The Framing of a President as the Cover-Up of Treason

Q: How does one deflect and distract from some of the most enormous crimes in the history of humanity?

A: By making some of the biggest false accusations in history right next to those crimes, so that there is a plausible reason for some of the key participants to seek out and cover up any and all evidence of those crimes.

And it all needed to be done inside a 4-year time-frame, before the 2020 presidential election.

Today there are fresh insights into how the DNC-CIA-FBI-MSM criminal complex framed Donald J. Trump, using the HRC-DNC-DOJ-Fusion-Russia-originated Steele “dossier”.

This is excellent journalism by a writer for Tablet magazine, appearing in The Federalist today. It does not so much bring new facts, as it does sew all that is known into a tight case for HOW the framing of Donald Trump worked, and why it worked so well.

I urge people to read this article. This explains HALF the story – the FRAMING of President Trump.

I urge you to at least SKIM the article now. If you actually read it, you will get a few subtle references in what follows.

One of the most important findings – the VALUE of falsely investigating “nobodies” with bogus FISA warrants, is a brilliant insight of particular concern to anybody who has wandered too close to the treason. That would include ME.

And note that the author says this dossier false accusation model is now a PATTERN being used by the communists Democrats.

However, like I said, the FRAMING is only HALF the story. To see WHY this framing was not just desirable, but NECESSARY – as a form of COVER-UP – one must go further.

To begin, let’s look at the TYPE of framing we are dealing with. The framing of Donald Trump is a form of “cover-up by straw-man accusation of the accuser’s crimes being committed by the opponent“.

People often attribute a very specific quote about this sort of thinking – “accuse the other side of that which you are doing” – to the Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels.

However, this attribution is a bit of a distortion of the real quote, which – if you study the original speech and note Goebbels’ acceptance of such thinking as a valid tool – is just as horrifying.


“The cleverest trick used in propaganda against Germany during the war was to accuse Germany of what our enemies themselves were doing.”

Joseph Goebbels, 1934, Nuremberg rally

If you read that original speech, you will see that the Nazis literally embraced the SAME “ends-justify-the-means” thinking about false accusations – they merely said that THEIR ends were good, whereas the ends of Marxist, Allied and “liberal-Jewish” factions using such propaganda were “bad”.

Note that the term “Jewish” was used to load the liberal/progressive causes of the time, which may indeed have been using some of the same “social justice” techniques that we see now, with a “useful antisemitism”. This is a perfect demonstration of the Nazi contempt for ALL Jews, since religious Jews, like Christians, are among the last on Earth to embrace the commandment-violating sin of false accusation.

This is not only a theoretically advantageous technique – it is practically advantageous. It opens up legal channels which ALLOW the cover-up to proceed. It is particularly useful thanks to the “special counsel” which James Comey, Rod Rosenstein, and Robert Mueller seemed just a wee bit to eager to open, and which – in retrospect – seemed to be just a wee bit too “pre-arranged” for a very specific end – “collusion with Russia”.

This is a form of straw-man DEFENSE. A straw-man attack on an argument attacks a false framing of the opponent’s argument, as a form of defending one’s own side.

Here, one attacks a false framing of the opponents THEMSELVES, as a form of self-defense.

Now – I’m going to make a MATHEMATICAL ARGUMENT about false-framing as defense – and it’s not just about the prime number “19”.

THAT little reference is a joke, that you will get if you actually read the Federalist article and saw how “19” was used as a sort of judicial eye-candy to get the bogus FISA against Carter Page. If you consider that the Russians might have even been helping Uranium Girl – well – perhaps THAT number was also a donation to the plot, just like 146. But the Russians are very good. They don’t get caught often.

The argument which follows is almost trivial and intuitively obvious, but it is key, and many people don’t see it at first. However, once you see it, you will feel as if you were exposed to a kind of sick hollowness and cynicism – particularly in certain corollaries which bring it closer to practical reality – the FRAMING of Donald Trump.

The CLOSER the straw-man can be arranged, FACTUALLY, to the REALITY being covered up, the EASIER the defense, because the STORY is closer to the REALITY, and pieces of the REALITY can be used as “proof” of the STORY – particularly if the STORY is advanced FIRST and the disentangled REALITY is posited LATER in defense.

See how that works? “Climate change”, and particularly “global warming”, work on the exact same principle – in the case of appearance of carbon dioxide and warming, by reversal of cause and effect. The cunning nature of this level of lying almost seems beyond human capability.

Are you with me? Doesn’t this just SOUND very much like what is going on with SpyGate? Makes sense, right?

NOW – those corollaries.

  1. Counterintelligence is the perfect place for this sort of intrigue, since counterintelligence amounts to infiltration of infiltration, staying infinitely close to the original infiltration. Basically, getting CLOSE to the REALITY with a DECEPTION is part of the game, so counterintelligence is a natural place to SEED this kind of defense.
  2. The ploy of reversed accusation becomes even easier and possibly even necessary if the enemy actually IS colluding with the accusing compromised or corrupted counterintelligence. This allows the enemy to “assist” the lies of the other side’s compromised counterintelligence, keeping them in place. This means that the counterintelligence people, if corrupted by the enemy, can then be “helped” by the enemy – in schemes exactly like what we are observing. Like I said, “19” may have been a gift from Russia with love, or at least alliance.
  3. One of the first places that should be subverted by the enemy, both directly and indirectly, is counterintelligence.

Are you with me? Have I increased your thinking about how CYNICAL SpyGate really was? Maybe just a bit? That it’s not just false accusations of collusion, but false accusations of collusion in defense of REAL collusion the other way? And that the REAL collusion is the REAL story?

