Dear MAGA: Open Topic 20190105

This special RISE AND FALL OF THE OBAMA-JARRETT WALL SATURDAY open thread is VERY OPEN – a place for everybody to post whatever they feel they would like to tell the White Hats, and the rest of the MAGA world.

Say what you want, comment on what other people said, comment on people’s comments.  Keep it civil.  Treehouse rules, but expect lots of QAnon.

Remember – your greatest gift to President Trump is FIVE WORDS:


See the January 1st daily thread for the rules of the road, which are few but important.

As our WALL is risen, let the enemy walls fall into uselessness by greater design.


434 thoughts on “Dear MAGA: Open Topic 20190105

  1. Hopefully this works📁
    What happens when all ‘insiders’ know the news is FAKE?
    What happens when all ‘insiders’ know [AS] is the leak of false data?
    What happens when a member of the House Intel Comm purposely leaks FAKE & FALSE data to ‘friendly’ news sources in order to maintain & portray a FALSE NARRATIVE to the public?
    How do you build a case against a member of the House Intel Comm if they themselves have access to the intelligence?
    What critical ‘mission’ did SESSIONS publicly announce re: leaks?
    Why did SESSIONS make this PUBLIC?
    Optics are important.
    Control of the NARRATIVE.
    RE: MUELLER deleted ‘critical’ text messages between PS+LP?
    Re_read Re: [MUELLER] designed to….
    The ‘MUELLER’ insurance policy has expired.

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    1. Be sure to read comments to the THREAD… lots of good researchers commenting… connecting some dots
      Here’s a few:

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  2. This is the Twitter feed on link

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  3. from Q research board:

    “Deep State/Dems attempt to cover up terrorists coming across Southern Border?

    Found this interesting, considering Pelosi was trying to dismiss DHS facts. Apparently there was a report released confirming that terrorists enter our Country through the Dems beloved open borders, but pulled after Dems took over. It has since been restored, so I would advise taking a look at it while it’s still there, and don’t forget to archive offline!

    Attached are related pics and links.

    Click to access 396705631-SIA-Report-2018.pdf

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      1. A guy who knows how to do massive construction projects, in unsavory and even corrupt places, on time and under budget probably knows a thing or two about managing how large sums of money are spent.

        I look at the shutdown, the elevation of Mulvaney to Chief of Staff and this Q post together, and I think PDJT is about to massively change how the federal government spends money. Alas, if I am right I suspect much of his success on this front will occur very quietly.

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    1. 2644

      5 Jan 2019 – 12:45:01 PM


      (2 days ahead of schedule)

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        1. On drop 2646 Q references a drop from a year ago (1/7/18). and then the link to POTUS tweet today (1/5/19). So apparently they’re tied together in some way.

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          1. So I went back and looked at drops from 1/7 through the end of January. Lots of BOOMS this month, if those drops were foretelling of our present.

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  4. I know the anon is up and running on the first warmish day we’ve had in weeks, but I have to spout off. The Porsche SUV was bad enough, but teeny tiny BMWs with battery power? Really? Messing with nice cars? Honestly, if Hennessey and Keonigsegg go that direction, we’re lost. Wasn’t taking real light bulbs from us bad enough? I realize soft white bulbs are now available with off wattages, and so those of us with Irlen are in alt, but jeez.

    Okay, back to MAGA and defeating the cabal.

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  5. There is NO place within any of our military services for those who are mentally ill – period! Sad to say, Gen Z is also very accepting of the gay lifestyle.

    “A poll of United States service members and veterans finds that only 39 percent approve of transgender individuals serving in the military.

    When the sex of the respondent is a factor, the poll – which surveyed the views of 1,031 service members and veterans – shows that 37 percent of male members approve of transgender troops, while 62 percent of females approve.

    Only 32 percent of the Greatest Generation (World War II) approve of transgender troops, while 39 percent of Baby Boomers, 42 percent of Generation X, and 55 percent of Millennials approve.”

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  6. Eliminate the alien invaders from your state, and you will lose a congressional district with next census. This is what terrifies the dems and rinos. A wall will mean the loss of congress critters.

    The wall is more important than we know..

    What happened at the first session of the 116th Congress? We saw a handful of powerful Republicans cross over to the Dim side, betraying POTUS and the promise of a wall. HJR 1 and HR 21 which do not include funding for the wall were passed. Which Republicans broke and voted with the Dims?

