Holder’s Propaganda Farms Under Attack and ON FIRE!

Ever since DOJ deception, obstruction, and suppression of evidence in the Trayvon Martin case, which I always thought was the TRUE beginning of the Obama/media war on our CIVIL RIGHTS….

Ever since the sketchy, FBI-allowed, Jarrett-and-Holder linked, therapist-encouraged, “propaganda shooting” at #Parkland….

Ever since “The Bridge” fell on the careers of Florida Republicans after information from Sheriff Israel’s sketchy stand-down was leaked….

Ever since I counter-attacked on Eric Holder’s attack on DUE PROCESS on Twitter, and apparently activated some kind of DOJ/FBI “interest”….

And ever since Eric Holder’s “Mueller Remainder” DOJ/FBI….

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Director Robert Mueller (L) laughs alongside Attorney General Eric Holder (R) and Deputy Attorney General James Cole (C) during a farewell ceremony in Mueller’s honor at the Department of Justice on August 1, 2013. Mueller is retiring from the FBI after 12-years as Director. AFP PHOTO / Saul LOEB (Photo credit should read SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images)

With aerial support from Hollywood….

Featuring dirty tricks and stealthy Las Vegas-linked technologies being deployed against Americans and their PRIVACY without their knowledge and with seriously illegal entrapment schemes – designed to embarrass certain political enemies…. (WINK, WINK)

Decided to make our lives moderately interesting and try to frame us using their California actors and Stalinist bullshit…..

(Oh, wait – I have to backtrack on those actors in MY life to JUST BEFORE Sandy Hook – hmmm – didn’t know THOSE California actors were part of the whole thing – boy that’s wild – love this thread already)……

Who would have the records on that stuff? Just curious!….

(Sorry, you Stalinists – Q said – see something, say something!)

OK – anyway – ever since all that stuff, I have been waiting for a sign – any sign – that the tide of battle might have really turned.

Well, first there was THIS….

WOW. Interesting. Looks like people THINK STRAIGHT when the propaganda is shut off.

But now we get some REAL push-back by Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos – one of our VSGPOTUS’ absolutely best appointments of ALL.

This stuff was rumored to have been coming, by the way…..

Well, it is HERE!

First – the DoEd “boilerplate” – still DEFINITELY worth a skim!

NOW – the nitty-gritty, fished out by US News, as explained by several tweets pointing to the same article. Yeah, the MSM doesn’t like it – so you KNOW it’s good!

Can’t we find a MEANER picture of Secretary DeVos? C’mon! You’re tryin’, MSM, but you’re not GIVING IT YOUR ALL! 🙄

Seriously, this is a good picture to connote seriousness, so I’m just pulling your leg, MSM. But stay frosty! I’m always lookin’ for the bogus! 😉


Eric Holder’s Promise Program – his PROPAGANDA FARM SYSTEM – is going DOWN THE TUBES.

Now if you want to see all the research I did on the due process horror of these promise programs, just go to Twitter and search on:

@WOLFM00N promise program

You will get a WEALTH of research and insight on this stuff. I did numerous posts and threads where I figured out a lot of really insidious stuff about these promise programs. TOTAL communist TROJAN HORSE.

These programs were not only used to subvert local authority and put political groups in charge of law enforcement in schools – these things seemed to brew up ideal circumstances to create radical left-wing PROPAGANDA – hence my referring to schools, districts, neighborhoods and communities with these things as “propaganda farms”.

The propaganda was typically race-baiting violent BLM stuff for blacks and anti-gun for whites. All clearly on the Russian Stalinist agenda – which incidentally might explain the Russian agents living near Nikolas Cruz that were “indicted back to Russia” by Mueller – but I digress.

The US News article is linked in most of the tweets above.

The recommendations themselves are here:


If you want to know why these recommendations are so good, just look at who was on the commission. NO POLITICAL NONSENSE. Just people who do their jobs effectively.

Yeah, they’re all white, but – well, why they hell should that matter? You put Diamond and Silk on this one and you watch a report come back that’s gonna make the snowflakes CRY LIKE BABIES! 😉

You see, it’s ALL ABOUT SENSIBLE PEOPLE. Nothin’ to do with skin. And THAT is how PC messed us up. But I digress!