Are you seeing how DEMOCRATS and GLOBALIST REPUBLICANS colluding with RUSSIA – even at a distance – or acting as their dupes and controlled opposition, now actually NEED to make parallel accusations against non-colluding Republicans?

Grab the rails of your roller-coaster. The turns are about to get mind-bending. If you start getting dizzy, regain control by thinking about “Hillary’s reset” and “Uranium One”. Ask that both of these things make sense in a simple way.


The Hillary email cover-up by the SAME participants as in the FRAMING of Trump, is the BEGINNING of the revelation of the other half of the story – the COVER-UP. The TIGHTNESS of the same cast of characters in the Mueller cover-up fake investigation and the HRC email exoneration / cover-up is a kind of give-away of the theory I posited earlier.

Go back and review what I said, if it doesn’t make sense. It should. You can also see why the interception of the plot – by releasing text messages of Page and Strzok to force them out of the Mueller probe – was clearly the result of extremely skilled “IG-type work” in counter-intelligence. It’s not about the messages. It’s about the plot.

See what I’m saying? When the STORY is close to the REALITY, the STORY CAST is the REAL CAST.

Those 17 16 15 13 whatever Angry Democrats – I would say they’re in trouble. BIG trouble.

BROKEN SYMMETRY breaks the plot. This should tell you that taking out Mueller for his obvious part in the Hillary email meetings is a winner, too.

That other half – the COVER-UP – is also about WHAT is being covered up by the multi-useful framing of Trump and others. A frame job of innocent people by the former criminals in charge of this country. A frame job to stop – at any cost – the discovery, understanding, and disclosure of what they did.

In my opinion, there is a HUGE list of undiscovered scandals that flew right by us for nearly 60 years.

I have insight into more than one scandal – unknown to most people – which help fill out that other half. Admittedly, these scandals are not necessarily as big as 9/11, Benghazi, Uranium One, and other scandals we are beginning to understand, but they give me some actual insight into the BREADTH, the DEPTH, and most of all the REALITY of what is being covered up.

Since I have no idea whether those scandals are going to be part of the 60% that Q says will be kept under wraps, I can’t really speak of them in detail. However, I can share insights into the general nature of the crimes that are being covered up, and the cover-ups themselves.

These scandals were working against some kind of time-frame for the advancement of socialism, first in AMERICA – leading to the election of Barack Obama under Soviet assistance – and then in CHINA – by fulfillment of Clintonian aid to their aggressive development as a counter to America.

I have no real proof of the following, but I tend to believe that international communism viewed some form of symbolic “capture” of America in 2017 – the 100-year anniversary of the 1917 Russian Revolution – as a kind of goal. Either Hillary or Obama was supposed to be inaugurated in 2017, as fulfillment of a 100 year plan.

I think that may be why they fought Trump SO HARD. The 16-year plan was simply the culmination of a much longer and larger plan, and THAT plan pressured our communists to PUSH just a wee bit too hard.

Like Q says, symbols were their downfall.

Another point.

There is a strange and powerful link of this Federalist article to the Romney “New Years Attack” on President Trump, and it’s not just the coincidence of the TIMING of the Romney/WaPo/CIA attack vis-à-vis the appearance of this article in the Federalist.

This Federalist article focuses, among other things, on the bipartisan coordination of the anti-Trump forces, with the “press” as a full participant – against Trump. In a sense, almost everybody except the American people was against Trump.

That pervasive coordination not so much of PLANS or KNOWLEDGE, but of INTEREST, explains much. A conspiracy of interest requires little illicit communication. It is easily done in – say – the pages of the Washington Post. No pun intended.

Thus, the current “fronting” of Mitt Romney – a CIA-desired, globalist-desired, and dare I say communist-desired leader of the controlled opposition GOP, is exactly what we are seeing, and should expect. So to see Mitt Romney fully, you need to see him in the context of THIS LARGER PLOT.

Romney in 2012 was the equivalent of McCain in 2008 – an ALLOWED alternative to the media-imposed, communist-preferred candidate, Barack Obama. Romney is now seen as the most likely successor to the long sequence of “allowed” GOP presidential candidates in 2020, in my opinion.

John Kasich and Jeff Flake are not really viable in 2020, in my opinion. They can only be used to elevate a viable globalist candidate, either to the GOP nomination, or to an electoral homicide-bomber role in a third party. Thus, the creation of Super-Flake, with his “unknowing-but-flippable” niece, Ronna McDaniel, as the key “face-down” card in the scam.

McDaniel’s current (and I believe authentic) objection to Mitt’s behavior, coming only slowly after a withering cross-fire of MAGA criticism, tells me that she is a “non-knowing reaction player” – a CRUCIAL part of communist theater. Her role is to authentically embrace MAGA and Trump, even defend Trump at this stage, but upon the proper crux of the plot, to reject Trump, or otherwise act against him. The REALITY of that reaction will be key.

And last but not least, there is something else in the Federalist article that I, personally find HUGELY interesting. Go back to my statement about knowledge of hidden scandals to see where this makes sense.

From the Federalist:

This was actually a fair warning to me. I totally get things now.

My comment on Twitter:

Notice that these people quoted may or may not get the cover-up aspects. They talk about spying on Trump as a motivation, but don’t mention the cover-up angles. That MAY or MAY NOT be intentional. Remember what Q said – 60% will remain hidden. I have not doubts about that. Hidden among all the horribly abused sources and methods, are likely to be many that were NOT abused, or that are worth saving.

I was wondering why I’ve recently observed “snake-sign” all around me.

I rest my case. I would say there may be some track-covering in Snake-town. Trust me – I’ve got stories there. And now I know what kind of stories THEY surely have. Ones that would make Goebbels proud.

