Fashion News: House of Saddam

Enjoy this bit of PR nonsense. 😉


HOUSE OF COMMIES and HOUSE OF JIHAD are pleased to announce a new fashion line and cooperative venture named for the exploits of General H. R. McMaster, who helped this joint venture achieve the remarkable success that it has now achieved, with the elections of both Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Rashida Tlaib to Congress.

Our new fashion line, named in honor of a truly historic stalwart of the non-existent communist-Islamist (Baathist) alliance, will be called:


General McMaster, who said that there was now NO SUCH THING as a communist-Islamist axis, after utterly destroying it (WINK, WINK) in the highly successful Iraq War, is considered a founding father of our new brand, along with former Director and current Protector of the Baathist elements in FBI, Robert Mueller.

We could not have achieved this remarkable success without General McMaster’s assistance on the NSC, nor without the help of Democratic Socialist comrade Robert Mueller, who welcomed both communists and Islamists into FBI in large numbers.

We are very excited about our new line of Palestinian-friendly neck-wear, Pal-Pal™, coming soon from the HOUSE OF SADDAM.

Stay tuned for more!

NOTE: 10% of all proceeds from sales of Pal-Pal™ neckwear will be donated to the non-existent group Muslims for Progress.


60 thoughts on “Fashion News: House of Saddam

      1. Can’t remember where I first read that wonderful document, but I think it was on a site Rich Higgins recommended. Thanks, Wolf, this was fun to read and interesting.

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  1. One meta narrative not included in the above analysis is that Trump is mentally unstable. One must ask the obvious question: In Washington DC how could you tell? With regards to the President’s mental stability I can only refer to the following proverb: In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.

    All of the observations made in the article are demonstrably true. Our only explanation is that we have been asleep or too trusting, probably both in my case. I think the 2016 election has roused many from their slumbers and I think I see a dim light on the eastern horizon.

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    1. Lol … Trump never just says anything, he always “lashes out” according to the same dreary Narrative stories, day after day.

      IMO millions of people for a long time have understood exactly what was going on in a general way, if not in the specific way beautifully articulated by Higgins.

      BUT many, many millions of people have also long since dropped out of politics simply because they see it all as fraudulent and futile. Trump roused many of those people (IMO) but far from all. The cynicism is too deep.

      The encouragement of further cynicism is simply a way of giving up, at this point. I mean this with respect to Trump and Trump only.

      Trump has made one thing clear, if nothing else. Either Trump prevails or we all lose.

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      1. “Trump has made one thing clear, if nothing else. Either Trump prevails or we all lose.”

        Don’t worry – there is something beyond Trump, if Trump fails! 😉

        President Wolf Moon (named for the location of the greatest military base in the galaxy)

        NO trade with China
        REPEAL of NFA – Right of all citizens to own basic military arms if they so desire
        REQUIRED military-level training in arms for all citizens
        TWO Space Forces
        MOON Doctrine for Earth (Trump and Monroe Doctrines in this solar system)
        UN abolished and site turned into MEMORIAL for Great Awakening
        LIE DETECTORS for all government workers and Presidential candidates, publicly televised
        SABOTAGE PARTIES (DSA, etc.) forbidden in government offices
        NUCLEAR DESTRUCTION of any entity attacking United States or Israel by any method
        NEO-COLONISTS (1:1) for every illegal alien, 1 ARMED COLONIST sent to origin country
        Heck, let’s have that for PLANETS, TOO! 😉
        ANY STATE OR LOCAL GOVERNMENT can deport federally defined illegal aliens without federal permission

        You people have NO IDEA how great America and EARTH can be!

        My mission – scare the GREEN SHIT out of any alien race who even THINKS about fucking with us.

        My message to China and any other alien species:



        NOW – aren’t people glad President Trump just wants a simple, sensible wall, and fair trade? 😉

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        1. Wolf, this sounds just wonderful. Doesn’t Trump sound reasonable now? I’m saving your platform for future reference and current enjoyment.

