Reading The Maple Leaves

Great stuff – get on board the Trump Train and roll right over those Chi-Spies and Canadian useful hostages!  Here we go, with our patented “We understand the VLWC” map-handkerchief that we took off John Podesta at his future booking!

You needed a navigator – you got him! 😎

First, the situation.  Canada snags Chinese criminal Huawei Meng for the US.

Watch out for arms numbers 3 and 4 – they’re headed for your wallet and your intellectual property!

But then the Chinazis strike back, not at the US, but at their Canadian puppets COUGH I mean “friends”.  Interesting.

OH, BUT DO THEY HAVE A PLAN.  And you know they do, because we’re dealing with MAPLE LEAF COMMIES.

Yeah, she’s cute and cushiony, but she’s as globalist as they come.  Watch out, boys!  My flavorite femme fatale will sell you exquisitely lethal fake Chinese auto bumpers and “le horreur” Obamacare website coding in a heartbeat!

Before you even attempt to solve this one, GET REAL ON CHINA with Suspicious Cat Bartiromo and “maximally Chinaware” Peter Navarro, who actually GETS the reality of the Panda & Dragon Empire:

It’s the same old story – CHINA BEING CHINA.

Bombs starting to fall?  Check out the big hearing yesterday.  BILL PRIESTAP let loose with a lot of uncomfortable truths.

Notice CHI-FI trying to act all tough now.  HA-HA-HA.  Yeah, right.

This thing is over 2 hours long.  But no matter where you click, it’s gold.

Talk about CYA!!!  Also, watch how Chi-Fi does the same thing that I have caught April Ryan (at White House press briefings) and Ms. Norton (at the Clinton Foundation hearing) doing – fishing for specific information that becomes useful to the enemy (KGB-CIA, Clintons, CHINA, RUSSIA, Euro-globo-nazis) when published openly.

Did they figure out who did the Stingrays in DC?  No?  (*RELIEF IN BEIJING*)

No, she is NOT showing how smart and “granular” she is.  She is asking things her treasonous aides wanted asked for THEIR Chinese handlers.  AS IF!

Good grief!  The only time this lying witch is transparent is when she’s transparently against us.

Let’s try to embed a different version without Chi-Fi as the fake face of toughness on China:

Looks like it won’t work.  But you can visit the page with that one.

Let’s try the embedding HTML:

Hooray!  It worked.  (Maybe – probably not – very unreliable, it turns out.)

More links for context on the hearing and whatnot.

So what is my take on this thing?

I think China and the Maple-Leaf Commies have a plan.  And it ain’t OUR PLAN. 

Turns out that one of these boys they pulled in is a SOROS SPUD.  Not just that, but every bad guy in FISAgate shows up, too.  WHAT ARE THE ODDS???

The hostage is as close to a co-conspirator of China as one could possibly find.  So they take a FRIEND hostage?  FAKE HOSTAGE.

My read is that they pulled him in to strategize and transmit information – perhaps all the way to Cankles and the DNC, so China’s traitors in America know what to expect from their allies in Beijing when we arrive at SHTF.

Well, I post my theory out where the ChiComs can see it, so what do they do?  Pull in a SECOND Maple Leaf for cover.  Betting that this one won’t have the Chi-Can simpatico attributes of the first.

COVER.  Total cover.

Are we falling for this crap?  I hope not.

Baby Castro and Princess Sparkle Socks have knifed us in the back time and  time again on this trade stuff.  This case is NO DIFFERENT.  Beware the urge to let China win this hand though their puppet.

TRUST THE PLAN.  And stick with it.


PS – wheatietoo and I discuss the SCAM, and I propose a solution in the comments HERE.

Know who your friends REALLY are.

69 thoughts on “Reading The Maple Leaves

  1. I’ll have to take the time tomorrow to wade through the video, but given a lot of variables and the players involved, it looks like the old guard is desperate to find a way to keep from converting to the gold standard. Do that, and people like Soros become irrelevant. Can’t bankrupt a currency when real money is behind it, not just oil.

    I might be off base and there’s other issues involved like the cozy work around to direct trade with the US the Chinese and Canadians worked out, but the strange stuff has stepped up of late.

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    1. I think you are on target. All the black hats wanted us to ADD the super-fakey-fake carbon economy to the already horrible play money economy, for maximum control of humanity by utter bull carp.

      We’re not just denying them their beloved precious of buying and selling on mystery atom 666, but we’re actually going back to rare and useful Element 79.

      The ChiComs are excellent deceivers – the more layers of complication you add, the more they win through lies and deception. Take it all away and they curse the day you did. This is a no brainer. Make it simple and they LOSE.

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      1. WM, If you can’t watch/listen to this now bookmark it for later. It validates why “Trusting in Trump is NO PROBLEM here!” for you and we can all trust Trump because he knows from years of experience on the world stage where truth overcomes confidence tricks are used by the Empire in negotiations at every turn.

