Happy Q Year

In addition to the normal Dear MAGA daily thread to be posted later, I offer this thread – a bit early for America – specifically for messages related to the New Year.

Well wishes, resolutions, hopes, dreams, promises made, promises to be kept.

One may even take this moment to wish Q, Q+, and the Q Team a Happy 2019.

I will begin by thanking each and every visitor to this site, for your contributions, your faith and fellowship, and your friendship. This site is truly a joint effort, and I appreciate all the efforts you all have put into this MUTUAL NEWS, DISCUSSION, RESEARCH AND EDUCATION SITE which is our LAST LAST REFUGE.

And which is even more than that. A place of FAITH in our Country, our God, and Each Other.

Wolfpack, QTs, QTreepers, Treeplorables, Qeepers of the Faith, or whatever we may call ourselves – I salute you!

Further salutes to our LURKERS, our occasional visitors, and others who help spread the Word.

Moreover, a salute to all other Q followers and Deplorables on whatever other medium they may be using.

And lastly, to Q, Q+, and those who stand behind them, in many rows.

Thank you for everything.

Here is to 2019! WWG1WGA.


PS – find Q in this picture:

158 thoughts on “Happy Q Year

    1. To priests who will proclaim and extol My mercy, I will give wondrous power, and I will anoint their words and touch the hearts of those to whom they will speak (Diary, 1521). Wolfmoon I know you’re not a priest, but we have a pro choice pope and a pro love President, up is down and wrong is right in these sad times ,I believe if you pick up the Divine Mercy flag that so many of our priests have drop , I believe if you incorporate Divine Mercy in some of your thinkings and writing… > I will give wondrous power, and I will anoint their words and touch the hearts of those to whom they will speak (Diary, 1521)

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      1. I ended 2018 on a very high note. I actually feel significantly better and you guys are in trouble now. Now if you could only fix my typing skills

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  1. It should be this simple. Lol.
    Happy New Year Wolf and everyone here! Lurkers, take a leap and start posting in 2019. Everyone else, thank you for giving me laughs, food for thought, real news, and camaraderie.
    May 2019 fulfill the needs for justice and bring peace to our Country and beyond.

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  2. Here’s to a great New Year, for Q and Anons, Q+ and family, Tree House refugees, our military, and all Americans.

    May the unenlightened see the light, may the criminals end up behind bars, and may we all see justice come.

    Let 2019 be the year of our victory over the vast, internecine tyranny of the Deep State! MAGA!

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  3. Happy New Year to all who have wandered here…we are not lost thanks to Wolf! Happy Q Year to you Q and the Qanons and especially to Q+ and family. May our road lead to victory “Deus Hoc Vult!”

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        1. That’s interesting information.

          If I *ever* feel the need to consult with a Cherokee medicine man (an exceedingly unlikely event, to be sure), then it’s good to know that my not having a drop of American Indian (much less, specifically Cherokee) blood won’t prevent me from doing so.

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              1. Excellent! Yes, the Romanized names do change over time, and American Anglicized ones even faster and looser, and that’s beside the problem of bands, subtribes, etc. Very interesting in any case!

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  4. Happy New Year to President Trump, his family, his cabinet members and staff who work so hard to advance his vision for America and the world.

    So much change is happening so quickly; it will be interesting to see what 2019 holds.

    Happy New Year to Q, Q+, Qanon, Q Tree friends, our military and Patriots every where.

    President Trump is making everything New in America and it is changing the world. He is bringing peace and prosperity to all by the Grace of God.

    God Bless President Trump
    God Bless America
    MAGA and KAG

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  5. “For last year’s words belong to last year’s language;
    And next year’s words await another voice;
    And to make an end is to make a beginning.”
    T.S. Eliot
    The Four Quartets

    #WWG1WGA even non-believers and uncertains cannot deny that we share our country’s destiny. We damn well better pull together to Make America Great Again 🇺🇸

    God Bless President Trump and all who love our sovereign nation.

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  6. To All, I wish you all a Blessed New Year.

    I wish I would not have posted the Beyoncé comment a few months back, but I did. My intent was a tongue and cheek remark for the despise I have for the self proclaimed elite and their pursuit of destroying the morals of our society.

    This is my first time back since my banishment and I beg for your forgiveness.

