Statement on the Info-Bombing of Christmas Eve By Communist Fake News and Satanic Hollywood

In a world where the “5 PM Friday Night Washington Drop” is actually a thing, we might have expected what happened this Christmas Eve. However, we don’t have to like it, or even put up with it.

Yes, sexual assault happens. Yes, sometimes it’s “gay”. Yes, sometimes it borders on pedophilia. Yes, sometimes the details are graphic, or even too graphic. Yes, sometimes it involves famous people. Yes, sometimes those people have been protected by Hollywood for years. Yes, sometimes we have been primed to hear these things by our own quest for justice in a post-Obama world.

However, sometimes the INTENT of those who deliver this information to us, to do something even NASTIER, is very clear.

It could be called adding INSULT to INJURY.

The fact that Satanic Hollywood would want to protect one of its own – Kevin Spacey – by releasing devastating criminal information about him on the news-sleepiest night of the year – Christmas Eve – is understandable.

The fact that religion-hating Communist Fake News would want to CARRY that information on Christmas or Christmas Eve is also understandable.

But what I’m going to do now, after embargoing that information so that I could have a peaceful and reverent Christmas, is also understandable.

I’m going to talk about the information, just a little bit, so that I can actually talk about the real story.

Our beloved friend wheatietoo posted these 3 tweets on Christmas Eve, but then I held them in moderation until now. I promised her that I would post them later, and as you can see, that’s exactly what I’m doing.

Here they are:

I don’t know what happened in this incident, and I have not yet begun to research it. I’m not sure if I will, frankly. I don’t have a lot of stomach for these sorts of incidents any more. Reading all 58 autopsies from the Las Vegas Andy McCabe Memorial FBI/DNC/KGB/CIA/FSB/XXX (Classified) Modern MK Psychological Operation murders was pretty ugly. I think there are a lot of people who deserve to hang for this shit. But that’s another story.

Anyway, I will probably let other people dig into the Kevin Spacey story.

I’m going to talk about the responsibility of Satanic Hollywood and Communist Fake News for what they did.

They did not have to release this stuff WHEN they did, with the obvious knowledge that it would DEGRADE, DETRACT, and DISTRACT from Christmas. But they did it anyway. They did it with INTENTION.

These rotten-corpse media dinosaurs are TRULY and UTTERLY our enemies.

This was, in essence, a psychological operation. Anybody who has had FBI or CIA influencers / informants / assets / spies around them knows about influence operations. The movie Inception turned this simple idea about implanting thoughts into an entire story – which was actually one of Hollywood’s better moments.

The thing is, Hollywood is now out of control. Utterly, absolutely, jumped-the-shark, out of control.

This is all planned, of course. This is how the Communists / Socialists / Whatever set up World War II. Through a combination of mass social psychological tricks, Germany was manipulated into exactly what happened.

What will hold America together and defeat these evil people is FAITH. Germany was destroyed when its Christians let Hitler drag them away from their moral center. They did not stand up for their Jewish neighbors, their Masons, Gypsies, gays, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and all the rest. They did not stand up for the rights and freedoms of all, so SOCIALISM picked them off one at a time. Socialism used a psychotic antisemite with a catchy brand and an Obama silver tongue to do it.

Part of the problem is that the good people of Germany were not sufficiently armed, nor independent of mind, to do anything.

WE ARE. If need be. Hopefully not, but we could have an Army of the People that could take down the Cabal very quickly. And THAT is why they so desperately want our guns.

The fact is, however, that our guns protect us much more in an unfired state. As long as we refuse to give them up, we will be OK.

Stay focused. Stay peaceful.

Trust me – SOON – the people who are causing the problems are not going to be causing the problems any more.

The Nazi party – “National Socialism” – was a cunning leftist creation. It was a watered-down version of “international socialism”, meaning the KPD (Communist Party of Germany). Nazism was designed to sell socialism to patriotic people who refused to buy full-fledged international socialism, but might be convinced to buy into a NATIONAL version of something similar.

In the confusion of a Germany under relentless communist attacks, people made bad choices and did stupid things – as the left desired. Those bad choices and stupid things destroyed Germany.

All of these idiots trying to sell us globalism and “anti-sell” us on loving our own country are trying to sell us the same old SHIT in new packages.

Don’t buy it. It’s SOCIALISM. It may be in some new package, but it’s SOCIALISM.

No matter how they rebrand this garbage, it’s BAD.

You don’t want it – trust me.

Socialism may show up as the cultural Marxism of Hollywood debauchery. It may show up as a dumb but weirdly attractive suburban Hispanic girl who makes DSA “cool”. It may show up as #MeToo feminist finger-pointing insanity. It may show up as Hillary Clinton or Kamala Harris. Or it may show up as an anti-constitutional reaction to ALL of those things, led by some Alt-right weirdo who says “white people” need to adopt socialism to survive.


But now my big, final point.

These people in Hollywood and Fake News are NOT on our side. Don’t expect them to change. DROP THEIR PRODUCTS. Cut the cable. Stop going to movies – especially stuff that seems like psychological influence of ANY kind.

Also, do not buy the NON-DEGRADED substitutes (meaning quality movies) out of CHINA. This is all part of their plan. Hurt America. Steal the business.

Chinese communists will DESTROY Hollywood and STEAL the industry. If you support Hollywood, you support Chinese subversion. If you support China, you support Chinese subversion.

It’s going to be rough, but we have to MAKE THEM PAY.

