana Navarro has never missed an opportunity to slam President Trump, but what possesses a person to reveal to the world that they’re without conscience, decency or morality? I’m talking about this latest from Navarro – her blatant contempt for the people who have suffered the loss of loved ones at the hands of illegal aliens. Crimes perpetuated against innocent Americans by illegals number in the thousands, and hundreds have died at illegals’ hands – if they weren’t in America illegally, then they wouldn’t have been breaking other laws which brought them in contact with law enforcement or innocent people. Remember Kate Steinle. “Help Me, Dad”

Ana Navarro filing her nails in disrespect, rolling her eyes, smirking, contemptuous, smug – must be a 100 adjectives describing Ms. Navarro’s behavior in this clip, but one picture gives us a 1,000 words.

In case you haven’t seen Officer Singh’s brother’s grief-stricken talk,

Every day slain Officer Singh’s family wakes up crying, even his police dog is mourning, waiting for the man and friend who won’t ever come home again.

Ana Navarro’s mocking disdain of the losses and grief suffered by families because of illegal aliens not only reveals bad manners, but exposes her inhumanity.

Now we know how low CNN will go.

This is CNN.

94 thoughts on “How Low Can CNN Go?

  1. Thank you Lady for shining the light on this disgusting elitist snob filing her nails as they discussed the death of Ronil Singh…ON STINKING CHRISTMAS DAY!
    I forgot she was a so-called R…And you are dead torights regarding Never Trumpers– It’s all UNI PARTY.
    Love your writing style!!!

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    1. Thank you. I never thought I was a writer, at least not like some folks, but my friends say the same thing about my style. I have to have the muse hit me though. 🙂

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          1. Wolf has a little chat group there for his fledgling author team.

            If you are so inclined, it doesn’t take much to join and it allows you a check box on new Gab posts to send it out as a tweet at the same time. I like the idea of having an alternative communication path if other stuff goes dark. 🙂

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        1. I felt like I was insulting snakes as well. Even snakes have a purpose in Nature. Cockroaches?

          Maybe people like Navarro who can be so indifferent to human suffering simply fit into a world of darkness where we don’t dwell.

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            1. What are you doing up at this time of night, Ms. Jane? 🙂

              You’re right, I think it’s the fact they do dwell in darkness and we sense danger when near them.

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          1. “Maybe people like Navarro who can be so indifferent to human suffering simply fit into a world of darkness where we don’t dwell.”

            I don’t have your gift for words. Here is how I feel about people like that. I learned long ago not to call people names. So I won’t say, for example, she is a pig. And I mean no disrespect to Plain Jane for saying it. Truly, I don’t. It’s just not my way as a rule. I am certainly not perfect. I slip.

            I just think that more and more these days, we need to stop the name calling and putdowns, and at the very least, amongst ourselves, name it for what it is. Evil. Frankly, we should say it publicly, and I do if my opinion is asked for. Name calling can diminish what you mean and your point, which is valid, can be dismissed. It is evil, period. Call it that. Just my worthless 2 cents.

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            1. I probably think similarly to what your thoughts regarding name calling. But these people and what they do should be described, should be defined. For me, just looking at Navarro’s expressions, even without the her dramatics, there’s a meanness there, an unkindness. That’s what I see.

              My point about her slithering around – she’s slithering around the network gigs, in “our” (GOP) name and attempting to do harm. some low-information voters believe her, but others are just like her, and she’s feeding their hate consumed world.

              IMO, networks like CNN, MSNBC have dropped all pretense at decency or honesty.

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              1. “Maybe people like Navarro who can be so indifferent to human suffering simply fit into a world of darkness where we don’t dwell.”

                I was mainly responding to this part. I totally agree with you. I only dislike name calling and putting people down for how they look. These people are evil. I just think we should say the and not the rest. They do dwell in a world of darkness.

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  2. Good Job Lady 🙂
    I wish there was a way to REMOVE these “NeverTrumpers”….

    Maybe…. Trump will disavow BOTH Parties and run as the candidate for the NEW “Patriot” Party (Call it whatever).
    Where are the Whigs? This would give ALL AMERICANS a New place to VOTE……
    We here at the Q Tree KNOW the Demoncrats and RINO’s are BAD, and MOST Poly-Ticks are CORRUPT.
    Could be interesting.

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    1. Not yet, but someday we hope to parade some of these characters out. People like Ana Navarro, Bill Kristol, Ben Shapiro are more damaging to our side than the outright commie/fascists. People believe that they’re “Republicans” – they’re not. The link I provided to an old article written about Mitt Romney proved then as we see now, that he is nothing more than a Democrat.

      He can practice his faith all he wants, but if he was truly a man of God, he’d never sanction abortion. And he’d never hide behind the skirts of the “law of the land.”

