Facts Not Fiction

Q’s most recent posts are very helpful in reading the fig leaves on Syria.

If you want FACTS, stay away from COMMUNIST FAKE NEWS.

We take up the rabbit trail immediately after the Mad Hatter….

Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 28b403 No.4400956 
Dec 20 2018 21:02:56 (EST)
Rogers departure. Intel.
Sessions departure. Law.
Kelly departure. Warfare/MIL
Mattis departure. Warfare/MIL
Notice a pattern?

Q Post 2637

The above post is critical to understand – particularly Mattis.


I urge people to READ the Mattis resignation letter – FULL of praise and agreement with Trump. Then he segues into places where if you know Trump and Mattis deeply, you know there is mutual agreement. There is not even a bad tone unless you READ IT IN.

There is only one line which – if you believe the communist fake news – is “bad”. But it is a logical trick. Read it with your Q EYES on, and you will see how crafty SecDef’s “always true” statement really is.

“Because you have the right to have a Secretary of Defense whose views are better aligned with yours on these and other subjects, I believe it is right for me to step down from my position.”

SecDef Mattis Resignation Letter

One can fit an AMAZING amount of red, white and blue under that umbrella. Think about it. A letter full of praise and agreement, plus (this is key) some “should be” agreement stated as if only Mattis believes it, and THEN the quoted truism.

My advice on this? LET THE FISH TAKE THE BAIT. They cannot #resist.

Much unmasking is going on. Let it happen.

Moving along….

Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 28b403 No.4401036 
Dec 20 2018 21:05:49 (EST)
Chemical attack in Syria?
Public ‘pull out’ of troops in Syria….
History will not repeat itself this time.

Q Post 2638

Who got bombed last time, when we went after the chemical weapons?

The Obama-Rice-Netflix-CIA-AQ-Hollywood “White Helmets” who were holding those chemical weapons. OH, THE IRONY.

The Russians couldn’t complain. The KGB-CIA couldn’t complain. And the White Helmets with their own hoaxing chemical weapons couldn’t complain, because they were DEAD.

Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 9cade3 No.4408964 
Dec 21 2018 10:42:54 (EST)
Why do people trust the FAKE NEWS media?
Anons can play this game all day long.
Compare & Contrast.

Q Post 2639

I absolutely urge people to STOP subscribing to Fake News in ANY FORM. Cut the cable. Stop the papers. Cut them off. Let them DIE.

One *could* chalk the WaPo example above up to simply stupid “knee-jerk” anti-Trump, but that’s where Eckert’s Law comes to the rescue. Don’t assume an intelligence-agency-led enemy is stupid. Consider the possibility that there is strategy throwing us some Occam-bait.

Because THAT is what disinformation does.

The Syria ploy IS the Vietnam ploy all over again, only updated for HIDDEN SOVIET UNION and CNN as the communist weapon in the United States.

The physical war overseas is the FISSION TRIGGER.

The culture war in America is the FUSION YIELD.

The dangerous Fake News Media can switch narratives on a DIME – although they’re usually slower and craftier, just like they were with the Vietnam War. Easy does it…. slowly switching…. remember…. “they were for it before they were against it….”

Think about it. Once you see it, you can’t unsee it. BAIT and SWITCH.

Nobody in .mil is falling for it – trust me. When I saw those generals being BROWBEATEN in the Senate by “Warhead” McCain for refusing to get into a war with Russia in Syria, I knew exactly what was going on.


For more of my discussion of how communist bait wars work to create culture wars in the infected enemy, and in particular the CIA-led Vietnam quagmire which was actually an ATTACK on the United States using an infected CIA, look HERE:

Now – wrap it up with the Obama treason which is also the Hillary treason:

Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 879143 No.4409412 
Dec 21 2018 11:12:27 (EST)
Did ISIS form on HUSSEIN’s watch?
Did HUSSEIN take care of business or allow them to expand?
How long did it take POTUS to ERADICATE and DESTROY ISIS?
Why did HUSSEIN attempt to destroy our military (weaken)?
What was the 16-year plan to destroy America?
Why did HUSSEIN install traitors at the highest levels of our Gov’t?
Think DOJ.
Think FBI.
Think C_A.
Think NAT SEC.
Why did HUSSEIN bring people into the WH who HATE AMERICA and what we stand for?
What years did HRC serve as Sec of State?
What years did ISIS expand?

