Time for Our FLU Immunization

In the same way that censorship is regarded as a BUG by the old programmers who BUILT the internet, so one might regard National Security Letters as something like the EBOLA VIRUS.

National Security Letters are basically COURTLESS WARRANTS, self-granted by the DOJ and FBI.  If you think that sounds unconstitutional as all hell, then you are not alone.  You are likely sitting there with your mouth agape, wondering why on Earth these sleazy court-free warrants – that even include their own gag orders – should EXIST at all.

Well, NSLs were birthed along with a lot of other communist nonsense in 1978.  Make sense now?  Yes.  They have been protected from being struck down by SCOTUS by – surprise, surprise, surprise – the Communist Ninth Circus Court of Repeals.  GO FIGURE.  Just like “privacy-loving” Obama “grudgingly” kept and strengthened the Patriot Act.  Just like “anti-capitalist” Obama approved ALL those big mergers of media and finance companies that toed the leftist line.

You starting to see how that works for the communist occupation?  It’s ALL about having cover.  The commies use the captive Republicans to do certain things, when the world would not trust the same thing done by Democrat hands.  In the same way, the “caring” Democrats handle things so the “mean old Republicans” don’t have to.  It’s ALL narrative, folks.  ALL narrative.

Kinda goes well with FBI’s abuse of the FISA court, doesn’t it?  And now they’re packing FISC with STRZOK SPUDS.  How much you want to bet Strzok’s buddy has a red diaper?

  NSLs were introduced QUIETLY by Soviet DUPE President Dzhimmy Kharter, our first occupation President, in 1978, prior to the massive REAGAN REVOLUTION.  Remember, they were prepping Watergate hidden provocateur and Soviet spy Stefan Halper to infiltrate the Reagan transition team shortly after that, when – only surprisingly to the Marxist Democrats – America rejected their sneaky crypto-socialist bullshit.

And then came 9/11 – COUGH, COUGH – which provided a way to really upgrade the Stalin State, while blaming it on REPUBLICANS.

You starting to see how this all worked?  Good.  There’s more, but that is enough for today.

Take a look at some basics about what an NSL actually is.

As you might guess, National Security Letters are utterly Stalinist in nature, which is why I’m sure that Obama and Holder used the holy CRAP out of them during the Obama administration.

Not just that.  On many occasions during the Obama years, I felt that certain conservative sites suddenly began to “act funny”.  I always thought there was some kind of Obama-Fed gun to their backs.  NSLs explained such things very nicely, when their existence became more “public”.

NSLs also seem to EXPLAIN certain things that we see now.  They are not guaranteed to be the explanation, but they COULD be the explanation.

To understand this more fully, watch THIS:

One of the most amazing things about these Soviet crapwagons is that they can be even MORE ABUSED by employing them as TOOLS TO SHUT PEOPLE UP.  You know – kinda like abusing a FISA warrant to SPY on somebody, only you don’t even need a corrupt judge.

Oh, wow.  I mean, I wonder if they ever used these things on Donald Trump and never mentioned THAT when they got their FAKE FISA warrant.  I mean, I’m just asking for a FRIEND.

You starting to see it now?  “Putin” it all together?

Due. Process. Gone.  Very “Holder”, isn’t it?  Speaking of his post-scurry tweets into DOJ and FBI!  Well, that does start to make some sense.

Read how MANY people in FBI and DOJ can approve these wicked, invisible, knife-to-the-back things.  Wanna bet some McCabian BULLSHIT is able to run these things on whoever Holder needs to cover up his CRIMES?

It’s very helpful for our purposes to call NSLs RUSSIAN and SOVIET, because that is exactly what they are.  You want to RED-PILL a Democrat fast?  Drop THAT on them.  Yeah, forget the complexity of Putin’s weird fake Western communist weirdocracy which pretends to be – very successfully – what it is not, while their Democrat buddies do the same.  That is like Deception Level 5 and very hard to see.  Just stick with REVERSE MUH RUSSIA for now.

I want people on this site to study these wicked, damnable things.



We are going to prevent our beloved free speech site from contracting the dreaded and quite deadly and disfiguring FBI LAWFARE USURPATION – a.k.a. FLU.

I will explain more about how this all works very soon.  But TIME is of the essence, and we have to RAISE THE PRICE of FBI/DOJ using these SOVIET RUSSIAN TOOLS immediately.  For the past several months they have been looking for ways to parallel construct some kind of bullshit story to take me down, and we have to SEE SOMETHING and SAY SOMETHING.


Reading list and examples are below.  Thank you!


“People – the German POW camps were bad, but the Soviet POW camps were almost as bad as the German death camps.  And to top it off, the Stalinists actually killed far more people than Hitler, but you only heard “Toothbrush Mustache Man Bad” – never “Walrus Mustache Man Worse”.  Well, there is a reason.  The New York Times.  And they are not telling you the truth now.  Look up a guy named Walter Duranty if you don’t believe me.  You people live in a very dangerous time, and have no idea how dangerous.

Two words.  Bill Ayers.”

Reading list:



Example Images:

There is plenty more on the net.  Look it up – you will be shocked.

Thank you, and PLEASE theorize as fast as possible and as widely as possible.

162 thoughts on “Time for Our FLU Immunization

  1. 5:5

    And add to all that…HusseinO gave away our internet Net Root File to the international globalists!

    Some of us were freaking out about that, in Oct 2016 when it happened.
    But we were told “Oh it’s no big deal”.

    Barky said he did it because he didn’t think the US should “have that advantage”.
    Yes, he called it an advantage.

    As long as the Internet was under US jurisdiction…it was subject to our 1st Amendment.
    Now it’s not.

    This stuff makes my head hurt.

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    1. I think Barky is nervous. This move against Sundance and I by DOJ was terribly ill-advised. I would wager there was heavy resistance in FBI to the idea. Somebody made a huge mistake.

      Sorry to make FBI’s Sunday so rough, but I expect some “Panic in DC” as I blow their stupid move up in a big way.