What did Q call it? Ah, yes. The Great Awakening.


Did I say there was more? Oh, yes, there is MOAR.  Stay tuned.

153 thoughts on “The Framing of a President as the Cover-Up of Treason

  1. First!

    Wolfmoon, thank you very much for a fascinating analysis.

    As you say, there is more to the Romney story than meets the eye. I look forward to seeing how Ronna’s role will play out in all of this.

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  2. Thank You 🙏 Wolfmoon! I have been losing my damn mind at CTH today with the “We are doomed crowd”. The exact opposite is true! I wrote this earlier:

    Sundance these POS are two years to late! What our President has accomplished in less than two years is not going to be reversed either in the USA 🇺🇸 or anywhere else around the world. Last night I read an article and had a moment of clarity in terms of the magnitude that has and will continue to happen.

    The Election of AMLO in Mexico 🇲🇽 and the Election of Bolsonaro in Brazil 🇧🇷 has literally destroyed the Chinese and President Xi.

    China 🇨🇳 is the baby of the Big Club and CoC. The Bushes, Clinton and Obama were all in on elevating China 🇨🇳 while taking us down. NAFTA and having China 🇨🇳 join the WTO was the way. Up until the Presidency of Donald J. Trump, the plan was going better than they could have ever envisioned.

    Here is what I wrote:

    The ramifications of this relationship has President Xi of China 🇨🇳pulling out his hair. The majority of soybeans consumed in China 🇨🇳 come from two nations; the USA 🇺🇸 and Brazil 🇧🇷. Those two countries alone could bring the entire population of China 🇨🇳 to its knees.

    Plus China 🇨🇳 has had eyes on South America. Especially given their relationship with Venezuela 🇻🇪 and to a lesser extent Ecuador 🇪🇨 and recently Panama 🇵🇦. The unification between not only Brazil 🇧🇷 and us but Argentina 🇦🇷 as well will be to much for China 🇨🇳 to overcome.

    China 🇨🇳 also lost a willing partner in Mexico 🇲🇽 with the
    election of AMLO & the USMCA Trade Agreement.

    2018 was TERRIBLE for China 🇨🇳 and Xi knows damn well it will only get WORSE in the foreseeable future.

    He is completely screwed! Which means so are the Big Club, CoC, Uniparty, MSM etc.

    The demise for the Chinese has already started!

    From the article linked above:

    The Caixin/Markit Manufacturing Purchasing Managers’ index (PMI), a private survey, fell to 49.7 in December from 50.2 in November. Analysts’ in a Reuters poll predicted the PMI to come in at 50.1 in December.

    A reading above 50 indicates expansion, while a reading below that level signals contraction.

    “That showed external demand remained subdued due to the trade frictions between China and the U.S., while domestic demand weakened more notably,”

    Look what is happening to Apple!

    It has NOTHING to do with the trade war but everything to do with the Chinese Consumers.

    China 🇨🇳 is clamoring to sign a trade deal before March 1st in order to save their economy and their regime!

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    1. May God bless you richly, Felice. You absolutely CANNOT know what your optimism means, and not just to me. And it is not weak, Pollyanna stuff. You always back up your ideas with evidence.

      You are an important voice in pushing the MAGA agenda forward and I always value what you have to say.

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      1. What amazes me this evening is the fact that we talk about this as if it is a game. There are millions and millions of Americans that are benefiting for the first time in their lives because of PDJT.

        If you think there are 20 Republicans in the Senate that are willing to throw away their political career plus have to spend every penny they have to their name to pay for protection because their lives will be as vulnerable as vulnerable comes.

        Our President has said it numerous times that we are BLESSED that his followers are not taking to the streets.

        Guess what would happen. It isn’t a threat from me but there are those that will see it as a call to arms.

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    2. Thank you, Flep, for your eternal optimism, backed up by verifiable factual information!

      I am grateful you are posting here for us. I have always enjoyed your posts, wherever they are found.

      President Trump has his eye on the long game. He can only be President for eight years, but with the right judges on the courts and the right trade deals with the world, he can influence the PLANET for the next 30-50 years. Just look at the ways the world has changed in just two years. Bolsonaro, AMLO, and Yellow Vests, all represent how people around the world are taking their lead from the United States.

      WWG1WGA, and President Trump is leading the world in a revolution against the forces of globalism, communism, and third-worldism. China will get on board, or they will be annihilated.

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    3. Aaaccck! Saving socialism is NOT what we should ever be doing. Skousen had it right. Don’t feed communism – whether it be a communist country, or a globalist company that works against freedom.


      ChiCom war on America has been huge. The Clintons alone were a massive sneak attack.


      People don’t trust Tech any more. WHY? They got political and moral.

      OBAMA did it. We tried to warn them. They didn’t listen. That whole thing about people clamoring for censorship was a LIE that LEFTECH told themselves to justify their own desired Marxist moves.

      Sow leftist seeds, reap leftist dead crops.
      The same could be said of our Chamber of Chinese Commerce.

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          1. i vividly remember the fay when we discussed china as most favored nation trading status in high school on day. i almost couldnt believe what i was hearing but even though i was well versed in a few topics this whole global marketplace thing was kind of new to me. and here i was being told china the last bastion of communist iron curtain was to get a title like that. how? it did not compute. something was wrong. but i was told this is good. i mean it takes a village and all that right?

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          2. Just want to reinforce what W’s saying here. Remember way back when, when one of the very first things The Clintons did was “give” the PRC the tech to [finally] be able to successfully launch ICBMs?? Allow me to draw your attention to this news:

            “China successfully lands spacecraft on far side of moon, state media says”


            Don’t know whether to believe what “state media” says or not, but this has MAJOR implications for the near future. Did I mention Space Force?