So CUT THEM OFF. It’s the only way.


Never fall for ANY form of socialism.

176 thoughts on “Statement on the Info-Bombing of Christmas Eve By Communist Fake News and Satanic Hollywood

  1. Spot on Wolf and great advice. I cut the cable (except for Wi-Fi) about 3 years ago when I retired and don’t miss it at all.
    You know after a while not watching this filth and listening to their left slanted garble you actually start to calm down. A little.
    Still, if like me you have to get out in the world it’s there. everywhere. Ignore it or just look away in disgust.
    Man I would love to pack it all up and go live in the boonies and live in peace!

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    1. Thanks!

      I think things are improving in some ways, and it give me hope. Merry Christmas is definitely coming back. Happy Hanukkah is coming back! I really think President Trump is having an effect. It’s not overnight, but he’s having an effect.

      Hope you get your wish and a peaceful life in the country somewhere! 😀

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    2. I live in the boonies – albeit the blue NY boonies – but the insanity and filth are here too. People are starting to wake up though. And they aren’t afraid to speak out anymore. Things are changing.

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      1. excellent. love NY, got some friends mid-state, beautiful country. I do have a camp about 1/4 mile from the shore of Lake Erie near Port Clinton,Oh. just waiting for spring to escape once again 🙂

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  2. This Christmas release may even be a Cabal message.

    Read this long Twitter thread to get some back ground on Spacey. Seems like his character turned him somewhat megalomaniacal and now he’s turning on the Cabal. All very weird, but I think he’s done some really bad stuff.

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    1. CDAN claims Spacey is the pedo most likely to flip to the feds. Sadly, there are even worse blinds about him than this.

      “So, most likely to flip and throw everyone under the bus is this A list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner. He is the one who almost killed several of the boys to the point where his host no longer invited him. Our actor had a preference for tweens who didn’t speak English. He didn’t want to hear anything they had to say. Probably one of the cruelest people around. He lied to the feds like crazy the first time around and said he only went to the island to fish and lay out and relax. He also told the feds he never saw anything happen with anyone and that he usually was alone when there. He is by far facing the most time in jail if caught so would first flip our second a-hole.”

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    2. Wow.

      My thoughts on all this are racing. A few weeks ago, it was Mel Gibson in Europe talking about Hollywood eating babies, and now this video from Spacey.

      I agree with the Count, that this video was a threat to the cabal. Spacey knows ALL the secrets. If he goes to trial, can you imagine what might come out? THEY know.

      I think the episodes of House of Cards in which Bohemian Grove is represented are a part of the overall effort to “mainstream” behaviors, so that when the widespread involvement in ritual sacrificial activity starts to come out, it’s in the public consciousness, and less shocking. If I get deeper into what I believe, I think the past 25 years or so of manipulation with TV, video games, etc. have involved shortening the public attention span to enable this to happen. People literally just move on and are “over it.” “What difference, at this point, does it make” they say.

      I think Hollywood is an insidious cancer, eating away at us all. I think people are drawn there by the Deadly Sins of Pride, Greed and Envy; once there are consumed by Lust and Gluttony; fall prey to Sloth; and in the end, when caught, are overwhelmed by Anger as Spacey is. It is a pure maelstrom of evil from which few escape.

      Can you imagine being a decent human being, who has a great talent which you only want to use, showing up into that den of pure evil? Would you try to walk the minefield to use your talent, which is as Rush says, on loan from God? As an artist myself, I cannot imagine the horror of realizing that they want you to sell your soul to utilize your gift. I would not, but weaker people do it all the time.

      And that is the worst of it for me. Seeing these people with such incredible gifts becoming monsters. Because I believe it is a great sin to use talent, as given by our Maker, for evil.

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        1. Sorry! I had a “catch” on the word “Spacey” and forgot to remove it last night. That was how I made sure there were no comments on Spacey for Christmas!

          Right now there are no words in the moderation dictionary, so if anything is held, it’s all WordPress.

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      1. Great post!

        Yes – what you say makes a lot of sense. People work hard to develop rare natural talents. They make it all the way to the chance to display the talent – and the people who control that LAST STEP know it.

        Hollywood. Very easy to see how the truly nasty stuff moved in.

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          1. This is quite chilling and Spacey does not lead me to believe anything he says… I am awake now, and it is hard for me to trust anyone who is associated with evil. Just like the politician in House Of Cards, Spacey never says anything worth anything. Even though he talked the “big talk”, he gets your attention by crying “the truth”… and then he yanks it away with an upside down, great big, “what if”! Sociopaths and pathic liars! Hollywood… Land of the truly weird and evil. I don’t trust anything he says or does.

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      2. Look up “Cremation of Care” and “Bohemian Grove”. It appears that the references to it on have been broken or removed…

        In any case, I knew a very talented person, who was part of the “cermonies” there who was both a brilliant musician, talented businessman, and member of one of the founding families of the silicon valley.

        NOT an occultist by any means, but “entertainers” were sought by the elite, especially those who they could link back to the “hoi polloi”…

        The illuminists ruin everything they touch. Seems I accidentally ran into a couple of them in my musical/academic career in SoCal. They look/seem OK, but the dark forces around them cannot be ignored, sad to say. Sometimes innocent musicians (et. al.) end up getting dragged into stuff they’d rather ignore. Can’t say more than that…

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    3. My guess is he was/is going to talk…no, BRAG. Child abusers are notorious for putting forth in great detail, what they did. This makes it particularly difficult for some therapists. The abusers actually brag.