      They’re lucky I haven’t revealed the “new” technologies they used against me. I’ve been seriously thinking about doing that. I think it’s disgraceful to deceive the general population in the way they have. They use it to CREATE crimes. That’s the part that really pissed me off. The first time they did it, I didn’t think it was actually them. HA! That will teach me. Eventually I put it all together.

      One has to be very subtle to catch onto their plots, but I’m very subtle. Until I drop the nukes.

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        1. Agreed. Now we just adjust the dose so that President Trump can burn off all the infection, without harming healthy tissue.

          Personally, I think he needs to fire HUNDREDS of people out of DOJ and FBI.

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            1. Hundred thousand sounds about right.

              Gut it all, and start over clean. And honest. And with Integrity.
              Some things they haven’t seen or been in a long, LONG time…

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              1. And what happens to those removed in the gutting? Wherever they go, THAT institution/company/fill in the blank will be infected, will they not? [Head begins to explode] So, I remain confident that anonymous team knows all of this and the plan WILL WORK. Otherwise, head explodes, cannot function.

                Back to learning.

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              1. People who understand the code better than me will have to make those decisions, but solutions like that sure would seem to be on the table, if one wanted to REMOVE COURTLESS WARRANTS.

                NSLs were one of the sneakiest attacks on due process EVER!

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            1. That and more. Her case is an amazing and really creepy story of how deep state can come after a journalist. Normally the MSM would be up in arms about this; except her coverage of Fast and Furious is what put her in the cross hairs, and they want that story to fade away as fast as possible so that we do not learn that FF was intended to generate support for the repeal of the 2A.


      1. Obama/Holder did a massive firing of conservatives in the DOJ – and probably the FBI – even at the local levels.

        J Christian Adams was one of the DOJ people fired – and wrote about it at the time.

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        1. Mr. Adams resigned in protest over the racial disparities in the civil rights department of the DOJ. The straw that broke the camel’s back was Holder’s decision to drop the charges against the the New Black Panthers who were threatening voters in Philadelphia. He is the only government employee to have done so in ages. He has great character and ethics.

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    2. Wheatie, great post. Wolfmoon, seems like national security letters could explain the strange behaviour of some people. e need to educate themselves about communism and how it infiltrates every aspect of our lives from press to education to government. People all too willing to give up their God-given rights for false promises of security.

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      1. I think that many, and perhaps most, US citizens, are not even aware of their rights, nor are they aware that they are willfully giving them away, and/or unwittingly assisting in the governmental confiscation of these rights.

        I believe that the use of social security numbers, which essentially became a citizens ID number, was a major inroad for TPTB to herd the sheep, beginning well before the Internet existed.

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  2. My blood is boiling. What sort of mentality would a person need to have to use these things, “authorized” or not?

    You already answered that question accurately: Stalinesque.

    The same mentality which infects many government agents at all levels, everywhere, whenever the lives of ordinary Americans can be turned upside down so they are taught to be good little obedient subjects.

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    1. Yes, Tonawand, my blood also boiling. We need Sylvia with her shovel. Wonder how it is I was so unaware of those letters until recently. Most Americans have no clue.

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        1. Hi, Para. I’ve been so touched by what you’ve been doing telling me about my “likes.”” I am hearing them from my speech program, but I cannot like posts myself. If I hit like, I’m sent into outer space. Thanks again.

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    2. Agreed. I think the “automatic gag order” – MASSIVE – much more than a normal gag order – is the part that makes most people’s blood boil. It’s like a knife and a gag – EVIL.

      We’re supposed to be afraid of them. FUUUUUUCK THAT.

      We’re supposed to be afraid of revealing them. FUUUUUUCK THAT.

      They are STILL attacking this President from the dark. I KNEW there were hundreds of McCabe acolytes and appointees in FBI, just tugging at the leash to go after Trump. Had no idea they would do it through me, but NOW I realize where all the “EVENT CREATION” talent is – why it’s right where you would expect it – in the FBI. Or should I say FSBI.

      VEGAS – SOLVED. We know who did it.

      See, the first trick they pulled on me was masterful – something nobody would believe in court. But I WATCHED FOR IT and SAW IT with my own eyes. Brilliant trick, and it almost worked.

      But the thing is, I didn’t think it was THEM. I was too loyal – too trusting – too DUMB. I figured it was contractors.

      But after that, I got all the evidence I needed to solve all the equations. Ah, such a great scam. They kept going back to the same well.

      The first instance they wanted to tie to Trump, because it was possible. Not sure how on the later ones, but they may just be desperate at this point for ANYTHING to get me into a jail cell.

      It’s SICK that the FBI is so politicized. If Trump shut the whole damn thing down, I would CHEER, now.

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      1. We have the same thing over here, bastiges in Brussels, the unelected EC (European Comission). The “elected” European Parliament are just rubber-stamping drones, with no power to do anything except blow their noses, and that’s only after permission is given.

        A self-perpetuating, corrupt, Satanic oligarchy (oh, that word). It’s no accident that the two buildings for the EC, one in Brussels, the other in Strasbourg (used only a couple of days per year – there’s a maddening story behind that, too) are modelled after the incomplete Tower of Babel, and, viewed from above, show the Eye of Horus, commonly referred to as “the all-seeing eye”. More like the eye of Sauron, or Sauros…

        Time to tune in to Rapture-Ready Radio methinks… Where the whores of Babylon are going, it’s too hot for popcorn…

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      2. Aha! You have just explained SD’s backtracking on his original, CORRECT, assessment of the LV shooting. And have also explained my banning when I called him out on it. NOW IT ALL MAKES SENSE.

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        1. I suspect that they use a kind of IRL pressure campaign before they begin hitting people with NSLs. THAT way people are softened up and RELIEVED when they get hit, instead of fighting back. “Oh, it’s just the FBI”. See how that works? They don’t LIKE it when people say “Fuck you, put me in jail you communists.”, which blows their whole Kafkaesque model of “You don’t have to do this, BUT…..”, as well as their dependence on hiding their communist bullshit in the dark.

