The Dangerous and Sinister Fake News “Chaos Narrative”

While most of the lies of the Fake News and their corrupt Democrat masters are merely ugly, SOME of their lies are in fact DANGEROUS.

I am going to take ONE of those lies – a BIG LIE – head on. And I am going to demonstrate that the Democrat / Deep State “Governmedia” complex is very intentionally SOWING THE SEEDS OF TARGETED VIOLENCE.

Against our POTUS.

Remember – Democrats accuse others of exactly what they are doing.

It took me a while to realize that Democrat accusations of “targeted violence” thrown at conservatives mean that THEY THEMSELVES are encouraging if not actually planning “targeted violence”.

Remember how the stealth-Marxist Democrats persistently accused Candidate Donald Trump of encouraging violence, and yet quite literally ALL violence surrounding Trump rallies was instigated and carried out by COMMUNISTS, communist-controlled ANTIFA, and DEMOCRAT MOBS?

Yeah. We remember. And do you remember the name ROBERT CREAMER – the Democrat operative who orchestrated that violence? It turns out that he has an interesting connection to a certain Senator named Mark Warner, who has interesting connections to RUSSIA.

Let’s begin with today’s news.

What we have here is NARRATIVE – a narrative which is being sown to create a BACKGROUND for targeted violence, so that it will appear natural and organic. It is what I call the chaos narrative.

There is only one problem. That narrative is a LIE.

Let’s being with Mark Warner’s psy-op tweet.

This is scary.”

Good grief. THAT is pure psychological propaganda. And it’s pathetic. Really, really pathetic. GET AT GRIP, MAN.

I mean, really. The boy has the vapors. Get him to his casting couch.

chaos of the Trump administration.

Right there. “CHAOS“. I want you to REMEMBER THAT.

…haphazard approach to Syria.” What? Do you mean as in President Trump doing exactly what he said when he campaigned? Meaning to kill ISIS and get out of Syria? DESPITE manipulations by those lovable CIA-CNN-Netflix White Helmets, spoon-fed to us by the American Fake Media?

Getting out of Syria after killing ISIS is exactly what President Trump has TRIED to do since he took office. And yet – very oddly – the Democrat leadership of an ostensibly anti-war and anti-military Democrat base, seems very interested in getting us involved in a war with Russia while under Republican leadership.

It’s just so ODD.

Why would that be? Would it be because hidden Marxists like SOME SENATORS are not WORRIED one bit about hypocrisy? Is it because Trump has now UNMASKED Democrats as wanting to START A WAR and then BLAME IT ON REPUBLICANS?

Should we GO THERE, Senator Warner? I think it would be VERY FRUITFUL. But let’s go on to the final lie.

…the President’s erratic whims.

Please explain. How is Trump doing EXACTLY what he PROMISED “erratic” or a “whim”?

Or are you, Mark Warner, actually another tricky communist like Dianne Feinstein?

My theory, Mark Warner, is that you are a “hook ’em into another Vietnam” communist tool, just like Democrat operative Robert Creamer.

You know Bob Creamer, Mark. He’s the guy behind the Trump rally violence. He has an actual communist wife, House fixture Jan Schakowsky. But what is FAR more interesting about Mr. Creamer, is that he was ALSO four-square behind Obama getting us into WAR in Syria.

The old 60’s radical is a very odd hawk, just like you.

Interesting, isn’t it? That the American communists’ REAL position is to get us into another bleeding proxy war with Russia. JUST LIKE VIETNAM.

Which, of course, could THEN be used to foment a violent CULTURAL WAR here in America. Which, you see, was the REAL Russian purpose of Vietnam.

SYRIA is being used to attack the UNITED STATES. Just like Vietnam.

Just like Vietnam was, after COMMUNISTS in CIA killed John F. Kennedy.

Is everything making sense now? Do you SEE the parallel?

They really do stick to their playbook.

I think that’s interesting, Mark. Especially since I figured out how getting America into losing wars seemed to be a “specialty” of the same CIA that YOU protect, and whose old mole leadership hates Donald Trump so badly.

So let’s look more closely at Russia-conspiring Mark Warner, possibly one of the most CORRUPT senators in Congress.

We KNOW that this man Warner is highly at risk of – shall we say – CRIMINAL CHARGES – possibly by a military tribunal, if you believe anything from the “Q” psy-op – a lovely mystery which seems to predict SOME things Quite well.

It does seem that Warner, like his China-connected colleague Dianne Feinstein, has “problems” with foreign entanglements.

And, I seem to remember something about Democrats. Ah, yes. They accuse others of that which they are doing. Well, let’s look at the evidence.

Warner is definitely connected to Senate leaker James Wolfe of “Ali Watkins” fame, and Warner HIMSELF may very well be the SOURCE of leaks against Trump.

Warner’s ACTUAL (not theoretical) relationship to RUSSIAN oligarch and near-criminal Oleg Deripaska (who I like to call Dirtypasta) is beyond question.

Now – I find it very interesting that CIA-connected Warner, who is right now pushing those weird lies about chaos in the Trump administration, is doing so at the exact same time as the Washington Post.

Do you know who or what connects the Washington Post with Senator Mark Warner?

Yes. The CIA. And in particular, the Obama CIA.

So let’s see how this “chaos narrative” originates with the CIA, and is being pushed by their “Bezos Blog”, the Washington Post.

I have taken the liberty of COPYING the various lies of the Washington Post so that they cannot retract them. FORENSIC JOURNALISM, you might say.

This thing is an absolute WELLSPRING of lies, dissembling, and misrepresentation. I mean, it does not let up one bit.

Now – I could go though this whole thing from first paragraph to last, but that’s boring and unnecessary. The part that actually shows the setting of a false narrative is the FIRST TWO PARAGRAPHS. So I’m just going to show you those two paragraphs, and explain how they are used to start off the chaos narrative – a CLASSIC BIG LIE of the progzi left.

If you want to go through the article and find more examples for extra credit, by all means – HAVE AT IT.

Let’s right here and now clarify the absolute falsehood of the “chaos narrative“. It is the idea that the White House is in “turmoil”. Hogwash.

Habeus corpus, baby. Where is the fucking evidence? I don’t mean your “anonymous sources”. I mean evidence. Not “Fake News”.

Nothing we have seen from reliable sources indicates that this is true in the SLIGHTEST. Yes, there is turnover in the Trump White House, just like a real business. THAT is because the Trump White House IS a high-pressure business. Just ask ANY of the people who leave. They ALL say the same thing. Trump is a BRUTAL taskmaster. But he is also a BRUTALLY EFFECTIVE one. And that is why we love him. He works as hard as we do.

But ask for evidence of ACTUAL CHAOS – the real thing – not anonymous assertions – and you will not see it. It VANISHES.

