[D] Day

W have Q-sign!

Q!!mG7VJxZNCI19 Dec 2018 – 6:11:25 PM
The clock is ticking.
When will the 1st alarm ring?
If the Senate was the primary target (majority control)….
53-47 active when?
EO (designated_target(s)) active when?
Ongoing investigations…..
“There are a lot of sealed indictments” – SC
“It’s all going to come out, U1, Dossier, CF, etc….” – SH
“I have pretty good sources…” – SH
There is a reason why SH, SC, and JS are on stage.

QMap Post 2626


Why does the FAKE NEWS media continually attack a (as they say) so-called ‘only a conspiracy’ ‘nothing to see here’ ‘lonely guy behind a keyboard’ movement?
The largest media co’s in the world giving so much attention….
WASH POST leading the attack?
Logical thinking always wins.

QMap Post 2627

Q!!mG7VJxZNCI19 Dec 2018 – 6:19:27 PM
This is not another 4-year election….
Listen very carefully.
Power returned to the people.
Long term solutions.

QMap Post 2628

Q!!mG7VJxZNCI19 Dec 2018 – 6:23:03 PM
[D] Day, Patriots.
We will have our Country back!

QMap Post 2629

[D] Day. Hmmmmm.


Get out of the way, you useful poser. America’s got a world to save.

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      1. Some questions have been asked about the dates.
        Did the search.

        Justice Act of 2016 (MJA), division E of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2017, Public Law 114-328, 130 Stat. 2000, 2967 (2016), except as otherwise provided by the MJA or this order, the MJA shall take effect on January 1, 2019.

        From: https://www.whitehouse.gov/presidential-actions/2018-amendments-manual-courts-martial-united-states/

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          1. Whatever they’ve got planned, it does NOT depend on the House of Commies going along willingly. It will work in SPITE of them.

            “Long term solutions.”

            I have some ideas – they are so extraordinary, they boggle the mind. But I think they can be done.

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      1. Q has said that the Senate was the target, but he has been silent about the House. I wonder if losing the House to the Dems was a necessary part of the plan for the very reason you suggest: “causing all kinds of problems”, i.e. creating a massive sh*t show distraction while big things are going down under the radar?

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    1. Jan 4 is a Friday. Do you think much will be going on in DC so soon after the holiday. I expect the House will be in strategic meetings all day. It takes careful preparation to properly destroy America.

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  1. I wonder if POTUS ordering all troops out of Syria immediately has something to do with what is coming.

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    1. Yes, the defense contractors are going to lose out on American contracts if they aren’t selling overseas, but I think more likely, there may be something up with an ally/enemy to be named later. If Syria is a cabal holding, somebody else with interest in destroying the secret people may end up doing some of the heavy lifting.

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    2. This is part of the plan – I will bet vast sums on it. MULTI-REASON.

      My message to Lindsey, Rubio, and anybody who thinks this is a frigging drill……

      Go with it, you turkeys! GO WITH IT. This is not a drill.

      People who are “concerned about Russia” for or against do not need to worry.
      People who are worried about any of the normal stuff don’t need to worry.

      Just let Trump do what Trump needs to do.

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      1. I don’t understand this:

        “People who are “concerned about Russia” for or against do not need to worry.
        People who are worried about any of the normal stuff don’t need to worry.”

        But it’s okay. I feel fairly serene about Syria. PDJT made the decision, all of his insider military advisers (supposedly) hate it. Little Marco, Miz Lyndsey, that horrible Corker creature are all unhappy. John McCain, if he is dead, is revolving on a spit with his thumb pointing down to indicate his displeasure.

        Me? I don’t know anything about Syria. I don’t much care, either, except I worry about the Christians there. I trust PDJT. He’ll do the right thing. If it’s a mistake, well, so be it. From all I could tell the situation with fraught with traps no matter which way we turned, so if that’s true at least PDJT chose to get us out of someone else’s country. Right there that seems like a good thing to base a decision on.

