Green Star at Dawn

Green star at dawn

Eeyore begone.

Wolf Moon’s Rules for Sadicals

Time for Wolf Moon to get all MARICA on your asses, people! 😀

Just kidding.  But – yeah – not really. We ALL need a cheer-up now and then, so I’m gonna give you guys one!  And that includes even one of my childhood FAVORITES – Eeyore!

ALL of us are Eeyores.  Show me the Deplorable, and I will muster up the PATIENCE to wait for them to lose faith at some juncture.  To despair, lament, or just plain get all grumbly and down. 

The more I stay at this game, the more I see how we ALL fall into the Eeyore trap.

Some are more naturally Eeyore, some are more Piglet, some Pooh, and some Tigger.

Whatever.  WWG1WGA.

You know what I’m sayin’?

With that said, we all have to snap OUT of being Eeyore, sometimes.

I personally found this exchange very helpful, and good advice.  My thanks to daughnworks247 for asking the question, and Emeraldstar for answering it.

December 17, 2018 at 11:56 am E
OKay look, instead of whining and complaining, we need a plan.
What can we do to help our VSG to take back control of the FBI/DOJ?
The double standard of justice is not working and thwarting MAGA, putting good people in jail, and bankrupting others.
This is NUTS.
Trump is the President.
What do we need to do here?
Open to suggestions. Come one; come all.

daughnworks247, December 17, 2018

December 17, 2018 at 4:44 pm AMEN!!!E
My suggestions follow Q, for the most part.
First – what Filly said. Try to red-pill as many people as possible – subtlety at first (try to get them to do the work to figure things out), and then, drop the Q-site on them (with research boards).
Second – pay attention! Of course, we all do, but using this site as a secondary news-aggregator (the 8-chans being primary) will help very much. When all of US, HERE, are as informed as possible – and don’t have to do the full job of research and transmission ourselves – then we have the “info-ammo” to proceed with the dissemination effort.
Third – like Q said, archive EVERYTHING off-line. Given the recent Q&A session, we needn’t fear an electrical-grid black-out, but rather a comms “blackout”. In other words, the censoring effort may go, hmm, “nuclear”. Deletion, erasure, banning, shadow-banning, and the like. It may even affect our own devices, especially with the FORCED updates many of us have had to suffer to our OS or browser versions. Built-in censoring, along with built-in spying!
Fourth – KEEP THE FAITH!!! Like Wolf said, abandon fear (it’s a killer! TY, Wolf). Emulate Marica, and RedLeg, and so many others here, who simply WILL NOT give up, or give in. Like VSGPDJT and Q have said, “Fight, Fight!, FIGHT!!!” It’s the only path – and the best path – to victory.
Fifth – A bad day or two aside, BE PATIENT! We only see 5-10% of what’s going on, but “the Plan”, so far as I can tell, extends to 2024. Focus on the GOOD news (we’ve got the Senate, and the SJC – and BOTH may be added to, in pretty short order), and don’t get demoralized by the bad. The “bad” news is orchestrated, designed, and INTENTIONAL. Don’t be “driven” … except by yourself!
Sixth – Have FUN! It is WE who still have our sense of humor, and our popcorn, and our wits! It is THEY who are on the losing side. Same as it ever was, same as it ever was.
Feel free to add to my exhortations … seek and ye shall find!
I’m outta breath …

Emeraldstar, December 17, 2018

I can only add Marica’s response! 😀

December 17, 2018 at 6:02 pm E
WOW! Emerald!! There must have been Smoke coming off your keyboard!!!! Thanks for mentioning me (face red now)
Your 6th Bullet Is the MOST important! It makes the Q tree different from ALL the rest!!! and even tho THis is Super Serious Stuff…If we can have fun then we don’t go down the despair route!!!

Marica, December 17, 2018

Many of you may have seen this exchange, but I think it needs wider visibility, so I’m making a post about it.  Feel free to say anything – and I mean anything – about the subject of Eeyores, optimism, strategy, keeping the faith and PARTICULARLY to address Daughn’s original question. What do we do now?  IDEAS ARE WELCOME!!!