        Beginning at 13:46 Neil Kramer goes into great detail about why we are here and how we got here and references the step by step confidence tricks outlined by Edward H Smith in his book, Confessions of a Confidence Man

        Some of the topics discussed:

        ~The Last Days of Empire

        ~Confidence Tricks

        ~Truth & Authority

        ~Relativism & Pluralism

        ~Spiritual Integrity

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  2. This is a world wide paradigm shift. It is not just about us. It has been coming for years.
    The whole world has been held in the grip of evil and hopelessness for centuries.
    And yet, the Holy Spirit is moving and peoples hearts are rising to the challenge.
    I hope you can see what I have been seeing.
    The Kingdom of God is at hand.

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    1. I love it! The look on the kid’s face at the beginning was really great. It was like “WHOA – this stuff is real!”

      Yup. Spirit of Truth by any other name is still a great counselor!

      “Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth: for he shall not speak of himself; but whatsoever he shall hear, that shall he speak: and he will shew you things to come.”

      John 16:13

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      1. And every knee shall bow.

        GOD Will Be Worshipped. And HE is worthy of ALL PRAISE.

        What a wonderful video, especially as a flash mob. HIS Will be done, and HIS Word will never return void. There was another one in a mall with Les Mis, but I’ll put it elsewhere as it doesn’t fit here. Would that people realized that GOD loves us, and is FOR US. Seems the DEMONcRATs just can’t get their minds around that…

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    2. This is all truly exciting, and I pray it brings in a temporary freedom and prosperity and getting us out from under the cabal, which may be Babylon, but I have to add humans are not going to bring in the kingdom of God on earth, only the return of the Lord will do that. But I’m still thrilled and excited and Elizabeth, love all the hymns.

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      1. Yes, this is a very important topic – how and to what extent DO we or CAN we “build the kingdom of God on Earth”? I don’t know, but I think this is a critical topic, and likely depends on proper translation of the Lord’s prayer, as well as the question of it’s proper keeping and translation. A real question of theological archaeology.

        Note the similarity to the question of whether “lead us not into temptation” is in fact a proper interpretation (in English). When I read that they were thinking about tinkering with the Lord’s prayer (clickbait) I raised a skeptical eye, but there seems to be modern agreement among Christian scholars and religious figures (i.e., it’s not just Francis) that there’s a problem.

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        1. Sorry, Wolfie, just saw this comment. I agree it’s not only Francis that is the problem. I’m suspicious also of a lot of modern Bible translation scholarship as it has been so corrupted and there are and have been so many agendas and wrong suppositions.


    3. That was incredible, Elizabeth. And I agree – this whole movement, from Trump walking down the elevator to the Q movement – it’s all a movement of God. Without Him, it never would have happened. We would instead be getting crushed by a boot on our neck by the New World Order that Hillary would have brought with her.

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  3. “BTW the Chicoms just snatched up another Canadian”


    If the Chicoms snatched up Christya Freeland, nobody would bother to look for her.

    Best move at that point: forward all of Chrystia’s belongings to Beijing with a ‘Thank You’ note.

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  4. For all the nastiness directed at Priestap, I liked what he said when he testified. He sounded genuinely concerned. Considering biden and kerry’s sons dealing in china, he was more interested in warning companies than encouraging them.

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      1. “Q said there are far more good than bad. Priestap may well be counted in that group.”


        Yes, and it sounds barking-at-the-moon crazy every time he says it.

        If there were far more good than bad, then why are we in this mess?

        If the number of ‘bad’ is few, why is Q even necessary?

        If there are far more good than bad, how can the Cabal have taken over every Western government (and who knows how many middle eastern, African, and Asian governments)?

        I don’t know if Q’s comment was disinfo or if he meant within a very narrow definition (e.g., within one particular agency, like NSA), or what.

        But the idea that there are ‘far more good than bad’ undermines Q’s entire raison d’être.

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        1. Depends on how powerful the bad are. The powerful Klintoons, Soroses, Rockefellers, Rothschilds, etc. are the Satanically bad apples spoiling an otherwise good barrel.

          And countering that takes a lot of doing, and motivating the masses, making sure the Silent Majority no longer remains silent (cf. Yellow Jackets)…

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    1. To be quite frank, I believe that if Andy McCabe had not been drawn into the Cankles Dark-Side, and Comey the Commie had not been above him, Priestap would have done great things. And it looks like he spoke the truth when the OIG came knocking.

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      1. Before it turned into a place so doom-laden that even Eeyore would be an optimist by comparison, SD explained that Priestep is rich, thanks to his wife and her family.

        Relatively young and rich = way too much to lose by doing something stupid, losing everything, and spending the rest of his life in prison.

