Dear MAGA: Open Topic 20181210

This SPECIAL (D5 + 5) = (D13 – 3) MENORAH MONDAY open thread is VERY OPEN – a place for everybody to post whatever they feel they would like to tell the White Hats, and the rest of the MAGA world.

Say what you want, comment on what other people said, comment on people’s comments.  Keep it civil.  Treehouse rules, but expect lots of QAnon.

No illegalities, please!  We’re starting to really get some research done here.  Dirty IC is getting called out.  We must persist!

Today (Monday, December 10) will be the FINAL day of Hanukkah, ending at sundown, and the ninth day of Advent.

The 146th day of next year, which shall be celebrated here as Ma Cankles Uranium Day, is:

SUNDAY, MAY 26, 2019


Amazing photography here.  Enjoy, ladies!

436 thoughts on “Dear MAGA: Open Topic 20181210

  1. – – · –
    (For anyone new to here, that’s ‘Q’ in Morse code.)
    – – · –
    In solidarity with the Yellow Vests:
    Vive la France
    Vive la liberte
    Same singer, lower quality video, with lyrics:

    Apparently, Mireille Mathieu came under fire later for her “right wing” politics. Could she be a deplorable?
    – – · –
    Five hundred eighty one days of the BannedWagon.
    Kicked out of the Lashed Refuge. (Thank you dear Wheatie for that.)
    Not that I’m counting, mind you.
    Did you just find out that the site that Can’t Tolerate Heterodoxy has banned you? Hop aboard. Here at W’s Q tree house we are getting the banned back together.
    – – · –
    Let the trumpets be heard! Let the Letter Q be heard around the world!

    – – · –
    Wait a minute. There’s a Q. There’s a W. Next…should be an E.
    – – · –
    The walls are closing in, there’s an expectant tingle in the air. Soon, soon, it will be payback time! Payback for the decades we’ve spent knowing things were slipping away, being offered the choice between Tweedle-D and Tweedle-R.
    – – · –
    PS–so here’s the question: Is this post even half as cheerful as Marica’s posts?
    – – · –

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              1. Haaa…true!

                And then there is that ‘ululating’ thing.
                How do they even do that.

                They must train those women from birth to be able to do that.

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            1. Aaah, those Germanic languages (including English), guttural and with lots of different vowel sounds. If anything German itself has relatively few of them, but Dutch seems to have a lot, and Scandinavian has tons of them (Danish/Norwegian/Swedish would be considered different dialects if it didn’t happen there were three different countries involved.)

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    1. Nope. You aren’t hitting Marica territory on the Cheerful Scale, but that’s okay. It was upbeat and funny and entertaining, and thankfully no dip or nachos for me to obsess over in the middle of the night.

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      1. It is indeed.

        When this is done in concert, the trumpet is supposed to blast from somewhere offstage. Apparently one time a custodian or security guard “caught” the trumpeter about to start and, not knowing the trumpeter was actually supposed to be there, tried to stop him from disrupting the concert.

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          1. I have seen pics of APCs on the streets with the EU symbol on them but not UN. I commented elsewhere (maybe in reply to Sylvia) that they supposedly brought in 80,000 additional police – where did they come from? My guess is EU.


              1. Yeah, but I used armored personnel carriers (APC), which I don’t think was what was observed. They were definitely armored tho.

                “And, now, they have deployed armored vehicles. Under the flag of the European Union. That field of blue with the nest of 12 yellow stars — not to be confused with the yellow stars some were forced to wear during the last effort to unify Europe.”


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      1. It would behoove the Europeans to have more of their own kind. Several leaders have implored them to do so for the last 50 years. This is one of the consequences. They’re worse than Americans at that and Generations X and Y are notorious for never getting married for one reason or another. (Usually couldn’t find the right person.)

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        1. That’s partly because for two decades, we were told…

          “The world is overpopulated!”
          “We must have zero population growth!”

          Funny how only white people followed this directive and voluntarily stopped having so many children.

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          1. All part of the plan, and it was ignored at the time, but recognized and predicted by Pope Paul VI. The population used to be held in control by occasional disease epidemics, and multiple members of one family going into the clergy and lay religious. Then the latter became unfashionable when socialism got popular, and the former was eradicated with a clean water supply and vaccination.

            Human nature was exploited, and teaching generosity in this regard squashed. And so many failed to see it.

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          2. It’s also extremely costly when one figures…at birth one must save up for the kid’s college and perhaps their first car, which is ridiculously expensive IF you think like an upper-middle-class person.

            There was a line in Will Durant’s Story of Civilization about the Roman Republic (and Empire) which rings true today: Children were a luxury only the poor could afford.

            Back then, a wealthy couple, or one trying to move up in the world, had to pay for expensive tutoring for their (male) children, as well.

            The urge to keep up with the Joneses has done as much to kill off child rearing as much as anything else. It will certainly de-incentivize anyone who isn’t absolutely certain they will be a good parent or enjoy it in any way at all, since we no longer live in an age where to be in a relationship (married or not) is to have children.

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            1. Children “being expensive” drives me insane – and I live in an upper-middle class part of the world where everyone is educated beyond high school. There’s ways around all the expenses. My parents made it with more than two kids. Cars were never new or fashionable, and the ones my brothers drove were high mileage POSs from the really cheap used car lots. And at least two got totaled. All but the youngest pretty much paid for our own college. Christmas was Mom’s excuse to replenish our non-school clothes since we were all in private/parochial high schools.

              There’s ways around the “too expensive” mantra. But, humans have to have the self discipline to make it happen.

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              1. Yep, but if they do that–they’re not keeping up with the Joneses, are they? Perhaps your parents weren’t well enough off to get caught up in that mindset, but I assure you 95% of people who drive BMWs don’t want their kids to be seen in a POS, or to go to that community college. It’s them I speak of. They’re typically bright people, the ones you would hope would reproduce, dammit (instead of a welfare queen), and they just don’t want the expense that their mindset pushes them into.

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              2. Good for them! But that just tells me that you actually do see my point; this psychology is causing a lot of problems; some (like your family) have the wit to recognize it but very many don’t.


              3. Oh, I know that. My college degree is in communications. All marketing is based on human emotions, and applied psychology. Yes, we see it, but the people around here would never be called outright stupid.


              4. Indeed. Look what you have brought to the fore! Allow me to share some thoughts on this.

                When did folks think they owed their children their own automobiles? Or even that they owed them the privilege of using the family auto (while paying exhorbitant insurance rates and footing the bill for the fuel and maintenance)? Maybe when (mostly mothers) did not want to be bothered chaufuering their children? When did we start thinking it was our job to entertain our children, instead of having them walk beside us, participating in real life, modeling what we wanted them to grow into (eg, young adults in training, rather than “teenagers”)? Who sowed the seeds of “parents owe their children a university education?” ( I recall being affronted when my parents would not even fill out the invasive forms so that I could receive student aid for my, then, very costly private liberal arts collge. Later, I knew they were right. Good grief, I had my pick of any Jesuit college in the country, if not the world, for free; it was part of my father’s “salary,” and I chose to say no thank you.)

                Who began teaching that it was our job to make our children happy (contrast to holy)?

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            2. I have to say the Communists/socialists certainly have their act together – pretty much every single aspect of this discussion/topic thread is covered in their handbook! ALL by intent and planned!

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            3. I believe (IIRC) it was also Durant in describing the decline of Rome who noted an observation of Julius Caesar. Caesar came back to Rome after many years fighting in Gaul and noticed the unprecedented proliferation of pets, and particularly so many women carrying or accompanied by domesticated pets. Caesar observed that the pets were obviously chose a substitution for having children.

              Related, Durant cites the centuries long legal tradition of absolute patriarchy, what Durant called cruel in principle but seldom in practice, and beneficial to Rome as the basis for stability, unity and progress.

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          3. All races are seeing their fertility rates drop.

            The research in this video says the US has had a 40% drop in the birth rate while also seeing a large rise in STDs. The researcher proposes a reason.

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        2. Seems I was reading an analysis that the world’s 7 billion population could all fit in the state of Oregon, each having a lot size of 50’ X 100’ with room to spare. I usually save sources like this, but can’t locate at the moment! 😟

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          1. 50 x 100 is quite livable! Owned a 3-story + basement century home in Canada on such a lot. Room for growing veggies, flowers, sandbox that later morphed to a small pond, small patio, shade trees, … no room to hit a birdie or play baseball, but plenty of room for toddler t-ball practice and setting up a tent for boy fun. Also plenty of room to build snow forts during blizzard time. There was the largest park in the city a few steps away…

            Prefer the county, the rural, but 50 x 100 …. more than livable.


      1. It’s roughly correct. He said “métissage” – which translates as that, but it’s less inflammatory in French.

        We would likely choose a different MEANING word (intermarriage) in English to convey the same thought, whereas what he chose is roughly miscegenation in English, which is a harsher word here, because of anti-miscegenation LAWS being viewed unfavorably in modern America.

        But the meaning is still crystal clear – he says they have an obligation to intermarry. NANNY STATE! Get out of my bedroom! 😉

        People will naturally intermarry at a good rate if you leave them alone, because WE THE PEOPLE define what a good rate is – not leaders who think they know what we want.