          They can even order LIES through the things. UTTERLY Stalinesque! See how well that works for “event creation”? As well as their ULTIMATE DARK PURPOSE of corrupting and corroding.

          Once the FBI discovered the tantalizing power of script creation, they could not resist using it – just as the infiltrating communists knew.

          Vegas was BLOWN at multiple levels. There are good people fighting back.

          This operation was BLOWN at multiple levels, too. There are good people fighting back.

          Somebody is teaching us to fight back. 😎

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          1. Do you recall the post OT telling all readers to click the fbi link so their devices could be saved from malware? It was in all media, msm and otherwise.

            Well, I thought it was fishy and never went there. I thought, “**ck those people (.gov), I’m not doing it.” It was then that I believed firmly that that treehouse was in the beginning stages of tom effery.

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              1. I wish I could remember what year it was. I went through my email acct associated with that place OT and deleted everything about a month ago, so I can’t look there.

                It was during the SparkleShartz administration, after June of 2013 which is when I began posting OT.


        1. Then there are the assaults, harassment and vandalism incidents pretending to be ‘protests.’

          These are planned and executed by professional trained agitators.

          The protestors/mob that harassed Sec Nielsen, Pam Bondi, Sen. McConnell and Sarah Huckabee were trained agitators.

          And we know one who is behind it:

          These are $0r0$ and Øbama’s army.

          Øbama is a hater – a black muslim supremacist.

          He just went across Africa stirring up trouble and bloodshed.

          You can bet he will continue until he is stopped.

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          1. He’s a BINO – black in name only. He’s half Indonesian. Basically, he’s a fake everything.
            There’s quite a lot of reasons so much is hidden from view…

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              1. That Indonesian guru (aka cult leader) bears an astonishing resemblance to the Ø . There are articles out there about it, and they are both well-researched and convincingly documented.

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  3. Very encouraging article by imperator Rex:


    From the article:

    In order to create narratives, Mueller needs access to fresh intelligence. For FakeNews to do the same, they need fresh leaks.

    Trump isn’t going to give them either.

    Can you see why he is holding back? Let’s say that Trump releases everything, unredacted, today. FakeNews would misreport it and twist it, in a way that their zombie-like fans would believe.

    And Mueller would be able to come up with new ‘investigations’ and narratives, to keep his witch-hunt alive until 2020.

    The solution? Release NOTHING, until Mueller is gone. Without Mueller, FakeNews are deprived of their one last Obama/Clinton holdout.

    Pressure Mueller to close his investigation. Then release EVERYTHING.

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    1. I needed that!

      Trump needs to clear the Mueller Witch Hunt before other things can happen. I hope Rex’ expectation of its imminent demise is correct.

      For Trump, a project is conceived in terms of years. VSG also knows that all’s well that ends well.

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      1. My wifey hates when I say this, because I say it often, but when something finally comes to and end, with neither a net positive or negative (which seems to happen more often than not), I always say’..…

        “All’s well that ……….ENDs”

        Doesn’t mean it wont in the end be a positive, which I think in this case it will? Certainly not

        I guess I think its like what others with better minds than mine have surmised post midterms in connection with a particular song played at PDJT’s rally’s pre midterms……

        “You can’t always get what you want, No you can’t always get What you want…..
        But if you try sometimes, Well you might find………..You get what you need

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    2. Thank you for posting that. This makes sense:
      “There will be indictments – from Congress, DOJ, FBI, CIA, etc. But in my opinion, they will not be to satisfy the blood-lust of Trump’s supporters. Each one will be chosen carefully, for strategic and logical reasons.”

      The strategy will continue to play out, and we might never comprehend everything because we can’t know everything. I understand the importance of timing in the release and other matters. If Pres. Trump had released the unredacted materials before the election and with Mueller in place, it would be old news by now and would have lost its potential to make a major impact.

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      1. “they will not be to satisfy the blood-lust of Trump’s supporters”

        Does everyone see the psy-ops in this clause???

        We … have “blood-lust”?

        Not a chance.

        This is how controlled-opposition works. They accuse US … of being THEM.

        We are DEFENDING against an attack on US – by people / factions who actually DO have “lust” for “blood.”

        Please get the ORDER straight. It isn’t “Good v. Evil”. Mark this – understand, and realize, that this phrase is a LIE. An inversion of the truth; a converse of the obverse. It is “Evil v. Good” … and when faced by this reality, only THEN do we RE-act, and FIGHT BACK.

        It is EVIL v. GOOD. THEY oppose us, FIRST. And so, in reaction, we DEFEND. The real, and proper, characterization is that THEY are attacking, it is THEY who “oppose”.

        We aren’t out for “blood”; nor do we have “lust”. Those are the traits of those who OPPOSE US. We want justice, and truth. When the courts decide how to punish / hold-to-account, THEN we will be satisfied.

        Not out of “lust” … but out of righteousness.

        Please – don’t ever use, or leave unchallenged, the psy-ops LIE of “Good v. Evil”, of WE attacking THEM. It is secondary, dependent upon our reaction to BEING attacked.

        Have I stressed this point of proper ORDER enough?

        I hope so.

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    3. The Dems in the house are a replacement army for Mueller. His usefulness culminates with the release of his report and the Dems with subpoena power take over. It seems less about Mueller being forced out, but more to his simply passing off the baton.

      I’m going to stick with Q on this and keep hoping that POTUS starts to declas as soon as possible.
      I think that too many are advising ‘wait’ in order to save the ‘institutions’ going with the band aide approach and POTUS is listening.

      The wheels of justice grind slowly and if POTUS waits too long the grapes will have withered.

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      1. So in essence we know have ‘Leverage’, Horse Trading’ and ‘Wait till Muellar is gone all as reasons not to declas yet.

        Q posts 2481- 2489 are in essence the short term tactical plan. They are set in an orderly progression that if followed to the end should be enough to dislodge and scatter the enemies of POTUS. I don’t see a place holder for remove Mueller. Why? Because Mueller is a detail removed by following the plan.

