House of Saddam Doubles Down

They’re nuts. The House of Commies, also known as the House of Jihad, or collectively as the House of Saddam, continues it’s psychotic slide into both secular and religious communism.

Ocasio-Cortez Defends Rashida Tlaib Calling Trump ‘Motherf**ker’: ‘I Got Your Back’

I don’t know, people, but there is something about these chicks. THE EYES.

So anyway, they’re doubling down.

Finer ears should turn back now. VULGARITY ENSUES.

Other than the massive leftist distortion of facts…….

…….I’m sorry, but describing tried-and-true lovemaking techniques in shockingly crude brevity is neither “admission” nor “sexual assault”, “Sandy”……..

…….AOC’s tweet is actually on point regarding the basic idea of hypocrisy.

However, she fails to connect her fine mind to the absolutely wrong LEVELS of outrage.

If Trump’s “locker room talk” was just that, then I would say the response of Republicans to Tlaib’s own locker room talk was just about pitch perfect.

However, thanks to pussy-grabbing (all 57 genders) leftist FAKE OUTRAGE, Trump’s “g-‘e-b-t-p” comment – WHICH HE HIMSELF DID NOT STATE PUBLICLY, BY THE WAY – was treated as something close to “world-ending” for two weeks. And Tlaib? Yeah. She got some outrage on Twitter for a day. I mean, “c’mon!” (in Jeb quotes).

Methinks the leftists doth protest too much AT ALL TIMES.

Seriously – they seem NUTS.

Tlaib is a criminal, by the way – easily checked out online. All sorts of fraud. The woman is a huge security risk. THAT is what people should really be talking about, when she’s not advocating for the destruction of Israel.

Hmmmm. Maybe that’s big, too.

As for AOC……


Just sayin’. Keep this one away from the red button.

AYE-YI-YI. Just another day in Commietown, D.C.


“We’ll take Future America door number two WITHOUT COMMUNISM.”

78 thoughts on “House of Saddam Doubles Down

  1. That’s right, Wolfie.
    There is a *big difference* between what Rashida Tlaib did and what PDJT did.

    Rashida was saying that to her 7 yr old son!
    With a microphone!
    In front of an audience.

    PDJT said what he said…in private.
    No microphone.
    No audience.

    And it pisses me off that the Dems keep saying he “admitted to sexual assault”…when that’s not what he said AT ALL.
    He was describing women who will “let you do anything” even “grab them by the pussy”.
    Key words there…”let you”.
    That means consensual.

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  2. Then there’s Kyrsten Sinema, Dem Senator from AZ. HuffPo has an article up with the headline – Kyrsten Sinema’s Swearing-In Look Was A Bold Queer Statement. She took her oath on a law book not a bible.

    Daily Mail has an article with more pictures comparing her to Dolores Umbridge from Harry Potter and Elle Woods from the movie Legally Blonde.

    These people are either insane or mocking us or both.

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    1. Sinema, Tlaib, and Occasional Cortex are more “The House of The Damned” than the House of Saddam.
      They are truly DEMONcRATs…

      The USA is being called here to separate the wheat from the chaff; to make a spiritual decision. The Devil himself is playing his hand here; we must counter with prayer, fasting, repentence, and support for returning the nation to its Christian roots as envisioned by the Founding Fathers.

      PRAY. For forgiveness, for guidance and strength, for wisdom, for restoration, and for salvation.
      And pray that the enemy is vanquished, and turned away from their evil ways…

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        1. “thought Islam had beliefs about how women of their faith should act, let alone speak.”

          Lady Penquin,

          Islam does, as indeed it has beliefs, and detailed, rigidly codified laws, for how everyone should act at all times. It is, after all, a totalitarian politico-legal system dressed up as a religion.

          But the highest principle of action in Islamic law is jihad, sacred warfare to spread the faith. Any otherwise prohibited action becomes lawful if it is necessary to advance the jihad.

          For example, it is unlawful for a Muslim to lie (though the manual lists pages of exceptions to this particular law.) And it is unlawful for a Muslim to take a non-Muslim as a friend. But, should it prove necessary to feign friendship with a non-Muslim in order to further the cause of jihad fi sabilillah (warfare in the path of Allah,) then there is a nice two-fer exception that permits any Muslim to do just that.

          And jihad is by no means restricted to planting an IED, building a homemade rocket in Gaza to shoot at an a Israeli kindergarten, or pulling the trigger on an AK-47. There are many forms of jihad, including jihad by hijra (migration – i.e. immigrating to a non-Muslim country and Havasu many babies as possible,) or jihad by charitable donation (i.e. funding the surface-to-kindergarten rocket program in Gaza, or other terror or military operations, for example.)

          One of the most important forms of jihad in the current era of civilization jihad against the West is jihad of the pen. This means writing or public speaking dedicated to promoting jihad indirectly, or with psychological warfare operations. This is the form in which Tlaib and the other Muslims who have sought congressional seats are fulfilling their Islamic duty.

          So, in summary, there are such beliefs, and she was acting in an exemplary fashion with regard to obeying them in their total context.