    Rep Will Hurd Texas 23rd District voted for both
    Rep Brian Fitzpatrick PA First District voted for both
    Rep John Katko NY 24th District voted for both
    Rep Chris Smith NJ voted bor HJ1 only
    Rep Elise Stepanik NY 21st District voted for both
    Rep Fred Upton Mich 6th District voted for HR 21
    Rep Greg Walden of Oregon 2nd District voted for HR 21
    Rep Peter King NY 2nd District voted for HR 21 (King supports DACA)

    ICYMI, VP Pence has been assigned the job of reigning in the rogue Republicans who are on the fence/wall …

    More recent VPs have known their job to be ‘hatchet man’… for almost 2 yrs now Pence has avoided this role… in the last few days he has spoken out in support of POTUS’s agenda for the wall.

    Let’s hope Pence is able to pull these eight onto POTUS’s agenda…

    And, keep in mind that the Census is coming up… most politicians realize that the wall will be built, illegals will, under President Trump, be deported, and Census numbers will come down, districts will be eliminated, and some will lose their jobs. California is set to lose BIGLY… in terms of voles for Dims, in terms of loss of seats in the House

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    1. Sorry to those who really like him but I do NOT trust Pence. I have found from experience that the most devout are oftentimes the most devious as well. We shall see…..again, I DO trust PDJT so…..

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        1. kind of on the fence because of Wolfie, but Dave Janda and others have made me worry he can’t be trusted, that he is a Bush insurance policy.

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  7. Christianity is certainly facing a worldwide battle for it’s continued existence….

    “Laos has been tightening restrictions on Christian practice as an unwelcome Western influence, mirroring the situation of other Asian communist nations.

    During the Christmas holidays, incidents of arrests, harassment, and censure of expressions of the Christian feast were reported around the country.

    Nine police officers raided a Nakanong Village Christmas service on December 29 and arrested three church leaders on charges of illegally gathering for worship in the country’s southern Savannakhet province without government permission.”

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  8. I will leave it to others to post the jpg.

    Do you notice any similarities?
    D’s attempt to turn the public against our police, ICE, and those who continually serve the public interest (protect)?
    Open borders w/ no Immigration & Customs Officials to safeguard the people?
    EU gov’t attempt to turn the police against the people re: yellow vest protests?
    Police vs People _ EU
    D’s attempt to sway public vs Police/ICE _ US
    A war against GLOBALISM.
    A war to retain SOVEREIGNTY.
    FAKE NEWS push of racism, fascism, sexism, every other …’ism’ etc…. against those seeking to END GLOBALISM in favor of NATIONALISM (pride of heritage and culture – preservation & security/safety) is DESIGNED TO KEEP YOU SUBMISSIVE.
    Why do D’s deploy and use ‘racism’ as their ‘go-to’ tactic when an argument or narrative cannot factually be substantiated?
    They want you DIVIDED.
    Posse Comitatus Act.

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  9. Joe M has a THREAD and lots of other interesting tweets

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      1. Speaking of never Trumpers: Is National Review still in business? I used to read “Goldfish’s” columns before the 2015 rebellion. VDH is about the only one I follow anymore. It is funny how alliances change. Politics is much more fluid than I previously thought.

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  12. The WALL is KEY to restoring US solvency!

    All those benefits going to illegals are subsidizing cheap imported corporate labor and imported illegal Democrat voters.

    Those who work for a living are paying the way of those leeches who vote for a living and the leeches in DC.

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  13. I signed!

    Petition Title: The removal of Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) from office, do to inappropriate and unstable actions becoming of a congresswoman.

    Do to Rashida Tlaib actions and profanity, she is unfit to be a congresswoman. Her rude display and lack of respect for our sitting President was uncalled for. Her immediate removal from her seat is just and warranted. Do to her hatred towards our president, I feel she is a national security threat.

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        1. I agree…her language usage is indicative of her personal bias against the President.
          For all their claims of restoring “civility” to government, the moment the new House took office, this was their conduct. Their inability to act appropriately is unbecoming and a threat to the President’s security.

