The Puzzle Has Come Together! The Wall Is Going To be Built

Earlier today I was reading an article on Breitbart News about the military preparing for the potential order to Build the Wall. The discussions started sometime in the fall. Old Mad Dog was not happy and would fight the request if it were to occur. That is why the President stated back in mid October that Mattis was a Democrat.

From the article linked above:

Though the president called Mr. Mattis a Democrat, the Pentagon chief has worked hard to keep the Defense Department out of politics, often portraying the military as remaining untouched by the bitter partisan bickering in the capital.

From the article linked above:

Trump has hinted in recent days that he may do so, amidst an impasse in negotiations with Democrats that has shut down the government.

While no order has been given, the Pentagon has been making plans just in case such an order comes down, the official said on Monday.

The idea of declaring a national emergency to have the military build the wall has been considered since fall, the official revealed.

The Army Corps of Engineers would likely be in charge of overseeing the construction.

The organization would not build the wall itself, but would subcontract the project out, and then inspect it to make sure it meets specification and Defense Department standards.


Acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan is unlikely to oppose any such order for the military to build the wall.

After a Cabinet meeting last week on the border, he praised the Army Corps of Engineers for its work so far in restoring fences and the “building out of additional mileage for the wall.”

By getting rid of Mattis and having Patrick Shanahan replace him on an Acting basis as of January 1, 2019, assures that Mattis’ interference would be gone.

They ALL realize they can’t stop him! Congress can terminate a declared emergency, but it requires a two-thirds majority in both chambers. That would require 289 votes to terminate the declared emergency in the House (NEVER WILL HAPPEN IN A MILLION YEARS) and 67 votes to terminate the declared emergency in the Senate (I COULD SEE THIS).

Keep in mind that the House has 235 Democrats. They would need an additional 54 Republicans to vote with them. They could easily find 20-25 but not 54. Never forget that the House is up for reelection every two years.

From the article linked above:

The White House can use unspent funds to build a wall if President Donald Trump declares a national emergency and fends off various lawsuits, say lawyers cited in media reports.

The New York Times reported:

The Trump administration could point to two laws and say they allow officials to proceed with building a border wall without first obtaining explicit authorization and appropriations from Congress, according to Elizabeth Goitein, who oversaw the Brennan Center’s study and is a co-director of its Liberty and National Security Program.

One of the laws permits the secretary of the Army to halt Army civil works projects during a presidentially declared emergency and instead direct troops and other resources to help construct “authorized civil works, military construction and civil defense projects that are essential to the national defense.”


50 thoughts on “The Puzzle Has Come Together! The Wall Is Going To be Built

  1. I cant see how General Mattis cis unable to square the build out of the wall with national security. It is not a political stunt and US citizens agree. So, goodbye General Mattis and his team. TY for your past service but we need to get er done!

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  2. Love the way you work puzzles!!! Great article!

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    1. Larry Schweikart put this fabulous thread together today. He is absolutely right that Democrats are facing the abyss by fighting Border Security and Immigration!

      From the article linked above:

      She regained the gavel just over 96 hours ago, but there’s already bad news for Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi: Americans want border security.

      An Associated Press poll taken just before the shutdown shows that border security is among the top five concerns for the American people.

      A recent Gallup Poll — seen as the gold standard in polling — also reported that border security had moved into the top-two concerns for Americans just after the 2018 midterm elections.

      A Rasmussen Poll shows that nearly one-fourth of Americans would contribute their own money to build a border wall.

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  3. Just heard from one of “Snowdance’s Decepticons” talking with Harris Faulkner. Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) fully supports POTUS going over Chuck and Nancy’s head by taking message to American public. There’s a National Security vulnerability, a train of misery coming across the border.
    He listens to Border Patrol Leadership. Border Security is combination of 3 things – Barriers, Technology, People. No one size fits all. We need to give DHS flexibility to do what is needed where they deem necessary.
    Dems are pure hypocrisy, since they voted for in prior years…Never Trump and illegitimate President crowd don’t want to give POTUS a win. Not a good faith negotiation, if it were, we could solve in less than an hour.

    Is that the CoC opinion? Asking for a friend.

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    1. CofC? It is an illusion that they control anything…
      The Cabal/Deep State the DIMS and the uni-party…

      Some OT seem to have an outright aversion to saying Deep State which leads me to think they don’t acknowledge its existence. That is ignorant, to say the least.

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    1. THIS will devolve into UNWRA Palestinian Style Camps – continually monitored by leftist groups which will be slinging false accusations at President Trump. We need a WALL – not a permanent population of illegals on the Southern border!!!

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      1. We have the Senate majority –
        Why can’t they change the current law?

        Pence (again that snake in the grass) is supposed to be reigning in any Republicans opposing the wall, etc. GOOD LUCK WITH THAT… !!!!!


    2. 52,000 beds – that’s a small city!!!

      Any permanent detention facility will become a stinking, seeping infected sore in our nation.

      Just like ‘Occupy’ and Antifa – It will become a source of constant irritation, crime, violence, complaining, griping and accusations.