Just let it out here.  My beloved friend Eeyore says it’s “OH, WELL – OK. 😉


Sometimes the answers are right over the horizon.

198 thoughts on “Green Star at Dawn

        1. That deserves a knock-knock joke 🙂


          Who’s there?


          DeForest who???

          Sometimes you can’t see DeForest for the trees…

          (ducks and runs from flying pine cones, ornaments, etc. 🙂 )…

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  1. Do we have a psychologist on this site? I ask only because Steve is talking to himself and I’m concerned that others may think that is normal or that everyone on this site does it.

    We have to call out weirdness whenever it rears its head(s).

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      1. I dissent. Arguing with yourself and losing shows the sign of an objective mind, an open mind.

        The problem with the left is how few people argue with themselves, let alone lose an argument with themselves (change their minds).

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      1. Would someone please get that chick a barette? A 90s era Hillary head band?A scrunchie so she can put it in a pony? A Ruth Buzzi hair net? SOMETHING? That lock of hair dangling in front of her eye is so distracting.

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          1. Yep. The hair dangling down made it into a “one-eye” gesture, almost continuously…

            Not sure if she’s a kitten, a butterfly, or a delta. More like a scroungy alley-cat, really…
            Good-bye (and good riddance) Kitty…

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        1. “That lock of hair dangling in front of her eye is so distracting.”…I hate that too, but obviously it’s not distracting to her when she either thinks it’s her “cover” or she’s focused on fighting off her real focus in her hippocampus of the many ways she already is mentally spending the $ she has been promised for this performance.

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      1. Wolf, that’s great. I need to remember that one. It just helps me so much to come on here and find so many likeminded friends, because in my non-online life, I only have one, and I seldom get together with her. Family are nice, but they’re libs, except for brother who lives far away. And each person here is unique and we all have our little quirks and oddities, especially Steve. Lol.


  2. Funny, I didn’t get down when I was banned, and haven’t been down since I don’t read comments over there except for Fle’s comments and often WSB’s comments. I only listen to those on the radio who are on the Trump Train. Don’t ever watch the news, and I know God’s in charge.

    I check I Own The World several times a day to see what stupid lefties are doing to themselves, and someone always makes fun of them royally

    I come here and get even higher from good information, looking for Steve’s puns and all your intelligent and often funny comments.

    Thank you Wolfie. You’re a good, no, great host. Just wish I could bring you a bottle for this daily party..

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    1. Me, too. In many ways. I love Eyore. I despise what Disney did to Milne & Shepherd and all other literary classics (while admiring the animation talents and imagination).

      As for “getting down,” I try to respond with sympathy for those who do, but as for me, I simply find it too draining, just like anger. Some folks I know are so impatient, so dissatisfied with the slow pace of things, that I have stopped giving them material that it seems should give them hope. They are settled in their impatient irritation and kinda miserable. So I stick to other topics, even though they are stalwart patriots, locked and loaded and ready to charge.

      I appreciate this site so much. It fits my nature, which is to primarily “hide” and listen and learn (and wait on Q and POTUS…so often what at first seemed the right interpretation of drops, turns out to be just the surface layer).. One effect of instant communication and never off devices, has seemed to me to be that so many, certainly not all, are simply too eager to chime in, offer opinions, clutter the field. I really like PM’s comments regarding this: “Everyone has an opinion, few have facts.”

      Ditto on the bottle thought! Homemade raspberry, blackberry, plum “schnaps.” Vodka & fruit, nuttin’ else!


  3. Jane! Staying away from news–ALL of them–even Tucker, Lou and Sean–has definitely made me happier! I watch re-runs of Last Man Standing–over and over- then My beloved Hallmark movies!! A good Movie comes on CMT every now and again.
    Before Wolfie’s awesome site, I joined twitter–So I could tell my g babies that I was actually part of the 2nd American Revolution! I stopped visiting OT and made new friends…Lots of Q people and lots of very smart people! But only followed mostly positive people.
    After Alison got me to this site–I have been nothing but blessed.
    I red pill 1 or 2 friends/family at a time–I use the You tube video made by Joe Marispo (sp?) Q- The Plan to Save the World.