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        1. That intermarriage/miscegenation is the goal of the Coudenhove-Kalergi plan, which, among other things, birthed the concept ot the EU almost a hundred years ago. The CK foundation awarded Merde-kel for her “efforts” back in 2015 or so. Back then, just before the refauxgee deluge, no one was really aware what was up (natch, since “Mutti” is a master at AgitProp, and is unmatched with her propaganda skills)…

          The MultiKulti thing is on over here in Germany, in full force. All you have to do is look at the many and various ads out there, even the grocery stores: ALDI, LIDL, Penny, Real, Rewe, Edeka, Marktkauf, Netto… nary a white or non-mixed couple to be found. And somehow the “children” come in mix-em-and-match-em groupings. Another trend is to use models of indeterminate race, usually some intermediate shade of brown, but ANY SHADE BUT WHITE…

          People are finally catching on. I hope and pray that enough folks figure out that Western culture is committing self-genocide… And the globalists are the ones behind it, in their Satanic attempt to reverse what GOD did at the Tower of Babel. Next thing, they’ll try to reverse Adam and Eve being thrown ot of the Garden of Eden (remember “got to get back to the Garden” from “Age of Aquarius” ???)…

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          1. You know, I have noticed over the last two years a really noticeable increase in mixed race couples and families both in advertising and casting in TV shows. There’s been enough of it that it attracted my attention and I found it startling.

            I personally don’t care who does what with whom, it’s just that the amount of it has increased so drastically that it is quite, quite noticeable. I’ve wondered what was up with that because I now always think there is some underlying motive. Now I know it is real, and there is a reason. Short answer: it’s the Commies. Sigh. It always comes back to the Commies.

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            1. The advertising is just another Narrative Venue.

              The “Public Service” Announcements which assault us daily, with their often graphic depictions of horror, disfigurement, abject suffering, cruelty, all send a message of Bad America, a Hell Hole filled with wife beaters, animal torturers, cancer spreading behavior, monstrous drunk drivers putting every child in peril every moment.

              And they raise money for leftist assault organizations, 501(c)(3)s.

              (This is all part of the effort at pay-back against normal, law-abiding Americans, who have had the “privilege” of not committing murder, rape, robbery, burglary, violent assault or fraud, what used to be the chief concerns of the criminal law.)

              Fear, demoralization and helplessness are the psychological goals of these PSAs, that and a distrust of fellow Americans.

              The fluffiness of so much commercial advertising is intended to hide the relentless underlying message of the images: give up, your situation is hopeless, you have no America anymore.

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              1. Exactly. It is pervasive, and so many good folks do not realize what is being done to them.

                I made this point repeatedly on another site, but apparently it was not a welcome opinion.

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            2. and the fact that you noticed it is in “their” belief proof of your inherent racism they will say!

              it’s a lose lose situation for you. if you mention it, you are racist. if you don’t mention it because you do not want to be labeled as racist you do not raise any awareness. the best we can do is discuss this with people of the same mindset and although we agree, nothing gets done.

              it’s fully open war on humanity with this and so many other things.

              just the other day i was in a restaurant and there was a tv on and a children’s channel was playing. the sound was muted but just watching the visuals and what was happening in the commercials and the shows themselves was somewhat frightening – and i have a 20 year old child, so i know what it was like the last 20 years of children’s programming and have been watching it degrade to incredible lows over that time.

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            1. Europeans set off a self-genocide starting in 1914 and continuing uninterrupted until today. Not reproducing might in part be a function of self-loathing.

              The Chinese seem not to be affected by the sadistic murder and starvation of tens of millions of Chinese by the Chinese government which exists even today, but Europeans live with the “curse” of a Christian inspired morality which refuses to see other human beings as expendable chattel.

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        2. And then define “intermarriage.” In one branch of my family, intermarriage was someone who was not Spanish marrying in thirty years after the people came here. My grandmother was the second or third to marry in. In the 1930s that was a big thing.

          And then there were the Irish.

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          1. Ah for the days when producing euro-mutts was a scandal in the US.

            I’ve seen plenty of interracial boyfriend-girlfriend pairings, for at least a couple of decades. (I say that because they looked high school age to me; but they could for all I know have been married adults, too.)

            Zilch wrong with it, but it should not be forced on people.

            As I write this something has occurred to me (and I may just copy-paste-adapt this reply below so it’s a top level comment). In the past no one has dared question people’s choice in partner/spouse. Now, I think it will start happening. You will be a racist UNLESS you intermarry.

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            1. “I’ve seen plenty of interracial boyfriend-girlfriend pairings, for at least a couple of decades. (I say that because they looked high school age to me; but they could for all I know have been married adults, too.)

              Zilch wrong with it, but it should not be forced on people.”

              100% agreed with the last part. Nothing wrong with it. Have family members (including a parent) who are products of them. Making it an agenda, however, is wrong.

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      1. Amen!

        Immoral solution (forced assimilation) to an immoral problem (open borders and forced migration of intentionally non-assimilating people to create a crisis). Social engineers are the source of the problems that social engineers claim must be solved.

        OK. Imprison social engineers. Problem solved.

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      2. When I have this type of reaction — as I did when the Apple exec expressed the view it would be a sin not to engage in censorship — I find it helpful to think of the various forms of Marxism as a religion. They have their ecclesiastical laws, high priests and rituals; they denigrate adherents of other religions, punish apostates harshly, and of course, exalt their particular beliefs with righteousness and pride.

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  2. Thanks for the great pic once again Wolfie. He had one of the greatest faces for expressions and non -expressions but could convey humor in the non-expressions. Doubt that makes any sense except to me. 🙂

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        1. It’s gonna get played a lot just because (1) I like James Coburn, (2) I like heavy white sweaters and knits, (3) I love the photography there, (4) it shows white and gray hair looking good on a guy, to feed my delusions, and (5) I know you gals love it! 😉

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    1. Probably sounds WAY out of left field (certainly not heart-throb territory) but that description reminds me of Johnny Carson. Some people can convey more than most with just a raised eyebrow. I get exactly what you are saying.

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  3. RE: Photo of Melania in today’s open topic header.

    I’ve been thinking lately that Melania was also born for the storm, along with her very stable genius husband. History repeats:

    “”I was born for a storm, and a calm does not suit me.”
    – Andrew Jackson

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  4. Wolf, the Planefag Anons were following that curious display of all those military planes in the air at once, last night.

    There were a total of 28 planes in the air.
    17 had the designation ‘Outlaw’.
    Others had ‘Jesse’ and ‘Posse’.


    This was when 6 of them went to MaCarren Las Vegas:


    Here is a post about it, listing all the progressive posting on it:

    Anons were saying that the “Scope and Size were the Biggest in History”.

    Note: if you click on that list of posts, you will see a list of 7-digit numbers.
    Those are post numbers.
    That’s how 8chan ID’s their posts.
    You can ‘preview’ each one to see what it’s about, by putting your cursor over it…then click on it to see the full-size post.

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    1. ***Note – for those who don’t know:

      When the Anons use the word ‘fag’ it’s more like a term-of-endearment or something.
      I think it may be a way of trolling the Normies who may be lurking and reading.

      The term ‘faggot’ did not always refer to gays.
      It also refers to a ‘bundle of sticks’.

      In Classical times, a bundle of sticks was called a fasces…and became a symbol for “In Unity, Strength”, in the time of the ancient Greek City States.

      Which is why our founders used the ‘fasces’ in our early imagery.


      Then the Fascists coopted the fasces and used it to justify their policy of ‘forced unity’.
      Which is why ‘fascism’ became synonymous with the “suppression of any opposition or opposing view”.

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        1. Yes…and the first pre-rolled cigarettes were sold in little bundles.

          Which was back when a bundle of sticks to be burned, was called a ‘faggot’.

          So a single cigarette was called a ‘fag’.

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        2. Recent enough, and it may still be current slang in parts of the UK. I was on a board once where one very outspoken woman would talk about stepping out and having a fag, and I always wanted to ask her to prove she had such good looks she could make them go straight.

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      1. NIce dime.

        Depending on the date and mint mark, a “Mercury” dime with full split bands can cost THOUSANDS of dollars in uncirculated condition, because that year, at that mint, they didn’t take any care to completely impress the design on the dimes. On the other hand, for other years/mints FSB can be quite common. Because it can make a huge difference in the value of the coin, the grading services will denote whether a Mercury dime (or even a Roosevelt dime, which has bands on the torch) has Full Split Bands.

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        1. I had a History professor who was a really inspiring guy.

          He would jump up on his desk wearing a Viking helmet with horns.
          Or he would show up wearing a toga, when talking about ancient Rome.

          By using props, he kicked the dust off of history for us.

          One day he brought in a bundle of sticks…a fasces…to talk about the use of that symbol, from the ancient Greek City-States to present.

          It really stuck with me.

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      2. It also means Bassoon in German.

        Unless you call someone a flaming bassoon, which is a musician insult (just kidding)…

        Q: What’s the difference between a bassoon and an oboe?
        A: A Bassoon burns longer…

        Q: What’s an oboe good for?
        A: Lighting a Bassoon…

        (also works with violins and violas)..
        Speaking of which,

        Q: What do a violist’s fingers and lightning have in common?
        A: They never strike the same place twice…

        Q: How do you get a violist to play tremolo?
        A: Mark the passage “SOLO” 🙂

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        1. The thin crescent of the moon doesn’t even come up at all until late in the O-dark-thirties at that time of the month, so zero moonlight. (You can get zero moonlight even with the moon at a quarter phase and quite bright, for half the night; you just have to time it properly.)

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    2. I at first thought all of this might have something to do with reinforcing that un-fenced/un-walled part of the Arizona/Sonora border that POTUS tweeted about the other night, but from what little I’ve seen here, that’s not where these aircraft were going.