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      1. This is literally the most important piece ever written about our country and probably the most important thing you will ever post. Tona and I were talking about this at length..I had no idea you posted this.

        There are many layers to this…almost impossible to talk about in this forum. I am going to repeat what I said somewhere else…we are fighting an asymmetrical war with an unscrupulous opponent. We are the last hope for this world and they are trying to surround us.The typical excitement over great economic results will not be good enough, by itself, for us to win. This is a battle for our minds. It’s war. But a different kind of war. POTUS gets most of it. Do we?

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        1. Excellent Comment ED! and so Exactly right regarding “probably the most important thing you will ever post!” Thanks for this WOLFIE!!
          “The typical excitement over great economic results will not be good enough, by itself. for us to win. THis is a battle for our minds. It’s war.”!
          And just like that–Our Q tree gets another poster–Flep!
          “Potus gets most of it. Do we?” We will NOW!! Eliminating or at least questioning Fake News and learning how to get accurate information..and then disseminating to all our friends and family–
          This site is going to be invaluable!! –Already is!!

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          1. Part of the battle is that our opponents are trying to re-define what is normal. What we will accept. I want to throw another thought at you….Radical Islam is simply the Middle East version of communism. Now try to pull together pieces of what is going on inside our own country and make it fit with that thought.

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        2. NYGuy you said so much there. The other side is utterly unscrupulous, Trump is a street fighter, and he understands how the game is played.

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        3. Yes – great points.

          But you underestimate me and this site! I am quite willing to talk in a very civil manner about religious problems, so I have no problems digging into this. Others may want to be careful, but I relish honest talk about such things.

          Part of it is being very honest about the undermining of American culture, government and institutions by groups that believe it is acceptable to “lie their way into power”, “colonize their way into power”, etc. Basically communists and Muslims. These groups are highly problematic for America, and we have to be honest about that. PC prevents all sorts of honest and NECESSARY calculations from being done. I will have no part of that. We MUST confront these issues. NO-GO zones are not acceptable in America.

          Not all religions are the same. This does not mean they are “bad” under all conditions, but we have to be honest about those conditions, and fair with the idea that people need to have at least some real estate on this planet where self-rule is not just possible but protected. Utopian thinking is dangerous here. The left practices utopian thinking that leads to violence. Sorry – not acceptable.

          Europe was traditionally populated by a variety of Christians, Jews, and freethinkers of various kinds. Muslims simply did not work. Power-sharing is not a cultural value of Muslims, once Muslims are able in any way to take full power. Jews were a bit lucky/unlucky as a “permanent minority” in Spain, where they were left alone when Islam took over, but were hit with a Sophie’s choice when Christians returned and drove out the Muslims.

          Muslims have come up with a crafty trick – threaten Israel with multiple prongs *in* Israel, combined with increasing abandonment by America, the latter obtained by using communists in America, while holding left-wing Jews in America hostage on the issue as a form of leftist group-think. It’s a strong and very sneaky trick that the communists are totally on board with. The communists do not see Israel as a valid cultural and national entity, and they have managed to sell some very unrealistic alternatives which gut Israel, or maybe just utopian thinking that Israel can fall apart and Jews will be safe.

          I. Don’t. Think. So.

          America was founded by a consortium of the aforementioned groups (Christians, Jews, Western freethinkers) which made a drastic but ultimately inspired decision out of what was regarded as virtue by all of those groups – that they would “favor none to favor all”. This is NASH (A Beautiful Mind) stuff – the idea that an arrangement where nobody wins on mutually acceptable different choices lets everybody win ENOUGH to be happy, and that they will PROTECT the arrangement.

          Communists began to subvert that process by going after the minority groups of the arrangement – atheists and Jews, to sell them on the idea of changing the balance, while at the same time introducing Muslims that are willing to LIE their way into cultural mastery. The basic ideas of universal law and freedom of speech are the canaries in the coal mine on that one – Muslims want sharia and speech restrictions. Chaos ensues.