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        1. IDK about this deal in Syria – I will admit the “alleged” fact that PDJT (according to Fox) made this decision after speaking to Erdogan, who told PDJT he intends in taking out the Kurds, is a HUGE red flag for me! THIS IS JUST WRONG!!!! Erdogan IS the danger!!!!

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          1. I think everyone on FOX news has just about had a collective stroke/seizure over this. Except Tucker, he was questioning what was our mission in Syria anyway and what was our goal if we were to stay there. Sensible enough questions.

            But there is hysteria everywhere today. I thought Brian Kilmeade was going to swallow his tongue on Fox & Friends.

            I can’t get upset because I don’t have some conviction of what the right thing is under the circumstances, so to my mind it’s best left to PDJT. I doubt he holds Erdogan, or his counsel, in high esteem.

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            1. I do trust Jack Keane and he said the same – this is not a good move to make vis-a-vis the Kurds and Syrians who fought with our troops! Personally, I would have preferred we not be there at all. However, since we took that step, it is on us to protect those who put themselves in additional danger by working WITH us! Again, JMO, with no access to real intelligence.

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          2. At this point, I’m of the belief that EVERYTHING we hear – unless from VSGPDJT himself, or from Q, or from each other – is some type of lie / misdirection.

            Objective truth is so difficult to come by, that instead, I rely on the truth of the PERSON, rather than the truth of the WORDS that they speak.

            So, when PDJT speaks, even if the words may be part-deke – I trust HIM, and his judgment and honor, to be speaking them for the right reasons. Same with the Q-team.

            Not only is it a lot easier that way (it saves time trying to parse out the truth-of-words, with only 10% of the facts), but it also allows for FULL support to be given, wholeheartedly and without reserve.

            Once one has this realization, one can “enjoy the show” so much more, because the priority isn’t analyzing the show … but believing in POTUS as the Director!

            Faith primary; analysis secondary.


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            1. Thank you for that but……I no longer accept ANYTHING on blind faith – from anyone. No, I need proof these days. Yes, PDJT is our last great chance to pull back from the brink of globalism but he is still a human being and imperfect.

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            2. Well, Emerald, faith in God, not in any man, even Pres. Trump, who is still human. Still, willing to believe he has info that I don’t have so will hope for the best outcome.

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              1. Well yes of course, Zoe!

                Semantics can be a bit tricky – let me say that I Trust PDJT, and I Trust that he also has faith in God … and I Believe that PDJT – as he is – is a blessing, from God, to all of us.


              2. Not certain about Pres. Trump and his faith, but I do agree he has been given to us by God for such a time as this, but just have to remind myself he is still a human being, and no human being is perfect.


        2. Sylvia, Thank you for the book link to the Curse of Canaan! I have been reading it for days now. very interesting facts about our history that has been kept from the people. again thank you!

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      2. Thanks, Wolfie, this encourages me. Guess we all get days when we’re discouraged, and this is mine, but I’ll keep looking for a way out of it, and there’s a lot here to chew on.

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    3. I wondered that too, Linda.

      I have nothing to base it on except my gut, but I got one of those “someone just walked over my grave” feelings when I heard about Syria. I have no logic or facts, but somehow I think PDJT’s Syrian surprise move is somehow connected to all this. And good heavens the reaction from the Republicans! Boo frickin’ hoo.

      Look, I get that Syria is a complicated mess. Who knows, maybe this decision of PDJTs will make it worse. But maybe it won’t. I sided with GWBush on Iraq. It seems the least I can do to support PDJT on Syria.

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      1. We don’t know shit about Syria—and what pictures have been painted probably do not properly reflect reality. If it smells like bullshit, it probably is bullshit! What is the response of the “secular” state of Israel? If they aren’t bitching, then they must approve!

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        1. Syria was always part of the NeoCon ‘Clean Break’ policy…
          Then there’s the matter of a ‘pipeline’ – who would control it…

          It was NEVER about Assad… nor was it a ‘civil war’…

          US mil had no business EVER being there.