Here’s a video!

Now – at this point I’m just itching to read these recommendations and see if anybody is talking about using these super-expensive scanners that they tried to frame me with, that were supposedly part of the impetus behind the Las Vegas massacre, that they are trying to sell to the ritzy venues with deep pockets for a LOT of MONEY now – and instead use them to keep guns out of SCHOOLS!

Yeah – that might be a good thing – use them to protect kids instead of trying to make a bunch of money and FRAME NRA members and civil rights activists (that’s what I am, by the way!)

Here is the report….


OK – I found a section on Building Security!

Access Controls—Screening Systems

Some schools may also wish to use screening systems to limit who and what can enter a building. These systems typically require one-at-a-time entry to check the person and belongings. Such systems can use metal detection, X-ray, explosives detection devices, or a physical search. The purpose of screening is to prevent illegal or prohibited items from entering any given facility, and there is evidence that supports the efficacy of screening as a method to detect, deter, or deny violent actors. However, these screening systems are labor-intensive, time consuming, and costly. The cost of a retrofit of a school or the time it takes to admit students into the building in accordance with screening procedures may be impediments to implementation. The impact of metal detectors, X-ray machines, and similar screening technologies on school violence is questionable, with at least one study concluding that metal detectors have no apparent effect on reducing violence on school grounds.

School Safety, page 123

Hmmmm. They don’t seem to work that well. And they really do invade privacy. Isn’t privacy a good thing anymore? I thought privacy was a civil right of some kind. Maybe even for WOMEN. (COUGH, COUGH, HOLDER’S WIFE, COUGH, COUGH, ROE VS. WADE, COUGH, COUGH)

I think the commission is right. One size doesn’t fit all. Maybe elite schools where kids of scanner company executives go can have the expensive scanners and no privacy, and regular schools can have a few trained teachers with guns. Almost sounds like state and local, and OMG, that’s what Betsy was saying!

And as long as mass-murder-planning, due process subverting, RUSSIA-CONNECTED, former campus radical, DOJ, FBI, CIA, FSB, KGB, PLA and other types are in jail, maybe there won’t BE so many school shootings! Hey, that’s a thought!

So should I tell the people how that scam worked? Or have I said enough?

Everything stated has a purpose.
Think timing of Tweet (above) v last drops [HouseOfCards] re: Maggie NYT re: WL ‘Maggie’ drops re: WL attack re: ‘Q’
Do you believe in coincidences?
Be ‘extremely’ vigilant in Dec.
See something.
Say something.

Q Post 2499

See something – say something! Hey! That works for REAL civil rights activists, too! 😉


82 thoughts on “Holder’s Propaganda Farms Under Attack and ON FIRE!

      1. I never dreamed I would “need” a civil rights activist to defend my rights to the extent of what’s happening today in our country. 😢 Thanks for all you do and for running interference.

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        1. Your thanks are appreciated!

          I tell you, I was always a huge fan of MLKJ, but now – DANG – I really appreciate him. I have a barely-started post on some theory of his principles – I need to get that out this week. Yup. Gonna do it! 😀

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    1. Wolf, love your writing, it’s so pointed, and no one else writes the way you do–you’ve got a style all your own. You told me to watch Devos, and you were not kidding. It’s great.

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  1. Great report, Wolf!

    This was PDJT’s tweet about the meeting today:



    Is that Teddy Roosevelt in the painting?

    And I notice that US News used the most unflattering picture they could find, of Betsy DeVos.

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  2. Yes! That is Teddy! I found the painting listed here:

    Definitely not a flattering picture, although I must admit that I think she looks good in all her pictures! 😉

    You know who really stands out in that meeting? Matt Whitaker! I think he’s clearly a great choice – my favorite elf picked a great guy to leave behind.

    The fake news is really nasty. They’ve dumbed this country down something fierce! In a normal sane country, Matt Whitaker would be appreciated. It’s just so WRONG after 8 years of Barack “Backwards” Obama.

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    1. Yes, I totally agree about Whitaker…and I wouldn’t mind having him as AG instead of just ‘acting’ AG.

      Still not sure about this Barr guy.
      If the Dems don’t try to take him out, then I see that as a bad sign.