Q Post 2640

Look at this Communist (big Alinsky “C”) shilling for her Soviet masters. Once you see it, you can’t unsee it. She should really HANG for trying to create another Vietnam, designed to be won by America’s enemies.

OH, Fankles. You played into Russia’s hands a LONG time ago. And we are no longer falling for it. JUSTICE is coming. Your number is UP and that number is 146.

If you’re curious about why 146 is her number, look here – otherwise, move on to full understanding of the “unforgivable” that Obama did.

We KNOW, Cankles. We KNOW. You were PART of this treason.

Now – if anybody on our side is worried about Syria, pay attention to THIS. First images and then larger text – take your pick. Daughn will show you why TRUMP HAS THIS.

December 21, 2018 at 11:57 am Edit
RE: Withdrawl from Syria
When Obama left Iraq, there was a vacuum, and ISIS was allowed to rise, terrorize, and create a Caliphate.
The situation is very different today.
Does anyone think President Trump is dumb enough to make the exact same mistake as the Obama Admin, leaving a vacuum in the ME?
Are you kidding me?
No one is that dumb.
NOT ONE pundit is talking about the GCC on the ground. The Gulf Council Coalition, of 51 Muslim countries, on the ground, committed to stamping out the radicals.
We have trained them for 8 years (Operation Iron Eagle).
They all have the same uniforms.
It’s WHY President Trump went to Saudi Arabia and did the sword dance.
Remember the new coalition of USA/Saudi/Jordan/ Lebanon/Israel?
Anyone listening??????
It’s why Bin Salman put the radical billionaire Saudis into jail at the Ritz Carlton, they were funding the radicals (Isis/Al Qaeda).
It’s why Bin Salman of Saudi saved the life of the Lebanon Prime Minister in the Iranian assassination attempt.
Why do you think Trump’s FIRST call as a President-Elect was to Al SISI of Egypt —- Answer – because he’s the one who threw the Muslim Brotherhood out of Egypt. Al Sisi was naturally aligned and Egypt is the largest Muslim nation.
Do you really think Israel and Saudi Arabia started cooperating with each other ….. because of some magic beans?
Do you NOT remember King Abdullah of Jordan and his FOUR visits to President Trump in the first 6 months after his election?
And that King Abdullah was the one who hosted the last military exercise for Iron Eagle in northwestern Jordan?
Or that 1.5 MILLION Syrian refugees are now located in Jordan?
Or that President Trump was recently quoted saying, “Oh, the Saudi’s are spending hundred of millions of dollars beginning to rebuild Syria.”
Why do you think Saudi and the entire GCC restricted Qatar Air Space/Banking, put Qatar on total lockdown? Answer = they were funding the radicals.
The Brennan CIA holdovers/Obama/Clinton/Deep State Cabal loves Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood and were funded by a whole lotta rich radical Saudis and Iran, right?
So, the good guys, Trump and all of us, are against the Iran Deal and the funding of radicals, right?
You really think the CIA/WaPost deep state does not want to thwart Trump’s efforts? Answer = Of course they want to stop Trump, his allies in other countries, and all of us.
What do you think Khashoggi was all about??
Moreover, why do you think the left specifically attacked President Trump on Khashoggi with a specific solution of “We MUST stop the Saudi Arms Deal”?
Answer = It’s because the left does not want Saudi and the GCC to have the armament NOR the hand in glove cooperation of the USA/Israel.
How many times has President Trump told us he wanted the Middle East refugees to stay in the Middle East?
How many times has President Trump told you he wanted other wealthy ME nations to pay the tab for ME problems?
How many times have you seen press reports of Jared and the senior advisor (can’t remember his name) sneaking off to the Middle East to ‘talk”?
Think about it……
And we’re surprised when it happens?
Did you really think a guy like President Trump flew all the way to Saudi Arabia, addressed 51 Muslim countries, did the Sword dance, hugged the magic ORB, or brought with him a FULL BLOWN power admin of Wilbur Ross, Rex Tillerson, Mnuchin, Gary, for a weekend country visit?
Do you REALLY think the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia spent millions, rolled out the red carpet for the Trump Administration, just to get acquainted?
Did you notice the symbolism of going to Saudi to address the Muslims and then going to Israel?
Did you notice Al Sisi, President of Egypt, hugging President Trump, in EGYPT, and saying, “He (Trump) can do anything, even the impossible.”
LOOK closely at the Magic Orb picture.
WHO is President Trump photographed with?
OMG – sure enough.
It’s King Salman, the daddy of Crown Prince MBS, and the President of Egypt, Al Sisi.
Ya’ think they made a deal in the desert?
Or maybe they were celebrating the Art of the Deal?
Yeah, this is why we elected President Trump.
Quit worrying about Syria and the shrieking NeoCons. What they tried for 40 years did not work.
Trump and his team have laid this one out, carefully, thoughtfully, elegantly, and strategically, over many years.

