Chinese Checkers

Something is going on.

Still trying to get a handle on it, but something is going on.

Clearly some interesting things are going on.  Note that this guy is from a SOROS NGO.  So this is like detaining one of their own, IMO.  FAKE HOSTAGE.

Doctor Quigley (@CarrollQuigley1 on Twitter) is just tearing this thing to pieces.  It looks like China/Cabal stagecraft to me.  Incredible.  And THAT tells me a lot that – well – I kinda figured.

Here are some tweets and retweets from his timeline:

Incredible.  All of CANKLES’ OLD FRIENDS.

I will add more CHINA-CABAL NONSENSE to this thread as it arrives.  Holy Cow!  Throw the BOOK at these jokers!

NOW I get Muh Russia vs. Muh China.  TWO JACKALS feeding on America thanks to TRAITORS.  “Dibs on uranium” said Vladimir.  “Dibs on technology” said Xi.


Yeah. Who’s got the earworm?

43 thoughts on “Chinese Checkers

  1. “NOW I get Muh Russia vs. Muh China. TWO JACKALS feeding on America thanks to TRAITORS. “Dibs on uranium” said Vladimir. “Dibs on technology” said Xi.”

    I just want to cry when I read that. It feels like truth. And they did this to us. Our leaders.

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    1. It feels like a “soap opera”, Sylvia, and the main characters, usually the villains, never die…they just keep on doing bad things to good people and no one stops them. Hopefully, that scenario will change now that we are all awake and can see through their evil plans! Their plans are unraveling, just like they are!

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    2. Yep. The commie idealists got power and influence. Then when the cash started flowing into their pockets, they became globalists. Traitors of a different name but traitors just the same.

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    3. Don’t cry. It’s story time.

      When you wake up during your own organ harvesting, it takes brains to survive.

      But what if I told you the patient was never asleep?

      You are about to see brains. Some spattered all over the walls of the operating room. Some going “Oh shit – what did we just open up?” And some that just “woke up” and know everything.

      Enjoy the show. 😉

      The idea that we have more than we know is very powerful. All their fake history is a mixture of real history and their crimes. It’s ALL THERE. All that has to be done is to disentangle it.

      Halper is the zipper
      That leads through the Gipper.

      Unzip with Halper and history opens up. They are desperately afraid of it.

      If you watch the other side, they are now flipping from “these were real spies” to “admitting” that Halper and Mifsud were on our side and playing counterintelligence traps against Trump. They are essentially sacrificing the Mueller probe and hoping for CONTAINMENT there. They are ADMITTING stuff. Why? Because they want to get ahead of the story and stop it there.

      Oh, no. Q is having none of that. Look how far back Q is willing to unzip things:

      That is just their FIRST fall-through back-up story.

      Dig deeper to unlock history. PANCAKE to the next floor. Ask why HALPER shows up in a long and crooked but continuous line from Bill Clinton in London through Nixon through Carter/Reagan through Clinton in DC to Trump in the White House and Comey in the curtains.


      In my opinion. Others may have other tools to open up the can of worms.

      They dumbed us down. Turn off the TV. It’s MIND CONTROL.

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      1. TV is like having a sewer pipe coming into one’s home. Wolfm had to read “on our side” more than once to follow your post. Lol. Just can’t wait till your books is available. I want mine autographed. Lol. Still trying to understand what hhhhalper did to manipulate the various players going back to Watergate. Appreciate all the info, can’t wrap my mind around so much of it yet.

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  2. This move was definitely a ‘Warning’…but the question is, a warning for Who?

    And also, What is it a warning…for?

    Are the ChiComs warning their own cohorts-in-crime to keep their mouths shut?

    Heavy-handed moves like this will only cause Westerners in China to start heading for the exits.
    They should already be doing that…but they live like kings over there, so they may not want to give that up until the danger is heading for their own castles.

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      1. Heheh.
        Well China is definitely in a box.

        If they resort to their usual jack-booted tactics…it will cause an exodus of the Western companies who have set up shop there.

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    1. The Chinese manage to keep an amazing amount of strategy where it cannot be intercepted. Supposedly, an enormous amount of top party strategy is HARD COPY and never leaves the crypt. This allows incredible levels of deception. The Russians are quite good at this, too.

      I believe that they are pulling this guy in to strategize with him, under pretense of hating on him. That would be the main purpose – to coordinate and then communicate with the American traitors. He would not be interfered with by socialist Trudeau. Word will get to Cankles and the Americommies on what to expect.

      On the surface, it will look as you say – like they are leaning on him and the Cabal.

      Secondarily, they want to play Erdogan games with Trump, keep Trudeau in line, and whatever normal stuff comes out of this.

      I think this Huawei woman is a huge risk to them. Something is up.

      Remember – CANADA is a proxy state of Beijing – achieved SILENTLY. Trudeau is their baby.

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    2. “Heading for the exits”? Leaving China?
      Most of those guys are too young to remember the last helo out of Saigon.
      Those who forget their history are doomed to repeat it.