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  3. Øbama/Holder/Lynch – and of course, H Clinton – were the most lawless, treasonous, larcenous administration in US history.

    Ø abused and misused every power of the presidency.

    Ø politicized and weaponized every agency of the US government by targeting opponents starting day one of his shameful tenure.

    List of Obama administration abuses of power and lawbreaking – http://directorblue.blogspot.com/2011/06/president-barack-obamas-complete-list.html

    Timeline of Sedition and Treason: http://directorblue.blogspot.com/2017/12/a-timeline-of-treason-how-fbi.html

    O administration was corrupt – https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2018/may/21/obama-administration-was-corrupt/

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    1. Øbama scandals/crimes – the short list

      1. Solyndra
      2. Veterans Affairs
      3. Operation Chokepoint – pressure banks to stop doing business with industries like gun mfg. and stores.
      4. Gibson Guitars
      5. Fast & Furious
      6. DOJ-James Rosen
      7. Gruber – Obamacare
      8. The Skolkovo Russia Scandal
      9. Benghazi
      10. IRS
      11. Iran Ransom
      12. Bergdahl
      13. Dossier
      14. Clinton Emails
      15. Uranium One
      16. Lynch/Clinton Tarmac Meeting
      17. Project Cassandra
      18. Illegal spying

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  4. Well…at the risk of revealing a little too much, keeping weapons out of schools is not as simple as using metal detectors. You’d have to have a guard at every entrance of the school to manage it. Not surveillance cameras, guards, because the weapons have been known to be passed through the emergency exits. That goes for windows, through the fence at sporting events to be stashed God only knows where.

    I don’t know where the delusions of weapons free zones came from, but it doesn’t work. Members of this household have worked in and attended schools that were supposedly secure, but were not. It just isn’t possible.

    As for violence, a Masterlock in a sock can cause a whole lot of damage when swung. Girls will go for hoop earrings in a fight. Desk throwing will break windows.

    The solutions is not and never has been tossing money at the situation.

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  5. That picture of Hogg is really poster material. Just give that boy a mustache and tone down his pompadour a touch and he would be a reasonable likeness of a young Adolph at the beginning of his very special career.

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  6. BREAKING!!!

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    1. One hour earlier…..

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  7. Our President is getting slammed by the Democrat cabal every which way….not just the Mueller business, but this:

    more to come…..

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    1. Snort!

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      1. Part 3:

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  8. Wow, WM. Your absolutely best, most informative detailed post ever, no looking back so many more.. but it’s the first I saw/read today ….will definitely get back to read more but wanted to thank you! I’ve always believed Trayvon Martin would still be alive today had he been afforded the timely discipline his behavior demonstrated was necessary to steer him to a path of self responsibility and respect for others.

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  9. In response to Holder’s Promise Program, which was a completely ignorant way of trying to address the real, tangible issue of the failure of black students in the current school environment, I will only say this:

    Until students are grouped by ability with absolutely no regard for race, gender, or other factors, black children will continue to fail, and as a consequence, act out in ways which lead to crime, drugs, etc. There is a lot of research which details the differences in average I.Q. by race, and it is uncomfortable stuff. Researchers continue to look for the reasonsfor the differences, but ultimately the fact of them is what is important. This has been reported in the liberal rag New York Times even, so it is well-known, just rarely spoken of. And there is a LOT of push-back on the facts from liberal sources.

    We can’t as a society even discuss this stuff for fear of being labeled “racist,” so how will we ever actually solve the problem?

    We can make our schools safe from the outside dangers, with guns and other intelligent security measures. But we have to change school culture if all children are to benefit from education.

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    1. Aubergine – students who live day to day in dysfunctional family units, with the 5As – Abuse, Anger, Apathy, Addiction and Abandonment – at any socio-economic strata – are unlikely to be able to achieve their potential and more likely to develop mental and emotional problems.

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      1. “more likely to develop mental and emotional problems”

        Absolutely, GA/FL. In fact, I believe that in the majority of cases, the children cannot escape having these problems.

        Also, the problems are likely to be exactly the same, or exactly the opposite – with BOTH extremes being unhealthy.

