Steve saw it first, only in different units:

But then I checked the number of posts on the daily thread, and it was already ALMOST there.

Pretty soon it WAS, and I was there to see it.

500 posts in the daily thread is pretty cool. Maybe we’ve had more before, but I never really thought about it. I think it says something. This blog isn’t just a fluke. It MEANS something.

And that was when I remembered something similar.

And that was when I felt like the time had come.

Something just stirred in me. A need to just CONFRONT these bastards.

Today, of all days, when Nancy Pelosi and her sick and deluded communists, SIMPERING TOOLS of the TRANSPLANTATION CANNIBALS in China, threaten to take back our government, I’ve decided.




What this means became apparent to me tonight.

And it will become apparent to the communists soon.




103 thoughts on “500

  1. Woo Hoo…it’s pretty cool when we go over 500 posts in a thread.
    But yeah, I think we’ve done it before, a time or two.

    You deserve a thumbs up, Wolfie…for whatever it is you’re planning to do.

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      1. Hate to bother you, but can you help me with this:
        Mary Morse
        January 4, 2019 at 10:10 am
        Your comment is awaiting moderation.
        Thanks. (too many links, I guess. pressed for time.)

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  2. Wolfie, how nice of you to post your photo so we can see what you look like! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    This blog is a (oh gosh, you know I have to say it) HOWLING success! Thanks for all you have put into making it and keeping it going for us. The world can be a lonely place for Deplorables, so this means a lot.

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    1. lol…which guy is Wolf? personally I think he’s gotta look more like the warrior with the weapon, than the guy in the shorts…
      thanks for this site tho–it feels like home.

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  3. And BTW it made me think nostalgically of my youth when I drove an old beater car and I watched and watched and then finally one day the odometer turned over 100k miles. It was a big deal! I never thought it would last that long!

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    1. Ah, yes! Getting that first vehicle over 100,000! Very cool! πŸ˜€

      A car isn’t really well-ridden until it has gone to the moon!

      It’s getting the car BACK that’s always the problem. πŸ˜‰

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  4. If the conservative outlets that many frequent start going eeyore on the President when the hearings start, you will double that easily.

    Good job wolf…long, long road ahead. Gear up.

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  5. Wow, never thought I’d see this many people slobbering over a number of comments. πŸ™‚

    Seriously, it is a measurement of sorts but the real test is when y’all see your words grabbed and repeated elsewhere on a regular basis. That is when you KNOW you’ve arrived.

    And that other guy at that other site seems to be back in the form we originally appreciated. It was nice to read his stuff. I suspect he had a medical issue which kept him out of the workplace for a couple of months. We’ll see.

    Have another shot of good brandy, Wolf. You deserve it.

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    1. Well that other site just banned me for a third time….so I don’t believe anything has changed, IMHO.
      I’ve been on a self-imposed blog-free/internet-free ban just before Christmas so that I could really enjoy the holidays with my wonderful family. It was very refreshing and good for my soul. Didn’t care about politics, govt shutdown, Dow Jones, or dare I say whatever was going on with PDJT…good for health, happiness, and blood pressure. So I took some time over the last 24 hours to catch up here and the other place. I saw that Flep has been posting here, that was a big positive booster. I saw him on the other site and tried to make a very short, noncontroversial comment, it never posted; whereas right before Christmas, I was able to post there…so my visits there will only occur if someone here posts something positive about an article there..otherwise my branch there will whither.
      Oh, and by the way Happy New Year to all !

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      1. Sorry to hear you’re banned OT, but happy to have you posting here! You may indeed see me citing articles from there occasionally, as needs be! But you will not get banned from this place, so rest easy!

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      2. With regard to OT — it is truly the strangest thing. I was banned in 2017 for something completely innocuous, and was evidently liberated briefly last month with our group, I have no idea how briefly, as I only posted a single comment to check my status. So now I’m back to being banned, I can’t even like. Unfortunate. Things rarely end well for folks who become a legend in their own mind.

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        1. Your last point is excellent advice, and I’ll take it, no matter who it was intended for. I note that you’re HERE, not THERE, and I need to not take that mistake of somebody else (OT) for granted. Learning from the mistakes of others is a very useful skill. Time to cultivate it.

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          1. I’m certainly glad I found your blog Wolf, and proud to have the opportunity to toss something in. The posts and commentary here are way more than a cut above. And I’m sure there are more than a fair number of readers who don’t comment. I’m pretty much in that category myself! πŸ˜„

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  6. Congratulations Wolf!
    Congratulations to all who contribute too. The road ahead is going to be a bumpy one for sure. Buckle up and stay safe everyone.

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  7. Moonwolf If you had only 5 posts from any of your followers a day you would still stand with the tallest trees in the forests .

    My tree isn’t that tall it’s a yellow birch and I look silly in it because I’m to big and my tree is all bent over because of it ,their is also a big chaga mushroom growing on it for my clarity tea ,when i drink off it i never seem to care about the silly things as long as my roots are strong I’ll will bend like a reed in the wind .

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  8. Who would have thought that a ban over there would result in a treeper migration to a new perch at the Q tree. In the vastness of the world wide web, we somehow found each other. WWG1WGA, thankq Wolfmoon for making it happen.

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  9. I noticed yesterday that you were racking up the comments. I suspect you have many of your socialist friends texting you about the need tor some central planning- just for efficiency of course. In any event I do not anticipate you will endure much mental anguish over their suggestions. Congratulations Wolf, good work.

