Son-of-Mailman Veto of Pro-Gun Bill Marked “Return to Sender” by Buckeye Pols

Trump Boomerang Effect and Trump Unmasking Effect on STEROIDS.

Gun owners and defenders of the right to keep and bear arms (RKBA) – that lovely populist poison pill for tyranny – have MOAR WINNING to rejoice.

Some, but not all, have been able to stand up to the Deep State machinations which have been arrayed against Free Americans by our communist neighbors and infiltrators, and their foreign allies.

Alas, Son of Mailman is not one of them. I actually don’t blame him. When an obvious MK-mediated murder of policemen in his hometown was committed nearly on his doorstep at a critical juncture as a warning, I realized just how much pressure has been put on him.

They. Will. Do. Anything.

They have only one rule – don’t get caught.

Thankfully, I think the MK murder thing is going to explode, and a lot of commies are going to have burnt lips from THAT exploding cigar.

Back to the story – enough Buckeyes have had the guts to stand up to the Globo-Nazi scum, that SoM’s veto of recent pro-gun legislation was overridden.

Good times. Take that, Globo-Nazis.

I was first alerted to this by MJA at

More information from Fox Cleveland:

The best coverage is here, at Buckeye Firearms:

From that link:

In a historic action, the Ohio General Assembly has overridden Governor Kasich’s ill-advised veto of H.B. 228. The House override was on a 67 to 22 vote. The Ohio Senate override was on a 21 to 11 vote.
Even though John Kasich used all his political power and even used political gamesmanship, he could not stop the legislature from doing the their job, and executing the will of the Ohio people.
The law contains many powerful improvements for Ohio’s 4 million gun owners.

Buckeye Firearms

Here are a few of the top fixes to gun laws, listed by Buckeye Firearms:

  • Shifts the burden of proof back to the prosecutor so that you are innocent until proven guilty. Ohio is the only state in the U.S. that makes gun owners guilty until proven innocent in matters of self defense.
  • Strengthens “preemption” provisions in Ohio law that prevent local governments from passing their own gun laws.
  • Aligns the definition of “shotgun” to mirror Federal law to end the confusion about the Mossberg Shockwave and similar firearms that are currently legal under federal law but illegal under Ohio state law.
  • Eliminates the requirement to post no-gun signs in locations which have authorized the carrying of firearms.
  • Puts teeth into the law so that authorities can prosecute criminals who make “straw” purchases for felons.

The preemption portion is a BIGGIE. Communist Democrat leadership strategy in Ohio right now is to pack leftist ringers into “apolitical” city councils in suburban and exurban communities, as well as to float ringer candidates like Lying Radical Progressive Danny O’Connor in districts that include such communities (h/t Jane Timken for catching that stealthy truth). Local restrictions on gun ownership to force out gun owners and “blue up” those districts is clearly their path to power, so BIG KUDOS to the Ohio GOP for fighting back.

Better signage on firearms carry is also important, although not yet a done deal. In many places, very crappy fine-print signage against weapons carry is being used to entrap licensed concealed carriers. There is a very stealthy but EXTREMELY ACTIVE war on concealed carry going on right now in this nation, and the Buckeye State is no exception. Dark Muellerian DOJ / FBI forces working with anti-Trump ex-DHS officials and the big-bucks post-Vegas security-industrial complex are now useful not-so-idiots in the DNC / Soviet / Euro-socialist / ChiCom / UN vision of a disarmed America.

Americans need to SEE where CHLs are being forced out by businesses, so they can take their business elsewhere. Note that entrapment is a typically Soviet ploy – make enough bad law, and eventually EVERYBODY is not in compliance.


So – good to see some PUSH-BACK on the Globo-Nazi contagion, even if it means overriding a “hostage veto”.

Rejoice! Son of Mailman will be relieved of duty shortly, and Mike DeWine, whose office created the original VERY SENSIBLE Ohio CHL laws (“shall issue”, but plenty of training and quality instruction) is now the governor.

DeWine was at one time wobbly on Clintonian Marxist “assault weapons” legislation, but he has since learned to stand up to the communists, while maintaining his trademark non-confrontational style. DeWine knows where the real pro-RKBA side of “sensible” gun law is, and it is a comfort to know that he will be governor. Frankly, I wish we had some more Mike DeWines in reserve.