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    1. I’m allowing you back on, since in a very similar case, the person was offered to accept the site’s terms and did, and was not banned, and went on to become a strong contributor, refraining from similar legal but problematic speech.

      Like I said elsewhere, this is not a game for me. Hopefully you’ll understand.

      Go in peace. 😎

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    1. Flep!! Agree!! You are a wonderful person and a special poster!! Thanks for coming over to our Q tree and giving us all a boost! And IT IS gonna be a special year!! Happy New YEAR Flep!! Its gonna be an AMAZING YEAR!! hugs

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  7. I will add my own Happy New Year to all! Jeez – I feel bad changing the subject but…..gun owners in FL aren’t going to be feeling very happy, I would guess.

    “The Jacksonville, Florida Sheriff’s Office has created a task force to seize firearms from people under accusation, without due process.

    “The new Risk Protection Order [RPO] is intended to prevent …mass shootings — and other violent incidents — by allowing citizens to report potential risks to law enforcement officers, who can follow a process to take firearms away from those deemed a risk.

    Under the law, once someone is reported, law enforcement must verify the person meets the criteria laid out in the law. Then a judge reviews the case, and if the judge approves, the person’s weapons are taken, and they cannot buy another gun for up to a year.

    If someone’s gun is taken away, they can ask the court for their gun back after the year is up, but then they must go through a background check before a judge approves the request it and releases their gun to them.”

    One Floridian has already had 23 guns seized, and ten RPO (also known as “red flag confiscation”) cases are pending. Fox News reported in July more than 450 Florida residents had been ordered to give up their guns under the new law.”

    “Friday noted that people flagged as unfit to own a gun aren’t eligible for a public defender, since they aren’t charged with a crime. Therefore, they’d have to represent themselves in court if they can’t afford a lawyer.”


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    1. Yes, this is no good. If the accused is not represented before the judge quickly, due process is violated. This has the VENEER of due process, but it is NOT due process.

      I can see a 24-48 hour seizure – same as arresting somebody – or just arrest the person. THEN let them come before the judge by the normal process. But this is a mockery of justice.

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    2. Wow, that’s bad…a Sheriff’s Office making new laws out of thin air?

      That ‘RPO’ is cloaked in a “public safety” disguise, but it’s really a diabolical way to grab guns from law-abiding citizens.

      The really insidious thing about this, is that if it is allowed to stand, unchallenged…then it establishes a Precedent for it to be repeated across the country. (!!)

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      1. Yup. Gotta jump on the due process thing.

        One way to increase the likelihood that they would relent be to create an identical law to go after something that people on the LEFT value. Burn them with same-same until they relent. Judge but no representation, the works.

        Maybe make it so strangers could stop an abortion by going to the police anonymously and claiming it might be their baby – that the infant needs to be DNA tested in utero just to be sure. Yeah, they’re gonna love that one!

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        1. In a normal universe, this is the sort of action and infringement of rights and freedoms that the ACLU would FIGHT against… sigh…

          Probably the ACLU and/or the SPLC had a hand in crafting the craftiness…

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              1. I am nothing if not hardcore on the Bill of Rights, especially that one after the first one. Of course, sometimes, and with other amendments, that makes me appallingly “liberal” by some peoples’ lights…

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          1. Hi, I’m here! Right now about all I can manage is to try to skim as much as I can.

            I’m fine, just been a bit under the weather and between still feeling a little run down AND facing what seems like mountains of house work and errands from a few sick days I’m trying to get caught up.

            Missing you all and time spent in the Tree!!

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    3. Colorado ain’t going to be a slice of heaven for gun owners, either.

      We have a new governor. He used to be the congresspuke from Boulder. He’s proggie as all get-out. Both houses of our state legislature are now Demoncrat. Even if it’s by only a couple of seats, our state legislature is set up such that Republicans might as well stay home–nothing they want will get more than a pro-forma hearing in a “kill committee”, except for the hope of peeling away one demoncrat vote–IF the bill can make it to the floor.

      The most we can hope for is that there are a couple of demoncrats who merely want gun owners to FOAD, instead of pushing us through a meatgrinder.

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        1. Oh, I missed the Charlottesville slip-up! But that was a seriously tough nut to crack. No way could she research it enough to know how bogus it all was. Frigging communist street theater, but they had an overwhelming advangage on organization.

          Hope there are MANY people in jail for that stuff. Sealed indictments falling from the sky.