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      1. I saw it being reported somewhere that this was the largest military exercise of its kind in preparation for repelling a border incursion – not sue if it was fake news. I think it was on zerohedge

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          1. They also ‘tested’ out the ability to make the whole mil-tracking system go dark.

            Which it did.
            The whole map of the US went down for a while.
            No military planes showed up on radar-tracking, at all.

            When it resumed…some of the aircraft showed back up.
            But some didn’t.

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            1. I also read that the planes used an airstrip in NV that hadn’t been used for decades – yet, it was all lit up for them to land.

              I’ll go back now to the 8-chans to get the sauce …

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      2. These two maps I put up are just a fraction of the ones that the Planefag Anons posted.

        Did check those out?
        You’ll find them at the link I posted.

        IIRC, it looked like a contingent of planes broke off and went down along the border area…may have even landed.

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    1. I also really like the yellow vests with Q. It kind of astounds me that Q would be gaining a foothold in Europe like that. I’m surprised and delighted.

      And really, I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised. They have been had the boot on their neck for some time now. I’ve always believed our 2016 election was about more than the future of our country, so it only makes sense that others across the world are catching a sniff of freedom in the air and responding to it. Can you hear the people sing?

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      1. There are Q-peeps literally all over the world.

        There are so many in Germany, that the Qresearch board has a “Qresearch Germany” thread where they can sprechen sie Deutsch to each other.

        I’ve seen pics posted on the Qresearch board, from the Q-peeps in other countries, where they saw some graffiti with a Q…or a sticker on a car…or some of them will hold up a Q-sign in front of a landmark that is recognizable.

        So the Q-haters really have no idea what they are hating on.

        Well, on second thought…the Dems don’t like the message of Q, since it means a lot of them will finally be made to answer for their crimes.

        But the Q-haters on our side…they’re acting like NPC’s.
        Someone has told them that “Q is garbage” and so they nod and act like they ‘know’ what Q is about.
        It’s really disappointing.

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          1. Yes, and most of them are just going by what ‘others’ have said about Q…without checking it out for themselves.

            So they are acting like the leftist NPC’s.

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        1. I liked the pic of Berlin, where they had four people with Q signs.

          That was saying two things (at least) to the globalists: 1) Q and 2) 4 Q (count ’em 🙂 )…

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  5. I am finally able to show the “muh we are doomed” crowd why we aren’t and won’t be.

    What Governor Ron DeSantis is about to accomplish in Florida PDJT is going to be able to accomplish at the Federal Level (Circuit, District, Court of International Trade).

    This article ABSOLUTELY makes my point! Look what will happen in Florida. The State Supreme Court will have a majority of Republican Justices for the first time in 20 years. The twenty years prior the majority of Justices were Democrat Appointed and Liberal Leaning.

    Our President will be able to do the same at the Federal Level and the consequences will be for DECADES to come!

    From the article linked above:

    One of the new governor’s early moves will be to replace justices Barbara Pariente, Fred Lewis and Peggy Quince, whose terms end on inauguration day, Jan. 8.

    The three justices, who reached mandatory retirement at age 70, frequently formed a liberal-leaning bloc on the seven-member court. And they are the last justices named by a Democratic governor, the late Lawton Chiles.

    By narrow margins, the state Supreme Court often antagonized Florida Republican governors and the GOP-dominated Legislature, which have commanded state government the past 20 years.

    The court turned back Republican attempts to ask voters to disconnect from Obamacare, denied a 24-hour waiting period on abortions, killed former Gov. Jeb Bush’s first-in-the-nation statewide school voucher program as unconstitutional and stopped him from blocking Terri Schiavo’s right to die.

    Court majorities powered by the three departing justices also stymied business-backed drives to reduce product liability and workers’ compensation and also defied the Legislature on redistricting, with rulings that found state Senate and congressional districts were drawn to help re-elect incumbents and keep Republicans in power.

    This will all be done before the end of his first term since the Democrats have the House and the Senate will have nothing to do except process Judges 😉.

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  6. Thanks, Fle!

    I just love the sound of…”Governor Ron DeSantis”.

    And I think there is a major effort going on to demoralize us Trump-supporters.
    It is a concerted effort…on all fronts.

    Some have fallen for it.
    And they want some company in their misery…so they are trying to infect others.
    That way they will have some fellow wallowers.

    So thank you for your cheerful optimism, Fle.

    Heheh, @ the….“muh we are doomed” crowd.
    I love that!

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      1. And I *know* I was using the reply-box for Fle’s comment…because while I was typing, I was looking at Fle’s comment moved all the way over to the left…which is what happens when you are replying.

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    1. I totally agree on the attempt to demoralize!
      Yesterday I was reading some of the comments from “over there” on a thread about Jim Jordan and was shocked to read how he has “betrayed” conservatives 3 times–mostly having to do with his votes in regards to Ryan as Speaker IIRC.
      It seemed a thinly veiled attempt to yet again splinter repubs in my opinion.
      Politicians need to be able to compromise if anything in government is to be achieved and every compromise should not be viewed as a sellout–can’t always get what you want, but you get what you need type of thing.
      and yes hindsight is 20/20 and maybe knowing what he knows now, he may not have voted for Ryan as speaker–but badmouthing Jordan? really?

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      1. Oof, that is low. Jim Jordan hasn’t done anything wrong. And look, he can only do what one man can. He ran for Speaker. The vote wasn’t even close. How that bunch of fools in the House could vote for McCarthy over Jordan I don’t know, but they did. So it isn’t as though he alone can fight House leadership.

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        1. TBH, I would vote for McCarthy over Jordan if the money swaying votes has dried up. Jordan is too much like a bull in a china shop for that job. He is more useful elsewhere like being part of the bread and circuses show hearings. The Speaker needs to be at least a bit persuasive, and McCarthy was a whip at one point, IIRC.

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      2. I’ve cut “over there” out of my life and refuse to go there to wallow in what might have been, but I do follow a few Republican never Trumpers on other social media, and they’ve fallen for the doom and gloom. It’s very easy if you don’t forcibly cut the propaganda, i.e. Fox News, from life.

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        1. my mother told me she heard on TV yesterday that “if they do not impeach him, trump will be the first president to ever do jail time after his term” hahahaha… i mean, seriously?

          if they are going to do something then do it and let’s get it on. these freaks need to be treated like the absolute children they are.


      3. IIRC the poster thought Jordan’s vote FOR Ryan was the beginning of his treachery against conservatives and then 2 additional votes where he sided with Ryan…don’t remember to be honest. But I am savvy enough about politics to know that votes are not simple things–you may support a position in order to obtain a favorable committee assignment—and what not. But i hardly think Jordan sold out conservatives.

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        1. As you say, it is just fact that this internal negotiating is on-going in pretty much every aspect of government, even within the beltway bandit world.

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    2. DEFINITELY a concerted effort to demoralize MAGA. It has been brutal out there for the last week. I don’t watch much of the media because I can’t stomach it, but what little I have seen has about set my hair on fire.

      They are all convinced, even some nominally or marginally “on our side” people like Andy McCarthy (I know, he was never Trump) who put out a piece that I refused to read where he apparently discussed his belief Mueller is going to charge PDJT–I think with campaign finance violations.

      I just rolled my eyes and refused to listen. I’ve heard to many people talk about the legal expertise necessary to speak intelligently about campaign finance law and that it is not a criminal code.

      That’s just one tiny example. I saw a video clip of Comey whining about PDJT over the weekend and was nearly violently ill. I really loathe him. While I was fumbling for the remote to change the channel I thought, “Oh I hope he gets arrested soon… I’d love to see the smirk wiped off his face.”

      I can’t/won’t give that crap my time. What little exposure I had to it was toxic enough. I go back to basics. PDJT was chosen for this job at this time by a power bigger than us and I’m confident it wasn’t to let him fail at leading the people of this country (and apparently the world) out of globalist enslavement.

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      1. I avoided watching any News all weekend…and I do not feel demoralized in the slightest.

        If I watch any tv, I watch the Hallmark Channels these days.
        And I must not be the only one.
        Because they have grown to 3 channels now!

        Another guilty pleasure is watching reruns of Stargate SG1 on the DelRay channel.

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        1. As near as I can tell, the death of GHWB knocked the Caravan clean out of the news.

          It is all about who will replace Kelly–will it be Mick Mulvaney? Mark Meadows? It’s not going to be Mike Pence’s COS because he is moving on. I heard a suggestion of David Bossie or maybe Whitaker, or maybe Mnuchin. Whatever. As long as they do right by PDJT that’s all I care about.

          But mostly, as far as I can tell, it is media fantasy PDJT destruction porn time. Impeachment? Prison? Impeachment followed by prison? Will he be behind bars soon? Sooner? Maybe for Christmas?

          They are all fricking insane. Mind you, this is what I can discern from changing channels or looking at a headline or two. I can’t bear to do anything more than that.

          Hallmark Christmas movies sound just fine! And I have noticed there are more than ever. You’d think someone would catch a clue that there is a movie market out there that is under served.

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          1. As near as I can tell, the death of GHWB knocked the Caravan clean out of the news.

            That may have been a by-product of it with the intention being to stymie D5. The team got the DS to expend valuable ammunition with the GHWB hooplah. They can’t get it back.

            The caravan, though, was already losing steam, IMO, as the truth was making its way onto social media, and when it was clear that the mission was going to fail because Trump put troops on the border, the invasion force started to abandon the quest.

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      2. I think this is the best approach to take (i.e. tuning out). It seems like the dark powers-that-be are doing everything they can to depress our side (which, to me, is indicative of a side that knows that they’re losing and are going all scorched earth).