    Quick story I love…Little boy was walking the beach after the tide went out and lots of starfish were washed ashore. He would pick one up and throw it back out to sea as far as he could. An old man watched this little boy for a while and finally approached him. Son, he said–there are so many starfish on this beach! You will never be able to get them all back to sea- You can’t make even make a little difference. The little boy picked up a starfish, threw him as far as he could and said–“well–I made a difference for that one.”

    Whenever I get a bit down, I Remember GOD has this and He would never let AMERICA–The world’s best hope–be taken down..and If it does–Jesus comes back.
    As Wheetie’s mom would say–we can still shoot a few idiots from the trenches!! (paraphrasing)

    So Daughn and Emerald–That’s my “plan”–1 starfish at a time… Hugs ya’ll.

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      1. Wow thank you for sharing this! What an amazing talent and what an amazing story! Here I was feeling glum and this new thread has brightened my whole evening. Thank you all for your unrelenting optimism. God bless you all!

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    1. Marica, I LOVE the starfish story and am so happy you posted it! I first read that in The Rhythm of Life by Matthew Kelly and then saw him speak at a Conference at Notre Dame probably in 1999 or 2000 where his message was clear and personal with a theme of “being the better person I know I can be”… had not thought about that for a long time but there comes with that a grounded feeling of “being on track” and knowing I am free to make new “tracks”…..

      Such a great story that can make people stop, isolate a thought process and “think” individually. I remember when I was thinking about introducing a Holistic Nurse invited to speak to our local Chamber group, I decided to use it because I remembered the difference it made at a pivotal time in her practice. She shared with me one day after I had been seeing her on a fairly regular basis with lots of improvements in my physical and emotional health that she was considering closing her practice because she did not think she was making much of a difference…

      …whooooooo….that hit me as sooooooooo wrong because I knew the difference she was making in my life and I knew of others who felt the same and I knew of things in our city that benefited directly from her energy work and I told that story to her then and I shared it w/the group when I introduced her…..

      Thanks again for prompting that reminder for me! 🙂

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      1. Matthew Kelly!! I love him! When my kids were early teens tweens maybe He came to our church and stayed AT.MY.HOUSE. He’s real and warm. Told me my genius was my kids! LOVE HIM.

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  4. Personally I have thought the country has been screwed for a while and has been on a clear downward trend. All the deep state crap for the past two years has just confirmed it. Sort of the old Roman Empire thing where great empires fail from within.

    The good news is PT has delayed the decay for awhile. But, PT will have to go big in 2019 to offset what they are going to be throwing at him in 2020.

    Emeraldstar made some great points and finding ways for us to get more visible and active in 2019-20 will be critical.

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    1. The 1812 overture was actually written to commemorate the OTHER war of 1812, between Napoleon and Russia. But it’s a kickass piece of music especially when Mother Russia Wakes Up And Is She Ever MAD…at about 3:13 here.

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        1. Their average is pretty darned cold. I don’t know if the Winter of 1812-13 was more or less than that.

          Nazi Germany had similar problems, thinking they could knock the Soviet Union out before winter and not even sending winter clothing with the troops.

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          1. The winter of 1812 was towards the end of a mini ice age that popped up. Remember Washington crossing the Delaware with the ice. Bad timing for old Bonaparte. Especially considering one of his quotes.

            “I would rather have a general who was lucky than one who was good. “

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          2. Ironically, the Wehrmacht that summer was facing by far the largest military formation in the history of armed conflict, all gassed up and trained for offense only, not defense. It was the army Stalin intended to roll west to the Bay of Biscay, as soon as Stalin’s “icebreaker” had performed enough of his long-planned function of clearing out national armies from eastern, central, and western Europe.

            Hitler’s young ‘B’ team of strategists had developed the war plans for Fall Barbarossa – the invasion of the Soviet Union. This was while his far more prestigious and experienced ‘A’ team was working on its crucial mission of planning the campaigns that would break out of the Axis Tunisian and Libyan beach head, by defeating British land forces in Egypt and the Sinai, eventually to reproduce the conquests of Alexander the Great by marching east through the Mideast and formerly British India, to link up in the Asian tropics with Japanese forces coming west from Indochina.