daughnworks247 on Why Trump has this Syria thing under control

Are we good?

Yes, fellow Q-Treepers – we’re good!

Now – I have a final mission for you all.


Pray for our VSGPOTUS, our country, and our dedicated military and law enforcement. Pray for their success, and their protection from harm. Pray that they DO THE WILL OF G_D, be that what it may.


Let the FIVE WORDS be your Christmas gift to President Trump in 2018.


That is it. You have your mission.



86 thoughts on “Facts Not Fiction

  1. Wolf, this is really good intel. You are doing fine work. Over at the X22 Report today Dave does a good job of describing the 16 year plan in specific ways. He also lets you know why Ryan is resigning. If the 16 year plan is even moderately accurate then the American government needs to publicly hang these traitors on the Capitol Mall. What is described is pure unadulterated pursuit of power and is evil in every respect. These people must be executed. They were intending genocide.

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    1. If the Bill Ayers plan (25 million dead Americans – probably 30 million now, with our current population) – or any kind of nuclear false flag – or, God forbid, a nuclear war – were being contemplated by these people – then yes – these people were plotting evil on a mind-bending scale.

      However, in their defense, extraordinary claims demand extraordinary evidence.

      I suspect we have it, too. 😉

      Logical thinking.
      Month: Sept
      Public learned GJ empaneled re: McCabe?
      Follow the connections.
      We have it all.

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      1. Really, really great job Daughnworks. Feel kind of bad that those at the other place aren’t seeing Wolfie’s work and your upbeat, kick the Eyores on the butt to wake them up post.

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  2. Nice to be reminded of all that, although I surely don’t understand your riddles, Wolfie. But that’s ok – I probably couldn’t wrap my head around it anyway! I trust all the other brilliant minds here! I am certainly no longer worried about the Kurds, that’s for sure! And to daughnworks247? Out-f’ing-standing!!!! Bless you, my dear!

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  3. Ohhhh, wow. You guys have to see this. When all else fails (and we’ve already prayed), a stiff drink and a sense of humor might help us through the rough spots.
    Here are the SHUTDOWN COCKTAILS available in DC bars.

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    1. Heheh…but those seem a little geared towards Trump-hating Fed employees, don’t they.

      How about a –> RELEASE THE KRAKEN!
      Kahlua, Vodka, Baileys, Extra ICE and with Whipped Cream & Chocolate Sprinkles.

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  4. Wolf, here we are just before Christmas and you might be expected to phone it in a bit. Eat some cookies. Listen to some Christmas carols. Watch Miracle on 34th Street. And instead you are slamming the balls out of the park. Wow! Another terrific read that I hope gets widely disseminated.

    It was mesmerizing, and you did such a terrific job of laying the information out and putting it into a pattern that was recognizable and understandable, and frankly comforting. No chaos here, folks. A plan is in place. One that is well thought out and unique. Gosh, do I have a smile on my face!