            Askin’ for a friend … 😉

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            1. Space Force – now more than ever!

              What’s the ChiCom craft doing? Probably sending out for help from every little BZZZ BZZZ pencil-necked black-eyed Moon Nazi galactic communist species they can find! 😉

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      1. I remember sometime last year, I was commenting with Jenny Hatch on one of the articles Sundance had done on China. I mentioned that China would not be taking trade war with us lightly. Things are now proving this assumption correct geopolitically. Their economy could very well collapse and lead to civil war there. We now have that commie general over there talking about sinking our carriers to inflict mass casualties on our side. I very much foresee some sort of physical exchange with them at some point as the commies will stop at nothing to stay in power. If they lose control, they will be purged by their own people. Be prepared for things to get very bad before we come out on the other side.

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    4. Are there any other countries in south america who are supporting Bolsonaro? Im thinking reversing that illegal immigration flow, isolating china, thwarting russia(oil via Venezuela), and making these countries safer again.

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      1. Argentina 🇦🇷 has been with our President from day one. The President of Argentina 🇦🇷 and our President have a relationship that dates back many years.

        You can also put Colombia 🇨🇴 into that mix as well.

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    5. How Do YOU DO IT? I have seen you attacked –Almost as much as OUR POTUS! Yet you persist!! Fight or Flight–I am a flight person on the internet–(but a fighter in real life)…Really really LOVE everything you post because you BELIEVE wholeheartedly in our Genius President! Keep up the good fight flep! I do Love the -“beautiful mind” (Wolfie’s words) of SD.. But Man–It’s Not the same site it used to be!! Happy Warrior YOU ARE! God Bless and Happy New YEAR!!!

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      1. Thank You 🙏 Marica! I truly believe that our Father in Heaven gave this country the gift that we call the 45th President in order to save our country and ultimately the world for our kids and grandkids.

        That is what makes it easy for me to continue to bring the fight wherever it is needed. I came after SD this evening. Both on Twitter and at CTH. I am daring him to ban me. I would wear it like a badge of honor.

        I love the fact Wolf created this site. People hear are fighters and many of them were banned from CTH. I knew that dirty secret when SteveinCO reached out to me via email. I have carried it for a long time.

        It never has set well with me because WE have all been in the fight on behalf of our President. Who cares what someone believes in. To ban them because you don’t believe in Q is complete and utter nonsense.

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        1. Flep I sent you an email too a while back. Let’s keep in the loop.

          God brings people together for His times, purposes and appointed seasons.

          Mighty Men of Valor – 2 Samuel 23:8-17

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        2. I’m so grateful for your strong, powerful voice in support of our President and his MAGA agenda. I read part of one of SD’s articles on CTH yesterday and he said something like “people say I’m negative but I’m just calling it like I see it.”

          He has a bleak vision. I can’t argue that the picture he paints seems to be where the facts lead. Where he and I part ways, I guess, is I believe PDJT was placed in that job by God, and I believe God is helping PDJT to fight this fight. Therefore, the vision we can see may be bleak but that’s because we can’t see God’s hand at work potentially intervening in events resulting in a different outcome.

          I also believe that we, all of us, have a responsibility to consider the power of our words carefully. It doesn’t cut it for me to have someone say, “hey, I’m just telling you all how I see it.” Not now. We’re in some kind of a war that I don’t even understand. Everything is on the line for us and our kids.

          We need to realize that putting negative, despairing, hopeless opinions and thoughts out there carefully combined with some factual information is simply propagandizing for the other side. I wouldn’t do that just to satisfy my own ego or whatever the reason is. Not only wouldn’t I do that, I absolutely don’t get why anyone on our side would do such a thing.

          It is on a par, in my opinion, of people who knew Hillary was bad news but Donald Trump somehow didn’t live up to their high ideals so they decided not to vote. PuhLEEZE!

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          1. I agree Sylvia, We are free to think whatever we like, but some things are better left unsaid (Typed).
            Now is NOT the time to be Negative and/or detrimental. WE have a NATION to save.
            God Bless you and the Q Treepers

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          2. Sundance needs to re-ponder his own image and take heart. This guy ain’t gonna lose.

            Can you imagine how our side would be energized by a CHEATING LOSS TO CHINA in 2020?

            1776 all over again. All over the planet. 😉

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            1. The thought of flying over Chinese concentration camps firing depleted uranium ammunition at the ChiNazis to liberate the Chinese people from communism THRILLS ME. Come on, CHINA. GIVE ME THAT FUTURE. FUCK WITH OUR ELECTIONS ONE MORE TIME.

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          3. Its an eeyore in the middle of a non hot war which is dangerous! Your post is just right. Why SD has given up we dont know but you never give up til its over. Wolverines dont quit.

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    6. Outstanding analysis Flep! And we have another asset at our disposal. Whereas it is a huge disadvantage for the US to have entered into massive amounts of debt, the fact that China holds roughly $1.2 trillion in US debt could be employed to our advantage. If as part of our currency reset, we decide to devalue or even repudiate this debt, China’s wealth evaporates.

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  3. A technique of propaganda called “Turnspeak”
    The Arab League makes use of a cognitive technique of propaganda called “turnspeak”, where you attack someone and then turn it around 180 degrees and claim they attacked you. Because the truth is the exact opposite of the information being disseminated it is psychologically difficult to counter and leads to confusion.
    Turnspeak leads to psychological confusion and a feeling of being “burned-out” or “overwhelmed” with too much information, effectively creating a blanket of “white noise” which makes clarity difficult to achieve.