I also expect that Mike DeWine will come under the same cunning and evil pressures that John Kasich did, so please INCLUDE MIKE DEWINE IN YOUR PRAYERS! He need powerful spiritual and moral protection coming from the prayers of the People of this Great Nation!

Heck – I think that praying for John Kasich is good, too. Pray for him to be RELEASED from the dark forces which have bound and confused him, so that he can RETURN to where he once was – THE GOP CENTER – not the FAKE FLAKE globalist Obama synthetic center. Pray that the globalists who have made Kasich dizzy and confused are UNMASKED BY TRUMP – the great unmasker!

And finally, have a wonderful and MAGA day! Celebrate!


The Second Amendment is about more than just itself.

68 thoughts on “Son-of-Mailman Veto of Pro-Gun Bill Marked “Return to Sender” by Buckeye Pols

  1. “…..I think the MK murder thing is going to explode…”
    Would you kindly define the “MK murder thing’, please.
    I just got off of the murdered police officer info, so I’m a little disoriented.
    …….and then there’s the hour.
    A point in the right direction would be most helpful.
    Thanks and Merry Xmas and Happy Healthy New Year.

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    1. I have several long posts yesterday where I am theorizing on MK abilities current and past, particularly post-Hitler and post-Stalin, where strong human experimentation was possible. I have some knowledge on this which is not public domain, but I am not constrained by any US laws since I am speculating about adversary capabilities as FOREIGN adversary capabilites, and I have to assume they ARE adversary capabilities, although I could be touching on same or analogous home team capabilities. You should be able to find my posts in yesterday’s daily thread by searching on “MK” and “psychological”.

      Merry Christmas!

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        1. It’s short for MK-Ultra, a supposed generational covert mind control program run by various western govts including USA. Lots of people believe that MK has powers beyond what can be reasonably shown with evidence. Who is on the “correct” side is debatable, which is an indoor sport enjoyed by a siazable minority of us.

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          1. “a supposed generational covert mind control program”

            It isn’t a “supposed” program, pgroup. It was (is) ACTUAL.

            Numerous FOIA document releases demonstrate this.

            “reasonably shown with evidence”

            Reasonability, as the applicable saying goes (edited), is in the mind’s eye of the beholder.

            I find it wise to allow for what one doesn’t know.

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            1. When I say “MK” I mean “advanced psychological training and conditioning” (“mind control”), which is a much broader and more interesting thing than old throw-away tech like MK-Ultra.

              Think Christine Blasey-Ford as “breakdown lane evidence” (crappy enough to leave behind – leave the gun, take the cannoli) of our current MK capabilities – part of Trump Unmasking. Same with Ford working with that DOJ/FBI agent Monica McLean to skate past polygraph screening – THAT is the cannoli! That is the real meat that should leave Pokerface Wray going “holy shit” in places where we can never see it.

              In my opinion the “MK-Ultra” releases were highly diversionary and intentionally misleading. They were a “bad seed” release. This is why I always specifically say “MK-Ultra” when I mean MK-Ultra.

              “MK Ultra” is like showing us hand-crank auto engines to prove that women can never drive. Spy agencies depend on such “throw ’em a bone, not a steak”, IMO – gotta keep it on the down low.

              I believe that Soviet capabilities in MK were highly advanced when we thought they were not. The Soviets, Russians and Chinese have taken extreme advantage of this superiority in capability, in combination to nearly cart-blanche access to CIA and NSA data, thanks to our traitors.

              The way they protect this stuff (psychologically – as in MK) is a very typical protection by running all arguments to logical extremes – in the case of MK meaning “the technology must make people do what they don’t want to do or wouldn’t do”.

              NO. Do not accept bullshit driving of the arguments. Look for where MK *should* work to find where it *does* work.

              The way it works is to convince people that they can and should do something they WANT to do or think they NEED to do for some reason, and then orchestrating all the CRAP around that to make a desired result happen. It’s very slick stuff, but it is only PART of ploys to create fake realities that are 99% real. A good ploy is 99% lawfare and 1% MK to make sure critical parts proceed as needed.

              In my opinion. *wink*

              People need to investigate deeply the mechanics of the scenarios to see how LITTLE of it is actually MK – and THAT kind of thinking is very dangerous to the practitioners. Thus, they get very nervous when people throw “Logical thinking.” at MK.

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              1. Well alrighty then!

