C3: How DNC Communists ROTATED Governmental Branch Functions as a Form of Institutional Sabotage

This is actually beautiful.

An H2O molecule has a two-fold axis, C2 , and NH3 has a three axis, C3 .

daughnworks247 saw the beautiful thought that led to this larger realization, on today’s thread about Lisa Page and David Bowdich, which was inspired by Sundance’s post on the same revelations.

The same post in text, for our low-vision readers….

January 12, 2019 at 12:31 pm

Hey, the whole “Gross Negligence” is “Constitutionally vague” and therefore the DOJ would never pursue, needs a whole lot more explanation.

Page said this was why they were trying to prove Hillary had “intent” or were looking for another serious charge. “Gross Negligence” was not prosecutable. Then, why was the Navy sailor prosecuted and put in jail?
Not a satisfactory explanation.

Snip – “Page says the DOJ refused to pursue “gross-negligence” charges against Hillary Clinton over her use of a private email server to send classified information.”

daughnworks247, comment on Two-Strzok Smoke and Two Pages in the Hall of Mirrors

The following was my response, which turned into a post.

This whole thing is a BEAUTIFUL example of the REAL definition of PREJUDICE.


Communism has screwed us by making people believe that the WRONG parts of our system of government have responsibilities that they DO NOT HAVE.

They are moving us to the STALINIST system very slowly.

Notice that the COMMUNISTS in the DNC have effectively SWITCHED all the functions of our government to create a dysfunctional system.




See what they’ve done here? It’s brilliant SABOTAGE.

Once I recognized that the FBI should not be judging this stuff, it “daugned” on me that this executive judgment must be more of the same thing that judicial activism is – a PERVERSION of our system.

And THAT is when it hit me – they did a ROTATION between the branches.

If that is the case, then there should have been some THIRD functional perversion, and the FBI grilling of Lisa Page SOLVES it. Investigation.

I repeat:

  • COURTS do not MAKE LAW.

But yet, this is EXACTLY how they sabotaged our government!

To understand how SMART this is – how DEVIOUS this is – take a look at the SCIENCE of it – the MATH of it. I have found that communists LOVE rotations, and this is one of them.

Notice how the molecule looks THE SAME after you rotate functions?

THAT is part of the SNEAKINESS of what was done. The reason people don’t notice the CHANGE is because all three branches still have POWER – it’s just the WRONG POWER.

Let’s relabel the THREE ROTARY MOVEMENTS of a 120-degree turn in this way:

  • judicial legislation
  • executive judgment
  • legislative execution

The first is obviously judicial activism, or legislating from the bench. We are familiar with that abuse, whether it’s a symptom, a cause, or both – we know it is WRONG.

The next one – executive judgment – is what Comey was doing – making judgments he had no RIGHT to make.

The last one is what has been ANNOYING us for years – the fact that Congress wastes all its time on USELESS investigations – KABUKI – show trials.

Whether these are symptoms, causes, or both, we can now see them for what they are.

An INAPPROPRIATE SHIFT in the gears of government.

As some celebrity on the left said, ironically about the election of our VSGPOTUS Donald J. Trump, “Somebody better fix this shit.

LOL. Oh, yeah. And I have an idea who “somebody” is.


Some of you may be familiar with this concept.

142 thoughts on “C3: How DNC Communists ROTATED Governmental Branch Functions as a Form of Institutional Sabotage

  1. Very interesting! Wolf and Daughn.

    Not only that, but this morning I had an ‘a ha’ moment. We have warched for years as Federal givt has usurped states’ rights, wondering why states have allowed it.

    Now I think that has always been part of the plan. The fewer rights and control at state level, the more we are precluded from interacting with officials.

    We can address our City Council and possibly march on state capitols or meet our state reps, but none of us can afford time/money to get to DC often enough to reach The Big Club.

    Not only that, but many state politicians who particuoated in giving away states rights have gone on to be national politicians where they reap the rewards of more obfuscation and less interference from the little guys.

    Katherine McComb kept encouraging folks OT to get invilved in their state GOPs. That is a futile effort IMO. What we should be doing is attending/speaking out at our city council meetings; marching (if at all) locally; and taking opportunities to know what our local police policies are. There are citizen opportunities to take classes etc with our local police.

    Of course I’m looking at all if thus in hind sight, but the inexorable loss of states’ rights niw (sadly) makes more sense to me.

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    1. This is a key part of it. Look at how what you say HELPS to take away our rights.

      If rights are FORCED up to the federal level, and then the FEDERAL system is sabotaged, we LOSE our rights.