        Like you, I also believe that PDJT has been chosen to serve a divine purpose. The globalists can kick, scream, and wail all they want. Nothing is going to stop this purpose from being fulfilled (even if we may not have a full understanding of how events are going to unfold)

        2019 will certainly be an interesting year.

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        1. It is hard to pull back or give up on “the news” whatever that means in this day and age. However, as much as I want to stay informed I have to protect myself from exposure to toxic swill, also, because it will eat away at me.

          I am choosing very carefully these days what I expose myself to and for how long.

          I figure if something big blows, like Jim Comey gets arrested or George Soros finally draws his last breath I’ll hear about it one way or another.

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          1. “give up on “the news””

            It’s easy to give up on “the [FAKE] news”, when one has sources like:

            VSGPDJT’s tweets themselves
            THIS site (a top-notch, crowd-sourced news/opinion aggregator)
            Q’s posts themselves
            the 8-chan boards
            Patriots Soapbox YT channel
            (and other derivative sites, to suit ones taste, on the internet)

            With all these sources, I find I don’t need to visit any other source. Besides, those other “sources” get quoted / linked-to enough to get the gist of the world goings-on.

            Red-pills, yum!

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          2. Sylvia,
            I have not watched TV PERIOD (news, sit-coms) in over 15 years!

            Uninformed? I don’t think so….

            And no matter how much one may think they know it is propaganda, one is STILL getting sucked in. It is toxic!!!!

            As for one is going on in the White House, in the Administration, I ALWAYS wait for POTUS to tell us. What the heck does the Jeff Bezos CIA Wacompost, the Carlos Slim CIA NYSlimes know about POTUS?
            Nada, zilch, zero, NO THING!!!

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      3. I also refused to read the McCarthy article. It just happened to come out at a time when the leftist Narrative everywhere you turned was that Trump had committed a crime and was going to jail (sheer nonsense on both counts).

        Andy Candyass just happened to drop an article supporting the leftist narrative. Shocking.

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    3. @Sylvia: “…there is a major effort going on to demoralize us Trump-supporters.”
      I think this is one goal of Leftist reporting. They are feeding their base, they are using wishful thinking, and they are spreading propaganda and lies to manufacture a false sence of negative momentum. (They started doing this even before Pres. Trump was elected, and it has escalated.) But they are also flooding the country with negatives about Pres. Trump and MAGA to demoralize his base. WE won’t be affected, but some on the fringe might.

      The pics of people all over the world following Q are encouraging.

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          1. btw I was just at Hobby Lobby on Saturday –testing my crowd phobia–and yes, their Christmas stuff was 50% off already–but there wasn’t much left…trees and cans, some decorations. I went looking for some little crafts to do with my granddaughter–i saw aisles of them last month–there were none…but all the cashiers were merrily calling out Merry Christmas! to all their customers. Loved it!

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              1. we do–well the mall does–the mall is over an hour away—but yes I hit that one too when I get there…and the Joannes…


            1. Ha! Talk about crowd phobia! Altho I don’t consider it a phobia – I just despise rude people and so very many are these days. BTW, for little crafts for your granddaughter, you might try I get their catalog “Dover Children’s Big Book” and it has TONS of crafts, mind-benders, books (of course), paper dolls, stickers, how to make Origami, magic kits, and on and on and on. And, IMO, at VERY reasonable prices. Check it out. I am getting ready to order a couple of items for my 9 year old granddaughter. Last year I bought her five different sets of paper dolls from other countries – I think they were $2/ea. She put them together and took them to school, where they used them in class.

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              1. awesome! thanks for the suggestion!
                my granddaughter loves coming to Grandma’s–we paint rocks, dance and sing to all the latest country songs and act as silly as we can. and we draw…one weekend all we drew were animal butts–lol–but she had the best time. I will definitely look at Dover!

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    1. I know God’s has His reasons. But. This is one of those imponderable mysteries of life. This foul creature just seems to live forever, when there are many others I could name whose lives were cut short. Why, oh why.

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      1. Sylvia do not lose heart. You may remember what they say about the wheels of the gods. Soros will be nothing but a bad memory and that will be at the time of God’s choosing. Isaiah 30:18

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        1. I want to see him (and his spawn) broke, destitute and on the streets first but, unfortunately, that probably won’t happen. BTW, what is the opinion here of this notion of blood transfusions keeping some of these cadavers breathing? Seems a bit much to me but…….???

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          1. Oh the blood-transfusions thing is real.

            The blood of toddlers is the most coveted, because it has the strongest rejuvenative benefits.

            It’s expensive though…and wears off within a week.

            How do you think Hillary was able to look so good at times…and then, a few days later she would look like death warmed over.

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            1. you’re serious about that???
              gees the world is so much more twisted than I ever thought…
              I honestly thought that phenomenon was due more to a body double…

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            2. Seriously? I just can’t process this completely…..SMH – do you think that is what happened that time she collapsed, and then was seen within hours on the street greeting strangers and staging the interaction with the little girl? Or was that a body double?

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              1. regarding the wall movie – your mileage may vary as everyone sees things differently, but it is a work that shows how the powers that be will control and determine your lives at the disregard of you and your well being as long as their goal is advanced through manipulation and coercion. there are other themes also but in general it is a good piece showing everything from class struggles, love and loss at the hands of the state, self determination and then self sabotage and sacrifice…

                you also get a real feeling for the songs that you’ve heard over and over on the radio but not in the context that they were intended by the artists.

                pink floyd as a band is an interesting research diversion, including what i consider their most interesting character, syd barrett, one of the original founders of the band, but i digress 🙂

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        2. Pat, I understand your sentiment, but …

          When one prays, one must pray for something positive. Praying for an ill … defeats the whole purpose of prayer. Prayer is for GOOD. (IMO)

          Put all vengeance into the able hands of God, for it is His domain, not ours.

          I’m not a Biblical scholar … but I recall the phrase “”Vengeance is mine” saith the Lord.” (sp? paraphrase?)

          Please don’t waste prayers for evil purpose, for destruction – even if it’s against the evil ones among us.

          Wishing ill on ANYONE – is a curse, not a blessing.

          We’re all frustrated! For now. Don’t become like them, so as to (temporarily) defeat them! Because, in this way, they aren’t defeated, but are strengthened, for a future time.

          I would pray that S***s receives his just due.

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          1. Emerald, I agree. I do pray for justice to be done and for our protection, but pretty much just put the matter before the Lord and ask for His mercy and provision for His people, and that His will be done.

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              1. You, too, Emerald. Oh, believe me, I have my thoughts about what iI’d like to see happen to these people, but I’m not the Lord, and He doesn’t need me telling Him what should happen to them.


          2. sorry! I left off the sarcasm tag…I would never use prayer in that manner. (I will try to remember you all can’t see me laughing when i post things like that…it was supposed to be funny/snarky…not serious)


        1. He has FOUR sons, and a daughter, who is a HUGE proponent (natch) of Planned (un)Parenthood.

          I think they should be welcomed to an all- (OK, some- ) expense-paid permanent trip to Uncle Vlad’s snow sport and rock-breaking resort. Complete with revoked citizenships and Persona non grata status in the USA…


    2. seriously – go back to the “Arab Spring” and how the egypt and tunisian revolutions specifically were lauded for the use of social media to get out the “truth” from the citizens of those countries.

      remember there were even rapes happening in crowds and people were “tweeting for help” and without twitter and facebook these totalitarian governments would have shut down the protests and nobody would have known.

      they LOVED social media back then and said “any attempt to censor or shut down social media would be a sin against mankind”…

      just like they used to like wikileaks…

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    1. that’s so cool! thanks for posting…I will have to be on the lookout. we live pretty far out in the boonies without ambient light–so at night the stars are brilliant…the comet should be cool to see!

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            1. Well thank you, Georgia / Florida!

              Have to admit, I found it strange that NO photos would be free of enforced copyright – but I understand the photographers’ claim to origination.

              I’m sure I’ll figure it out, now having your help on how to do so.

              Btw, last night I was going back over prior threads, and I noticed your wonderful reply to my apology a few days ago. I’m glad it made you feel better!

              In my family, I’m the only guy who has the ability, and motivation, to say – and mean – “I’m sorry”. The others can’t seem to bring themselves to such an apparently obvious admission. This psychological trait has caused a slew of family problems (dysfunction, extraordinaire!), but I escaped it (mostly).

              I chose “Emeraldstar” (in a slight conceit) because that color of star is the rarest color – in the visible spectrum – in the universe. So said the Harvard prof (teaching Astronomy at their [discount] Extension School) in the course I took. I chose “emerald”, instead of “green”, to differentiate between emitted light, v. reflected light. Scientists haven’t (yet) adopted this convention.

              I’m psyched to have the picture of the comet! Thanks again …

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              1. Ach! These screen names confuse me – always thought you were a female! I have to admit to being somewhat of a luddite when it comes to astronomy. On the one hand, when I hear them talking about some comet or something approaching earth that has been traveling for 160 million years, I just throw up my hands and cannot get HOW they can know (and prove) that! Then again, my globalist Mason friend sent me a photo on FB of an overview of all the universes out there and where earth was on the map and it was smaller than a grain of sand! So, this just completely gets me discombobulated and thoroughly flummoxed. Add in my being a Christian and trying to fit those concepts into Christian beliefs and……..I am a goner!

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              2. Nebraska, I know what you mean. I keep trying to filter out notions that com through the masons, but it gets confusing. And I thought EmeraldStar was a she, too. Lol.