          Muslims want to live here on the condition that we play by rules that ultimately mean THEIR WAY WINS and the basic American “Nash” model fails. They cannot adapt to the Nash condition. The only way that happens is if American Muslims become culturally distinct through very slow assimilation and cultural adaptation, and after enough time and change accept the Nash condition of freedom for all. THAT is not what Obama wanted. It has not PROVEN to be realistic anywhere, frankly. It may be a fundamental conflict with Islam, and if that is so, then a respectful separation is the obvious answer.

          Trump gets all of this, IMO. WE will need to discuss this, and the HOUSE OF JIHAD and HOUSE OF SADDAM are going to help make all of this painfully obvious to Americans.

          We need these angry radical hijab girls on camera EVERY DAY.

          A RATIONAL and HONEST look as Islam is in order. Both ANGRY and PC views of Islam are not helpful. A rational view gets us OUT of the problem.

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            1. America is literally built on the idea of non-submission to man or any one view of God as true submission to the will of God, allowing utterly free worship, whereas Islam is built on the idea of submission to man and ONE view of God held by those men.

              We must promulgate the idea that Muslims are NOT submitting to a RELIGIOUS TEST when we submit them to a CONSTITUTIONAL TEST.

              That is, when we simply ask them whether they submit to the constitutional guarantees of freedom for ALL religions, the CONSTITUTIONAL principles that guarantee these freedoms, the UNIVERSALITY of American law, and many other ideas that generally cause them to dissemble.

              Sharia law shows instant disrespect for American law, and is a DEPORTABLE OFFENSE in my opinion.

              If Trump is unable to remove the SCOURGE of “sharia law”, then I will run for President on the platform of removing it, and deporting all who work for it. Perhaps not to get there myself, but to encourage others.

              Sharia is HITLER. Get rid of it.

              People who love our system should view the idea of SHARIA PATROLS the same as NAZI BROWNSHIRT PATROLS.

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          1. ‘Jews were a bit lucky/unlucky as a “permanent minority” in Spain, where they were left alone when Islam took over, but were hit with a Sophie’s choice when Christians returned and drove out the Muslims.’

            Er, actually, the first anti-Jewish pogroms in Europe were by Muslims in Spain during the period of Islamic rule.

            Islamic policy in Iberia was to promote hatred and suspicion between Christians and Jews as a way to prevent the two native groups from uniting to throw out the invaders.

            Islamic hatred of Jews is encoded in the Qur’an, the Hadith, and in Shari’a.

            Islam teaches that Allah became angry with some of the Jews, and punished them by turning them into apes and pigs. Muslims since then, and right through to television broadcasts and YouTube videos today, often refer to Jews as descendants of apes and pigs. This is especially when the language of transmission is Arabic, which few non-Muslims can follow.

            Indeed, when Muslims have wanted to dehumanize Jews prior to persecuting them, the cry of khanzeer (Arabic for pig) has typically been heard, including they way they attack pro-freedom patriots like Pamela Geller on the internet today.

            Islam also teaches that there will be a day when all pigs will die. On that day, ‘Isa (Arabic for Jesus, whom Islam considers to be an Islamic prophet, like Muhammad) will come to slaughter all pigs, and abolish the jizya, that is, the special tax that People of the Book, such as Christians and Jews, must pay to the Muslim government for the privilege of being allowed to live in a Muslim society.

            With the jizya abolished, there will be no further excuse to allow non-Muslims to practice their legacy religions. Everyone at that point must worship as a practicing Muslim, or die.

            Then Muhammad will return in all his glory, with his two Muslim predecessors to serve him as assistants. ‘Isa, on his right hand, will perform the special task of pointing out Christians who are in hiding, so that they may be confronted with the choice to convert* or die. Musa (Moses) will likewise ferret out Jews who are attempting to escape.