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            1. [begin quote]
              And if there does not exist an excuse which permits contentment with the heart-war, the war of speech is strictly enjoined upon all Muslims, and it is the duty of the masters of the pen to dissipate the darkness of the infidels and of infidelity with their pens, and the people of eloquence with their tongues; and the war of speech today is a duty decreed on the Islamic world in its entirety . No one is excepted from it, not even the Muslims who dwell in the interior of the land of Russia. But this kind of war is strictly enjoined upon all of them.
              [end quote]

              -from an Ottoman fatwa (Islamic legal ruling) issued from the Seat of the Caliphate, 1915.

              Quoted in Catastrophic Failure: Blinding America in the Face of Jihad by Stephen Coughlin, Kindle Edition, location 2186.


          1. All true, Covadonga. Plus, some are no doubt familiar with how Islam has partnered with Nazis, including Hitler, and Marxists (read The Red-Green Axis.)

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      1. Praying for justice from On High.
        Appealing to Heaven for every VEIL to be RIPPED away.

        What is whispered in secret, shouted from the housetops.

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  3. Muslim Brotherhood is so proud of their new operatives in Congress…

    and after having one of theirs in the White House putting hundreds in every branch of government, they are feeling so proud of themselves…so victorious…so smug.

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  4. So the LGBT thing is so last year. Transgender is in. They even have their own flag.


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  5. If we actually listen to Trump’s pu$$y tape, Trump expresses a kind of shock when he says “women let you grab them by the ####…. even the married ones”. Trump was correct, women ‘let’ it happen…. Isn’t it curious that it happens more frequently around tall, attractive, powerful, billionaires?
    The P-tape was in direct conflict with the prepackaged MeToo movement.
    Trump assumed women made their own decisions about pursuing or rebuffing sexual advances. MeToo assumes women are incapable of making their own decisions = women have no power = no consequences for bad decisions for women (cuz, VICTIM!) = double standard = no equality.
    Almost the entire meToo movement is made up of women who compromised themselves, sold out their ethics, for money, promotion, fame, power, access to power.
    Riddled with guilt over their bad decisions, decades later, they come together in a collective hug, to claim the mantle of ‘victim’….. as if it was a good thing. Blame someone else, a man, for their problems, instead of accepting responsibility for one’s own actions. Gee, that’s a bad model for a successful adult female.
    Ask any female exec during the 80’s. We all remember the women who were husband shopping in the workplace, or those who slept their way into middle management. Oh yes, we remember those women and we will not excuse their behavior 30 yrs later. Obviously, Hollywood and MSM is filled with women who compromised themselves and said nothing. They CHOSE to sell out.
    I’ve raised millions for a domestic violence shelter, real victims, both MEN and women. The MeToo movement is a disgrace to actual victims.

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  6. If Tlaib has said “we’re gonna impeach Trump!” I would have disagreed with her, but I would have defended her right to say it. I take exception with the language and disrespect she’s showing for not only President Trump, but the OFFICE itself. We need civility back on our streets, in our disagreements and in our politics. Or it will be mob rule soon…anything goes.
    I don’t agree with the …oh everyone says it theory. Many blacks call each other ni**er…would that be acceptable to say on the Senate floor?
    Once elected, they represent us–words matter. I do not want thugs in my government but if we don’t make a sound–if we excuse the behavior–we slide a little further down that slippery slope…
    getting off the soapbox now…

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    1. Why is this happening at airports? What is the subliminal message going on? I understand everyone has a tight yo believe what they want and freely practice their choice of religion, but why airports?

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      1. They have to pray six times a day I believe. Now they have the numbers it is just a case of taking over the place. They don’t care where they are as their religion is more important than anything else. Including our country. Rome fell from within.

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        1. Well, which is it? Are the women of Islam to be quiet? Or are the allowed to speak BS LOUDLY out in the open? Are they to be “Covered” up? Or Bald faced LIARS?

          Islam is INCOMPATIBLE with the AMERICAN way!

          “THEY” are NOT…… who “WE” are!

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          1. When I see them bent over like that, especially in a PUBLIC place, blocking the aisles, etc., I wish a flash mob of field-goal kickers would show up and practice a few kicks… and extra points if they clear the aisles…


      2. I’m wondering if they have to clear airport security to access the area they are using–don’t you have to have a ticket to do that?

        can I just decide to hold my band practice there?

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        1. If I had been there my hands would have been in the air and I’d be reciting the Lord’s Prayer followed by the singing of Amazing Grace. If it has become a public place of worship, I’ll gladly join in.

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          1. .
            Creeping sharia….
            Indianapolis airport officials have announced plans to add footbaths for Muslims who wish to wash before their five-times-daily prayer rituals,
            Several years ago, officials with Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix boasted of a new “customer service,” providing footwashing facilities for Muslims.
            Similar facilities have been built at Kansas City International, although airport officials repeatedly have insisted the washing facilities are for anyone aided by the presence of seating and low faucets.
            “In the airport’s cab lot (C-lot) they not only have footbaths but also a covered designated prayer area with ‘misters,’ benches, and prayer rugs,” he said. “If people other than Muslims go into the area, they are ‘swooped’ on by Islamic followers as to the intent of any non-Muslim.”