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    1. I’m just going to throw this out here….IMO, it is foolish to focus on her language. I mean, come on – one of their biggest complaints about our VSG is his language (which is The People’s language) so are we not falling into the same trap here? Again, JMO. Her ideology is the problem, which includes her hatred for everything the US and our Constitution represent. PDJT is just a convenient focal point and I feel it detracts from our focus on the true dangers to worry about the dirty words she used.

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      1. I’m not going to defend some of Trump’s language at times, but there are certain words I have not heard him use, and there are certain venues where I feel he would not use inappropriate language, and I would not call use of “MF” “the people’s language.’ Not the people I know.

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        1. I hear it every day I go to work, not the least being from my direct boss. I agree on the venue. But this language is just a fact of life among the younger crowds – I kid you not! I would guess you will hear it on every side at almost any mall in the country.


          1. I remember my mother would wash my brother’s mouth out with soap. He’s in his late 50’s now, and to this day he doesn’t use foul language, and it wasn’t only for the language punishment was meted out, it was for disrespect. Bad language is just a symptom. But our society has been rapidly coarsening, I agree.

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            1. Yep – LOL – my brother got the soap A LOT!!!! I remember one time, when we were attending an all-in-one-room country school, the teacher took a really thick history book and whacked him on the back of the head! We girls loved it! I believe that one was over a garter snake in her desk drawer. And agree wholeheartedly – it is a symptom.

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      2. Maybe focusing on her language is missing the larger point of her utter unsuitability.

        But I’ll say this. I’m not exactly a prude and can swear like a sailor, and perhaps it is a generational thing but I don’t believe I have ever used the word M**********. It sounds shockingly out of bounds to me. Especially when her words are taken in context. She is having this wonderful, warm, inspirational moment with her son about bullying and says m***********. It is cringe inducing, and frankly seems abusive to me. Who would say that to a child?

        But probably hip hop has been blaring that word for so long that it is no longer shocking to younger people and is perhaps used commonly even in front of kids in certain circles, I don’t know.

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        1. That really was all I was trying to point out – we all know she has no respect whatsoever for our President and the times PDJT has used cuss words have been appropriate, IMO, and well-deserved. And, tbh, I have used the word myself – in an all-male environment, one is sometimes required to assert oneself in a manner that leaves no question of your ability to stand up for yourself and maintain equilibrium. Otherwise, you are seen as a victim. At least, that has been my experience.

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            1. I’m also well alware there are other big reasons this woman is unqualified for her office, like, as Wolfmoon points out, being a huge security risk. Just had to address the language issue, and the issue of the dignity of the office she holds, and that of the president. Sorry now I’m rambling and rehashing. Lol. Time to get off here for a while and make dinner.

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              1. This didn’t quite work out. It’s a tweet of a meme with a pic of PDJT and it has his words written across it, “On Rashina Tlaib: She dishonored her family and herself.” I particularly liked that statement of his as it was to the point and dignified. The meme also says, “Purposeful phrasing, master troll level. He just pointed out to her family/community that she’s broken sharia law.”

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        2. Sad to say, that horrible expression has been part of street vernacular for at least six decades, if not longer.

          Richard Pryor (I think it was him) had a hilarious routine about a “Brother” trying to order an Egg McMuffin at the drive-thru… took him about five minutes (and tons of attempts) before he could actually sound out Egg McMuffin…

          Still, the fact that “everybody does it” doesn’t make it right, same as tons of people overeating, binge-drinking, smoking, or base-jumping don’t make those activities healthy… (Argumentum ad Populum)…

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            1. No, not unless the original term has been hijacked for an entirely different meaning!

              But that’s a creative attempt to explain it!

              BASE is an acronym for building, antenna, span, earth, (though in trying to remember it just now before looking it up I guessed bridge, antenna, skyscraper, earth.)

              Anyway, it’s an extreme sports, illegal in many jurisdictions, of low altitude skydiving or paragliding.

              To play, you’re supposed to jump off the top of one of each of the first three things, then jump from the rim of a large sinkhole of some kind into the ground.

              It claims quite a few fatalities each year, and is much more dangerous than jumping out of planes, due to the low altitude involved.

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              1. Thank you for explaining, Covadonga. I live so much out of the world, don’t know these things.