        So far I believe I see the indictments against four belonging to the CF as the beginning of filling the first place holder but it seems like a tiny important step. Looking forward to more.

        Meanwhile I’m here. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Dta4VDTVsAE1wOr.jpg I can see the whites in his eyes. (if image did not come out. See front and center of the Drudge Report today as of 12:59 {Ackkk! 12:59!!!! I’ll be late for work… 🙂 )

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    4. I’m beyond “wanting” anything, because I never seem to get my way, but let the punishment fit the crime. And many times that is taking from the convicted that which is most valuable to them: fame, fortune, good name, popularity, property. Sooner or later they will get what is coming to them. Rex is right on that.

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    5. Draw and strike is also worth following. The thread reader as I’m not on Twitter. Brian cates and Sundance disagree but a lot of what he says makes sense to me. ( except for the football stuff. I don’t follow Australian footie ,let alone US). Back in time he was/is a big sessions supporter simply because he doesn’t believe President Trump would botch the most important appointment of his administration.

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      1. This is why I like to read BOTH d&s and SD! My position was a combination of them both. Sessions was so good, he HAD to be fired! 😉

        “SLEEPY DAWG! You done let those burglars on our propateh and the PO-lice done busted them on account o’ you! Well, we can’t have that stuff! You’s s’posed ta drive ’em off! Not get ’em caught by the PO-lice – SO embarrassing. Now you gotta go back to grandma’s place in ‘Bama and find a job with her.”

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          1. Ehh. I may be banned from tct.cant post. However it may have just been my potty mouth/mind. Someone commented about Comey having very bad knees and needing replacements soon. I tried to point out that this would make life difficult for him in jail, him being a beta and all.

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  4. An analogy related to what has gone on in America across the great divide between liberty and tyranny”:

    “Yet across the gulf of space…intellects vast and cool and unsympathetic, regarded this earth with envious eyes, and slowly and surely drew their plans against us.”
    – H. G. Wells (The War of the Worlds)

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  5. What I wonder is, what would happen if EVERYBODY who has gotten one of these things just released it into the wild? Made a thousand or ten thousand copies and sent it everywhere.

    I mean, can you imagine the outrage? Millenials, that vast group of sheeple (mostly), who have grown up sharing everything about themselves online, would know that the feds could have it all with the stroke of a pen. They have no idea that this is happening.

    Maybe I am naive, but I truly doubt if all the recipients rose up en masse and put it out there that they would all end up prosecuted. The public wouldn’t stand for it, surely.

    The problem is, each recipient is isolated. And that’s the point. It’s what they do. How to overcome that isolation and coordinate a response, that is the question. If we could do that, we could win.

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    1. IMO, you have hit the nail on the head. The isolation due to the required silence is what allows them to get by with this crap. Also, again, the Ninth Circuit MUST be broken up. Do we really think an AG Barr will do something about that? Doubtful, IMO, given his possible background helping the Clowns move cocaine.

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    2. We could start by using twitter to ask people like SD if they have received such a letter (attach copy of letter). That way, it would be re-tweeted everywhere and there would be nothing twitter could do about it.

      People would start asking questions which have no convenient answers. And maybe SD would get his spine in order.

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      1. I agree. We should all be asking everyone we know, in person and on social media, that question

        Or a massive campaign to each mail a copy of that letter to the FBI saying something like “Big Brother NSA has already confiscated all my data, as per your Globalist Domination Agenda. Get what you need from them.”

        The problem is (still & always) getting the masses to understand our biggest threats against freedom are coming from our own government. Not even my closest family/friends ‘get it’.

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        1. Biggest threats to our economy, Wall Street, national security, environment, health, safety, peace, jobs, middle class….have ALL come from the Government – more specifically – our politicians and their donors/controllers foreign and domestic!

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    3. An excellent point, Aubergine. We are leading that rebellion, aren’t we? And started on a Sunday, THEIR day of rest. 😉

      I think it would be wonderful if we all asked ALL of our favorite posters and pundits if they have been hit with NSLs. If they have been served and are going along with it, they HAVE TO LIE TO US. But all at once. But in that storm of LIES and CALLS TO FBI will be a greater TRUTH. Who knows? Maybe somebody will have the GUTS to go to jail with me.

      Sometimes the WOLF has to think like his small and even craftier brother.

      Or the lowly TAPEWORM EGG that just wants to GET INSIDE.

      Imagine if a rebel like me could see an NSL from the INSIDE.

      They want COMPLIANCE. They don’t want what I can bring.



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      1. Well, Wolf, I really don’t want you, or any of us, to go to jail.

        However, I have studied enough history to know that for things to change, that may have to happen. Some of us may go to jail, some of us may pay an even higher price.

        I think awareness of what NSL even ARE is something that needs to be talked about, and is something easy to do, too.

        Revolution is in the air.

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  6. Wow! Just Wow!! … Just when I think we have gotten a handle on the communist scum, and I believe I am “wide awake”, I find out I am still snoozing about many things! 😦 This is scary stuff and it seems the more we drain the swamp the deeper we find out it goes. They (the communist) have had decades to instill their programs and secure our country’s fate but we have only a few years, if that, to clean this mess up! I just pray we haven’t slept so long that the America we once knew has slipped away… 😦 This info needs to be spread among the Patriot masses, and fast!!

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    1. Posted the graph provided by Wolfie on FB and shared with some Patriot groups. The guy on whose campaign I worked against Fischer in the primary gave me a heads-up that he is “following” some of the same stuff that I am so……he is a REAL Constitutionalist but not up to speed on the NWO/globalist aspect. He is learning. THIS is the issue – this deep, deep corruption extends right down to your local city/town officials. Think about it – literally EVERY state in the US, with the exception of HI (irony of ironies) accepted the statement from Pelosi that O.B.A.M.A. was “qualified” (NOT “eligible) to run as the dim nominee. SHE CHANGED THE WORDING!!!! And not ONE SOS (again, sans HI) questioned it. Think about THAT for a minute!