      AAUURRRGGHHH! I just want to scream. They DESTROY it all, then wrap it up in a bow and send Lisa Page with an army of lawyers that WE PAID for, to a FASHION SHOW TRIAL that we aren’t even allowed to see and hear. Then she LIES IN PRIVATE and we’re supposed to live with some BULLSHIT PACIFICATION PROJECT that tells us “it’s coming” but then it never does. And when it finally LEAKS, she told them CRAP in an investigation that has NO TEETH. And the “Untouchable” in the FBI covers it all up.

      Sundance is right – this is BULLSHIT.

      I WORKED IN “SHALLOW STATE”. I KNOW how this works. They LIED to us over and over. They MURDERED the guy who came in to reform it. FUCK THESE PEOPLE. I just want to cry out to G_d to rain FIRE AND FURY on this crap.

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      1. Daniel answered the king, saying:

        “The mystery about which the king inquired is such that neither wise men, astrologers, magicians, or sorcerers can disclose it to the king.

        But, there is a God in heaven who reveals mysteries. …”

        Daniel 2:27-28a

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          1. Oh, I am sure about “education.” The Federal government took over in 1965 under Johnson. “The Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) was passed as a part of United States President Lyndon B. Johnson’s “War on Poverty” and has been the most far-reaching federal legislation affecting education ever passed by the United States Congress. The act was an extensive statute that funded primary and secondary education.[1] It also emphasizes equal access to education and establishes high standards and accountability.[2]” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elementary_and_Secondary_Education_Act

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            1. Thanks for the info….
              I understand that “education” plays a Major part in our situation here in the USA.. Liberal CONTROLLED….. More like indoctrination.
              Even “Science” is NOT “Science anymore……Desired outcomes to get/continue FUNDING.

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        1. The conservative thinker Isabel Patterson wrote in her 1943 book The God of the Machine about the enormity of this amendment. It destroyed at one stroke the whole balance of our system of government, by denying state governments any power to protect themselves from the encroachments of the federal government.

          The whole system of unfunded mandates, federal control of education, and of many other fields that used to be controlled by the states, or outside the field of government entirely, followed directly.

          Truly one of the masterstrokes of the Regressives, who are pleased to call themselves “Progressives”.

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    1. Revelations. It’s frigging Revelations.

      Sorry if I’m getting overly passionate, but today I’m reminded of a good guy who I’m sure was medically murdered and it can never be proven. I’m reminded of another good guy who they drove NUTS and I knew what they were doing and I kept quiet to stay covered.


      Here is me today…..

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      1. Revelation 12:9 And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.

        Revelation 13:1 And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy.

        Revelation 13:11 And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth; and he had two horns like a lamb, and he spake as a dragon.

        Revelation 13:18 Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.

        Revelation 13:9 If any man have an ear, let him hear.


        > > >

        Revelation 12:11 And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.

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        1. Plain Language version, for those who don’t do NOSTRILdamus-Speak…

          If people think you are a CRA-CRA KOOK they have a prejudice to assume you’re a nut and ignore what you say in plain sight…

          Remember that everything is is Meta/Symbolic.

          Revelation 12:9 > Satan
          Revelation 13:1 > The Beast, understood symbolically as the globalist world system. Also “Mystery Babylon” or the “second Babel”. The Beast is a picture of a vicious government power that destroys and is out of control. Contrast with good government, pictured as a TREE under which there is shade (protection) and great flourishing, aka freedom, peace, economic prosperity (shalom).
          Revelation 13:11 > The False Prophet. This is the propaganda and psyops arm. Deception, lies, evil, beamed out 24/7 worldwide, all coerced and controlled from the top. Think MSM crossed with Goebbels ‘cept much worse.

          This referred to as the “Unholy Trinity”. A counterfeit trinity that mocks the Holy Trinity. Hence Revelation 13:18 famous reference, the number of man 6 falls short of the number of perfection 7 but in completion is the famous 6 6 6. The Unholy Trinity expressed as man in sin trying to take the place of God in all areas of life. Surveillance state, financial system control, government that is pervasive in human life, have to get a government waiver to use the loo, etc etc.

          LISTEN UP!!!

          Revelation 13:9 – Pay attention. This is more than a bunch of symbolic imagery. Key instructions and orders for the troops are here.


          Revelation 12:11

          The warning is that this is going to TOUGH.

          * “they overcame him” – They WILL prevail
          * “by the blood of the Lamb” – a few different ways to read this, but I like to read this as God’s power of salvation, the true narrative of history of AD 33, aka God’s TRUTH
          * “and by the word of their testimony” – They SPEAK THE TRUTH.
          * “and they loved not their lives unto the death.” – They’re going to speak truth even though it means martyrdom. They will die: But they have COURAGE to SPEAK regardless.