            All from an article written long ago (2007) so it’s moving the goalposts…they will now take it to the public space and dare anyone to criticize

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            1. If a woman or other “infidel” goes by while they’re praying, they have to start over, as they’re Haram. Maybe their Sharia Taqiyyah has some sort of loophole, but that was why the “break” room at a place I worked at over here was closed off during “prayers”.

              Funny (not) thing, they never had any place for us Christians to pray in peace… nor for the Jews…

              Creeping (creepy) Sharia MUST BE STOPPED NOW!

              It’s not “Islamophobia” when they’re trying to kill you, your family, and your culture!

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            2. Note to self…..

              Remember to enjoy a invigorating foot wash next time I fly through Phoenix or Indianapolis…..

              …….I really think EVERYONE should make the point to do the same 😉


      3. Those are two really good questions. My thoughts are as follows.

        Why airports: It is public. It suits their information campaign- This is now Muslim space.

        What is the message: Islam means to submit. Your culture will accommodate Islam. If you do not you will be vilified, reviled, and mocked. Muslims believe you are too weak to resist. They take over your streets, your airports, your cultural festivals, and say it is my country, my culture. Allahu akbar.

        The Borg Collective is a metaphor for Islam. Resistance is futile.

        The most effective way to fight this cultural intrusion is to use their own cultural standards against them. Muslim culture is based on honor and shame. President Trump’s response to the Congressional rep from Michigan was perfect. She dishonored her faith, her family, and herself. That is a powerful rebuttal. If you want to criticize a Muslim then respond to their actions by saying they are dishonoring Islam and themselves. That is your most effective tool short of physical threat.

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        1. The most effective way to fight this cultural intrusion is to use their own cultural standards against them. Muslim culture is based on honor and shame. President Trump’s response to the Congressional rep from Michigan was perfect. She dishonored her faith, her family, and herself. That is a powerful rebuttal. If you want to criticize a Muslim then respond to their actions by saying they are dishonoring Islam and themselves. That is your most effective tool short of physical threat

          Amen! Trump NAILED her.

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        2. Another reason is that the thought of doing anything against it scares the willies out of people, as the image and memory of 9/11 is still in everyone’s mind.

          And the Moslems are using that to their benefit, and to the spread of Mohammedanism’s benefit…

          Submit? Forget about it.

          The only ONE to whom I will submit, on bended knee, is my LORD and Saviour Jesus Christ, GOD the Father, and the Holy Spirit of God, that is to say, GOD.

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          1. OMG – you just gave me MOTIVE on the ASSISTED EVENT of 9/11. Red-green axis.

            It ALL fits – all the way back. AND this fits with Osama’s “hidden screed” – one of his releases as Afghanistan fell, which alleged a larger plot against America.


  7. – – · –


    This is your target, folks–609 comments!

    That’s one for each day the Banned Wagon has been rolling, that’s how long ago I was banned from Can’t Tolerate Heterodoxy a/k/a The Eeyore Tree a/k/a Banhammer Central.

    – – · –

    Let the trumpets be heard! Let the Letter Q be seen and heard around the world!

    – – · –

    Oh, and someone please get Marica out of the dumps.

    – – · –

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  8. Where will we go from here? I agree with those who say this is a spiritual battle and that we must decide where we stand and pray, but what about non-Christian Leftists? Will the rank and file continue to follow these vile people who have subversive ideas, or will they reach a point where they say “Wait a minute. This is not how I want my country to be.” (When, really, this is not what the country IS.) Or maybe they’ll realize this is not the example they want for their children.

    They accuse Pres. Trump of being everything evil under the sun and then excuse their bad behavior because they are acting against him. I don’t know how this can continue to escalate. It feels as if something needs to happen to wake people up, or as if something is going to happen.

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    1. I’ve never seen a person win an argument with a Tsunami.

      The good Lord has sent His Holy Spirit like a Tsunami
      into many dark places in response to the cry of His people.

      Let us raise up a cry to Heaven.
      Lord have mercy!


  9. “They’re nuts. The House of Commies, also known as the House of Jihad, or collectively as the House of Saddam,”


    Or the House of Sodom.

    Everything they stand for or believe in manifests itself in sin.


  10. All Alexandria needs is a good spanking.

    A public spanking.

    Well, that’s not all she needs, but it would be a good start.


  11. “Ocasio-Cortez Defends Rashida Tlaib Calling Trump ‘Motherf**ker’: ‘I Got Your Back’”


    She is (purposely) making herself into a lightning-rod; she is intentionally provoking as much animosity as she possibly can.

    With premeditation.

    Which is an awful, hideously divisive thing to do.

    It’s an Alinsky tactic (naturally), but she can’t possibly realize the crap-storm she is bringing down on herself.

    She’s going to learn though.

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