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    4. Spacey being outed was no great stunner. Rumors had been running on him for YEARS. He and David Geffen of Warner Brothers. It was probably pretty easy to find a victim of his. Seriously, for “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil” he didn’t have to do too much in the way of character study for Jim Odem – and the people of Savannah claim Spacey had him nailed.

      As for avoiding Hollywood…it’s not always possible. But to the extent it can be avoided, go for it.

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      1. Oh my, that is right! I forgot about that movie… But I guess I’d rather forget about that movie because it was as strange as he is…


  3. I have to say this was…unusual. If you are not familiar, Kevin Spacey played a character named Frank (hence “Let Me Be Frank”) in a show called House of Cards that portrayed national politics as the nastiest of blood sports. It was brutally realistic. And this was BEFORE PDJT and Q began to pull back the curtain on things for us.

    After the sex scandal, they fired Spacey and killed off his character on House of Cards. He just put this video up on YouTube in the style of scenes from House of Cards and very much in character as Frank. One one level he sounds like he is asking the public to ask for his character to be brought back to the show. But under that it sounds like a whole lot more. Could me my lurid imagination, but it sounds like he is threatening someone/someones with exposure if he doesn’t get something. Menacing.

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    1. Thanks for the details about House of Cards. It clarifies the video somewhat. It is chilling.

      I read that Spacey is scheduled for arraignment January 7th. I’m guessing he will post bail and be free to continue the drama. I imagine that, often, deals get cut under the table to protect the other guilty parties, who are then free to continue the abuse. I hope that doesn’t happen here. I wish Spacey would talk.

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      1. Makes me think of this:

        “One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them,
        One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them”…

        Hollyweird has a lot of darkness to hide (sad, as it was originially founded as “Holllywoodland”, a Christian community). I lived there in the late 1970s and the 1980s, and “if you wanted it, it could be bought or found”… Not a family-sort-of-place…


    2. This is quite chilling and Spacey does not lead me to believe anything he says… I am awake now, and it is hard for me to trust anyone who is associated with evil. Just like the politician in House Of Cards, Spacey never says anything worth anything. Even though he talked the “big talk”, he gets your attention by crying “the truth”… and then he yanks it away with an upside down, great big, “what if”! Sociopaths and pathic liars! Hollywood… Land of the truly weird and evil. I don’t trust anything he says or does.

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      1. oops! Sorry about the double post, wolfmoon! I had typed something else but this was still in Q… (pun intended) You can delete if you wish. 🙂

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  4. i read through the comments on the tweets because I do not know who Spacey is, other than an actor. (If I’ve seen him in anything, it certainly hasn’t made an impression.)

    So he played this role of a man (first name Frank) who would do anything to anyone to achieve power–slept and murdered his way to be President of the United States in a Netflix show called House of Cards. The show had to kill him off when he was charge, but it seems this Frank’s life and experiences closely parallels what actually happens in DC.

    Apparently Gaetz’s tweet is in response to Spacey’s utube video response to all this–and i didn’t watch it–but it supposed to be filled with thinly veiled threats to the cabal if they try to suicide him. (one comment struck me as interesting…there’s a mug in the video that apparently is “royal”. he got it when he met the Queen or something like that.) So is he projecting that this disease extends to British royalty? A lot of speculation is that if he goes down for this–so will plenty of others…

    I have no stomach for this kind of thing either, but I am struck with his cavalier attitude with the first accuser–I am sorry IF that happened–I was drunk and now I recognize I am gay. Translation: I’m not admitting anything, but I had a disease–alcohol abuse–and can’t be blamed and now I’m gay so I should be applauded for coming out and protected.

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    1. I don’t think he was admitting he is an alcoholic, he was saying he was really drunk from the other actor’s description, he doesn’t remember the night, and he’s sorry it happened. I took it as a sincere apology which, under the circumstances if he was telling the truth that he really doesn’t remember it (and that’s certainly possible given the decade we’re dealing with), was the best he could do. And certainly he was owning up to the fact that it could have indeed happened. And he’s always been bi-sexual, he freely admits that, so there’s no sauce regarding that either. It sounds more to me as though he likes rough sex with men, and formerly willing participants are now using this predilection as ammunition, to accuse him of assault.

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        1. However, the tinfoils comment leaves out the part about the victim being a child.
          Can you say pedophile?
          He is a sick man and no excuse is acceptable.

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        1. Yes, and no. Yes as a group. No because he in particular has done nothing in a public forum as a “spokesperson” for the LBGTQwhatever movement. He’s kept his depraved appetites completely on the down low so to speak. I have much less of an issue with being gay than I do with pedophilia or with transgenderism. Though I do suspect being the victim of pedophilia at a particular stage of development can cause being gay. Transgenderism is a whole other issue.

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    2. Word is, in some quarters, that “Randy Andy” (Prince Andrew) is a patron of the “Lolita Express” and “Lollipop Island”…

      I have to say, I think that when PizzaGate finally is exposed, there will be many, MANY people taken down with it, including various members of various “royal” families…

      Remember, when you’re the elite, whatever you do is your own treat…

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  5. 1) Re: wheatietoo. I have come to the conclusion that this name is a cover for a group of highly erudite, witty, amiable and insightful Maganators. The “wheatietoo” posts come too fast and too comprehensively – – and are too entertaining – – for one person to do.So it MUST be a committee of some sort.