          So… There ya go.

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          1. Throughout prophesy….. “Beasts” were Kingdoms. (See Daniel)
            I believe “Mystery Babylon” or the “second Babel” is….. US…. (The USA)

            Revelation 14:8
            And there followed another angel, saying, Babylon is fallen, is fallen, that great city, because she made all nations drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication.

            Revelation 17:5
            And upon her forehead was a name written, Mystery, Babylon The Great, The Mother Of Harlots And Abominations Of The Earth.

            Revelation 18:2
            And he cried mightily with a strong voice, saying, Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and is become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird.

            Revelation 18:10
            Standing afar off for the fear of her torment, saying, Alas, alas that great city Babylon, that mighty city! for in one hour is thy judgment come.

            Revelation 18:21
            And a mighty angel took up a stone like a great millstone, and cast it into the sea, saying, Thus with violence shall that great city Babylon be thrown down, and shall be found no more at all.

            Don’t know when……..And…. just my understanding of it

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  2. Lovely Post Wolfie and Daughn. POTUS knows this! They have everything… “restoring our Country back to the people as our Founding Father’s intended..” He will NOT FAIL!

    Wondering if he will call on Sec. Perry to head that part of the PLAN. Gov. Perry is a HUGE proponent of States Rights.

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    1. Beware of Sec Perry…… as Governor, he was “all in” for the “North American Union”.
      All in for the TransNational highway (or whatever it was called) From Mexico to Canada….
      Right up through Texas, Oklahoma and north to Canada,

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      1. Oh ya…… at the time….. He attended the “Bilderbergers” as all previous presidents had been.
        Obungler was deemed President in his place by the PTB. The puppetmasters of the puppetmasters have been at this for a LONG time.

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      2. You know, these FUCKERS had me going on a lot of this stuff, too, but back then we had no idea that GIVING UP FREEDOM was part of the DEAL. It all sounded so INNOCENT, like we were just making the concept of the United States “bigger”.

        “Yeah, NAU is just big United States! It’s WINNING! Open Borders will be OK someday!”

        NO. That is NOT what they planned.

        Sandy Hook was my BLACK PILL moment – when I realized they were LYING to us on every front. Now that I understand fully what is going on – when I understand things far beyond what I was ever deemed to have known, I realize just how EVIL these people are.

        Sundance knows PART of the truth, but knowing things that are almost unbelievable to most people, I know that Q is telling the truth, too. The things that Q is saying must be held back – well, imagine how I’m reacting to Lisa Page’s lies. The lies that I already know about and begin to excuse would have people calling for HEADS.

        They put Perry in Energy. He is probably now read in on stuff that curled his toes.

        Q is right. We have to be logical. But DAMN – there are days when it is HARD.

        I still feel like we need a SIGN – something that says they are NOT all getting off – that we are NOT going back to the BULLSHIT globalist insanity. That there is NO WAY we go back.

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        1. As I have said here before…… My Black Pill moment was when the Twin Towers fell in on themselves…. and Then Bldg #7 did the same WITHOUT being hit by a plane….. I have done LOTS of research about that day…. (Marvin Bush being involved with security – maybe thermite planted at that time)…
          Military Stand-down (Cheney)… Unscathed Lawn at the Pentagon…. (Search Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth)….. and lots more…..

          I have studied Church History….. Prophesy…..Various religions….. FreeMasonry…..Illuminati…. and various other “Conspiracy Theories” ….. Mockingbird, MK Ultra, Paperclip, etc

          I agree 100%…. WE need a “Sign”…. and soon.

          My hope and FAITH is in the Lord Jesus (The Christ), VSG (Q+) and Q and all of us Q Treepers

          BTW (I can’t find my post about Judges making Law and CONgress Investigations)

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          1. Yes. It’s funny about 9/11. I had a better idea who was behind it at the BEGINNING than I did later. I bought into the story, and it took me YEARS to ask the right questions again, and get back outside the deception world.

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            1. I got a call that morning that woke me up. I’d been “on call” a lot so I still knew how to sound awake even in dead sleep.
              My friend was telling me that I needed to turn the TV on. Airplanes had crashed into the World Trade Center towers! Another crashed into the Pentagon!
              You need to turn the TV on right away!
              In my half asleep state I said Oh, sounds like the moslems are at it again.
              But aren’t you going to turn the TV on and see what’s going on?
              No I’m going to go back to sleep.
              My friend was baffled at my response.
              I rolled over to go back to sleep, but sadly my sleep cycle had been disrupted so grudgingly I got up.