    Thank you Wolfmoon once again an amazing piece and your breaking wall was iconic, a healing call

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    1. Great to know! Thanks for that helpful information! Crybullying is a form of this as well! Had to deal with that in snowflake-land quite a bit. “Your Trump sign hurt my child!” LOL. Not kidding!

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  4. Sinister goings on by sinister people. I still wonder why FISA judges are not being questioned in this affair. It is incredible that all the players in this conspiracy are still singing the same lie. It is not natural that so many people can stand the pressure of this cover-up. I would certainly expect there to be a tremendous amount of secret testimony waiting to be revealed. Herding snakes is truly an art.

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    1. We do not know what we do not know. Plain and simply any investigation by law enforcement on all of this has to happen in the shadows in order to not contaminate evidence and spoil venues for prosecution. After decades of administrations that just HAVE to have press conferences because that is the way the wool pulling over normie eyes was set up, We the People aren’t used to being kept in the dark.

      We do not know a number of things: who truly has been interviewed by LAW ENFORCEMENT not just Congress, who has flipped, who is a double agent, what blackmail was used to get various officials to cooperate – none of it.

      The anon tells us we are watching a movie. This information was released NOW, at this time, for a reason. What that is has yet to be revealed, but when the takedown all at once is to include the enemy in all forms – including elected officials and the media – where this is all going is known to people who aren’t talking.

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  5. There were a whole lot of nasty notorious notables involved in the dirty dossier on both sides of the ‘pond’.

    We might be surprised who all had dirty hands and hearts in creating and fomenting this foul document that didn’t pass the sniff test.

    It certainly smells of the Podestas and Clintons and their mindsets.

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          1. You are a gate of Heaven. Just reading the names of those who position themselves to oppose the Kingdom of Heaven brings the power of the Cross to bear.

            Never underestimate the power of God to shine His Light into every corner of this world. Never underestimate the power of just one drop of the Blood of Christ Jesus to redeem the most vile of creatures. Never underestimate the power of the hand of God to thwart every design and purpose of darkness on this earth.


            Make His Name Known Again!!!


  6. “Are you with me? Have I increased your thinking about how CYNICAL SpyGate really was? Maybe just a bit? That it’s not just false accusations of collusion, but false accusations of collusion in defense of REAL collusion the other way? And that the REAL collusion is the REAL story?”

    First off…I think you’re being too generous in calling SpyGate “cynical”.
    It’s worse than that.
    It is diabolical.

    So I would add ‘diabolically’ to your ‘cynical’ and make it…”diabolically cynical SpyGate”.

    Secondly…yes, the real collusion is the Real Story.
    But we shouldn’t forget that they are Using it as Cover For The SpyGate Crimes.

    Once the ‘collusion story’ disintegrates…then the SpyGate story is still standing there, bare, uncovered!

    And SpyGate was going on before the collusion story was fabricated.

    There was no ‘good reason’ for the O-team to be spying on their political opposition.
    They were using the full power of the govt…and taxpayer dollars…to spy on their political opponents.
    This was diabolical.

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    1. Not only was it diabolical – it was ILLEGAL!

      Obama’s Illegal warrantless surveillance was not limited to the Trump campaign, or the press, or congress.

      There was a dramatic rise in warrantless surveillance during the O years – so much that it alarmed even the leftist ACLU:

      Obama changed the law twice (2013 & 2017) to make it easier to conduct warrantless data gathering:

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    1. I doubt Romney will ever win the Republican Primary running up to 2020. This said though it is possible he or another, goes independent and walks away with a large enough percentage of the Republican vote and gives the presidency to the fraudocrats. My worry.

      Of course the same can happen on the other side. My hope.

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    2. I still wonder if this is not all a smoke screen. Something doesn’t sit right about the narrative as it is being presented. If one side projects on the other what they are doing, it is possible that reporting of such Republican infighting is a cover for Democrat infighting and self-destruction. We don’t know if Romney actually wrote that oped or just allowed his name to be used.

      If we’re watching a movie….

      Still not sold.

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      1. Republican infighting against Trump is largely wishful thinking on the side of the DNC-CIA-NeverTrump axis, IMO.

        There is always infighting in the GOP, but TRUMP has shifted to balance of power AWAY from the controlled opposition at both extremes of the party to a powerful center that the LEFT has always feared – an AUTHENTIC center powered by the grassroots. All the leftists can do is try to DIVIDE US AGAIN.

        Meanwhile, all we have to do is keep doing what we’re doing. They divide us, we MULTIPLY.

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  7. I never saw this before, or I never recognized its power. Apparently, the president can call the heads of each house of congress and tell them that he hereby adjourns them AND that he will let them know when they can come back.

    This is big. Bonus question – does DJT know about this?

    Imagine if he did this. Since they are adjourned, every pending confirmation nominee is immediately appointed, including judges. More importantly, he can immediately disburse money from the Treasury to pay essential fed employees simply by declaring them essential. I’m sure there is more but I want to post this fast so we can start a theme on the web. POTUS has called the swamp creatures to the WH for another meeting. If enough of us make a big enough stink, that meeting might be where he reads Art. 2, sec 3-1 out loud.

    Art. 2, Sect. 3.1

    He (POTUS) shall from time to time give to the Congress Information of the State of the Union, and recommend to their Consideration such Measures as he shall judge necessary and expedient; he may, on extraordinary Occasions, convene both Houses, or either of them, and in Case of Disagreement between them, with Respect to the Time of Adjournment, he may adjourn them to such Time as he shall think proper; he shall receive Ambassadors and other public Ministers; he shall take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed, and shall Commission all the Officers of the United States.