        Dysfunctional parents create (mostly) dysfunction children, and dysfunctional children become (mostly) dysfunctional parents. The cycle goes on …

        The “5As” you cite surely covers the vast majority of cases.

        I tend to believe Tolkien here:

        “For nothing is evil in the beginning. Even Sauron was not so.”

        Nature may cause, in some, physical (brain) deformities – and even these have value, in learning about ourselves and the truth of humanity – but, for the most part, I believe that most disorders are due to negligent nurture. IOW, abuse of some sort.

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      2. True, but the studies I refer to have accounted for those factors and the issue still remains. Scientists are “baffled,” but only because they are terrified to be accused of racism.

        Ability has to be an A, too. My children struggled to learn in a classroom environment that was repetitive and boring, as the teachers were forced to teach down. Grouping children by ability is the only way for all children to learn at their level.

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              1. Quick easy read and you can get a Very Good condition Used paperback on Amazon for about $8 or so. t’s an essay, IIRC, about his decades of teaching in the NY school system.

                Loved his choice to work in the “machine” and try and throw some sand into it each and every day. Lucky were the children that had him as a teacher.

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    2. Not sure I should say this, but although I think all children should have Opportunity for education, I don’t think all children will benefit, at least not beyond the basics. Meaning some should be trained for a vocation, maybe through apprenticeship or something of that nature. Guess I should have said not all will benefit from an academic education.

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      1. I agree 100%. When I was in school in the early eighties, my high school had an entire wing devoted to the trades. I eventually went on to college, but I had been exposed to plumbing, electrical, auto repair, welding, etc.

        It was great, really, because although it didn’t become my profession, I am still comfortable around tools and cars.

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    3. At a certain point, students are grouped by ability. At least, that has been my experience in middle and high school, even in private schools. My high school was all girls parochial, and at the time was a top flight school. The girls in my class were separated into five sections by ability. Same thing happened in the public middle school in another state where I was for a variety of reasons. Same thing happens in the guys schools. Of course, we all had to score high enough on tests and get good enough grades to get in, but that’s another story. Big public school districts do this as well. Of course, the parents of the higher intelligence kids demand it.

      So, I don’t know that simply demanding aptitude and intelligence level classes be grouped together is the entire answer.

      The school district where I live is 90% black mainly because the non-blacks here largely send their kids to private and parochial schools for middle and high school if they actually stick around and don’t bug out for the ‘burbs farther out. The vast majority of kids going to non-public schools do so for religious reasons, and that is pretty resented. The white liberals hate it, actually, because their kids get short shrift, and a lot of that has to do with the social pathologies coming from the other side of the line as it were. Home life simply cannot be fixed with education initiatives, and some of the stories I’ve heard over the years would curl hair in a heartbeat.

      A good portion of the problem is the culture of the people left behind. Blacks who can, move on and away from the craziness. It’s the craziness that needs to be addressed, and believe it or not, there are those within that culture who know it, but are helpless to do anything substansive about it.

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  10. IMO, the schools are just a symptom of the deep, long-standing dysfunction embedded within our entire system of governance. In truth? Reverse the accomplishments of the Communist Manifesto and much of this would not now be a problem. JMO

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  11. wolf, a couple times this week you have mentioned the “machines” that are possibly foisted upon us by these incidents, specifically v3g@$

    without getting to in depth, are you referring to the info posted on 4ch by “john” back in the 09/17 timeframe?

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  12. BREAKING…. President Trump is ordering our troops to withdraw from Syria – no regime change.

    One Approval (Sen. Paul) and 1 Nay-sayer (Sen. Graham) so far in the Senate:

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  13. Wolfmoon, Great article. I respect what you are doing.

    I really respect Betsy De Vos too. She is doing dangerous work because of the unions. I always smile when I remember that her brother is Eric Prince. That makes it a little riskier for the Commies to just kill her outright. She is also taking on the Student Loan scam, so the banks and colleges are after her also. We don’t have “Bond girls” these days, we have “Trump women” and their jobs demand intelligence, courage, determination and total commitment to winning.

    I have read enough that it concerns me that many of these “shootings” may be false flags. People are actually being killed to advance the Commie agenda. I think arming the teachers is a great idea. If there are any “false flags” happening, it will give the shooters pause for thought when they realize that they may be the ones getting shot.