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              3. The refusal to ever admit wrong, recognize a mistake, or apologize is a total riddle to me.

                I understand in some political or business contexts – – public areas – – where to do so is simple lunacy, and not reflective of good character necessarily.

                But person to person, it is so destructive.

                There are two aspects of this phenomenon which particularly gall me.

                1) When another person’s “innocence” could be disclosed, but is not; and

                2) When I know the truth, and the other person knows I know the truth, and I know they know I know they know, yet they continue to act as if the truth is some mystery, or worse, something other than the truth.

                These are the hugely destructive games some people play, and as you say often contribute to the everlasting unhappiness of families.

                It took me many years to realize the only “solution” to such people is to have nothing to do with them under any circumstances.

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              4. (single post, multiple replies)

                To Filly –

                “thought you were a female!”

                Again – it’s YOUR FAULT! hehe.

                Don’t worry about it! I rejected my father (he created a total sociopath in my elder brother), and so, I relied completely on my mother. I’d make that choice again, 100 out of 100 times.

                To Zoe –

                Again, I don’t blame you. I’d never been unsure – in the LEAST – about my intellect (or about my being non-LGBT-PDQ-RSVP). But those around me were worried, about their intellect (we all are / were straight). I decided to focus on my weakness (family-originated lack of self-knowledge, specifically, psychology / emotions), instead of my intellectual strength – in which I’ve forever had total confidence.

                Please do me a favor, Zoe! On that thread, where I apologized to GA/FL, and you responded – please go back there yourself, and correct your mistaken conclusion about me, so it will show up right there for whoever reads it. (Btw, if this is too difficult, given your disability – please ask GA / Fl to do so for you. Thanks!)

                To Tona –

                It took me a minute to figure out you’re a guy too – the “wanda” part of your handle threw me off for a sec. But you’re right – the inability to ADMIT a wrong is a serious psychological deficiency. And the destruction caused is irreversible. It strikes me as the SAME problem that the “lefties” / “libs” have. To wit, an identity mis-judgment.

                I spoke of narcissists a day or two ago … and you’ve reached the same conclusion that I have, and that the SciAm authors did: “have nothing to do with them”.

                I.e., RUN!!!

                Cheers to all three of you!

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              5. Thanks – and thanks also for the interesting facts on stars! I think it’s ok to use the images if you don’t make money off of them. Perhaps you could also link to the source somehow.


    2. Wait for the moon to set, it will be somewhere above and to the right of Orion. I’d look at it soon as the moon is going to get brighter and brighter, and set later and later, over the next week, and it will wash out the comet. By the 16th it will be near the Pleiades, directly above Orion, but you might need to wait til midnight-is for the moon to set to see it, which would put Orion overhead and you’ll be looking more to the right of it than above it.

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  7. Just checking in on the run …

    Hi all, site doesn’t seem the same without me – where’s the banter? 🙂

    Fantasy aside, just ran across this – did you all know about this? …..

    The US atty for SDNY has accepted a Grand Jury enquiry into 911 truth? I had no idea!!

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      1. Acceptance may mean “catch and kill”. It’s a very common technique in Hillary-land. Bring a potential threat into their control and then denounce / dismiss / divert. I do not trust “legal rulings”. I only trust the facts and logic.

        So yes, it’s a big deal and interesting, but it has no bearing on the truth for me.

        What I am most interested in now is (1) who plotted and arranged, (2) who became aware and when, (3) who engaged in cover-up crimes, (4) what were the motivations of ALL the players, and (5) what was the ENTIRE plot.

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      1. Thanks Marica, will do. I think Steve is a little bit INTIMIDATED by you!! 🙂

        Your ALL CAPS WORDS are perhaps a little scary for him!! Maybe he finds me a tad easier to handle? 🙂


    1. Thanks for this! 9/11 is key not just to POTUS, but to me. I think this blog becomes a real risk because we allow “conspiracy theories” to be discussed very rationally.

      Now I understand why Alex Jones had to be taken down. FASCINATING.

      Yeah, once I see that Tower 7 building collapse shot, it’s over. They can scream the official story at us all they want, but it’s over.

      I find it very interesting how the information / disinformation skepticism balance needs to reach a critical level for the controlled demolition to be questioned properly and not “dismissed with prejudice” by my mind.

      What is the keeper thought that auto-dismisses other things? “Planes hit the buildings”. What is the questioner thought that breaks that? “Did you see the planes hit the buildings?” It is only by answering the latter at the most GRANULAR level (cough) that one really confronts the data and not internal rulings, many “with prejudice” on all conflicts.

      The mind dismisses conflicts based on the footage of the planes hitting the buildings. Once one allows ANY questioning of that footage – just a little – the other stuff just ROARS as suspicious.

      Now I understand the pre-Trump panic. Trump was the one guy who would NOT hold up the official 9/11 story.

      Also why Q dropped the Eckert date. Induced panic in EVERYBODY associated with 9/11 and their underlings. SO SMART. The Q folks just snuck in on the side and basically said “We know about the related item.”

      Panic in DC.

      “Trump has to be stopped before 9/11 is revealed.” That is their motivator THAT is at the core of everything anti-Trump, IMO. I will bet that a lot of people in media KNOW now.

      Everybody else “owes up the chain” into the plotters, and can be controlled. NOT TRUMP.

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      1. 9-11 was a total coverup, and the Commission report proves it (same with Warren Commission and JFK). Also have Judy Wood’s book—she believes the “evidence” points to a direct energy event (revolving around Tesla research).

        Again, as I mentioned last week here, 110 story buildings cannot collapse in 10 seconds, which is basically a free fall without resistance from anything. Throw a billiard ball of the top of a 110 story building, and it takes approx. 10 seconds to reach the ground. Now take a steel and concrete building, and if you abide by the pancake theory, the resistance of each floor still structurally sound below the damaged area will not allow the building to collapse at that speed (10 seconds)! Absolutely impossible! Cannot happen!

        Therefore, something else took place apart from airplane damage!!! Then WTC 7, owned by Larry Silverstein, who had just been awarded control over the whole WTC complex by the NY Port Authority, and all heavily insured!

        Look at the photos on the cover and inside Dr. Woods book (doctorate in structural engineering or related field), and how the whole building including steel is being disintegrated or pulverized as it collapses. Most the jet fuel (kerosene) was consumed or burnt up upon impact!

        Don’t get me started on 9-11!!!! Lol

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        1. Look at multiple story buildings that collapse (I.e., pancake) in earthquakes. There is ample evidence of floors still remaining pancaked together. The concrete is not pulverized into dust in the air. Steel melts at 2800 degrees F., kerosene (jet fuel) at best about 1300 degrees F.

          Anybody have a portable kerosene heater? Does it melt the surrounding metal when it burns? No, because it does not burn hot enough!

          Take a look at the debris pile of all three buildings (WTC 1,2, and 7). Very little remains of two 110 story buildings (500,000 tons each) and a 47 story building not hit by any planes—all falling in on their own footprint at free fall speed (no resistance). Doesn’t happen in the real world without the aide of man in some form other than airplanes.

          Both towers were structurally designed to take a direct hit from a Boeing 707, the largest plane in existence when they were built. 767 and 757 only slightly larger than the 707.

          Office furniture, etc. cannot burn hot enough to cause the collapses. Why was there melting steel observed by clean up workers weeks afterwards in the debris pile with nothing left as a fuel to burn that hot (2800 degrees!!!)?

          The Commission Report on 9-11 does not even mention WTC 7 and it’s collapse! Wonder why?

          Remember the burning high rise in London not too long ago (26-30 stories)? The whole building was engulfed in flames! Did it collapse? No! The only steel and concrete skyscrapers in history to collapse from fire are those on 9-11. Very odd!!!

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        2. Bottom line— it was an inside job by our government—Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Chertoff, CIA, FBI, DOJ—fill in the blank! Mossad probably! 19 Arabs and another one in a cave in Afghanistan (Bin Laden)….give me a break! Who created Bin Laden—CIA.

          Motive. To disrupt the Middle East by manufacturing the new enemy after the Cold War—the War on Terror! But to do any of what took place after 9-11, a false flag was necessary to bring the American public onboard and supportive. Also needed a reason to get into Afghanistan to free up the poppy fields from the Taliban!!!

          Where was the military response during 9-11? Non-existent!!! A good book on this well researched and referenced is—“The 9/11 Mystery Plane and the Vanishing of America”, by Mark Gaffney. Have you heard of the planes called the E-4B’s, a military 747 called the “doomsday plane”? There are four of them—a Pentagon in the air! If 9-11 was a surprise, why is there photographic and video evidence of an E-4B in the air over DC before the Pentagon was hit? Just cruising???

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          1. Do you think President Donald J. Trump knows a thing or two about steel and concrete skyscrapers, and how to build them? Think maybe he knows what it also takes to bring them down? Think he doesn’t have a clue what transpired on 9-11?

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              1. ‘Buy’ nothing. Trump’s people were at the site every day for months feeding the first responders/workers.

                Bet he’s got some of obie’s DNA too.


        3. Ask yourself how the perpetrators were known so quickly, and how the MSM was spewing the propaganda tale of 19 Arabs and Bin Laden before the day was over! How an Israeli diplomat in London was on TV spewing the same tale only an hour after the event took place!

          Good Lord, we have been investigating Russian collusion by the Trump campaign for almost two years without a shred of evidence, and yet, that story plays on, and on, and on!