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    1. Could be, Marica…could very well be.

      If you think about it, the globo-cabalists have been engaging in an all-out assault on PTrump’s ‘Castle’…world wide.

      They’ve gone after his family and his businesses.

      He is now doing Counter Moves against all their castles.
      And any moves that the ChiComs make against the little castles of the westerners in China…will ultimately serve as a move against the ChiComs themselves.

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      1. Yes. Trump realized that we held the economic self-sufficiency ace. The communists very stealthily tried to talk us out of it, to gain control.

        Interesting times. But with God on one’s side, every curse becomes a blessing.

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  3. Patriot’s Soapbox did a deep dive into Huawei last night and I had it on in the background, so only heard part of it.
    Bottom line. When the Wilbur Ross crew was investigating ZTE, they found the ‘smoking gun’ email from Meng, the CFO, whose nickname is F7.
    In the email, she laid out how to get around American sanctions and sell to North Korea, Sudan, Ethiopia, and Iran.
    Meng is an elected leader of the Chinese gov’t. If the case goes forward, it is as though the Chinese gov’t has actively violated these sanctions and China would have a LOT of explaining to do.

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      1. Apparently, the nickname F7 is similar to the Chinese symbol for husband/wife. It’s an inside joke at the company. The workers are so busy, they do not have time to date off-site, so they tend to marry other workers in the company.

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    1. yes i missed this post earlier but was going to mention the huwewi connection goes back a long way and is important in the larger picture i suppose but is in play here. there is no doubt massive amounts of passive hacking that occured by our own free will also bu using their products 🙂

      i am not positive but i believe they had a block somewhere in their system also that prevented us from hacking their hack but i might be misremembering.

      also of note, i know on another thread today i made a comment on a website design company, who they make sites for, etc. in that same theme if you look at the website from the guy above crisis group. take a look at it. i noticed a couple years back (more than 2 but less than 8) that all of a certain group of websites for organizations all up and down the chain of command would start to share a site “theme” or “template/skin” if you will. not to say they have not changed since then, but they all morph to the new skin when the big org decides.

      so take a look at crisis group for example. the about us board of directors page is always one of my favorite go to pages. notice what it looks like. this phenomenon was brought up in a neonrevolt thread recently which conffirmed i was not crazy and others notice this also:

      so when you see this you can almost assume the group you are looking at might need to be looked into more… who donates and funds them? who donates and funds the funders?

      and when you climb up the money ladder you realize there is a money ladder and coincidentally they all have very similar website designs!

      this is why when i see designs that hit my brain as fitting a pattern i check out other aspects of the site to find out traces to other organizations.

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    1. I bet THAT doesn’t rate a mention anywhere over there, unless there are more dark murmurings about that woman, Sara Carter, and who is she anyway. Suspicious Cat.

      Whatevs. I am utterly fascinated that the Sealed Indictiments story is beginning to bubble up into the mainstream. It is like that everywhere right now, it seems. Stuff keeps bubbling up. They try and stop it but something new starts bubbling up.

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      1. “I bet THAT doesn’t rate a mention anywhere over there, unless there are more dark murmurings about that woman, Sara Carter, and who is she anyway. Suspicious Cat.”


        They beat their chests and mocked everyone with whom they disagreed, and then cast us all out.

        Then with a great show and display, they walked boldly out to the end of the branch, and began to saw that branch off — expecting the tree to fall while their branch miraculously levitated — paying homage to Wile E. Coyote, their new patron saint.

        It was all so necessary.

        I warned them.

        They can’t say I didn’t warn them!

        If you put all your eggs in that basket, if you bet the farm on something you haven’t even bothered to try to understand, what happens if you turn out to be *wrong*?

        How do you ‘walk that back’?

        You don’t.

        It just becomes what you’re known for. It becomes your reputation.

        Which is why I warned them not to choose that hill to die on. It’s why I even said it almost makes me hope they’re right, for their sake — because how can they ever recover, if it turns out they’re wrong?

        And that is what it looks like we’re about to find out.

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          1. “These techniques work everywhere else, why not there as well?”


            Because pride.

            MSM doesn’t have any pride, they’re just corrupt.

            But many of the people who in alternative and/or conservative media, mostly on the Internet, take great pride in their accomplishments and reputations. As Stealth Jeff’s pinned tweet says:

            “The capital you function on in news media is TRUST. You lose some of that every time your readers/viewers figure out you sold a lie to them.”

            Their credibility is all they have, it’s what sets them apart from the MSM.

            The same pride that blinded them to the truth also prevents them from dismissing or ignoring the outcome of the path they chose with 100% certitude. Their conscience won’t allow them to dismiss or ignore it, and neither will their readers.

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    2. “Sundance is gonna be so mad…”


      Well, there is the theory Sundance floated at one point that Sara Carter and John Solomon get their data from black hats, or at least that they are “controlled opposition”. So maybe he can fit this claim into his paradigm…

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