    It is one thing to be a crisis actor but it is entirely different to know you may end up a dead crisis actor because you don’t know who is armed when you go in for an attack. Shoot to kill them and if they turn out to be crisis actors, give them a posthumous award for their acting ability as most realistic for the year. The award could be a target shape with their face in the middle. I have no sympathy for crisis actors that terrorize our citizens.

    Our children and all Americans should be able to go out of their homes and live in a safe environment. As President Trump says, “Make America Safe Again”.

    We allowed our government to become the criminals. Laws were passed permitting this propaganda and the laws must be changed.

    We must hold them accountable for murder when someone is killed in false flag events. People are actually being killed and the politicians who believe that this kind of propaganda is an effective way of frightening our citizens into submission, need to be tried and if found guilty, they must be treated as accessory to first degree murder. I am in favor of bringing back the death penalty.

    The propagandists are killing our citizens and should receive quick and decisive punishment for their crimes. Allowing murderers to sit in prison for 20 years when they were caught “red” handed in the act of murder is ridiculous. It just makes for more crime. Punish crime at the highest levels and the street crime will come under control quickly.

    Lawyers need to also be held accountable. Lawfare kills people also. Lawyers supposedly have a “Code of Ethics”. Apparently their version of Ethics is not recognizable under our Constitution.

    Keep up the good work.

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    1. “It is one thing to be a crisis actor but it is entirely different to know you may end up a dead crisis actor because you don’t know who is armed when you go in for an attack. Shoot to kill them and if they turn out to be crisis actors, give them a posthumous award for their acting ability as most realistic for the year. The award could be a target shape with their face in the middle. I have no sympathy for crisis actors that terrorize our citizens.”


      What is a ‘crisis actor’ anyway?

      Why does such a thing exist, except to provide ‘extras’ to deceive the People, for political manipulation events, i.e., false flags?

      Is there any way that professional ‘crisis actors’ can exist without being tools of manipulation?

      What other purpose can a ‘crisis actor’ serve?

      It’s ALL BS.

      Someone might say “crisis actors are helpful in drills”.

      Except the ‘drills’ are just precursors to FALSE FLAG events. How many times does a ‘false flag’ event happen just days or weeks after a large-scale ‘drill’? Seems like EVERY time.

      Having people get paid to wander around helplessly in public with fake blood all over them doesn’t serve anyone’s interest except the manipulators.

      The age-old rule always applies: if something CAN be abused, it WILL be abused by those in power, because power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

      This is WHY we should have almost NO laws passed each year. We should be getting 100s of thousands of bogus ‘laws’ off the books. Enforce the OLD laws, and stop making new ones.

      The true ‘law’ of unintended consequences sprouts snakes like Medusa’s head every time the criminal political class passes another ‘law’.

      When we lived under COMMON LAW, everything made sense. Everyone knew the law, and their responsibility under it. Lawyers were not required; most often people represented themselves, and that system worked fine for hundreds of years.

      Our country was FOUNDED under Common Law. Our Constitution was based on Common Law.

      What we have to day is NOT the ‘Law of the Land’.

      What we have today is Admiralty Law, a.k.a. the Law of the Sea, a.k.a. Merchant Law.

      It is entirely different, radically different, than Common Law, the Law of the Land.

      And it is lawlessly being applied to us, on the LAND.

      The Law of the Land does not apply on the high seas.

      And the Law of the high seas does not apply on the Land.

      ‘Law of the Land’ is a real term with real meaning, not just a line from a cop show.

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      1. “And the Law of the high seas does not apply on the Land.”

        I would say that it SHOULD NOT APPLY on land. But right now, it does.

        You’ve come across intel that there are TWO Constitutions, yes?

        If not, dig deeper. I know that both Elizabeth, and Filly, can fill in some blanks for you, should you want.

        They’ve both posted about this, as I have, and as others have.

        VSGPDJT is trying to get us back to Constitutional (a/k/a “Common”) Law, but this type of quest takes TIME, and must be done very carefully, very methodically.