            *I wrote “convert” here for the sake of clarity, but in the Islamic tradition, the correct word would technically be “revert”, since Islam teaches that everyone is born a Muslim, but that some have the misfortune to be born in households where they are led astray by parents who practice legacy religions.

            “Both ANGRY and PC views of Islam are not helpful.”

            Um, well, I’ve studied enough Islamic theology, law, and history not to be able to look at the facts presented above without getting at least a little miffed. So my usefulness may be limited.

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            1. Er, actually, the first anti-Jewish pogroms in Europe were by Muslims in Spain during the period of Islamic rule.

              Islamic policy in Iberia was to promote hatred and suspicion between Christians and Jews as a way to prevent the two native groups from uniting to throw out the invaders.

              Interesting. THAT sounds both very communist and very “Erdogan”.

              What THIS means is that the LEFT has considerably re-written the history of Jews in Spain to make Muslims the good guys. But I kinda see how that works, now.

              I should have SUSPECTED this, but having never seen anything other than how Muslims in Spain treated Jews so well – especially compared to the Inquisition……

              Oh, my. This means that communist+Muslim lying on the subject has been very effective.


              1. “What THIS means is that the LEFT has considerably re-written the history of Jews in Spain to make Muslims the good guys. But I kinda see how that works, now.”

                Wolf Moon,

                Before Marxism was even founded, four other factors were in play.

                1.) The Iberian Christians in the early Reconquista period were in a really desperate position, and wanted to gain traction militarily and culturally over their Muslim foe as quickly as possible.

                The get-it-done-cheap-and-dirty solution they came up with was to inoculate themselves against Islam by adopting Islamic methods.

                So they came up with ideas like crusades (Christian derivative of jihad), forced conversions (got the concept from the Muslims), inquisitions (again, got the concept from Islamic practice), rule that if one parent is Catholic in a marriage, all children must be Catholic (reflection of Shari’a law that children must follow father’s religion, combined with Shari’a law that Muslim women cannot marry non-Muslims), etc.

                Also, by the time they achieved victory, a large fraction of all Iberians were descended from Iberian Muslims. And Islam is very good at transmitting its beliefs, values, and practices to future generations. So Iberian Christian culture simply had soaked up a Moorish flavor that was much stronger than that of the rest of southern Europe, and completely unlike the culture of northern Europe.

                This type of thinking caused Iberian, and especially Spanish, and even more especially Castilian culture, to be more brittle than that in the rest of Europe.

                In general, this cultural difference between southern (front-line against the jihad) and northern (rear echelon mofos) Europe eventually became the driving force behind the Catholic-Protestant division, so much of the religious violence that Christianity is condemned for is ultimately jihadist in origin.

                Jews were really caught in a terrible bind by this development. And the very first pogrom against Jews in the history of northern Europe was committed by a group of German knights who had just returned home from assisting Spanish Catholics in the Reconquista against the Muslims. So the worst ideas of religious violence inculcated by the Muslims proved to be contagious.

                2.) Jews were persecuted in all parts of the Muslim world, and in all parts of Europe. But which lands produced the worst persecution varied from century to century, or even from decade to decade. Jews tended to flee to the north or to the south of the Mediterranean according to prevalent conditions at the time. Persecution in Medieval society also varied enormously in its effects from wealthy elite Jews down to the great masses of impoverished Jews.

                So Jewish writers over the ages have tended to exploit these geographically shifting differences of persecution, attempting to shame their Christian neighbors into better behavior by painting a rosy picture of Jewish life in the Islamic world.

                Until fairly modern times, no one attempted to do the opposite, and paint a rosy picture of European Jewish life to shame Muslim neighbors. Anyone familiar with Islamic ethics would know that Muslims wouldn’t care if they were treating Jews worse than others were.

                3.) Muslims always exaggerate everything positive about their society. Medieval and early modern Muslims didn’t need Bolsheviks to teach them the value of propaganda.