          So I’ll forgive her on it. But it better not happen again! 😉

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          1. Mmmmm…you are so much more generous than I! Sorry but how many of us knew it was bogus? Even I knew that! No, I believe it was probably corporate pressure – just disappointed she caved. Other than that, she is pretty good.

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  8. Ladies (and gents, of course) – BB’s fashion notes and pics of ten gowns worn by our stunning POTUS – I did NOT know this (I think this is the gown that was used to show up the Sasquatch so glaringly):

    2. Mrs. Trump’s Nod to Diana, Princess of Wales

    If there is something clear about Mrs. Trump’s wardrobe — beautifully curated by the great Hervé Pierre — it is that she lives to pay homage to artists, icons, and legends.

    While in London, England this year, Mrs. Trump was ravishing as American royalty in a yellow chiffon, off-the-shoulder draped evening gown by J. Mendel which featured a regal cape.

    For many, Mrs. Trump may have been channeling “Belle” from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, but this gown was a throwback to Princess Diana’s famous blue chiffon gown that she wore to the Cannes Film Festival in 1987.


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  9. Happy New Year Everyone!!

    Glad I found you guys, this is a much more happy and peaceful place for my spirit!

    Looking forward to MAGA # 3, lots of truth, justice and the Constitutional American Way!!!

    God Bless you. Praying for happiness, success, and many blessings in 2019 for Everyone.

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      1. Hi Miss Wheatie, was particularly missing you, especially at the last POTUS rally, and of course on the day the EO was signed for the creation of….

        🚀🚀🚀🚀US SPACE COMMAND🚀🚀🚀🚀

        I still have that box of Kleenex to return to you my kind friend…..🥰

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        1. Have missed you too, Bflyjesusgrl.
          I’m so glad you’ve found your way here!

          Love those little space ships. Haaa.

          And we’re getting our Space Force!

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      1. Yes, Miss Sylvia, this is a wonderful “home”. Been missing you and your “shovel”, Lord knows there’s been several fools who’ve needed it upside the head, LOL. You may need some spares, got a feeling we’ll be wearing out a few in the next 2years! 😂😂

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  10. Ya’ll–I am usually done about now.. Gotta share this… But we went to a NYE party/dinner and dance..Good food and friends — DJ for dancing…I NEVER have ever noticed or cared about color/race/ etc.. SO we are at a Country Club (yeah–we arent members–but our friends invited us)–So dancing started and the DJ is a cute black guy– COOL–right.. So He would play a song we we would all get out to dance to…then change to a rap song that we couldn’t dance to.. it was OVER and OVER OVER again!! Seriously!! I sat down down and watched!! When I pointed it out–everybody saw it !! Shaking my head… SO stinking sad…

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      1. Wolfie– We were at a Very WHITE Country club–which we do not belong…DJ would play a popular song and people would jump out and dance to–then– switch to a very rap/black song that NO one could dance to…It was SO obvious!

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            1. Musical pro never does that, even if they cannot stand who hired them. That’s how you tell a pro. And a really good pro has people asking for phone numbers and email addresses.

              Live and learn, particularly from the mistakes of others! Bad hire.

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      2. My last high school reunion–the DJ was awful, playing hip-hop more than music. (By my definition, which doesn’t match the definition used by music theorists, music must have a melody.) Nothing from, oh, say, about the time we were in high school.

        However, one of my classmates is a drop-dead-smoking-hot dance instructor and for whatever reason she wanted to dance with me a LOT. I humored her. Sacrifices…..


  11. Happy New Year to my fellow Treeplorables! Because I believe this will be a year of momentous change, I wish for you this year abiding faith, stamina, practical wisdom and the fellowship of good people.

    Where we end up depends not on which way the wind blows, but on how we set our sails.

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  12. Losers gonna lose.

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  13. Here in SC on this very first day of 2019, the sun is shining, after a record breaking rainy December
    and I have had my traditional Southern NY’s meal of Hoppin’ John, collard greens and cornbread. 2019 WILL BE an outstanding year. Trust the Plan and pray, and pray some more…

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  14. I want to wish everyone a a Happy New Year! 🎊 2019 is going to be a year of triumphs, truths, and breakthroughs (although, it may be a hellish year for certain bad actors). I’m thankful for the Q Tree and the refuge that it provides. Peace and blessings to all!

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