                I still have to sift though the 50 points you made in those 15 sentences …

                But when I hear about an attempt on our VSGPDJT, at the gates of the WH, wherein the ostensible perpetrator shoots his PHONE … I allow for 70+ years of improvements on the N*z* psych / phys experiments on us “animals” to have been improved upon, beyond our estimation.

                As an aside, our “logic” is right, but, as Einstein himself once said of science / physics … IT ISN’T RIGHT ENOUGH!

                I’m paying more attention, right now, to the attempted elimination of our national 9-1-1 network, than any academic quibbles. FWIW.

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              2. Good! I think you’re on the correct side of the problem.

                Adversary superiorities are a known unknown – one step away from a known. All attempts to paint logical narrowing of that unknown as negatives should be viewed with suspicion. Since that has been the modus operandi of CIA almost since the beginning, the entire agency should be viewed as a potential enemy logical beachhead, IMO.

                As for Einstein, his view of theoretical incompleteness is “always right” almost as a working absolute of science, IMO, and I tend to think that he was especially right about quantum mechanics.

                Shooting his phone? Oh, my. Thanks for that! Hilarious.

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              3. Logic is the enemy of these people. C.S. Lewis made that very clear.

                Steve Hassan has a lot of good material on cult mind control, as a former Moonie himself.

                No one has a monopoly on mind-control techniques. But some are better than others.

                Propaganda techniques were renamed “public relations” so that they could be free of their negative connotations and sold for marketing purposes. So much of our American marketing apparatus is designed with the same propaganda methods that were deployed in WWII.

                Lots of cults operate on mind control. The generally work though mechanisms of reality control, not that dissimilar from an abusive relationship. That’s why gaslighting is so common – it’s a easy form of reality control.

                Not enough is told about how the famous mind-control example of Jim Jones was entrenched in leftist ideology:

                I guess from my perspective I’m looking at this more from the perspective of Christian apologetics and from Cybersecurity (understanding hybird warfare)

                … which is why I see the left more as a political religion, a cult of power built on an massive arsenal of lies more than merely an op. There are so many chapters and verses to this song over the years that it practically never ends:

                The common theme: Destroy Christianity.

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              4. vigilantcitizen has a lot of background on MK, in particular with regard to the “entertainment” industry. Talk about intentional numbing of minds…

                They also have an article about the deep state/illuminist/Rothschild rag “The Economist”‘s 2019 “prediction” cover. Well worth reading, even though it’s shorter than the last few years’ comparable articles: .

                Seems Mengele’s “Legacy” has been growing in the East (China, Russia) as well as the West…

                Oh, for the days when “Bar Code” was just a set of rules to keep you from getting thrown out of the Saloon (or the window thereof)…

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              5. Please accept my partial apology for the implied disdain for your post. I obviously did not know that you made the distinction.

                For the recod, my disagreement with all these theories is they imply a level of scheming and coordination by disparate humans over decades. Communism, by comparison, is the most successful movement over generations yet each iteration is substantially distinguished from the previous one.

                I suspect that too many people watch too many movies and fail to remember that movies are entertainment and not history class or science class. I guess the phrase that I wish was more prevalent is de facto which means that the results are common ones without coordination between entities.


  2. Nice piece, Wolfie. I’m glad you highlighted this. I have been feeling despair over the 2A erosion occurring over the last year or two in many states. It’s like there have been brush fires here, there, everywhere popping up and the 2A has been losing. It worries me a lot.

    So it is fabulous to see some good news, and this is really good news. Thanks for featuring it and explaining it.

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    1. You’re most welcome, and you are SPOT ON about the anti-gun oppositon pushing hard on small stuff during the last couple of years! This was a sorely needed victory!!!

      Yes – they are very sneaky, and SUNLIGHT is important in fighting the anti-gun empire striking back.

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  3. “Heck – I think that praying for John Kasich is good, too. Pray for him to be RELEASED from the dark forces which have bound and confused him, so that he can RETURN to where he once was – THE GOP CENTER – not the FAKE FLAKE globalist Obama synthetic center.”

    There is something saddenly pathetic about Kasich who looks and sounds like a drowning man. He is easy to despise based on the surface of things, but something bad happened to him, probably in a sense something he could not control.

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      1. Oh yeah—Kasich got compromised or power hungry and greedy. Obviously, his internal moral compass had no problems with that!!! Bye—bye John, you corrupt POS!