        For 2019, I expect Voter ID, the Wall to get at least half built, and the FED to be targeted for extinction. These are only a few items; others are indictments to be unsealed (pols, “stars”, execs, and media get tried / convicted), trade to become freer and freer, and many other significant changes / milestones.

        It’s ALL gonna happen, IMO.

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        1. “You’ve come across intel that there are TWO Constitutions, yes?”


          Yes, the first (original) is the ‘Constitution for the united States of America’, while the current fake is the ‘Constitution of the United States of America’.

          The words ‘for’ and ‘of’ are not synonyms.

          ‘Of’ means ‘subject to’, i.e., the Constitution is subject to the whims and goals of United States, Inc.

          It is like the difference between being (for example) an ‘Indiana citizen’ as opposed to a ‘Citizen of Indiana’.

          An Indiana citizen is a man or woman born in Indiana, with the full rights guaranteed by the Indiana Constitution and the Constitution for the united States of America.

          By contrast, a ‘citizen of Indiana’ (or more properly, a ‘citizen of INDIANA’, corporate names are all CAPS) is not a man or a woman, but a ‘person’ (which includes corporations!) who is SUBJECT TO the STATE of INDIANA.

          And ‘United’ is not a proper Noun in the original Constitution for the united States of America, it is an adjective to describe the condition of the States, as opposed to being part of a corporate ‘name’.

          And there is a missing Amendment in the current fake, and an Amendment that is present but which was never ratified.

          That’s off the top of my head, IIRC. I’m sure there’s more.

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        2. “VSGPDJT is trying to get us back to Constitutional (a/k/a “Common”) Law, but this type of quest takes TIME, and must be done very carefully, very methodically.”


          It wouldn’t take any time at all if he would just go public and explain it to the Sleestaks and the Sleepwalkers.

          Like all of the other things he is trying to accomplish in secret, by himself, outside the view of the American People.

          If he turned the white hot spotlight of truth on these things for all to see, they would change OVERNIGHT and not criminal political-class corrupticon would dare oppose him.

          The TRUTH would set us free.

          Time is the enemy.

          The more time that is taken, the more opportunities for the powers of darkness to obstruct, derail or simply run out the clock.

          Time is of the essence.

          People are not as fragile as the overly cautious always make them out to be. Nobody was concerned about how the People would react to being enslaved, they just did it.

          We can be sure the People will adapt just fine by being FREED.

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        3. “others are indictments to be unsealed (pols, “stars”, execs, and media get tried / convicted),”


          The others may be more important structurally, but THIS is the most important culturally / psychologically / spiritually, to the very fabric of society.

          Without justice served to those who have abused us with abandon, the rest is without meaning.

          People talk about ‘closure’.

          It’s just PC talk. There is no ‘closure’, the pain never goes away. It softens with time, but it is always there.

          And the one thing, the ONLY thing that makes it more bearable, is the knowledge that JUSTICE was served, that those who perpetrated the crimes paid with their lives.

          If anyone wants ‘closure’, THAT is how you get it.


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        4. I should mention this, I meant to the last time we got into this subject matter.

          Most of my understanding comes from the courses offered at GTEN. They assimilated a lot of work by others, along with doing a great deal of their own research, to put together courses on various subjects:

          Private Trust Education

          Right To Travel

          Exempt Organizations — Public and Private Wealth Structures Defined

          Trust Web Structures — Keys to Privately Controlling Wealth Behind the Face of the Public

          Living Free of the System — A Guide to Private Banking in Lawful Money

          Administrative Justice

          Corporate Credit Fast-Track

          I would have been skeptical and hesitant to dive in (the courses do cost money), but one of my best friends from high school is one of the founders of GTEN.

          He is very smart, very well educated, and he actually lives according to the subjects being taught. He goes to court whenever necessary, and he wins.

          In order to encourage others to get involved, they use a sort of ‘pay it forward’ approach, where every course you pay for is not just for yourself, but also for any guest of your choosing (so the two of you can split the cost, if you want).

          When the whole floor was cleared at the Courthouse for some Mueller-related thing recently, and it was reported that arguments were over changing from an Article I courtroom to an Article 3 courtroom (or vice-versa, I forget which), GTEN was the first thing I thought of.