    Liked by 14 people

    1. i say do it and let them take it to the supreme court for all i care. “feelings” be completely and utterly damned, full steam ahead… i reccomend this happen at 10:57 am tomorrow!

      Liked by 5 people

    2. First thought: yes, of course he does.

      Second: Oh yes, please Lord, make it so!!!!

      Third thought: Timing is everything

      Fourth thought: Thank God we are not at the helm

      Fifth Thought: St. Michael and All Angels, defend us in battle

      Liked by 7 people

      1. the wailing and general gnashing of teeth (and random fingernail gouges on doors) will be something we will just have to deal with i guess…

        Liked by 6 people

    3. it might be tempting to do, but imagine the cries of the snowflakes–“He is making himself dictator!” The optics would be difficult to overcome.

      I don’t think POTUS is in this for the short term—he is trying to lead us back to a place where he CAN step away eventually knowing that our course as a country has been righted. He is looking long term–in the future for our children and grandchildren.

      Liked by 6 people

    4. and in Case of Disagreement between them, with Respect to the Time of Adjournment, he may adjourn them to such Time as he shall think proper;

      No way in hell this will happen, because the houses of congress (‘The’ House and the Senate) will FIRST have to disagree as to when to adjourn.

      Liked by 3 people

      1. This is true, and I believe the window has passed for that already. Not to say that it can’t be used in the future though…just not in time for the seating of the new congress today.

        Liked by 3 people

  8. I have to say that I am innocent/unaware of a lot of the traditional conspiracies and the details of 9.11. I just havent been exposed to these things so the past 3 years reading and folliwi g POTUS and q has been wonderful and horrible and i have barely dipped a pinky in the well.
    Thanks Wolf for putting pen to paper on the PROJECTION of the criminals. I dont like not knowing the 60%. But JFK deserves public justice doesnt he? And gitmo should be full of them…tribunals…etc. Maybe I should ask, how long is the long game?

    Liked by 8 people

    1. gil – great post. and as one who has been struggling with “conspiracy” issues since i was 7 or 8 years old – it is so refreshing to see so many now able to view the truth and at least somewhat legitimise a portion of what many have known for so long. i am truly thankful that through an anonymous poster on a tiewanese basket weaving site the terms deep state, redpill, new world order, sorros, directed energy weapons, ritual child abuse, fake elections, corrupt agencies, and so many coumtless other facts have been investigated and shown to so many. what a privilege it is to be amongst everyone here!

      Liked by 5 people

        1. The OkCity bombing was an FBI coverup, and likely a test run for 9/11. Middle Easterners were involved with McVeigh, but quickly swept under the carpet to push the white supremacist narrative (turnspeak?!!).

          Liked by 4 people

          1. Yup. OKC was used for evidence destruction, too.

            “Economy of events principle”. Works like a charm, and acts as a signature of their activity.

            AND logic. Grab it and use it like a grenade that FINDS them and DESTROYS them.

            I love the way these jokers parked me where they thought I could do no damage to their plans – even burned me up in them – and instead I witnessed the communist destruction of American science first-hand.

            And now they think they can get rid of the witness? FUCK YOU, COMMIES!

            Take your fucking “climate change” and burn in hell, commies. You ruined American science at your peril.

            The WORLD AND BEYOND comes for your asses.


            Liked by 1 person

  9. I confess. I do, on occasion, worry that the evil traitors in D.C. are actually going to be victorious over our great President. But then, so simply, I remember this:
    Donald J. Trump
    Donald J. Trump
    If the Democrats think they are going to waste Taxpayer Money investigating us at the House level, then we will likewise be forced to consider investigating them for all of the leaks of Classified Information, and much else, at the Senate level. Two can play that game!
    7:04 AM · Nov 7, 2018

    And I believe it!

    Liked by 14 people

    1. from the article:

      “… hopefully the Democrats don’t turn the hearings into a circus like they did with Brett Kavanaugh.”

      Of course they will.

      And that’s just fine because another distraction creates opportunities for real work to get done out of the public mess the institutional obstructionists have created.

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  10. Two questions about the Smith article.

    Smith mentions probable cause, but then quotes the FISA statute covering American citizens which requires that the citizen’s actions involve clandestine intelligence activity for a foreign power which “involve or may involve” a criminal statute. “May” seems much broader than probable cause. Plus, it seems clandestine intelligence gathering activity for a foreign power would be sufficient grounds for a warrant, and so the “may” part might just be some extra protection for Americans so FISA is not misused, but not intended to provide the full protection of a criminal warrant.

    Yes, I have read McCarthy in the past, and he does not answer this question (that I recall). He merely says crime.
    But you can have intelligence gathering with no likely criminal implications, like how many fast food outlets are there; or intelligence gathering which “may involve” a violation of criminal statutes, like bank transactions which “may” involve money laundering.

    If so, the FISA warrant is easier to defend.

    And the second question is related to the first. Smith suggests that “bribery” was eventually added to the original information to give the “criminal statute” requirement some (phony) substance. Smith gives a link to the statute.

    The (phony) allegation is that Page would be given 19% of a Russian company if he was successful in having sanctions lifted. But how is this different from lobbying? What “public official” was involved in the scheme?

    The defense all along was going to be that the entire corrupt scheme was legally defensible. That will not change. And the defense will come down to what is the meaning of “is.”

    Liked by 8 people

    1. Perhaps this is why spygate hasn’t gone anywhere yet. The crooks can cloud the waters. So either we get the declas which makes the waters clear or they shift to Uranium One and/or the Clinton Foundation.

      Liked by 4 people

    2. “The (phony) allegation is that Page would be given 19% of a Russian company if he was successful in having sanctions lifted.”


      A minor point, but it’s not a question of 19% of the Russian company (which is a really huge company!)