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      1. President Trump could:
        * Cure Cancer
        * End Poverty
        * End World Hunger
        * Bring Peace in the Middle East
        * End Global Warming
        * Cure AIDS
        * End Abortion
        * Balance the Budget
        * Close the Gender Wage Gap
        * End all Illegal Immigration
        * Get the Israelis and Palestinians to accept a Two-State Solution
        * End Homelessness
        * Pay off the National Debt
        * Eliminate Crime Nationwide
        * Get NINE conservative appointments to the Supreme Court
        * Put America back on the Moon and on Mars
        * Permanently Fix Social Security
        * Walk on Water

        Never-Trumps would still say:
        * He’s not a man of character
        * He doesn’t stand by his principles
        * He’s mean and a bully

        I seriously need a series of these Jim Acosta memes for Never-Trumpers:
        * News Flash: President Trump Cures Cancer!
        * Overwrought Never-Trump says: “…but, but… WHAT ABOUT HIS TWEETS?!?!”

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        1. Great list, and we shouldn’t be surprised when, at the end of even his first four years, POTUS will have checked off over half of those items.

          The reason why the Never Trumpers resort to the nonsense of his demeanor – ie. he’s rough talking, he tweets mean things, etc. etc. it’s because they’re elitists and wanna be kingmakers – they didn’t make Donald Trump and they can’t take credit for him.

          It’s all about pride and self-adulation. It’s also about exposing many of our so-called Republican Party advocates as phonies – who never had any intention of following through on their promises.

          Keep in mind the phrase: “Play-fighting” it’s what our side does. It provides cover for the fact they like the power Democrat policies brings them. The GOP is happy with crumbs from the table, instead of real winning. And, of course, there is all that money – Trillions as they say at CTH.

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        2. Trump is not a man of good character and I never liked him. He has however been good for this country. Do I respect him for his ways? No. But that is between him and God, the same way I will answer to God.


          1. Appreciate your honesty. And maybe because I’m a “Queen’s girl, transplanted to the South” I “get” President Trump.

            I’d say POTUS’ character is far better than many may realize, given the frailty of our being human and imperfect. But there is nothing out there, anywhere, that indicates he isn’t anything but a great patriot, a good American, a smart man, and a good father, and husband.

            “His ways” – POTUS has been more of a leader and honest President than we’ve seen in our lifetime. The snakes of DC have been raping and pillaging the People for over 100 years. Perhaps you don’t like his style, but that, too, is deliberate to achieve his goals. Notice how that style gets OUR enemies to reveal themselves. Remember he is doing this for us, for this country.

            The great thing about our faith is the opportunity to grow – to change our way of life, to learn from our mistakes, to begin each day anew with thoughts and prayer that we’ll do better to walk as the Lord would have us walk. Man is flawed.

            I’m not preaching to you as much as to myself. Your words reminded me of how I should start each day. 🙂

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    1. Oh, I didn’t realize that. LOL I was just in there messing around with it. Had copied and pasted direct from UP and just learning how to navigate your WP vs there.

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    2. Oh, and I did have the CNN logo for the featured picture, but when it posted, scared me to death with how large it was, so thought I should take it out. Now I realize that’s how the pics are. 🙂

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              1. Yeah, underline seems not to work, and is no longer offered in the new “block editor” (which I like) in the WordPress new post creation stage. Overall, I like blocks – very convenient for posts with lots of elements like strings of Q posts or tweets.

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  3. Great 👍 post Lady Penguin! This woman is beyond a POS for me. I thank God everyday for our President. His victory has exposed so many of Lucifer’s creatures. They can have all the fun in the world while they are on this Earth but eternity will be where they pay for their deeds in the fire pits of HELL.

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  4. To answer your headline question, hell has no bottom. There’s always a level of evil to suit any desire.

    BTW, who believes that any one of these TV prima donnas actually does her own nails? They don’t do anything but blather. Also, I heard a blurb of Fox News that Dan Rather is doing an investigative piece on the origins of fake news. No, I’m not making that up.

    What’s the frequency, Kenneth?

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    1. The idea she even had a nail file with her shows her vanity. But her utter scorn during hearing of someone’s death, now that’s a human being without a soul.

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          1. I had a dear friend who once said, “what goes around, comes around.” People like that eventually find out that darkness comes their way too. They’re not immune.

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      1. I suspect she planned the nail file thing. Thought it would be a perfect response on air to show her disdain. No way that was just a casual thing. No one on the air would ever do that. No, she planned it ahead of time.

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        1. I wonder if she realized the blowback. Kind of like Kathy Griffin and her belief she could show a decapitated POTUS’ and everyone would laugh. Last I heard she was out of a job.

          One benefit of the ‘net, everything is forever.

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    2. “Dan Rather is doing an investigative piece on the origins of fake news”

      He should first interview a mirror.