            2. I remember watching in the summer of 2001 a really well done TV documentary on a BASE jumper.

              The building chosen for this fellow’s adventure was one of the towers of the WTC. He had a friend working in the restaurant on the top floor let him in to an area where he could open an emergency exit and go out with the parachute he’d smuggled in under his jacket.

              For earth, he jumped from ground level on the rim of a really spectacular horizontal cave in northwestern Mexico. It went down the equivalent of quite a few stories, to an underground lake at the bottom.

              The Twin Towers connection is what makes me so certain of the year, after all this time. The memory of watching that documentary so recently hit me really hard on 9/11, along with the thought that fast-tracking Timothy McVeigh’s execution, which had also just happened that summer, was just a huge mistake, considering that he had been seen talking with “a Middle Eastern man” right before the Oklahoma City bombing.

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        3. That particular kind of language is a gateway behavior to other more lurid behavior. Next thing you know that Congressional Rep will be marching in Gay Pride parades or endorsing sanctuary cities If it is not arrested early I have even heard rumors that some even vote for someone from San Francisco to be Speaker. Laws of the Universe#51: Bad judgment is a security risk.

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  14. My hometown!!!! Hmm….not sure if this is good or bad, TBH.

    “Norfolk is receiving some welcome national publicity after being selected as Nebraska’s best place to live and then reported by USA Today.

    In its Friday edition, the USA Today newspaper story identified one city from each state to be included in their national rankings. Norfolk came in at number 27, while LeMars, Iowa, was ranked 15th and Pierre, S.D., was 41st.

    The list of 50 top cities was done by 24/7 Wall St., which is financial news and opinion company. The company’s research and content are republished by many of the largest news sites, including MSN Money, Yahoo!, USA Today and The Huffington Post.”

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  15. EXCLUSIVE: ‘They got nothing!’ Roger Stone says he is being ‘harassed’ by Mueller investigators who ‘tracked down his temporary maid to ask if he was meeting with Russians at his home and went through his garbage’

    Roger Stone, 66, claims he is being harassed by prosecutors who he says have even interviewed his temporary cleaning lady – whose name he didn’t know

    The Trump confidant, who has been dragged into the Mueller investigation, says agents have interviewed 19 of his friends and even rummaged through his trash

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  16. Not much headway with the Democrats on Border Security …..meeting again tomorrow.

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  17. “…Will China be the hyperpower of the 21st century? Answer: No. Its population will get old before it’s got rich…

    Unfortunately, as Tucker Carlson noted in the American context the other night, it’s easier for the state to demolish the family than to rebuild it. China wound up with an unintended Cultural Revolution: The cultural norm of having households with multiple children faded away so totally that, even when it’s no longer illegal to have two kids, very few Chinese want to; they’ve gotten out of the habit. In Germany, by comparison, there are many, many childless couples, but you’ll also run across the occasional parents who have two, three, or maybe even four kids, and thus keep the idea of family alive. When the state is powerful enough to insist that every couple has no more than one child, the notion of a big family doesn’t even survive as a minority pastime. If no one’s seen a two-child household for two generations, the rhythms of life shift – and are hard to shift back…”

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    1. In Germany, from wht I have read it is mainly the Turks and other muslims that have the big families, eventually becoming the majority, able to take over and impose their world view on the larger society.

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        1. Very true. The Holy Land Foundation trial documents found from Muslim Brotherhood unindited co-conspirators–think Obama had something to do with topping their prosecution.

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      1. We can’t overlook the psychological aspects either. Germany for example…individuals working hard to make up for what happened overly tolerant for things that seem unfair. Immigrants receiving homes, stipends..then the constant message..low native birthrate..they certainly must make way for these cultures pumping babies out like rabbits. Low native birthrates..why? Because of public subtle messaging to be career first? Have less children in order to give them more? Don’t have children of your own..mentor/ many in need.
        The govt and media have teamed together to demoralize society

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      2. Many Christians are having large families. My extended family, for instance (the younger ones) has an average of three children per family. At Christian retreats we attend (Freizeit), there are often families with seven or eight children, and sometimes 10 or 12. It’s not just the Moslems having kids, but sometimes it seems that way.

        One thing that might exacerbate that view is that multiple wives from marriages made before “immigrating” to Germany are legal, up to four. Considering the average of five children per Moslem woman, that would make 25 persons (eventually) from each Moslem “immigrant”. So far, that nightmare hasn’t come to pass.
        They’re still a long way from taking over, though Merde-kel is doing all she can to help them.