            The German and Soviet armies facing off with each other that summer along a front that extended from the Baltic shore to the Black Sea had already removed all barbed wire and minefields, filled in all trenches, tank traps, and foxholes, from their respective lines. There was planned to be no obstacles to hinder the advance of the respective armies.

            It is believed that Stalin had already decided that the work of his “icebreaker” was complete, and a date was set for the Army of World Revolution to begin its rapid and victorious march across Europe.

            The Soviet forces were so vast that they could have annihilated the Wehrmacht formations like a man swatting a fly. To carry out the vital task of assessing whether the foreign troops on the western border could possibly advance against the Motherland, Stalin had entrusted his deputy, NKVD chief Lavrenti Beria, with enemy threat assessment.

            No, there was no threat. Beria repeatedly assured Stalin and the General Staff that the German contingent, whatever its purpose, was incapable of attacking Russia. Proof: the type of motor oil used in the German tanks would freeze in a Russian winter, and no supplies of winterized replacement oil were stocked by the Wehrmacht in even remotely sufficient quantities. And German soldiers were not issued uniforms or blankets that could enable them to survive a winter campaign.

            No, the intelligence data, which was copious, and of excellent quality, was incontrovertible. Hitler could not be thinking about stabbing his Communist friend Stalin in the back. He obviously had not issued any such orders, as no serious German officer could have even been thinking about advancing to the east without the right clothing and lubricants.

            So, by virtue of its own lack of proper preparation, and of its own last-minute, fall-back, contingency nature, Fall Barbarossa achieved complete tactical surprise over the enemy during its opening phase. In terms of enemy personnel killed or captured, and enemy materiel destroyed or captured, Fall Barbarossa enjoyed several weeks of being the most successful military operation in human history.

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      1. America’s War of 1812 was the one I care about.

        I appropriated the 1812 Overture to America’s war of 1812. Andrew Jackson is one of President Trump’s heroes because he was a winner and I am an America First kind of woman. Jackson also killed the bank.

        However to be culturally more appropriate, this would be a more American song about our war of 1812. Plain, simple, straightforward and victorious.

        Just remember Napoleon lost. America is still winning. So in the long run, we made the biggest BOOM.

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    1. Elizabeth! I went to the Inauguration with my Sister! Was on the white House grounds! and Watched EVERYTHING that evening in Annapolis–my niece lives there–But Never saw this!! WOW Thanks!!
      PS–I really really love all your posts! Thank you!

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          1. Went to 1 1/2 myself…couldn’t get into the first one, second one I helped hand out signs so I was in before they let people in. I also saw Pence at one he gave. He only got about five times the attendance of Hitlary (rather than a hundred times).

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  5. “Some are more naturally Eeyore, some are more Piglet, some Pooh, and some Tigger.”


    You forgot Christopher Robin.

    When I was little, I dressed like Christopher Robin for a whole year. Yellow shirt and blue shorts, even in winter 😁

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        1. I had House at Pooh Corner on a 45rpm 7″ single. Played it into submission on my plastic suitcase record player 👍

          I had a great music collection for a little kid, but some of the standouts were American Pie (Don McLean, took both sides of a 45, so you had to flip it halfway through the song), Puff the Magic Dragon (PP&M), Alvin and the Chipmunks (The Christmas Song), Go Tell it On the Mountain (I forget who sang it), and I Want to Hold Your Hand (my first Beatles record, traded a Hot Wheel to my best friend for it — and I still have that record!)

          And ‘Watchin’ Scotty Grow‘ (that was one my Mom or my Grandma chose) sung by Bobby Goldsboro. ‘I’m Walkin‘ sung by Ricky Nelson (must have been my Mom’s).