          POTUS is absolutely correct to pull our troops out.

          Addendum: it was NoName’s ‘baby’ which ought to tell you straight away US has no business being there.

          “War is a Lie”

          “War is barbaric”

          Folks are asking when will we get peace? And then turn around and ask “Is leaving Syria” right thing to do.

          Talk about SMH !!!!!!

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    4. Well, don’t like mil ind complex, but pulling out Totally–what about Iran? Want to believe it is the right thing to do, but not certain. We only have 2000 there, as I understand. Certainly don’t want to be in a war there. Keep reading about it creating a vacuum which of course will be filled. Also thinking about the prophecy about Damascus being turned to rubble, utterly destroyed, which has never happened in history.

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      1. Wolfmoon, I am so glad you are doing this. It is hard to discuss all that is going on and have to omit Q from every comment. It is like working with one hand tied behind your back.

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            1. My best guess is

              [D]-class Day (first). (declassification is already authorized)
              [D]-Day WWII (second) (the largest infantry attack in WWII)
              [D]-emocrat Party (third) (the new House) (the old White House)

              Q, Sep 10 2018: “FISA [FULL] BRINGS DOWN THE HOUSE [WH].”
              Q, Sep 21 2018: “FISA BRINGS DOWN THE HOUSE.”
              Q, Nov 03 2018: “How do you REMOVE installed BLOCKADE? DECLAS—DECLAS—DECLAS”
              Q, Nov 07 2018: “DECLAS overrides all potential House blockades.”

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        1. From the transcript of Comey’s testimony: Congressman Ratliff asks: “All right. I’m going to read the content for the record. It says: Jim, I have the POTUS, hyphen, HRC emails D requested – that’s the letter D – requested at the end of briefing yesterday. I hesitate to leave them. Please let me know a convenient time to drop them off”…

          And later: “there is a reference to a letter D, that D requested. In other emails, it appears that sometimes you were referred to as the Director by the letter D. Do you recall that?”

          Comey responds: “Yes.”

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          1. One more thing from the transcript that I thought was extremely interesting. More Russian meddling in the form of a stolen and leaked document:

            Pg. 100-101
            …”Mr. Gowdy. Speaking of the word “matter,” when Loretta Lynch asked you to call it a matter and not an investigation, did you consider calling for special counsel?
            Mr. Comey. I don’t think I did then.
            Mr. Gowdy. When her name appeared in documents that could call into question the objectivity of the Department of Justice, did you consider calling for special counsel?
            Mr. Comey. Yes.
            Mr. Gowdy. Why didn’t you do so? Mr. Comey. Because I decided I’d seen no indication of
            interference on the part of the Attorney General, so no substance
            to any bias. And the perception-of-bias question was mitigated by the fact that these documents wouldn’t be public for 50 years. And so my judgment at the time was it wasn’t necessary.
            Mr. Gowdy. Well, they wouldn’t be public for 50 years, unless?
            Mr. Comey. Unless the Russians stole them and put them out.
            Mr. Gowdy. Yes.
            Mr. Comey. Yeah, which didn’t occur to me then. In March of 2016, that was not something I contemplated.

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    1. The brackets began as a “killbox”, akin to the targeting software / GUI used by the military.

      It’s morphed into multiple meanings – sometimes code, sometime just brackets in the usual sense, but always separately highlighted for focus.

      And much of the “analysis” is guesswork / hypothesizing. Even then, Q uses disinfo, purposefully.

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      1. In the language writing form (creative writing 101) [D] Day = the [D] is in isolation! The D is the main factor of the phrase, so D is the subject of the sentence as if Day is an afterthought… This could be all about the Democrats or whoever fits Q’s description of “D”! Donald? Could it be President Trump’s day?