    2) Do not scorn me! Just as I used to read the NY Times daily for many years, I used to listen to NPR daily DESPITE my knowing they were communist propaganda. I loved the NPR style (which Rush and many others ridicule) and I loved the many non-political segments which were uniformly excellently done. EVERY Christmas, without fail, NPR would do the same despicable trick, report on story after story of depressing misery from around the world. This was their way showing their hatred of US, and associating Christmas with misery.

    3) Looking at the dumb communist from NYC, “weirdly attractive” is the perfect description. The thought crosses my mind when looking at her, how disfigured her hatred will make her look by the time she is 40. What could remove the “weirdness” from her present good looks is a powerful infusion of character.

    4) As this post reflects, the communists are relentlessly focused on their job of destruction. They never fail to weaponize, NEVER. When I was younger I used to hear “the personal is political” ALL the time. I just thought it was silly, but that was because I did not GET it. Communists exploit EVERYTHING, all the time, in the minutest detail. The rest of us cannot even imagine doing that. Wow.

    5) I used to think blackmail was the secret sauce, now (and for several years) I think it is blackmail, the threat of murder, and murder. These people do not expect to be judged, here or hereafter.

    6) Another great post! (and unique)

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    1. Hope your wife’s ham was delicious. Yoo were a patient guy.

      All they are doing is redefining what is normal. They take us to the edge and bring us back. Next time the edge is slightly more left.

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      1. Exactly right! All we can do is continue to fight what they try to call “normal.” It’s not, and never will be.

        Thankfully, it seems that Generation Z gets it. They are rebelling against the tide of indecency.

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    2. Thanks for your comments! 😀

      1) Re wheatie, I will continue to believe that she is (like me) simply a highly talented info-warrior with great experience, a reliable home computing system, sharp skills in how to use it, and a strong desire to counter the Fake News narrative and other agendas. But even if that is not the case, I never judge online people by anything except what comes through the wires. An online persona “is what it is”, and this begins to teach us about the spiritual – that spiritual things have REALITY, and that this reality can be greater than the physical world that underlies it – a powerful statement about the design of the universe and its Creator.

      2) I hear you about NYT and NPR. Frankly, I miss the “half-bad” NYT of yore, which was worth picking up. I did not know that about NPR dropping Christmas bombs – very sad, but expected.

      3) AOC – OMG – she is, like Beto Boy, and Pink Tutu Psychobabble, and would-be congressman Danny O’Connor, another fine fake Pelosi politician. They will keep hitting us with these “creations” until something sticks. It’s HORRIBLE! Can character be grafted onto such people? Would it matter? Would it even be ALLOWED? I don’t know. Scary. The idiocracy is SCARY.

      4) Communists DO exploit everything! This is crucial to understand!!! Thank you!

      5) Totally agreed. They are extremely sneaky, but they are relentless. Not hard to see why anti-Hillary witnesses were never a thing.

      6) Thanks!!! 😀

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      1. #1 was just my awkward way of saying nice things about wheatie. For several years now at least her comments have given me comfort, knowing somewhere (Ok, I believe) there was a person like her who thought such thoughts.

        I told her a long while back over at CTH, the next thing she saus I disagree with will be the first thing I disagree with!


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      2. About Ocasio-Cortez…I know you have to be 35 to be president. Can you run for that office if you will be 35 by the inauguration date?


    3. “1) Re: wheatietoo. I have come to the conclusion that this name is a cover for a group…”

      Haaaa…no, Tona, I’m just me.

      I wish I was a “group”, then I would have someone to delegate my chores to.

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      1. Just like I explain to my son (suffering through school projects):

        “Teamwork – you are part of a team, but YOU do all the work” 🙂

        Hmmm. Somehow he didn’t think that was so funny 🙂

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      2. Well, wheatietoo, you can surely outdo that puppet Obama and create as many as you wish! Your relay race would surely win because you’re no puppet and you have humility! 😉
        Remember this:
        “Former President Obama said on Sunday that he would like to create “a million young Barack Obamas” to run the next stage in the “relay race that is human progress,” the Washington Examiner reported.

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  6. Wolf, another great piece of writing. The only TV I watch is the cooking channel or DIY, those are getting infected with subtle social themes too. Very disturbing to see it everywhere you look, that their agenda is pushed on us. Gave up on any news from MSM years ago just the local news in the am. I agree once you get out of their news cycle it’s very refreshing, as you say once you see it ( their agenda) you can’t not see it anymore.
    God Bless you and everyone for what you’re here. You don’t know how much it’s appreciated!

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    1. Thanks for the tip on infection of such highly non-political stuff as cooking and DIY – that shows the pervasive political nature reminiscent of Sovietism.

      And thanks for your well-wishes – God bless you back!!! 😀

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      1. I had s to stop reading the cooking pages of the Chicago Tribune when they became weirdly political vehicles for social engineering. I never imagined it possible, but they managed to do it.

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    1. Suspiciously – about the time the Spirit Cooking scandal came along – Netflix produced a movie trivializing/normalizing cannibalism — called Santa Clarita Diet. That was what got me to cancel my Netflix subscription! I was furious to see the ad for that movie – two young people carrying a bloody cooler containing human flesh. I had sat down to watch a movie while having a nice dinner – and up popped that horror – ruined my whole weekend. I called/emailed Netflix and gave them ‘what for’!!! Got a refund for that month and cancelled my subscription.