                In fact, Lenin was born and raised mixed-race in a part of the Tsar’s empire that historically had been largely Muslim. So if there was cultural transmission of propaganda and its techniques, at first the transfer was probably in the other direction.

                4.) Protestants in northern Europe, especially in Britain, sometimes suffered mental disturbances connected to their REMF status. This caused a number of their writers to do unfortunate, counterfactual things like attempt to apply to their own position the Arab proverb that the enemy (Muslim) of my enemy (Roman Catholic) is my friend (FALSE).

                They tended to see southern Catholics as unenlightened, intolerant, ignorant, and hidebound. They never tended to develop much empathy for the front-line plight of the southerners, nor to question if, in fact, cultural osmosis from the Islamic world to the southern European world could be responsible for the traits that the northern Protestants found so obnoxious in their fellow Christians. Nor did most of them develop much gratitude towards the southerners for the hard fighting that the latter performed to save Europe from repeated waves of attempted Islamic invasion.

                The British also engaged in various academic flights of fancy, such as imagining that the 2nd century BC North African Carthagian descendants of Phoenician colonists were probably not so very different from the 19th century AD North African Arab Muslims, and that the lovely Phoenicians, and therefore the Carthaginians, were a maritime people, and so very like the British, and they fought those nasty Italians of the Roman Republic, etc.

                For the century immediately preceding the rise of Marxism, #4 is probably the biggest source of error, at least in the English-speaking world.


                But, you’re right about the past century, and especially the last couple of decades. Commies have pushed the “warm, fuzzy Muslim” narrative hard in academia, and now in the popular culture as well.


  2. The Dims’ opposition to the wall has served to tune in a lot who never paid attention before… striking among those, blacks and latinos…

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    1. You caught me in the one real fib of that title. You have to IMAGINE the Pal-Pal™ line, but trust me, you MAY be seeing it modeled in Congress, and definitely OUTSIDE Congress!

      😎 😎 😎 <——designer sunglasses by HOUSE OF COMMIES / JIHAD / SADDAM

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  3. This is the natural progression of what Rich Higgins wrote about

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    1. I think it may be time….
      In order to prevent ANOTHER civil WAR (started by Dims)…
      To section off the country……
      IDIOTS to the Left of me….
      IDIOTS to the right (coasts)
      Here WE are!…. Stuck in the middle with you (Patriots)

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  4. Thank you a billion times for this article.
    PTrump is driving events right now. Interesting that Romney lit up the old worn out meta narrative and it really went to the dumper so, imo…a fail but it definitely made him a marked man. He identified too quickly and ruined any chance of being a covert traitor.

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  5. Sorry in advance if any of this has been said…….. but it MUST be said.
    (Wolf, lots to digest here tonight in your multiple posts……. Thanks)

    I TRIED to watch Tucker tonight….. He started off with Chris Hahn….
    So I just turned it off and watched YouTube for REAL information.

    Next… I TRIED to watch Hannity….. Same old stuff …. over and over and over….
    I am sick and tired of Hannity REPEATING the SAME talking points…….
    and also walking all over his GOOD guests….
    and then me having to MUTE the IDIOTS he brings on…

    I’m sorry but enough is enough!

    I learn NOTHING anymore from FAUX News
    (I still watch Lou Dobbs and Trish Regan on the Business Network)

    Almost time to cut the cord on USELESS TV…
    It is only for ENTERTAINMENT anymore….

    REAL news is learned HERE and other Websites. (Thanks Wolf and friends)

    Ok…. Rant over….. I’ve had enough of TV SNOOZE!


    1. Tucker is good, must watch TV. HOWEVER, I can only watch his show by recording it and FF’ing through the idiots that give me dyspepsia like Chris Hahn or his big brother, Richard Goodstein, and others. He has good stuff you hear no where else. But I can’t listen to the idiots.

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