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  10. Literally. Can. Not. Wait.

    The anticipation is killing me.

    Seriously though, I can’t thank you enough, Wolfmoon, for my perch here in the Q tree.

    Whatever you decide to do, be safe. And whatever you need from me/us, be sure to ask!

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    1. Thank you, Aubergine! It was indeed our little conversation, and certain recent happenings, plus some fresh realizations, that tell me it’s time to prepare for battle.

      And thank you for your support! 😎

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        1. You CAN offer nothing more, Zoe. Nothing greater. Once one understands how it all works, one realizes this almost incomprehensible fact. (said with a tear in my eye)


  11. We’ve been dancing on the ceiling over the jobs report this morning.
    President Trump was right about the economy. It’s working!
    China SUCKS and has fallen apart since Trump went on the attack…. and the USA is roaring.
    OMG, 3X’s the number of manufacturing jobs as new jobs in pubic sector. More Manufacturing jobs in a month than Obama would produce in a year!!!!!
    I’m so happy I could cry.
    It’s happening.
    I’ve done business in China for 15yrs. I’ve spent countless hours, pounding vodka, with super-patriot clients, trying to figure out how to bring the biz back to the USA. We ALL knew how bad the cannibalization of America had become. We tried everything. We all knew our Congressmen and donated. NOTHING we did helped – and oh yeah, we became experts on trade policy in the interim. It made us sick. It was like watching your daughter (the country you love) being raped and not being able to stop it. It hurt….. down to our bones.
    Finally, finally, we have a shot.
    Thank you, President Trump.
    I submit, the economy and CHINA are the biggest problems we face as a country. If we get those two items straightened out, the shift in wealth is so great, it would allow the USA to be wealthy again and afford the touchy-feely programs the Dems love.

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    1. Great insights, Daughn!

      I watched the same things – I could liken it to rape and robbery. PAINFUL memories, as our treasonous commies helped it along. And then the commies BLAMED THE VICTIMS, as Americans were FORCED to do their manufacturing in China, or let the entire business move over there – which was always the eventual fate anyway, years down the road. Just like our treasonous, abetting communists snickered and pointed with Marxist glee at “Trump ties made in China”, they did the same to everybody else.


      It was SICK.

      Well now, Trump turns the tables, and the only way China can hit us is through THEIR pet baby racist Americommies in the HOUSE OF COMMIES.

      It’s a good day.


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  12. Oohhhh 500. It is impressive esp when you are approaching the ot site pdt for a sunday and lately midweek.
    Congratulations! Now upward and onward!

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  13. apologize for being late to the party…

    Congrats Wolf… you deserve much success with this site…

    a glorious sanctuary for followers of Q and free thinkers everywhere…

    onward and upward !

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  14. Don’t know if this has been discussed but it’s worth a mention.
    A Deputy Head of a Chinese Military Academy (their version of our Naval Academy) thinks it would be a good idea for Chinese Navy to take out 1-2 American Aircraft carriers, killing 10K men. He posits, it would be easy to do, because America has grown soft on war, and we would ‘cut and run’ from war.
    “What the United States fears the most is taking casualties,” said Rear Admiral Lou Yuan, deputy head of the Chinese Academy of Military Sciences, news.com.au reported. He said sinking one carrier would kill 5,000 and sinking two would double that number.
    Here’s the article link: https://www.foxnews.com/world/sinking-us-aircraft-will-resolve-tension-in-south-china-sea-says-chinese-admiral?fbclid=IwAR1THC1VOSc-X3c-O0oSIS9LmBMY6hc8ZtXeklwSEXHrws6dJfnw605F_F4

    See this pic? That’s MY SON checking into the USNA. He’s hugging the girl. No kidding, his actual name is Gunner and her actual name is Anchor (Scary, right?).

    Pompous Chinese Admiral making glib comments, coming after MY SON?
    Momma’s not happy.

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    1. please thank your son and your family for their service!

      If we have the rods from God…this man who spoke will regret those words if they ever act upon them…POTUS loves the military and the fine men and women who serve.

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    2. You know I remember the Japanese thinking America was weak and trying to take out some of our carriers.

      Last I checked that didn’t work out too well for them.

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      1. Hey MichaelH, on my little feed, one guy made a comment along the lines of “How did that work out for Japan in 1941?”, along the same line.
        Your great minds think alike!

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    3. Oh my! How horrifying.

      Thank your son for his service for me please. And thank YOU, his mother, for raising him so well.

      Prayers up for his safety, and for all of our service men and women.

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  15. Daughn! Thank you and your son for his service! And this momma IS NOT HAPPY either! Thank GOD his CIC is one of the GOOD GUYS! If you saw this–SO DID POTUS! Prayers up!

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  16. – = 5 0 0 = –

    “Then he appeared to more than five hundred of the brothers and sisters at one time, most of whom are still alive, though some have fallen asleep.” ~ 1 Corinthians 15:6 NET

    The 300 at Thermopylae held off the Persian invasion.

    The 500 at Jerusalem set the WORLD on FIRE!

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    1. No problem! Not too picky about that! πŸ˜‰

      People make mistakes of threads all the time, but the daily thread gets SO MUCH traffic, it really is the best place to put things to get noticed, and that is THE BEST way to keep things being posted there. Attract them!

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      1. Proud of you, Wheatie!
        More than one thread a day — it’s like you opened another franchise!
        MOAR CHICKEN NUGGETS, please!


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