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        1. No, Sunnydays, I don’t have one, either, and I fear my state is coming dangerously close to making it automatic tied to driver’s licenses, not saying they have, but I think our secretary of state would love to do that.

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          1. Yikes!!!

            The biggest concern I had when I read this was, if American body parts were on their way to China, how much of “us” is in the processed food they sent back to the US! I know it sounds quite “Solient Greenish”… but hey!

            I do not put anything past the Chinese government! They are by no means the good guys when it comes to the world in general… 😛


            1. I try to avoid food of any kind from China, and I Try not to eat a lot of processed food, but I also realize I fail miserably, partly because I eat out at restaurants, and even food processed or packaged in America can have ingredients from CChina. Then there are the medications and vitamins, which have fillers and components from China, very hard to avoid everything.

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  7. Well, sorry, but no, I am not cutting my DirecTV. Frankly, as many here probably remember, it irritates me no end to continuously have people instructing me to “CUT THE CORD.” It is no-one else’s business how I choose to get my entertainment/news/info and if anyone really thinks this would make a difference – well, I’ve got some ocean-front property for sale here in NE. There are many, many good shows that I watch and, given my location, it is my only option for keeping more than one line of info open. So, thanks for the well-meaning advice, but no, thanks.

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    1. So you are showing your spinal fortitude by saying No. Good for you. However, keep in mind that if people stop saying ‘cut the cord’ then you won’t have anything to resist. You’ll have to find something else.

      [luv ya – don’t forget that]

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      1. Sometimes I would just like to send a few hundred thousand volts (and a few trillion coulombs) back down the line to (un)Hollyweird to let them know what I think…

        Maybe a few thousand flaming servers might get their attention. Burning clouds, as it were…

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    2. I watch TV, too, Nebraska, and I will continue to. I get a kick out of spotting the manipulation, and pointing it out, for one thing. It’s why I stay on Facebook. I use it as a tool to spread the word.

      It also helps me to understand what we are up against. So many people watch and believe. I want to stay on top of what others are being shown.

      I watch all kinds of things. It doesn’t mean I’m falling for the propaganda in it.

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      1. Bingo! You said it much better than I – yes, pretty much the only reason I am on FB. I have spoken about this before but my Mom is a stark case-in-point. She knows nothing but what she hears on educational or local stations since all she has is a basic antenna. And then gets mad at me when I correct her, claiming I am a know-it-all. Even after explaining that the sheer fact that I have far more access to info than her means I am more informed, she insists I know nothing. SMH – we called a truce this summer, altho she did start in on climate change yesterday. I made one comment, then held my tongue. Not worth the hard feelings.

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        1. So right. It’s not worth the hard feelings. I finally figured out my mother has timed out on her ability to change her “forest view”. I can point out tree after tree, but she’s not able to see them anymore. Just her familiar view and that’s ok.

          I will probably be the same when I reach her age after living through all the losses old age can bring. She takes comfort in the familiar.

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          1. What is particularly galling in my case is that I can tell her something and she completely shoots it down, and she can talk to my 2 years’ older sister within the next 5 minutes, who tells her the EXACT same thing, and she believes her!!! Happened w/McShame. SMH – I think because she and I are so very much alike, she seems to feel I am challenging her perhaps. Who knows! She is 87, after all, and entitled to have her say.

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            1. hahaha I understand completely. I provide her with information she requested and get no response. Some days later she announces her plans (same as mine) because Bob from church said it was a good idea. Every darn time. I just say oh that Bob’s a sharp guy.

              I think she does it to make her feel like she is running her own life, even though she is completely dependent on me to keep it going. I just play along. So you are probably right. It’s a bit of a control issue.

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              1. No, it’s not a control issue. She sees your strength and remembers when she had it. She no longer has her independence, even though she wants it, so she tries to at least have her own opinions stand against yours, as you are the daughter/son. It’s all she has left in that area. She was a mom first, and you were the little one who hung on her every word. Not sure I said that right, but hope you get what I mean. I should add, this isn’t criticism, I am trying to be helpful.

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              2. Yes, agree. I meant control over her life not over me. What’s interesting is that I have no strength left. After being “the one” for a large group I am depleted. She knows it and in her way is trying to take care of her life even though she’s not able to anymore. So we just keep muddling along doing the best we can. 🙂

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    3. NebraskaFilly: the past few years I have thought about the daily connections we have with the Deep State through products, purchases and services, and it seems almost impossible to live nowadays without paying them for one thing or another.

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  8. Speaking of Germany….this WILL happen here if we aren’t extremely careful…..

    “The German Federal Supreme Court has made a new ruling on a child marriage case which could have implications on the way child marriages conducted legally overseas are treated in the country.

    The ruling comes from a case involving a Syrian man who was separated from his underage “wife” when the pair arrived in Germany as asylum seekers in August 2015, Die Welt reports.

    The pair, cousins, were married in February 2015 while the man was aged 21 and the girl aged only 14 in a marriage procedure that was done under sharia legally in Syria but was considered invalid by German authorities where the marriage age was 16 at the time.

    After his “wife” had been taken into separate care due to her status as a minor, the Syrian man complained to German courts which initially granted him weekend access to her with a district court claiming the marriage had not been forced.

    The case was then sent up to the Federal Supreme Court which has now ruled that the marriage between the pair should be examined on the basis of its legal status in Syria. Such cases in the future should be looked at on an individual basis, the court said, instead of a blanket refusal to recognise them — as was the procedure previously.