      It’s a question of Page allegedly being offered to be able to collect a brokerage commission on the sale of 19% of the company.

      The commission would still have been a lot of money, but only a small percentage of the whole 19%.

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  11. I think the Spygate scandal is worse than we know. We hear often about the dossier as a compilation of information from various sources, but little is said about the sources. I believe the sources were in large part US intelligence sources, and so view the dossier as a mechanism to reveal this information and feed it back into the news, through politicians like Reed and McCain and Warner and through the FBI and through the State Department.

    I think a concerted effort was undertaken to mine US intelligence for data on Trump, that Adm Rogers found out about this and shut it down, and that the FISA warrants were a mechanism to (1) create an argument that the information previously compiled on Trump was obtained legally and (2) enable continuing surveillance. This is why the reporting on the inception of Crossfire Hurricane is so murky; their lame attempts at cover stories have fallen apart time and time again. They are working hard to prevent the discovery of the fact that Brennan, in conjunction with the White House (Jarrett would be my best guess) and some folks in British intelligence cooked this up.

    I also hold the theory that the accusations against Page were a cover story. Recall Page had worked with the FBI on a successful Russian spy prosecution (I think the Russians approached him about spying for them) roughly three years before his involvement with the campaign. This prior contact easily led to a colorable argument that Page was spy for the Russians, and that colorable argument enabled the FISA warrant. I don’t know whether this was done with Page’s consent, or not, but in either case, the Page accusation and FISA warrant were a reaction to Adm Rogers discovery of their illegal snooping on Trump.

    Liked by 5 people

    1. What you are saying is KEY. It’s not the technicality of the means. It’s the MOTIVE, hidden in secret discussions of the players with Obama and Jarrett.

      If people had any idea how PERVASIVE Russian and Chinese spying is – to say nothing of everybody else – since OUR COMMUNISTS opened the flood-gates to let them in, they would have some idea how EASY it is to get a FISA on a technicality.

      Speaking for myself – having worked in science (absolutely FILLED with sketchy foreigners with “reasons” for being places), I have HUNDREDS of reasons to have FISAs all over me. Pick one! Any one! I’ve literally known DOZENS of probable or certain spies, assets, and informants (for various governments) my whole life. Wray, one of the first people to be honest with the public about this, has talked about how pervasive spying is.

      Focusing on the technicality of the law is a distraction. Any unknown person can get the magnifier. It’s like the article said – only somebody (like Trump) where there are OBVIOUS BAD MOTIVES to spy on them, gets any scrutiny of government motive.

      This is why I think there needs to be anonymous advocacy in front of FISA when warrants are sought – and those advocates need to be skeptical “conspiracy theorists” of the most suspicious kinds. Why isn’t Judicial Watch intervening IN FISC rather than after the fact?

      Put me in there when the FISA on Carter Page was sought, and I would have SHREDDED McCabe.

      Gad, these people are SICK. FISC is a horrible communist JOKE.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Wolfie — you make an excellent point here about an advocate of some kind representing the rights of U.S. citizens targeted by FISA warrants. We need to find a way to keep FISA.

        Hussein (or more specifically whomever it was who pulled his strings) likely saw the abuse of FISA as a win whether it worked or not. If it works, they get enough dirt on Trump to stick us with Her Hillaryness. And if discovered, there will be a push to kill off a very effective national security tool, weakening us while they go to ground and prepare.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Exactly.

          The FOUNDERS had it right. Always go back to their DIVINE inspiration! The basics of the Constitution can fix whatever the COMMUNISTS broke.

          A judge and a prosecutor, with the defendant not even there or represented, is not a court. FISA is a joke until fixed. Note that Adm. Rogers was, in essence, Trump’s public defender, when he said “NO WAY!”


  12. Pres Trump’s intel is far superior to the media. Maybe now people will understand why he formed a space force. Look at the action in our orbit.

    Liked by 5 people

            1. Huawei Meng? Red Pawn? She ain’t on our side either!

              She’s a classic “princeling” – techno-feudal blood-line overlord of the communist elite. Destined to rule!

              More proof that communism is just warmed-over monarchy, cloaking itself in populist garb.

              Nobles by any other name
              Rule over us just the same

              Liked by 2 people

          1. Cankles! 😀

            China Girl = Uranium Girl. 😉

            The Clintons used to be MUCH more obviously funded by China. China just got very good at hiding how they get the money to Cankles. But prior to their arrival in the WH, and during their first term, the stink of Chinese money was all over the Clintons.

            But she has other friends, too.

            Complicated business! 😉

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  13. Once again a great piece of information aligned perfectly Wolf! Thank you. I feel privileged every time I come here and read the comments from everyone. The insight and knowledge that is reveled is a wonderful thing. Keep up the great work everyone! God Bless y’all!

    Liked by 7 people

  14. So much respect, appreciation and intercession for our VSG Lion PDJT.

    Liked by 4 people

  15. Back to my OKCity bombing reference above—taken from Craig Roberts, “The Medusa File,” pp. 342–409.

    Roberts, a former Marine sniper Viet Nam, retired Tulsa PD, lives just up the road from me less than 30 minutes. Craig was brought in by the Federales as a special investigator on the OKCity bombing the day after the event. The pages above contain a summary of his official report.