      “Mirror, mirror, on the wall – who’s the FAKEST of them all?”

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    3. I believe the story is on Fox Nation and it is that Dan Rather was the originator of Fake News. It is something to do with a story he did about George W. Bush and his service in the National Guard. I am not a FoxNation member so can’t tell you any more.

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  5. Remember how CNN tried to heroize the little punk who rushed the stage at one of Trump’s campaign events?

    They gotz their leftist brains wired back-asswards.

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  6. Congratulation on your first authored post, Lady Penguin!

    Seem like only yesterday, I was reading that you’d been avoiding writing.

    I’m glad that the potent dose of positivity here has worked, and that you’ve been inspired to write again!

    Wolfmoon has heap BIG MEDICINE, yes? 🙂

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  7. Right on the money ms. Lady! Her sig other is uber rich so Im huessi g she enjoys the virtue signal. Likely she wouldnt be so callous if face to face with the families.

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  8. Lady Penguin, I really enjoyed your first article.

    I had seen a clip of that horrible woman doing her contrived schtick with the nail file and was disgusted, and I’m sure many of us also saw it and reacted the same way.

    What I particularly liked about your piece was the insightful analysis. You got to the heart of the matter. This Navarro chick (whom I had never heard of until a couple years ago) and as you say the contempt she displayed for the victims of illegal aliens was incredible.

    Her behavior was beyond rude and insensitive, it was so ugly I could hardly believe it. And it wasn’t just a momentary lapse into theater where she pulled out a nail file, she followed it up with her eye rolling and smirking. It wasn’t a momentary cruel impulse or blurting out something inappropriate, it was premeditated.

    Watching her performance while thinking of the pain of the Singh family, the Steinles, Mary Ann Mendoza, Jamiel Shaw, and so many more was painful.

    I think you nailed it. It is a lack of humanity, an inability to experience empathy. It was horrifying. I can see her perfectly happy running a concentration camp in the New World Order.

    You brought out something else that it was helpful to me to have clarified in my own mind:

    “At this point in the game, if a Republican is a Never Trumper, I contend they were never a Republican to start with.”

    So simple, and so true, I don’t know why I didn’t see it before. You are so right.

    Thank you for your article. So glad you’re here.

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    1. “It is a lack of humanity, an inability to experience empathy. It was horrifying. I can see her perfectly happy running a concentration camp in the New World Order.”

      I wanted to get back to you on your excellent comment, Sylvia. Especially the pulled quote. Couple what you said with Curry’s picture posted upthread – Ana Navarro’s, captured for all time, indifference to human suffering is exactly the kind of person who enabled and participated in the Holocaust.

      It puzzled me for a long time how the German people could have LET the Holocaust happen… neighbors being shunned, forced out of universities, jobless, children refused schooling, and then all of sudden they’re transported. Empty houses? No problem, the Germans moved right in. It wasn’t until the Era of Obama, that I realized it wasn’t all that difficult. These kinds of people, like Navarro, that’s all it takes, and they’ve existed since the beginning of man.

      It’s people like us who have to balance out those who feel nothing for their fellow human beings.

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  9. How do these mediocrities get the job?

    Because merit is irrelevant.

    None of this is spontaneous.

    There is NO single person on the job unless they were placed there for a specific reason.

    The “Republican Strategist” job is one of the phoniest, but their phoniness is irrelevant because the truth is irrelevant.

    It is all about the dynamics caused by the phoniness.

    There is zero value to conceding a legitimate pov to an actor/agent, IMO.

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  10. Thanks, Sylvia. Yes, I really react to seeing scumlike behavior, and this was so blatant in your face on Navarro’s part, I bet she had the whole thing scripted. What she doesn’t realize is that someday her fall from that pedestal will come, and she’ll find herself wondering why the invitations stopped. People like her have a limited shelf life.

    Just ask Megyn Kelly.

    POTUS’ policies have all been the wish-basket we’ve pleaded for for years. So when we have Never Trumpers, like Navarro, Krystol, Shapiro spew nonsense about the President and put him down at every turn – well they’re not people I consider to be for our side, patriots, conservatives, constitutionalists, and yes, the GOP. Even most of them recognize that POTUS is delivering on their Party’s platform.

    If they reject it, they’re nothing more than a Democrat. If you get a chance please read the link about Mitt Romney, I consider that one of my best pieces written, and it’s a serious discussion of not only Mitt Romney (presidential primary 2012) – but the article exposed the Uniparty, long before we were seriously using that term.

    I venture to say the GOP nomination of John McCain in 2008, and Mitt Romney is 2012, gave rise to why we have – Thank God – Donald J Trump as president today.

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  11. Thanks for opportunity to vent about that b*tch !
    That was totally scripted . If she’d had a tiny violin she could’ve used that but a nail file is the latest symbol of boredom and I’m sure she didn’t just so happen to have it at her diva “expert” teeeveee desk.

