First there was THIS:

Then there was THIS:

Somebody wake up Ann Coulter! She’s not reading her Twitter properly.

That is it, people! THE WALL is going up.



“I’m sorry. We’re going to build it. More tea?”

97 thoughts on “THE WALL IS GOING UP!!!

    1. Ditto. I don’t listen to her anymore. I think someone has something on her. How else can yo explain a screwy-lewey 180. She has made her life and all her money from politics. I think she needs to let the chips fall where they may and regain control of her life.

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      1. The trick is, and has always been, to sound outrageously stupid/nuts to the YSM, but quite clear and cogent to the people you want to get your message to.

        If you do that, YSM will feature you as a token Right Wing Nut but people who aren’t Off The Deep End Leftist will say, “yeah, that makes sense.”

        Beware, though, if they figure it out, they may stop giving publicity to your views and start making up bad crap about your personality and publicizing that. They say that there’s no such thing as bad publicity, but that’s not really true; you can ask Douglas Bruce in Colorado about that. Once they successfully portrayed him as an asshole, he could no longer get his referenda approved by the voters.


    2. NYG, Ann Coulter, Kellyanne Conway and Laura Ingraham are great friends. They were and still are Never Trumpers as far as I can see. They pretend to like him but spit on him every time they think they can get away with it. Ann does it outright, Kellyanne sics her husband on him and Laura gets it done in a more underhanded way. I liked them at first and now I don’t like them at all. Nikki Haley is not their friend but she is not President Trump’s friend either.
      Sarah Sanders is awesome. There are a lot more women like her. President Trump just needs to find them. So far the Deep State just tells them all the jobs are filled. Maybe things will be better with General Kelly gone. I hope so.

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    3. NYGuy: “I cannot stand Ann Coulter. She’s all about herself.”
      My thoughts exactly. I don’t read her sites. She is an attention — er…getter, can’t seem to see the big picture, has zero faith in Pres. Trump, and seems incapable of understanding him or the situations he faces while trying to save the country. The kind of criticism she levels at him is inexcusable, in my opinion.

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    4. Good point.

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    1. Levin said it’s a no gobecause congress has to approve the take over of the private property. Is he wrong or is he anticipating a lot of sellers holding out and there would have to be gov intervention.


          1. No. I think a lot of people are caught up in this right now. I’m giving it 3 suspicious cats for the moment.

            My attitude is wait and see. If the guy is real and goes on TV with a solid pundit who checks deep, and they have a solid plan that dovetails with Trump, I can see supporting, but not now.

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            1. I am also cautious. And I wonder if someone would be able to question the legality of using such funds for a wall (if they would argue it must be passed through the House, etc.). If Pres. Trump endorsed something like this, I would donate in a heartbeat. Then I would be sure the money would go where they say it will.

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            2. A caller into YT Patriots Soapbox gave some info to the owner of the channel, handle Pamphlet Anon, about the founder of the GoFundMe drive.

              So, he / they will be doing due diligence research into it. Assuming it’s legit, I still wonder whether it can be transferred to the Gov’t for a specific purpose (taking Congress out of the loop may not be possible).

              Of course, the psychological effect of citizens raising such a huge sum of money would be amazing.

              Over $1M now …

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            3. I just saw tweets from two different gofundme Border Wall programs. This is flat out nuts to do this. We have no control over how the money is handled. I do not care if it is a triple amputee vet doing this or if they obtained 401c3 status. If people connected to the WH sponsor this, I’m in. No one else.

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  1. Hah!

    I still remember someone named “Winky” over at Can’t Tolerate Heterodoxy (CTH) who complained about the wall not being built–as in finished–in February of 2017. He, she, or it still posts there occasionally.

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  2. Dear Ann

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  3. i watched Snarky Chuck this morning on the news gloating that they withdrew the “offer” of 1.6B for the wall and if the President thinks he can go around and take the money from someplace else, he can think again–it all has to go through Congress and he’s not getting one cent for the wall…
    then he grinned his Grinch grin–an evil Grinch Grin—and thought he stole Christmas…

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    1. I’d bet on PDJT over Crying Chuck Schumer. I know they are determined to fight him for every inch of ground, but PDJT is nobody’s fool. He will get us a wall, one way or another. I absolutely believe that.

      If I didn’t have so many others in my already crowded Shovel Ready Hall of Fame, Chuck Schumer would have earned a spot in it. Possibly I will have to start an honorable mention list.

      I really loathe Chuck.

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      3. The NATIONAL DEFENSE BUDGET will be used for National Defense Spending which is…

      THE WALL!!!

      Take that – Smuckey Schumer!!!

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  4. I heard something on TV just after the meeting in the Oval with Chuck and Nancy that the new incoming Commies are feverishly scrambling around to write legislation that would prohibit PDJT from using the military to build the wall.

    I will be so glad to see the thing built I swear I will go to the border and kiss it right on its slats.

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    1. So they write legislation. Do they think it would pass the Senate? Do they think Pres. Trump would sign it? Also wondering if they think that is a winning strategy with their base.

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      1. I’m sure they do believe it is a winning strategy with their base.

        I’m not too worried about their crappy legislation, however. They can try. They probably will try. I put nothing past them. But I do believe if it comes to that their may be some Constitutional issues with regards to what the CIC can do with directing military operations…

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    2. And, as they said (seems likes centuries ago) on the Sonny and Cher show,
      “When you’re out of slats, you’re out of pier”…

      (Okay, that joke was without pier, er, pierless, erm, disappiering humor)…

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      1. I loved the Sonny and Cher show… When Sonny left it wasn’t worth watching anymore… I do love the slats and pier joke! It was in reference to a popular beer at the time called “Schlitz Beer”! “When you’re out of Schlitz, you’re out of beer”! Reference to beer on TV was not politically incorrect back then…

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  5. Thanks for the Vivian Leigh, Wolfmoon!