    He writes—“It should be apparent to the investigator that McVeigh and Nichols, virtually unassisted, could not have planned, provided for, financed, and executed the bombing themselves. Much has been written by explosive experts and professional investigators concerning the lack of capability of the single truck bomb, containing only 4600 pounds of ammonium nitrate explosive mixture, to do the damage that was accomplished.” (p. 377)

    “Many other questions remain to be answered… Was there an Iraqi connection? Were there actually two (or more) explosions? Were there two or more other bombs inside the building? …And why, after it was shown there was no connection, did the media continue to shift public attention to right wing groups ranging from the NRA to various militia organizations when those entities had the most to lose from such a tragic event? And most of all, what exactly were the documents taken out of the Murrah building’s ruins that were so important that rescue operations had to be curtailed?” (pp. 384–85)

    Liked by 2 people

    1. And to Mr. Roberts final question, he speculates in detail regarding the Clintons and Mena, Ark. (Iran/Contra)—that when the Clintons moved to DC, in order to safeguard the documents so they couldn’t be destroyed in Little Rock, the records were moved to OKCity. Roberts also notes the documents of the Gulf War Syndrome cases and government involvement were moved from Houston to the Murrah building for “safe keeping.”

      “Two weeks after the bombing, a fireman videotaping the relief efforts accidently stumbled upon a very suspicious activity behind the Oklahoma City post office [located across the street from The Murrah bldg.] … He was told immediately by his FBI ‘guide’ to ‘put the camera on the ground and do not film this.’ … As he watched, he could see that each truck had many SWAT-types dressed in black, wearing black ski masks, carrying submachine guns …Outside of these shoulder-to-shoulder lines were agents in plain clothes who wore unmarked blue nylon jackets and carried hand-held radios. Several of the blue-jacketed agents were busy loading the trucks [vans] with boxes that they were carrying from the post office back room … He described the boxes as ‘cardboard file boxes full of documents’.” (p. 374)

      This obviously wasn’t undelivered US mail they were trucking off!!!


    2. “Within twenty-four hours the Ryder truck grows from a small van to the largest box-truck in Ryder inventory to contain the ever growing amount of ammonium-nitrate explosives required to create the damage done to the building. Yet, according to sources outside the government, very little indication of nitrate deposits at the scene are found—indicating a different type of explosive.” (p. 380)

      “In McVeigh’s case, anyone who brings forward information that there had to be more than one bomb, or that there were higher powers involved in the bombing, or more than just McVeigh and Nichols involved, is quickly debunked, discredited or ignored. On at least three occasions this has already occurred: Brigadier General Partin (USAF ret.), an explosive expert that said that the ammonium nitrate truck bomb could not have done the damage inflicted on the building by itself; and former FBI SAC Ted Gunderson, who stated other devices exist in inventory that are much smaller and more powerful that could have caused the damage; and Debra von Trapp, a former high level government contractor who brought forth information linking members of the Clinton administration to the bombing, have been ignored or discredited with the full weight of the mainstream media.” (p. 382)


    3. How competent of an operative (terrorist) are you, if, when you are driving a truck around with 4600 pounds of explosive material, you have to stop a couple blocks away from the Murrah building to get directions on how to get there? Don’t real terrorists at least scope out their targets beforehand and settle their plans before the day of the event? How do you get lost on the way to the building you are about to blow up???

      Yet — this is what happened minutes before the bombing by McVeigh (?), and the individual he asked for directions from noticed a dark complected Middle Eastern looking person on the passenger side of the truck McVeigh was driving! Real professional operation…huh??!!

      FYI — a large group of Iraqi POW’s were relocated and deposited in the OK City area after the first Gulf War, including not a few of Saddam’s Republican Guard!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I remember that book called The Third Terrorist by Jayna Davis, a journalist for I believe a local tv station. Wonder what ever became of her, and I think the intro was written by a gentleman who worked on the Clinton impeachment, and I got the idea he was threatened or silenced.

        Liked by 2 people

  16. “DOMEX” vs. DOMEX

    ” Domestic Intelligence Exploitation Program, or Domex. (It’s different from the Domex run by Homeland Security.)…

    …I’m told it’s a longstanding and top-secret operation that taps personnel from various spy agencies — but is independent. That gives each agency the ability to deny it is in on it.

    The secret Domex operation is reportedly used to keep tabs on US citizens, a practice that’s illegal. And President Trump — who claimed he was wiretapped during the campaign — could have been one of them.”


  17. “In my opinion, there is a HUGE list of undiscovered scandals that flew right by us for nearly 60 years.”

    Wolf Moon,

    Instead of “nearly 60 years,” I would say “about 86 years.”

    The key chronology to remember, ordered from effect to cause, is this:

    Nov. 16, 1933
    -Franklin D. Roosevelt extended formal US diplomatic recognition to the USSR, in exchange for a full bushel of empty promises. (I’m indebted to Diana West for the significance of this date.)

    March, 1933
    -Stalin ascended to undisputed rule of the USSR.
    -His ally and protégé Adolf Hitler, the Icebreaker, was sworn in as Chancellor of Germany.
    -Franklin D. Roosevelt was sworn in as 32nd president of the United States.

    -Russian Revolution, followed by the subsequent Bolshevik coup d’état

    1913 “the year of the globalists’ trifecta”
    -16th Amendment to the US Constitution, the income tax
    -17th Amendment to the US Constitution, the direct election of senators
    -creation of the Federal Reserve

    -William Huntington Russell and Alphonso Taft found Chapter 322 of a German secret society on the campus of Yale University, in order to promote German philosophy in the United States. This chapter is the Yale senior society popularly known as Skull and Bones.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes – I really wanted to go back on some of this stuff, since I contend that the anarchist Presidential assassins of the 1800’s may have even been dupes of others, and that the precedents of FDR were strong. Throw in the Titanic and the Fed, and the evil is long and nasty.

      What I’m doing here is concentrating on the scandals within which I have PERSONAL knowledge. All of that is well within the post-FDR/Stalin contagion and fever, and runs right up to a few weeks ago.


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