          And ‘The A, B, C song‘ of course. I had to learn my alphabet. Came in handy one day, too. During ‘Reading Lab’ in Kindergarten one afternoon, the teacher asked me to say the alphabet. After I finished, she asked me why ‘S’ comes after ‘R’. I looked her in the eye, dead serious, and said “Because that’s how the song goes!”, lol! Can’t believe I still remember that…

          And The Bloody Red Baron, by The Royal Guardsmen, with Snoopy flying his dog house like it was a WWI fighter plane on the record cover 😁

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          1. Scott!! We must be same age! American Pie!! first song I learned all the words ( besides Sugar Sugar by the Archies) Puff the Magic Dragon was so sweet I got my grandbaby a PUFF jack in the box!–I STILL WANT MY HULA HOOP! ALVIN! Awesome music post!!!

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            1. “Scott!! We must be same age! American Pie!! first song I learned all the words”


              Released in 1971, so I would have been about 4 years old, depending on the month 😁

              That’s a LONG song to learn the words to, but it seemed easy!

              I had no idea what the song was about, but I sang it like I wrote it myself.

              That song is another one of my earliest memories (along with ‘Hey Jude’ on the music box) 😁

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              1. Marica, he wasn’t even born when “Bloody Red Baron” was released.
                Ah… ’66 was a very good year to be 11.
                We had red and yellow model race cars that we named “The Red Baron” and “Mellow Yellow”.

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          2. Steve, I have difficulty sleeping sometimes. It means I am awake at weird times and trying weird things to get back to sleep. A few days ago, I was watching Dan Rather (barf) interviewing Kenny Loggins who wrote the song, “House at Pooh Corner” which I loved. It was the first song he wrote, I think, and he did it while he was in high school.

            Loggins told the story that he met the guys from Nitty Gritty Dirt Band before they had put out an album at a party, and he played “House” for them. They loved it and wanted to put it on their album. All set. Loggins thrilled. Then the record company’s lawyers nixed it because it was an infringement of the Disney copyright.

            Loggins is bummed. Still in high school. He takes picks his girl up for their date and he tells her he’s kind of down, and why. She says, “Really? But my daddy’s CEO of Disney. Let me tell him to talk to the lawyers.” They go talk to daddy who asks Kenny to play the song. He does. The CEO says he doesn’t see a problem with it, calls they lawyers, and the rest is history.

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            1. What a great story, I had never heard that before!

              I knew Kenny Loggins wrote it, and his own version is on the first Loggins & Messina album (Sittin’ In, 1971), but the version I knew as a child was performed by the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, released in 1970. 🙂

              Speaking of Loggins & Messina’s Sittin’ In), it also has Danny’s Song, which I have always liked too.

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            2. “Sorry I called you Steve, Scott. Oops. ”


              You would be surprised how often I get called ‘Steve’, I don’t know exactly why, lol!

              It doesn’t bother me, no worries!

              I replied by saying “I figured I must look like someone she knows who is named Steve.”

              That was the set-up. 😉

              If you had replied “But I don’t even know what you look like!”, I would have said “I know… that’s what made my comment funny” 😁

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    1. How can I forget the video that turned me from someone who was going to vote for Trump because he wasn’t Hitlary Rotten Klinton, to someone who would vote for Trump because he was Donald J. Trump?

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      1. Steve, same here…I was one who thought “Anybody but Hillary!” This video changed all that to pro Trump, MAGA all the way! I have felt like part of the forgotten man and women for so mlong long now, knowing both political parties were screwing us over. It felt good to know that i wasnt alone!

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  6. Steve, can you help this guy.
    He is absolutely going Marica on us…

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  7. “What do we do now? IDEAS ARE WELCOME!!!”


    How about a petition, for DJT and Q supporters, telling the President we’ve got his back, just say the word, and we’ll get ‘er done.

    If that means a march on the District of Criminals, or a nationwide ‘strike’, or a nationwide boycott of some kind, or calling for [fill in the blank], whatever it is, We the People stand with you.

    With the right promotion across all social media platforms, it could go viral, and garner 50+ million signatures.

    And / or a petition to confirm or deny Q, since the MSM is too afraid to ask 😁

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      1. The nice part is that the haters can’t mess with it.

        There is no way for the haters to take it down (like GoFundMe and others do), because it would be on the website.