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  3. btw, were you aware that the symbol you show above in blue was used by the witches in Charmed as their symbol of power? (Alyssa Milano and others)
    they called it the triquetra

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      1. The symbol itself is very old, but when Christianity came to Celtic lands, it was adopted widely by Christians as an outstanding representation of the Trinity concept, which is indeed difficult to express. It became known as the “Trinity Knot”.

        One can literally track the rise and fall of Christian thinking in Europe by the fact that what was once pagan, then adopted by Christians and almost exclusively associated with Christianity, is now – with the war against Christianity, being RECLAIMED by pagans.

        But I will always remember it HERE! 😀

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          1. Relax your eyes and mind and look at the pattern within the blue border of the outside corners. We can “see” the knot elongated and made into a chain…or at least I can see its impression.


        1. “the Trinity concept, which is indeed difficult to express”


          It “covers” all cases, and IIRC I read that at least one prior Pope had gone into “deep dives” trying to understand its mystery. (Was it John Paul II?)

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      2. to be fair–the witches (in charmed) touted themselves as a force for good (magic) and they told a similar story in regards to the pentagram–that it was a powerful symbol for good before evil bastardized it.

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        1. There is NO good magick. Whether “white magic” or “black magic” (magick), they both are forbidden by GOD, and are tools of the Devil. Same thing with the pentagram.

          Look up “symbols” in crossroad.to : http://www.crossroad.to/Books/symbols1.html
          And the associated article by Carl Teichrib; http://www.crossroad.to/articles2/2002/carl-teichrib/9pentagrams.htm

          One tactic the early Church used was “Take the best, forget the rest” when evangelizing other peoples/cultures. I think it was not a good idea, in particular because they probably did not understand the full meaning of the symbols and ceremonies used and practiced by the heathens. Most people today don’t understand. But reading biographies of missionaries, and speaking to missionaries who went to the Sourh Pacific islands (animism, shamanism, etc.) and deepest Africa, there are dark forces at work there which can only be dealt with by constant prayer, and fasting, with the guidance and protection of Jesus.

          And it’s these forces which drive the Greens and tree-huggers; in a sense, they know not what they do, or who they REALLY worship. They need to be prayed over, as well…

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          1. I have liked climbing trees to find a quiet place to pray. I wonder what that makes me? 😉

            Have you ever heard the story of the man who wrote “The Shack” (a wildly popular fiction book that has helped some people find their way back to God)? He struggled deeply.

            At 3 years old he was the only non-tribal person to know the language of the tribe his parents had been sent to evangelize. He recalls hearing them discuss if they were going to kill and eat his parents. His whole being was distorted by many layers of abuse. The first being the anger of his dad.

            “It took me 50 years to wipe the face of my father off the face of God.” —Paul Young


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          2. As I recall, God forbade sorcery. Magic and sorcery are not the same although the terms are loosely used and bandied about as synonyms.
            There is more truth in much fiction than in scientific treatises…rough paraphrase of CS Lewis.
            Both Lewis and Tolkien delved deeply into these matters in their classic fantasy works (I include Lewis’ Space Trilogy).
            Remember Aslan speaking of the “deep magic?”
            Recall the trees that walked, the beasts that talked, almost the very stones rose up in both of these men’s work.
            Today we are learning that everything….EVERYTHING…has a frequency. Mind boggling!

            And no, I am not equating the words of gifted Christian authors with the Word, but their words are infused with and rooted in the Word.

            This is not to dispute that our symbols and signs (not the same) are perverted, captured, and misused by the evil ones, nor that extremely dark forces remain deeply rooted in the dark and hidden places that you briefly reference in your comments.

            I have long “felt” that the Creator and His Creation are so much greater in expanse and vision than we comprehend or see, that the notion of walking, talking trees has always filled me with joy and wonder.

            Starting to feel fuzzy….just thinking about it all.

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    1. An excerpt from an article at cuttingedge.org: (Lots of spiritual material here)

      What is the meaning of a Triskele to the occultist? Listen to the explanation from Dr. Cathy Burns:

      “Marilyn Ferguson, a New Ager, used the symbol of the triquetra (another name for triskele) on her book, The Aquarian Conspiracy. This is a variation for the number 666. Other books and materials have a similar design printed on them, such as books from David Spangler, the person who lauds Lucifer, and The Witch’s Grimoire. As most people know, the number 666 is the number of the beast (Revelation 13:18) and is evil; yet the occultists and New Agers love this number and consider it to be a sacred number.” (Dr. Cathy Burns, “Masonic and Occult Symbols Illustrated”, P. 242-3; Emphasis was in the original)

      But, then, Dr. Burns saves the most damaging revelation about the triskele and a circle by a circle. After showing this image, Dr. Burns says:

      “The symbol is used to exorcise evil spirits”. (Ibid.)