    In Germany, protection of marriage and family are enshrined in the Basic Law, as well as the principle of equal treatment, and both could be violated under the ban on child marriages.”

    Liked by 10 people

    1. this implies that if a country wanted to make a lot of money, all they need to do is lower the age of marriage consent to 12–or whatever. Pedophiles from around the world would fly there to get married (great tourist attraction, huh?) and then sue to have that “marriage” HAVE to be recognized world wide.
      we need to protect children!

      Liked by 11 people

        1. “You can bet your britches, the UN won’t protect children against pedophilia – not when Muslims abuse and exploit children all the time”


          In order for the UN to protect children against pedophilia, the UN would first have to protect children from the UN.

          And that’s not going to happen.

          Is there a single country where UN ‘peacekeepers’ have been sent, and there has not been credible accusations of pedophilia and rape?

          Like the Red Cross, the UN has become synonymous with human trafficking.

          Liked by 8 people

    2. Muslims ‘sell’ their daughters in temporary marriages – aka pimp them out In Israel, they hang white flags out their doors when they have a ‘marriagable’ daughter.

      Liked by 4 people

    3. “The case was then sent up to the Federal Supreme Court which has now ruled that the marriage between the pair should be examined on the basis of its legal status in Syria.”


      The legal status in Syria is inherently irrelevant, unless they are IN Syria — which they are not.

      Germany has no jurisdiction in Syria, and Syria has no jurisdiction in Germany.

      And ‘Sharia’, not being a sovereign nation of any kind, but rather an ideology of oppression and degradation, has no lawful jurisdiction anywhere, except in the minds of pedophiles and various other purveyors of islamic crimes against humanity.

      This is not hard to understand, even by common expressions.

      When in Rome, do as the Romans do‘ (bad idea, but it serves to make a point): The converse is obviously not intended, i.e., do as the Romans do, wherever you are.

      Likewise: “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” does not mean “Whatever you do in Vegas you can do Anywhere”.

      And it’s instructive that BOTH expressions imply negative, immoral or sinful activities which are not acceptable outside the boundaries of the areas which gave rise to the expressions.

      Too bad the so-called judges in Germany can’t figure that out.

      Liked by 4 people

  9. I hope this doesn’t offend anyone here but I think this Spacey video is brilliant. Everybody (almost) is focused on whether he is responding to the reports of those criminal charges. But I think he was reminding people that the show House of Cards needs him and his character. It’s a routine effort to promote oneself in order to get/keep a role in Hollywood. The timing of the release is obviously intended to affect the upcoming criminal action against him but it is not IMO the main reason he made the video.

    Evidence supporting my conclusion is that there is nothing ‘rushed’ about the video. It is done professionally and well-edited. Obviously (to me) it had to be a project started and completed long before the news of the criminal charges broke.

    None of what I’ve said should be construed as supporting Spacey or his ilk. I wish to add one more point – the acts of which he’s accused (other than the current charges) are past the statute of limitations or were consensual. I find it offensive for anyone’s due process to be discarded in favor of a lynch mob (which is all the #metoo thing is all about). People are being hurt for bad acts which cannot be prosecuted and/or have no real victims. They are using the same tactics against our president so we should be wary of using our moral standards as justification for jumping on the #metoo train.

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Speaking of our President, one thing Spacey said in the video struck me. “Impeachment without a trial.”

      It made me go “hmmm” is all.

      This video appears to have many levels. But maybe I am reading to much into it. Not everybody is Q, after all!

      Liked by 5 people

    2. The point about the possible LEGALITY of some of this stuff (either by age of consent, ambiguity of “plying with liquor” as a criminal act, statute of limitations, etc.) is something that actually made me double-angry about the info-bombing, because that was part of the wicked payload – the idea that the whole thing is “debatable around the Christmas dinner table”. I immediately envisioned a debate on this site about Spacey on Christmas and said TO HELL WITH THAT. Get it out! 😉

      They knew that perfectly well when they dropped this thing – it was more damaging culturally than it was to Spacey, either career-wise or legally. Heck – I think the guy really does want his job back, and the drop “against him” may even be part of the ploy to make him relevant again – to whitewash everything in a kind of typical Hollywood scandal-plus-rehabilitation. “OK – he or she has had enough negative good publicity – there’s money in the comeback – let’s get the positive good publicity started! Apology tour in 3…. 2…. 1….”

      Agreed about due process. However, due process is what it is, and is not what it is not – the latter being any constraint on people speaking the truth, even after it has no legal effect. After having to dodge all sorts of pedophiles and aggressive gays as a youth, I think that truth does need to be spoken – at the times of OUR choosing, not Hollywood’s.

      Liked by 7 people

      1. It wasn’t that long ago, that people considered entertainers to be too immoral and depraved to be accepted into ‘polite society’.

        The royals were the first to change this, by accepting entertainers into their midst.

        It’s like their sins were to be excused…because they were entertainers.
        “It’s okay, they are entertainers and they entertain us.”

        Royals invited entertainers to their parties to perform for them…and then the performers were allowed to stay and party with them.

        This served to erode the wall between polite society and the wickedness of the entertainment world.

        Bored royals embraced the wickedness.
        Being ‘good’ all the time was just sooo…provincial.
        Where’s the fun in that?

        So when Hollywood came about and people started seeing actors on the Big Screen…fan-worship was encouraged to sell the product.

        Movies started out with a ‘moral code’ to ensure wholesomeness and thus, acceptance.
        This worked for several decades.
        Hollywood censors kept movies clean and suitable for family viewing.