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      1. OK – found the article:

        “When I first became aware that the Democratic National Committee prepared, signed and notarized two slightly different Certification of Nomination documents for the Obama-Biden ticket in the 2008 election, I was shocked and after verifying both documents as real, I wrote about it in The Theory is Now a Conspiracy and Facts Don’t Lie released on September 10, 2009.
        The question was obvious – Why TWO different DNC Obama certification documents, and why did one have proper certification of constitutional eligibility in it, while the other had that certification deleted?”


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        1. Thanks for the great info NebraskaFilly!! How could that happen? How could he go on and become president? Easy when you come to the realization that liberal commies are the masters of deception!

          obama’s every pore oozed “fake”!! Look at his birth certificate debacle! It was proven fake and no one did a damn thing about it! No one!

          I cannot believe for one minute that everyone in DC was afraid of being called racist if they challenged obama’s history! I can only pray that somewhere down the line, at sometime, someone will be brave enough to make obama’s records public! To unseal them! All of them!!

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        2. “Why TWO different DNC Obama certification documents […]?”

          Another red-pill moment: Because we have TWO different Constitutions. (USA, Inc.)

          Important dates: 1871 (Senate Resolution), 1913 (FED creation, income tax), 1933 (“Person”; “Soc Sec”: FDR), 1965 (immigration), 2001 (“Patriot” Act). And others, more recent.

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          1. We do have 2 Constitutions but no, this had nothing to do with that, IMO. I don’t believe he is even a simple American citizen, much less an NBC. BTW, the 1922 – “Person” is new to me – will have to check that one out. Was that the one where SS was established as well? Once again, I am the beneficiary of both Wolfie’s brilliant idea to provide a den for those of us on the Banned Wagon and my wonderful compatriots here.


          2. The 1871 Senate resolution and the 1933 Person are new to me.

            Two others that changed everything are:

            1913 – direct election of US senators, meaning states no longer had any power to protect themselves or their citizens from federal power, and

            1933 – FDR’s diplomatic recognition of the Soviet Union, leading to a new raft of Communists joining the government, and our government lying to us about its diplomatic situation in the world, creating an expanding web of lies ever since.


        3. Thank you. I remember this article from then. I remember my childhood friend, a staunch democrat, watching, watching, that 2008 race (as I poured my efforts into the only Rep. with any chance of changing the mess, Dr No), going to the “Hosanna” rally in Seattle, just to observe (by then she already knew enough to be more than suspicious) told me, essentially, “It was all just a show, there was nothing of substance there, he’s being presented as the Savior…” That is why we called it the “hosanna” event.

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  7. Wolf, very informative article which I read carefully. I have one question with respect to the content of this post.
    You mention that the 9th Circuit protects these NSLs from being reviewed by the Supreme Court. How do they manage to do that?

    I share Wheatie’s concern about giving away the Web root to some European entity or the UN, I don’t remember which. That makes me appreciate the Age or Reason while we had it. Such things are but a memory to me now.

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    1. I have the same question about the 9th Circuit. I can only guess that the 9th might refuse to hear a case from a lower court, and that stops its progress through the courts — maybe? It should be possible for a case to reach SCOTUS so they could determine the (un)constitutionality of NSLs.

      This is eye-opening; I had no idea. This info needs to be spread far and wide.

      Liked by 4 people

      1. They judge shop the way an addict doctor shops. You look around until you find one that will be a friendly set of eyes for your case. The 9th circuit is the biggest, geographically so it makes it easier to find a friendly judge. Then you just hire someone in that area to represent the case along with you so you have jurisdiction. I’m no lawyer but that’s how I understand it.

        Liked by 5 people

        1. Yes – VENUE has always been important, and in a legal conspiracy, it’s critical. The pieces of the conspiracy don’t have to know the LARGER why of what they’re doing – only the case at hand, the action at hand, the plaintiff at hand.

          Brilliant deduction on your part about SIZE and its importance! That’s exactly why they wanted the 9th Circus so large! To create options of legal conspiracy! OMG! And TRUMP is right on it! VSG really is a VSG!

          Sometimes you want a COUNTERINTUITIVE or PARADOXICAL ruling for a conspiracy to work. A big district offers those options.

          Liked by 6 people

    2. Abuse of the law at that level – so dependent on AMPLIFICATION OF MESSAGES OF PRECEDENCE on communist-desired law (see Feinstein at Kavanaugh hearings) – so reinforced by large EVENTS (do a timeline, such as FISA versus 9/11) – so achievable through small things in the right places at the right times (see 9th CCA judge caught in sex scandal) – has many ways of “wearing down” the rise of issues that need to be KEPT DOWN. Only proper application of sufficiently diligent and global conspiracy theory on larger programs of actions protecting and guiding THREADS OF HISTORY can see these things, and THEY KNOW IT.

      Liked by 4 people

  8. Despicable!! I’ll tell ya what I’d do with regards to their “request to provide this information in electronic format, preferably CD-Rom.” Print it all out on paper, tripled spaced, largest font you can find, hell one word per page even,
    send them boxes of it. Reams and reams of paper….Screw them all to hell and back!

    Liked by 4 people

  9. I will also reiterate what happened here in the 2016 election with our County Clerk. I posted OT about it at the time. I went to the courthouse to vote early. When I gave them my name, she checked the record and said “at *** E. *** Avenue?” I said, no, it is Street and she replied, “Oh, they changed it.” So I said, well, does the City Office know that because they still have it marked “Street?” Called the city office and I talked to the gal in the office (who I know personally – hard not to in a town of only 1300 people – indeed, the Clerk is a relative to my neighbor who plows my driveway – yet another irony, eh? I would guess their address was changed as well). City clerk said it was the Postmaster who gave that info to the County and she was out until the next Monday. Turns out, the USPS has a general rule that roads that run north and south are called “street,” whereas roads that run east to west are called “avenue.” My town has a couple of exceptions to that rule. Rather than question the info from the Postmaster, the County Clerk simply went into the records and CHANGED the addresses, with NO notice to the person whose address was changed. I went round and round and round with an idiot in the NE SOS office, who claimed this was not illegal, it was simply administrative adjustments, even after I directed him to the NE State statute that REQUIRES notification and verification. SMH – imagine if this happened in every single county across the country???? We got it fixed and all addresses were changed back but…….what an outstanding, sneaky way to kick out votes!!!!