      Therefore, the triskele surrounded by a circle is a magical symbol, as it is one of the symbols which commands the evil spirits to obey the witch or wizard.


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      1. From http://www.crossroad.to/Books/symbols1.html :

        “TRIQUETRA: The triquetra — with or without the circle — has been found on runestones in Scandinavia, in ancient goddess-oriented pagan groups, in Celtic manuscripts, and on early Germanic coins. It is associated with numerous mythical gods and goddesses and has been used as a protective charm by Wiccans. Sometimes the symbol is reversed — pointing down rather than up. The three points may also be round rather than pointed.”

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    2. Here’s the deal. Symbols are … symbols.

      Evil people have used words from scripture or church rituals while torturing children to break their spirit and condition them for their evil purposes. Does this make scripture or the liturgy symbolize darkness? Yes and no. Yes, for those victims, they will have a long hard climb out of the pit they were thrown into. And then again, No, these scriptures are Spirit-breathed and same for traditional liturgies based on scriptures.

      What I’ve seen is that what matters is what is going on between you and God. The symbols might be an “on-ramp” for an intimate encounter with the Lord of Heaven and Earth when one’s heart is open.

      Those servants of darkness want us to associate everything with darkness. This keeps many in an overwhelmed state where they are easier to control.

      Let us stay sober, alert, knowing we are at war … and at the same time … let us look for signs of our Father in Heaven at work in everything.

      Even in the worst N. Korea prison camp they could not stop the miracle of life from shouting out the beauty of our King in every red blood cell flowing in their veins, every beat of their hearts, every breath in their lungs.

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      1. This is the stuff that makes my head explode if I think about it too much…You know, this tension has always existed in The Church…that somehow the sacrament of ordination conveys “power” that makes the words spoken even by a priest who begins to have doubts about God, transubstantiation, what is actually happening at the altar, still, the priests’ WORDS and ACTIONS there matter and if you will, override his lack of faith. That host is still the body of Christ. I am too tired to go look up the principle/doctrine in the Catechism of the Catholic Church, so forgive, please, my poor rendition.

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  4. Not to blow my own horn……… But I brought up this very conundrum weeks ago….. Right here on our very own last last refuge. I stated something to the effect of: Judges making Laws…. CONgress running investigations.
    I had not yet put together the fact of the Executive branches function though.
    Great Article Wolf…. AND Daughn.
    ok….. back to my branch.

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    1. Just to be clear……. WHO “Investigated” Fast and Furious? IRS scandal? Benghazi? etc.
      Thant’s correct….. CONgress.
      Who was PUNISHED?

      WHO has the power to Determine Obamacare a TAX? OVER RIDE the President?
      9th Circus? That is a COURT.

      The Executive (DOJ FBI etc) Make up Crimes for Repubs and Look the other way for Demoncraps.

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  5. Just when I strongly believe that I am as wide awake, “as wide awake as one can be”, the Q Tree makes a liar out of me! Geeeez… This is critical. This is stunningly deceptive and makes me angry as hell… We need to awaken (even more) the masses! I am going to share this far and wide and I promise to give credit to all!

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    1. It’s funny – rayzorbak was already seeing it. I think we were all seeing it, but now it’s clear WHY. They JAMMED the machine. They sabotaged it, and it tried to function through all the wrong places. And the commies HELPED that happen.

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      1. Like vandals defacing art, they are demons distorting the blueprints from Heaven. Just like in the Garden. Some of the best imagery on this topic I have found was in Wendy Alec’s novel, The Fall of Lucifer. I highly recommend it. It’s a creative extrapolation of our scriptural understanding of that which s beyond understanding.

        So, look for the pattern. What was the solution to the defacing of the original blueprint of the first Adam? God sent His own Son–the blueprint–to GIVE us life IN him. Now all who call out to him may have the restoration of all things–the blueprint–for the redemption of all the distortion visited upon them.

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      2. Commies….. Demoncraps…… RINO’s…… Satanists ALL

        Skull and Bones is SATANIC…..
        Bushes are Skull and Bones….
        So Is John Kerry….
        BOTH Presidential candidates in that election were Skull and Bones……
        “They” had that one all sewn up.

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      3. WOLF,

        They didn’t just “JAM” the machine.

        This isn’t just a DoS against government.

        You said:
        * COURTS do not MAKE LAW.