    I am Southern by birth, so I LOVE “Gone With The Wind,” naturally.

    Whenever I have to go into a room full of people who might attack me, I think to myself, “honey, put your red dress on!” (one raised eyebrow optional)

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        1. Yep. “I saw it in a window and I just couldn’t resist”…

          Longest sustained laugh in the history of that show (probably of any show). One of a kind…

          Another good line (in the full version) is where a Union Soldier comes by to announce they’ve taken the town (Atlanta) over, and asks for a match 🙂

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  6. LOVE❤️LOVE❤️LOVE your sense of humor, Wolfie!


    Plan for wall

    Specs – 18’ wall along immediate border – 145.5 foot no man’s land – 30′ high wall on other side of dead space. Paved road along high wall. Lighting, sensors, etc.

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      1. 30′? Not the one in this image, it isn’t.

        Immediately above this someone posted the plan. There’s an 18 foot outer wall, closest to the border, backed by a 30′ inner wall, the wall like the famous prototypes. They work together.

        From what I’ve seen, everything that is being worked now is the 18′ outer wall. Those spiffy 30′ prototypes are for the inner wall. So NOTHING that has been done is waste; we won’t be tearing the 18′ wall down and replacing it with the 30′ wall, any more than you’d tear out your siding once the sheet rock is up. The 18 foot construction is part of the grand plan and building it first is the fastest way to get a reasonably effective barrier up quickly while we ramp up to build the inner 30′ wall wherever it’s needed.

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          1. There are two men in the picture who are exactly at the same distance as the wall, and those are the ones on either side of the section that’s being lowered into place. Unfortunately, I can’t see either of the men’s feet, but I am guessing it’s three and a half to four times their height, which could be anywhere from 18 to 24 feet using a 5 to 6 foot range for height. Much more than likely this isn’t just another 18′ section, but I don’t quite see it being the full 30′.

            It has the look of the “outer fence” of the two-layer system, but a bit taller. The inner wall, as prototyped, will be a YUGE improvement–that’s the one the Rangers and Navy Seals couldn’t get over.

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    1. Sorry – the image didn’t show up – see #5 here:

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      1. The 6 and 3 foot “fence” is laughable. The most tactful word for it. Yeah, it’ll block a vehicle but people can just step through it.

        I’d love to see a site that maps what kind of barrier exists where, updating every day as construction proceeds. (Of course, that might give valuable intel to the enemy, so maybe not!)

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  7. Two new Q-posts, just now. Here’s the first…
    (SH = Sean Hannity; SC = Sara Carter; JS = John Solomon)

    “Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 0365ff No.4381127 📁
    Dec 19 2018 18:11:25 (EST)📁
    The clock is ticking.
    When will the 1st alarm ring?
    If the Senate was the primary target (majority control)….
    53-47 active when?
    EO (designated_target(s)) active when?
    Ongoing investigations…..
    “There are a lot of sealed indictments” – SC
    “It’s all going to come out, U1, Dossier, CF, etc….” – SH
    “I have pretty good sources…” – SH
    There is a reason why SH, SC, and JS are on stage.

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    1. Attached to the above (Q responding to Q):

      “Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 0365ff No.4381184 📁
      Dec 19 2018 18:14:15 (EST)”

      [see above Q]

      Why does the FAKE NEWS media continually attack a (as they say) so-called ‘only a conspiracy’ ‘nothing to see here’ ‘lonely guy behind a keyboard’ movement?
      The largest media co’s in the world giving so much attention….
      WASH POST leading the attack?
      Logical thinking always wins.

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      1. And a third:

        “Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 0365ff No.4381317 📁
        Dec 19 2018 18:19:27 (EST)

        This is not another 4-year election….
        Listen very carefully.
        Power returned to the people.
        Long term solutions.

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        1. And a fourth, this time from Q+ (and remember, LL testified today …)

          “Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 0365ff No.4381420 📁
          Dec 19 2018 18:23:03 (EST)
          [D] Day, Patriots.
          We will have our Country back!

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            1. Yes, that’s the consensus.

              But it may also be someone who’s only one degree of separation away (Q said in the Q&A that there are two degrees between Q and POTUS).

              Also posited is that “Q0” is the callsign for POTUS, according to the planefags on the Anons.

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    2. From this it sounds like when BOTH the new Senate and the exec order are in place, things will really start to roll. 3 Jan is when the new Senate is in place. I’ve seen two dates for the executive order, 1 and 15 Jan, I don’t know which (if either) is correct.

      As for the last one from Q+, above, it doesn’t really say when. It does reassure that it will happen….sometime.

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      1. I think so too.

        We get to ENJOY Christmas and New Year’s, without the blizzard-pace of major info coming across publicly every blessed day!

        I’m sure that there’ll be plenty going on behind the scenes, though.

        The question was asked “What do you want for Christmas?”

        I think we’ll have some PEACE.

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        1. I’m afraid not. We’ll be treated to endless speculation between now and then, and endless complaining that this is yet another moving the deadline out.

          Peace will come AFTER this is over, not before.


    3. F’ing NBC lying again! “In reality, Sullivan excoriated Flynn, saying that “arguably, you sold your country out” by working as an unregistered foreign agent to Turkey while advising President Donald Trump during his candidacy…” No, it was NOT during his “candidacy!” No mention, of course, of Sullivan’s apology to Flynn!!!

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