    Thank you my friend. I appreciate you more every day.

    (And how about daughnworks???? Wow! She sure earned her pundit’s wings!)

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    1. Wolfie is right! We started with a hint from Q about duplicitous news reports. It must have taken WolfMoon all day to put the info together. Bless you!

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  5. The MSM is our enemy. It’s painfully clear today.
    Think about it.
    We have Q pointing out Max Boot of WaPost and his contradictory headlines on the issue of American troops in Syria. Boot’s opinions change directions with the wind, April to December, 180 degree turn. Stark.
    But notice what happened……
    Without mentioning Q, but taking a cue from Q, we have an article from Breitbart today, same thing, conflicting positions from the NYTimes Editorial Board, along with several other prominent pundits.
    We also saw a story about Maddow of NBC, who wrote a book about getting out of Syria in 2012, but criticizing PDJT for getting out of Syria, just last night.
    Across social media today, we saw many similar stories, no mention of Q but taking a cue from Q = mission accomplished.

    Larger point and it’s common sense.
    We all have friends, family, loved ones. We could probably list their names and know them well enough to explain their positions on various issues, like abortion, Syria, NATO, border walls, taxes, or even what kind of food/music/vacations they like.
    Tell me, who changes their mind with the wind?
    No one I know. Anyone you know?

    The problem of pundits conflicting positions leads us to question what they believe. What are their fundamental principles and why? What are they advocating FOR? If the pundits are supposed to be ‘elite’ and the smart ones/professionals/expertise in their discipline, then they need to explain their position.
    Was there new information which explains a change of opinion?
    Is it merely because they hate Trump?

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      1. Where would the origin be? Fake news in its current form, not like yellow journalism or just personal bias on a particular journalist. I mean how did wapi, vnn, etc align w alphabets and how/when did the takeover happen?

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        1. i feel personally it’s been done in stages, but has been going on for a long, long time. probably ever since there have been “news” outlets of any sort. the inherent power that a news outlet can command just by the nature of what they “do” is immense and in no way promotes honesty and integrity. sometimes they have to feign the integrity, and that’s how they reel people in.

          it’s like a crab at low tide who grasps onto the periwinkle flesh that you have stuck on a hook and lured him with, the hook isn’t even necessary – the crab grasps at that bait as you pull him right up onto the dock and put him in a bucket. oh, once in there he scurries all around with his claws open, defensive and not trusting. then you throw him back in the water… toss your bait back in and what do you know! he grabs right back onto the bait and allows himself to be placed in the bucket again!

          so to get back to your question, i do not know EXACTLY, but of course it is fundamentally proportional to the increase in population, the advances in communication themselves, and the inability for those taking in the news to want to do their own research – and we know before the advent of the www research was MUCH harder to do. if we did not have this option we would have never known many things and people like myself would have stayed “crazy tin foil hatters” 🙂

          but if i had to guess the real control started coming probably during ww2 and grew from there. media was by law mandated to start giving a narrative at that time. offices of propaganda put out their news and also censored the news in general. of course this was “for our own good” during a time of war, so that was fine in their eyes.

          but once you start making deals with the government agencies, and once reporters and journalists start getting inside information and getting all kinds of close to the powers that be, and not even taking account that the owners of the news orgs are always big money influencers, there’s no real incentive to get out of the deal. leakers and inside sources, “officials with knowledge of”, “according to several sources who are familiar with…” i mean, why even try, they are giving you the story you want!

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          1. I am grateful I grew up without the internet and cell phones and social media. I remember watching glenn beck talk about so many subjects I had learned in jr high and high school wondering, this is basic stuff, why is he going over this for adults? Now I know why, really. And that was years ago.

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        2. Don’t look for the beginnings is my advice. 😉

          For this Christmas season, just imagine the Fake News swirling around the Roman Empire, and ask where it ended. It never did.

          I tend to look for POINTS ALONG THE LINE rather than the “beginning”.

          I think the COMMUNIST THREAD is one of the most interesting.