        Most of the rest of us have other ideas… and elections this year in Germany should reflect that…

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        1. I hope so Cuppa. We all are hampered by the fake news which of course shows the angle they want to amplify. What would we know without bits of truth seeping out from people like you? Thanks

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        2. Cuppa, very glad to have your account of the Christians having nice big families, but from the projections I’ve seen regarding Europe, including Germany, I’m afraid the trends sound pretty dire. Would love to be wrong.

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        3. The Moslems need to be careful not to believe their own propaganda. (Good luck with that.) About a decade ago I had the data, but the Moslem controlled nations were all well replacement level. The situation was dire enough that Al Jazeera had a broadcast discussion about it on the Arabic-only channel (where they thought no one from the West would be watching) which went into detail on the demographic crisis and what it would mean for Islam.

          The Westernized Moslem propaganda tries to show Islam growing through geometric growth and taking over the United States. I hate to tell them, but the Mormons already had that idea and still haven’t taken over. Moreover, even if they did sustain that level of population growth, which given the siren call of Western over-population propaganda is a highly questionable assumption, they are so far behind that apart from massive conversion it will take many many generations to catch up. Even the Mormon growth stats compared against the rate of decline of the Southern Baptist Convention membership shows it’s going to take a VERY long time before the Mormons overtake the SBC.

          Meanwhile, a strange thing happened in America. Christians get married and start families. Go figure. No wonder the Left hates us. Like they love to throw in our faces, demography is destiny.

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    2. “If no one’s seen a two-child household for two generations, the rhythms of life shift – and are hard to shift back…”

      And everyone has been bombarded with anti-multiple child propaganda by the Communist government that controls all communications…

      On Frank Gaffney’s Secure Freedom Radio podcast last month they were speculating that the government controls might get reversed, and the society might turn into a real life 21st century version of The Handmaid’s Tale.

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  18. Iran Pushes Warships Closer to US Waters, Plans To Close In On Atlantic

    A top commander in Iran’s navy said Friday that Iran, which is contesting America’s right to put an aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf, will deploy warships in the Atlantic Ocean.

    The group of warships is expected to set sail in March, according to Rear Adm. Touraj Hassani, Iran’s naval deputy commander. Hassani spoke to the state-controlled IRNA media outlet.

    “The Atlantic Ocean is far and the operation of the Iranian naval flotilla might take five months,” he told IRNA, Reuters reported.

    “By their continuous presence in international waters, Iranian naval forces aim to implement the orders of commander-in-chief of the armed forces (Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei), wave the flag of the Islamic Republic of Iran, thwart the Iranophobia plots, and secure shipping routes.”

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    1. Tough question for Iranian Naval leaders: How does Iran re-purpose a Zodiac as an aircraft carrier? I think they are going to have to steal some intellectual property to solve that one.

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  19. The Commies are shameless. Not one pol from Ca acknowledged LEO Singh’s sacrifice in the line of duty…forget the illegal alien killer part…but on a human level for his loss of life, his family…nothing.

    But today…we’ve got the ” my heart breaks” tweets to victims in Torrance…a bowling alley scuffle that they’ve elevated into a mass shooting..guns are bad incident.
    Kamala Harris, Ted Lieu…leading the pack but not a single kind word for a LEO murdered…but the underbelly gun toting teens…
    They’re indecent..all of them.

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    1. Yes, the left despises LEO’s. The typical useful idiot leftist has a childish understanding of what LEO’s do for use in protecting us and keeping us safe: the ONLY see them through the lens of TEH FEELZ, they hate LEO’s for being “mean” and for “doing bad things”, roughly the same level of respect of a toddler having a tantrum has for his parents. They have a bigoted, prejudiced, vile anger against any law enforcement. If you have trouble understanding this foolishness, it’s because you keep using LOGIC as the basis of your reasoning, and not the immature intellect of an emotionally unregulated man-child.

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  20. OK – past time for me to post a funny. Here goes – on letterhead from the “Bill Clinton Monument Committee, Little Hope, AR”

    Dear Friend:

    We have the distinguished honor of being on the committee for raising five million dollars for a statue of Bill Clinton to be placed in the Hall of Fame in Washington, D.C.

