Chinese Checkers

Something is going on. Still trying to get a handle on it, but something is going on. Clearly some interesting things are going on.  Note that this guy is from a SOROS NGO.  So this is like detaining one of their own, IMO.  FAKE HOSTAGE. Doctor Quigley (@CarrollQuigley1 on Twitter) is just tearing this … Continue reading Chinese Checkers

Castling Moves

Well, today was a pretty extraordinary day in DC, and I missed most of it, although I had some extraordinary thoughts on things.  And Q had a big day, too. If I had to sum it up with a metaphor, Obama's big castling move was Eric Holder as a corrupt Attorney General.  Having communist radical … Continue reading Castling Moves

Never Alone

Q's post addressed to Nate Cain ( post 2578) had a line which really struck a nerve: YOU ARE NEVER ALONE. Here is the post. Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 52a4e6 No.4250950 Dec 10 2018 23:13:47 (EST) 'intrusions' have a way of safeguarding people & evidence.Sometimes 'intrusions' are a necessary event in order to safeguard chain of custody [post OIG WB status … Continue reading Never Alone