        Used in math square brackets have many variable meanings… the [D], as already stated in other posts, could very well mean disinformation and a way for Q to cover his ass should all this come to light! Just a guess… 🙂

        Wow! So many bad news stories out there today and the media is flooded with hate for us all! The hate seems so deep and widespread at times that I truly become fearful for my family and my country. I just need to turn my brain inside out to get away from it. Q is always a great challenge and I am sticking with the plan!

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  2. This is the one that has me intrigued:

    Q!!mG7VJxZNCI19 Dec 2018 – 6:19:27 PM

    This is not another 4-year election….
    Listen very carefully.
    Power returned to the people.
    Long term solutions.

    QMap Post 2628

    Does this mean that the campaign for a vital election in 2020 begins in January? Term one is about cleaning out the dark corners, and term 2 is about rebuilding once the fifth column is flushed from the swamp?

    That would take a lot longer than two years to do, that’s for sure.

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        1. I think that this one speech – which has been cited as the one that got PDJT elected – lays out the goals of “the plan”. The video is REALLY uplifting, and a great reminder to keep the faith.

          It shows who and what we’re up against, and what POTUS and Q are determined to accomplish.

          The second Congress is a marker – Phase Two is about to begin. The next election, of 2020, is YEARS in the future. To me, this past September seems like years ago! I think the pace will quicken.

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            1. And just maybe, along with the speech in the video, all this was mapped out long ago… years ago, as a way to save the country! I am now wondering that if in January we are going to be staring in the face of a “quasi-military coup”! A coup that will be in long enough to clean out the rotten underbelly of our government and return it to the people. But wow, do we start from the beginning? We will truly need a united America, a businessman at the helm and the military to get it all going again!

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          1. I don’t know, but it came out before the election. There are other uploads of it too, for example this one (which is the one I first saw)

            Titled quite simply “Trump The Establishment.”

            I eventually did go back and watch the full rally, which I think was in Pensacola (but don’t hold me to that!).

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    1. Agreed. The “Q” folks planned this out military style, IMO, and THAT is what scares the HELL out of Fake News, Globo-Loyal IC, the communist infiltration, etc.

      First two years were positioning the forces as well as the enemy forces. Next two years are D Day – engage enemy fire, land on the beach, advance, take out the enemy positions, secure the landing zone, etc. They begin driving out the enemy, as you say.

      Planefags need to watch plane flight data and see who starts running. Those will be the ALLIES of the people who can’t afford to make a move. I’m betting some folks start running.

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      1. Yep. And we’ll see how many flights get turned around over the oceans this time. Last December it was an epidemic as was planes full of rich families falling from the sky.

        I don’t wish these people ill or harm, but we’ll see what happens. All bets are off in war.

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        1. Never forget that -in war in particular- the job of our Military is to defeat our enemy by:

          -Kill People; and,
          -Break Things = victory.

          Tough pill to swallow, but it is the bottom line. Just sayin’ … 😉


        1. I remember going to that Executive Order a few weeks after it was issued, and already there were several pages of people whose assets have been frozen. I’ve heard that it is many, many more now, but I can’t seem to find the link to check.

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          1. Linda, here is a link and it looks to be a link you can download/print that is regularly updated:
            OFAC Publish List of Frozen Assets Since Presidents New EO
            If this doesn’t cross your eyes nothing will, but the WOW factor is pretty incredible to see-1256 pages
            Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons List
            December 19, 2018

            Click to access sdnlist.pdf

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            1. Thanks for the link. Cross-eyed is the right descriptor after looking at all those Muslim names from Middle East & Africa, each one with multiple AKAs (that’s not an assault rifle!)

              The electronic funds flows, drug & gun running, cash transactions & laundering have to be beyond belief.

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        1. LOL!

          Realistically, almost NONE of these turds have anything to fear. I’m serious. Gitmo for the lucky ones – a frigging Caribbean vacation! The rest of them still get a cushy retirement stateside. TV – reading – exercise – they’ve got it made!