        Normal Order:
        * LEGISLATIVE, makes the law, CHECKED BY >
        * EXECUTIVE, carry out the law, CHECKED BY >
        * JUDICIAL, interprets the law, CHECKED BY Legislative

        The NEW ORDER isn’t just to distort and dysfunction the system.

        NEW ORDER:
        * LEGISLATIVE performs its own investigations, EXECUTIVE has no say as a check and balance
        * EXECUTIVE interprets its own laws, JUDICIAL has not say as a check and balance
        * JUDICIAL writes is own law, LEGISLATIVE has no say as a check and balance.

        Not a DoS but a Privilege Elevation exploit and countermeasure.

        End goal:
        Total Power.

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        1. Excellent.

          THIS explains why they do what they do – to RE-CREATE Stalin’s government – his one-party state with ZERO checks and balances. They ENHANCE these malicious diversions because THAT is what the final goal is. One party in control with unchecked power.

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  6. Øbama had the Marxist/Islamist’s contempt for the USA, its Constitution and the American people and showed it every second of his shameful tenure in the White House.

    Hillary would have done the same. She would have carried on her leftist agenda and greedily stolen every $$ and ounce of gold she possibly could. She would have enabled the criminal trafficking of children, body parts, drugs, arms, everything the Clintons ever did would have been repeated on steroids.

    Thank GOD for many prayer warriors who called upon the Most Powerful One to prevent her from winning that power over this country. Franklin Graham had hundreds of thousands praying all during Election day and through the night.

    GOD was merciful, despite the grave sins of this nation, to deliver us from the second round of the Clintons.

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    1. Repost:

      Ø politicized and weaponized every agency of the US government by targeting opponents starting day one of his shameful tenure.

      List of Obama administration abuses of power and lawbreaking – http://directorblue.blogspot.com/2011/06/president-barack-obamas-complete-list.html

      Timeline of Sedition and Treason: http://directorblue.blogspot.com/2017/12/a-timeline-of-treason-how-fbi.html

      O administration was corrupt – https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2018/may/21/obama-administration-was-corrupt/

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        1. This makes sense. I think the BIG C Communists decided it was to be Obama. He was the Soviet favorite. The Soviet-backed communists had a tighter and more violent operation. Brennan’s people were all on board with Obama.

          Hillary didn’t get that same kind of MK support until Dylann Roof.

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    2. Romans 8:28
      ALL things work TOGETHER for GOOD……
      For those (of us) that LOVE the LORD…
      AND….. are CALLED….. according to HIS Purpose.

      Psalm 37:23
      The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord: and he delighteth in his way.

      Matthew 10:30
      But the very hairs of your head are all numbered.

      Luke 12:7
      But even the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Fear not therefore: ye are of more value than many sparrows.

      John 10:26
      But ye believe not, because ye are not of my sheep, as I said unto you.

      27 My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me:

      28 And I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand.

      29 My Father, which gave them me, is greater than all; and no man is able to pluck them out of my Father’s hand.

      30 I and my Father are one.

      God has PLANNED it all out from before the beginning of the world (IMHO)
      Prophesy bears out this TRUTH

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  7. See–He does have a plan…;)

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    1. President Trump is making political hay and spinning that hay into political gold while the Democrats grow weaker and less popular by the hour.

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  8. As a Christian, this symbol has always spoken powerfully to me about the Trinity.

    It illustrates how the Trinity – The Triune GOD, Father Son Holy Spirit reached down to mankind and how we, as triune beings, body, soul and spirit, created in His Image, should reach up to GOD. It shows the strength we can gain, when we reach upward and entwine our lives with the Triune GOD and seek to do His Word, Will and Way of Truth, Love and Life

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    1. Beware of “Symbols”….
      “The first mention of this symbol was in 922 BC, when Solomon got involved in witchcraft and magic … this book traces the worship of Ashtroreth (Astartee –meaning star) and Chiun and Remphan (meaning star) from the Egyptians before Solomon’s time. Then afterward, in Arab magic and witchcraft, through the Middle Ages, it was used by the Druids, during the highest Sabbath of the witches, called Halloween. The family of the Rothschild, Zionist and Hitler have all used the symbol, as has the Knesset. Finally, it is featured on the flag of Israel.” (Dr. O.J. Graham, “The Six-Pointed Star”

      The Triquetra has similar origins….

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      1. Images can be useful if they are used to teach GOD’s Word and principles. We must not fall into the trap and make images into idols, but make sure they are used for the glory of GOD.

        In history, we have fallen to extremes both ways. Also remember that even translating the Bible into various native languages instead of Latin was a capital offense.

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              1. Daniel is a little different than the rest. There was a greek translation of both old and new testaments that I think can be helpful in working out some textual issues. (Not that I’m a language scholar, I’m not. Just a person with an exceptional amount of curiosity.)