That is why the chaos narrative is a classic BIG LIE. It is something utterly false that must be repeated over and over and over again to gain perception as truth.

Ask them for evidence. Trust me – the Communist Fake News cannot show it to you. It’s simply not there. It’s FAKERY.

The way to fight the big lie technique (which I am doing), is to find the narrative (which I did – “chaos in the Trump White House”), label it (which I did – the “chaos narrative“), and then flip it back on them with a probable motive (which I am doing now).

The “chaos narrative” is a classic CIA “sown background” operation to make a deniable assassination attempt plausible.

Why the CIA and their Fake News media are pushing the “chaos narrative”

It’s really that simple. Nobody WANTS to say it, but somebody HAS TO. So I am doing it right here. The useful idiots in the press may think they’re sowing an impeachment narrative, but they are actually sowing an assassination narrative. And they need to STOP IT.

It is utterly evil and wrong, but it is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to the plotters for preparatory psychological influence of Americans, so that responsibility for an attack in or near the White House cannot be pinned back to the CIA. It has to LOOK ORGANIC. It’s a perception trick, like 9/11.

I hear the chaos narrative recited to me by Democrats who listen to Fake News all the time. One of them, who I am almost certain is a CIA asset, even made a rather clumsy effort to “incept” me with this ridiculous thing in the “alpha test phase” (which is why I’m doubly sure this is CIA’s work). But now that we see it in the CIA official organ The Washington Post, we can be sure. CIA fully owns and operates the “chaos narrative“.

So let’s look at the sowing of the chaos narrative in action. We begin with paragraph 1.

President Trump on Friday abruptly named Mick Mulvaney, currently the director of the Office of Management and Budget, as acting White House chief of staff, elevating a conservative ideologue with congressional experience to steer the administration through a treacherous phase.

Paragraph 1, my emphasis

This is basically true, although “abruptly” is a weasel-word which is being used for its emotional impact more than its accuracy, in my opinion.

The real problem is that “treacherous phase” is pure propaganda – part of the chaos narrative set-up. This idea (“treacherous“) is meant to be a quality of the “chaos” – the reader’s mind will link it up later.

See what I’m saying? They are SOWING SEEDS, folks. Seeds of targeted violence. This is how it works. They want people to think that an event where somebody “goes Hinckley” will be ALL ABOUT TRUMP’S CHAOTIC WHITE HOUSE and not about that attempted assassin’s well-hidden CIA connections.

They want you to think that the “treachery” belongs to Trump – NOT CIA.

Moving along.

Paragraph 2 is filled with 180-degree lies. Again, this utter reversal of logic is straight out of the big lie technique.

Mulvaney replaces John F. Kelly, a retired four-star Marine Corps general who failed to impose discipline on a chaotic West Wing and was ousted last week by Trump after the president grew tired of Kelly’s restrictive management.

Paragraph 2, my emphasis

There are FOUR lies in this ONE sentence. This is a doozy. Normally people just roll their eyes and go on. Sorry. NOT WOLF MOON. It’s time to make ’em pay.

Let’s look at each one of the four.

The idea that John Kelly failed to impose discipline is actually negated by the final lie of the same sentence – that the President (notice they did not capitalize the word – minimize and disrespect) grew tired of Kelly’s restrictive management.

It was, in fact, General Kelly’s DISCIPLINE which ENDED the Reince Priebus leak-fest and other security problems which the MSM depended upon to fulfill their narrative of “growing chaos“. All of us in Trumpland immediately saw that REMOVING Reince Priebus and replacing him with John Kelly FIXED all the minor problems which had earlier ALLOWED the chaos narrative to be somewhat (but still not very) believable.

Even more beautifully, POTUS used “chaos agent” Scaramucci, who paralleled the attacker’s agenda into failure, to install the highly disciplined John Kelly. An amazing and praise-worthy chess move.

We SAW this happen, WaPo. We SAW security arrive in the West Wing when YOUR CHAFF was removed from OUR WHEAT. We saw PEACE and CALM come to the White House, when YOUR agents were removed.

You can LIE to us all you want, CIA Fake News. We CALL YOU OUT.


But sadly, because President-assassinating three-letter agencies infested with communist vermin don’t care about such things as Truth, we have to suffer their pet WaPo columnists dictating bullshit to us.

Notice lie number TWO of the sentence – “chaotic West Wing“. Sorry – there is no longer ANY reason to believe this is true. We are simply not seeing it. You are PSY-OPPING us, WaPo.

“Explain it to us, WaPo liars, like you would to a child.”

But hey – RIGHT THERE you see the eye of their fake hurricane – the chaos narrative itself. “CHAOTIC.”

Moving on to lie number THREE – the idea that John Kelly was “ousted“.

No proof, no admission by anybody, only the exact opposite said by all parties. But no – the Obamanazi Washington Post is as comfortable with the BIG LIE as with the small ones. Heil Hillary, you progzis. We know your type.

The final, fourth lie of the paragraph bears a closer look – the idea that President Trump “grew tired of Kelly’s restrictive management“.

The leftists need a reason for their fake firing, so they do what I pointed out about Scaramucci – they push an “enemy talking point” into failure. In the case of Scaramucci, pushing THEIR schtick forward to failure was a Trump tactic to get rid of leaker and Obamacare protector Reince Priebus, who had been IMPOSED on President Trump. In the case of this article, WaPo is taking Kelly’s very QUALITY – his discipline – and pushing it to failure, making it a blame-cast trait to “reason Kelly away”. There is only one problem.


Just as, in fact, we observed.

We pay attention to Trump, WaPo. Every single day. EVERY SINGLE DAY.

I would say that The Washington Post “can’t have it both ways”, but that is not enough. I’m not going to let them have it EITHER way.

Kelly’s discipline was APPRECIATED and will likely be MISSED. Although, judging from his success with several hats, Mick Mulvaney may very well be able to maintain Kelly’s level of White House discipline. I certainly HOPE this is the case.

I believe that continued discipline in the White House is ESSENTIAL – in particular because I believe that the Deep State’s continued push of the false chaos narrative constitutes evidence of a real background threat of assassination. Security must NOT lighten up in Kelly’s absence. NOT ONE BIT.

Now – we need to ask ourselves – WHY would the CIA lie about this? In my opinion there is a SECOND reason, besides just trying to maintain the chaos narrative.

Do the math, people.

Wow. Wonder what they found on the servers.
Talk about “scary”.

Patriot Kelly is needed. Elsewhere. And THAT idea is being fought HARD by the Fake News.

But we know how to deal with that.

Part of controlling the future is controlling what people can possibly think about it. The Communist Fake News does that all the time. But we can fight back.

This is information war. My self-appointed role in that war is to SNIFF OUT – wolf-like – the enemy’s hidden “unthinkables”, and make them thinkable, so that they DARE NOT TRY.