        Then, with the advent of injecting more and more Realism into films…the censorship was discarded in pursuit of big box office numbers.

        People have forgotten that the ‘R’ rating stands for…Realism.

        Not all entertainers are wicked people who engage in depraved debauchery.
        There are some good people in the industry.

        But when Hollywood stopped policing it’s own…it brought the wickedness into our living rooms.

        Liked by 3 people

        1. Wheatie, good post. I have enjoyed some good acting, but acting as a profession has always been rather suspect to me. How can we know when the acting stops? WEe don’t.

          Liked by 4 people

        2. Parents took over when Hollywood stopped policing. But now, with all the technology, kids see it all. Even if a parent does a good job, it doesn’t matter. The child’s friends will have filled them in. When the time comes to talk with your child about, for example, sex, they already know about it. It take a Christian upbringing to give them the strength to withstand it. Maybe. It’s so hard for the younger ones now. What I think of as evil, they have seen as normal their whole lives. Bad times we are in.

          Liked by 1 person

    3. That was my take too PG. it seemed professionally (script writers) written, done in his character voice and from his fans comments they thought he was great. Half of tv viewers can’t seem to separate characters from real life (think soap opera peeps) so they’ll be big on bringing back the guy on the show despite the charges. Publicity stunt?

      Liked by 3 people

        1. “He’s so good it’s scary.”


          Or just scary.

          He presents himself as Verbal Kint, but when the ‘public mask’ is off at Epstein Island, he’s Keyser Söze.

          Liked by 3 people

    4. Possibly consider he knew the charges were coming. As far as the point of people being hurt? I’m going to have to leave that alone.


  10. Yep, cut the cord. No cable TV, no Net flicks, no news from the MSM, even Fox.
    Thanks once again Wolf.
    Scary info about Spacy.
    Eyes Wide Open…….pun intended.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. The cut cable does give one an interesting view. From here, I can even see the (lesser) distortions of OAN. The whole thing is just fascinating. But now I can see the psychological manipulations so easily – it’s like living in “They Live”. Makes me wonder if John Carpenter tried a media purge and came up with the story that way.

      Liked by 6 people

  11. …still waiting for Allison Mack to drop some big names…and for it to be leaked like everything else gets leaked…waiting…waiting…forever waiting…

    There has to be more to that scandal than has been made public in my opinion. It’s too strange not to have many nook’s and cranny’s of despicableness attached…

    On a weird note…and probably not so coincidental, three out of the last six shows that Mack was involved in were titled:

    The Following
    Dirty Little Secret
    American Odyssey

    I wonder what her next show would have been called (before she derailed her privileged career and life)?

    Epstein’s Fantasy Island?

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  12. “The fact that religion-hating Communist Fake News would want to CARRY that information on Christmas or Christmas Eve is also understandable.”


    They don’t hate religion.

    For example, they LOVE the pagan earth-mother religion of Globull Warming.

    And they love islam, the religion of death & dismemberment, the religion of atrocities and crimes against humanity.

    And most of all they love the religion of Satanism or Luciferianism, which is like pagan earth-mother Globull Warming and islam rolled into one.

    As I often ask, if Satan was creating a religion, what would he add, that islam does not already do?

    Nobody ever answers that question… which speaks VOLUMES.

    The Communists / Cabal / islamofascists / Global Crime Syndicate / Satanists don’t hate religion, they GORGE themselves on religion.

    It is Christianity which they hate.

    Very specifically.

    Liked by 10 people

      1. “I don’t want to be on the other side of an argument from you.”


        No need to worry there, I would never be harsh toward you 😁

        I would never intentionally be harsh toward anyone here.

        One of the many reasons I love truth is from a purely tactical or strategic standpoint.

        If you ‘stand’ on the Truth (on any subject) and you are careful to not depart from it, your position is essentially unassailable.

        And if the truth is really one’s objective, even (and especially) when it contradicts one’s own preconceived notions, then on the (hopefully) rare occasion where you might be shown to be in error about something, your position (based on your new knowledge) only becomes stronger, not weaker, in the face of correction.

        So (validated) correction is welcomed, rather than feared. I want to be corrected when I am wrong. I seek correction. Not so much out of humility (in this example), but out of self-interest. There is no value in being wrong — so whatever is wrong, once identified or recognized, can be discarded like dead weight.

        Whatever embarrassment might accompany being ‘wrong’ is far outweighed by the value of learning what is ‘right’ and true. Every correction makes one’s armor stronger and your weapons more deadly. I’ll trade potential mild ’embarrassment’ for better armor and weapons any day… I can’t make that trade often enough.

        Like trading nickels for silver dollars… how many you got? I’ll take ’em all… and I’ll go get more nickels if I need to! 😁

        When you fight from an unassailable position of Truth, and you welcome correction if it turns out you are in error about some detail, then not only is it easy to be bold, but its positively fun.

        Often exhilarating, even.

        Because you have the freedom to speak and say what many others are thinking, but for various reasons, often will not say.

        And our enemies know very well the things which they think we are afraid to say openly, and use that knowledge against us, attempting to corner us into a position where we must either vocalize those things, or retreat.

        They count on our retreat, because they know from experience that’s what nearly always happens.

        That’s when you fire with both barrels — and they never see it coming.

        It is absotively, posilutely fun 😁

        Liked by 7 people

        1. Shorter version:

          The enemy is bold because he creates the rules (e.g., political correctness) and then expects/coerces us to go along with their ‘adult peer-pressure’ PC rules.