    We, the committee, were in a quandary as to where to place the statue. It was not wise to place it next to the statue of George Washington, who never told a lie, nor beside Jessie Jackson, who never told the truth, because Clinton could never tell the difference.

    We finally decided to place it next to Christopher Columbus, the greatest Democrat of all. He left home not knowing where he was going, and upon arrival, didn’t know where he was, and returned home not knowing where he had been. He even did it all on borrowed money.

    Over 5000 years ago, Moses said to the children of Israel, “Pick up your shovels, mount your asses and camels, and I will lead you to the promised land.”

    Nearly 5000 years later, Franklin Roosevelt said, “Lay down your shovels, sit on your asses, light a Camel, this is the promised land.”

    Now Bill Clinton is stealing your shovels, kicking your asses, raising the price of Camels, and mortgaging the promised land. If you are one of the fortunate few who has any money left after paying taxes, we would greatly appreciate a generous donation as a contribution to this very worthwhile project.

    The Bill Clinton Committee

    P.S. It has been rumored that Bill Clinton is considering changing the emblem of the Democrat Party from a donkey to a condom…..because… not only stands for inflation, but it protects a bunch of big pricks, it halts all production, and gives you a false sense of security while you’re being screwed.

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  21. Here’s a good one from OT about DHS research on the border. Worth trying:

    ‘dd_sc says:
    January 5, 2019 at 3:56 pm

    ‘An interesting experiment is mass psychology/group think.

    ‘Take that presentation by Sec. Nielsen, rebrand it as a DNC internal research report and start leaving copies in the local coffee shops and break rooms among the other newspapers and magazines. Wait and see if the liberals you know start quoting the figures.’

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  22. Yep!

    Sorry Nancy and Chuck – but that wall is an absolute fact and it’s been well underway since 2017.

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  23. This is a 53-minute-long film you can run in the background about the gilets jaunes — yellow jackets:

    The Frenchman that Sarah Westall interviewed says that there is no gilets jaunes leader on purpose. Everyone is equal and no one speaks for the rest.

    He says he is nearing his 40th birthday and felt it was time to join them: ‘All you need is a yellow jacket, nothing else’.

    He said he has felt for much of his life as if he was being cheated at poker, an analogy for elected officials and national/EU policies impoverishing the average citizen: ‘Okay, one or two hands you lose, but when you are losing every time, you must be surrounded by cheaters’.

    He says that he does not identify with the violent supposed gilets jaunes that the media are now cramming into every news clip. He says most are peaceful, as is he. He has a wife and a family and he wants to live a quiet life. However, when so many French people cannot make ends meet, they have got together to participate in quiet demonstrations.

    He was most critical of Macron, a ‘little pr*ck we never even heard of until 18 months ago’, who ‘has insulted the French more times than any president in the last 60 years’ and who won with only a fifth of the vote. Many people voted ‘blanc’ (blank) or abstained that day.

    He’s articulate and polite. Well worth a listen.

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  24. Kirstjen Nielsen, apparently, is ‘long overdue’ for an oversight hearing:

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    1. Like

    2. That’s BS, she testified last month. They were reaming her about the little girl that died, among other things. Remember Drama Queen Gutierrez went off about Jesus had no Wall in Egypt and left when she tried to respond?😃

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      1. Neilson should just show up…and then LEAVE.

        Same with Wilbur Ross.

        I hope they just show up, then leave!

        What are the Dems going to do?
        They have no power to do anything to them.

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  25. PDJT still waiting for Dems:

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  26. Glenn Greenwald, not necessarily a Trump supporter, asks questions about Mueller’s investigation:

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  27. Southwest Key, the illegal children housing company SD wrote about last year:

    ‘Inquiry Into Migrant Shelters Poses Dilemma: What Happens to the Children?’

    ‘ … Southwest Key, which has pulled in $1.7 billion over the past decade, is being investigated by the Justice Department after a New York Times article documented possible financial improprieties and poor management. The charity stockpiled tens of millions in taxpayer dollars with little government oversight, possibly engaged in self-dealing with top executives and paid them significantly higher than the federal salary cap for migrant shelter grants.’

    Juan Sanchez, founder of Southwest Key, has one over the US government. If his shelters close, there are fewer facilities for illegal migrant children.


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