And I sniff EVIL in the chaos narrative. THEIR evil.


“Never again” said the crying child.

138 thoughts on “The Dangerous and Sinister Fake News “Chaos Narrative”

        1. Didn’t know that. Kurds have been built up as wonderful warriors for good, peace and freedom. Don’t know how I missed the commie part. Guess I did the assume thing. Thanks Wolfie.

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          1. Gotta be careful of WM, an admitted conspiracy theorist. Just because he says Kurds are communists doesn’t mean they are. Remember that before WW2, Hitler and the Muslim Brotherhood sat down and broke bread, then agreed to help each other with their COMMON enemy – Jews.

            When everybody hates the Kurds, I smell funny business. Even ISIS isn’t universally hated.

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            1. You assume I hate the Kurds. Gotta be careful! 😉

              Conspiracy theory (the science) describes the Kurds fairly well BECAUSE their governing structures tend to be communist, and communist influence extends into all their military structures, which are in the active military state. It’s easy to treat them and understand them. There are strong parallels to early Mao, although the Kurdish communist leadership relies far less on personality and far more on an aura of popular protection.

              The Kurdish people themselves are simply a highly organized, nationless people with strong homeland attractions, who are conspired against by historical national divisions – they are basically the accepted remainder of a boundary problem. Communist organizations have been extremely effective in keeping them unified, AND *useful* to all players in their current state. Keeping them USEFUL is their MONEYMAKER.

              Think about that. They are like a chess piece you can rent to the enemy – so reliable as to create dependencies. Both ways.

              The Kurds will survive with or without us having American fighting men present. Our participation in any kind of resettlement of the national boundary problem – which is a CLASSIC Turkish tar-baby – is a totally different question, which inevitably threatens the Kurdish people themselves.

              One must also distinguish PEOPLE under a communist system from the system itself. What is good for the people and the leadership is two different things.

              Trump has the proper instincts here. GET OUT. But not like Obama. No, no, no – not like Obama.

              Now – do I think getting out NOW has not been PLANNED?

              Hardly. Trust the plan. Trust that Trump and Mattis are both fully understanding of the plan. Trust that contingencies and liabilities are understood. They just finished dealing with ISIS. They’re not going to create THAT mess again. Trump DESPISED that aspect of Obama. BUT they need to do certain things.

              Communists use people as hostages for TRAPS. Don’t walk into their TRAPS unless that’s part of a PLAN to take them down and make them pay.

              Things will be interesting, but people need to grab the rails if they’re getting dizzy.

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              1. Well, you certainly filled in the details. BTW, I did not mean to imply actual hate by you so I obviously chose the wrong word. I apologize for that.

                I guess where we might differ is that I never heard of the Kurds seeking to conquer others, which is what world communism seeks to do. In any event, I agree with most of what you write although your conclusions are (as usual) a bit expansive. For the record, I have thought the Kurds were being fucked with for the last 3 or 4 decades for no real reason other than they refuse to submit.

                Sound familiar?


  1. Wolf, what an excellent article. Thanks for this. It was very absorbing and chilling.

    I almost never read the WaPo. So reading that article was nasty. I felt like I needed to take a shower by the end of it. Even before I got to your explication of the article, I knew most of what you were going to point out. It really, really jumps off the page at the reader!

    And the worst thing is, this WaPo article isn’t the only one. I have read a number of pieces or heard blurbs on the local news where they recite broadcast networks stories or talking points and they are all just as blatant and heavy handed as WaPo in delivering the “chaos theory.” It is everywhere!

    Your idea that the CIA is using this to prepare the field for future actions against PDJT is one of those beliefs swirling around in the vapors of my mind that I was uneasily aware was there but was unwilling to examine. When I read it, I instantly recognized what you were saying and it rings true to me.

    Whether it is the CIA or some other amorphous entity or agency (The Fourth Reich? New World Order Globalists?) I don’t have the knowledge to even hazard a guess, so the CIA sounds as plausible to me as any other explanation. But it is clear they are trying to set up in advance the narrative when something happens that PDJT is no victim, he was asking for it because of his outrageous behavior and frankly what a good thing he is out of commission.

    Thank you for pointing it out, calling it by name, and making sure we are aware. I know it will resonate with others who read it and I bet everyone else has the same reaction I did and can think of a dozen things they have read in the last few days that support the “chaos theory.’

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    1. Thanks, Sylvia. I’m glad that I’m not the only person who saw it in the media coverage.

      And what you are saying is true, too – I “half-absorbed” it from the media – let it bother me – didn’t really think about it – didn’t WANT to think about it. It’s not a pleasant thought – easy to look away. But finally, I had enough. Time to CALL IT OUT!!!

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      1. I’m so glad you did. It needed doing. And you are so exactly right about what is happening. It is as plain as can be. I think we all must be in denial refusing to look at it, looking away from it, otherwise we’d all be screaming at the top of our lungs.

        I think it is really important that you are pointing this stuff out. We need to start accepting it for what it is.

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    2. The reason all these all sounding/reading the same is that the Washed-Poo, NY Slimes, et. al. are reading from the Bent Pot-Holed Rhodes 4AM scripts. And they get translated into various languages world-wide, and show up over here as the same drivel they are in the USA.

      The World Economic Forum ( is meeting in Davos, Switzerland next month. They probably will have a number of “working groups” “working” on what they plan for the world next year. Look at the OECD, the UNs Agenda21 and Agenda2030, and the weforum site to get the whole story – at least what they want us to see…

      They still are clinging onto their ill-begotten power they’re borrowing from Satan.

      But GOD will confound and defeat them, with HIS people, including President Trump and his “white hat”
      Q-munity. I pray that the evil of the deep state (e.g. Soros, Kissinger, Foval/Creamer, Gates, “Zucks”, and the rest) is quashed, destroyed, and completely removed, and that the government, indeed the whole USA turns back to GOD. And that we do that here, too.

      P.S. Think of the Orb, Ryan’s face, parallel/replacement teams (hot-plugging as it were), cast members filling multiple roles (like in Nicolas Nickleyby) in different places. I think there are many Generals and others waiting in the wings, with others coming and going as their tasks require…

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    1. These things are called attractors – sometimes called strange attractors or Lorentz attractors. They are basically like weird systems where irregular, changing, chaotic, but *somewhat* recurring motions, such as orbits, are obtained. Wikipedia has good treatments of them.

      Chaotic systems were a “hot topic” back in the 80’s, but they were first noted long ago. A lot of natural systems are described by them.

      The best way IMO to verbally describe chaotic systems is “deterministic but not predictable”.

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    2. Tom, are you referring to Q’s post, “Notice a pattern?”