    Liked by 10 people

  10. On a side note, I had the whole county in an uproar over that one, quite inadvertently, I might add. The thought of voter fraud didn’t even cross my mind until I talked to my sister the next day. She was the one who pointed out the inherent dangers. So I sent out an e-mail to a number of people, one of whom was the widow of the “eternal” mayor who had died recently. He pretty much ran this town and his son is the editor of one of the areas biggest newspaper. She, in turn, took the e-mail and shared it with her reading club and it was off and running! The County Clerk was INUNDATED with phone calls – needless to say, she was NOT happy with me!

    Liked by 10 people


        This time, their communist plot DIES on the hill where Nixon is buried. And the DIRT of that battle will be all over THEIR FOREIGN ALLIES.

        You want to know who the Democrats colluded with? FOLLOW HILLARY’S MONEY OVER HER LIFETIME. Watch the HANDOFFS of responsibility for funding her. Watch how ALLIANCE IS HIDDEN.

        Liked by 7 people

          1. Plus, I think the general populace could be scandalized more easily by what pols did.

            There is also something positive to be said for some of the spy movies of the last 20 or so years. Often the DS wasn’t always portrayed as the good guys, even with liberal actors.

            And Nixon lacked charisma.

            Liked by 2 people

      1. It wasn’t just complacency.

        It was misplaced trust.

        We trusted our elected officials who take an oath to uphold the Constitution. We trusted that our judicial system is based on Rule of Law and Due Process. We trusted that the FBI was on our side and the CIA never operated on US soil.

        I grew up trusting. USA was supposed to be the standard for truth & justice.

        It’s been a tough pill to swallow.

        Liked by 4 people

  11. Not to downplay the seriousness of National Security Letters, but I believe there are simpler explanations for some of those conservative websites that started “acting funny.” Either:

    1) They were controlled opposition from the start.

    2) Advertisers (globalist corporations) started pressuring them to be less conservative.

    3) They were told that Hillary was going to be installed, and if they didn’t want to end up in a FEMA camp with the rest of conservative America, then they better start supporting the globalists.

    Liked by 7 people

        1. Their TROLLS, SHILLS, and CONTROLLED OPPOSITION are in fact the people who help push XOR logic. Watch them on the boards. That is part of how they put THEIR words in OUR mouths.

          We have to BREAK that thinking to SOLVE problems.

          Liked by 3 people

        2. I’m not sure, but I think you might mean OR logic–One Or The Other Or Both. It’s fairly easy in some cases to get people to forget the “Or Both” part at which point it reduces to XOR logic.


  12. And …. Wolfie, you’re being heavily shadow-banned on twitter.

    I no longer get your tweets (and I have never gotten President Trump’s no matter how many times I refresh the follow button). Pisses me off !!

    Liked by 5 people

  13. Given the above premise, what, then, explains the following comment on the Goodlatte thread?

    This is a lot worse — notionally speaking — than opining on Q, yet, this gets through and our mild-mannered comments did not.

    Wolf, this is not on you at all.

    I’m ‘just saying’, as the expression goes, that none of this makes sense if something this much ‘to the point’, so to speak, gets posted — yet our comments were banned.

    Read the following.

    I challenge someone to say that this would not go against a said missive from a national agency, because, in light of what we understand, it would (even though it shouldn’t under the First Amendment):

    ‘Slim Shady says:
    December 9, 2018 at 6:22 pm

    ‘I am so fed up with this crap. Many of know that we have the deepest and expansive conspiracy in U.S. history that goes directly to the highest levels of our government, our corrupt government (including the presidency). It’s mind-blowing how many players are involved and how many government agencies are involved, and it includes both parties (such as Paul Ryan, who’s trying to help cover this up; he’s a disgrace to this country).

    ‘And it looks like these scumbags are going to get away with their seditious actions.

    ‘If in fact no legal action is taken against this organized crime syndicate I think what we need to do is organize a march on Washington with MILLIONS, with a very high percentage carrying very succinct charges against individuals. The signage should be very well organized and sophisticated, with messaging that blows the corrupt media narrative out of the water. Signs/placards such as:
    ‘“Rod Rosenstein illegally signed a FISA warrant with the knowledge that the information was totally uncorroborated. Where are the charges against Rod Rosenstein?”

    ‘“James Comey admitted to leaking classified information to the media. Where is the 5am raid on his home, with guns drawn?”

    ‘Sundance has cited multiple instances of criminality. Surely, this could translate into powerful messaging.

    ‘If the event was “Yuge!” and the placards were accurate, and there were thousands of them that covered every damn corrupt thing these bastards have done, could it not be ignored by the media? Would it not be effective?

    ‘This could be a full weekend event in Washington, much like the first Tea Party event in Washington, which was quite well attended and powerful (I was there). I certainly would go and help organize such an event.

    ‘Here’s another idea: A full-length movie covering the entire scandal from beginning to end, with the all of the actual characters, leaving no stone unturned, and sticking totally to the truth; no dramatizations. Certainly, we have plenty of conservative patriots with tremendous talent to create such a movie; a masterful movie.

    ‘As a citizen following all of this very closely, I feel helpless and powerless relying on our government process, which is now beyond corrupt: it’s a crime syndicate.
    These are Slim Shady’s thoughts for today. Thank you for giving me a read, fellow Treepers.’