          Yet, on 9-11, the biggest aggression on American soil since Pearl Harbor, we know before days end who perpetrated the crime! And then all the infill started taking place regarding the Arabs and their pilot training–we are shown the impact of the planes over and over, day after day, to imbed that vision and story in our psyche. No one questions the official narrative after about the first several hours, and early reports conflicting that narrative are rabbit-holed down the memory shaft never to resurface (at least for a long period of time).

          Government agencies come in (and lie) saying the air is safe to breath around Ground Zero, so the government can gain control of the existing evidence (steel, etc.) and get it gone and off to Asia to be recycled. To this day, people exposed to this contaminated air are dying or have grave health problems! Do you hear much about that?

          Basically, we were feed one story and one story only from the onset– the one put in place by our government to conceal the real truth behind the operation. And like sheeple we followed along without questioning some of the obvious evidence before our eyes, introduced to a Tavistock Institute mind control exercise in real time!

          The official government story was being framed and pushed while the building dust was still in the air, and we were buying into it like good little sheeple!!!

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          1. pete – you don’t need to convince most of us. in the first paragraph of this post you stated about how they knew who to blame it on almost immediately – i spoke the words to my cubicle neighbor before they even announced that “guess what man, i have $20 on it being blamed on some terrorists from the middle east and we’ll be heading over there pretty quick and by christmas we’ll be tying yellow ribbons around the old oak trees…” he replied with “certainly starting to look like that…”

            now seriously, i am not even making this up. and trust me – i cried intellectual property theft when those gosh darn yellow ribbon magnets hit the stores! if i had only filed a patent that day!

            but back to the deal – people talk about WTC7 all the time – i freaking heard on NBC news the reporter say “we have word now that they may need to collapse building 7 because it is getting unstable. right now they are still manning the emergency headquarters located there, but we are being told that they are evacuating the building and the talk is that they will bring it down in a controlled way because of other buildings that are nearby that could be damaged since it is leaning to one side…”

            now – that “quote” i made was not an exact quote because my memory of 17 years ago is a tiny bit blunted. but i was at my parent’s house standing in the kitchen listening to NBC on their kitchen radio when that statement was made. soon after the building came down.

            now why would the guy say that? then after it happened they basically memory holed the whole thing. i mean, how many people do you know that even KNOW there was a building 7? that there was an emergency “headquarters” type station in it? they were reporting this all afternoon on that day.

            and i remember saying to my father – “why do they even care about some buildings around 7 getting damaged when those two towers just fell right there?” he had no opinion, and frankly some people in the house were getting annoyed at my insistence of a conspiracy already brewing and how couldn’t i just feel some compassion for these poor souls instead of doing my normal anti-govt thing… i get it, but i remember also.

            i have been to ground zero. i have seen where those buildings fell. i have stood not 50 yards from the corner of them at a building that survived the collapses. i have looked around, all different angles. i challenge anyone to stand there and in their own mind figure how those buildings which were “randomly” struck and damage started to happen to them not in a controlled way, but a very random and uncontrolled way, and tell me how they fell almost as perfect as a multi-million dollar professional firm would have done it. and not just ONE but TWO!

            ok, switch it up – i have been to the 5 sided building in DC. i have walked (on the ground) the exact path that the “plane” took as is made it’s approach and then struck the building. again, i challenge any person to tell me the possibility of flying a passenger aircraft on that approach, with multiple angles of decent, leveling and decent again, and then come in finally making contact between the roof and the groundline. i didn’t believe it when it happened (and since that day i’ve only seen 2 supposed “videos” of the “object” and those 2 examples were single frame captures stitched together) and i certainly was convinced when i was there in person that it did not happen the way we are told.

            to be honest, at each spot you have to hide the fact of what you are thinking because both spots are meant to trap you into the memorials that are there and you have to feel bad for the people and silently honor them…not saying that is bad, but you know what i am getting at.

            generally people do not want to believe that our leaders could condone any humans being killed especially our own citizens.

            look who headed up the commission to write the cover up report for this whole debacle.

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            1. Commercial jetliners can fly at 500 mph at 30,000 feet, but they cannot controllably fly at those speeds below a couple thousand feet, let alone structurally fly at those speeds at low altitude (they will start falling apart due to the pressure exuded on the body).

              The DC “plane” was supposedly flown by arguably the worst of the “Arab pilots”. According to his numerous instructors, he had no business being in the cockpit of a single engine Cessna, let alone a commercial jetliner. So we are led to believe that at high speeds at low altitudes this ace pilot did a 330 degree turn in a commercial airliner (again, at low altitude and high speeds) — and then at tree top level controls this plane for a direct hit into the Pentagon!!!???

              None of the Arab “pilots” had ever flown a commercial jetliner (never!), yet on that fateful day they rose to the level of experts and did what most experienced commercial pilots say was near impossible!!!??? Three out of four success rate? Actually, the plane over PA was operating on about a 45 minute delay on take-off (unforeseeable!), so it was way out of kilter on the timeline for targets to be hit — thus, it was taken out over neutral ground.


              1. that’s right. and the fact is – “something” hit the building. and once that happened, you were basically dissuaded from asking questions because of the nature of the incident. but common sense looking at it – and i have to stress – until i was there in person looking at the situation did i only finally get the totality in my mind of how that went down and it seemed very unlikely. frankly the two in nyc seemed unlikely to me also, but at least we were talking much higher up in the air and a pretty large target to hit. the 5 sided building, not so much. it is BIG but coming in at the needed angle (and the thing was almost flying parallel to the ground coasting into the side of the building) much much harder. not to mention it missed all trees, fences, lightposts, gates, etc. no guards were alerted to even go out and try and shoot at it with a service pistol or anything. no planes were scrambled. the one in nyc was the most baffling because a plane struck and there was some time before the next one – enough time for at least some action to be happening in the sky. of course the built in excuse “we couldn’t do anything because if we shot it down people would have been killed on the plane and on the ground” is just that an excuse.

                pennsylvania i believe they allowed that one to be the sacrificial lamb – think about the good feelings we all got thinking about the “true heros” that gave their lives to stop that one…it was a built in narrative chapter to serve a purpose.

                and lest anyone think i do not have sympathy for these folks, trust me, i do. i honestly believe my skepticism is more honoring to their memory than the whitewashed memorial with a water feature.

                Liked by 1 person

  8. I find it thoroughly reprehensible that Nadler (among others) is squealing in front of cameras about not only impeaching POTUS over an alleged campaign violation but gleefully anticipating him in jail for it. No mention about Obama’s 2 million dollar campaign finance violation or the Congressional Slush Fund payout of 15 million dollars for sexual harassment claims.

    Liked by 5 people

  9. A Great Interview w/Gene Ho who was the official campaign photographer for Donald J. Trump during Trump’s two year run for the Presidency. Gene had total access and got a unique insiders look at the REAL Donald J. Trump. This is his story and his take on Q is pitch perfect!

    Liked by 8 people

      1. I am ordering his book..I’ve always wished that someone would take all the stories of the people Trump has helped over the years and turn them into a book of who he really is. Deep heart and deep pockets where it counts most often unnoticed except to those who receive the benefit! 🙂

        Liked by 2 people

    1. Very nice!
      President and Melania too, deserve so much more respect and love from this country than they get. The dirty cabal has used every psychological trick in their evil book to tear him up so that the braindead will also hate him.
      The USA has been blessed by his shouldering the job of trying to set things right and giving optimism and faith to us that it is possible.

      Liked by 3 people

      1. Yes, Molly! It is amazing how much energy they have for doing good for all of us regardless of what any one person thinks. I was reminded recently when having one of those “moments” when thinking I really wish he would not have said/done that. Later that day I heard him say about whatever the issue was, “I’m doing this for you and for your children and grandchildren”. It hit me that all U. S. citizens are like his children and he is acting as any parent toward their children just on a global scale and we are his family.

        Liked by 1 person

  10. As I was typing a reply to Deplorable Patriot I had a thought:

    In the past no one has dared question people’s choice in partner/spouse. You weren’t accused of being a bigot just because you like blonde haired, blue eyed women (or men). Or even redheads and (white) brunettes. Now, I think it will start happening. You will be a racist UNLESS you intermarry. That’s what’s being cued up by our media.

    Liked by 7 people

    1. When i have browsed the shopping ads and magazines the past few years, its been noticeable that they feature interracial couples, mostly white females with nonwhite males, and more gay or suggestive gay couples. Theres the argument about over/underrespresented groups but a case could be made for going by percentages or any group that feels slighted. Mr gil is very angry by the white guy being a doofus/fat/nerdy/dumb in movies or ads bc it is so pervasive.
      There was some article that published a couple weeks ago saying you’re a traitor as a white female unless you intermarry. Nonsense, but look at the makeup of a lot of protest groups.

      Liked by 5 people

    2. The Official Position had already been established that you are a bigot if you are a man and refuse considering to “date” a man who pretends he is a woman.

      The leftists understand this is sheer lunacy, which is one reason why they push this garbage. And they have been wildly successful.

      Liked by 4 people

  11. I guess they think if they say it often enough, it’s going to happen. Not sure that works in this case.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. My take – Its darkest before the dawn, maybe this is final tribulation before our heroes lower the finally Hammer.

      With that bit of faith, I plan to enjoy the show

      Liked by 6 people

        1. “our heroes lower the finally Hammer”

          I actually like the “finally Hammer” phrase.

          Grammar takes a back-seat to meaning.

          Wouldn’t we ALL like a “finally Hammer”? I sure would.