      I’m seeing it as all these good people (Rogers, Kelly, Sessions, Mattis) from top positions and areas of expertise (Intell, Law, Military) being made available for some serious duties regarding treason and sedition charges against the once “all high” elites.

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  2. Well said, Wolf…and spot on!

    The Globalist Cabal is desperate to take down Pres Trump, and more than ever now that he is starting to bring home our troops.

    They are the ones who benefit from us being policemen-for-the-world.
    Not us…we just pay for it…in blood and treasure.
    And Debt, which they are eager to lend us.

    It is all so diabolical.

    The globalist-owned media is toxic.
    They demonize PDJT and his supporters…so that they appear ‘noble’ in opposing him and vilifying us for supporting him.
    These loathsome globalist lackeys have no shame, in calling for the death of our President and cheering on the destruction of our country.

    This “Chaos Narrative” is laughable.
    They are the ones panicking and in chaos.

    “Dangerous and Sinister”…indeed.

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  3. Ugh, Wolf, I was just watching parts of the Laura Ingraham show from last night. She had clips of Schumer talking about the budget/border wall issue and then Chuck and Nancy giving a statement about Mattis.

    First, Schumer talking about the budget/border wall issue he said the President with his temper tantrum was throwing the country into chaos and financial instability…

    Then, when Chuck and Nancy got going the spittle was flying and arms were flailing and Nancy was frightened or terrified or something equally dramatic about the chaos in our national security apparatus and Chuck said essentially the same thing–that it was an impetuous bit of childish willfulness on the part of the President to get rid of Mattis and pull us out of Syria. I can’t remember his exact words and it probably doesn’t matter. The point is, they are selling the same story. PDJT has no control over his impulses and makes these unhinged decisions that will ruin us all and are creating chaos, chaos, chaos, chaos.

    Even Laura Ingraham commented on their use of the word chaos and how it was overused and overhyped and tired. Well, yes it is. But she is missing your point which is that it is done deliberately to sell a particular vision of our President so that if someone is incited to commit a violent act well CLEARLY it will be his own fault.

    I will continue my daily prayers for PDJTs safety and protection. He needs it. I just don’t believe there is any way they won’t go after him. They are desperate to stop him By Any Means Necessary.

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    1. Thanks for spotting those examples! That’s great – they really ARE all on the same page to promote the PLOT.

      I am sure that if we start calling it out, we can make people aware and OURSELVES aware! And by doing that, we can BREAK THE SPELL OF THEIR WICKED CHANT! That is exactly what they are doing, and when we become conscious of it, we can REJECT IT, just like rejecting the Fake News!

      And keep praying – THAT is the biggie!

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      1. Someone reminded me earlier that this language about “chaos” that they are all using is no doubt part of the 4am talking point directive…and isn’t that supposedly issued by the C_A? Which brings me back to where you started…

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    2. It isn’t just that “if someone is incited to commit a violent act well CLEARLY it will be his [Trump’s] own fault,” it is that we are being CONDITIONED to ‘understand’ that taking out Trump is for our own good, don’tcha know.

      It is very hard to pushback against articles like this; we don’t have that kind of platform. But we can certainly push back against Sen. Warner by letting him know we are on to him. Our social media, virtual-yellow-jacket pushbacks via twitter, calls to Congressional offices, etc. at least give these monsters an indication that we know their gameplan.

      Thanks, Wolfie for the enlightening ammo.

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      1. You’re welcome!

        I’m going to remind people that THE BEST THING we can do here is very simple. VSGPOTUS has told us about it many times.

        Five words.

        I. AM. PRAYING. FOR. YOU.

        Five different words.


        Five ultimately powerful words.


        Spread it around. The GREATEST GIFT we can give the Trump Family this Christmas is 5 words.

        Take your pick! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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  4. I was just catching up on Praying Medic’s twitter feed and saw this tweet from John “Crazy Eyes” Brennan. You may have to click on PM’s tweet to get to Brennan’s tweet. Basically: Orange Man Scary, Orange Man Act Cray Cray, Orange Man Dangerously Chaotic…

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      1. I know! This chaos narrative is all around us, everywhere, on everyone’s lips. It is being forced on us loudly, shrilly, incessantly.

        And the worst of it is that sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach is that there is a specific reason for this which is to trigger some unhinged Lefty (and there are so many) and then they can pivot at warp speed to, “Well, they were driven to it and can you blame them? Poor dear, all worried about the chaotic future.” Once seen, can’t unsee it.

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    1. turbulence globally? Hmmmmm not really our business, is it? France and the EU are messed up because of what THEIR leaders did Johnny…not our POTUS.
      And our country is experiencing an awesome economy and employment–so much so, the only thing threatening to curtail it is people who don’t like the US thriving…

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  5. Excellent thread Wolf! (Be safe, stay aware!)

    It reminded me of a creative writing course I took in college. One assignment was to write a persuasive argument. We were handed slips of paper from the prof on a topic and whether our position was pro or con. What we didn’t know was that someone else in the class was getting the same topis only different side.

    The topics weren’t controversial–but mundane things–like orange juice, erasers, exercise equipment, etc.

    After they were graded, we then faced off pro vs con and read them aloud and were instructed to vocally pick out the propaganda–it was fascinating.

    Here’s the thing…my prof thought I had a “talent” for this style of writing and tried unsuccessfully to get me to change my major to marketing…for 3 years! So much so in fact, I had several appointments with a guidance counselor who also tried to redirect my focus on the RECOMMENDATION of this prof…

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  6. Part of the headline in Drudge: “Mayhem In DC”

    I am genuinely puzzled by the treachery of good buddies Coulter and Drudge. I have seen all the guesses about both, but I do not think we have seen the real story, which may be as simple as character defect or far more complicated.

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    1. I have wondered about the same issue. People who seem to wake up as a different person depending on the news. It puzzles me, the apparent lack of a consistent world view. I have noticed, from time to time, there are certain persons who have a concrete way of seeing the world. They cannot be swayed. I used to admire some of these people as having ‘conviction.’ Now I wonder if it isn’t just stubborn, hard-headed intractability.

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      1. Let us not forget – these people do what they do in order to get paid, no? It is how they make their living. They must draw attention to themselves in order to “move up the ladder.” Sell another book, get a prominent appearance somewhere, sell another article, and on and on. I don’t think we can ignore that. No doubt many are people of good character but, human nature being what it is, they need to keep their bread buttered. And the invites to the cocktail parties coming.

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    2. I am sooooo happy Pres. Trump no longer follows Coulter on Twitter. I stopped reading her materials a long time ago.
      From the article:

      Coulter during a podcast interview with The Daily Caller earlier Wednesday said Trump’s presidency would be “a joke” that will leave “no legacy whatsoever if the wall wasn’t built.”

      “Why would you [vote for him again]?” the provocative author and columnist asked. “To make sure, I don’t know, Ivanka [Trump] and Jared [Kushner] can make money? That seems to be the main point of the presidency at this point.”

