Globalists Are Seeing Their World Being Turned Upside Down With Absolutely No End In Sight

The problem for the Globalist is that the Economies around the world are beginning to contract at a much faster rate than they all could have expected. Germany had a -0.2% real GDP rate for the 3rd quarter. Germany is the European Union. If Germany fails you can kiss the EU goodbye. France is also struggling massively. The tweets below show the difference between our country and theirs.

The USA real GDP rate for 2018 is well on its way to reaching 3% for the year. The Atlanta Federal Reserve has the 4th quarter GDP rate at 2.6%.

Also December’s Jobs Repprt sent shockwaves through the Globalists bodies.

China is truly in a world of hurt! They are doing everything humanly possible to keep their paper economy from going up in smoke. If a trade deal is not reached by March 1st, the 10% tariff on the $200 billion dollars worth of imports will become 25%. The tariffs are destroying them. The Globalist know it as well.

Our Wilburine has said that they have to feel pain in order to change their ways. PAIN is exactly what they are feeling with no end in sight. Keep in mind our President has an additional $267 billion dollars he can place tariffs on. He is keeping that for now in his back pocket.

Not sure how many of you are aware of the deals Secretary Perry is finalizing in Eastern Europe for the sale of our LNG. It is staggering to be honest. By 2019, we will have five LNG terminals that will be able to process and deliver LNG anywhere in the world. These deals are anywhere from 20 to 25 years in length.

The Russians are completely losing their minds seeing all of this taking place in their own backyard and there is absolutely nothing they can do to stop it!

Hungary and Poland are truly humming when you look at their real GDP rates this year! They ABSOLUTELY can afford to buy our LNG in mass amounts.


1st Q GDP – 4.8%

2nd Q GDP – 4.7%

3rd Q GDP – 5.0%


1st Q GDP – 5.0%

2nd Q GDP – 5.2%

3rd Q GDP – 5.7%

Here are couple interesting articles about US LNG production and export terminals.

10 Incredible Facts About American LNG Exports – 9/9/18

5 LNG Export Projects Investors Should Know About – 8/31/18

43 thoughts on “Globalists Are Seeing Their World Being Turned Upside Down With Absolutely No End In Sight

    1. Rick Perry has done an awesome job for this administration and country…not to mention for Eastern Europe, getting them freed from Russian oil, pressure and influences.

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        1. While I respect you tremendously Wolf…….
          Pence?…. Wife Got an envelope at GHWB funeral and other rumors…..
          Perry?…… Attended Globalist meeting where ALL presidents had been (Minus Trump)
          As I remember… Perry was all for the transnational highway from Mexico to Canada and
          was all for the “North American Union?

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  1. Remember the BIG LIE about ‘fossil fuels’…..Remember Jimmy Carter’s oil crisis and gas lines?

    Who would have ever thought the US would be a MAJOR OIL EXPORTER 5-10 years ago?

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    1. Yeah, pretty much unreported from what I can tell. Keep shouting it from the rooftops, Flep! Citizen journalism is having an effect more and more everyday…which is why they are trying so hard to shut it down. People are listening…it’s how Donald Trump got elected…it’s there to see in the streets of Paris and the rest of France and throughout Europe…spread the word my friend, with joy (patriotic joy drives globalists into a frenzy).

      You, sir, are appreciated here.

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  2. Flep!! Rick Perry has always been one of my personal favorites…What he is accomplishing in regards to LNG Exports with Poland and Hungary has been brilliant–but very much under the radar. Thank you for getting this out to all!! POTUS should be VERY Happy with his Energy Sec.

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    1. I think our President loves the job Secretary Perry is doing. Perry absolutely loves his job and is doing his work on behalf of our President and this country under the radar. I would not be shocked that he will be the next one the crazies go after.

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  3. Ah yes, Rick Perry.

    I’ve pointed it out before, but it ain’t going to stop me from doing it again:

    When he had that choke session a couple of elections ago and couldn’t remember all three of the departments he wanted to get rid of, the one he couldn’t remember was…energy!!

    I do hope he’s working to get rid of it now.

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      1. Oh, no….not criticizing him at all! I just love the irony. It was one of PDJT’s ultimate trolls!

        Imagine what the dedicated “I believe in the DOE Mission” types must have thought when the guy who couldn’t even remember them on his list of cuts was put in charge!!! ROFL!!

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  4. Big Joe, my favorite Trump supporting weatherman, says it looks like Europe and the US are in for a long winter – with greater than average energy demands.

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    1. Yep. I’m not about to enjoy the (winter) weather, but it’s the only weather I’ve got (to paraphrase Joe)…

      One of the best weather guys out there, at WeatherBell.

      Shows the snowflakes and the Manniacs have no clue. Because there’s NO GORE-BULL WARMING!!!
      And, thanks to the idiotic greens (Watermelons, really, Green on the outside, RED on the inside, and mostly RED at that), our energy prices here in beautiful downtown Deutschland have been skyrocketing…

      Hope and pray the elections this year put the AfD in a much better position (more seats in the Bundestag, more officials (mayors, local legislatures, etc.) as well)…

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  5. Those GDPs in Hungary & Poland are staggering compared to socialist, globalist EU.

    How anyone can not look at these numbers you are reporting, the yellow jacket protests, and USA’s incredibly positive job numbers and not think … hmmm, socialism, globalism hmmm

    Thank you SO MUCH for being willing to expand our knowledge on this site, Flep. It’s a real boon 😊

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  6. I was looking at a piece of property in Cameron Parish, LA, on the beach to the Gulf. All of a sudden, it was no longer available. Why? Huh? It had been for sale for years….
    Well, I started poking around, to find out what happened and found out a 6 BILLION dollar facility, to export LNG is going in. Hot Dog! MAGA baby!
    Then I found this, total investment is 117 billion and several facilities.
    USA is rockin’

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