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              1. Under Elizabeth I and Bloody Mary – the killings were vice versa, as I recall. Maybe ol’ Henry VIII also killed some Catholics. Then there were Catholic/Protestant killings in Ireland during the last century.

                The Catholics killed the Waldensians and a few other reformation groups.

                Too much bloodshed, shaming our Lord’s Name.

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        1. TTT, you are right about too much bloodshed, and both Catholics and Lutherans and Calvinists killed the Anabaptists, waldensies and albigensies and other believers. It’s sad. On another subject tried to say above this post relates somehow to U.N. agenda 21-2030, which is communist. States rights and individual rights gets lost in all the arguments over which gov entity should control things like education, when I think None of them should.


      2. The plain, non-interleaved six-pointed star, with no circle around it, is the Star of David.
        With a circle around it, it is a hexagram, used in occult and pagan (but I repeat myself) ceremonies.
        (from crossroad.to):
        “HEXAGRAM (see triangles) or SIX-POINTED STAR: When surrounded by a circle, it represents the “divine mind” (a counterfeit of God’s wisdom) to numerous occult groups through the centuries. Many still use it in occult rituals. But to Jewish people — without the surrounding circle — it is their Star of David.”

        The interleaved six-pointed star is a symbol of the Kabbalah, as noted below:

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  9. Brian Cates take…

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  10. Off Topic I know……
    Thought I’d relay this before I forgot….. It’s FUNNY (to me)

    I believe it was on Gutfeld last week….
    Some doofus with a man-bun said…. (Yada Yada Yada)
    Someone called the “man-bun” a:

    carry on

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  11. There isn’t anything that evil will not try to corrupt.

    “magic” comes from the word “mage”:

    “A magician or learned person.”

    As I’d posted a month or two ago:

    “Mages make magic, and muses make music.”

    The word “spell” originally meant news. The “Gospel” means “God’s news”, and so “good news”.

    Imagine ancient times, where a king receives counsel from one of his advisors. This counsel, of course, isn’t for all ears, so the advisor (the mage, the learned one) speaks only into the king’s ear.

    Suddenly, upon hearing the news (the spell) that the advisor (the mage) told him, the king’s mood changes dramatically. Perhaps it was news of treachery, or of impending war; or, of an enemy’s surrender. Perhaps it was news of something of other import, a great success. The point is that the words CHANGED the king … and everyone else saw it.

    What would all the other courtiers see? A spell, cast upon the king, by a mage. Given the superstitions at that time, and the unending quest for power of many of those around the king, I can well imagine they would “cast” this event in a negative light, to smear the advisor and/or the king. So, the whisperings and rumors surrounding this “spell” were actually “spells” themselves – evil spells, spells not based in truth.

    When we try to convince lefties of the truth – to “red-pill” them – we are trying to cast a spell, trying to give them the news. And we see the reactions when the spell takes – a “magical” change of perspective.

    Both mages, and muses, have the “power” to effect a change in us, psychologically. Whether good news or bad news, whether inspiration or desolation. In short, other people affect us – and the emotional effects are the strongest ones, and the most durable.

    THIS is what “magicians” are. THIS is what “spells” are. There isn’t anything “occult” about it … but our imaginations sure have fun with it!

    Anything may be used for good purpose, or for evil purpose. Sometimes, the result doesn’t match the intent.

    Truth wins out over all, eventually. TRUTH IS THE MOST POWERFUL SPELL.

    I feel like I could write another 20 pages on this … but for now, it’s enough “spellcasting” by THIS wizard! lol

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    1. At the time of the birth of our Savior there were three classes of people that have low social status that were chosen by God to turn the world right side up. Women, Magi, and Shepherds.

      The Rabbis had some pretty damning things to say about magi. Shepherds and women were not considered credible witnesses to give testimony.

      It pleased God to take the low things to confound the wise. Hallelujah!

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    2. Very enlightening…….but
      There IS such thing as the Occult (Witches, Warlocks and Wizards (Satanists)
      Don’t underestimate Satan’s power here on the earth.
      Witches cast EVIL “spells”…. Not “News”
      Though I tend to believe that the “Elect” has power over these “spells”

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      1. Fear of their power seems to be a necessary component of that power – otherwise it fails to couple. Trinity objects seem to remove that power.

        I find that fascinating. And comforting. And confirmed. At least, personally.

        1. Faith in God to have total power and control in any situation if so desired.

        2. Faith in the personage of Christ as an instantiation of that power in this universe – proof of instantiation.

        3. Faith in the Spirit of Truth – pure truth – as intelligence without error / sin – capable of overcoming error / sin.

        To me, these things – not their representations, but the things themselves – have power. Symbols are just symbols. These things remove the power of error over us.