      “They’re about to have a country where no Republican will ever be elected president again,” she added. “Trump will just have been a joke presidency who scammed the American people, amused the populists for a while, but he’ll have no legacy whatsoever.”
      It’s one thing to disagree with a policy or be afraid something won’t be done, but these comments go way beyond that. To express that kind of doubt when we’re in the midst of political war, as well as to besmirch the President’s daughter and her husband and say the only point of this presidency is to enrich them, is outrageous propaganda and lies. I don’t care enough about her to be interested in her motivation. She knows exactly what she’s doing. When it becomes clear that someone is not on your side, cut the cord.

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            1. I don’t remember the history of that, but if she was the prime megaphone at the time, then she deserves some credit for rallying people.

              This time, however, she’d be taking credit for “forcing” Trump to live up to his promises…when he had planned to do so all along, just not on her two-year-old’s timing.


              1. Ann was vocal at the time…but she was one of many who were working to defeat the Amnesty Bill.

                My Senator…Sen Inhofe…filibustered and added poison pills to the thing.
                Sen Sessions worked hard to defeat it too.

                Hannity and O’Reilly were very vocal about it…so was Lou Dobbs, even though he was on CNN at the time.
                Even Greta Van Sustern was against it.

                So no, Ann wasn’t the ‘prime megaphone’ at the time.

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  7. Very timely post for me as just this morning I was having a conversation with a half baked friend about the economy. Doom and gloom was his outlook and I was trying to educate him a little about the NWO cabal and the fed which is …well you all know where I was going with this. After some facts and figures typical dem behavior he went into la la land about how the confusion in the WH was bringing down the economy! The deems are buying this crap 100 percent.
    God help us. I’ve been worried about our president and praying for his safety for so long and the threat I guess is always there but…Arggg!
    Great post W and rant over.

    Liked by 4 people

    1. This reminds me of my hopelessly Leftwing sister-in-law who was beside herself when President Trump ordered that strike on Syria months ago because “he was getting us into WWIII.

      I’m sure if I called her today (not gonna happen), she’d be raging about him causing chais by withdrawing troops from Syria because “he is getting us into WWIII”.

      Sadly there is no shortage of chaos NPCs in LaLaLeftLand.

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  8. this is almost a guarantee at this point. honestly this is also why in my maga manic condition i referred to yesterday i have been getting more impatient and i guess anxious because of the simple fact that there has not been really any attempt to expose the truth to those who could not see it before – and so people are still hugely polarized and at this point not even open minded. this allows the msm and the other intel asswipes to continue narrative after narrative. everyone move the president makes opens up new opportunities for them to create a story… cant go on and on here but suffice to say we have to get a grip on this fast and stop the incoming… i think they have a plan. all i can do is continue to talk to people and invest in precious metals Pb encased in brass… and some peanut butter 🙂

    its coming there is no doubt.


    1. That’s the strength of our side Andrew. We see things clearly. We have hope and at the same time prepare for a fight if it comes to that. All the narratives in the world won’t be enough to give the braindead sheeple the will to fight for their convictions. They only have empty threats and wisecracks from celebratoids and flaming rhetoric from pols…they truly believe that’s all they need. They appear to trust their elected fools to fix things. We don’t trust any of the fools and polish up our patriotism and brass at the same time. My 2 cents

      Liked by 2 people

      1. we definitely see things the same way in these regards. words and promises are only that – actions and results are what defines a person and describes their character. the president is leading the way right now as our representative just as he has said many times. but like many echo each day, he can only do what he can and without any team to help him – without our elected officials listening to the people instead of the money and power and what “they” feel is right – he, and therefore we, can only keep pressing on.

        and i feel no desire to physically fight or battle anyone, let alone my fellow countrymen. however, if called upon, or if the need arises to protect those around me, i am willing to stand up and be counted and no go quietly into the abyss. thinking about these things is an exercise in realistic preparedness for any situation that may arise.

        the elected officials have clearly marked their desires and positions and many layers of deceit have been lifted for those who chose not to know what was there in the first place – and yet there is still a massive amount of our fellow citizens who are not even willing to talk honestly and logically about facts and the state of our union.

        conversations i have or overhear each day tell me that the rift is not shrinking but almost growing stronger and possibly wider. regardless of cheers about a news poll that showed 4% less think their should be impeachment, regardless of the freedom caucus making some noise for a couple days, the happenings at the local level politically and the feeling of hatred from certain people continues on. and locally / state laws are where it’s happening faster than we think – and that is not a federal issue – that is a state and local issue that we are being distracted from.

        no matter what things will work out one way or the other that we can be assured of!


  9. I’m not so sure this feeds into fake news however what follows certainly feeds into chaos and Alexa along with maybe the refugee and illegal immigration news we’ve been hearing for the last many years… okay, the last might be a stretch but it wouldn’t be too hard make the leap .

    Meanwhile some one asked about Alexa a few threads ago. Maybe this might help:

    Alexa blurts out “Kill your foster parents”

    Maybe this is why Bezo’s sometimes sounds a bit down about Amazon’s future.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Now feeding back more into Wolf’s thread, a more stranger (wider) take.

      Have you ever heard about a guy named Eric Drexler? He wrote “Engines of Creation” back in 1987 (wide link at bottom) It was essentially an introduction into nano technology where he proposed the idea that if you can think of it, you can do it as long as you write code for it to happen.

      Another guy, I’d think you’d of heard of is Neil Stephenson, Sci Fi writer. He wrote a short entertaining novel called “The Diamond Age, or a young ladies illustrated primer” where Nano Tech filled out the back ground of his story. (Interestingly Neil Stephenson points out that one of Amazon’s office buildings is named ‘Fiona’, from the main character in the story.

      Keeping it simple, if you combine Nano Tech (the dry science) with Bio Tech (the wet science) and couple those with leaps in Information Science you end up moving into this Diamond Age.

      Moving into the Diamond Age is what many countries around the world, poor and rich, have been trying to do ever since Drexler wrote his book. The information out there from chalk board, to development to application on all this is open source however few pay attention and I don’t think the leaders of technology want us to (since the ethics behind all these sciences remains unsettled) and thus is at the root of many of the distractions we see in news today and yesterday.

      That last being my tie in to this Fake News and Chaos thread.“engines+of+creation+k+eric+drexler”+sid%3a”e120c634-cb01-1c45-8534-2d0fdf7e4327″+catguid%3a”177f6420-805a-4adb-c701-b2c16da1e113_c0bcbbc4″+segment%3a”generic.carousel”&FORM=SNAPST

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Thank you, and very interesting. I like Drexler because:

        (1) a very smart friend who nobody thinks is smart presented me with the “problem” of his rightness and wrongness correctly – automatic “there there”

        (2) I can easily see both his rightness and wrongness

        (3) his rightnesses are always profound, and his wrongnesses more so when corrected

        So I need to go back to that stuff IRT current wrongnesses.