          But truth is always the best defense.

          What is often overlooked is that truth is also the best WEAPON — even though we DO know this, as demonstrated by expressions like “the best defense is a good offense”.

          Truth is the best defense AND the best offense.

          And generally speaking, offense is more fun 😁

          Liked by 4 people

            1. “The Power of the Powerless, Havel. Truth is the only power the powerless have that can’t be taken away.”


              I like that. Thank you for posting it.

              I just looked it up:

              The Power of the Powerless (Czech: Moc bezmocných) is an expansive political essay written in October 1978 by the Czech dramatist, political dissident and later politician, Václav Havel.

              The essay dissects the nature of the communist regime of the time, life within such a regime and how by their very nature such regimes can create dissidents of ordinary citizens.

              The essay goes on to discuss ideas and possible actions by loose communities of individuals linked by a common cause, such as Charter 77. Officially suppressed, the essay was circulated in samizdat form and translated into multiple languages. It became a manifesto for dissent in Czechoslovakia, Poland and other communist regimes. — Wiki


              I was just thinking about that part in boldface the other day, though I have never read Havel’s essay and only just recognize his name.

              I was thinking about how the Globalists (or any totalitarian regime) uses oppression, one example being various forms of adult ‘peer pressure’ (political correctness).

              I have no doubt that the techniques have been studied and perfected at least since the end of WWII, and they are being used against the citizenry in every Western nation today, absolute psychological warfare, 24/7/365.

              And they have to know that a certain percentage of free-thinking people will act reflexively against their ‘programming’, because it is human nature to want to be free.

              So they have a strategy, and it is effective, but it is not perfect, because it can never account for the ‘remainder’, for those who will not submit.

              And they have necessarily calculated that such a ‘dissidence’ or ‘resistance’ or ‘rebellion’ is an acceptable problem if they succeed in dominating the large majority. They can ‘work’ on the ‘remainder’ at their leisure, and by refining their technique and by iteration, whittle the ‘remainder’ down to eventual extinction.

              That has to be some component of their general approach.

              But it can never work, it can never fully succeed, because humans adapt, and because some humans will not submit.

              So it’s like a dance, with a deadly snake.

              A long, drawn out dance.

              There are seven billion of us.

              “They are the few, and we are the many. When the many stop fearing the few…”

              If any one of us lops off the snake’s head, their whole plan goes in the crapper. And that threat always exists.

              And if we unite and rise up together, even better.

              So either way, they cannot win.

              They create the seeds of their own destruction.

              The longer and more terrible their oppression, the greater the resistance they create, so they can never completely win.

              But our side can.

              Their side is acting against human nature, against nature itself.

              Our side is not.

              Eventually, we win.

              And I believe we are closer to a major victory against the evil of this world, than we even realize. 🙂

              Liked by 1 person

              1. edit: “I have no doubt that the techniques have been studied and perfected at least since the end of WWII…”

                I was not referring simply to ‘peer pressure’, but all kinds of psychological warfare and propaganda.


          1. “I should have said I’m glad we’re on the same side! 🙂 🙂 🙂”


            I should be (and am) glad we’re on the same side!

            I’ve heard about your shovel…


            Liked by 2 people

      1. I did understand what Wolf meant, and I agree in principle, I was not meaning to come across as contradictory.

        My reply was intended more as a supplemental 🙂

        Liked by 2 people

        1. No offense taken!

          Yes there are certain religions (especially fake ones and “useful ones”) that they will favor until they need to crush them. Islam is going to see its time of hatred by the commies, but I don’t know when.

          Christianity is ALWAYS at the top of the list of hated religions. Judaism a close second, After that it gets weird. Oddly, Falun Gong was the worst for the Chinese – hated even worse than home-church (independent) Christianity, but they are on the run, and I think independent Christianity is now back at the top of the hate list in China.

          Liked by 3 people

  13. I think this was a warning…by Kevin Spacey.

    He’s warning that if he goes down, he is taking the whole cabal down with him.

    Yes, the timing of it…on Christmas Eve…was despicable.
    But that is part of the warning:
    “If I get crucified, then your most cherished traditions will be tarnished by what I will reveal.”

    Spacey is an intelligent guy.
    Scary smart.
    It would be like him to accumulate ‘evidence’ as an insurance policy…to use to protect himself…from the danger of knowing-too-much.

    The fact that he used a video, and a video of himself doing the ruthless character he played in ‘House of Cards’, is part of the warning…makes me think that this was part of his warning:
    He has video-evidence.

    So it will be interesting to see how this plays out.
    I hope he flips and spills all that he knows about the elitist pedo rings!

    Liked by 8 people

    1. “I think this was a warning…by Kevin Spacey.

      He’s warning that if he goes down, he is taking the whole cabal down with him.”


      Well then, if anyone has ideas about how to take him down and goad him into taking the rest with him, now’s the time 😁

      He can threaten all he wants, but he would never take everyone else down with him.

      He doesn’t have the guts.

      Or the courage.

      (how am I doing?)

      Liked by 3 people

      1. Or 9 lives! (You’re doing great by the way.) They will “Arkancide” him before he gets anything out that will hurt anyone in the cabal…

        Liked by 1 person

    2. Maybe he’ll go into hiding with Corey Feldman and start begging for cash donations.

      Btw, they seem to take great joy in exposing themselves openly in their work (pun intended):

      Liked by 4 people

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