          My friend has experienced this personally. He, representing himself, demanded, according to lawful right, the type of court where Common Law and his Constitutionally guaranteed Rights prevailed, as opposed to all of the codes and statutes of USA, Inc. He said it is unusual for anyone to demand it, but it happens often enough that they know exactly how to deal with it, if the judge determines that you actually know what you are talking about.

          They usually wait until the end of the day, or lunch, and clear the courtroom, or the whole floor. They do this because they don’t want We the People to know that this is even possible, that there are TWO jurisdictions, and that a knowledgeable individual can demand what amounts to a Common Law court jurisdiction.

          Many of the lawyers (prosecution and/or representing the government) are not even aware, and in my friend’s case, did not understand what was happening. But the judges know. The judges ALL know. They don’t become a ‘judge’ without knowing. And that means ALL of the (not)Supreme Court justices know it better than anyone.

          The visible changes when court is re-opened include the American flag, which previously had gold fringe all around it (Admiralty Law flag), is replaced with an American flag which has no gold fringe. In my friend’s case, he noted that the true American flag exhibited lots of folding creases, like it was brand new, like it had never been taken out and unfurled before.

          I would very much like to follow in my friend’s footsteps in this regard, but he lives in another part of the country, and you really have to know what you’re doing, or you can wind up in trouble within the Admiralty Law system.


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          1. This page gives an overview of each of the courses offered at GTEN.org:


            It is fascinating stuff, and the people running the webinars have done their homework. They document everything, explain how words mean different things in ‘everyday’ conversation vs. their meaning to a lawyer (and define words constantly, using Black’s Law Dictionary 4th Edition and other credible sources) to demonstrate how the entire ‘system’ has been constructed around us.

            There should be youtube videos with segments of the seminars so people can get an idea about how the webinar courses go.


    2. Elizabeth, I love your post, also the one Scott wrote in reply. Your prescription is very sound following the sound diagnosis of the problem. Sorry for my disorganized reply here. y mind is in so much turmoil over many things I am reading today.

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  14. Wolf’s in-depth article covers much that even conservative media won’t. The graphic at the end regarding shootings in gun-free zones sums it all up. The name of the game for the Left is control — not safety, not the children, not freedom, and not their so-precious “principles,” which have nothing to do with American ideals.

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    1. Thank you! Yes – it is painfully obvious now that the American communist embedsObama holdovers – the “non-existent” Deep State – basically any word or phrase for a REALITY that triggers useful idiots into #NeverTrump virtue signaling – is after American disarmament at all levels.

      Their strategy is to secretly MAKE problems for us, while imposing THEIR “solutions” – all of which destroy our freedoms.

      My response is simply that we love our freedoms more than we love their company, and they have pushed us to our final standing ground. From here, we will do whatever is necessary to make communism “no longer our problem”.

      All solutions to this are on the table. Some involve a lot of dead communists – sent to some utopia where communism actually works.

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  15. “The propaganda was typically race-baiting violent BLM stuff for blacks and anti-gun for whites.”


    If even a tiny part of that is true (and I believe it’s 100% true), those responsible MUST be prosecuted and executed.

    It’s well beyond subversion and treason, this is ‘crimes against humanity’ territory here.

    There is no ‘rehabilitation’ for those who did all of this with premeditation and malice aforethought.

    And it’s not really even about punishment and justice (though their executions will bring a measure of both).

    It’s about making clear to the WHOLE WORLD that this kind of treasonous, subversive conduct will get you swinging by your neck until dead and put in the ground.

    Because unless those who come after them truly fear accountability, it will absolutely start again before the trials are even over.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. “If even a tiny part of that is true…”


      And I mean ALL of it that Wolf described, not just the selected text I quoted. If any part of it is true, those responsible need to hang.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. If, as I believe, Nikolas Cruz was a PLOT, then there will be about a dozen people dodging the noose, IMO. Several had to have direct knowledge that he was being set up to kill random people for politics (pure Stalinism).

        Liked by 5 people

        1. For me, it’s like when someone says they can’t “unsee” something…I can’t un-believe that it was a hideous plot. IMO, there are many who have lost their ability to know right and wrong anymore (if they ever had it) and the end justifies the means .