          Amazing, how seeming “mistakes” actually convey the TRUE message more clearly …

          Liked by 1 person

    2. “I guess they think if they say it often enough, it’s going to happen.”
      Yes, and they are trying to convince the masses that they (the media) are the authorities and that THIS is how people must think; that they are presenting the truth. It’s a tidal wave of propaganda.

      Liked by 1 person

  12. It’s looking like a great pile on of projection.

    Watergate Journo Bernstein: ‘For The First Time In His Life’ Trump ‘Is Cornered’ Due to Mueller Probe

    On Sunday morning’s edition of CNN’s Reliable Sources, host Brian Stelter asked Bernstein to weigh in on the recent development that federal prosecutors now believe Trump directed Michael Cohen to commit felonies by paying off porn star Stormy Daniels and Playboy model Karen McDougal.

    Stelter asked if Bernstein agrees with Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) that the offenses are impeachable.

    “It certainly looks like they are the kind of offenses that would call for impeachment hearings into the conduct of the president of the United States,” Bernstein replied, but added that “There’s something much more important than just impeachment going on, and that is the fact that Donald Trump for the first time in his life is cornered.”

    “As a businessman, he always could bully his way out of a corner,” Bernstein continued. “He always could buy his way out, cheat his way out. He is boxed in by Mueller, and the people around him know that he is.”


    1. see why one shouldn’t watch these Sunday morning talkin’ heads?

      they’re been propaganda (“I think”, “I heard” etc etc) for decades (since they started?)…


    2. i was going to post something about the “family” orgins of all these people (bernstein, schiff, etc) and their lawyers but i stopped when i realized brian stelter only married into it and i didn’t want to cause any grief over details…

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ll confess that I am a tad bit (okay, very) disappointed about Kelly’s departure; however, Meadows would be a suitable replacement (although, I just spotted a comment about his possibly declining the offer).

      Liked by 3 people

    2. ayers is Pence’s COS? Pence is GOPe at the least, and probably Deep State. Please tell me WHY President Trump would even consider Ayers as his (POTUS’) chief of staff ?

      Meadows? Why would we take a Trump supporter out of the House?

      Frankly, I’m delighted to see Kelly and Ayers depart.

      Liked by 3 people

      1. And so, it looks like it was KELLY’s perspective, in the end, which was the one that “evolved”.

        Who in the flip was HE to speak BEFORE the POTUS, on what POTUS was thinking!

        Glad for his service. And like you, glad to see him now GONE.

        Egos. Trying to out-play GREATER egos. Yeah, right. (And I mean “egos” in the healthy sense, w.r.t. our President … but NOT w.r.t. Kelly, et al. [Bannon, Gorka, Tillerson, others].)

        Liked by 3 people

    1. i think you answered your own question…it used to be called global warming. then they realized the sun was in a solar minimum position with fewer solar flares or sun spots –iirc–thereby proving them wrong so they had to change their cause to climate CHANGE–so if it gets colder–BINGO we were right…if it gets warmer…BINGO we were right again…see we’re always right…

      Liked by 4 people

    2. Unfortunately, this doesn’t hold up, and they’re liable to call you on it.

      There have been times in the past where a general warming trend (like coming out of the ice age) caused hundreds of years of colder weather in certain places, e.g., Northern Europe getting plunged into a mini ice age because an ice dam broke in Canada, and the cold water pouring into the Atlantic foobared the Gulf Stream. Earth is a complex system, and general trends may lead to localized counter-trends.

      The good news is, the Earth is too complex for them to model it accurately.

      Liked by 2 people

  13. Hah!
    But…I couldn’t tell if he was ‘for’ Brexit…or ‘for’ the Remainers.

    The people already had a Vote.
    The majority wanted Brexit.

    It’s the Remainers that want to have another Vote.
    They probably plan to do all sorts of cheating.

    The Brexit folks *do not want* another Vote on Brexit.

    The last Vote hit the Remainers by surprise…they believed their own fake polls that said the Remain votes would win.
    So it’s not hard to figure out why the Remainers want a do-over.

    Liked by 4 people

  14. Could someone catch me up on things? I had a very bad health weekend from my brain injury….

    Just a quick rundown if someone out there is gracious enough

    Liked by 3 people

    1. hope you’re feeling better!

      we were also reminded how smart our POTUS is–he fired Comey who apparently didn’t know much about the FBI, it’s procedures, its personnel or its responsibilities and suffers from CRS (can’t remember squat)

      Liked by 3 people

    2. Very sorry to hear about your health troubles – prayers on the way!

      – Comey was a horrorshow of evasions, half-truths, and “I don’t know” lies

      – Yellow jackets are getting the Merkelstan jack-boots

      – Dems are delusional on Mueller

      – Schiff is in deep schiff

      – Kelly replacement and Barr nominations big deal

      Liked by 6 people

        1. He said: “[My personal bogey-man] TRUMP could face SERIOUS jail-time after leaving office!” (paraphrase)

          TRUTH: Schitt will face serious jail-time BEFORE leaving office.

          Projection shill clown-comped MFin’ lying’ leakin’ skank … had a few words to say.

          What’s the weather forecast? lol

          Liked by 3 people

          1. It was the standard hotel in l.a. He apparently had a regular room that he kept. Yhere are a series of Q posts and replies in re to it. Connected to the pedo ring research, and the insinuation of leaders, including obummer, being given specific children as their s e x slaves. It is also the blackmail technique, video tape and all.
            Also a helicopter crash near the standard may have had a key female who knew about all this but died.

            Liked by 3 people

            1. Important in that story is how I believe they gained leverage over The Standard, using a shakedown “accident” in late 2008 or 2009 that gave Holder a legal stranglehold. I posted a lot about the theory on CTH and Twitter.

              Liked by 3 people

    3. Sorry to hear about your injury, NYGuy.

      That sounds like it could be painful.
      Hope it’s not…but I hope they gave you some good painkillers if it is.

      Prayers for your speedy recovery.

      Liked by 3 people

      1. Thank you. I am much better. I had it last April. It causes dizziness, confusion and a loss of memory. I lost the hearing in my left ear as well. I have been improving to the point where I could read long posts and interpret them in context. Sometimes I get relapses which is what my weekend was about. I just get rest and avoid reading.

        Liked by 7 people

        1. NYGuy54, if you can find a Tai Chi class anywhere reasonably or actually unreasonably close to you, I highly suggest it. I had a serious brain injury from a car accident that kept me from working full days for 11 months. My brain was “mush” and a friend recommended the class to me. I give Tai Chi total credit for my brain functioning today. I could tell with just one class a week within a few weeks, it seemed there were new pathways being woven in my brain and that was 20+ years ago..still notice some dyslexia when I’m tired but on the flip side I gained some ambidextrous ability! There are also you tube videos of the practice. Rest and breathing exercises reset much!

          Liked by 2 people

            1. YW! I did a lot of research that I used to get the 1st Tai Chi program established in our YMCA region with the help of a fantastic guy from the Northeast where the classes are prevelant. The stories of people it has helped and is helping are amazing!

              Liked by 1 person

  15. how influential is President Donald J. Trump? What other president
    has created new words !!!!

    Bill Mitchell:

    Trump tweeted “Smocking Gun,” not once but twice. This is just another #Covfefe moment folks. He does this on purpose. Now the #TrumpTrain will use #Smocking over and over again to describe the #MediaLies about Trump.

    From now on, #MediaLies will be called #MediaSmock. I find it hilarious branding by Trump.That’s why he wins.

    Liked by 5 people

        1. spoiler alert: if you click on that thread–responding tweets (?) have a nasty photo of Podesta and VJ “naked” with paint…


        1. “Amy coney barrett…2019?”


          The (not)Supreme Court needs more testosterone, less estrogen.

          Not at all convinced that Kavanaugh added any testosterone to the bench.

          Liked by 1 person

    1. Here’s an interesting article from Imperator Rex about the French leadership and elites system.

      I worked with a fellow in France, who went to all the right schools, and had all the right connections. His career patch was practically vertical. Thing is, he was a really nice, good guy. And that ended up slowing his progress. Still ended up as CFO at a really large company…
      (H/T LG on chiefio’s blog)

      Liked by 3 people

      1. Gosh, career PATH, not patch.

        Must’ve been thiniking about our patch of backyard, which feels like it’s vertical – some days more than others… 🙂


    1. I can’t believe nobody has thought of this yet…

      The protesters should ALL put on masks that make them look middle eastern, and wear islamic headgear (the hazmat suits).

      The ‘police’ would instantly become servile.

      But here’s the great part.

      Even though the Police would know they were just regular French citizens, the ‘OPTICS’ of French Police beating and shooting at ‘apparent’ ISLAMIC people would be INTOLERABLE.

      It would be like the Pope’s ‘Swiss Guard’ giving a beat down and shooting people dressed up like Jesus and Mary.

      If I was over there, I’d be handing out islamic headgear and masks to everyone wearing a yellow vest. Make the entire MASS of humanity appear ISLAMIC.

      Present the French ‘authorities’ with THAT optic.

      And then hold up a giant sign saying “How ya likes me now, #$%@heads?

      Liked by 1 person

        1. Scott, I usually like your ideas, but not this one. First, I don’t like masks, and antifa wear masks, and I think masks should be against the law at protests. They are scary, and if I’m going to protest, I am not going to hide who I am. Besides, as a Christian believer, I could not pretend to be a muslim. I think it would be wrong.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. “Scott, I usually like your ideas, but not this one. First, I don’t like masks, and antifa wear masks, and I think masks should be against the law at protests. They are scary, and if I’m going to protest, I am not going to hide who I am.”