          Life is a blessing even in prison if you have God! These people have ZERO to fear! The biggest thing to fear about God is MISSING THE BOAT.

          It’s SATAN that puts that revolver on the nightstand! Don’t do it – even the worst of the worst!

          Walk free, Swamp Things! No deal with the devil holds against the will of God! Trump says no deals, but God has GREAT DEALS!!! 😀

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      2. “Next two years are D Day – engage enemy fire, land on the beach, advance, take out the enemy positions, secure the landing zone, etc. They begin driving out the enemy, as you say.”
        This is what we’ve been waiting for!

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    2. What stands out to me is that several times Q has told us to “listen very carefully”. What does this mean? Is he just saying “pay attention” in general or is he suggesting that there is something hidden in the audio that we should be looking for: a code or subliminal message?

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    1. I haven’t seen Bret Baier in years (since the attempted hit job by him & Megyn Kelly during that debate). His ‘eye job’ is AWFUL. Everything about those shills is fake, plastic, and venemous. They exude evil.

      I sure wish Zinke would stay in White House admin in some capacity but I bet he is itching to leave the Swamp behind and head back to the country.

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    1. “God Bless America” added on at the end. Which I think Reagan loved to use – as well as some use of MAGA himself.

      MANY references to God. And what he said in a populist manner could only be understood as realistic to people who had actually internalized something about Andrew Jackson and Teddy Roosevelt – both of whom make NO SENSE to swamp things. So yes – the whole thing would sound WEIRD to all the usual DC pols.

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        1. Precisely.

          Oh, he did indeed talk about the problems America had (and is still having) so I guess one could call it dark in that sense, but he did bring them up so that he could talk about how he was going to solve them.

          And the thought of solving them was quite positive to me (in fact, one could say I got a charge out if it).

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        2. Exactly! I loved it. But in many ways, it was another “wheat/chaff sorter”. He was NOT speaking to the elite. Not one bit.

          “DARK!” Which was actually coordinated out of black hat CIA, sadly.

          CIA —> 4AM —-> MSM —-> public “Dark!”

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  3. Between December 7, 1941 and June 6, 1944 – Just imagine how many rivets Rosie the Riveter riveted!!!

    I was a war baby (1944) and those are my peeps! Mama worked in DC and then New Orleans before and during the war. Daddy went from DC to the Pacific and into the battle of Saipan as a US Army Captain.

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        1. GA– Just doing what they did and and serving in Army–makes them Great!! and just knowing you online–I am pretty certain Greatness didn’t escape YOU! I knew who you were when I came here!! LOL!

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    1. One of my grandmothers was a Rosey the Riveter. I never knew that until after she was gone. She wouldn’t have thought it was a big deal – that’s just what people did in those days – what had to be done.

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    2. My Grandmother and her sisters worked the Ingalls Shipyard in Pascagoula, MS! My mom flew supply planes! I loved their stories of working together for their country, their family, and for the guys, many who were making the ultimate sacrifice, giving up their lives to protect us all.

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  4. Today’s crumbs seem like a marker of some sort. No disrespect meant here, but it otherwise seems odd to pop in after a week of silence to leave a few “repeat” crumbs.

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    1. I found this very interesting, from Q:
      “There is a reason why SH, SC, and JS are on stage.”
      *Some people* have expressed doubts about Sara Carter and John Solomon, their sources, and whether they’re being used for purposes they don’t realize. But Q is indicating they are on target.

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      1. “The Plan” is very patient and measured. Impatient people, or people who think a different strategy is better, will naturally bristle at the pace of revelations through the “designated sources”.

        SD is right about these journalists, but I think he needs to also see why the White Hats dribble it out through them. All of this is PACED for REASONS.

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        1. “SD is right about these journalists…”
          To clarify, are you saying the journalists are being fed disinfo for White Hat purposes, and they don’t realize it? Because I see a lot of what Q says in their reporting, without mentionoing Q.