          Liked by 2 people

          1. Yup. “End justifies the means”. That’s where it ALL goes.

            I know exactly what you’re saying about not unbelieving. Different people arrive at these points by different means, but those points exist as compelling realities, and they are basically attractors in the hive mind – points where things coalesce into a believable reality for large numbers of people.

            For me, the point of “understanding” Stalinism and Nazism was realizing how they think about morality, which is NOT Judeo-Christian, but it IS a morality. American Stalinists are easier, because they’re more modern and like us. But the thing which is common across their spectrum is a kind of utilitarianism where human life is NOT absolutely protected, but can be bargained with. Thus, if they kill a few hundred or thousand and use in their calculations some scientific prediction of far greater doom, it’s “OK” to avoid that calculated number by actively choosing a plot which sacrifices FEWER people. It really is a form of self-deception, because it takes known knowns and assumed they are well known, and ignores all sorts of unknowns. Worst of all, it makes the participant-as-observer error, so the utilitarian calculations are just BAD. Even when they HOAX completely (no deaths, no blood), it still produces wild errors based on what they THINK should happen, not what humanity or the universe (or G_d) wants to happen – all of which are tough questions but ADMIT they are tough questions.

            Las Vegas was clearly their work. Hit a bunch of Trump supporters as a psychological operation. Wicked. The bump stock (“Obama stock”) part was a dead give-away.

            I think they are DESPERATE to shut me up before their next really big false flag. I am NOT KIDDING. I think that’s what this is all about.

            Liked by 2 people

            1. Wolf, You may be right. I hope not but you are able to “see” the signs of a false flag. You’re also one of the very best at discussing it without sliding off into wild speculation. That is an asset to truthseekers but it’s a threat to them. People that wouldn’t ordinarily believe that such things could be real can reason that yes they can and you can rationally explain why.

              It’s not funny at all but it’s funny on them that they’ve overplayed the events. We’ve seen what they’re doing. It’s been cemented in minds that we now finally understand that they’re willing to actually murder for optics and politics. They’re sloppy and say with the White Helmets, so egotistical that they pose like peacocks for pix before and after the event, as well as being a bag guy and then posing as a good guy. Dumb..
              We’re also seeing their methods. Something like the fake mail bomber…it’s on the 24/7 “news” hysteria cycle and then it goes silent. More and more people are wise to it. It’s not making the impression theat they want.
              The Kavanaugh debacle…that one devolved into near comedy. Not for Kav and family of course but for the masses who were supposed to be shocked and disgusted.
              I hope that they don’t silence you, it would be a huge loss . MAGA almost doesn’t cover it anymore…make humanity great again might but for now, MAGA my friend.

              Liked by 3 people

              1. Thanks! 😀

                Don’t worry – I’m a hard and mysterious target, with high percentages of Trump-grade boomerangium and unmaskium as primary components! Leaving me alone is a very good idea. Sadly, “these people are stupid”, to borrow somebody’s line! 😉 😀

                Liked by 2 people

            2. “I think they are DESPERATE to shut me up before their next really big false flag. I am NOT KIDDING. ”


              Why don’t you formally invite them to your forum, and let us have a crack at them?

              If they’re so smart, if they’re so superior in their own minds, then certainly they ought to be able to defeat any of our arguments with ease.

              They don’t need to be afraid.

              So go ahead, tell ’em to ‘Come on down! You’re the next contestant on the Price is Right!

              Liked by 1 person

              1. They’re not going to debate you! That’s civilized! They just want to win – they don’t want to prove anything to us. If they could send us off to internment camps, they would!

                They’re going to either (1) come on here and pretend to be MAGA like us, albeit with cute hidden anti-Trump symbology (Q is so right), or (2) influence somebody MAGA but controlled to get on here as part of a scheme. In either case, the goal would be to provoke us or to infiltrate things like dirty links and documents (COUGH, COUGH, COUGH).

                The best we can do is (1) keep them from performing provocations ACTING like us, and (2) don’t do anything stupid that they want us to do.

                Somebody wants on my computer badly. But whoever is here now seems not to thwart me too much, so I’m “holding” with the current inhabitants, who are probably either NSA or “super-secret no-name agency” – almost certainly domestic. I can live with it for the moment.


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