    She was a big bff of the traitor McCain .This is a quote from him… ( his praise of her makes her sound so sweet..not)

    John McCain offered props to Republican lobbyist and supporter Ana Navarro today as he basked in the glow of a warm endorsement from Mel Martinez.

    “She gives you two choices,” McCain said of Navarro, whom he said was working the crowd, collecting campaign contributions. ” ‘Yes’ or hire someone else to start your car in the morning.”

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  12. Ana Navarro will always be identified with that stunt. She labeled herself in a negative way more effectively than anyone else could. It was a really stupid move.

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  13. Nicely done, Lady Penquin. I agree you have a nice even writing style 😊

    Ana Navarro and April Ryan are two of the most uncouth women ever seen on television. You did a great job informing us about Ana’s background.

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  14. I don’t have the skills (hope to work on that this year), but is there anyone here who does? I want to see a short video or gif that shows her with the nail filing, eye rolls and dismissive hand gestures as the visual, and the voice of Officer Singh’s brother – or some of the parents from Hannity’s show yesterday – playing as the audio in the background. Then that needs to be played and tweeted everywhere
    These people need to be exposed for the evil trash they are.

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  15. Congratulations on making your First Post, LadyP!
    Well done!

    Some R’s are progressives, just like the Dems.
    Some R’s are globalist lackeys.
    Navarro is both.

    But Navarro is definitely not a conservative!
    And never was.

    Romney is a progressive-globalist too.
    Same with Bill Kristol.

    I don’t think Ben Shapiro is a prog…but he may have some globalist leanings.
    His main reason for being a nevertrumper is his curmudgeonly stubbornness and dishonesty.

    Shapiro was close with that dreadful Michelle Fields hoaxer, who falsely accused Corey Lewandowski of “grabbing her arm”.
    Shapiro defended her, against all proof that exposed her lie.
    He lost his position at Breitbart over it.

    Now…even though Pres Trump is doing the things that Shapiro has ‘claimed’ that he is for…he is too dishonest to acknowledge it.

    The same is true for a lot of the Rinos.
    Pres Trump is finally doing the things that they have been claiming they are for!
    He is exposing them as liars…and they hate him for it.

    Congrats again on your first post, LadyP.

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    1. I ;have an activist friend who would write articles about “Saving Ben Shapiro” – but so far, Ben just can’t get over his ego. I do believe he is conservative in many ways, but his desire to proclaim who was to be our “savior” has just about ruined him. It’s ruined many other so-called conservatives, ie. the old RedState site, Erick Erickson. They wanted to be kingmakers, and Donald Trump didn’t fit their mold.

      That smacks of elitism.

      The irony, and those of Judaic-Christian beliefs will understand this, but somewhere in the bible are words that talk about how we might not recognize when HELP comes, or WHO the Lord is sending.

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      1. Sooo true, LadyP.

        And Erickson used to be a token Republican on CNN too, didn’t he.
        I’ve never heard him speak ill of the globalists…maybe he has, but I haven’t heard it.

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        1. Yes, in the early years of Obama, Erickson was on FOX, then he decided he liked the paycheck CNN offered him. Didn’t last there. He and his group destroyed the true conservatives of their site by running them off.

          Turned out they wanted to be kingmakers, and when they disinvited candidate-Trump in 2016, it really did them in. Erickson used to sub for Rush, but even that was a bridge too far for Rushbo, who hasn’t had him back.

          POTUS’ election has really ripped the cover off people who really have the country’s needs at heart vs those that found they like the money for being mouthpieces…

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          1. Many are upset that he supports him now. Not me. It took some of us a while to get behind him, because of very good reasons. But you’d have to be blind now not to see what he has accomplished. Did I think he could? Not a chance. I won’t criticize others like me who didn’t trust him at first. We need them.

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  16. LadyP you have a wonderful. natural writing style!

    the subject matter is utterly revolting–I never heard of her before her stunt with the nail file, but had I been present, she’d have had that file stuck somewhere else…to show such disdain for human suffering like that…that’s beneath low…
    I get so tired of the left lecturing us on our “cruelty” towards illegals–they just want a shot at a better life BS–while totally ignoring the pain and suffering these illegals are spreading throughout our country!

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    1. Ana Navarro has been a name that drifts through my twitter feed, and repeatedly, I’d find myself thinking that is some nasty Lefty. Unfortunately, learned she’s the Republican token “conservative” the malignant media likes to trot out as speaking for us. She’s nothing but an impostor, playing a roll she is well paid for.

      Wolf called her a ringer. Perfect description of these “GOP” Never Trumpers. Eventually she’s going to find those cocktail party invites aren’t coming her way.

      Thank you for your kind words about my writing.

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