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          1. I’m not saying WHAT they are getting from “Q” sources – just that they are getting “Q” stuff (or Q-approved stuff). Info or disinfo varies and depends on the intended audience.

            I think stuff is overplayed or underplayed to them on purpose for Q purposes.

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            1. Got it. I tend to think they are giving patriots info that Q wants disseminated, as well as things Q wants the Deep State to hear. But I see no reason for the doubt that SD has cast on them. Since he does not believe in Q, I can only conclude that he thinks they are being used by people (like the Deep State) for nefarious purposes. To me, that is the opposite of what Q would be doing with them. And I don’t think Q would jeopardize their careers with a steady stream of false information that would come back to bite them later.

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              1. There are two significant possibilities – Q is MAGA or Q is not MAGA. Q either helps MAGA or harms MAGA. To see the answers, one must sum over many alternative universes and theories of Q. Q has certain “bad” components in all the Q-negative theories, but those components are reasonable and expected in many Q-positive theories, and are almost bona fides or tells.

                For instance, some (like Wikileaks) say that Q is a “base pacification hoax”. But my deep knowledge and insight into communist provocation and DS MK capabilities tell me that Q is more likely a base organization psy-op with violence-suppressive components – VERY smart and advanced, and explanatory of why the left attempted BIG LIE on Q being violent, and why we (SHS=PS) said exactly what she did, which was advanced psy-op in nature, to counter the MSM with that component in the same direction.

                It’s too damn smart, and it serves our purposes. It reminds me of WWII stuff. These people know what they’re doing.

                SD’s position on Q was strategic. I know that much. I trust him to have done the right thing. People here are not sufficiently used to the idea of strategic denial.

                We live in interesting times. Enjoy the ride in the way that suits you and the game best. My advice to everybody. Don’t follow me, unless that is exactly what you need to do. More likely, see the same goals and CHOOSE YOUR PATH TO GET THERE.

                This is why I make no intellectual demands on those here. Freedom is our advantage. MAXIMUM power from it!


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              2. (This is for Wolfmoon’s comment below)That would totally suck if Q was working for the deep state!! Wow! That would truly hurt… 😦

                I cannot believe for a moment he is anything but good! After all, POTUS45 said that he had heard that they were good people! Q+ has to be POTUS45 and there is no way I could see Trump being in any other light than a good one! 🙂

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  5. Not sure about this Q person– I only absolutely Trust Lisa Mei and Praying Medic…That being said…THis needs smarter people than me (wolfie) to take a look at this…

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      1. Wolfie!! I wanted to comment on the post above-

        “My advice to everybody. Don’t follow me, unless that is exactly what you need to do. More likely, see the same goals and CHOOSE YOUR PATH TO GET THERE.”
        In other words– If ya dont like Roller Coasters…. Thats Why I am Here!! Me LOVES them!! Arms Up! No hands on the bar . !! WEEHEEE!!!

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      1. Little has been mentioned about the upcoming election interference report.
        I’m hoping it’s a blockbuster that exposes nationwide cheating on the part of the dems.
        Georgia, California, and Florida have already been exposed.

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  6. I have this dream that just as the new Dem congresspeople are being sworn in on January 3rd, declas is happening and the rats’ homes are being raided….kind of like the baptism scene from The Godfather (I DO renounce him…) Ah, a girl can dream.

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    1. Bad idea, because once sworn in they are congressmen with all the immunity that goes with the office, and the power to (among a great many other things), vote to impeach. The time to take action against them, if action need be taken, is before they are sworn in


  7. I think Sean, Sara, John, and Trump’s tweets are all designed to get truthful information to people behind enemy lines. Much like the military would dump leaflets to civilians to counter the propaganda of the enemy. Think about how much of the agenda of the Deep State the major media and the late night talk shows dish out every day and night of every week. Add Google, Facebook, and Twitter you begin to see why getting the truth out is such a monumental and time-intensive process. That does not even consider the countless, faceless bureaucrats intent on derailing the Trump train. The Hannity show is like Voice of America to many of the MAGA voters. Many do not spend quite as much time at the keyboard as some of us. The message must be repeated often to counter the lies but also to maintain the morale of the people. Remember we are all waiting for that great promise the President made during his inauguration speech, to give this country back to the people. It takes great effort to save a country, but also a lot of time.