        I think the plan understands this stuff, BTW.

        Stephenson is very interesting, too. He’s always looking in the right places.

        Liked by 2 people

  10. PERFECT example of how the MSM misleads the public and is truly the enemy of the people.
    MSM criticized President Trump for the gas attack in Syria and DEMANDED retaliation. Then, when Trump authorized 59 Patriot missiles lobbed into Syria, the MSM criticized him for doing it during dinner with Chinese Chairmen, Xi.
    Likewise, the MSM infers Trump is inept/stupid/orange and needs to withdraw troops from Syria (in April, Max Boot, WaPost).
    Today, the MSM criticizes Trump for withdrawing from Syria. Same guy, Max Boot, WaPost.
    Do you have the impression Max Boot does not really print what he believes? Instead, Max Boot just prints criticism du jour of our President?
    WaPost has no principles.
    WaPost has no agenda – other than criticism of the President.
    WaPost thinks we are too dumb to notice their hypocrisy.
    We see the same kind of examples across media.
    We’re watching.
    These people are stupid and or corrupt.
    It’s why we elected President Trump.

    Liked by 9 people

  11. You have to admit, we have ourselves one helluva President.
    He is absolutely the best master troll of all time.
    In 48 hours, he spanked Paul Ryan/Kevin McCarthy, forced Nancy Pelosi to eat her words, rallied the base, silenced his Never-Trumper critics, turned a loss into a win, and pinned the blame for any potential shutdown SQUARELY on the shoulders of Chuck Schumer.
    He taught the Republicans how to fight and win…. and we might just get our Border Wall out of the deal.
    He just forced 49 Dem Senators to defend their NO vote for Border Security in the 2020 election.
    because it is included in the bill, these same Dem Senators will vote AGAINST Disaster Relief for California.

    Yeah, he’s a badass, he’s MY PRESIDENT!

    Liked by 8 people

    1. Indeed he is, daughnworks247, and the biggest plus for this country is the fact that POTUS45 is not a politician! He thinks he has become one but I beg to differ! He is a Patriot through and through! 🙂

      Liked by 7 people

  12. Regarding the Mattis resignation – I read his letter to PDJT. Three words within that letter reminded me that Mattis is a globalist: “an international order.”

    Regarding Warner’s Tweet – I immediately noticed him using the words “our national defense.” Uh, how does what is happening in Syria directly affect our national defense? Duh – THE WALL affects our national defense, NOT what happens in Syria!

    Liked by 5 people

      1. I’m still a TOTAL optimist on Mattis – “international order” is a good thing, as long as sovereignty is TRULY respected – we want that! “Global order” and “world order” are not so good – usually a sneak for top-down communist error.

        I have read the Mattis letter very closely. It is almost ENTIRELY praise and agreement, except for ONE SENTENCE which is ALWAYS TRUE and a logical premise-sorter.

        I ask people to read it two ways. Read it with the “Fake News” turned on. But then read it with the Fake News turned OFF, and assume that the fake news is completely FALSE.

        Mattis’ STOCK letter of resignation is a beautiful wheat-chaff sorter without a single lie in it. The man is a genius.

        *bad civilian salute*

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  13. Love love this article. My constant comment at some of my haunts is just this………………NONE of these tricks and none of the kabuki theater would be effective with out their co-conspirators the propaganda media.

    Shaping the narrative. Grooming the victims (the public). All of the side psyops…presenting the islam is peaceful & great so welcome millions… to believe ‘our’ science about climate and whether we’re hyping earth destroying hot or cold or the really hot one now…the sex/gender game.

    One step even further is the means that they inculcate this…the visual internet . We all are here so we utilize it also but for millions a device is almost part of their very being. Literally in their hand all waking hours. It’s not just hearing the messages as with a radio, it’s viewing/hearing it. Imprinting it?
    hahah my other constant comment….despite the descent into madness…the una — bomber predicted or feared almost all of this in his manifesto.

    Liked by 4 people

    1. “hahah my other constant comment….despite the descent into madness…the una — bomber predicted or feared almost all of this in his manifesto.”

      Time to read the ,manifesto in full. I only skimmed what was provided at the time and moved on to the next news item.

      Liked by 2 people

    1. Not at all. I only ask this. SHARE THE SOLUTION EVEN MORE WIDELY.




      Five words.




      This is how we FIGHT BACK!!!

      Liked by 3 people

  14. STOP and THINK.
    RE: Withdrawl from Syria
    When Obama left Iraq, there was a vacuum, and ISIS was allowed to rise, terrorize, and create a Caliphate.
    The situation is very different today.
    Does anyone think President Trump is dumb enough to make the exact same mistake as the Obama Admin, leaving a vacuum in the ME?
    Are you kidding me?
    No one is that dumb.

    NOT ONE pundit is talking about the GCC on the ground. The Gulf Council Coalition, of 51 Muslim countries, on the ground, committed to stamping out the radicals.
    We have trained them for 8 years (Operation Iron Eagle).
    They all have the same uniforms.
    It’s WHY President Trump went to Saudi Arabia and did the sword dance.
    Remember the new coalition of USA/Saudi/Jordan/ Lebanon/Israel?
    Anyone listening??????

    It’s why Bin Salman put the radical billionaire Saudis into jail at the Ritz Carlton, they were funding the radicals (Isis/Al Qaeda).
    It’s why Bin Salman of Saudi saved the life of the Lebanon Prime Minister in the Iranian assassination attempt.
    Why do you think Trump’s FIRST call as a President-Elect was to Al SISI of Egypt —- Answer – because he’s the one who threw the Muslim Brotherhood out of Egypt. Al Sisi was naturally aligned and Egypt is the largest Muslim nation.
    Do you really think Israel and Saudi Arabia started cooperating with each other ….. because of some magic beans?
    Do you NOT remember King Abdullah of Jordan and his FOUR visits to President Trump in the first 6 months after his election?
    And that King Abdullah was the one who hosted the last military exercise for Iron Eagle in northwestern Jordan?
    Or that 1.5 MILLION Syrian refugees are now located in Jordan?
    Or that President Trump was recently quoted saying, “Oh, the Saudi’s are spending hundred of millions of dollars beginning to rebuild Syria.”
    Why do you think Saudi and the entire GCC restricted Qatar Air Space/Banking, put Qatar on total lockdown? Answer = they were funding the radicals.