          Marxism protectors, late 1800s

          “Red” journalists, 1917-1920’s

          Walter Duranty, 1931.

          McCarthy haters, 1950’s

          JFK disinfo shills, 1963-present

          Vietnam/campus shills, 1965-1975

          Anti-Nixon co-conspirators, 1972-1973

          Anti-Reagan shills, 1980-1988

          Wall Fall useful idiots, 1988-1992

          Clinton scandal hiding, 1992-2000

          Bush haters, 2001-2008

          9/11 co-conspirators, 2001-present

          Obama useful idiots, 2008-present

          Media leftism and subversion BY communists has been going on for a LONG time. A lot of it was very stealthy. But just remember that FAKE NEWS shows up in ALL of the above.

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          1. agree 100% – you listed everything i had though of for stages, plus added more prior to ww2… these are great starting points for people to think about the herding that’s been going on by these sheep dogs for the last 150 years.

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          2. Did you notice its a decade each…college and a few years out, then a new group(same as the old group). Just like typical self absorbed commies. “They didnt get it right but we will!” “We are the ones we have been waiting for!”

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    1. “Is it merely because they hate Trump?”

      But it’s because their globalist masters have ordered them to hate Trump.

      The Enemedia Nozzles are just empty vessels.
      They spew whatever their globalist bosses tell them to spew.

      Pres Trump rejected membership in the Big Club…and even worse, for them, he is systematically destroying their evil plans to enslave us.

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      1. That’s absolutely key imo, ” But it’s because their globalist masters have ordered them to hate Trump.”

        Normal people don’t change their core beliefs and values. Normal people can be slowly indoctrinated like possibly in Sweden where people defend rapists, even child rapists. In the span of a few years they’ve allowed themselves to be tolerant of brutal unnatural behavior. Their masters told them to via learning institutions , govt law and media.

        Here, in the span of a few years of 24/7 (literal) trump hate propaganda coupled with disinfo as supporting facts, they’ve begun to deny that criminals are bad or dangerous.
        The program in Florida, the one that covered up student history & crime. The latest anti Ice campaigns to “legally” allow for law enforcement to set free illegal felons. More of these types of methods are only possible with a compliant and complicit media.

        It feels weird to me to even say this because it’s beyond my comfort zone but it has a distinctly evil feel to it. What do tv news ppl or internet blowhards get out of this? They’re not the elite. They aren’t going to personally gain from NWO. Surely they used to admire investigative journalism but within a couple of years they parrot a party line like zombies? I feel crazy for saying it. it feels satanic

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        1. Molly, just diving in for a quick response. IT IS SATANIC. No question about it.

          As I have enumerated a couple of times, when a person or society is in the grip of ego, that is how behaviour manifests – as satanic.

          This is the story laid out in Genesis and beyond. Humans are in a fallen state and Satan is the fallen angel. We exhibit satanic behaviour when we are in the grip of our ego – this is what separates us from the world – literally. Satan means “The Accuser” – which is what the ego does. Lust for power is the ego’s work, thus satanic.

          Once you understand this, the light go on. The ego opposes Gd – does not want to recognise Gd’s sovereignty. The ego WANTS TO BE Gd – once you understand this, then a lot of things fall into place.

          The ego is a pathetic little demon – a shrivelled little rat compared to Almighty Gd – from which all of Creation flows. The little rat demon thinks it can be Gd – quite pathetic, really. But it is going to give it a red hot go and we will suffer the consequences until we understand this element of ourselves ….

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          1. Jason~ I really appreciate that comment. It’s some deep deep stuff but you explained things so well.
            I hope and pray that it’s crushed and since we are seeing that it’s a global phenomenon and not a local tyrant or regional regime.
            I don’t know history as well as others but honestly this seems unprecedented. Worldwide forces of good vs evil , the evil united in controlling humanity? Not trying to be dramatic but realistic. Or maybe things were just not on my radar and it was like this at other times in the past but I sure don’t remember anything like this. Thanks very much again.