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    1. Ah…I used to do that! 2-4 dozen each of 12 plus recipes. Beginning just prior to Advent. Specific items just for Advent. Then The St. Nicholas Speculaas 12-in bishop cookies (complete with 4-5 colours of frosting for the bishop and his garb, Crozier, rosary at the belt, boots, gloves, etc. Then the Christmas cookies, lots to give away. And the stollen for Christmas morning. And the Austrian apricot jam donuts for St. Sylvester. Oh! and the Scottish shortbread 7-inch rounds baked as gifts for neighbors.

      Good memories. But healthier now that the grain and sugar is a distant memory.

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      1. We used to do cookie day with my mother’s aunts. It was an ALL DAY affair, too. Now, we’re down to the eating cookies: chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, Amish sugars, and one toffee one. And even then, they won’t all get eaten.


  8. As people have been pointing out…”[D] Day” could mean different things.

    These are the shortest days of the year, counting down to Dec 21st, which is the Darkest Day of the year.

    ‘Darkness to Light’…has been a theme for Q, throughout the year.

    The prospect of something happening on Friday, the 21st, just days before Christmas, is an exciting one to contemplate.

    The Dems probably don’t think that this would happen.
    It’s Christmas!
    They’re thinking…”Oh, Trump would never do anything this close to Christmas.”

    But it wouldn’t be the first time that Patriots pulled off a sneak attack at Christmas time:

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    1. “The prospect of something happening on Friday, the 21st, just days before Christmas, is an exciting one to contemplate.

      Double Hah! I like it. Dark to Light

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      1. Yes! Yes, we did.

        The British were so hated for their brutalities against the colonists, that anything Washington did…was deemed “justified”.

        Even the colonists who didn’t join the Revolution hated the British.

        Similar situation today, with the DeepState/ShadowOperatives.

        If our Patriots *did* do something on Friday…I think the majority of Americans would love it!

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    2. Wheatie, I just love your post. And you are so right about the Dark to Light imagery/language that Q has been using repeatedly. For a reason.

      And I just love that meme. I’ve seen it before, but I loved it just as much this time as I did the first time!

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    1. Hi Marica!

      It is going to be exciting to see how this plays out.

      Q mentioned the sealed indictments…and then said “[D] Day, Patriots.”

      From what I’ve read about how the military tribunals thing will work, is…the indictments will be carried out by the DOJ, and the AG will refer some of them to JAGs with the military courts.

      So they could start un-sealing some of those indictments now.

      Our VSG’s EO authorizing the use of military courts to try civilians, kicks in on Jan 1st.

      So indictments could happen, arrests could be made…between now and Jan 1st, with the referrals to JAGs made after Jan 1st.

      I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

      Liked by 10 people

    1. I saw some dude wearing one on I think it was FBN a week or two ago. Some guest. No clue who, don’t know what he was saying. All I could do was look at his ascot. First I had to remember what it was called. Then I had to remember Carly Simon’s song, “You’re So Vain.” And then I had to puzzle out why this man wearing an ascot would make me think of that song, and then….he was replaced by a car insurance commercial.

      Do you suppose ascots are becoming a thing again? If they ever actually were a thing….


  9. Good morning all,
    Great comments by all as usual. I truly am glad to be living at this time in history. I believe PDJT was put in place for a specific reason by God. The present times are like living in a great suspense novel. One question, I have been following Q for some time now and I am still baffled at times. 8ch is confusing to follow so use Qmap.pub. Is there a Q for dummies to get me up to speed on the jargon the anons use?

    Liked by 1 person

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