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  5. What the H!LL is Pence doing revealing content of POTUS’ speech?

    via zerohedge:

    …”The preview of Trump’s speech came thanks to Vice President Pence, who offered unveiled some of Trump’s expected remarks during appearances on three morning television shows Tuesday, arguing that the United States is facing an “undeniable crisis” at its southern border and urging Democrats to “come to the table” to negotiate an end to an impasse over the wall that has led to a partial government shutdown.

    “What I expect the president will do tonight is explain to the American people that we have a humanitarian and security crisis at our southern border,” Pence said on NBC’s “Today” show. “He’ll explain the need, not just to build a wall, which he’s determined to do, but also to provide our Border Patrol with additional resources, humanitarian and medical assistance, new technology.”

    Have I said how much I distrust Pence?

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    1. I failed to mention, zeroHedge is quoting Wacompost… C_A’s #1 mouthpiece… (I thought C_A was being dismantled… Brennan is still around though, right)

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    2. I don’t think Pence revealed anything. If someone asked me what I thought Pres. Trump would say tonight, I would say the same thing Pence did. The media is putting Pence on the spot with all their questions. He can’t say, “I don’t know.” He can’t say, “Pres. Trump doesn’t want me to reveal anything.” He gave the common sense answer.

      Pres. Trump never gives away his strategy. Right now his strategy is to keep this issue before the public in a major way. Tonight’s speech might just be more of that, without anything drastic. Those who are expecting a blockbuster announcement about a national emergency tonight might be disappointed. But we’ll see. At any rate, if there will be a national emergency declaration, Pence didn’t give it away.

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      1. of course Pence could have declined to say what POTUS is going to say…
        He could merely have said “POTUS is speaking to American people tonight… we will see.”

        If one reads the article linked, one finds that

        “… he is not expected to declare a national emergency that could empower him to move forward with construction without congressional consent.”

        That statement was derived from Pence.

        Will not argue about whether or not Pence should have said that… have already expressed my own opinion. ymmv

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        1. Yes, we are probably not going to agree. If Pence said Pres. Trump is not going to declare a national emergency tonight, I’m glad, because patriots are expecting a bombshell and I don’t think there will be one. I think it will just be about the facts, what we are currently doing, and what needs to be done. I’m expecting major disappointment in some quarters.

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  6. Tonight our President will speak for what is proper, just, and right for the citizens of the United States and the security of our sovereignty—and then he will be condemned by the few and media who are beholden to the ruling elite and corrupt powers who want to destroy this country.

    “He who justifies the wicked, and he who condemns the just—both are an abomination to the Lord.” (Proverbs 17:15–NKJV)

    “Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; who put darkness for light, and light for darkness; who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter.” (Isaiah 5:20–NKJV)

    May the Lord watch over and protect our President!!!

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  7. Kellyanne kicked Whining Jimmy in the gonads today. Hard. And then she did it again.

    So I’m in the mood to hear the genius that hired her.

    Bonus if the ACoE builds the wall – no graft to subcontractors. ACoE knows it will be under the magnifying glass and so will watch them like a hawk.

    I hope he puts the Israeli wall engineers in a consulting position. Drive the BDS punks nuts.

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  8. I am anxiously awaiting whatever our VSGPDJT will say. DH and I skipped our TEA Party meeting tonight to make sure we’d get home in time for PT’s address.


  9. “Old Mad Dog was not happy and would fight the request if it were to occur. That is why the President stated back in mid October that Mattis was a Democrat.”


    So the question becomes, did Mattis oppose the wall itself, or did Mattis oppose having the military build it?

    Can any sane person logically, credibly oppose ‘securing’ a nation’s border?

    The answer is indisputably ‘no’.

    So assuming Mattis is not insane, his reluctance was (apparently) to have the military build the wall.

    As the Secretary of Defense, whose chief purpose is to defend and protect these united States of America, Mattis cannot credibly oppose securing the border.

    And if no credible option is available BESIDES using the military to build the wall… how can Mattis oppose using the tools at his disposal to secure our border, in the absence of any other means or method to do it?

    These are wholly reasonable and fair questions, and I would have had Mattis answer them.

    Before I fired him.

    Whatever answer he gave, I would keep circling back to heart of the matter, and have him defend his opposition:

    1) as Sec. of Defense, your highest duty is to protect and defend the united States of America

    2) the southern border is being invaded, every single day, by thousands of illegal aliens, many of whom are an undeniable threat to the health and safety of Americans — your duty is to STOP that invasion from happening

    3) a wall is the most effective and most efficient means of securing ANY border — as any military man who ever read a book on military history would know. A physical barrier means you don’t need to post a MAN every 100 feet or less — a man who might be overwhelmed or easily outnumbered before reinforcements arrive. A wall solves that problem, and provides plenty of time for reinforcements to gather wherever an attempt to breach the wall might be made

    4) if the Democrat Party has become the Party of Treason, such that they not only abdicate their duty and obligation to protect our country but actively oppose anyone else trying to do so, then some other method is necessary to build the wall

    5) Mr. Mattis, if you have some other idea or plan, some other credible means of building the wall to secure our border, then by all means, spit it out, man.

    And if you DON’T, then why are we still talking?

    Why isn’t your butt — or someone you can count on to get the job done — on the border, right now, doing whatever is necessary in order to stop our country from being invaded?

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