Dear MAGA: Open Topic 20181219

This SPECIAL D19 LEET TECH 1337 WEDNESDAY open thread is VERY OPEN – a place for everybody to post whatever they feel they would like to tell the White Hats, and the rest of the MAGA world.

Say what you want, comment on what other people said, comment on people’s comments.  Keep it civil.  Treehouse rules, but expect lots of QAnon.

Don’t fuck with us, commies.  We got a badge.  We is LEET.

Today (Wednesday, December 19) is the EIGHTEENTH day of Advent.

The 146th day of next year, which shall be celebrated here as Ma Cankles Uranium Day, is:

SUNDAY, MAY 26, 2019

We tip our hat to General Mike Flynn. Patriot.


327 thoughts on “Dear MAGA: Open Topic 20181219

      1. I swear Wolfie that is one of the things that crossed my mind yesterday. I hate to sound like a frickin’ paranoid fruit loop but seriously when you realize the government has everything on all of us and you consider how the BO Commie Administration was unmasking everyone they wanted to for whatever reason they wanted to, it really isn’t a leap at all to suppose that people’s personal information is being used to blackmail or control behavior of influential people.

        And it did cross my mind to wonder if this was the case with Judge Sullivan. And frankly, I suspect that will cross my mind with every strange behavior I observe in a public figure going forward. The first time it ever, ever occurred to me was when John Roberts did his famous “Obamacare is a tax” contorted decision.

        In this post FISA abuse is rampant era, now that I have a better understanding of HOW the Commies could and do obtain information, it is just no leap at all to consider every inexplicable decision through this filter.

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    1. hmmm interesting…so if DACA is declared unconstitutional, can we then deport EVERY single illegal that skated through with DACA blessings? making the ruling retroactive so to speak instead of moving forward?

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        1. To quote a post, from earlier in today’s thread, from NYG:

          “This is actually rather remarkable. In the space of a month, Pres Trump has made the left publicly say they are pro-illegal immigration, anti-border security and pro-war”

          Perhaps it’s the same tactic – threaten the prey (left; FED, etc.) with “imminent” action, in order to goad them into, and elicit from them, actions and positions which are politically precarious. Here, the FED is “anti-economy”.

          This is what came to my mind …

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    1. Listened to a California rep a while back who said all the people leaving the big States like CA, IL and NY was a good thing. It was spreading “liberalism” to the rest of the country. Based on how voting is changing in AZ, NV, CO and others he has a good point.

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      1. A quick verse that may be applicable to some degree as it illustrates a principle God considers important.

        Don’t cheat your neighbor by moving the ancient boundary markers set up by previous generations.
        Prov. 22:28 (NLT)


    1. wow…I read it, honest I did…didn’t understand it all, but is he saying that computers are driving the huge fluctuations in that their speed of transactions is so much faster than it used to be? (among other things)

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      1. That’s a problem that needs to be dealt with certainly. The other part is more complicated. Maybe someone in that field can weigh in here.


      2. The way I read it, it’s the rules put in place to prevent banks taking back their cash coupled with super high speed and volume trading that pulled the excess cash (liquidity or being able to liquidate) out of the system that’s causing the roller coaster.

        I’m very much a novice about the market since it’s not straight up trading only, but it looks like a lot of accounts are scrambling to either make a quick buck or cut their losses while they can.


        1. thanks…i’m so much in awe of you all here–you seem to have vast areas of knowledge and experience!
          my claim to fame is being short and cuddly…


  1. TTT, Good link.

    The market has to fall. President Trump has to issue Bonds to build the wall, the infrastructure and other important things for America. Have the Bonds pay rates high enough in this market to entice our savers to pull out of the Stock Market. The 0 interest rates during the Obama years were done to force savers into the stock market so they could be fleeced again. If President Trump has the Bonds pay a 5% interest rate starting today, guess where the Stock Market funds are going.

    We already have people thinking about it:

    The Stock Market has to crash to get rid of the Derivatives. I don’t really know of any other way to do it. Let the “dElite” eat their losses.

    We will build our own country with our own money.

    The Fed has to go with them. The US dollar will go too and we will have our own currency that we print.

    The IRS can go with them.

    Bring our troops home. Quit supporting the illegal immigrants. Stop giving benefits to people who don’t work. Stop allowing Corporations to offer low wages to non-citizens by offering Corporate welfare to them. Cut out Obamacare robbery. Stop funding people who hate America. Stop supporting all the slackers in the world that are living off of us.

    Guess what. We will have plenty of money. It will be fun to show the world what can be done when we just detach the Vampires from our productive citizens. Instead of making the 1% richer, we can give temporary gifts to countries that are trying to get up and take responsibility for their own countries. It would be a lot cheaper and if they catch on to the fact that a country has to take care of its own citizens first, they won’t need any long term support.

    God Bless President Trump
    God Bless America

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    1. It absolutely will not do that. I was in that business for a while. They make money in both directions. Plus it will make POTUS a 1 term president and destroy ordinary citizens’ life savings. You want a Dem controlling the Presidency?

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    2. Regarding the money and financials, it’s a LOT more complicated than that.

      I applaud your heart, and your determination for independence and success, though!

      I believe that VSGPDJT is doing things the BEST way possible.


  2. I love this GIF.

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    1. The arrogance and condescension this guy Hume displays … disqualifies HIM, on the “e.q.” test.

      In the very act of trying to prove his “superiority”, he demonstrates the reverse.

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  3. Checking Press Pool…


    And so I think that the idea that we’re on a sugar high for one year, and then it’s all going to go back to where it was next year, is just not consistent with literature. And the people who said we couldn’t have 3 percent growth last year are saying it about next year, and I that they’re as incorrect now as they were last year.

    And don’t forget that capital spending gives you future GDP. And so if people — if we see a surge in productivity and capital spending this year, then what happens is all those new machines start producing output next year. And so that provides a sort of — little bit of insurance against things heading back down.

    And the final thing that I would point to is just that capital spending has gone up so much that, in many industries, they’re actually way above what we would think would be a sustainable capacity utilization rate. Like, so, for computers, that’s like about 90 percent. And so the people are actually having trouble getting their capital delivered because the producers of capital are operating above capacity.

    And that’s a very favorable thing for the outlook because the people who make machines have to buy machines to make machines. And the fact that their capacity utilization rate is so high is — bodes very well for the outlook.


    1. BTW, I can really relate to Kevin Hassett.
      Maybe we are both a bit enamored with details and are a bit geeky.

      That’s where the comparison ends.
      He is changing the world while I post on a platform with a short shelf life.


  4. On the 7-9pm show, hosted by Radix Verum and Good Dog on the YT channel “Patriots Soapbox”, they’ll be going over the “Legend of the Golden Lilly” (they previewed it last night).

    It’s about the LOOTING of the Japanese Army, as they conquered much of China, Korea, the Philippines, and other SE nations, during WWII. Obviously, pre-Hiroshima / -Nagasaki.

    The basic idea is that they garnered an UNBELIEVABLE booty of treasure – a multiple of what geologists have “posited” (truth?) exists on the surface of the globe – and that THIS treasure was obtained by US following the Japanese surrender (their attempts at hiding FAILED).

    Here’s the link (I often listen in the background) – and I think they’ll go over the Q-posts first:

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