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    1. I used to like him a lot when he was in Congress, and even after. I just could not believe what he has become. I’ve had this conversation a time or two with a friend of mine. We just look at each other and practically scratch our heads. WTH happened to John Kasich?

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      1. He “grew in office.”

        National Review, back when it was a halfway decent rag, half-joked about conservatives signing living wills, allowing other conservatives to euthanize you if the media ever starts saying you “grew in office.”

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  4. Oh, and wonderful news, too.

    Gun laws to make areas blue is a brilliant insight! Of course! The laws are incoherent, unconstitutional, impractical, and useless from a public safety perspective, but who gives a heck if they do the job any law should do, which is to destroy America?

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    1. Yes! Very good news, and we needed some of that.

      Gun owners tend to be very legally compliant people, and MAKING THEM MOVE is a serious Democrat tactic, that works for that very reason. In fact, I have an amazing story that way which goes all the way up to Bill and Hillary Clinton!



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      1. Look forward to it.

        I know I sound like I am behind The Tinfoil Curtain at times, but IMO the effort to criminalize otherwise law abiding citizens has been implemented thoroughly and effectively since Clinton era attacks on tobacco, and the “For The Children” Narrative got started.

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        1. “I know I sound like I am behind The Tinfoil Curtain at times, ”

          We have all been there at one time or another but how often now does that “tinfoil hat” turn out to be the real deal!!! Please continue to keep that open mind!! 🙂

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          1. LMAO! OMG – that picture is hilarious!!!

            One of the best things I learned from Q is the phrase “Logical thinking.” It’s like a razor-sharp knife that pierces through their “push to extremes, fallacy, and ridicule” defenses

            Anybody still think Q is on the other side? Think again.

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      2. Legally compliant…yes. Until they start to think for themselves. CC turns a right to defend into a privilege granted by a state. Violates inherent rights of man. People who burned their CCPs several years ago on the capital grounds of the state of Washington at the very large “I will not comply” rally, walked their talk. Others have never complied, knowing their rights. Others I know personally see those no weapons signs on medical facility doors, and others, and say “those signs don’t apply to me!”

        Seattle is a case study in making their own rules in violation of state constitution (the document in many ways is stronger than the federal version) and federal constitution.

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        1. What I’m relying on, Roberta, is that despite all of these State encroachments against our 2nd Amendment, Q has said that it is safe.

          I don’t know where or when in “the Plan” this safety will be secured, but, I cannot imagine our patriots – in position of military, or of civilian, power – would let this UN-A-LIEN-ABLE right fall by the wayside.

          I have faith. It’s a dicey road, to be sure, but I hold my course.

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  5. I drafted this yesterday, but it is even more apropos today…

    And, of course, the Las Vegas massacre has impelled the American College of Physicians to propound a series of guidelines on how physicians can help doctors protect their patients from gun violence. Given their obvious superiority to we deplorables, the second largest physician group in the US has determined they must act on this issue. See here:

    A sample from their policy paper shows their thinking to be long on emotion and short on facts:

    “Lawmakers should carefully consider the growing but limited body of evidence that suggests the concealed-carry laws may create a greater risk of firearms injuries and deaths than any protective value they may provide.”

    Of course, this assertion is laughable. Concealed carry holders are among the most law abiding individuals in our society — they even obey speed limits far better than the average driver. And there are literally hundreds of defensive uses of firearms for every firearm related injury and/or death in the U.S. Further, if you avoid drug deals and gang turf wars, the risk of experiencing a gun related injury is far lower than the risk of using a bathtub.

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    1. I carry a gun at all times, and you know, it has never pulled the trigger on itself!!! My tactical rifles have never on their own gone into gun-free zones and started shooting!

      What agency or group is going to volunteer to come and take our guns. If they come to Oklahoma—they will not be leaving Oklahoma!!!

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      1. They won’t have to do door to door raids.

        They’ll just pass laws that make life impossible for gun owners. Have a gun? Well, then, forget about taking out a loan to buy a house. Or holding down a job. Or driving a car. etc., etc.

        Most people will turn them in as the screws tighten.

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        1. Perhaps, but I could construct a Hegelian scenario the government could manufacture—where the people, in order for civil order to be restored, called upon the government to do what was necessary to re-establish civility. And at that point, gun confiscation would be part of the solution (the synthesis).

          Whatever the case, it behooves one to have several “paperless” arms amongst your collection!