            Americans have a great history disguising themselves in protest… The Boston Tea Party 😁

            I wasn’t suggesting that anyone pretend to BE a Muzzie. The point was to expose the GIGANTIC hypocrisy and double-standard the governments of Euroland have — one standard for their own citizens, and a completely different standard for the islamic invaders.

            So if everybody put on islamic invader costumes (nobody pretending to be muzzies, and nobody would believe they were muzzies, just doing it to make a political point), it would put the government in a double-bind.

            Are they going to treat French Citizens differently (go easy on them) just because they’re wearing muzzie outfits and costumes?

            That’s ridiculous.

            Are they going to chase and beat and shoot at people dressed up like muzzies?

            They can’t.


            The videos and photos would instantly go all over the world via the Internet, even if the MSM wouldn’t show it, and it the governments of Euro-islamia absolutely could not withstand that kind of imagery.

            So what would they do?

            What COULD they do?

            They beat their own people into submission, but stand down to the islamofascist invaders. If their own people dress up like islamofascist invaders, the government is screwed.

            It’s a guerilla war tactic AND a psy-op rolled into one.

            I’d do it in a heartbeat.

            I love tactics and strategies that the enemy can’t counter without exposing their treachery and hypocrisy 🙂

            Liked by 2 people

  16. Loving the Q posts. The cabal is getting spanked, specially Brennan. Good. That makes me feel better.

    Regarding the yellow vest protest in France. I literally couldn’t believe what I heard. When people spoke up to Macron about the gas tax increase initially (people outside of Paris are having to spend about half their income just buying enough gas to get to work) Macron said, “They can carpool.”

    Marie Antoinette has possessed him. Could you get any closer to a modern day equivalent of “let them eat cake?” Wowsers. Talk about out of touch and elitist.

    Liked by 7 people

  17. ” Could you get any closer to a modern day equivalent of “let them eat cake?” ”


    I’ll take that one for a million francs, Alexandria:

    What is ‘No’?


    Liked by 4 people

    1. Not really defending Marie Antoinette, except to say the people Were demanding bread, and she really said, “let them eat brioche,'” which sounds better than cake, as people back then largely lived on bread.”

      Liked by 2 people

  18. Liked by 6 people

    1. it should be so blatantly obvious to anyone that voting and “democracy” is a joke, a complete sham, a deceit against the people.

      when i have said this over the last 30 years to people i was told to check myself and read history.

      well, 30 years later i have yet to see anything except absolute proof of my then 14 year old self’s belief that voting was probably a joke and we were steered to believe it worked and we were made to defend it because it was such a rare right for people to have worldwide that if we denounced it we might as well be a communist nation.

      not what we are is in fact captives to a lie that we are made to defend to the death in some cases.

      Liked by 3 people

        1. since you called me out on my statement let me give you a little bit of explanation:

          i made a blanket statement that the vote is fake. i should clarify that in any covert operation you have to let the “enemy” believe at times that they are winning = currently holding ground / gaining ground. you cannot let them feel like they are bereft of hope and never able to get out of the hole they are in. in those times where the enemy is “winning” the operation is hardening it’s weaknesses and preparing for their counter strike which will come and have the advantage of the other side being temporarily lulled by their “winning”.

          as we known in the best laid plans there are unexpected occurrences, some call them them luck, some call them providence, etc. so there are times in this covert operation that there are moments of “planned winning” by the enemy to keep them complacent, and there are other times where things go awry and counter measures are taken.

          with that said, i have a couple of theories how trump won – but the vote was still “not real”.

          the covert operation in my example here is led by what we know as the DS, the Globalists, the NWO, and all associated acts. their goal is stated in their actions and deeds.

          the last time i felt like the “good” guys or the “enemy” in this example, had won was when reagan was elected. he was an outsider. ronald reagan was only 70 or so days into his term when he was shot and the power grab was made. because he lived and his popularity skyrocketed, they were forced to keep him in office yet control was wrestled in a way from him.

          until president trump came along there had not been much winning, and there had been so much push the other way in all facets of life, and the hunger of the “enemy” (the deplorables in this example) was great. you can fool a bunch of the people all of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time kind of a thing.

          it is obvious now that the “left” or the “democrats” or the “NWO” whoever, had massive planning and multi year operational scheming going on – also known as “muh russia” – so to think that they could not have also either planned to lose the election and then completely handcuff and dismantle the president and his supporters bit by bit until they are splintered and not able to fully rally around their own good interests, OR they thought they were going to win in a “close” race to make the “deplorables” feel like they made up 80% points and almost won and then dismantle trump and his supporters anyway.

          so one scenario would be that our vote DID count this time by some miracle – because trump and his crew knew what was going on and they were able to get out in front of it. (this is with the thought in mind that certain people asked trump to run and he agreed to join their fight for freedom). IF this occurred it definitely scared the other side, however, they already had a contingency plan in place so the only way they can be defeated is by someone wielding maxwell’s silver hammer in a big way and we are at a crossroads for that.

          the second scenario would be that they expected our vote not to count because they knew they were far enough ahead in the election fraud scheme, and no matter what they still had that contingency plan available. and i believe they were going to just barely win to make it like i said, seem almost fair so as to not gather too much attention. meanwhile after they won they would still break out “muh russia” and put trump in jail like they wanted to.

          so in a way i still do not believe our vote counts, i do not trust in the system, i do not believe it is fixed at all as evidenced grossly in the election just one month ago.

          i could be wrong on all this of course… but the evidence is pointing to likely. i say that because if we know of all the shenanigans and back deals and organizations and now people know the conspiracies were true – and this in a day and age of total information sharing – imagine what was done when we listened to walter cronkite only.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. I believe you are right that it is total war on the vote. An enormous amount of smoke and mirrors. The numbers can barely be trusted even under the greatest scrutiny.

            These evolving numbers for Democrats after elections makes me want to FILL SOCCER STADIUMS WITH THEM, before forced exile to the communist nation of their choice.

            I am really starting to believe the rumors that the military threatened to bomb Langley if they continued their hack into the Pennsylvania count during election night.

            The fact that the Democrats are less to be trusted than the Russians, simply because the Russian communists have to lay low, is truly a measure of the DEPTH of their treason against not just us, but truth itself.

            Liked by 1 person

            1. it is a game of attrition for sure and the strength of what is being foisted upon us, in the face of such immense evidence and common sense observation only to be twisted and turned upon itself is just too much for me to believe there is not a massive conspiracy against freedom.

              Liked by 1 person

              1. ” in the face of such immense evidence and common sense observation only to be twisted and turned upon itself is just too much for me to believe there is not a massive conspiracy against freedom.”


                There’s not even a credible opposing viewpoint presented.

                Think about it.

                Imagine if you were GWB (or GHWB) and you knew that tens of millions of Americans thought you were an outright traitor who facilitated 9/11, and that it all traced back to GHWB and his ‘thousand points of light’ NWO to destroy America and eventually put all of humanity under subjection to their Satanic blood cult.

                If millions of people thought the same thing about YOU, wouldn’t you want to do whatever was possible to clear your name and your legacy and set the record straight?

                Instead, there’s nothing.

                The SILENCE is deafening.

                And the same is true on EVERY other issue I can think of. Whether McShame, Paul Ryan, Crooked Hillary, Hussein or anyone linked to any of them. Not a SINGLE accusation is contested by any of the assumed perpetrators.

                The only ‘defense’ is by third parties, Alinsky mocking of ‘conspiracy theories’ by Mockingbird Media and Twitter bots.

                And that’s not a credible response at all.

                Not even close.

                When people are making serious accusations against you, and the evidence is being revealed daily, and you say NOTHING in response, you remain SILENT, it is tantamount to admission, to ‘consent’.

                Qui tacet consennire videtur, ubi tractatur de ejus commodo: “He who is silent is deemed to consent.”

                The maxim is Qui tacet consentiret: the maxim of the law is “Silence gives consent”. — Sir Thomas More

                They don’t even bother attempting to refute the evidence against them, or try to offer a plausible alternative explanation besides the obvious.

                And that is because they can’t.


              2. scott you are absolutely right stating something that has long bothered me. it’s why we are here. it’s why we really still do not know what is going on and on the edge of our seats. it’s why he hope for huber. it’s why we are trusting a plan. i can only HOPE to WHEREVER is good to hope that we will see something of all our faith being tested and trusting.

                my fear is that the immense – and i mean HUGE – amount of energy, money, influence and misdirection that the enemy puts in is enough to quell the populace enough and trick them into thinking what is evil is good and what is good is evil. it only will take them a couple more years to completely control all the narratives and our chance for justice freedom and independence will be turned into complicit subjugation to their plan.


  19. Liked by 6 people

  20. Liked by 3 people

    1. I pray that we be careful as xxxx until this treasonous piece of xxxx named Paul Ryan is out of the path of presidential succession. The man is an Obamabot pretender. Forbid that he even have a single day as President.

      Liked by 7 people

    1. Thanks!

      This instance of leftist scalp-taking is very significant. It quite literally helps me see something – where Martin Luther King Jr. was RIGHT and the communists are WRONG.

      I’ll have to explain in a post.

      It really is time to stand against their error.

      Liked by 2 people

    1. ever. single. time…

      i can’t remember the promise of a middle east peace deal that didn’t end badly – almost on purpose. if this administration came close to a real deal then you know heads will explode and probably explode into violence.

      Liked by 3 people

    2. I don’t think they would ever announce such a thing if it wasn’t already a done deal — or to provoke those who are opposed to peace to expose themselves by acting to prevent it.

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