    The Brennan CIA holdovers/Obama/Clinton/Deep State Cabal loves Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood and were funded by a whole lotta rich radical Saudis and Iran, right?
    So, the good guys, Trump and all of us, are against the Iran Deal and the funding of radicals, right?
    You really think the CIA/WaPost deep state does not want to thwart Trump’s efforts? Answer = Of course they want to stop Trump, his allies in other countries, and all of us.
    What do you think Khashoggi was all about??
    Moreover, why do you think the left specifically attacked President Trump on Khashoggi with a specific solution of “We MUST stop the Saudi Arms Deal”?
    Answer = It’s because the left does not want Saudi and the GCC to have the armament NOR the hand in glove cooperation of the USA/Israel.

    How many times has President Trump told us he wanted the Middle East refugees to stay in the Middle East?
    How many times has President Trump told you he wanted other wealthy ME nations to pay the tab for ME problems?
    How many times have you seen press reports of Jared and the senior advisor (can’t remember his name) sneaking off to the Middle East to ‘talk”?
    Think about it……

    And we’re surprised when it happens?

    Did you really think a guy like President Trump flew all the way to Saudi Arabia, addressed 51 Muslim countries, did the Sword dance, hugged the magic ORB, or brought with him a FULL BLOWN power admin of Wilbur Ross, Rex Tillerson, Mnuchin, Gary, for a weekend country visit?
    Do you REALLY think the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia spent millions, rolled out the red carpet for the Trump Administration, just to get acquainted?
    Did you notice the symbolism of going to Saudi to address the Muslims and then going to Israel?
    Did you notice Al Sisi, President of Egypt, hugging President Trump, in EGYPT, and saying, “He (Trump) can do anything, even the impossible.”

    LOOK closely at the Magic Orb picture.
    WHO is President Trump photographed with?
    OMG – sure enough.
    It’s King Salman, the daddy of Crown Prince MBS, and the President of Egypt, Al Sisi.
    Ya’ think they made a deal in the desert?
    Or maybe they were celebrating the Art of the Deal?

    Yeah, this is why we elected President Trump.
    Quit worrying about Syria and the shrieking NeoCons. What they tried for 40 years did not work.
    Trump and his team have laid this one out, carefully, thoughtfully, elegantly, and strategically, over many years.

    Liked by 12 people

    1. great post daughn. we need to be done done over there.

      they want to bring it all here and have been doing so. we cannot let that continue.

      all these countries can make themselves great again and possibly we can get back to helping them out a little once we are through getting our affairs in order…

      Liked by 8 people

    2. Ahh, we told them so. We were right, again. Syria is vastly different than Iraq. Withdrawal was not sudden. There is no vacuum of leadership within the Middle East.
      Here are 7 articles from the Middle East proving our point.
      We just have to get past the echo chamber of American media.
      1. Syria welcomes the return of Arab Embassies to re-open

      2. Bibi Netanyahu supports the USA decision on Iran and in Syria.

      3. Erdogan in Turkey calls for renewed peace talks on Syria, following his meeting with Iran.

      4. Full article from Jordan on their Syria policy, considering accepting Syria back into the Arab League for their meeting in March of 2019.

      5. Egyptian media reporting – Parliament head urges reinstatement of Syria into the Arab League.

      6. Oh lookie here, Saudi Arabia and the UAE are sending troops to help protect the Kurds.

      7. From the Security Studies Group, who was asked in early February of 2018 to complete a full withdrawal plan for Syria.
      Yes Virginia, there was a plan.
      Not a surprise.
      Not a sudden decision by an orange man.

      Liked by 1 person

    3. Terrific insight, Daughn. Ironically, just this morning I was wondering about Al-Sisi because we haven’t heard POTUS mention him for awhile nor have SD’s posts talked much about the GCC.

      I have no doubt the MEast coalition is heavily involved in the Syria situation – after all, POTUS has assigned regional responsibility as a tenet of his foreign policy.

      I am ‘so over’ the media, Bushies, mcCain/Lindsey/Rubio, neocons posturing that USA is the mideast solution.

      Liked by 3 people

    4. Thank you. THIS is exactly the right reasoning.

      People on our side need to read the Mattis letter carefully.

      Ask the right questions.

      Why is it all praise and agreement?

      Why is there ONE SENTENCE which seems “bad”?

      Why does that ONE SENTENCE work for ANY situation?

      Is that one sentence *TRUE* NEVER, SOMETIMES, or [ALWAYS]?

      NOW – consider Q:

      Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 28b403 No.4400956 📁
      Dec 20 2018 21:02:56 (EST)
      Rogers departure. Intel.
      Sessions departure. Law.
      Kelly departure. Warfare/MIL
      Mattis departure. Warfare/MIL
      Notice a pattern?

      Why does all of this FIT exactly what you are saying?


      Liked by 1 person

      1. I would think much better of Mattis if he had left that ‘One Sentence’ out altogether.

        Mattis is smart enough to know that that ‘One Sentence’ would be used against Pres Trump.

        Out of loyalty to his CiC, it would’ve been better if he hadn’t tossed that little gift to our President’s enemies.
        He didn’t need to say that.

        I also didn’t like what he said about “maintaining strong alliances and showing respect to those allies”.

        Then he did it again when he said “My views on treating allies with respect”.

        He was chastising our President for not treating our allies with respect.

        Then, he wrapped that up with a bow when he told Pres Trump that he had a right to have a SecDef…”whose views are better aligned with yours on these and other subjects”.

        Sorry, Wolfie…that was an unbecoming thing for Mattis to say.
        Unbecoming and disloyal.

        Liked by 2 people

        1. Well, like I love to say….

          “Nature is the best cover.” -Natural Things.

          When I needed to resign/retire for 1000 reasons, I remember telling everybody something different. The reasons which would have been classified, were not among those.

          I had dozens of excellent non-classified reasons. Some were lightly blame-casting on myself or others, or the institution, or were normal, cheery reasons.

          Mattis knows way more secrets than I ever will. But I know this from my own experience. Chaffy, lightly blame-casting reasons are the ones that make people stop looking for reasons. There are others that work remarkably well, too, but I’m keeping those face-down. 😉

          It’s kind of funny, but this world of deception is teaching me not to hate, and I think that may be in G_d’s plan for me.

          Liked by 2 people

  15. There was a q post about a year ago that alluded to an attempt already, but not public. They will continue until the leaders are outed
    And, a 2 week vacation to maralago is not just vacation. Its our tropical White House. Major implementation of certain pkans. Interviews for defense secretary, chief of staff etc. Who will be visiting florida?
    Taking us out of syria and Afghanistan is good. Can you imagine if no name were still here? Hed have a fit.
    Speaking of bezos, he bought the doorbell company ring this year. Mr gil thinks im paranoid about allowing internet streaming of doorbell, baby monitor, and alarm services. He should know better! Amazon wants facial recognition and links to reporting suspicious persons to police if you walk past a doorbell monitor.
    Thats beyond terrifying once you factor in the other things they want to do, and it all boils down to absolute control.