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  6. Great post Wolf!
    This has to be kept in the forefront for everyone to see what is really going on with the 2A. One of the reasons I moved out of NY.

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  7. Will send this info over to mr gil. Lots of crazy new laws in ca beginning jan 1, including new gun laws. The more the laws around the country can STOP following CA, the more pressure CA will have to correct itself. Misery loves company after all.
    Happy OH aint havin it.

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  8. Too bad they didn’t have the heart to override his veto of the fetal heartbeat bill! Oh, don’t take our guns but continue to kill babies…..SMH

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      1. Here is what Representative Nino Vitale wrote on Facebook about the behind-the-scenes power plays that led to the killing of the pro-life legislation:

        Many of you publicly or privately asked me what happened yesterday and how this bill failed by one vote. Here’s some truth and some speculation on what I, and many others think occurred. As you know, I call them like I see them and after four years in government, well, it is not always what the press or the state house media report. Sometimes, there’s more to the story.

        The bill lost by one Republican vote in the Senate. Why? The one vote, Republican Senator Beagle, has voted YES on this exact same bill before, so why all of a sudden does he vote no when it really counts? His public answer is that he didn’t want to override the Governor. I don’t buy that for a second. I think the truth is, the governor and establishment knew he was term limited and got a hold of him and made him promises well before the vote was ever taken to block this bill. In fact, Senator Beagle found himself without a job due to term limits, but now has been given a cushy, high paying job working in the Ohio Treasure department. Only loyal soldiers of the establishment get those appointments on the tax payer dime. Coincidence? I don’t think so.
        Read More:

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  9. I don’t believe he’s a son of a mailman. I think his mother cheated on her husband with the milkman, who secretly paid her a small sum every month so she wouldn’t stick him with the child support.

    How that impacts his politics, I haven’t a clue.

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      1. Judy, I am gratified that I can please you with my normal behavior. We’re gonna win next year. Remember that DJT renewed his “grab it all” executive order for another year. Many nooses are tightening while many pots of water are getting warmer.

        Buy popcorn, peanuts, and beer – the show is going to be massive.

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  10. Just a reminder, in case our access to various internet sites goes “dark”, or is inexplicably unavailable.

    The ultimate fall-back position, for all comms, is the following site given explicitly by Q (delete the brackets, and copy by hand; enter it in the URL address bar):


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      1. Thank you, ttt, for repairing my mistake!

        I’m STILL going to go over this, to make sure that whatever I post / have posted is correct!

        I’m a big fan of your posts of beautiful pictures, and of beautiful scriptures to match.


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  11. “Trump Boomerang Effect and Trump Unmasking Effect on STEROIDS.” Sooooo true!

    Another great read from Gateway Pundit:
    Margaret Thatcher was a most divisive prime minister.
    She transformed British history and saved her country.
    She put the ‘Great’ back into Britain.
    Everywhere she went, she sowed division: in her party, in UK politics, and in world affairs.
    To this day, her legacy is bitterly debated.
    BUT: she was unique as the first woman to be prime minister and as a true conservative.
    She was extremely successful in carrying out her agenda.
    Had she not succeeded her country would have gone from crippled to doomed.

    Trump is the perfect analogue.
    He is divisive in his party, in US politics, AND ESPECIALLY IN INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS.
    He is quite unique as a non-politician and total outsider.
    His ambition is to disrupt politics as we know it and he is doing just that, rather masterfully.
    He seems, AGAINST ALL ODDS, to be succeeding in his own America First agenda.

    Hence there will be (policy and career) winners and losers and therefore much resentment about his achievements.

    The underlying disagreement is between those who seek to preserve the US as a specific historical entity, a democratic republic, constitutional nation state, and those who seek to redefine the US as an elitist and globalist abstraction.

    Read More:

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      1. So I posted above before reading and now that I’ve read, I tend to disagree with the premise that “Soros knows exactly who Trump is”. Obviously many others made that same assumption! 👍

        Liked by 3 people

          1. I agree, WM and True Pundit’s Mike Moore tells in his book, “How We Dismantled The FBI In Our Pajamas” the immense amount of respect he gained for Trump while doing opposition research for Steve Wynn against Trump during their epic battle when Trump wanted to open a casino in LV And Wynn wanted to open a casino in NJ. Here’s a link where you can scan over partial contents of the book in your spare time, like I think you have any of that:

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