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Followed by:

      ‘Slim Shady says:
      December 9, 2018 at 6:33 pm

      ‘James Comey is one of the most despicable characters in our nation’s history. He is vile and he disgusts me.
      Has our nation had such awful people in eras past? People like Comey, Hillary, Obama, Brennan, Rosenstein, McCabe, Peter Strzok, Eric Holder, Susan Rice, etc., the list is seemingly endless. These people are anti-American thugs, criminals. Did we have people this corrupt in such high places in eras past?
      Perhaps we did, but they weren’t so obviously exposed like this lot. Of course, we never had a media so corrupt, either. Even FoxNews is now part of the cabal. We have only the Internet and Talk Radio. Hopefully, those Communist Progressives won’t succeed in eliminating those two critical forms of media.’

      Liked by 3 people

    1. … and not in a positive way:

      ‘Yep, from FORTY-TWO years ago, a near perfect description of our current multi-national corporation owned governments and their no borders, no nations globalism.’

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Then, there’s this comment (Kudlow thread), which — if there is a threat against the site — should not have been allowed:

        ‘jack says:
        December 9, 2018 at 3:16 pm

        ‘Sundance, I sure hope your put a fire under some patriots in the FBI/DOJ/CIA who read your stuff! And motivate them to take action to help Trump and America get back on track.

        ‘Keep firing away at the Globalists and uncovering the “lobbying” … I mean bribery and corruption in D.C. … 🙂’

        Liked by 1 person

    2. And when their business interests don’t align with your business interests you pull out the yellow vest and start to burn it down and keep burning till they do.


  14. Please consider my comments immediately above before reading the following.

    Also consider PDJT’s comments about draining the swamp during the 2016 presidential campaign. A rally hallmark.

    I am willing to be proven wrong about letters from officialdom, however, given what has been posted above — possibly refuting said theory by our gracious new host — is our former host still playing his old games?

    From the Lighthizer/Brennan thread (emphases mine):

    ‘sundance says:
    December 9, 2018 at 4:38 pm

    ‘I will address this soon.

    ‘However, with respect, the biggest flaw that people make is thinking POTUS Trump cares about the DC swamp enough to confront it, or expend energy on it….. IMHO, He doesn’t.

    ‘He’s working on generational issues that are much bigger and consequential than the administrative state. The DC deep state is downstream from where POTUS is working.

    ‘Donald Trump is, well, essentially, John Gault.’

    GALT. Or was the misspelling intentional?

    John Galt was on the side of the people.

    One could not make this Bravo Sierra up.

    Liked by 6 people

    1. Heroic Dreamer (same thread) has it rightly pegged:

      ‘I don’t want to over work a great metaphor, but I would say that The Deplorables are John Galt (as are the Yellow Vests in France) while POTUS Trump is Hank Reardon.

      ‘Then again, perhaps because Trump just doesn’t play with Deep State (ignoring them) that makes him John Galt.’


  15. Also, if there is a prohibition on what can be posted, why is this comment on the same thread?

    ‘Jane Smith says:
    December 9, 2018 at 7:04 pm

    ‘I don’t know…

    ‘Senator Feinstein had a Chinese spy working as an assistant in her senate office for years.

    ‘Under Hillary’s watch as Secretary of State and John Brennan as CIA director, 20+ CIA agents who were working in China had their identities exposed and they were killed or imprisoned in China.

    ‘Senate Leader Mitch McConnell’s wife is Chinese and her father, who she talks to regularly, is a Chinese businessman who has a huge company in China.

    ‘Vice President Joe Biden and Secretary of State John Kerry went to China with their sons from Wall Street to start a huge banking initiative.

    ‘A high tech company was just caught trying to give US Military satellite technology to the Chinese.

    ‘So, you have Congress ( past and present), the past Executive, the Deep State, Wall Street, US Corporations…all in bed with the Chinese.

    ‘Not to mention our Universities who are educating Chinese Nationals and our high tech companies who hire Chinese Nationals on H1B visas over American graduates for cheaper salaries.

    ‘Also, the Chinese abuse the US Postal Service…hence Amazon wants to keep the lower cost to ship Chinese goods to the US.

    ‘How do you fight all of this?

    N’ever mind stealing intellectual property, reverse engineering our products, or cheating by putting back-doors in 5G technology?

    ‘We really do need to have a Nationalist Movement in order to survive as a Country.’

    All of which still leads me to believe that this was a Q purge, nothing more.

    Wolf, I’m happy to back down, but only with arguments against these posts.

    Liked by 5 people

  16. And what about this one (Lagarde thread)?

    ‘Dutchman says:
    December 9, 2018 at 8:24 pm

    ‘You and others still don’t get it. Those suitcases of money, actually pallets of money, in warehouses, came to be their through the exfiltration of wealth, OUT of the U.S., and into their warehouses.
    But, that money doesn’t just sit there:
    As quickly as it comes in, it goes right back out, to (amongst other things, bribe governments around the world, purchase entire markets (like all the lemons in the world, in SD’s example).

    ‘If you don’t know what I’m referring to, type “exfiltration of wealth” into the sesrch box on this site.

    ‘So, cut off the steady flow of money, into the ‘warehouses’, and they quickly empty out. The whole ‘globalist’ scam comes to a roaring, screeching halt.

    ‘No money to bribe, or control markets.

    ‘By the bye, 700 Billion increase in GDP, Billions in tarriffs, and stopping the exfiltration of wealth. Thats GOT to be good for the U.S. deficit, right?

    ‘So, if DJT is successful, (and I’m ‘getting it’ right) by 2024 China, as we know it, will be no more. The ethnic minorities will take advantage of the chaos, to declare independence. The populace of

    ‘China will dethrone the Chicoms, as they are blamed for the collapse of their economy.
    The globalists will be bankrupt, and the U.S. economy will be doing ‘swimmingly’ as will other countries who throw out the globalists, and get with the program.
    Zero tarriffs, etc. equals TRUE free trade. And no one else can compete, unless they also adopt or have a system which encourages free speech, free thought and upward mobility.

    ‘Make it simple; I am paying someone, to break into your house, EVERY DAY, and steal your wealth.

    ‘Now, you CAN use alarms, guards, dogs whatever to CATCH and prosecute the thief.

    ‘In which case, I’ll just hire another thief.

    ‘Or, you can track me down, and blow my friggin head off.