    Wapo and their ilk need continued exposure! Thanks Wolf!

    Liked by 6 people

    1. Erring on the side of caution, it does seems wiser to assume that instruments which could easily be used for totalitarian rule should not be used at all, especially when the pushers of those instruments give every indication that they are ok with totalitarian rule (or worse).

      Liked by 5 people

      1. i am in the tech industry and have been for almost all my working career. i can tell you without a doubt at all that every single device that is out there has “the possibility” of nefarious uses.

        NEST home systems, the doorbell and door locks, the smart televisions, the smart fridges, your wireless routers, your home electric service meter, certainly your phone but that is a given because it combines almost ALL the smart tech into one device that you carry around on your person.

        the dna programs (how that went from “freaky” to “oh cool!” so fast i do not know)

        social media.

        all of it. everything. if you don’t have an alexa or a google home but if you ever say “Ok Google” to your phone to search for something – then you might as well have alexa. to prove that point i had a guy at lunch today telling me i was crazy – so i said “ok google” loudly and set off 4 phones in our general vicinity. cortana the same. siri well of course we know that story too.

        spell checking, autocorrect, etc are all forms of keylogging.

        logging into a service online and saving your credentials is bad (but it’s so convenient! you say) not logging out and going to any other website is even worse.

        i know everyone isn’t going to go cold turkey on this stuff, but let me tell you – there’s absolutely no conspiracy theory here – this is a game set match, it’s already over, we’ve accepted all this willingly and when they flip the switch to institute the “social score” type programs that they “forced” on china, we will have nobody but ourselves to blame because we walked into it with arms wide open.

        Liked by 4 people

        1. With utmost respect to you (which you have earned), speak for yourself. I wish harm on a whole host of sick phucks. I also hope that God saves their souls and makes something good out of them.

          Liked by 2 people

  16. Walked past the digital clock on my stove this morning and it read 9:11.
    So I stopped.

    Put my hand on the face of the clock.
    Opened my heart to God.

    Then I saw one of Wolf’s favorite words: MOAR
    and heard one of my favorite words: Angels

    So let’s pray.

    MOAR Angels, Lord Jesus, MOAR Angels!

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  17. Quick shout out to all ya’ll–Family is in so wont be around much!! Wolfie!! Todays post is OUTSTANDING!! thank you so much! Syvia and Daughn! WOW as well…
    Lot’s of stuff going on…Will check in from time to time…
    PS–Already Miss ya!

    Liked by 8 people

    1. Used to be for an ordinary person of her age the choice is often to leave it alone as immune compromising treatments (Chemo/Radiation) may not be tolerated. There are new options available now. Now sure what will be decided by someone with such a strong will to continue to serve.

      Liked by 3 people

      1. My mom had cancerous tumors and we decided to leave them alone. She fell, broke her ribs and died 2 days later. She was 93. This RBG stuff is a load of nonsense. She is proibably very weak.

        Liked by 1 person

    2. What I know is that further treatment, if any, usually depends upon type of cancer, stage of cancer, and age/health of patient. “Lung” cancer is too broad. They will use the excised tumors to determine stage and a more precise type.

      Not much, for you, I know. Limited experience, but intense experience with a now deceased friend (who BTW cherry picked from about 25 different protocols and did not follow ANY to the letter).

      Liked by 4 people

  18. Q has already told us the objectives for the good guys.

    Liked by 7 people

    1. And…this is Why Brennan has been freaking out.

      Brennan has all those embeds in place in the C_A and is in a panic at the idea that he & Hussein will no longer have that resource to work for them.

      Liked by 2 people

  19. Speaking of violence.
    Tucker ends with a statement not supported by his story:

    “Ceasar Chavez’s life is a reminder of how much the left has changed, and how quickly.”

    Or maybe I should say Ceasar Chavez’s methods are a reminder of how much the left has NOT changed. They are still unashamed of their violent thuggery, fire bombings, and other tactics of intimidation.

    Liked by 3 people

  20. I doubt Mark Warner (T-VA) had anything to do with that tweet, he may not even be aware of it, it was written for him (like everyone else’s) by a professional team of ‘persuasion’ experts, people like Scott Adams, but on the Left.

    Before I read your decode of the tweet, I want to give it a shot and then compare.

    “This is scary. Secretary Mattis has been an island of stability amidst the chaos of the Trump administration. As we’ve seen with the President’s haphazard approach to Syria, our national defense is too important to be subjected to the President’s erratic whims.”

    This is scary.” – no, it’s silly, and I would mock you to your face, humor is a perfect antidote to fearmongering. But claiming it is ‘scary’ sets the tone for ‘fear’. And it sounds like the writer is a 2-year old, addressing other 2-year olds, which no doubt is their estimation of their target audience.

    Secretary Mattis has been an island of stability amidst the chaos of the Trump administration.” – where was Warner’s effusive praise for Mattis BEFORE he resigned?

    And what ‘chaos’ has there been? It’s a lie. The chaos has been in the Senate and House (and Mark, you’re the next contestant on The Price is your Life). In fact, Warner wouldn’t even be on the SSCI if Di-Chi-Spy hadn’t needed to resign from the committee due to the exposure of her own participation in the Treason. Talk about chaos…

    It’s like Warner’s persuasion expert is setting up a Straw Man, i.e., Mattis was the core of the DJT administration (that’s a lie, he wasn’t), and now that Mattis is leaving, the administration could collapse in on itself (tearing his own Straw Man down)… oooh…. how scary… er.. I mean, silly!

    As we’ve seen with the President’s haphazard approach to Syria,” – again, setting (implanting, anchoring) an assertion in the mind of the reader as if it was an accepted fact. Like ‘assuming the sale’. But ‘we’ haven’t seen any such thing, and the President’s approach has not been ‘haphazard’ — both assertions are lies.

    … our national defense is too important to be subjected to the President’s erratic whims.” – and finally, concluding by linking something with which no one can disagree (‘our national defense is too important’) with their entirely bogus false narrative (‘to be subjected to the President’s erratic whims’).

    A) the president is not ‘erratic’, it is a false assertion

    B) the president does not act on whims; if he did, you wouldn’t be in so much trouble

    C) Warner and his persuasion experts don’t care about ‘national security’, they are (and have been) actively engaged in trying to destroy our national security.

    2008 called, and they want their ‘persuasion effort’ back.

    This sorry effort is at least 10 years past the expiration date.

    Total fail.

    I would say ‘epic fail’, but it doesn’t merit ‘epic’.

    It’s just sad that Mark’s handlers pay people for this kind of hackery.

    Liked by 5 people

  21. If you guys saw any of my comments about Gen Flynn, you will know I was alluding to this. Well here it is. He was on a spook mission.

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