        Not sure that makes him a ‘good’ guy.

        Maybe just not a stupid one.

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  5. It has taken a long time getting to this time. Here we are. I sang this song in a high school choir that won the state championship in 1958. To this day it resonates in my soul.

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  6. This may seem different to you. I believe that part of our calling is to stand strong in the face of evil, death and destruction and hold fast to the fact that:

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  7. Good night everyone!

    and here are our President and First Lady also saying ‘Good Night!’

    I may be out of touch a lot for while doing long neglected chores and family stuff – but will check back in as I can and will come back to say Merry Christmas 🎄 and Happy New Year 🔔 !!!

    Thanks Wolfie and Flep for all you do!

    I love you all!

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  8. I am still rather amazed that Trudeau was okay with arresting Meng Huawei.

    I mean, Trudeau wants to keep Xi and the ChiComs happy…because he needs that flow of cash coming from them.

    Which brings up another amazing thing — that new USMCA trade agreement.

    I am still not convinced that this new agreement is a good deal for us.
    It’s better than NAFTA, for sure.
    But…are we better off with it…or without it.

    There is a very good chance that the USMCA will not make it through congress.
    They are going to try to add things…and take away things.
    They will probably make a mess of it.

    Maybe this is our VSG’s plan all along?
    He offered it to congress as a ‘replacement’ for NAFTA.

    But he said one time that if congress doesn’t pass USMCA…then “that’s fine”…and we “go back to Pre-NAFTA”.
    “Pre-NAFTA” means No NAFTA.

    Which would be okay with me!

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    1. I’m trusting that POTUS, Wilburine, and Lighthizer (sp?) know every detail well enough to know whether this is a great deal or not. I don’t think POTUS would go for it if it wasn’t.

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      1. Oh yes, I agree.

        But I also remember that there was a hue and cry from all the usual suspects, saying “What will we replace it with?!”

        So the Trump-Team came up with this new agreement as a ‘replacement’ for NAFTA.

        PDJT has said repeatedly that we’d be better off without NAFTA.
        And that we were better off before NAFTA.

        So I’ve been wondering if he wouldn’t mind walking away from this USMCA agreement too.

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    2. What if Wicked Princes Sparkle Socks (who is the real ruler of Canada) knew exactly what she was doing? What if she and China knew exactly what they are doing? NOW does a “friend of both” as a “hostage” make sense?

      It’s kabuki. Pure kabuki. That is my opinion. Fake friend and real enemy are tricking us.

      What the desired endpoint of the trick is, is not certain. But I drop this incident into the long line of tricks, cajoling, and blackmail that has been attempted using globalist elements like Macron and Trudeau, to let China keep its vampire fangs on our arteries.

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            1. Send Helen back with 100 Billion in tariffs, NO DEAL, and begin work on a “China-free trade future” – an examination of what the world would be like if we cut off trade with them.

              Just theoretical, of course.

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      1. Woah…you’re right, Wolfie.

        I just had a lightbulb 💡 go off.

        They are doing this kabuki theatre to be able to ‘give’ something to China…under the cover of “We have to do this.”

        They arrested Meng Huawei to ‘please’ PTrump, because she was selling equipment to Iran & violating sanctions.
        But…oh noes!…mean ole China starts arresting Canadians in retaliation!

        So now, the Sparkle Socks twins can say:
        “We did what you wanted, but look what happened! We have to give China this XXXX in order to get our people back.”

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        1. Exactly. It’s a SCAM. And the anons who outed the fact that the “hostage” is connected to Hillary, China, Downer, and all the people who tried to take down Trump, PROVED IT.

          They’re ALL in on it. Because they’re ALL in on the MONEY.


          Trillions of dollars COMING from US and going through THEM, being SUCKED into CHINA. That is what’s at stake for all the vultures.

          What does that remind you of? The Leo Emil Wanta ploy? That really opened my eyes. Everybody is looking for a good scam.

          China saw the trillions there, and created their own siphons. But it was all about the money. And every parasite on Earth wants their CUT of the money flowing from America to China.

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      1. Nah…I don’t think so, NYGuy.

        Perhaps you haven’t heard PDJT’s dismissiveness of it, if congress *fails* to pass it.

        I’m sure he would just say something like…
        “We had a good deal to replace NAFTA. But Congress wouldn’t pass it. We’ll just go back to the way it was Pre-NAFTA.”

        That’s his term that he’s used — “Pre-NAFTA” — it’s not mine.

        Losing USMCA would be a disaster for Mexico and Canada.
        Not for us.

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        1. Oh it would end his effectiveness. This is Khashoggi v2.

          Pres Trump is trying to own the downside but the real downside is that it would cripple his ability to influence/implement any trade deal going forward.