    ‘WHICH is more likely to STOP the exfiltration of your wealth?’

    Liked by 4 people

  17. And what about this one, also from the Lagarde thread? Q sounds meek and mild by comparison:

    ‘montanamel says:
    December 9, 2018 at 8:25 pm

    ‘F>O>A>D… Globalists!
    We need to get us some yellow vests….
    Maybe, here in America, we should use Yellow Rain Coats….
    Since, the COLDEST NOVEMBER in the past 50 years just happened to us here in the USA!
    WAR is country vs country……all we really need is us vs them….them globalists and swamp critters!
    Daylights’ wasting…. Check-6’

    Liked by 1 person

    1. If that is the actual factual, then that person who started that page has completely forgotten why he started it to begin with.
      Why hast thou forsaken me…. I wonder what kind of emails they are getting. Same on the donation side.

      Liked by 5 people

    2. Well, there is ONE other possibility.

      A NSL can only ask for names, phone numbers, email addresses, etc. No content from calls or emails is allowed. So, if I understand NSLs properly, all they could require of SD would be a list of all of our available information. They could, however, specify information from certain types of posters. Like all posters who mention Q, for example.

      So, let’s say SD gets a NSL. It asks for the names of all Q posters going forward. He asks “no more Q.” We persist, and we are banned. The list of names sure is smaller, huh?

      Just a theory, but I don’t discount the battle Wolfmoon is engaged in against the Deep State. He knows, we don’t.

      Liked by 6 people

      1. hopefully people do not start spendig too much time on this stuff.

        “they” have all our information regardless if SD or wolf give it to them.

        there is no need whatsoever to kindly ask some site owner to turn over the names, addresses, phone numbers, email address, and ip address of all of us. they have it.

        the less time spent wondering why you are no longer at the other site the better.

        there is a huge battle going on in our nation that is so huge that worrying about being banned from there and why and all this NSL talk is not needed.

        being aware of NSL – very good thing. everyone should also know every time you are online you are watched. you should think two, three, four times before each mouse click. every site you are on and which ones you were just at and are you logged into any account during your browsing session and did not log out before going to a new tab or a new window.

        certainly not discussing it here is going go fix what happened at the other place. just get more hardened in your own privacy going forward. the internet is not a good place for people to be i can assure you of that. but since we are all here you better think like there are pickpockets everywhere in a crowded train station.

        Liked by 6 people

      2. “A NSL can only ask for names, phone numbers, email addresses, etc.”


        Who was that poster that was urging everyone to send their contact info the host other there before this all came down?

        Liked by 1 person

          1. Just a faint memory from earlier this year. After a deplatform of a big name. Commenter was saying, better make sure ——– has your contact information just in case this site is taken down.

            Liked by 1 person

    3. but after he advised not to discuss it, I didn’t. I got banned for mentioning all of you did…posters over there still ask about you–not realizing what happened.

      Liked by 3 people

      1. Whoa!

        And, now, no one Over There can tell them where we all went. That’s not right.

        If someone wanted to ban a lot of commenters, why wouldn’t that person say, ‘There is another MAGA site out there [give the address] for anyone who wants to talk about things prohibited here’.

        Ahh, but, then, did our former host fear that the floodgates might open and a massive exodus begin?


        Thank you very much, Pat — greatly appreciated.


  18. Sundance is using this danged meme again. It doesn’t work!

    The typeface he is using to fill-in-the-blanks is TOO SMALL.

    The words/names he is putting into the redaction are too big to fit if the type is the same. This is so misleading it is ridiculous.

    I don’t understand why he is doing it. Is he being intentionally deceitful?

    Liked by 5 people

    1. I think so.

      (I’ll tell this again for anyone who missed it.) One time he based an entire post on a name he just arbitrarily plugged into a redaction.

      This is what a lot of people seems to think is brilliant analysis.

      Liked by 5 people

  19. Can I just say something? I LOVE Every SINGLE Poster on here… From Steve— who has been banned for longer than all of us..(but can ya see why 😉 ) to church mouse–who is definitely NOT a little mouse (Love you! But you are more like the “Mouse that Roared”) and Aubergine–What a great name!
    We left Eeyorville ™ Alison i believe… FOR A REASON! to come together and back our VSGPDJT! To be able to Discuss Q! and to MAGA! Wolfie Gave us a place to do this!!! I Left CTH because of the bashing of Sessions, Q, etc…
    I don’t want to leave here for Sundance bashing…SD broke my heart–he made me sad–but We don’t know what we dont know.. I will give SD the same leeway as I give Sessions– both Honorable Men.. IT IS NOT OVER TIL IT IS OVER!
    Love you All! I still have a great Dip Recipe.

    Liked by 6 people

    1. Maris Marika, that is lovely, I love every one here, too, each person a unique contributer and very special to me. I have a gret dip recipe, too. My favourite is artichoke dip–can of artichokes drained, cup each parmesan and Hellman’s mayo and a garlic clove, bake in soufflé dish or casserole, it’s so yummy on crackers.

      Liked by 4 people

    2. I didn’t post this to bash SD.

      I posted it because I read over there, I assume others still do also, and this is incorrect information. I don’t know what is in those redactions. But what SD is suggesting is there is not accurate.

      I love everybody here, too.

      Liked by 3 people

  20. I hadn’t followed NSLs closely in the past, but as to abusive gag orders, I did follow the WI John Doe investigations of conservatives who supported Scott Walker. I short, the DA in Milwaukee found a compliant judge and conducted a five year reign of terror directed at conservatives. For those not familiar with the communist infestations in the US, Milwaukee can be thought of as a suburb of Chicago for purposes of learning about the Chicago communists that educated and nurtured our previous president.

    In WI, John Doe investigations are conducted in secret, and therefore gag orders are issued to people under investigation. The gag orders even extended to the children of suspects, so that when kids at school asked why the police raided their homes, they were prohibited from saying what happened.

    Another Stalinesque use of gag orders designed to isolate, intimidate and shame political opponents.


    Liked by 1 person

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