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      2. Q was questioned once, about the phrase “wizards and warlocks”.

        The answer was – in Q’s terminology – that they are the guardians of intelligence, “white hats” (good), who have all the TRUTH about what’s been going on for many decades. They have the news – the spells, as it were. The most POTENT news, for America and the rest of the world here on Earth.

        There is such a thing as EVIL. Call it occult, call it lie, call it Satan. Satan is the “Prince of Lies”, yes? The prince of evil spells, of FAKE NEWS.

        See how the “lathspell” (“ill-news”, h/t Tolkien) of FAKE NEWS has brainwashed so many people? Who get “triggered” by a hat, a t-shirt, a statue?

        Satan’s “power” isn’t power. It’s the OPPOSITE of power (“anti-power”).

        The power to destroy is but an echo of REAL power – the power to create.

        Evil only works when one LETS IT IN.

        Don’t overestimate the power of Satan, of lies – whether here on Earth or up in Heaven. God rules all.

        I understand your perspective, though.

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        1. E star– What a truly enlightening post!! So true! Saint Michael the Arch Angel!–You mentioned Tolkien! Wheeties Tree reminded me of Lord of the Rings!!

          Dang! It all flows together!!! THis Tree is blessed!!

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        2. The Prince of Lies, The Prince of Darkness, AND appears as an Angel of Light. As a friend frequently reminds, the enemy can counterfeit just about everything, including “messages from God.”

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      3. Satan’s biggest deception is to get man to believe he can use his mental powers –absent connection with the Mind of Christ– to discern what is Good v. Evil.

        Our carnal mind (sark) is like a phone directory where every.single.listing is wrong.

        We were created to be in fellowship with God as our only source and help in discernment.

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  12. POTUS made reference to the usurpation of powers by the FBI in a tweet today:

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  13. “See what they’ve done here? It’s brilliant SABOTAGE.”

    ‘Brilliant’…in a diabolical way.

    Then, such is the nature of Evil, isn’t it.
    Evil can be diabolically brilliant in it’s efforts to deceive us.

    Great article, Wolfie et all!

    This encapsulates and articulates something that has been bumping around in the back of my brain for a while.

    The Founders created 3 Branches of Government.
    And the forces of evil infiltrated and sabotaged those 3 Branches in order to change their functions to serve their purposes!

    It’s diabolical.

    I always thought that “Hope & Change” slogan sounded sinister.
    That’s because it was!

    That’s how they deceive us…by changing our language, changing words in Orwellian ways.
    They created ‘political correctness’ to facilitate this and enforce it.

    In order to solve a Problem…you first have to Identify It.
    And that is what you’ve done here, Wolfie.
    Thank you!

    And yeah, this is a “problem’. A big one.
    Not an “issue”.

    That’s one of my pet peeves…it’s become politically incorrect to call something a ‘problem’.
    We’re supposed to call it an ‘issue’ instead.
    Which takes away the negative connotation, doesn’t it.

    Liked by 5 people

    1. Thanks! I like Michael’s elaboration of this – that these specific perversions are designed to grant them unchecked power from a pathological system state. THAT is a real revelation. THAT means we know EXACTLY how to fight it.

      There are necessary couplings of the three branches. A CONSTRUCTIVE design achieves a system state that acts properly, creating good government, with sensible inputs and outputs that keep self-serving government power “frustrated”. The Marxists – foreign and domestic – have changed things to create inputs and outputs in the WRONG places, so that a uniparty self-empowers apart from the People by pretense and deception.

      We need to figure out what the optimal design is, which not only functions properly, but is stabilized against wandering into this state again, even under intelligent conspiracy to force it into that state.

      Basically, “founding father populist socialism” based on TRUTH needs to articulate very clearly how to prevent Marxian socialist error from sending the system into such a pathological state again.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. “founding father populist socialism”

        Can we call it just, “founding father populism”?
        It hurts my eyes to see the word ‘socialism’ linked to the founding fathers.

        Liked by 3 people

              1. Exactly – it’s scheduled for 12:05 and based on Steve’s experience, will post on time with no problems. You can get back into it at any time before that and make additions or changes, and just hit the “Schedule” button again.

                Liked by 2 people

        1. Excellent! No, it’s YOUR TURN! 😀 But I’ll be here as back-up in case you have any problems!

          After this, we can discuss how to divide the work between you, Steve and TTT. I leave that up to you all, but I can help facilitate the discussion.

          I see you got on Gab! I’ll go check the post now.

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