          1. Sorry, NYGuy…I just don’t see that happening.

            And the Khashoggi thing hasn’t hurt PDJT, at all.
            People do not care about it.
            The only people who care about it…are the enemedia, and most people don’t care about them either.

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              1. Nah…sorry, I’m just not seeing it.

                PTrump still holds all the cards.
                He has the power of tariffs…and can use those *better* than any trade deals.

                The other countries want trade deals in order to reign in that power…and limit it to what is agreed upon in the trade deals.

                Everybody wants to sell their stuff here.
                We have the best economy in the world and it is getting even better each day.

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              2. All the Chinese have to do is influence a few R senators and this whole thing changes. The Khashoggi nonsense proved it is easy to do. Just look at what the Senate did yesterday.


    3. Wheatie — I think USMCA is an interim step. We need a transition. To take one example, we have dismantled most of our capability to manufacture parts for motor vehicles in the US. Europe has done the same thing. Under NAFTA, we all pretend the assembly of Chinese components in Mexico is manufacturing. If we don’t allow for the rebuilding of real manufacturing capacity, we immediately lose the ability to maintain millions of automobiles and trucks in America.

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      1. We can still buy those parts!

        We can still buy them…while our manufacturing capability to produce them here, is rebuilt.

        You think they’re going to cut us off?
        Why would they?

        And if they raise the prices of those parts, then that just increases the motivation to build them here.

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  9. This is a bit too granular (cough, cough) for me. But I see the outlines.

    I wondered about the arrest in Canada, and now the hostage???? Wha????????

    This makes a certain kind of sense and it has a feeling of pieces in a puzzle snapping into place. I bet you have put your finger on it, Wolf.

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      1. They are leveraging back on Trump, using a “pre-Stockholmed” hostage – one who WANTS what the captor wants. Enter into this deal and you are at China’s mercy.

        One has to be tough in these situations. But this really shows the CHINAZIS in their raw form, and THAT is what “Trump the Unmasker” is doing here. Unmasking China.

        Try to arrest their GOVERNMENT-BACKED CRIMINALS, and they will take hostages.

        People have to understand that the Chinese WAR model is primarily fought without guns. WE simply have to declare “war” back in the same space of PEACE.

        It’s complicated. We have been ATTACKED economically and geopolitically. We have to DEFEND, and teach the “peaceful enemies” that if they try it again, it spills over into the space that they will not be happy with. However, real war is for losers. You want to win this? We always have NUKES. We can NUKE China back to socialist poverty.

        Skinny belt and broken road.

        Remember how prosperous America was BEFORE we had ANY trade with China?

        Yeah. Do the math.

        We have to accept that FAKE VICTORY (what we had before, given by China and Russia) is not actually victory. It was a stage of DEFEAT in the attack upon America.

        We have to re-export Eeyore back to China! 😉

        Here, China! Have some Eeyores! MADE IN CHINA 😉

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        1. The thinking behind this post is the reason we non-military business people in the 1980s read and studied Sun Tzu. China is not going to engage in a shooting war with us, we would turn their cities into glass.

          The 1960s created a cultural opening. And when Nixon jettisoned the gold standard in the 1970s, he created an economic one. Not sure when they found they could buy politicians, but this is a third weakness. China has exploited these openings well, and over a very long period of time.

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  10. Here’s the Les Mis flashmob I referred to above. I have a feeling the “yellow jackets” are a return to the barricades, but not just for France… May GOD forgive, help and Bless us all!

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  11. After reading, watching, and absorbing some of this (there’s a lot!), and reading more gloom, doom, and depression over at the CTH this morning, I have come to a conclusion:

    Almost all people don’t realize it, but we are truly in the middle of World War III.

    This is the Big One. It will not be fought with conventional weapons, and most of the “battles” will be unseen by us. This is an economic, ideological, and moral war. It is American individualism, freedom, and rights endowed by our Creator vs. globalism, socialism, and no real rights for average people, at all. It is a war being fought in realms within which most of us have no part to play, other than voting for the correct players, and praying. Until it isn’t, and then…

    Our General, PDJT, has been preparing for this battle for many years. He knows the world he leaves behind for his grandchildren and their children will be either great, or truly terrible. His legacy is for all the marbles, for them, for us, and for our progeny, too.

    If the day comes when we are “activated,” (for that is what I believe Q TRULY is, the hub for instructions when President Trump’s Emergency Broadcast System says ‘Go’) then I and all of us here will be ready. Where WE Go One, We Go ALL. We will be the front lines if it comes to that, believe it, because the non-Q believers won’t have a clue what to do. They are the sheep, we are the wolves.

    Be ready.

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    1. The notion that we are individuals with God given natural rights that governments should be formed to protect is only about 400 years old. The US constitution is the citadel that protects this notion. If it falls, everyone becomes part of the collective.

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