Never Alone

Q’s post addressed to Nate Cain ( post 2578) had a line which really struck a nerve:


Here is the post.

Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 52a4e6 No.4250950 
Dec 10 2018 23:13:47 (EST)
Sometimes ‘intrusions’ have a way of safeguarding people & evidence.
Sometimes ‘intrusions’ are a necessary event in order to safeguard chain of custody [post OIG WB status + doc handover protocols].
Active criminal investigations of this magnitude must be handled w/ extreme care.
The moment your name went ‘live’ there was no other choice.
Keep the faith, Patriot.
You are never alone.

Q Post 2578

This is very interesting because not only does Q occasionally post biblical verses – Nate Cain is also very clearly a strong Christian. 

One of the many multiple meanings that Q clearly packed into “You are never alone.” was – for me, at least – the beautiful song Never Alone by the Christian musical group Barlow Girl.

I have always found this song extremely inspirational, and thought I would share it for those who have never heard it.  Perhaps this song can help Nate keep strong.

Enjoy several versions of the song below.


Radio Version With Lyrics:

Studio Video:

Live Version on Radio Set:

Radio Remix:

Acoustic Version:

In Spanish!  (They’re almost kids here!)

In Concert! (Rockin’-Out Version)

Then, there is an interesting dramatic version done by a church youth group, which may be lacking in production values, but nevertheless has a powerful emotional tug. 

Cringing and tears both optional.

Finally, we have a demonstration of how to play the piano part.  Impressive!

Stay strong, Nate!  You truly are Never Alone.

39 thoughts on “Never Alone

  1. Just emerged from hibernation and saw my Q alert. That line “you are never alone” tugged at my heartstrings this morning. It certainly gives you hope for a new day and releases a prayer for every “Nate Cain and every Yellow Vest” out there. We all fight the fight in our own way.
    “When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants and murderers, and for a time they can seem invincible, but in the end, they always fall. Think of it…always.” Mahatma Gandhi

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      1. I have had this verse paraphrase from Exodus with a different graphic as my desktop for a year or so now. Love this graphic, I want to download and update the desktop.

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        1. I believe it would make a beautiful desktop, kalbren2r1! When Trump first started his campaign, we volunteers saw him as a lion! We often heard from the clergy that he was protected by the “Lion of Judah” and that only God could move the heavens and earth like was done for POTUS45! And after all I have seen and heard I fully agree with the clergy.

          My favorite meme when I was hit hard by the left was… The Truth Is Like A Lion”.
          The left would dispute the author of the quote every time I posted it and would deflect from the meaning of the quote as if they truly knew the where they stood!

          “Truth be known”, we are fighting a battle between good and evil now, and we have been fighting this battle since before obama took office… In fact, many, many years before obama! Sadly, we we asleep at he time and not aware of the evil forming around us. I just pray we did not wake to late to save ourselves, the country and the world from the evil that now surrounds us all.

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  2. Thanks, Wolf.
    This is a great show of support for Nate Cain.

    Beautiful music…and I agree, it’s inspirational.

    Nate has been visited by the QArmy, since Q posted that.
    It is always heartening to behold when the QArmy turns out.

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        1. At least now sneaky Cankles games can be legally recorded in MA. Veritas Suit Filed More Than 2 Years Ago Makes First Amendment HISTORY: Changes MA Recording Law

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      1. I not my family is in the public interest, but we are going through our own trials right now and I want to thank the Qtree army for their prayers. I know we are not alone and we are not carrying as heavy a cross as others. Some days it does feels pretty lonely and heavy, then I go to YAH and come to the Qtree and my day is brighter. Thanks W and Q Treepers! WWG1WGA! As Job said, ” Though You slay met, yet I will trust you. Though You try me, I will praise you! ” (my paraphrase)

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          1. Thank you W and Q Treepers! I and my husband feel more spirit support from this patriot great awakening movement than we ever have in a physical “church” body. Thx again for all the 💜& 🙏. They are a light into the darkness with which the enemy tries to blind and discourage us.

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  3. >4250950📁
    Read carefully.
    Why is the ‘CLINTON FOUNDATION’ back in the news?
    How do you protect a valuable witness (whistleblower)?
    How do you protect the chain of custody of evidence?
    Name IDEN Public > FBI ‘intrusion’ > Lawsuit > Response to Lawsuit > Public Reveal (otherwise sealed?)
    Moves & Countermoves.

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  4. Very inspirational thread, Wolfie. Many thanks to all who contribute here. My pride in fellow Americans is never greater than when we join to fight our common enemies. #WWG1WGA

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  5. I can’t understand why intelligent and just plain normal people reject Q. Got to figure they just haven’t read all the patriotic and messages of faith that Q is all about. The Great Awakening is past due for our great Republic. Sure would like to shake his/hers/their hand. God Bless Q and his army of patriots!

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    1. Amen!

      Not all people are as interested in BEING smart, as in being PERCEIVED as smart. Two totally different things.

      Most people are extremely smart, although in many, many, different ways. Even really “stupid” people and “crazy” people have correct simplicities of thought that cut through confusion, quite remarkably.

      Rather face-palm that those of us perceived as smart end up coming back to what simple people told us when they were not believed. Translation: “smart” people (current social definition) are easy to fool or distract.

      Eye-Beams. Jet fuel can’t melt truth. Crazy talk. Filled with more reality than we ever realized. Making one side not listen to the other is a beautiful scam. Took me a lifetime to figure it out.

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  6. Lovely music, Wolfie. Thank you. You have such a good heart.

    I was struck by the line, “You are never alone” as well. It really reverberated in me and I thought if I was the guy whose family home was invaded at 3:00 am by 16 jackbooted federal agents tearing apart my things for six hours I’d feel very alone, very vulnerable, and very violated.

    That bit of comfort was special, and sweet, and I bet Mr. Cain feels it deeply that he has had messages of support from all over. It was kind and thoughtful of Q to provide that.

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