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    2. another great post…

      and you know, as a striking OPPOSITE to these folks that flip flop in the MSM, these elected officials that flip flop, these liberal followers that flip when the others flip and flop respectively…consider the contrast:

      donald trump.

      one need only watch that great compilation that is on the video tube website titled something like “donald trump the long road to the white house” – there’s a long version and a shortened one to show your friends and family.

      this guy has been saying the SAME EXACT STUFF for over 30 years. almost verbatim.

      i have mentioned before that i grew up in the era where trump was larger than life. a for real celebrity / mogul / rich and famous playboy, whatever you want to call it. he was all of it.

      there is the famous donahue show in 87 where he mentions so many issues (as he does in tons of interviews even to this day) and he even mentioned NATO and how we shouldn’t pay the way for everyone. so on that day i had been home sick from school, and at the time we had only 4 stations max on the television, and i turned it on and saw the commercial that trump would be coming up on the show. it was the first time i had seen him really talking about issues other than seeing him on magazines and entertainment shorts, because 4 channels and no internets.

      that day when i was barely a teenager i realized this guy was different from what i imagined him to be.

      over the years i paid more attention when he was interviewed. he stated the same facts and opinions consistently.

      now, i could go on and on about this stuff, but it’s all public record at this point and can be viewed online, etc. the fact is our president is not lying. he is not making stuff up. he is not demented and at a loss of mental faculties. he is not recklessly destroying all our foreign allies, he is not destroying our economy. what he is doing is fighting back FOR US against the evil that has been perpetrated on our country and frankly many other countries around the world who should be so much better off today than they are. for the billions upon billions of dollars that we give everyone we get nothing except floods of refugees and stabs in our backs in return.

      it is so amazing that so many will refuse to study and research and get their “news” from the usual suspects.

      there is no “news” anymore. there are only stories that are crafted and portrayed to us in a way to obfuscate and dodge from anything true and honest.

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    3. Years ago I went to a private dinner party my ex’s cousin was throwing .She was a reporter for the Jennings ABC Evening News. The party had producers, reporters and me and my wife. What I heard there made my jaw drop.

      The conversation centered around how dumb it was to have competing governments. That we, as a people, would be better off with a central government. We could solve the world’s problems more efficiently. This one arrogant producer was bending my ear about how communism actually was getting a bad rap. Elements of it were really good. He concluded that Americans were too stupid to understand such complex thoughts

      On the drive home, I was seething mad. They were soelitist. Intellectual snobs.

      POTUS represents everything they despise. He must be destroyed for the world to be a better place.

      I can only assume it is worse now. These people are evil

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            1. https://abcnews.go.com/News/lisa-stark-abc-news-official-biography/story?id=127647

              Archived here: https://archive.fo/0Ol63

              This was extremely helpful. The frigging mother lode.

              Read her bio – she reported on almost the entire roster of top sketchy events and cultural Marxist demoralization points (e.g., OJ trial). Why? Because she’s SAFE. Whether she’s safe because she accepts what she is hinted to believe or is safe because she’s WISE to the deceptions is unknown. You can see that she was passed through a variety of checkpoints where any deviation from total safely for the sketchy events and the agenda would have been weeded out.

              This gives me brilliant insight into their long-term planning. And it is LONG.

              I believe they have a life-long tracking program of all citizens. Explains the OPM hack, etc. Maximum data. They make sure there are no “Whitaker Chambers” types sneaking in and seeing what’s behind the green curtain.

              Ivy League and Elite CA schools are important checkpoints for SELECTION. People who are determined to be anti-agenda get sidelined or marginalized. People who are with the program move into the rookie corridors of power.

              Nobody who is not with the program is allowed into MSM journalism any more. This is a primary control point.

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              1. This explains a lot, Wolfie. Suspected part of it but did not know it ws life-long tracking. So creepy. I believe it. Thank you. Thank you for this whole post above, too, and agree with Sylvia about Daughnwork’s contributions, too, and also thanks to Marica for keeping our morale up.

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  6. Great article as always, Wolf, and Wow! Brilliant analysis by Daughnworks! Thank you for including those wise words about Syria – I missed the original comment (have not been keeping up as much as I would like to as things on the home front are drawing me away, along with some early Christmas cheer).