        And there is no way for the haters to ‘register’ their disapproval… it’s only for signing if you support the President.

        So it would be 100% positive in nature 👍

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          1. Go for it!

            I’m not really Twitter-competent. I only signed up a few months ago to send SD a Tweet to clear up a misunderstanding about something he posted. I think that’s my only message ever sent, and I’m not even sure I sent it to him properly!

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  8. Okay, how about something silly to lighten up the mood (dogs always do that for me):

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        1. I always wonered what the deal was with caturday OT. And cats are ok, I guess…I mean God made them too. But dogs are SO wonderful, sweet, silly and can forgive and love endlessly. They are God’s way of reminding me to enjoy the moment and live simply and to love other people, even when I don’t want to…

          Liked by 6 people

            1. no you Di nt! LOLOL!!! Sorry Cat peeps! I am sure you are super lovely people… But here’s the deal..
              I see articles all the time : Lady found dead in home with 34 cats. Cat Lady
              Family saved by family Dog…ie Dog Hero

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          1. Oops, rf121, didn’t see your reply. There’s “101 Uses of a Dead Cat”, “101 More Uses of a Dead Cat”, and “Uses of a Dead Cat in History”… Not that anyone’s counting 🙂

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      1. has anyone else seen the (I think) Toyota commercial? Kids are building snowmen and they are all saluting and they line the road of a soldier coming home to his son…i love that one!

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      2. It’s amazing these days how realistic the toy soldiers are. Life size and they even move!

        (OK, before you all jump on me, it took me about five minutes to be able to come back and write this one.)

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  9. Out of the mouth of babes.


    1. I heard a lecture about medieval universities. Apparently on attaining what today would be called a Master’s degree, the recipient got (something I can’t remember) and a beretta. The lecturer then went on to say, (and I quote from imperfect memory) ‘that was a hat, not a handgun, though the handgun might be more useful today.’

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  10. Here is one thing I do. I do it when the occasion arises, which is not every day but is often enough. I do it when someone else gives me the opportunity, I rarely do it as a first move.

    When a person mentions something disparaging about Trump or MAGA, I immediately make a very self-confident, joyful, “knowing” reply. For instance: “It is remarkable what Trump has done. I love this remarkable man.”

    Most human beings are affected by what other human beings think. A large part of the war we are in is psychological, and a large part of the psychology is to make people think that Trump is beyond the pale, isolated, disdained by all.

    By praising Trump (for example) when given the opportunity, we “fight” against this enemy tactic. We cause dissonance by giving real time proof that Trump is NOT alone. And our cheerful confidence sends the message that the listener may be in the wrong.

    We cannot red pill vast numbers on an industrial scale, but we can engage in retail battle with the victims of clever propaganda, people who have been psychologically manipulated. And the key to battle is cheerful confidence in our leader.

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    1. How funny, I do that, too!

      They just don’t know what to say when I enthuse about how happy I am and how great I think he is.

      Then I pop in a “and the black unemployment rate is the lowest in history!”

      How do you disparage that?

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  11. My favorite quote ever, re: fear:

    “I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.”

    ― Frank Herbert, Dune

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  12. Pat, I always remember Mother Teresa’s simple answer to what I believe a reporter thought to be a complex question after she received the Nobel Peace Prize, “What can we do to promote world peace?”

    Her answer was simple: “Go home and love your family.”.

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  13. THIS is a MUST read.
    Think about Nike hiring Kaepernick and Levi’s manufacturing in China.
    These companies are attacking our President on social issues to gain support of The MOB, because they want to weaken our President in important trade negotiations with China. The companies want to keep their cheap factories in China.
    AP has offered us a look inside at Chinese detention camps, where laborers are re-educated, and make sportswear for American Colleges.
    AP is upset because many of the workers are Muslim.
    I’ve been screaming about this for 15yrs.
    Finally, someone at AP figured out how to use Panjiva and track a shipment, matching addresses to a detention camp.
    China calls the vocational training centers.
    But, citizens who have college degrees, including medical doctors, often disappear and show up making sportswear for no wages/low wages.
    This is slave labor.

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