    And yes, absolutely I am praying every day for the safety of President Trump and his family, for each member of his Team and their families and for all his supporters. This is a most important time for us and for the world.

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  7. News, snippets, tidbits, coming from everywhere. It’s like the floodgates opened.
    George Papadopoulos – how do we feel about him?
    He posted the following message this afternoon.
    ” Clinton/Obama/Alexander Downer all were involved in the rival pipeline project I was working on. They wanted Israel to be handcuffed by Turkey. When I advised Trump et all about the better alternative (Greece-Cyprus-Israel) that’s when the wolves came out and framed me. Politics.”

    Correct me if I’m wrong Q Treepers, but wasn’t there a blurb about McCain being in Syria/ME all the time because of an interest in oil/pipeline, something……?

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    1. You’re not wrong. McSlime wanted disorder in the ME so that it would cover his efforts to do other things. US foreign policy would catch up to HIS foreign policy sooner or later. At least that was his idea – make things happen that would compel a specific response from USA favorable to his plans.

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    2. Papadop is burning up the Black Hats, which I like. IMO the energy stuff is actually key to Papadop, because they had multiple interests in him, and energy was one of them – framing Trump through Papadop another.

      They are always interested in anything that embarrasses Trump, and if they can TAKE OUT somebody close to Trump AND embarrass Trump, even better.

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  8. memory hole moment:

    remember that time a couple short months ago ghwb’s doctor was walking in to work and some dude on a bike drove by and shot him dead?

    bring that up to 5 people and see how many remember!

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      1. the judge working on the voter fraud investigation for the state of alabama – crossing street with family at thanksgiving – hit and run kills his wife and at least one of his kids…

        story comes out a couple days ago – oh, there was some shenanigans in the roy moore election!

        vote report was scheduled to come out today or at least “wrap up” today.

        doug jones who beat roy moore with said shenanigans decides to vote “yes” today…


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      1. is it any wonder the illustrious dr. “i believe her” ford brought forth the word hippocampus to the party:

        “The hippocampus is the part of the brain that is involved in forming, organizing, and storing memories.”

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  9. Okay…this is a little eerie.

    Out of all the images that the DOD could have used, they went with this one?

    This painting commemorated Washington’s extraordinary sneak attack on Christmas Day, 1776.
    It caught the British Hessian forces completely by surprise.

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    1. You know what’s weird? I went on Twitter looking for news on immigration right before I posted today’s daily thread, and what image did I see and go “OH, YEAH, BABY – THAT’S THE ONE!”? Yup. Today’s daily thread image!!!

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    2. didn’t someone post a meme of this recently???
      this photo and underneath the photo:

      willing to cross a frozen river to kill you
      in your sleep
      on Christmas
      totally not kidding
      we’ve done it.

      I copied it to save it…cuz i loved it

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  10. Well done!
    I am house sitting in a big house with power (I live off grid), 3 dogs and loads of fish…when I have a moment I don’t even think of turning the TV on, this is where I come. Keeping up is difficult but articles like this are just wonderful. How lucky are we (the world) to have your President Trump! I have so much faith in him, in God and in you lot researching, understanding and reporting the facts.
    Thank you. 10 gold stars!

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  11. Ya’ll? I So dearly love this Q Team!! Wolfie ! And every single one of the posters here! If Q is NOT Real– Then I have lost my mind…LOL! …

    Liked by 8 people

  12. Thank you all for the analysis. It’s been an extremely busy week for me, and I haven’t been able to keep up on the news or Q community. These blog posts have been a lifeline.

    Liked by 4 people

  13. this site has 2 parts for me…there’s threads like these that I read and have to read because although i follow what you’re saying, you run leaps and bounds ahead of me, but I can still follow your trail—just takes me a bit longer…
    and then there’s the wonderful community feeling here—we have hope, we share your excitement, we laugh and tease–we are family.
    Thanks Wolf!! (and everyone!!!)

    Liked by 5 people

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